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2010-07-31 Reality TV shows take full advantage, tout teen happiness: Research 0 None
2010-07-31 Commonwealth Pain Specialists offers treatment with CTT's Calmare Pain Therapy device 0 None
2010-07-31 Microsulis launches Acculis percutaneous microwave tissue ablation system at ECIO 0 None
2010-07-30 Higher case volume associated with better outcomes of cardiac surgery: Study 0 None
2010-07-30 FDA clears Hotspur's new balloon dilatation and embolectomy catheters 0 None
2010-07-30 Pancreas surgery specialist performs 1,000th Whipple procedure 0 None
2010-07-30 FDA approves two SCS leads for use with Boston Scientific's Precision Plus Spinal Cord Stimulator System 0 None
2010-07-30 Surgeons continue to advance minimally-invasive surgery for kidney cancer patients 0 None
2010-07-30 Study explores benefits, risks of aggressive blood sugar control in hemodialysis patients 0 None
2010-07-29 USPTO grants IRIDEX patent for Adjustable Laser Probe for use in vitreoretinal surgery 0 None
2010-07-29 Devax's AXXESS Biolimus A9 Eluting Coronary Bifurcation Stent System receives CE Mark approval 0 None
2010-07-29 New Zealand MEDSAFE approves ABRAXANE for metastatic breast cancer 0 None
2010-07-29 American Red Cross encourages public to be trained in full CPR and use of AEDs 0 None
2010-07-29 ACT responds to FDA queries on Phase I/II study using ES cell derived retinal cells to treat SMD 0 None
2010-07-29 Positive results from phase I clinical trial of MultiStem in patients with AMI announced 0 None
2010-07-29 Intensive chemotherapy may benefit elderly patients with acute myeloid leukemia 0 None
2010-07-29 Scientists develop new surgical procedure for prostate cancer using natural orifices 0 None
2010-07-29 NDS Surgical Imaging introduces ConnectOR G2 visualization and informatics platform 0 None
2010-07-29 Boston Scientific announces launch of Neuroform EZ Stent System in U.S. and Europe 0 None
2010-07-29 Athersys reports positive results from MultiStem phase I clinical trial in heart attack patients 0 None
2010-07-29 Limerick to announce new results from LIM-0705 human trials at 23rd Transplantation Society congress 0 None
2010-07-28 Researchers establish new criteria for liver transplantation 0 None
2010-07-28 Northwest Hospital surgeon performs first robotic hand surgery in America 0 None
2010-07-28 Research on impact of BCL2 markers on breast cancer tumours 0 None
2010-07-28 Medtronic reports FDA Panel's affirmative votes on AMPLIFY rhBMP-2 Matrix for posterolateral spine fusion 0 None
2010-07-28 Gulf Coast Medical Center to implement ProVation MD for GI procedure documentation and coding 0 None
2010-07-28 New study on treating CP with HBOT is making waves in India, U.S. 0 None
2010-07-28 U.S. sues Satilla Regional Medical Center over fraudulent claims to health care programs 0 None
2010-07-28 Researchers examine risk of serious complications associated with bariatric procedure 0 None
2010-07-28 Genzyme accepts CMS decision for delaying Renvela administration to dialysis patients 0 None
2010-07-28 NYU Langone opens vascular-targeted photodynamic therapy trial to men with localized prostate cancer 0 None
2010-07-28 CvergenX acquires global rights to InterveneXRT technology for individualization of radiation therapy 0 None
2010-07-28 Cancer survivor to celebrate 100th birthday 0 5
2010-07-27 Adherence improves long-term effectiveness of exercise therapy in OA patients 0 None
2010-07-27 New specially designed operatory for Oral Surgery, IV Sedation Dentistry 0 None
2010-07-27 Omeros initiates enrollment in OMS302 Phase 2b clinical trial in patients undergoing cataract surgery 0 None
2010-07-27 Process improvement program improves adherence to evidence-based CRT, ICD and drug therapy 0 None
2010-07-27 'Quit Smoking' Habit Changer program more effective than other popular methods 0 3
2010-07-27 20% of patients demonstrate decrease in body weight, BMI after knee or hip replacement 0 None
2010-07-27 Report finds geographic variation in the use of carotid endarterectomy, carotid stenting 0 None
2010-07-27 Study on treatment needs of prostate cancer patients with low level PSA 0 None
2010-07-27 MAQUET Cardiovascular launches VASOVIEW HEMOPRO 2 Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting System 0 None
2010-07-27 UCLA Health System launches hand transplantation program 1 None
2010-07-26 Brainlab launches ExacTrac Infrared Monitoring device for patient positioning during radiation therapy 0 None
2010-07-26 Boston Scientific launches Neuroform EZ Stent System 0 None
2010-07-26 Council seeks to limit medical resident working hours for improved patient care 0 None
2010-07-26 New guidelines for care of heart transplant recipients from ISHLT 0 None
2010-07-26 Methodist surgical team completes first phase training to implant new total artificial heart 0 None
2010-07-26 Glioblastomas patients with affected stem cell niche experience progression-free survival 0 None
2010-07-26 Report on neuropsychological effects after surgery for acyanotic heart defects 0 None
2010-07-26 Highlights on reasoning behind MRC's negative decision on funding of IVF 0 None
2010-07-26 Researchers recommend six steps for shared decision making in sex development disorder surgery 0 None
2010-07-23 Cancer institute offers new tumor monitoring system for radiation therapy patients 0 None
2010-07-23 AIDS 2010 calls for extension of human rights protections as central tenet of global response to AIDS 0 None
2010-07-23 Early HAART during TB treatment prolongs survival of untreated HIV-infected adults: CAMELIA study 0 None
2010-07-23 Kaiser Permanente's Total Joint Replacement Registry enhances patient safety, quality of care 0 None
2010-07-23 Canada performs fewer diagnostic imaging scans relative to population size than OECD average 0 None
2010-07-23 Pfizer announces unrestricted access to patient assessment aids for mental disorders 2 None
2010-07-23 Discontinuing epoetin can normalize hemoglobin levels in hemodialysis patients 0 None
2010-07-23 Waiting times for abortions in New Zealand need to be reduced 0 None
2010-07-23 Cytrx’s tamibarotene achieves molecular complete remission in advanced acute promyelocytic leukemia 0 None
2010-07-23 Zsa Zsa Gabor's fall prompts orthopaedic surgeons' advisory to seniors and caregivers 0 None
2010-07-22 60% of surgical reconstruction for ACL could be avoided: KANON study 0 None
2010-07-22 Brain scans could provide unique information in choosing career 0 None
2010-07-22 Adult circumcision proposed for possible HIV prevention in gay men 0 None
2010-07-22 Lack of insurance coverage and fees deter willingness to undergo CTC for colorectal cancer screening 0 None
2010-07-22 Trinity receives USPTO Notice of Allowance for monoplanar pedicle screw method, system and kit 0 None
2010-07-22 Smoking cessation effectively alter subgingival microbiome in patients on periodontal therapy: Study 0 None
2010-07-22 BSD provides additional information to FDA for 510(k) submission of MicroThermX Microwave Ablation System 0 None
2010-07-22 ASP EVOTECH Endoscope Cleaner and Reprocessor technology superior to manual cleaning: Study 0 None
2010-07-21 Vaginal birth after previous C-section may be a safe option say doctors 0 None
2010-07-21 PROLOR Biotech initiates Phase II clinical trial of biobetter version of human growth hormone 0 None
2010-07-21 Researchers develop new way to reduce radiation dose in CT perfusion procedure 0 None
2010-07-21 Health Canada grants Osiris Priority Review for Prochymal NDS 0 None
2010-07-21 Next generation robot could eliminate 'the doctor' 0 None
2010-07-21 Zimmer sued over defective hip implant 0 4
2010-07-21 Patent application for inexpensive CyPath assay filed by Biomoda 0 5
2010-07-21 Harvard Apparatus/ Hugo Sachs Elektronik business collaborates to develop lung regeneration bioreactor 0 None
2010-07-21 Vanderbilt University Medical Center performs specialized PET/CT scan to locate cancerous tumors 0 None
2010-07-21 Endovenous laser treatment can painlessly remove varicose, spider veins 0 None
2010-07-21 Hybrid Linac-MR imaging system tracks cancer tumors in real time 0 None
2010-07-21 GCSF administration can reduce side effects of cancer neurobastoma in children 0 None
2010-07-20 Frameless radiosurgery can treat most sensitive regions of brain: Study 0 None
2010-07-20 Magentodyn's IP portfolio of active implants for electromagnetic bone and tissue regeneration for sale 0 None
2010-07-20 ASTRO accepts 4 abstracts on Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for NSCLC 0 None
2010-07-20 Athletes who undergo tissue transplant surgery for knee damage can return to sports: Study 0 None
2010-07-20 PSI to release evidence supporting quality scale-up of male circumcision 0 None
2010-07-20 Univfy, Stanford scientists develop first validated prognostic test for predicting IVF live birth outcomes 0 None
2010-07-20 Vertos Medical announces 12-week data from MiDAS I clinical study for lumbar spinal stenosis 0 None
2010-07-20 Arthroscopic hip surgery may help athletes resume their sport back: Study 0 None
2010-07-20 Low radiation CT scans now at Saint Francis Hospital 0 None
2010-07-19 Botched breast reduction wins Victorian woman $133,000 compensation 0 None
2010-07-19 Robotic therapies reduce blood vessel trauma during minimally invasive procedures 0 None
2010-07-19 Visage Imaging releases Amira 5.3 single platform brain imaging tool 0 None
2010-07-17 Over 50% of neurosurgical procedures performed on Afghan children were for battlefield-related injuries 0 None
2010-07-17 Low-dose method of performing CT heart scans developed at Porter Adventist Hospital 0 None
2010-07-17 Proton therapy treatment for anal canal cancer performed for first time in US 0 5
2010-07-17 Cleveland Clinic to provide heart care in Chicago; Johns Hopkins increases primary care in D.C. area 0 None
2010-07-17 Personal injury lawsuit filed against Zimmer over defective hip implant 0 None
2010-07-16 Funding ART in Québec is highly justified and ethical use of public funds, says IAAC 0 None
2010-07-16 Active family engagement is important for recovery from substance abuse, chemical dependency 0 None
2010-07-16 $125,000 grant to study impact of delayed umbilical cord clamping on surgical outcomes 0 None
2010-07-16 Researchers win $2.3M grant to develop virtual reality simulator for training laparoscopic surgeons 0 None
2010-07-16 Study shows high rate of return to pre-injury level of function with arthroscopic treatment 0 None
2010-07-16 Innovative imaging system uses night vision technology to tackle common side effect of cancer treatment 0 None
2010-07-16 UCI first medical center on West Coast to perform robotic thyroidectomies 0 None
2010-07-16 Twin Cities Orthopedics opens new medical facility to help orthopedic patients 0 None
2010-07-16 ALOKA announces new ProSound F75 high-end color diagnostic ultrasound system 0 None
2010-07-16 New study finds no evidence in support of LTPP's superiority over shorter-term methods of psychotherapy 0 None
2010-07-16 MPI reduces depressive symptoms: Study 0 None
2010-07-16 Can abortion-rights activists return the procedure to mainstream medicine? 0 None
2010-07-16 BioSTAR biodegradable implant achieves comparable closure rates to Amplatzer ASO 0 None
2010-07-15 Top treatments and tests for hair loss 0 None
2010-07-15 Ellipse completes enrollment for initial study of MAGEC Technology in at-risk early onset scoliosis patients 0 None
2010-07-15 Komen Advocacy Alliance applauds new federal rules for no-cost access to mammography 0 None
2010-07-15 New circular external fixator device for diabetic Charcot foot treatment 0 None
2010-07-15 Decreased perioperative cerebral oxygenation values linked to poor outcomes after aortic arch surgery 0 None
2010-07-15 Obese people prefer non-commercial, non-stigmatizing techniques for lifestyle-change interventions 0 None
2010-07-15 Osseon receives notice of allowance for spinal vertebral compression fracture technology 0 None
2010-07-15 First triple-organ transplantation performed on young Brenham resident at Texas Children's Hospital 0 None
2010-07-15 Concert Medical releases 'Conductor' family of Interventional Coronary Guidewires in U.S. 0 None
2010-07-15 ABR qualifies eDataAudit as Practice Quality Improvement for Maintenance of Certification 0 None
2010-07-14 OraVerse MAA accepted for review in five key European countries 0 None
2010-07-14 Collagen Induction Therapy and Ultrasonic Microdermabrasion demonstrations at Lecada's open house 0 None
2010-07-14 Circular external fixator enables over 90% of Charcot foot patients to walk normally again 0 None
2010-07-14 Elsevier announces new Procedures Consult Mobile application 0 None
2010-07-14 Telecare management intervention improves pain, depression in cancer patients 0 None
2010-07-14 New biological scaffolds will provide off-the-shelf tissue transplants 0 None
2010-07-14 New prediction tool estimates risk for recurrence after breast-conserving surgery in DCIS patients 0 None
2010-07-14 Study suggests protein interferon therapy for individuals with asthma 0 None
2010-07-13 Custom-made bone replacements for facial reconstruction soon 0 None
2010-07-13 Combined behavioral interventions most effective way to reduce heart disease risk 0 None
2010-07-13 Researchers use topological optimization to design facial bone replacements 0 None
2010-07-13 FDA grants Interrad 510(k) clearance for SecurAcath Universal Subcutaneous Catheter Securement System 0 None
2010-07-13 Government report questions double use of CT scans at Illinois, Florida hospitals 0 None
2010-07-12 IDSI installs CT Laser Mammography system at Tata Memorial Hospital 0 None
2010-07-12 BSD receives FDA review questions for Phase II MTX-180 Microwave Ablation System 510(k) submission 0 None
2010-07-12 GE Healthcare Medical Diagnostics reintroduces Optison ultrasound contrast agent for echocardiograms 0 None
2010-07-12 Novelos reports positive results from NOV-002 Phase 2 neoadjuvant breast cancer trial 0 None
2010-07-12 Accumetrics, Daiichi Sankyo, Eli Lilly collaborate to raise awareness about antiplatelet therapy 1 None
2010-07-12 Syntermed releases NeuroQ version 3.5 for analysis, image display of brain FDG-PET scans 0 None
2010-07-12 MiCK assay effective in predicting best chemotherapy response for Endometrial Cancer patients: Study 0 None
2010-07-12 Theragenics signs supply agreement with Oncura for TheraSeed palladium-103 brachytherapy seeds 0 None
2010-07-12 AngioDynamics adds low-profile, mini models to Smart Port CT family of power-injectable ports 0 None
2010-07-12 Vanderbilt Medical Center treats first patient in Galil Medical's new TRACE renal registry 0 None
2010-07-12 Hip and knee specialist indicates five primary reasons why knee implant fails 0 5
2010-07-09 Integra LifeSciences launches DuraGen Plus Dural Regeneration Matrix - Spinal Matrix 0 5
2010-07-09 Oklahoma City ProCure Proton Therapy Center celebrates first-year anniversary 0 None
2010-07-09 Study suggests Perfusion CT as noninvasive tool in diagnosis of hepatic toxicity 0 None
2010-07-09 Massage improves psychological, physiological state of patients with tension headache 0 None
2010-07-09 HSS develops new surgery for stage IV flat foot deformity 0 None
2010-07-09 Gore provides update on REDUCE Clinical Study of HELEX Septal Occluder for PFO closure 0 None
2010-07-09 Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas named Center of Excellence for gynecological surgery 0 5
2010-07-08 Study demonstrates causal relationship between onset of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and general surgery 0 5
2010-07-08 Fibrocell Science completes enrollment in azficel-T histology study 0 None
2010-07-08 Kiadis Pharma receives FDA approval for IND to start pivotal clinical study for ATIR 0 None
2010-07-08 SIR and 41 international societies issue first global statement defining interventional radiology 0 None
2010-07-08 New surgery can improve outcomes in patients with severe adult flat foot deformity 0 None
2010-07-08 NOSCAR completes first NOTES transoral and transvaginal gallbladder removal in U.S. human trial 1 None
2010-07-08 Informed consent discussions lead to greater patient comprehension of surgical procedures 0 None
2010-07-08 Mathematical model for imaging tumors in breast using microwave tomography 0 None
2010-07-08 Researchers evaluate safety and feasibility of STARR procedure for ODS 0 5
2010-07-08 Study reveals X+ allele of APOB gene as another risk factor of gallstone formation after gastrectomy 0 None
2010-07-08 Ethicon launches OMNEX Surgical synthetic sealant 0 4
2010-07-08 Landmark study compares oral and transvaginal NOTES to traditional laparoscopy 0 None
2010-07-08 BioMimetic reports final study results comparing Augment Bone Graft to autograft in foot, ankle fusion surgery 0 None
2010-07-08 Review examines surgical and non-surgical treatments available for patients with knee arthritis 0 None
2010-07-08 FDA issues formal response to Nephros' 510(k) application for hemodiafiltration system 0 None
2010-07-07 Robots help remove diseased thyroid gland without neck incision 0 None
2010-07-07 AUGIB patients more likely to suffer further bleeding with early red blood cell transfusion 0 None
2010-07-07 Capstone Therapeutics to continue AZX100 Phase 2a trial in dermal scarring to planned 12-month endpoints 0 None
2010-07-07 New Center for Image-Guided Intervention opened at MSKCC 0 None
2010-07-07 Medicare reimbursement rates for outpatient repair of anal fistulas increased by 6% 0 None
2010-07-07 Aastrom to pursue Phase 3 CLI clinical program through FDA SPA process 0 None
2010-07-07 FDA grants Angion Biomedica's BB3 therapeutic Fast Track and Orphan Drug product designations 0 5
2010-07-06 Hope for ovarian cancer patients not responding to conventional chemotherapy 0 None
2010-07-06 AHRQ publishes new comparative effectiveness report on treatments for rotator cuff tears 0 None
2010-07-06 Music therapy improves movement in stroke patients 0 None
2010-07-04 First Australian intestinal transplant 0 4.2
2010-07-03 American College of Surgeons CoC launches national pilot study for ProvenCare Lung Cancer Collaborative 0 None
2010-07-03 64-year-old female Latin American receives Elekta VMAT radiotherapy enhanced with Monaco planning software 0 None
2010-07-02 EU requirement for HIV, hepatitis screening of ART couples at each donation unnecessary, distressing 0 None
2010-07-02 Imaging algorithm distributed in top-down fashion reduces unnecessary cervical spine radiographs 0 None
2010-07-02 Suggestions to reduce impact of anesthesia care on global warming 0 None
2010-07-02 ISHLT issues first international consensus formulation of standardized nomenclature for CAV 0 None
2010-07-02 Karolinska researchers recommend new routine for protection against infection during PEG 0 None
2010-07-02 Spectranetics commences voluntary recall and replacement of specific lots of thrombus extraction catheter 0 5
2010-07-02 Frenotomy procedure can help babies to breastfeed effectively 0 5
2010-07-02 Allogeneic stem cell transplant holds promise for treatment-resistant chronic lymphocytic leukemia 0 None
2010-07-02 Amedica, SUNY Upstate Medical University partner in comparative study of biomaterials 0 None
2010-07-02 Neuros Medical receives $1.5M Applied Research and Technology Development Award from DMRDP 0 None
2010-07-02 Clinical study proves effectiveness of acupuncture for heart patients 0 None
2010-07-01 Study finds increased neonatal mortality among planned home births 0 None
2010-07-01 Uroplasty broadens neuromodulation patent portfolio 0 None
2010-07-01 Babies born after IVM fertility treatment more likely to be born larger than normal 0 None
2010-07-01 AAO-HNS releases CCS to address ambiguities, disparities in diagnosis and management of nasal valve compromise 0 None
2010-07-01 Research findings suggest new treatment approach to improve corneal transplants 0 2
2010-07-01 Majority of respondents receiving CAM therapy for back pain report great benefit: Study 0 None
2010-07-01 Nanostructured assemblies for dental application 0 5
2010-07-01 Follicle aspiration needle Swemed Sense gives less pain, bleeding compared with conventional needle 0 None
2010-07-01 Researchers to study interventional endovascular therapy on symptoms and progression of MS 0 None
2010-07-01 Advancements in total hip replacement procedure make young patients opt for surgery 0 None
2010-07-01 Simbionix, USF Health receive BIRD Grant for development of Laparoscopic Hysterectomy simulation module 0 None


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