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2004-09-30 Novel compound that resembles vitamin E halves the size of tumors and the ability of cancer to spread 0 None
2004-09-30 A revolutionary approach to angiogenesis could make cancer treatment more effective at killing tumours 0 None
2004-09-30 Researchers show gossypol – a drug refined from cottonseed oil is a cancer treatment booster 0 None
2004-09-30 Research could lead to a significant decrease in the number of deaths each year on Europe’s roads 0 None
2004-09-30 What measures persuade people to shift from using cars to walking and cycling? 0 None
2004-09-30 Fasting during Ramadan could cause problems for Muslim patients taking prescribed drugs 0 None
2004-09-30 Antiretroviral treatment may provide protection against HIV transmission during breast-feeding 0 None
2004-09-30 Alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel significantly reduces spread of gastrointestinal illnesses 0 4
2004-09-30 Drinking eight ounces of cranberry juice works better than four in combating urinary tract infections 0 None
2004-09-29 One in five people in the developed world will die of the diseases we call cancer 0 None
2004-09-29 Mortality rate from injuries, such as falls, drowning and fires, increased three-fold since 1960 in the Philippines 0 None
2004-09-29 Cancer vaccine based on listeria bacteria shows promise 0 None
2004-09-29 Researchers have identified the mechanism by which marijuana may affect learning and memory 0 5
2004-09-29 Two types of thyroid cancer can be readily identified by differences in only a few genes 0 None
2004-09-29 Genetic abnormalities have a major impact on obesity 0 5
2004-09-29 Cutting levels of household allergens is unlikely to have much impact on childhood asthma 0 None
2004-09-29 Bacterium Haemophilus influenza has to secrete a glue-like protein 0 None
2004-09-29 IBM and Cleveland Clinic to develop a translational medicine platform to support genetic research 0 None
2004-09-29 New technology to diagnose, treat deadly diseases 0 None
2004-09-29 We could soon be curing our athlete’s foot with alfalfa 0 None
2004-09-29 Pine cones may form a new line of attack against MRSA infection 0 None
2004-09-29 Research confirms benefits of commonly used traditional remedies for a range of illnesses 0 None
2004-09-29 New funding for Scottish scientists to tackle diseases such as asthma and multiple sclerosis 0 None
2004-09-29 Cancer Research Technology and The Institute of Cancer Research complete licence with Vernalis 0 None
2004-09-28 On-line campaign asks, where does all the breast cancer research money go? 1 5
2004-09-28 Clusters of genes within human aortas appear to predict risk for atherosclerosis 0 None
2004-09-28 Trial shows which brain cancer patients benefit from temozolomide 0 None
2004-09-28 Researchers reveal potential new role for Glivec/Imatinib 0 1
2004-09-28 Arsenic trioxide - invented as a treatment for a rare type of leukaemia 0 5
2004-09-28 Master gene that controls the first breath a newborn infant 0 None
2004-09-28 Men more than women favor paternity testing at birth 0 None
2004-09-27 Half of Britons at risk from heart disease 0 None
2004-09-27 People with diabetes may soon be able to swap their tablets for creams and ointments 0 None
2004-09-27 Active ingredients of soya may help beat breast cancer 0 None
2004-09-27 Research shows specific damage to nervous system in veterans with Gulf War syndrome 0 None
2004-09-27 Duplication of the alpha-synuclein gene causes Parkinson's disease in a French family 0 None
2004-09-27 Researchers have integrated heart cells grown from human embryonic stem cells into a host heart 0 None
2004-09-27 Functions of the c-myb gene which leukemia cells depend on for proliferation 0 None
2004-09-27 Marijuana use may increase the risk of ectopic (tubal) pregnancies 0 None
2004-09-27 Discovery of key molecular step which allows cancer cells to move to different parts of the body 0 None
2004-09-27 Simple interventions for Accident and Emergency patients could help reduce excessive drinking 0 None
2004-09-26 Ireland to invest €5m for autism research 0 None
2004-09-26 What you see is not always what you get with binocular rivalry 0 None
2004-09-26 New type of regulatory T cell that reduces asthma and airway inflammation 0 None
2004-09-26 Boldly colored tableware is a mealtime aid to those with severe Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2004-09-26 Stem cells from umbilical cord blood, given intravenously with mannitol drug reduce stroke size and damage 0 None
2004-09-26 Researchers have successfully targeted an HIV protein that has eluded existing therapies 0 None
2004-09-26 Stretching immediately before sport or exercise may actually hinder sport performance 0 None
2004-09-23 Researcher looks for clues to degenerative, deadly disease called Ataxia-telangiectasia 0 None
2004-09-23 Low-dose infusion of ketamine completely relieves pain of complex regional pain syndrome 0 5
2004-09-23 Asia must tackle HIV in injecting drug users 0 None
2004-09-23 Dogs can be trained to detect bladder cancer 0 None
2004-09-23 Understanding how kidneys absorb protein from urine will help fight kidney disease in diabetics 0 None
2004-09-23 Promising lead in developing anti-viral drugs with the potential to fight HIV and HSV 0 None
2004-09-23 Research may lead to alternatives to antibiotic drugs for treating bacterial diseases 0 5
2004-09-23 Better insight into treating bilingual children who suffer from a stutter 0 None
2004-09-23 Potential new way to control drug-resistant bacteria 0 None
2004-09-23 New link in the growth of Ewing’s sarcoma 0 None
2004-09-22 THC in marijuana may block the spread of forms of cancer causing herpes viruses 0 5
2004-09-22 Research to halt the progress of chronic liver disease 0 None
2004-09-22 Research shows how psychosocial factors can bring on rapid decline in health 0 None
2004-09-22 University of Arizona spin-off investigates DNA damage to human skin 0 None
2004-09-22 NIH opens new hospital totally dedicated to clinical research 0 None
2004-09-21 Fish oils appear to reduce breast cancer risk 0 None
2004-09-21 Experimental drug PKC412 may be the key to treating myeloproliferative disease 0 None
2004-09-21 New gene therapy technique may help treat Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2004-09-21 Evidence pointing to chronic cellular inflammation as the precursor of heart disease and diabetes 0 None
2004-09-21 Novel strategy for stimulating the production of utrophin 0 None
2004-09-21 Stress response proteins offer a promising target for a novel drug guidance system 0 None
2004-09-21 HER-2 cell surface receptors tun on genes associated with carcinogenesis 0 None
2004-09-21 Laser therapy and tacrolimus ointment best for vitiligo 2 3
2004-09-21 Obesity makes surgery more difficult and risky 0 None
2004-09-21 Streptococcus bacteria uses sword and shield to fight white blood cells 0 None
2004-09-20 A low salt diet can be extremely dangerous for elderly people 1 3.2
2004-09-20 New imaging analysis techniques to probe causes of dyslexia 0 None
2004-09-20 Certain cancers might one day be cured without the use of toxic chemotherapy and radiation 0 None
2004-09-20 New anti-inflammatory strategy for cancer therapy 0 None
2004-09-20 Research may provide a better understanding of the mental retardation observed in Cri-du-Chat Syndrome 0 5
2004-09-20 Vanilla may become a drug to treat sickle cell disease 0 None
2004-09-20 Non-human primates should never be considered as source animals for any future clinical trials of animal-to-human transplantation 0 None
2004-09-20 Breakthrough in spinal regeneration research 0 None
2004-09-20 Today’s scientists have the skills and experience to transplant a human face 0 None
2004-09-20 Resveratrol in red wine, is thought to contribute to improved cardiovascular effects associated with moderate consumption of red wine 0 None
2004-09-20 Genome researchers to look at 1918 Spanish flu 0 None
2004-09-20 New oral gel used instead of injection to deliver drugs 0 None
2004-09-20 Project to find out how European governments could fight obesity 0 None
2004-09-18 Humans are in fact quite rational; they just do not trust what people in lab coats tell them 0 None
2004-09-18 Research findings may help stave off full-blown diabetes 0 None
2004-09-18 Link between eosinophils and asthma 0 None
2004-09-18 Inflammation could have important implications for modern-day health care 0 None
2004-09-18 New culprit behind the brain injury suffered by stroke victims 0 None
2004-09-18 A new lipid-based nasal ointment effective at reducing symptoms of allergic rhinitis 0 None
2004-09-17 Significant relationships between laryngopharyngeal reflux and upper airway sensory impairment 0 None
2004-09-17 Consumption of milk seems to be evaporating 0 None
2004-09-17 Early drinking means a greater likelihood of problem drinking later in life 0 None
2004-09-16 Potential stem cells treatment for retinitis pigmentosa and other retinal degenerations 44 4.3
2004-09-16 New method targeting hypermethylation detects ovarian cancer in the blood 0 None
2004-09-16 Beer possesses the same antioxidant benefits as red wine 0 5
2004-09-16 Protein that causes juvenile Batten disease also plays a key role in normal cell function 0 None
2004-09-16 Stem cell science and orthopedic surgery may reduce failure rate in hip replacements 0 None
2004-09-16 Researchers are making inroads to understanding what makes brain tumors so hard to treat 0 None
2004-09-16 Mighty mouse helps researchers tackle osteoporosis 0 None
2004-09-16 Cancer drug effective at treating lupus 0 None
2004-09-16 Researchers get a grip on marijuana 0 None
2004-09-15 Can anti-psychotic drugs treat anorexia? 0 None
2004-09-15 Immunoglobulins might be promising treatment for Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2004-09-14 Role of gene identified in development of tumours in children 0 None
2004-09-14 Drinking by youth at disturbingly high levels 0 None
2004-09-14 Important discovery that will increase the understanding of multiple sclerosis 0 None
2004-09-14 German researchers are identifying lymphoma risks 0 None
2004-09-14 Brain function a key to addiction treatments 0 None
2004-09-14 Shade structures are not built effectively 0 None
2004-09-14 Research highlights the need for vehicle redesigning of SUV's, pickup trucks and vans 0 None
2004-09-14 Crocodile blood could help make artificial blood 0 None
2004-09-14 Lead poisoning in children may be a bigger public health issue in the UK than is currently appreciated 0 None
2004-09-14 Prolonged and sustained endurance training prevents stiffening of the heart 0 None
2004-09-14 Hibiscus flowers contain antioxidants that help control cholesterol levels 0 3.1
2004-09-14 New biological principle and therapeutic goal for cancer treatment 0 None
2004-09-14 Genetically modified bacterium as remedy for intestinal diseases 0 None
2004-09-13 Statistical method for faster prognosis of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases 0 None
2004-09-13 Researchers find way to clean up the drugs market 0 None
2004-09-13 Researchers have discovered a possible way to distinguish lethal from localized prostate cancers 0 None
2004-09-13 Western diseases such as stroke and heart disease are a major problem in Asia 0 None
2004-09-13 Crucial research fails to connect due to secretive nature of research and development 0 None
2004-09-12 $10.3 million biodefense contract to tackle salmonella, typhoid fever and monkey pox virus 0 None
2004-09-12 Consuming lots of red meat and alcohol may triple relapse rate in ulcerative colitis 0 None
2004-09-12 Moderate alcohol consumption cuts rate of further narrowing after heart surgery 0 None
2004-09-12 Higher blood levels of homocysteine may be associated with changes in deep brain tissue in middle-aged men 0 5
2004-09-12 Thickness of the cornea an important factor in considering treatment options for patients with glaucoma 0 None
2004-09-12 Treatment with vitamin A and an omega-3 fatty acid slows down the progression of retinitis pigmentosa 0 None
2004-09-10 New genetic test can predict cleft lip or palate 0 None
2004-09-10 Spouses' emotions can effect psychological recovery after a heart attack or angioplasty 0 5
2004-09-10 Talk test can help monitor exercise exertion 0 None
2004-09-10 PSA test is now all but useless for predicting prostate cancer risk 0 None
2004-09-10 Suprising new information on the HOX genes 0 None
2004-09-10 Cancer drug may reduce kidney disease in lupus 0 None
2004-09-10 Grant to study genetics and drug interaction 0 None
2004-09-10 New view of chromatin and gene activity 0 None
2004-09-10 Discovery of way to regulate brain blood could lead to new treatments for stroke, migraine, Alzheimer’s 0 None
2004-09-10 Disruption of protein folding causes neurodegeneration, mental retardation 0 5
2004-09-10 Transthyretin discovery may halt progression of Alzheimer's 0 None
2004-09-10 Magnetic resonance imaging helps measure osteoarthritis 0 None
2004-09-10 Missing genes may help explain why plague bacteria are so deadly 0 None
2004-09-10 Painful and damaging chemotherapy may one day be a thing of the past 0 None
2004-09-10 Chemical pathways of serotonin in the nervous system pave way for future pharmaceutical treatments for depression 0 5
2004-09-10 Influenza associated hospitalizations among elderly patients has increased substantially over the past two decades 0 None
2004-09-10 New research into stimulus-related ear differences from birth may provide improved methods for newborn hearing tests 0 None
2004-09-09 Gene mutations cause 85 percent of colon cancers 0 None
2004-09-09 Research crucial in determining what gene mutations might lead to congenital cardiovascular defects 0 None
2004-09-09 Exposure to music helps kids learn 1 4
2004-09-09 New treatment for T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia 0 None
2004-09-08 Findings point to the hippocampus as critical to the process of recollection 0 2
2004-09-08 Autism may arise from a mixture of sources that include a few genes and epigenetics 0 None
2004-09-08 Cancers, including colon, prostate, and leukemia, continue to grow unchecked 0 None
2004-09-08 Gene therapy holds much promise for treating aggressive human superficial bladder cancer 0 None
2004-09-08 Researchers uncover how HIV causes abnormalities in antibody-producing cells 0 None
2004-09-08 Researchers keep milk free of contaminants 0 None
2004-09-08 Higher body mass index has a stronger association with diabetes than physical inactivity 0 None
2004-09-08 New genetic hypothesis for the cause of autism 0 None
2004-09-08 Friendly bacteria helps control upset stomachs and gut diseases amongst elderly population 0 4
2004-09-08 Controlling diarrhoea and constipation in autistic children without using antibiotics 0 None
2004-09-08 Pigs and other farm animals are harbouring major reservoirs of antibiotic-resistant bacteria 0 None
2004-09-08 Are parents of children with ADHD good at parenting? 0 None
2004-09-08 First indication that Parkinson’s disease can be caused by a defect in a protein 0 None
2004-09-08 Research into constraint-induced movement therapy 0 5
2004-09-07 Pig tissue may help reduce the damage and disability of stroke 0 None
2004-09-07 Australian research studies health impacts of living in a high-rise apartment 0 None
2004-09-07 Parents and siblings of infants born with severe abnormalities of the left side of the heart should also be screened for heart problems 0 None
2004-09-07 Researchers have successfully produced small quantities of a new vaccine for anthrax using Bacillus bacteria 0 None
2004-09-07 New way of killing dangerous bacteria like the ones which cause anthrax and pneumonia 0 None
2004-09-07 Mucus on the skin of rainbow trout may be a possible source of new medicines to fight infectious diseases 0 None
2004-09-07 Bee stings may provide a solution to overcome MRSA superbugs 0 None
2004-09-07 Stopping bacteria from talking to each other could help prevent serious infections 0 None
2004-09-07 Scientists crack tooth decay 0 None
2004-09-07 Mitochondrial genes cause nuclear mischief 0 None
2004-09-06 Data from over a quarter of cancer clinical trials may never reach the public domain 0 None
2004-09-06 Scientists investigate the ability of heart muscle to repair itself 0 None
2004-09-06 Sight of a friendly face can reduce stress in sheep 0 None
2004-09-05 Bone marrow produces cells that permanently heal wounds 0 None
2004-09-05 Nicotine patches and gum less effective for women than men 0 None
2004-09-05 Research may significant consequences in leading drug researchers to develop new and more effective means to block influenza and other viruses 0 None
2004-09-05 Yellow glasses save vision 0 None
2004-09-02 Three key responses behind food neophobia, the rejection of new foods in both adults and children 15 4.8
2004-09-02 Smoking, high blood pressure and high cholesterol have taken a substantial toll on the American wallet 0 None
2004-09-02 New ways of looking at treatment for lung diseases such as pulmonary fibrosis 0 None
2004-09-02 Research suggests that victimisation in childhood increases risk of psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia or manic depression 0 None
2004-09-02 University of Nottingham research developments could mean new drugs will reach cancer patients more quickly 0 None
2004-09-02 Researchers work to defeat acne by understanding it better on a molecular level 0 None
2004-09-02 Sense of humour research reveals secrets of what makes us laugh 0 None
2004-09-02 First step in using gene therapy to treat glaucoma 0 3
2004-09-01 Researchers discover that DNA fragments destroy melanoma cells 0 None
2004-09-01 The lower your cholesterol in midlife, the better you are off in old age 0 None
2004-09-01 New sedation procedure which could allow patients to avoid potentially risky general anaesthetics 0 None
2004-09-01 International research sheds light on Escherichia coli 0 None
2004-09-01 Broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage effective in disrupting late stages of cell growth in breast cancer 0 None
2004-09-01 Knowing more about a gene’s responsibility will stir up a swarm of controversy 0 None
2004-09-01 Researchers accurately pinpoint the types of lymphoma, Hodgkins or non-Hodgkins 0 None
2004-09-01 Spanish research helps divers avoid hypothermia 0 None


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