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2005-02-28 Kidney dysfunction in HIV patients can be detected earlier 0 None
2005-02-28 Doubts over cannabis being a therapeutic and harmless drug 0 None
2005-02-28 New technologies may lead to improved diagnosis and treatment of disorders such as autism 0 None
2005-02-28 Naltrexone may help men and women quit smoking without gaining weight 0 None
2005-02-28 Mystery blood vessel disorder implicated in lacunar or "mini" strokes 0 None
2005-02-27 Children suffering from ADHD may be ignoring visual information to their left 0 None
2005-02-27 Targeting the Hedgehog pathway could be used in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases 0 None
2005-02-27 Promising new strategy for Swedish medical research 0 None
2005-02-27 28 percent of injecting drug users acquired their needles from safe sources 0 None
2005-02-27 Self-reporting of symptoms by patients with ulcerative colitis better than assessing patients with endoscopy 0 None
2005-02-27 Novel mutation in the recently identified LRRK2 gene causes parkinsonism 0 None
2005-02-27 More standardized geriatric training needed across all medical specialties 0 None
2005-02-27 Gel provides protection from HIV and herpes 0 None
2005-02-27 Early Alzheimer's disease may be precipitated by a neuron traffic jam 0 None
2005-02-27 Branding treatment in India should be banned 0 None
2005-02-27 Scientific rationale behind the use of antiretroviral therapy 0 None
2005-02-27 Tobacco industry influences research 0 None
2005-02-27 NIH awards grant to explore causal relationship between epoetin dose and survival of hemodialysis patients 0 None
2005-02-27 Common epigenetic problem doubles cancer risk 0 None
2005-02-27 Cellular porthole has a major role in helping the brain sense odors 0 None
2005-02-24 Protein called CK2 plays a deadly role in colorectal carcinoma 0 None
2005-02-24 Mathematical model describes the electrical storm that rages during a brain seizure 0 None
2005-02-23 Discovery could lead to the prevention, and possibly treatment of autoimmune diseases such as Type 1 diabetes 0 None
2005-02-23 Is it exercise or dieting that helps prevent cancer? 0 None
2005-02-23 Sir Bobby Robson opens state-of-the-art research centre 0 None
2005-02-23 Dramatic evidence of how psychiatric disorders are underdiagnosed in hospital emergency departments 0 None
2005-02-23 $20 million advance in Canadian mental health research 0 None
2005-02-23 Simple saliva test can predict whether children will get cavities 0 1
2005-02-23 Researchers identify target for cancer drugs 0 None
2005-02-23 Non-invasive and invasive breast cancers share the same genetic mutations 0 3
2005-02-23 Ways to make hypnosis a more effective therapeutic technique 0 None
2005-02-22 Research shows preventive effects of cannabinoids on Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2005-02-22 Researchers have identified a protein called HIF-2a, which is important in retina formation 0 None
2005-02-22 2.5 million euros helps fight liver cancer 0 None
2005-02-22 Lack of magnesium in diet linked to disease 0 None
2005-02-22 Secreted signaling protein called Wnt10b secret to new drugs for preventing or treating osteoporosis 0 None
2005-02-22 Why some lung cancers stop responding to the drugs erlotinib (Tarceva) and gefitinib (Iressa) 0 None
2005-02-21 Stop-smoking products increase quit rate for smokers who need to quit the most 0 None
2005-02-21 Crystallized molecular machine reveals possible new paths for treating diseases 0 None
2005-02-21 New clues to amyloidoses 0 None
2005-02-20 Lack of collagen increases likelihood of osteoarthritis 0 4
2005-02-20 Exercise and dietary changes vital in taking and keeping off weight that is associated with many chronic health problems 0 None
2005-02-20 Pitt researcher presents findings on when to accept organ transplants 0 None
2005-02-20 Better ways to heal and regenerate bones using microcomputed tomography imaging 0 None
2005-02-20 Beta blocker lowers blood pressure and wards off repeat heart attacks 0 None
2005-02-20 New bone marrow model could help people with sickle cell disease 0 None
2005-02-20 Genetic signature that can identify breast cancer patients at high risk of distant recurrence 0 None
2005-02-20 Air pollution thickens the blood and boosts inflammation 0 None
2005-02-20 Cannabis use may increase risk of stroke 0 None
2005-02-20 Quetiapine speeds up rate of decline in Alzheimers 0 None
2005-02-17 Better understanding of cell signalling helps cancer research 0 None
2005-02-17 Massachusetts support of stem cell research 0 None
2005-02-17 Are hormone therapy drugs safe? 0 None
2005-02-16 $9.8 million grant to research cancer risks from space radiation 0 None
2005-02-16 Immediate access to antibiotics stems spread of sexually transmitted diseases 0 None
2005-02-16 Young blood revives aging muscles 0 None
2005-02-16 Protein may provide a powerful new therapeutic tool for fighting kidney failure 0 None
2005-02-16 Changing chemistry helps explain estrogen threat to the heart 0 None
2005-02-16 Schizophrenia may arise from a single genetic defect 0 None
2005-02-16 Research shows that individual NAc neurons play a role in Pavlovian learning 0 None
2005-02-16 New findings challenge one of the established views of how nerve cells communicate with one another 0 None
2005-02-16 Link between lactose malabsorption and the occurrence of bone fracture in elderly people 0 None
2005-02-15 Novel genetic test helps detect mutations that may be missed by conventional DNA test 0 None
2005-02-15 New technique to identify fetal genetic material from amniotic fluid 0 None
2005-02-15 New simple and cost-effective method of diagnosing hereditary genetic disorders 0 None
2005-02-15 Link between diabetes and obesity 0 None
2005-02-15 Body mass index may be related to alcohol habits 0 None
2005-02-15 Angiogenesis inhibitor molecules defend against the development and spread of cancer 0 None
2005-02-15 Claims about the experimental protein-based assay are not biologically plausible 0 None
2005-02-15 The link between intelligence and dementia 0 1
2005-02-15 More dependable, less expensive tool to help detect bladder cancer earlier 0 None
2005-02-15 Discovery may have implications for the treatment of hemophilia A and B 0 None
2005-02-15 Blocking estrogen may be vitally important to improving survival from lung cancer 0 None
2005-02-14 Genetically engineered potatoes offer new hope in the fight against the Hepatitis B 0 None
2005-02-14 Mushrooms help lower cholesterol and keep hearts healthy 0 None
2005-02-14 Personality needs to be considered when treating men and women with depression 0 None
2005-02-14 Wine keeps women's hearts beating healthily 0 None
2005-02-14 Novel approach to treating hearing loss 0 None
2005-02-14 Clot-dissolving drugs such as tPA may help detect potentially deadly leg clots 0 None
2005-02-14 Older heart transplant recipients fare just as well as their younger counterparts 0 None
2005-02-14 Blips and AIDS therapy 0 None
2005-02-13 Key insight into the process of normal synapse development may lead to improved treatment of conditions such as drug addiction and epilepsy 0 None
2005-02-13 Visual recognition begins with categorization 0 None
2005-02-13 New way of transporting medicines into the brain 0 None
2005-02-13 Speed dating offers researchers a systematic look at the genuine behavior of people selecting mates 0 None
2005-02-10 Alcohol drinkers three times as lkely to die from injury 0 None
2005-02-10 St John's Wort helps treat depression 0 None
2005-02-10 Mouse allergen is everywhere in your house and triggers asthma in children 0 None
2005-02-10 Experimental drug Revlimid showing promise as treatment for myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) 0 None
2005-02-10 Protective equipment used in rugby union has only limited effectiveness 1 None
2005-02-10 Researchers show how attention enhances visual perception 0 None
2005-02-10 Sudden emotional stress can result in severe but reversible heart muscle weakness 0 5
2005-02-10 First evidence of cardiac progenitor cells 0 None
2005-02-09 Sex hormone progesterone metabolite allopregnanolone reduces stress 0 None
2005-02-09 Researchers have discovered an ample source of stem cells in an uncharted part of the umbilical cord 0 None
2005-02-09 Chronic nicotine exposure worsens some Alzheimer’s-related brain abnormalities 0 None
2005-02-09 Artemisinin could selectively kill cancer cells while leaving normal cells unharmed 1 3.3
2005-02-09 How polychlorinated biphenyls open brain cells to Parkinson's assault 0 None
2005-02-08 Inserting corrective genes into the brain to fight Parkinson's disease 0 None
2005-02-08 Eat carrots to fight cancer 0 5
2005-02-08 Researchers find way to produce cholesterol-lowering snack chips 0 None
2005-02-08 Research confirms how early-life events shape later physiology 0 None
2005-02-08 Breakthrough method in nanoparticle synthesis paves the way for new pharmaceutical and biomedical applications 0 None
2005-02-07 Link between heart disease and periodontal bacteria 0 4
2005-02-07 Mindfulness meditation helps relationships 0 None
2005-02-07 Origins of skin cancer melanoma 0 None
2005-02-07 Eye thermal radiation can indicate a disease even before clinical signs appear 0 None
2005-02-07 High-fiber cereal can help keep diabetes, heart disease, and stroke at bay 0 None
2005-02-07 Varicella vaccine is almost 90 percent effective against chickenpox 0 None
2005-02-07 Variation in a taste receptor gene influences taste sensitivity 0 5
2005-02-07 High consumption of dairy products and fruits and vegetables may lower the risk of disability 0 None
2005-02-03 Cell research signals cancer hope 0 None
2005-02-03 Potential risk of suffering ischemic stroke shortly after discontinuing aspirin 0 None
2005-02-03 African American men who live in the south are at significantly higher risk of dying from stroke 0 None
2005-02-03 Gene therapy helps generate bone around dental implants 0 None
2005-02-03 Gene used in brain development can cause childhood brain cancers 0 None
2005-02-03 Rheumatoid arthritis linked to excess risk of congestive heart failure 0 2
2005-02-03 Reaction time and IQ may predict long life 0 5
2005-02-03 Research reveals a novel key player in the initiation of colon cancer 0 None
2005-02-03 Transient ischemic attack (TIA) patients receive less aggressive attention than those with stroke 1 None
2005-02-03 Women who feel more loved are less at risk for major depression than men 0 None
2005-02-03 State policies decrease youth smoking, drinking, sex 0 None
2005-02-03 Bacterial spread all down to chance: some strains 'just the luckyones' 0 None
2005-02-03 Highest average rate of US road deaths on Independence Day 0 None


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