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2009-11-30 MHI team performs catheter implantation of the new Amptlazer Cardiac Plug prosthesis 0 None
2009-11-30 Siemens Healthcare to introduce high-end imaging systems for interventional oncological procedures at RSNA 2009 0 None
2009-11-25 Tulane University surgeon performs a new form of endoscopic surgery 0 None
2009-11-25 Study provides first direct evidence of cigarette smoke's role in cardiac allograft rejection 0 None
2009-11-24 Minimally invasive procedure relieves chronic back pain for retired school teacher 0 1
2009-11-23 Absolute Match DNA specimen verification test introduced by AIBioTech 0 None
2009-11-23 Three-day interactive conference to showcase new trendsetting techniques and research in aesthetic plastic surgery 0 None
2009-11-23 HIV infected scope for TEE procedure, patient sues St. Vincent's Hospital 0 None
2009-11-23 Gene deletion can increase common complication of bone marrow transplants 0 None
2009-11-21 UAB performs complicated eye reconstruction surgery 0 None
2009-11-21 Short-term follow-up a reasonable alternative to biopsy of palpable breast lesions 0 None
2009-11-21 New hope for patients with liver cancer 0 None
2009-11-21 Cardio Vascular Medical Device to initiate patent applications for its "steerable guidewire" in Europe 0 None
2009-11-20 UCH’s Cardiac & Vascular Center now offers treatment with CardiacAssist's TandemHeart System 0 None
2009-11-20 Discus Dental launches its newly redesigned Zoom Chairside Whitening Kit 0 None
2009-11-20 Hemicorporectomy effective, and add years and quality of life to survivors 0 5
2009-11-20 Obese patients no more likely to have post-operative complications after robot-assisted laparoscopic myomectomy 0 None
2009-11-19 New bone matrix implant offers hope for babies born with skull deformities 0 None
2009-11-19 New non-surgical procedure to improve body contours 0 None
2009-11-19 Report on unexplained liver haemorrhage after metastasis radiofrequency ablation published 0 4.5
2009-11-18 Johns Hopkins program reduces need for airway surgery in hard-to-intubate patients 0 None
2009-11-18 World's first intra-arterial cerebral infusion of Avastin directly into a patient's malignant brain tumor 0 None
2009-11-18 Transplanting people's own stem cells into heart muscle lessens pain and improves ability to walk 0 None
2009-11-18 Novel device may reduce ischemic stroke damage 0 None
2009-11-18 Drug therapy offers substantial cost savings than angioplasty 0 None
2009-11-17 CONMED Linvatec produces the smallest Biocomposite Interference screw for fixation of ACL and PCL grafts 0 None
2009-11-17 New, reversible antiplatelet drug not superior than irreversible one in patients undergoing PCI 0 None
2009-11-17 Half of eligible patients are not getting aortic valve replacement due to fear of surgery 0 None
2009-11-16 Eisai's LUSEDRA Injection now available for MAC sedation 0 None
2009-11-16 Enrollment complete in Cytori Therapeutics' international breast cancer reconstruction study 0 None
2009-11-16 New shunt procedure may save infants with underdeveloped heart 1 None
2009-11-16 New surgical technique may benefit brain injured athletes 0 None
2009-11-13 Improved method of chest closure may set new standard of care for open-heart surgery 0 None
2009-11-13 Orthopedic surgeon specializes in cutting-edge shoulder procedures from a 45-minute technique 0 5
2009-11-13 Root canal treatment: Pennsylvania Dental Association answers patients' questions 0 None
2009-11-13 New minimally invasive laser treatment saves the lives of twins with TTTS 0 5
2009-11-12 Catheter-directed therapy: First-line treatment option for massive pulmonary embolism 0 5
2009-11-11 New, flexible scaffold for multi-level posterolateral fusion procedures 0 None
2009-11-11 FDA-approved DuraSeal spine sealant from Covidien 0 None
2009-11-11 Prone ventilation for ARDS patients does not lower mortality rate, says new study 0 None
2009-11-11 New incisionless GERD treatment under trial 0 5
2009-11-11 New non-invasive procedures may help in reducing localized fat safely and effectively 0 5
2009-11-11 Minimally invasive surgical techniques as effective as traditional open surgery in treating rectal cancers 0 None
2009-11-10 Robotic surgery for vaginal prolapse reduces patient hospital stay and recovery time 0 5
2009-11-09 Covidien contraindicates use of its Optimark gadoversetamide injection 0 5
2009-11-09 Swedish study: Chances of having a baby increases over three cycles 0 None
2009-11-07 Webinar: Latest updates on percutaneous and transcatheter treatment of liver, kidney and lung tumor ablation 0 None
2009-11-07 Increased use of CAS procedures to treat carotid stenosis associated with adverse clinical outcomes 0 None
2009-11-06 New breast reconstruction surgery for women 0 5
2009-11-06 CABG completed "off-pump" has no advantages in patient outcomes: Study 0 None
2009-11-05 Short, intensive radiation therapy offers similar results as conventional therapy for early stage-breast cancers 0 None
2009-11-04 Lung transplant ordeal 0 None
2009-11-04 Can abdominal organs be removed with only regional pain relief? 1 None
2009-11-04 New FDA-approved heart pump for high-risk patients 0 None
2009-11-04 Lap band surgery effective for morbidly obese adolescents, improves glucose metabolism 0 None
2009-11-04 Early-morning colonoscopies yield more polyps per patient than later screenings 0 None
2009-11-04 Stereotactic radiosurgery effectively controls pain in patients with cancer 0 None
2009-11-03 Non-invasive treatment is equally effective as surgery for healing the bone, say researchers 0 None
2009-11-03 AAPM Task Group issues new radiation guidelines for brachytherapy 0 None
2009-11-03 Stereotactic radiosurgery effective in eliminating Parkinson's disease tremors 0 None
2009-11-02 First human robot assisted aortic valve replacement to implant the ATS 3f Aortic Bioprosthesis performed 1 3.5
2009-11-02 Extending hepatitis C treatment for liver transplant patients results in sustained viral clearance 0 None
2009-11-02 Multicenter study finds AMD patients can benefit from cataract surgery 0 None
2009-11-02 Lupus patients rarely develop kidney disorders after a kidney transplant 0 None
2009-11-01 HCV progresses more rapidly after liver transplantation in African-Americans compared to whites 0 None


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