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2009-04-30 Full kidney removal is not always the best treatment for small renal tumors 0 None
2009-04-27 New doctors, teaching physicians disagree about essential medical procedures to learn 0 None
2009-04-26 Uterus sparing surgery is a safe and effective for women with pelvic organ prolapse 0 None
2009-04-26 Patients with stone disease could benefit from drinking diet soda 0 None
2009-04-23 Preoperative MR may assist surgeons in nerve sparing during robotic prostatectomy 0 None
2009-04-23 DTI allows radiologists to see areas of the brain rarely seen using other imaging modalities 0 None
2009-04-22 Surgeon removes a diseased kidney through the belly button 0 None
2009-04-20 Bowel cancer screening to be considered from age 25 for high risk group 0 None
2009-04-20 Study looks at effect of transcatheter arterial chemoembolization on liver function 0 None
2009-04-15 New minimally invasive surgery option for stomach cancer patients 0 None
2009-04-15 Hand-assisted laparoscopic surgery benefits colorectal patients 0 None
2009-04-15 Can endoscopic ultrasound elastography help distinguish benign from malignant tissue? 0 None
2009-04-15 Blood transfusions after cardiac surgery may be unnecessary 0 None
2009-04-15 Healthy baby born 22 years after father's sperm was frozen 0 None
2009-04-14 Surgery for obesity 0 None
2009-04-14 New minimally invasive ultrasound-guided biopsy method allows improved diagnosis of endometrial disease 0 None
2009-04-14 Deep brain stimulation effective for patients with primary generalized dystonia 0 None
2009-04-09 Kidney reconstruction performed though single incision hidden in the navel 0 None
2009-04-06 Hybrid cardiac revascularization procedures 0 None
2009-04-06 Brain scan-assisted diagnosis for post-traumatic stress disorder a step closer to reality 0 None
2009-04-06 Radiation dose can be reduced for 'triple rule-out' coronary CT angiography 0 None
2009-04-06 Cutting-edge treatments for kidney and prostate cancer 0 None
2009-04-06 Single-incision laparoscopic surgery launched at Saint Louis University Hospital 0 None
2009-04-02 Colonoscopy versus virtual colonoscopy 0 None
2009-04-01 Novel hemodialysis procedure improves health of cancer patients 0 None
2009-04-01 New York Medicaid adds topical oxygen wound therapy benefit 0 4
2009-04-01 Treating shoulder separations 0 None
2009-04-01 Heart burn surgery reverses chronic rejection in transplant patient 0 None
2009-04-01 Coronary angiography improves outcomes for cardiac arrest patients 0 None


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