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2012-08-31 The safety of trainee surgeons: an interview with Prof Calvin Coffey 0 3.7
2012-08-31 Non-pain-related factors predict long-term opioid use after surgery 0 None
2012-08-31 Renal artery stent revascularization reduces blood pressure in patients with severe hypertension 0 5
2012-08-31 New antibacterial coating on surgical sutures effectively reduces infections 0 None
2012-08-30 Removing entire pancreas does not result in unmanageable diabetes in patients with cancer 0 4
2012-08-30 EHRA White Book reports on current status of arrhythmia treatments in 54 ESC member countries 0 None
2012-08-30 Octogenarians have better survival rates following heart valve surgery 0 None
2012-08-30 Heart Rhythm Society, ECAS and EHRA develop 2012 expert consensus statement on AF ablation 0 None
2012-08-29 Study finds decline in 30-day mortality of acute myocardial infarction with improved treatment 0 None
2012-08-29 Omitting aspirin leads to less bleedings but does not increase risk of stent thrombosis, MI 0 None
2012-08-29 Anova Cancer Care to participate in CyberKnife research study 0 None
2012-08-29 Deep-brain stimulation may stop uncontrollable shaking in patients with Parkinson's 0 None
2012-08-29 Novelos expects to submit CLR1502 IND with FDA for non-invasive tumor imaging 0 None
2012-08-29 FFR-guided PCI plus medical therapy reduce need for urgent revascularization in CAD patients 0 None
2012-08-29 Catheter ablation for Afib is safe and suppresses arrhythmia recurrences 0 None
2012-08-29 Ultra-fast 320-detector CT scanner can accurately diagnose arterial blockages 0 None
2012-08-29 St. Jude’s EnligHTN renal denervation system safe and effective in treating resistant hypertension 0 None
2012-08-28 Study raises cautionary note about preferential use of endovascular technique for ruptured AAA 0 None
2012-08-28 Transcatheter renal denervation reduces blood pressure in real world patients 0 None
2012-08-28 Heart healthy lifestyle could avoid up to 400 cardiac events and 200 deaths in Swedish PCI patients 0 None
2012-08-28 Global platelet reactivity effectively identifies ACS patients at high risk of ischemic events 0 None
2012-08-28 Rural and urban areas equally likely to receive endovascular aneurysm repair care 0 None
2012-08-28 American Academy of Pediatrics says circumcision benefits outweigh risks 2 None
2012-08-28 Major decline in early mortality for STEMI patients: French registries 0 None
2012-08-28 Positive results from CardioKinetix’s Parachute device clinical trial on ischemic heart failure 0 None
2012-08-28 Renal denervation regenerates blood vessels and could reduce cardiovascular events 0 None
2012-08-28 Patients with severe aortic stenosis can profit from TAVI procedure 0 None
2012-08-28 Researchers develop glue mixture that may reduce risks after laser vision correction surgery 0 None
2012-08-28 Postoperative complications lead to hospital readmissions among general surgery patients 0 None
2012-08-28 Spinal cord stimulation could become novel treatment option for heart failure 0 None
2012-08-28 Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation and partners applaud Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day 0 None
2012-08-28 Personalized antiplatelet treatment leads to better outcomes in patients undergoing PCI 0 None
2012-08-28 Leg compressions after stroke appear to trigger natural protective mechanisms that reduce damage 0 None
2012-08-28 America Stem Cell commences ASC-101 Phase I/II study in hematologic malignancies 0 None
2012-08-27 Blockade Medical's Barricade Coil System successfully treats patients with aneurysms 0 None
2012-08-27 Women with severe aortic stenosis less likely to die following TAVI 0 None
2012-08-27 Diaverum plans to increase peritoneal dialysis use among patients with ESRD 0 None
2012-08-27 Renal denervation leads to better outcomes than standard drug treatment in patients with AHF 0 None
2012-08-27 Regulating microbes could help prevent diseases associated with obesity 0 None
2012-08-27 Renal denervation improves depression, QOL and stress in patients with resistant hypertension 0 None
2012-08-27 Renal denervation safe and effective in patients with treatment resistant hypertension 0 None
2012-08-27 New blood test can predict which heart failure patients would benefit from ICDs 0 None
2012-08-26 Creighton University research to improve patient care and outcomes in CAD treatment 0 None
2012-08-26 Parachute device improves outcomes in patients with ischemic heart failure 0 None
2012-08-24 State Senator honors UCLA lung transplant doctors during special ceremony 1 2.7
2012-08-24 Pre-emptive therapy better than valacyclovir prophylaxis in treating CMV in transplant recipients 0 None
2012-08-24 Racial differences persist in prostate cancer surgical care 0 None
2012-08-24 AcelRx commences third ARX-01 Phase 3 study in post-operative pain 0 None
2012-08-23 Agenda now available for Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics symposium 0 None
2012-08-23 'ESASO Course Series’ for ophthalmologists 0 None
2012-08-23 Diabetes risk may be higher in childhood cancer survivors who received radiotherapy 0 None
2012-08-23 Blood clotting treatment algorithms help decrease transfusion requirements in cardiac surgery patients 0 None
2012-08-22 Trainee surgeons in operations is safe according to new study 0 None
2012-08-22 ASPS launches campaign to educate women about available breast reconstruction options 0 None
2012-08-22 Chemotherapy during pregnancy: an interview with Professor Sibylle Loibl 0 5
2012-08-22 Radiation therapy alone no longer the best choice for early follicular lymphoma 0 None
2012-08-22 Study: Declining rates of circumcisions among infants could drive up health care costs 0 None
2012-08-22 Clinical trial to test whether fecal transplantation is effective in treating relapsing C. difficile 1 None
2012-08-22 Arteriocyte receives NIH grant for use of NANEX platform in bone marrow transplant 0 None
2012-08-22 Endovascular brachytherapy may safely and effectively treat femoropopliteal in-stent stenosis 0 None
2012-08-22 Research explores impact of radiotherapy in older women with low risk of breast cancer recurrence 0 None
2012-08-22 FDA clears Covalon’s SurgiClear antimicrobial silicone adhesive film dressing 0 None
2012-08-21 Innovative Therapies forum focuses on topics across wound care settings, surgical disciplines 0 None
2012-08-21 HemoSep device significantly reduces need for blood transfusions during major surgeries 0 None
2012-08-21 Declining rates of circumcision in US infant males could add billions to health care costs 3 None
2012-08-21 Bonovo’s first PEEK lateral interbody fusion cage now available in China 0 None
2012-08-21 Children's Medical Center to broadcast two corrective bladder surgeries live on the internet 0 None
2012-08-21 Portable Micro-Plasma Device may help repair skin after laser surgery 0 None
2012-08-21 Studies raise possibility of new DBS approaches to treat obesity 0 None
2012-08-21 Acupuncture could save treatment costs and offer viable alternative to knee replacement surgery 0 None
2012-08-20 FDA approves InSightec's ExAblate Neuro system clinical trial for tremor dominant Parkinson's Disease 1 5
2012-08-20 Abbott's XIENCE Xpedition Everolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System receives CE Mark in Europe 0 None
2012-08-20 GORE Hybrid Vascular Graft receives CE Mark approval 0 None
2012-08-18 Data from new survey shows wide variation in access to primary PCI 0 None
2012-08-18 Bariatric surgery improves overall quality of life for people with obesity 0 1
2012-08-18 AHCA approves Cleveland Clinic Florida applications for heart, liver and kidney transplant services 0 None
2012-08-18 New patient survey shows improved quality of decisions about herniated disc surgery 0 None
2012-08-17 Diabetes Research Institute to receive JDRF-HCT grant for islet encapsulation study 0 None
2012-08-17 Researchers identify molecular and protein signatures that predict HCV virus-induced liver injury 0 None
2012-08-17 Johns Hopkins undergraduates invent disposable suturing tool 0 None
2012-08-16 Pregnant women who undergo chemotherapy do not appear to increase their baby’s risk of complications 0 None
2012-08-16 Surgeons perform two TAVR procedures at Toledo Hospital 0 None
2012-08-16 U.S. FDA warns of post-surgery codeine deaths in children 0 None
2012-08-16 Radiosensitivity molecular signature can lead to better radiation therapy decisions for breast cancer 0 None
2012-08-16 Malignant mesothelioma diagnosis with an E-nose: an interview with Associate Professor Deborah Yates, UNSW 0 None
2012-08-16 UCLA performs first transcatheter aortic valve replacement using new device 0 None
2012-08-16 Technion researchers build pancreatic tissue with insulin-secreting cells to treat diabetes 0 None
2012-08-16 Cancer patients with xerostomia can benefit from regenerative research 0 None
2012-08-15 Deep brain stimulation has important role in treating severe Tourette’s 0 None
2012-08-15 Nonsurgical circumcision device for adults to be tested in Africa 0 None
2012-08-15 PPMC earns Gold Seal of Approval for hip and knee joint replacement services 0 None
2012-08-15 Early stage breast cancer in older women: an interview with Dr. Benjamin Smith 0 3
2012-08-15 Trial to test efficacy of NeuRx Diaphragm Pacing System in people with Lou Gehrig's disease 0 None
2012-08-15 Neurostimulator a significant step in treating sleep apnea 1 None
2012-08-13 Radiation therapy following lumpectomy may benefit older, early-stage breast cancer patients 0 None
2012-08-13 Radiation after lumpectomy helps prevent need for subsequent mastectomy in older women with early stage breast cancer 0 None
2012-08-12 Guidebook for surgeons dealing with head and neck neoplasms 0 None
2012-08-10 Fat transfers may benefit patients after breast reconstructive surgery 0 None
2012-08-10 New technology for healthcare based on aviation security system 0 None
2012-08-09 Organ donation: an interview with David Shaw 0 2
2012-08-09 Herceptin® could potentially be delivered via a standard injection 0 None
2012-08-09 Study identifies a switch in cells that may help to kill tumors with heat 0 None
2012-08-09 Berlin Heart EXCOR Pediatric Ventricular Assist Device proves effective and life-saving 0 None
2012-08-09 FDA approves Codman’s MEDSTREAM Programmable Infusion System 1 None
2012-08-08 Omeros completes enrollment in first of two OMS103HP Phase 3 meniscectomy trials 0 None
2012-08-08 HCRI announces successful completion of randomization in DAPT Study 0 None
2012-08-08 HCA faces scrutiny about medical necessity of some cardiac procedures done at some hospitals 0 None
2012-08-08 Organ donation wishes should not be allowed to be vetoed by families says ethicist 0 None
2012-08-08 Risk of arteriovenous malformation bleeding is eight times higher during pregnancy 0 5
2012-08-07 NYUCN professor to investigate efficacy of Acu/Moxa in managing irritable bowel syndrome 0 None
2012-08-07 Mass. reform increases access to hospital care in vulnerable groups 0 None
2012-08-07 Link between cardiac catheterizations and risk of stroke 0 None
2012-08-06 Wellcome Trust grants £1.6 million Translation Award for development of more effective radiotherapy 0 None
2012-08-06 Death risk increases with 'excessive' CABG surgery waiting times 0 None
2012-08-06 Planned cesarean delivery for breech births associated with significantly lower neonatal mortality 0 None
2012-08-06 FDA grants 510(k) clearance to VICTUS Femtosecond Laser Platform 0 None
2012-08-06 Medication reconciliation in hospitals: an interview with Dr. Leonard Feldman 0 None
2012-08-06 Vitamin E total knee replacement performed at Tri-City Medical Center 1 None
2012-08-06 Prior contralateral amputation predicts outcomes after LEB for critical limb ischemia 0 None
2012-08-06 Researchers make major advance in efforts to regenerate damaged hearts 0 None
2012-08-06 Novartis, Penn partner to study and commercialize novel cellular immunotherapies for cancer 0 None
2012-08-06 Human HLA genes are evolving much more rapidly than previously thought 0 5
2012-08-03 Risky prenatal use of steroid to prevent intersex, tomboys and lesbians 0 None
2012-08-03 Giving antibiotics just before cesarean section prevents infections 0 None
2012-08-03 Study investigates standard practices for insertion and management of urinary catheters 0 None
2012-08-03 Survey results of adoption and implementation of therapeutic hypothermia in hospitals 0 None
2012-08-03 Intraluminal protection device outperforms negative-pressure split septum IV connector 0 None
2012-08-03 Mammography oversold by breast cancer charity 0 None
2012-08-03 UI Hospital implants NeuRx Diaphragm Pacing System in a patient with ALS 0 None
2012-08-02 Researchers report one-third cut in the rate of lethal SSIs after colorectal operations 0 None
2012-08-02 Most incidences of shoulder joint instability are due to traumatic contact injuries 0 None
2012-08-02 Cataract surgery reduces rate of fractures in older patients with vision loss 0 None
2012-08-01 Endoscopic vein-graft harvesting technique safe for CABG surgery 0 None
2012-08-01 Researchers develop bioactive coating that actively suppresses brain's immune response 0 None
2012-08-01 Miami Project to Cure Paralysis receives FDA permission to begin Phase 1 trial 1 None
2012-08-01 Pediatric liver transplant recipients have increased risk of death when from obese donors 0 None
2012-08-01 Older Medicare patients have reduced risk of hip fracture following cataract surgery 0 None
2012-08-01 Minimally invasive approach during coronary artery bypass grafting surgery is safe and effective 0 None
2012-08-01 Study aims to raise awareness of nerve transfer surgery among health care providers 0 None
2012-08-01 IL-10 may improve success rates of skin autografts 0 None


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