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2009-03-31 Augmented reality improves training for keyhole surgery 0 None
2009-03-31 Ultrasound saves money, improves rheumatologic care 0 None
2009-03-30 The clinical availability of CT colonography 0 None
2009-03-29 Doctors differ on whether hospices should follow cardiopulmonary resuscitation guidelines 0 None
2009-03-24 Non-invasive laser treatments becoming more popular 0 None
2009-03-23 Super-microsurgical technique brings hope to breast cancer patients with lymphedema 1 None
2009-03-23 Colonoscopy prevents 15,000 cancer cases in Germany 0 None
2009-03-22 Trial update on watchful waiting versus radical prostatectomy 0 None
2009-03-20 Therapeutic hypothermia is promising strategy to minimize tissue damage 0 None
2009-03-20 Insights into Parkinson's disease and deep-brain stimulation 0 None
2009-03-20 Heart bypass surgery better than angioplasty for certain patients 0 None
2009-03-20 First time portable CT used for skull base endoscopic transnasal surgery 0 None
2009-03-19 Spinal taps carry higher risks for infants and elderly, study shows 0 None
2009-03-16 Colon cancer screenings recommended at 45 for African Americans 0 None
2009-03-15 First successful transvaginal nephrectomy performed using advanced surgical concepts' tri-port 0 None
2009-03-12 The navel shown to be a safe and effective single access route for extracting kidneys 0 None
2009-03-10 New procedure for eliminating reblockage of arteries 0 None
2009-03-10 Male lumpectomy - first line treatment for prostate cancer 0 None
2009-03-10 Freezing kidney cancer - interventional cryoablation 3 3.6
2009-03-05 Dermatologists find new application for technique used to treat spider veins 1 None
2009-03-04 Stereotactic body radiotherapy doubles survival in lung cancer 0 3.5
2009-03-04 Sonohysterography is an alternative diagnostic tool for women with adenomyosis 0 5
2009-03-03 Bariatric surgery resolves obesity-induced type 2 diabetes mellitus 0 None
2009-03-03 Colonoscopy and virtual colonoscopy, either way get screened! 0 None


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