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2010-08-31 Tooth brush in a teenager’s stomach 0 None
2010-08-31 launches new Vein Treatment specialty procedures 0 None
2010-08-31 Recommendations for revascularisation in coronary artery disease patients 0 None
2010-08-31 DANPACE trial shows dual chamber pacing decreases atrial fibrillation in sick sinus syndrome 0 4
2010-08-31 Standard dose of UFH optimal for treatment of PCI patients on fondaparinux: Study 0 None
2010-08-31 CORDIS reports positive results from 10-year follow-up of CYPHER Sirolimus-eluting coronary stent study 0 None
2010-08-31 Neurobiological markers of depression can help tailor antidepressant treatment to the brain 0 None
2010-08-31 DePuy Orthopaedics sued over faulty hip-implant devices 0 None
2010-08-31 Study evaluates response to psychotherapeutical interventions in anorexia nervosa 0 None
2010-08-31 ESC/EACTS releases new Myocardial Revascularisation guidelines 0 None
2010-08-31 Bioheart's MyoCell adult stem cell therapy shows effective for heart failure patients: Study 0 None
2010-08-31 Study finds cognitive behaviour therapy safe for chronic fatigue syndrome 0 1
2010-08-31 Genetic profiling to predict treatment benefits of ACE inhibitor therapy for CAD 0 4
2010-08-31 LESSON I trial provides evidence of benefits of everolimus-eluting stent over sirolimus-eluting stent 0 None
2010-08-31 Infants born by early elective C-section likely to have health problems: Study 0 None
2010-08-31 Using clopidogrel, PPIs increases cardiac damage risk: Study 0 5
2010-08-31 Texas Children's Fetal Center announces 200th TTTS laser ablation surgery milestone 0 None
2010-08-31 Data suggests BIMA improves coronary artery bypass graft efficiency 0 None
2010-08-31 African-Americans at higher risk of developing stent thrombosis 0 None
2010-08-31 Wellspring Cardiovascular and St. Anthony's Houston partner to reduce amputations 0 None
2010-08-31 First time use of ExAblate MR Guided Focused Ultrasound System for prostate cancer treatment 0 None
2010-08-31 SIR issues position statement to determine safety, effectiveness of interventional M.S. treatment 0 None
2010-08-31 J-LANCELOT trial finds E5555 may reduce MACE without increasing serious bleeding events 0 None
2010-08-31 Antithrombotic therapy increases bleeding risk in CAD patients: Research 0 None
2010-08-31 First UK PyroTITAN Humeral Resurfacing Implant performed at BMI - The Alexandra Hospital 0 None
2010-08-30 Study: Explosion of medical imaging due partly to overuse 0 None
2010-08-30 MRI recordings at one fiftieth of a second 0 None
2010-08-30 Perfadex improves survival in lung tranplant patients: Study 0 None
2010-08-30 AMS enters 10-year contract to supply radiation therapy services at Hospital Santa Paula, Brazil 0 None
2010-08-30 Closing ceremony of heart transplant recipient's 700 km bicycle tour across Canada 0 None
2010-08-30 Selective lowering of heart rate reduces risk of death and hospitalization: Study 0 None
2010-08-30 AngioDynamics launches new access kit for VenaCure EVLT system to treat varicose veins 0 None
2010-08-30 Study finds bone marrow stem cell therapy improves efficacy in chronic heart failure 0 None
2010-08-30 Many expectant mothers unaware of risks associated with early elective C-sections and induced labor 0 None
2010-08-30 First ROSE procedures with USGI Medical's Incisionless Operating Platform performed in Europe 0 None
2010-08-30 ATOLL study favors enoxaparin over UFH for primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention 0 None
2010-08-30 Researcher develops new plaque brachytherapy technique to treat eye cancer 0 None
2010-08-30 Roughly one in six cancer survivors forgo some medical care due to cost, Study finds 0 None
2010-08-30 Edwards uses his hands after double hand transplant at Jewish Hospital Hand Care Center 0 None
2010-08-27 Exactech announces acquisition of minimally invasive spine product portfolio from VertiFlex 0 None
2010-08-27 Transcatheter heart valve replacement recipient celebrates 102nd birthday 0 None
2010-08-27 World's tallest man undergoes Gamma Knife surgery 0 None
2010-08-27 Cord Blood America announces Quality Service Guarantee for stem cell engraft 0 None
2010-08-27 Shire receives European marketing approval for VPRIV therapy to treat type 1 Gaucher disease 0 None
2010-08-27 Endologix granted CE Mark approval for expanded line of stent graft products and Aortic Extensions 0 None
2010-08-27 FDA clears SonoSite's LumenVu Catheter Guidance System 0 None
2010-08-27 Bioheart reports promising result for congestive heart failure treatment with stem cell therapy 0 None
2010-08-27 Hemoglobin variability does not increase mortality in European hemodialysis patients: Study 0 None
2010-08-27 Surgical robots could be used for teleanesthesia: Study 0 None
2010-08-26 Aethlon Medical receives approval for Chronic HCV Infection treatment 0 None
2010-08-26 Practice guideline-recommended care reduces bleeding in cirrhosis patients 0 None
2010-08-26 BioTrends Research Group report provides in-depth view of kidney transplantation market 0 None
2010-08-26 Preferred Imaging installs Naviscan Positron Emission Mammography scanner in new Plano facility 0 None
2010-08-26 DePuy Orthopaedics announces voluntary recall of ASR XL Acetabular and Hip Resurfacing systems 0 4.2
2010-08-26 Veteran Affairs to use Redsense alarm to detect blood leakage during hemodialysis 0 None
2010-08-26 SOECIC announces UK's first operation to fit single cochlear implant to give sound in both ears 0 None
2010-08-26 Researchers show biosynthetic cornea can stimulate regeneration in damaged eye tissue 0 5
2010-08-26 PLX4032 therapy results in tumor shrinkage in metastatic melanoma patients 0 None
2010-08-26 Atherotech Diagnostics to exhibit VAP Cholesterol Test at NLA Summer 2010 Clinical Update 0 None
2010-08-26 Early intervention is key to proper healing of foot pain due to sports activities 0 None
2010-08-25 Improvement of postoperative care decreases myocardial ischemia and major cardiac events 0 None
2010-08-25 Wentworth-Douglass Hospital implements One Medical Passport for automation of pre-op processes 0 2
2010-08-25 Study examines correlation between point-of-care monitors, lactate flux during CEA procedure 0 None
2010-08-25 Stem cell therapy cures 12-year-old boy with diabetes 0 None
2010-08-25 Adoption of standby intra-aortic balloon pump strategy during high-risk PCI needed: Study 0 None
2010-08-25 HCM patients undergoing transplant can expect reasonable long-term survival rates: Research 0 None
2010-08-25 Holy Cross Hospital performs first advanced sensor assisted knee surgery 0 None
2010-08-25 Reducing patient body temperature with cold salt beneficial for patients undergoing balloon angioplasty 0 None
2010-08-25 Study finds 15% patients experience postoperative pain after surgery 0 None
2010-08-25 Informed specific consent should be sought before blood transfusion 0 None
2010-08-25 3Sbio, Isotechnika Pharma sign development and commercialization agreement for voclosporin inhibitor 0 None
2010-08-25 Sheryl Crow Imaging Center opens in Los Angeles 0 None
2010-08-25 Increasing levels of neuropeptide Y, receptors can counteract seizures: Research 0 None
2010-08-25 Researchers identify novel approach to decrease glioblastoma multiforme recurrence 0 5
2010-08-25 Surgeons use Twitter to document first double hand transplant procedure 0 None
2010-08-25 Jordan Hospital receives approval to open new Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Center 0 None
2010-08-25 Cognitive behavioral therapy improves ADHD symptoms in adults: Study 0 None
2010-08-25 ACR Image Metrix praises iCAD on FDA clearance of VeraLook Colon CAD software 0 None
2010-08-24 New Halt System procedure for non-cancerous fibroid treatment 0 None
2010-08-24 Center For Diagnostic Imaging's new center in Avon offers interventional procedures for joint and back pain 0 None
2010-08-24 CVD prevention strategies for high-risk individuals may widen health inequalities 0 None
2010-08-24 Kinetic Concepts announces U.S. launch of Prevena Incision Management System 0 None
2010-08-24 'Pre-vascularization' of device prior to implantation sustains circulation and suppresses scar formation 0 None
2010-08-24 Asia's first 'custom fit knee replacement surgery' performed at Fortis Hospitals 0 None
2010-08-24 Breast-specific gamma imaging increases radiation-induced cancer risk: Report 0 None
2010-08-24 Study enhances use of stem cells for organ regeneration 0 None
2010-08-24 Overutilization of medical imaging services increases unnecessary radiation exposure: Report 0 None
2010-08-24 Physiotherapy after surgery reduces pain by 50% within 3-6 months 0 5
2010-08-24 Canon to present Wireless Digital Radiography System at 2010 AHRA 0 None
2010-08-24 Scientists develop nano-sized vehicle to deliver chemotherapy drugs directly into cancer cells 0 None
2010-08-23 Fluid dynamics and mechanics to simulate stent design and coating 0 None
2010-08-23 Physiotherapy reduces pain in patients with shoulder problems 0 None
2010-08-23 Getinge's vascular graft production unit receives warning letter from FDA 0 None
2010-08-22 Noninvasive monitoring of cardiac allograft vasculopathy with fast MR imaging 0 5
2010-08-21 EPO upholds European Patent for Verathon's GlideScope video laryngoscopes 0 None
2010-08-21 FDA extends review on Acetadote for non-acetaminophen acute liver failure 0 None
2010-08-20 Tips for management of COPD 0 None
2010-08-20 Stent implanted in artery inside skull of 14-year-old boy to prevent stroke 0 None
2010-08-20 Study finds Hispanics, Asians less likely to receive liver transplants 0 None
2010-08-20 Integra LifeSciences opens new Center for Research, Education and Training in Irvine, California 0 None
2010-08-20 Human neural stem cells restore motor function in mice with chronic spinal cord injury 0 None
2010-08-20 St. Vincent's Hospital performs Australia's first implant of SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart 0 None
2010-08-20 New coverage for colorectal cancer screening to drive US markets for gastrointestinal endoscopy devices in 2010 0 None
2010-08-20 ISCO to formalize eye care based stem cell therapeutic programs into Cytovis business unit 0 1
2010-08-20 Trial shows positive results for radioembolisation technique for colorectal cancer liver metastases treatment 0 None
2010-08-20 Benvenue Medical enrolls first patient in landmark KAST trial 0 None
2010-08-20 Research finds air travel causes low risk for lymphedema 0 None
2010-08-20 Immunosuppressive therapy benefits necrotizing myopathy patients with novel autoantibody specificity 0 4
2010-08-20 SIR-Spheres safe, effective for patients with colorectal cancer liver metastases who have failed chemotherapy 0 None
2010-08-20 MUH performs first intracranial radiosurgery with Leksell Gamma Knife Perfexion system 0 None
2010-08-20 Donor kidneys from deceased as good as those from brain-dead: Study 0 None
2010-08-19 Innovative approach to eliminate HIV in host by targeted killing of only HIV infected cells 0 None
2010-08-19 UT Southwestern pediatric urologist pioneers surgical procedure for girls with rare vaginal defects 0 None
2010-08-19 Study finds no clinical benefits from gender-specific total knee prostheses for women 0 None
2010-08-19 Bridge for cross-cultural cancer education 0 None
2010-08-19 Hematopoietic cell transplantation survivors report of chronic health condition after procedure 0 None
2010-08-19 Drug-eluting stents improve long-term clinical outcome for patients undergoing angioplasty 0 None
2010-08-19 MD Anderson Cancer Center receives $20 million to advance research on targeted therapies 0 None
2010-08-19 University of Maryland researchers link 3-D CT scans to standard ablation techniques 0 None
2010-08-19 Cluster-coated implant strengthens attachment of joint-replacement implant with bone 0 None
2010-08-19 Study finds factor behind alcohol use disorder after liver transplantation 0 None
2010-08-18 FDA grants 510(k) clearance to Aesculap's A-Fix Spinal System 0 None
2010-08-18 USPTO grants IRIDEX patent for MicroPulse technology in laser eye surgery 0 5
2010-08-18 New research explores effects of radiation on human bone after stereotactic radiosurgery 0 None
2010-08-18 Mindray announces US launch of new premium M7 ultrasound system 0 None
2010-08-18 Health care system delay increases death risk in heart attack patients 0 None
2010-08-18 Robotic prostatectomy has low complication rates: CINJ study 0 None
2010-08-18 Scientists develop rapid diagnostic test for detecting meningococcal bacteria 0 3
2010-08-18 Survey finds variations in general anesthesia, sedation practices among dental care providers 0 None
2010-08-18 Study examines surgical procedures in low-resource settings 0 None
2010-08-18 Study deems gentamicin-collagen sponge ineffective in reducing sternal wound infections 0 None
2010-08-18 Cardica, Intuitive Surgical enter license agreement 0 None
2010-08-18 Equinox Surgical Solutions introduces SutureAssist device for streamlining suture management procedures 0 None
2010-08-17 Study finds sham acupuncture superior to traditional Chinese acupuncture in osteoarthritis treatment 0 None
2010-08-17 Hepatitis C rather than Donor Risk Index is major contributor to poor graft survival in transplant patients 0 None
2010-08-17 BrickHouse Security, National Kidney Registry implement real-time GPS tracking system for organ shipment 0 None
2010-08-17 Human induced pluripotent stem cells help to treat Parkinson’s disease: Research 0 5
2010-08-17 Medical Protective and AAFPRS create new insurance program for facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons 0 None
2010-08-17 Bariatric surgery can result in sustained reversal of obesity, type 2 diabetes: Study 0 None
2010-08-17 Endologix, Evasc enter development agreement for balloon expandable stent technology 0 None
2010-08-17 Revolutions Medical collaborates on clinical applications and validation process of MRI software tools 0 None
2010-08-17 Scientists identify possible therapeutic strategy for reducing leukemia risk from chemotherapy 0 None
2010-08-17 Non-viral gene therapy delays onset of eye disease 0 None
2010-08-16 Australia’s first artificial heart in place 0 4
2010-08-16 FDA grants Microsulis Medical 510(k) clearance for Acculis Accu2i percutaneous microwave tissue ablation system 0 None
2010-08-16 Indiana University installs new DeltaVision|OMX imaging system from Applied Precision 0 None
2010-08-16 Massachusetts General Hospital implants Levacor Ventricular Assist Device 0 None
2010-08-16 Align Technology releases Invisalign G3 for greater predictability of tooth movements 0 None
2010-08-16 Involuntary childlessness affects couples more negatively than previously reported 0 5
2010-08-16 RhinoChill Intra-Nasal Cooling System improves survival when initiated soon after cardiac arrest 0 None
2010-08-16 Interventional Spine completes another successful surgery with PERPOS Percutaneous Cervical System 0 None
2010-08-16 Pathology experts meet to at SESPM to update new advances in breast surgery 0 None
2010-08-16 Canada's low deceased organ donation rate not due to lack of public support 0 None
2010-08-16 Scientists replace human gene to preserve photoreceptor function in retinal degeneration 0 None
2010-08-16 New T cell engineering approach can improve success rate of immune-cell therapies 0 None
2010-08-16 Mathematical model projects potential impact of current tools fighting malaria in Africa 0 None
2010-08-16 Fertility preservation may be unsafe for leukemia patients: Study 0 None
2010-08-13 BIOTRONIK DREAMS implanted in first patient as part of BIOSOLVE-I clinical study 0 None
2010-08-13 MDS Nordion extends cobalt-60 long-term supply agreement with Ontario Power Generation 0 None
2010-08-13 DNA repair genes in melanoma tumours repair associated with poor response to chemotherapy: Research 0 None
2010-08-13 Benvenue Medical commences treatment in U.S. with Blazer Vertebral Augmentation System 0 None
2010-08-13 Integra LifeSciences adds iPASSAGE Retractor for minimally invasive lumbar spine surgery 0 None
2010-08-13 New multidisciplinary approach to glioblastoma multiforme treatment offers extended survival rates 0 None
2010-08-13 Humanetics Corporation secures license to provide treatment for ionizing radiation exposure 0 None
2010-08-13 Gore announces first implantation in IDE clinical study of ACUSEAL Vascular Graft in hemodialysis patients 0 None
2010-08-13 U-M dentistry agrees to use Interleukin's PST test for gum disease clinical study 0 None
2010-08-13 PyroTITAN Humeral Resurfacing shoulder implant extends longevity of hemiarthroplasty joint replacement 1 None
2010-08-12 FDA grants LifeCycle Pharma SPA for LCP-Tacro pivotal Phase 3 study in 'de novo' kidney transplant patients 0 None
2010-08-12 Pelleve Wrinkle Reduction System launched across U.S. 0 None
2010-08-12 Study demonstrates efficacy of vertebroplasty in treatment of acute vertebral compression fractures 0 None
2010-08-12 ASMBS, SRC announce new 5-year agreement for Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence program 0 None
2010-08-12 Viatronix releases latest version of V3D-Colon software with FDA 510(k) approved colon CAD 0 None
2010-08-12 Study examines cosmetic impact of surgical procedure for body dysmorphic disorder 0 None
2010-08-12 First implantation of Zimmer Non-Contact Bridging Periprosthetic Plating System announced 0 None
2010-08-12 BMI indicates breast cancer risk in women using postmenopausal hormone therapy 0 None
2010-08-11 Canadian Olympic figure skater's struggle with clear vision 0 None
2010-08-11 New computerized approach for dental restoration procedures 0 None
2010-08-11 New optical imaging technique holds potential to improve angioplasty 0 None
2010-08-11 NKTreg white blood cells migrate into liver, suppress immune responses: Research 0 None
2010-08-11 VA Pittsburgh selects SmartSponge System to prevent retained surgical sponge incidents 0 None
2010-08-11 Acute aortic dissection program reduces diagnosis time in AAD patients 0 None
2010-08-11 FDA approves longer Valcyte therapy for CMV disease in adult kidney transplant patients 0 None
2010-08-10 Quick-Med develops new NIMBUS Advanced Active prototype wound dressing 0 None
2010-08-10 Olympus America introduces new V-System for ERCP procedure 0 None
2010-08-10 Sleeve gastrectomy for weight loss surgery with no scars 0 None
2010-08-10 New insight into protein transport mechanism can improve chemotherapy treatments 0 None
2010-08-10 Hemodialysis with AVF depends on patient’s health insurance: Study 0 None
2010-08-10 Pluristem's PLacental eXpanded cell therapy effective against neuropathic and inflammatory nerve pain 0 None
2010-08-09 Morphine plus oxycodone IV combination exhibits improved analgesia, tolerability compared to IV morphine 0 5
2010-08-09 Aptus reports successful treatment with EndoStapling System in Europe 0 None
2010-08-09 CryoPatch SG pulmonary human cardiac patch receives FDA clearance for 5-year shelf-life extension 0 None
2010-08-09 BioVentrix announces First-in-Man milestone for PliCath heart failure system 0 5
2010-08-09 ISAPS Biennial Global Survey of plastic surgeons and procedures 0 None
2010-08-09 Allergy shots can cause systemic side effects: Study 0 5
2010-08-07 Medtronic completes enrollment in Complete SE vascular stent superficial femoral artery clinical study 0 None
2010-08-07 Surgery offers high survival rate for prostate cancer patients: Study 0 None
2010-08-06 ViroPharma announces data on safety, efficacy of Cinryze to treat acute angioedema attacks 0 2
2010-08-06 Norwegian cervical screening program begins reimbursing for liquid-based cytology 0 None
2010-08-06 Researchers recommends robotic prostatectomy over traditional open surgery method 0 None
2010-08-06 Scientific findings reveal combination antibiotic therapy effective for ulcerative colitis 0 None
2010-08-06 Split-dosage method effective for bowel cleansing before colonoscopy: Study 0 5
2010-08-06 Agendia inaugurates new clinical genomics laboratory 0 None
2010-08-05 New volume on Growth hormone therapy 0 None
2010-08-05 Censis launches ScopeTrac endoscope tracking and reprocessing data management solution 0 None
2010-08-05 TCA Cellular Therapy enrolls first patient for adult stem cell clinical trial 0 None
2010-08-05 HGC publishes guidelines to protect people using DIY genetic tests 0 None
2010-08-05 Scientists develop new chip to increase forensic DNA testing speed 0 None
2010-08-05 HF-WBI effective for patients with early stage breast cancer 0 None
2010-08-05 Scientists discover Deep Brain Stimulation as potential treatment for early Alzheimer's 0 None
2010-08-05 FDA clears iCAD's VeraLook computer-aided detection product for virtual colonoscopy 0 None
2010-08-04 Review affirms hand therapy as one of most vital treatment steps in recovery from hand injury surgery 0 None
2010-08-04 New perfusion CT algorithms maintain image quality at half of the radiation dose 0 None
2010-08-04 Arcelis immunotherapy effective in treating autoimmune diseases: Study 0 None
2010-08-04 Boston Scientific initiates enrollment in EVOLVE clinical trial of SYNERGY Coronary Stent 0 None
2010-08-04 Surgical intervention in elderly people improves quality of life 0 None
2010-08-04 Lack of understanding about anesthesia may lead patients to postpone surgery 0 None
2010-08-04 Excaliard reports positive results from EXC 001 Phase 2 clinical trial for reducing scar severity 0 None
2010-08-03 NWBT reports long-term follow-up data from DCVax-Brain immune therapy clinical trials for GBM 0 None
2010-08-03 New trend in management of post-liver transplantation biliary strictures 0 None
2010-08-03 First successful procedures in Australia with GORE DrySeal Sheath for aortic aneurysms 0 None
2010-08-03 New surgical technique to maximize preservation of periprostatic anatomy 0 None
2010-08-03 Menstrual cycle affects body's response to tracheal intubation: Research 0 None
2010-08-03 miRagen Therapeutics develop MicroRNA based therapeutics for cardiovascular and muscle disease 0 None
2010-08-03 Bypass better strategy for treating progressive, complex recurrent SFA disease: Study 0 None
2010-08-03 Etoricoxib better than opioid drug tramadol for postoperative pain: Study 0 None
2010-08-03 Percutaneous heart valve replacement may be an alternative for open heart surgery 0 None
2010-08-03 VertiFlex enrolls 150 patients in Superion Interspinous Spacer IDE clinical trial 0 None
2010-08-03 Researchers develop techniques to identify evolution of drug resistance strains of malaria 0 None
2010-08-02 Scottsdale Healthcare surgeon elects as new president for ASMBS 0 None


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