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Date Title Comments Rating
2008-01-31 Body fat protein adiponectin plays role in tumour growth 0 None
2008-01-31 Virtual human in HIV drug simulation 0 None
2008-01-31 Stem cell treatment for babies with brittle bones in the womb 0 5
2008-01-31 Researchers find no link between prostate cancer risk and blood levels of testosterone or estrogen 0 None
2008-01-31 Potential cause of age differences in stimulant response identified 0 None
2008-01-30 Breakdown of kidney's self-cleaning ability makes them more vulnerable to dysfunction and disease 0 None
2008-01-30 Link between microRNA expression patterns and poor outcomes for colon cancer 0 None
2008-01-30 New understanding of sound representations in the auditory cortex 0 None
2008-01-30 Researchers can now determine when a human was born by radiocarbon dating of the human eye lens 0 None
2008-01-30 Improved methods for decontamination of bioterrorism hazards 0 None
2008-01-29 Discovery of novel molecular pattern linked to colon cancer prognosis 0 None
2008-01-29 Collaboration to improve the UK's health 0 None
2008-01-28 Medical Research Council and GSK to identify new therapeutic targets from genetic association studies 0 None
2008-01-25 Weakness found in anthrax bacterium 0 None
2008-01-25 Novel method for assigning probabilities to human protein interactions 0 None
2008-01-25 Search for the 'on' switches may reveal genetic role in development and disease 0 None
2008-01-25 Researchers unravel mystery of cell division 0 None
2008-01-25 Protein that controls hair growth also keeps stem cells slumbering 0 None
2008-01-25 New approach to detect autism earlier 0 None
2008-01-25 Mental and physical stimulation delays dementia in Huntington's disease 0 None
2008-01-25 Improved diagnosis of cutaneous leishmaniasis thanks to new techniques 0 None
2008-01-25 Researchers identify five genes with possible protective capabilities against a Parkinson's disease trait 0 None
2008-01-25 Evolutionary 'battle scars' identify enhanced antiviral activity 0 None
2008-01-25 Elusive pancreatic stem cells found in adult mice 0 None
2008-01-25 Could the pursuit of happiness go too far? 0 None
2008-01-25 Deficient regulators in the immune system responsible for type 1 diabetes 0 None
2008-01-25 Building stronger bones, one stem cell at a time 0 None
2008-01-24 New approach to gene therapy 0 None
2008-01-24 Researchers identify brain's 'eureka' circuitry 0 None
2008-01-24 No clear evidence that antidepressants assist in the management of chronic low back pain 0 None
2008-01-24 Nitrogen fixation process in plants to combat drought in various species of legumes 0 None
2008-01-24 New method enables design, production of extremely novel drugs 0 None
2008-01-24 Hawthorn extract helps the heart 0 None
2008-01-24 Handwashing can reduce diarrhea episodes by about one third 0 None
2008-01-24 Genetic difference predicts antidepressant response 0 None
2008-01-24 Evolutionary phenomenon in mice may explain human infertility 0 None
2008-01-24 Engineers use blood's hydrodynamics to manipulate stem, cancer cells 0 None
2008-01-24 DNA sensors found to be an effective artificial nose 0 None
2008-01-24 Cranberries might help prevent urinary infections in women 0 None
2008-01-24 Cigarettes leave deadly path by purging protective genes 0 None
2008-01-23 Skull survey could improve vehicle safety 0 None
2008-01-23 Gene therapy for pain 0 None
2008-01-23 New compounds for treating tuberculosis and malaria 0 None
2008-01-23 New way to boost the immune system 0 None
2008-01-23 New anticancer drugs may block HSP90-IP6K2 protein interaction involved in cell death 0 None
2008-01-23 Brain molecule from endothelial cells may be a new target for treatment of multiple sclerosis 0 None
2008-01-23 New method for measuring protein synthesis 0 None
2008-01-23 Genetic switches could lower cost of producing drugs, proteins 0 None
2008-01-23 Food peptides activate bitter taste receptors 0 None
2008-01-23 Do national dietary guidelines do more harm than good? 0 None
2008-01-23 Researchers look at link between inability to express emotions and sleep disturbances 0 None
2008-01-23 Red meat and diet sodas - a recipe for metabolic syndrome 0 None
2008-01-23 Computer model for osteoporosis diagnostics 0 None
2008-01-23 A good fight with your spouse may be good for your health! 0 None
2008-01-22 Why certain people cannot express emotions 1 None
2008-01-22 New research finds way for wounds to heal without scars 0 5
2008-01-22 New understanding of the link between heart disease and belly fat 0 None
2008-01-22 Gene therapy promises relief from chronic pain 0 None
2008-01-21 Stem cell therapy restores muscle function in mice with muscular dystrophy 0 None
2008-01-21 New diagnostic technique using bioimpedance spectroscopy to diagnose cervical and skin cancers 0 None
2008-01-21 Minute genetic differences have major consequences 0 None
2008-01-21 Stem-cell transplantation improves muscles in MD animal model 0 None
2008-01-21 Stem cell research aims to tackle Parkinson's disease 0 5
2008-01-21 Researchers identify a means of controlling a parasite that kills and eats human cells 0 None
2008-01-21 Something special about loneliness 0 None
2008-01-21 Discovery major step forward in treating leukemia 0 None
2008-01-21 Smoking wipes out protective genes 0 None
2008-01-21 New method to transfer DNA into a host cell 0 None
2008-01-21 Case researcher in RNA biology makes waves by challenging current thinking 0 None
2008-01-21 Sleep plays a critical role in the brain's ability to learn 0 None
2008-01-21 How anti-TNF compounds work 0 None
2008-01-18 Previously unknown Merkel cell polyomavirus linked to deadly skin cancer 3 None
2008-01-18 Scientists uncover role of cancer stem cell marker: controlling gene expression 0 None
2008-01-18 Discovery opens door to 'personalized' asthma therapy 0 None
2008-01-18 Diet and lifestyle critical to recovery 0 None
2008-01-18 Cancer stem cell marker also drives transcription in normal cells 0 None
2008-01-18 Alzheimer's molecule is a smart speed bump on the nerve-cell transport highway 0 None
2008-01-18 Smallest particles from vehicle emissions may promote hardening of the arteries 0 None
2008-01-18 Scientists focus on Epstein-Barr virus 0 None
2008-01-17 Rare lung disease cells indicate higher death risk 0 None
2008-01-17 Acanthus ilicifolius plant may combat liver cancer 0 None
2008-01-17 Gene markers located for hereditary prostate cancer 0 None
2008-01-17 Cell death suppression increases efficacy of M2 vaccines 0 None
2008-01-17 Extra-hepatic manifestation of hepatitis C virus infection 0 None
2008-01-17 An emerging candidate for protecting patients from liver injury after abdomen surgery 0 None
2008-01-17 New approach to cadmium induced hepatoxicity 0 None
2008-01-16 Viroporins, membrane-permeabilizing proteins of the poliomyelitis virus 0 None
2008-01-16 Type 1 diabetes triggered by lazy T-cells 0 None
2008-01-16 Molecules might identify high-risk acute-leukemia patients 0 None
2008-01-16 Gender differences in liver cancer 0 None
2008-01-16 Iowa State researchers aim to improve vaccine technology 0 None
2008-01-16 Genetic differences may explain response to multiple sclerosis treatment 0 None
2008-01-16 Unique role of apoptosis protein TRADD in viral signaling 0 None
2008-01-16 Researchers find cell protein that blocks HIV virus generation 0 None
2008-01-16 Probiotic drinks work - but who knows how or why? 0 None
2008-01-15 How exactly does aging affect judgment and decision-making abilities? 1 None
2008-01-15 Researchers find new way to block destructive rush of immune cells 0 None
2008-01-15 New auditory cortex research may bring better hearing aids and more effective speech recognition systems 0 None
2008-01-15 Genetic differences may help explain response to multiple sclerosis treatment 0 None
2008-01-15 6,000 genes help determine body weight 0 None
2008-01-15 Brain processes aggression as a reward 0 None
2008-01-15 Uncovering the Achilles' heel of the HIV-1 envelope 0 None
2008-01-15 University of Minnesota researchers have created a beating heart in the laboratory 0 None
2008-01-15 Stem cells make bone marrow cancer resistant to treatment 0 None
2008-01-15 Researchers associate six new genetic variants with heart disease risk factor 0 None
2008-01-15 Minor leg injuries may cause thrombosis 0 None
2008-01-14 Etanercept drug reverses early symptoms of Alzheimer's in 10 minutes 3 4.5
2008-01-14 How to mend a broken heart - Scientists make dead hearts beat again 0 4
2008-01-14 New method to identify genetic determinants of Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-01-14 MIT reports single gene can encode as many as four different functions 0 None
2008-01-14 Dissecting the genetic components of adaptation of E. coli to the mouse gut 0 None
2008-01-14 Two different neural pathways regulate loss and regain of consciousness during general anesthesia 0 None
2008-01-11 Researchers shed light on genetic factors behind UK's biggest killer 0 None
2008-01-11 Researchers move 2 steps closer to understanding genetic underpinnings of autism 0 None
2008-01-11 Protein found in human hair shows promise for regenerating nerves 0 None
2008-01-11 High blood pressure gene found 0 None
2008-01-11 Asf1, the protein that oversees DNA replication and packaging in the cell 0 None
2008-01-11 Scientists identify cells that promote formation of lethal lung metastases 0 None
2008-01-11 Body's immune system uses common molecule to recognize prostate tumors 0 None
2008-01-11 Discovery of gene variant that raises autism risk 0 None
2008-01-11 Auditory neurons in humans far more sensitive to fine sound frequencies than most mammals 0 None
2008-01-11 New way to boost red blood cell numbers 0 None
2008-01-11 A few more pieces for the puzzle that is Alzheimer’s disease 0 None
2008-01-10 Small pieces of ribonucleic acid prevent spread of breast cancer 0 None
2008-01-10 RNA silences cancer suppressor gene 0 None
2008-01-10 Discovery of chromosomal abnormality that appears to increase susceptibility to autism 0 None
2008-01-10 New York City mortality rate at all-time low in 2006 0 None
2008-01-10 microRNA molecules block breast cancer's ability to spread 0 None
2008-01-10 Life savers in the gut 0 None
2008-01-10 Huntington's disease problem starts early 0 None
2008-01-10 Help with getting off the couch 0 None
2008-01-10 Blocking parasites' communication reduces infection 0 None
2008-01-10 New research links autism to genetic disorder 0 5
2008-01-09 France, Japan and Australia top in dealing with preventable deaths...U.S. bottom! 0 None
2008-01-09 When shorter waits increase stress 0 None
2008-01-09 Stress causes whole body deterioration 4 5
2008-01-09 High number of entrepreneurs in the UK and US suffer from dyslexia 0 None
2008-01-09 Scientists use virus to wipe out cancer cells 0 None
2008-01-09 Discovery of a core mechanism underlying Fragile X syndrome 0 None
2008-01-09 New understanding on the mechanics of gene transcription 0 None
2008-01-09 Loss of a small portion of chromosome 16 linked to autism 0 None
2008-01-09 Researchers trigger insulin production in diabetic mice 0 5
2008-01-09 New insight into factors that drive muscle-building stem cells 0 None
2008-01-09 Insights into cell movement likely to aid immune study, cancer research 0 None
2008-01-09 Take care of your teeth and gums for a healthy heart 0 None
2008-01-08 Research may improve prognosis and treatment of lung cancer 0 None
2008-01-08 Trichloroethylene chemical - widely used in industry - is a risk factor for parkinsonism 0 None
2008-01-08 New magnetic method of delivering cells and genes to repair injured or diseased organs 0 None
2008-01-08 9/11 stress increases risk of heart problems 0 None
2008-01-08 Oncolytics Biotech announces new reovirus, cyclophosphamide research 0 None
2008-01-08 New gene identified for cerebral venous thrombosis 0 None
2008-01-08 Anxiety raises heart attack risk 0 None
2008-01-08 Differentiation blocked in tumor stem cells 0 None
2008-01-08 Emergency responders at high risk to miss work because of injuries 0 None
2008-01-07 Biochemist wins grant to develop cellular molecular probes capable of measuring cholesterol levels 0 None
2008-01-07 Better access to cool caps improves outcomes, lowers cost of treating asphyxia in newborns 0 None
2008-01-07 Low blood levels of vitamin D linked to heart attacks and strokes 0 None
2008-01-07 Researchers say health benefits of sunshine outweigh the skin cancer risk and might help you live longer 0 4.7
2008-01-07 Chlamydia trachomatis genome sheds light on an emerging infection 0 None
2008-01-07 New research shows that paralyzed mice walk again 0 5
2008-01-07 Hopkins researchers paint picture of cancer-promoting culprit 0 None
2008-01-07 Scientists restore walking after spinal cord injury 0 None
2008-01-07 Tracking down allergenic substances 0 None
2008-01-07 Breakthrough for organ transplants and cardiovascular diseases 0 None
2008-01-07 Researchers overcome oxygen deficiency 0 None
2008-01-07 Comprehensive gene atlas underlying drug addiction 0 None
2008-01-04 Scientists link depression to a biological mechanism that affects the olfactory glands 0 None
2008-01-04 New method to study extrasensory perception 0 2.2
2008-01-04 Novel mechanism for long-term learning identified 0 None
2008-01-04 Novel anti-tumor compound 0 None
2008-01-04 Down syndrome points to a new way of repressing cancer growth 0 None
2008-01-03 Energy efficient bulbs blamed for triggering migraines 0 None
2008-01-03 Down's syndrome gene protects against cancer 0 None
2008-01-03 The risk of osteoarthritis and index to ring finger length ratio 0 None
2008-01-03 Researchers seek to make cavity-causing bacteria self-destruct 0 None
2008-01-03 Effects of sleep deprivation reversed 0 None
2008-01-03 New hope for Batten disease sufferers 0 None
2008-01-03 New understanding of hydrogen peroxide's role in cell health 0 None
2008-01-03 Protein's new role discovered in autoimmune disease 0 3
2008-01-03 Protein clue could stop cancer 'creep' 0 None
2008-01-03 Protein a possible key to allergy and asthma control 0 None
2008-01-03 New polyphenol study could reduce the health risk of high-fat foods 0 None
2008-01-03 MRI techniques evolving towards better assessment of liver fibrosis 0 None
2008-01-03 Il-22 gene delivers the goods and decreases intestinal inflammation 0 None
2008-01-03 If you're going to experience a period of helplessness, it's best to be alone 0 None
2008-01-03 Epilepsy and brain pathology linked together by the protein ADK 0 None
2008-01-03 New clue found to the cause of Parkinson's disease 0 None
2008-01-03 Hereditary form of colon cancer traced to common ancester in U.S. 0 None
2008-01-03 Boost for Fragile X research 0 None
2008-01-03 Artificial viral shells for pinpoint drug delivery 0 None
2008-01-03 Highlights of pulmonary and critical care symposium 0 None
2008-01-02 Silence may lead to phantom noises misinterpreted as tinnitus 0 None
2008-01-02 New drug target for treatment-resistant prostate cancer 0 None
2008-01-02 Gene variation increases risk of liver tumor in patients with cirrhosis 0 None
2008-01-02 FASgen announces new discoveries in lung cancer 0 None
2008-01-02 Doctors may be giving the wrong dosage of adrenaline in an emergency because of labelling 0 None
2008-01-02 Breast cancer cells have to learn to walk before they can run 0 None
2008-01-02 Two genes are important key to regulating immune response 0 None
2008-01-02 Mouthwash test an easy way to screen for head and neck cancers 0 None
2008-01-02 Diabetes linked to poor sleep quality 0 None


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