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Date Title Comments Rating
2008-04-30 New drug added to chemo kills off residual breast cancer stem cells 0 None
2008-04-30 Alzheimer's disease risk differs between the sexes 0 None
2008-04-30 Turning on cell-cell communication wipes out staph biofilms 0 None
2008-04-30 New understanding of how some bacteria survive antibiotic treatment 0 None
2008-04-30 Researchers create heart and blood cells from reprogrammed skin cells 0 None
2008-04-30 Scientists discover the double life of proteins 0 None
2008-04-30 Researchers discover molecular basis of limb-girdle muscular dystrophy 0 5
2008-04-30 Mothers and offspring can share cells throughout life - with positive and negative effects 0 4
2008-04-30 Discovery of quick method for making human monoclonal antibodies against flu 0 None
2008-04-29 Yale scientists explain metastasis 0 None
2008-04-29 Review of cervical cancer screening program shows effectiveness and room for improvement 0 None
2008-04-29 Hydrogen sulphide may be involved in regulating blood pressure 0 None
2008-04-29 Aspirin-like compounds (salicylates) increase insulin secretion in otherwise healthy obese people 0 None
2008-04-28 Biomarkers identified for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis 0 None
2008-04-28 African Americans have five times higher rate of lower limb amputations 0 None
2008-04-28 Abmormal behaviour of osteoglycin gene linked to heart and kidney problems 0 None
2008-04-28 New drug discovery tool for Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2008-04-28 Tissue-specific blood stem cell line established from embryonic stem cells 0 None
2008-04-28 Scientists discover way to increase metabolism for weight loss 0 None
2008-04-28 Scientists explore brain's reaction to potent hallucinogen 0 None
2008-04-28 Smokers more prone to depression 0 None
2008-04-27 Research links low-frequency hearing to shape of the cochlea 0 None
2008-04-27 Scientists discover 4th major set of common genetic variants linked to risk of estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer 0 None
2008-04-27 Gene therapy restores vision in patients with rare congenital blindness 0 None
2008-04-27 3D view of neurons provided by new technique 0 None
2008-04-27 Different processes govern sight, light detection 0 None
2008-04-27 Epigenetic research uncovers new targets for modification enzymes 0 None
2008-04-26 Maitake mushrooms lead to breakthrough in protein research 0 None
2008-04-26 Discovery of important markers of high risk of type 2 diabetes 0 None
2008-04-26 Cancer immunotherapy shows long-term promise in lung cancer 0 None
2008-04-26 Viruses may play a role in lung cancer development 0 None
2008-04-26 Newly refined antibody therapy may be potent treatment for autoimmune diseases 0 None
2008-04-24 Regulatory T cells orchestrate reaction to a virus invasion 0 None
2008-04-24 New insight into how the nervous system processes sensory information 0 None
2008-04-24 Researchers identify Heme detoxification protein - potential target for developing new malaria drugs 0 None
2008-04-24 Clearer understanding of how neurons give rise to motor behaviors 0 None
2008-04-24 Beta arrestins found to generate new proteins 0 None
2008-04-24 Research reveals the signature of 70 genes controlled by two microRNAs 0 None
2008-04-24 Discovery of gene behind new form of intellectual disability 0 None
2008-04-23 Protein HtpG signals healthier teeth and gums 0 None
2008-04-23 Researchers unravel heparin death mystery 0 None
2008-04-23 New discovery on how memory is stored 0 None
2008-04-23 New insights into how the brain processes social, economic reward 0 None
2008-04-23 Scientists determine molecular structures of bacterial AlkB protein and its corresponding human protein, ABH2 0 None
2008-04-23 Breakthrough in stem cell research 0 None
2008-04-23 Discovery of new cell targets for preventing growth of breast and other tumors 0 None
2008-04-23 Infant carrying ruled out as reason why humans walk upright 0 None
2008-04-23 Different processes govern sight, light detection - findings could point toward help for SAD, insomnia patients 0 None
2008-04-23 Functional magnetic resonance imaging reveals brain circuitry associated with social status 0 None
2008-04-23 UKCMRI partners dismiss claims about research project 0 None
2008-04-23 Major step forward in understanding how memory works 0 None
2008-04-23 Menstrual blood - an abundant sources of stem cells 0 None
2008-04-22 Pin1 is beneficial in Alzheimer's disease, detrimental to some forms of dementia 0 None
2008-04-22 Discovery of primary driver of tumor development in the stomach 0 None
2008-04-22 Discovery of molecular link between Alzheimer's disease and amyloid plaques 0 None
2008-04-22 Estimating mortality risk reduction and economic benefits from controlling ozone air pollution 0 None
2008-04-22 Environmental factors weigh heavily in modulating gene expression in humans 0 None
2008-04-22 Scientists solve mystery about critical mechanism of gene expression 0 None
2008-04-22 Mechanism discovered that can send cells on the road to cancer 0 None
2008-04-22 New advance in use of oncolytic viruses as novel cancer treatments 0 None
2008-04-22 Discovery of new way to prevent cardiac fibrosis 0 5
2008-04-22 An atomic view of protein behind hereditary cerebral amyloid angiopathy 0 None
2008-04-22 Discovery of gene that may influence metastasis risk in breast cancer 0 None
2008-04-22 A stem cell type supposed to be crucial for angiogenesis and cancer growth does not exist? 0 None
2008-04-22 New cancer report - facts and figures 2008 0 None
2008-04-21 Cancer could return unless stored ovarian tissue undergoes adequate testing before re-implantation 0 None
2008-04-21 Scalp or neck melanomas most dangerous 0 None
2008-04-21 Brain may be hard-wired to treat fairness as a reward 0 None
2008-04-21 Researchers describe key molecule responsible for the immature state of the tumor vasculature 0 None
2008-04-21 Discovery of fundamental mechanism of how tumour cells communicate 0 None
2008-04-21 British volunteers needed to help bring cure for cancer closer 0 None
2008-04-21 Peripheral arterial disease linked to too little vitamin D 0 None
2008-04-20 Chronic inflammation triggers cell fusions that could protect neurons 0 None
2008-04-20 GRK5 polymorphism that inhibits beta-adrenergic receptor signaling is protective in heart failure 0 None
2008-04-20 A genetic variation mimics effect of heart failure medications - may explain why beta-blockers do not work for all patients 0 None
2008-04-20 Hypertension all about what you eat and drink 0 None
2008-04-20 U.S. military to take the lead in tissue regeneration research 0 5
2008-04-20 Drinking and smoking brings dementia on earlier 0 None
2008-04-18 Report examines how social, economic factors contribute to health disparities in Alameda County 0 None
2008-04-18 New technique for improving medical diagnosis for cancer patients 0 None
2008-04-18 Discovery of method for clamping down on a cancer-promoting enzyme 0 None
2008-04-18 Mature B cells reprogrammed to stem-cell-like state 0 None
2008-04-17 Constraint induced therapy causes increase in gray matter 0 None
2008-04-17 Life Sciences Discovery Fund awards $2.2 million to support new solid-tumor research program 0 None
2008-04-17 Yale researchers identify, characterize and clone ovarian cancer stem cells 0 None
2008-04-17 Inherited cancer gene mutation more common than formerly believed 0 None
2008-04-17 New clues to cataract formation 0 5
2008-04-17 The mechanism of phosphorus as a cardiovascular risk factor in chronic kidney disease 0 None
2008-04-17 Yeast cells used to screen for potential Lou Gehrig's disease drugs 0 None
2008-04-17 Immunotherapy could prevent allergic reactions to food 0 5
2008-04-17 TOR signaling and dietary restriction 0 None
2008-04-17 Mistletoe therapy in oncology 1 None
2008-04-17 New molecule could be key to anti-heart attack drug 0 None
2008-04-17 Discovery of critical detail of cellular defense against genetic mistakes 0 None
2008-04-17 Australian team spots gene linked to blood vessel growth in tumours 0 None
2008-04-16 Exposure to organic solvents linked to disturbances in brain circuitry 0 None
2008-04-16 Computer game helps chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients breathe better 0 None
2008-04-16 New vector carries big genes linked to inherited blindness 0 None
2008-04-16 Restricted calorie diets prevent pancreatic inflammation and cancer 0 None
2008-04-16 Mushroom extract used in Chinese medicine stops growth of invasive breast cancer cells 0 None
2008-04-15 What happens in the human brain just before a decision is made? 0 None
2008-04-15 Research improves understanding of acute lymphoblastic leukemia 0 None
2008-04-15 Sleeping sickness metabolic 'fingerprint' could lead to earlier diagnosis 0 None
2008-04-15 Potential blood test for chronic sinusitis identified 0 None
2008-04-15 Drug-treated blood stem cells used to repair heart damage in animal model 0 None
2008-04-15 Increase in cannabis use among Ontario adults, CAMH reports 0 None
2008-04-15 Why cigarette are smokers at higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer? 0 None
2008-04-15 Stem cell marker controls two key cancer pathways 0 None
2008-04-15 Profoundly important discovery of differences in heart's precursor cells 0 None
2008-04-15 Decrease in mortality after severe injuries in accidents 0 None
2008-04-15 Cancer prevention 0 None
2008-04-15 Blood pressure drugs halt pancreatic cancer cell growth 0 None
2008-04-15 Too much lead in rain water tanks prompts scientists to discourage drinking from them 0 None
2008-04-13 Stopping unwanted cell death: novel avenue for drug development 0 None
2008-04-13 Bone stem cells offer cartilage repair hope for arthritis sufferers 0 None
2008-04-13 Stem cells and their role in malignant brain tumours 0 None
2008-04-13 Targeted therapies overcome treatment resistance in liver cancer cell lines 0 None
2008-04-13 Discovery of link between protein, prognosis in breast cancer 0 None
2008-04-13 Cells lining the mouth tell the tale of lung damage caused by smoking 0 None
2008-04-13 MRI best for looking at breast cancer 0 None
2008-04-13 Macadamia nuts decrease risk of heart disease 0 None
2008-04-13 Discovery of small molecule that disrupts Ewing's sarcoma oncogene 0 None
2008-04-13 Tissues derived from embryonic stem could help to overcome immune rejection problems 0 None
2008-04-13 Inserting tiny scaffolding into the brain could dramatically reduce damage caused by strokes 0 None
2008-04-13 Biomarkers allow doctors to match therapy to patient 0 None
2008-04-13 Iron deficiency cause 0 None
2008-04-11 Constituents in wine may protect against dementia 0 None
2008-04-11 The good and bad side of anti-cancer compounds 0 None
2008-04-11 Stem cells and cancer: cancer pathways that also control the adult stem cell population 0 None
2008-04-11 New strategy rapidly describes outbreak strains with next-generation DNA sequencing 0 None
2008-04-11 Protein sulfatase 2 a possible treatment target for liver cancer recurrence and survival 0 None
2008-04-11 Researchers discover protein leiomodin promotes the assembly of an important heart muscle protein actin 0 None
2008-04-11 T-cell multiplication unexpectedly delayed after infection 0 None
2008-04-11 Hospitalization linked to increased mortality in heart failure patients 0 None
2008-04-11 Phytochemical-rich foods effective at reversing age-related deficits in memory 0 None
2008-04-11 Gene linked to inherited blood biomarker associated with asthma risk 0 None
2008-04-11 Blood vessels: The pied piper for growing nerve cells 0 None
2008-04-10 Discovery of gene involved in blood stem cell replication, movement 0 None
2008-04-10 New understanding of cancer stem cells 0 None
2008-04-10 Researchers close in on origins of main ingredient of Alzheimer's plaques 0 None
2008-04-10 Repeated methamphetamine use causes long-term adaptations in brains of mice 0 None
2008-04-10 Power of molecular imaging reveals secrets of the heart 0 None
2008-04-10 Potential drug target identified for diabetes by studying novel gut-brain-liver circuit 0 None
2008-04-10 Discovery of process behind heart muscle contraction 0 None
2008-04-10 Molecule delivery method improves stem cell differentiation 0 None
2008-04-10 Module map links embryonic stem cells and cancer stem cells 0 None
2008-04-10 Method to deliver molecules within embryonic stem cells improves differentiation 0 None
2008-04-10 Methamphetamine addiction mechanism discovered 0 None
2008-04-10 Manipulating the immune system like a parasite 0 None
2008-04-10 Looping genes may hold a key to understanding breast cancer 0 None
2008-04-10 Researchers identify gene involved in blood stem cell replication, movement 0 None
2008-04-10 How protein sludge accumulates in Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-04-10 Speed of aging is strongly influenced by genetics 0 None
2008-04-10 Variation in CHI3L1 gene increases risk of asthma 0 None
2008-04-10 Soy appears to protect against development of breast cancer 0 None
2008-04-10 Better understanding of how T-cell leukemias and other disorders arise 0 None
2008-04-10 Cancer widows are often emotionally isolated 0 None
2008-04-10 Scientists turn normal skin cells into cancer stem cells 0 None
2008-04-10 Attacks against medical researchers 0 None
2008-04-10 Tiny scaffolding inserted into brain could reduce damage caused by strokes 0 None
2008-04-10 Surgery and drugs not enough to combat obesity 0 None
2008-04-09 Too many gene copies stimulate tumor cell growth 0 None
2008-04-09 Solving the Z ring's mysteries may lead to new antibiotics 0 None
2008-04-09 Pistachios good for the heart 0 4
2008-04-09 Hepatitis B virus triggers cell 'suicide' in patients with chronic infection 0 None
2008-04-09 Gene oppositely controlled by dietary protein, sugar 0 None
2008-04-09 Researchers battle against dangerous corn toxin 0 None
2008-04-09 Double binding sites on tumor target may provide future combination therapy 0 None
2008-04-09 Discovery of a critical early player in the path that turns cells to fat 0 None
2008-04-09 Scientists block early step in metastasis of prostate cancer cells 0 None
2008-04-09 A diaphanous control during embryo formation 0 None
2008-04-09 Smoking bans and taxes, do they work? 0 None
2008-04-09 Depressives at an increase risk for Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-04-09 Beetroot juice lowers blood pressure 0 None
2008-04-09 Thin people may still have a high body fat ratio 0 None
2008-04-08 Biological link between pain and fatigue discovered 0 None
2008-04-08 Genetic factors associated with common fears 0 None
2008-04-08 Potential new therapy for myeloproliferative disorders 0 None
2008-04-08 Irregular sleep patterns and shift work linked to organ disease 0 5
2008-04-08 New regulatory circuit identified for aggressive, malignant brain tumor 0 None
2008-04-08 Identification of dopamine 'mother cells' could lead to future Parkinson's treatments 0 None
2008-04-08 Genetic variants of USF1 are associated with the increased risk for cardiovascular disease 0 None
2008-04-08 New decontamination agent 0 None
2008-04-08 Neglect or abuse in childhood linked to adult inflammation, depression 0 None
2008-04-08 Caffeine prevents multiple sclerosis-like disease in mice 0 None
2008-04-08 Blood pressure enzyme can have tumor-sensing role 0 None
2008-04-08 Asthma and smoker's lung: dry airways play a key role 0 None
2008-04-08 New mouse model grants insight into the genetic and molecular mechanisms underpinning acute myeloid leukemia 0 None
2008-04-07 Leaky blood vessels open up nerve cells to toxic assault In Lou Gehrig's disease 0 None
2008-04-07 Tart cherries cut heart/diabetes risk factors 0 None
2008-04-07 Rare genetic variants have big impact on blood pressure 0 None
2008-04-07 T-cadherin affects blood vessel growth in breast cancer, hormone from fat cells may play a role 0 None
2008-04-07 Synthetic molecules may be less expensive alternative to therapeutic antibodies 0 None
2008-04-07 Salivary diagnostics 0 None
2008-04-07 Roswell Park Cancer Institute awarded three-years funding for ovarian cancer vaccine 0 5
2008-04-07 New research in monkeys may lead to new strategy for treating cocaine addiction 0 None
2008-04-07 Rare mutations in salt handling genes protect against hypertension 0 None
2008-04-07 NYU dental professor discovers biological clock linking tooth growth to other metabolic processes 0 None
2008-04-07 Cancer treatment from a common avian virus under study 0 None
2008-04-07 Australian research tackles brain cancer, stroke 0 None
2008-04-07 Common molecule tRNA involved in building protein can trigger cancer 0 None
2008-04-07 Periodontitis and human papillomavirus combined increase risk for tongue cancer 0 None
2008-04-07 New blood test gives early diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases 0 None
2008-04-07 Fetal cells transplanted into the brain to treat Parkinson's may not function long term 0 None
2008-04-07 New potential approach to treat spinal muscular atrophy 0 None
2008-04-07 Apples confirmed as 'super fruits' for health 0 None
2008-04-07 Animal research shows potential of amphetamine-like drug for treating cocaine addiction 0 None
2008-04-07 Alligator blood may provide a source of powerful new antibiotics 0 None
2008-04-07 Discovery of more genes involved in height 0 None
2008-04-07 Alligator blood extract promises to help fight superbugs 0 None
2008-04-07 Newly identified height genes may lead to treatments for arthritis and cancer 0 None
2008-04-04 Stem cell breakthrough offers diabetes hope 0 None
2008-04-04 Researchers learn how signaling molecule orchestrates breast cancer's spread 0 None
2008-04-04 Mitosis gets harder thanks to new gene discovery 0 None
2008-04-04 Human breast tumors' 'microenvironment' primes them for metastasis 0 None
2008-04-04 Enzyme complex could be key to new cancer treatments 0 None
2008-04-04 Answer to troublesome question of why some genetic assoc. studies have failed replication attempts 0 None
2008-04-04 Alcohol alters prefrontal cortex activity through ion channel disruption 0 None
2008-04-03 New nano-engineered gel inhibits for spinal cord injury 0 None
2008-04-03 Discovery of gene variant linked to nicotine addiction and lung cancer 0 None
2008-04-03 Not all trans fats are bad for you 0 None
2008-04-03 Genetic variations raise lung cancer risk for smokers and ex-smokers 0 None
2008-04-03 Feta cheese helps combat food poisoning 0 None
2008-04-03 Health effects of drinking lots of water questioned 0 2.6
2008-04-03 Health effects of drinking tea 0 5
2008-04-03 Link between variant in the sequence of the human genome and susceptibility to nicotine dependence 0 None
2008-04-03 Botox scare as scientists say the toxin may spread in the body 0 None
2008-04-02 New clues to risk of Hodgkin lymphoma discovered 0 None
2008-04-02 Body mass often down to our genes 0 None
2008-04-02 Scientists discover how polyketides form their ringlike shape 0 None
2008-04-02 Satoris enters collaboration to validate early Alzheimer's test 0 None
2008-04-02 A new way to test for lung cancer 0 None
2008-04-02 Oligosaccharides may help fight Salmonella and other food poisoning bacteria 0 None
2008-04-02 Newly identified gene may prompt pancreas cells to form 0 None
2008-04-02 11 "snips" associated with type 2 diabetes 0 None
2008-04-02 Immune system needs food to function properly 0 None
2008-04-02 Families of children with cancer support human tissue research, study finds 0 None
2008-04-01 Racial differences in response to bowel cancer genetic risk factor 0 None
2008-04-01 Exercise delays onset of Huntington’s in mouse model 0 None
2008-04-01 New research shows benefits of ultrasound contrast agents outweigh potential risk to heart patients 0 None
2008-04-01 New genetic clues to diabetes 0 None
2008-04-01 Grhelin hormone that controls hunger and appetite also linked to reduced fertility 0 None
2008-04-01 Chloroform provides clue to 150 year old medical puzzle 0 None
2008-04-01 Discovery of novel gene responsible for Lou Gehrig's disease 0 None
2008-04-01 Replacing absent microRNAs could make tumors less invasive, more treatable 0 None
2008-04-01 MicroRNAs, EMT and cancer progression 0 None
2008-04-01 Researchers publish MRI images of genes in action in the living brain 0 None
2008-04-01 Normal sex duration 28 3.1


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