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2006-06-29 Research into Parkinson's Disease receives a boost 0 None
2006-06-29 New gene amplification findings could benefit cancer research 0 None
2006-06-29 New screening model for colon cancer may improve survival rates 0 None
2006-06-28 New discovery boosts basic understanding of prion infections 0 None
2006-06-28 Lifestyle changes can affect heartburn symptoms 0 None
2006-06-28 Researchers discover new cell structures 0 None
2006-06-28 Probable cause for Parkinson's found 0 None
2006-06-28 Why are we so fat? The list gets longer! 0 None
2006-06-28 When it comes to honesty the eyes have it! 0 None
2006-06-27 Liver cancer is likely caused by cycles of liver cell death and renewal 0 None
2006-06-27 New immunology research collaboration established 0 None
2006-06-27 Early marker for autism found in the placenta 0 None
2006-06-27 X-rays increase breast cancer risk 0 None
2006-06-27 Researchers identify gene used to recognize pathogens 0 None
2006-06-27 3 new genes implicated in rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2006-06-26 Structure of bacteriophage shown to resemble a human virus 0 2
2006-06-26 Not always harmful to health to be overweight 0 None
2006-06-26 Stem-cells may help the body cure itself 0 None
2006-06-26 Staphylococcus-killing substances from fish slime 0 None
2006-06-26 The protein that makes you mad 0 None
2006-06-26 Stem cells contain immortal DNA 1 5
2006-06-26 Extensive regulations make research difficult 0 None
2006-06-26 Scientists use embryonic stem cells to awaken latent motor nerve repair 0 None
2006-06-26 Stroke damage may be reversible 0 None
2006-06-26 Despite driver fatigue many keep on going and risk serious accidents 0 None
2006-06-22 Cheap pedometers uniformly inaccurate 0 None
2006-06-22 Vasectomies create abnormal sperm 0 None
2006-06-21 Losing your job could cost you your life! 0 None
2006-06-21 Infertility caused by stress helped by behaviour therapy 0 None
2006-06-21 'Love hormone' oxytocin may help battle stress 0 None
2006-06-20 Researchers identify gene used to recognize pathogens 0 None
2006-06-20 Blacks have poorer survival rate for skin cancer 0 None
2006-06-20 New genetic clue discovered about breast cancer 0 None
2006-06-19 In vitro fertilisation could be causing genetic errors in embryo 0 None
2006-06-19 Cannabis to lower blood pressure! 0 3
2006-06-19 New highly successful method of freezing human eggs 1 5
2006-06-19 New method of testing eggs for abnormalities could solve problems of embryo freezing 0 None
2006-06-19 Egg donation for stem cell research - balancing the risks and benefits 0 None
2006-06-19 Grandma was right after all, eating lots of veggies is good for you 0 None
2006-06-18 AIDS might be an accident of evolution 0 None
2006-06-18 New hope for Huntington disease cure 1 4
2006-06-18 Scientists cracking virus protection shield 0 None
2006-06-18 Better understanding of olfactory system 0 None
2006-06-18 Altered activity in receptor pair points to further complexity in schizophrenia pathology 0 None
2006-06-18 Central nervous system can sometimes send out signals that invite hostile immune system attacks 0 None
2006-06-18 New roles for growth factors 0 None
2006-06-18 Sonic hedgehog may help overcome problems associated with FGF2 and VEGF therapy 0 None
2006-06-18 From DNA to RNA to protein 0 None
2006-06-18 Bioinformatics used to advance human disease research 0 None
2006-06-18 Transcription factors act not only in isolation to regulate distinct sets of genes 0 None
2006-06-18 Researchers identify new keys to regulation of bacterial gene expression 0 None
2006-06-18 Researchers identify mechanism that regulates how many new cells are produced by each intestinal stem cell 0 None
2006-06-18 Vegetables may reduce hardening of arteries 0 None
2006-06-18 Discovery of gene behind iron accumulation in brain has implications for Parkinson's, Alzheimer's 1 5
2006-06-18 Most head lice are resistant to a common treatment 0 None
2006-06-14 Burkitt lymphoma gene expression signature identified 0 None
2006-06-14 Hierarchical control of dopamine neuron-firing patterns by nicotinic receptors 0 None
2006-06-14 Pesticides increase risk of developing Parkinson's disease 0 None
2006-06-14 Broca's area and the hierarchical organization of human behavior 0 None
2006-06-14 Brain chemistry finding suggests new target for addiction treatments 0 None
2006-06-14 Stem cell breakthrough 0 None
2006-06-14 Evidence of RNA in structures essential to cell division 0 None
2006-06-14 Know your fats because now trans fats are the bad guys 0 None
2006-06-13 Vaccine to treat Alzheimer's effective and safe 0 None
2006-06-12 Coffee may help prevent cirrhosis of the liver 0 None
2006-06-09 Mechanism for neurodenegerative diseases linked to transport proteins 0 None
2006-06-09 Japanese researchers using PET imaging detect the beginnings of atherosclerosis 0 None
2006-06-09 Terminally ill cancer patients continue to receive aggressive treatment at end of life 0 None
2006-06-09 The antimicrobial peptide cathelicidin protects the urinary tract against invasive bacterial infection 0 4
2006-06-09 Resolution of uncertainty in prefrontal cortex 0 None
2006-06-09 Protein called Elk-1appears to play role in neurodegeneration and schizophrenia 0 None
2006-06-09 COX enzymes work together in ways that suggest new biological roles 0 None
2006-06-09 University of Florida finding could lead to approaches to treat macular degeneration 0 5
2006-06-09 Discovery of new defect in artery growth 0 None
2006-06-09 Discovery of SLIRP gene could lead to cancer breakthroughs 0 3
2006-06-09 "Mechanistic basis for understanding why we treat symptoms" 0 None
2006-06-08 Substantial burden of PTSD among people who experience a disaster 0 None
2006-06-08 Potentially ground-breaking treatment for nerve damage caused by diabetes 0 None
2006-06-08 Simple arm exercises could help beat peripheral vascular disease 0 5
2006-06-07 Bush's Draconian plan to ban stem cell research flounders as Harvard goes it alone 0 None
2006-06-07 Asbestos linked to cancer of the voice box 0 None
2006-06-07 1 in 10 adults develop asthma at their workplace 0 None
2006-06-07 How cancer cells stay young and aggressive 0 None
2006-06-07 Tandem-pore K+ channels mediate inhibition of orexin neurons by glucose 0 None
2006-06-07 A core system for the implementation of task sets 0 None
2006-06-07 First analysis of the genes of a community of human microbes 0 None
2006-06-07 Gleevec strangles drug-resistant, metastatic prostate cancer 3 None
2006-06-07 TB drug may cure Parkinson-type symptoms of manganese intoxication 0 5
2006-06-07 Centrosomes may contain ribonucleic acid 0 None
2006-06-06 Gene mutation potentially involved in breast cancer initiation 0 None
2006-06-06 Vitamin K in the U.S. diet 0 None
2006-06-06 PET imaging of cerebral cannabinoid CB1 receptors with [11C]JHU75528 0 None
2006-06-06 Gardenia fruit compound helps treat the symptoms of type 2 diabetes 0 None
2006-06-06 Nerve signals sent to the pancreas after eating play a critical role in blood sugar control 0 None
2006-06-06 Evidence is strong that green tea lowers the risk for a number of chronic diseases 0 None
2006-06-06 Activity in the lateral prefrontal cortex reflects multiple steps of future events in action plans 0 None
2006-06-06 Dietary glycemic index and carbohydrate in relation to early age-related macular degeneration 0 None
2006-06-06 Better understanding of DNA damage 0 None
2006-06-06 Novel research points to promising relief target for chronic pain 0 None
2006-06-06 Researchers increase bone mass by tweaking the shape of a regulatory protein 0 None
2006-06-06 Researchers show that different forms of amyloid beta lead to neural damage in different ways 0 None
2006-06-06 Researchers discover the presence of the genetic material RNA in the centrosome 0 None
2006-06-06 New research on brain, hormones and behavior 0 5
2006-06-06 Maternal vitamin D levels and infant bone density 0 None
2006-06-06 Drug adverts aimed at cancer patients difficult to read 0 None
2006-06-06 Gene therapy used to accelerate muscle regeneration 0 4
2006-06-06 Potential new treatment for diabetic nerve damage 0 None
2006-06-06 Asthma sufferers reduce need for inhalers by breathing exercises 0 None
2006-06-06 Researchers create process to inhibit proteins important in HIV and cancer 0 None
2006-06-06 Discovery of protein associated with severe preeclampsia 0 5
2006-06-06 Cigarette smoking and high cholesterol predict different forms of peripheral artery disease 0 None
2006-06-05 Hormone's role in insects could give insight for cancer treatment 0 None
2006-06-05 Milstein gift seeks cure for antibiotic-resistant TB and malaria 0 None
2006-06-05 Helium-based MRI scans may one day allow closer look at smoker lungs 0 None
2006-06-05 Heel prick test can cause unnecessary parental stress 0 None
2006-06-05 Bone research in space 0 None
2006-06-05 Genes variations raise risk of heart disease after treatment for childhood cancer 0 None
2006-06-04 How low should our cholesterol be and just how safe are statins? 0 4
2006-06-04 Treatment with methadone or buprenorphine has led to a decline in the number of new heroin users in Zurich 0 None
2006-06-04 "Smart bomb" cancer therapy combo effective 0 None
2006-06-01 Naturally produced protein that helps protect us from cancer may also determine how long we live 0 None
2006-06-01 Technique called real-time polymerase chain reaction speeds up detecting, treating wound bacteria 0 None
2006-06-01 Nepalese Rhesus monkeys may provide new alternative for HIV/AIDS research 0 None
2006-06-01 Molecular pathway may contribute to age related diseases 0 None
2006-06-01 Costly IVIg could be replaced with synthetic blood product 0 None
2006-06-01 Two specific genes, Wnt4 and Fgf9 fight to determine sexual differentiation 0 None
2006-06-01 Siestas may help treat obesity and eating disorders 0 None
2006-06-01 Scientists use "small interfering RNAs" to block the spread of human colorectal cancer cells 0 None
2006-06-01 Molecular diagnostic test for early-stage breast cancer 0 None
2006-06-01 Potential novel treatment strategy for Ewing's sarcoma 0 None
2006-06-01 Cause of neurodegeneration in Huntington's disease discovered 0 2.5
2006-06-01 Experimental treatment increases response rates in advanced lung cancer 0 None


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