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2008-07-31 Inherited form of hearing loss stems from gene mutation 0 3
2008-07-31 Rresearchers explain how previously ignored parts of HIV genome play key role in drug resistance 0 None
2008-07-31 Some bacteria steal iron from their human hosts - discovery could lead to new ways to fight tuberculosis 0 3.5
2008-07-31 Mechanism for postpartum depression found in the brains of mice 0 1
2008-07-31 Unusual chromosomal changes increase the risk of schizophrenia 0 None
2008-07-31 Newly identified risk factor for cardiovascular disease may lead to new treatments 0 None
2008-07-30 Eroded telomeres are behind dyskeratosis congentia aging syndrome 0 5
2008-07-30 microRNA may influence development of alcohol tolerance 0 5
2008-07-29 Corn protein, zein being researched for drug delivery 0 None
2008-07-29 ISU researchers find possible alternative adjuvant for alum to boost the effectiveness of vaccines 0 None
2008-07-29 New understanding of exaggerated mucous production and secretion in cystic fibrosis 0 None
2008-07-29 Sleep gene - search is on! 0 None
2008-07-29 Obesity predisposition linked to brain's reward system 0 None
2008-07-29 Cell mechanism discovery may lead to new treatments for cystic fibrosis, other inherited diseases 0 None
2008-07-29 Aging impairs the consolidation of memories during sleep 0 None
2008-07-29 Frankincense reduces the symptoms of osteoarthritis 0 None
2008-07-29 New biomarker for early cancer detection? Research reveals that 'microRNA' may fit the bill 0 None
2008-07-29 New therapy freezes out esophagus cancer 0 None
2008-07-29 Limiting fructose may boost weight loss 0 None
2008-07-28 Direct link between air pollution and high blood pressure 0 4
2008-07-28 How anti-depressants and cocaine interact with brain 0 None
2008-07-28 Structure and composition of hepatitis B virus now mapped 0 None
2008-07-28 Hypnosis slows impacts of dementia and improves quality of life 0 None
2008-07-28 Obesity gene makes it harder to tell if you feel full 0 None
2008-07-27 Research on pre-eclampsia in mice may have important implications for humans 0 None
2008-07-24 Hey fever! The surprise benefit of allergies 0 None
2008-07-24 Hyperactive immune resistance brings blindness in old age 0 None
2008-07-24 Suprising finding on aging 0 None
2008-07-24 Researchers find key mechanism of cell damage in aging and disease 0 None
2008-07-23 Tethered bilayer membrane may unlock secrets of early-stage Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-07-23 Researchers identify compound in human saliva that greatly speeds wound healing 0 None
2008-07-23 Controlling plaque without toothpaste 0 None
2008-07-23 The brain under pressure: Bristol Neuroscience attracts BBSRC grant 0 None
2008-07-22 Can knowledge of objects be used to identify color? 0 None
2008-07-22 Notch protein helps human embryonic stem cells 'decide' their own fate 0 None
2008-07-22 Science of magic - understanding human cognition and perception 0 None
2008-07-22 Discovery of cells for spinal-cord repair 0 None
2008-07-21 Discovery of new anatomical path through which the brain and spleen communicate 0 4.5
2008-07-21 Suspect protein HMGB1 found to promote DNA repair, prevent cancer 0 5
2008-07-21 Cranberry juice shows promise for urinary tract infections 0 None
2008-07-21 Genetic mechanisms at play in blood cells important in Parkinson’s disease 0 None
2008-07-21 Gene expression test could help determine who needs more aggressive treatment 0 None
2008-07-21 Evolutionary back-and-forth for humans and viruses 0 None
2008-07-21 Regular meals important for the health 0 None
2008-07-20 Oxytocin may inhibit social phobia 0 None
2008-07-20 Fluoroquinolones can enhance gene-silencing tool 0 None
2008-07-19 Obsessive compulsive disorder linked to activity in lateral orbitofrontal cortex 0 None
2008-07-19 Potentially new biomarkers for Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-07-18 Regular walking protects the Masai against cardiovascular disease 0 None
2008-07-17 Could arthritis wonder drugs provide clues for all disease? 0 None
2008-07-17 Heart attack not a death sentence 0 None
2008-07-17 Standards in stem cell research 0 None
2008-07-17 Gene variation increases risk of elevated triglycerides in Asians 0 None
2008-07-17 Fred Hutchinson awarded $7.6 million to research how genetic variations influence risk of common diseases 0 None
2008-07-17 Awareness of the role of physical activity in colon cancer prevention 0 None
2008-07-17 Researchers find better way to distinguish melanoma from some benign moles 0 None
2008-07-17 Scare factor may lead to mistaken identification 0 None
2008-07-17 New therapies revealed for diabetes-induced microvascular disease 0 None
2008-07-16 Worldwide analysis of cancer survival finds wide variation between countries 0 None
2008-07-16 Turning on hormone tap could aid osteoporosis fight 0 None
2008-07-15 Researchers finds further evidence for genetic contribution to autism 0 None
2008-07-15 Risky drinking in over 55s becomes the focus of new research 0 None
2008-07-15 Low-sodium advice for asthmatics should be taken with a pinch of salt 0 None
2008-07-15 Improving understanding of cell behaviour in breast cancer 0 None
2008-07-15 New ways of exploiting medicinal uses of cannabis 0 None
2008-07-15 Virus injection could offer long term relief for Parkinson's 0 5
2008-07-15 An inflamed response 0 None
2008-07-15 Quick formula could forecast which cancers chemo could kill 0 None
2008-07-14 Huntington's disease brain damage linked to overactive immune response in the bloodstream 0 5
2008-07-14 More kidney stone disease projected due to global warming, predicts UT Southwestern researchers 0 None
2008-07-14 Researchers step closer to delivering cancer-killing drugs to pediatric brain tumors 0 None
2008-07-14 Researchers reveal passive learning imprints on the brain just like active learning 0 None
2008-07-14 Young farmers may be more susceptible to degenerative skeletal disorders later in life 0 None
2008-07-14 Nuclear stress test detects problems in left ventricle 0 3
2008-07-14 Incorrectly cleaved protein leads to schizophrenia 0 None
2008-07-14 Susceptibility to pain is affected by premature birth and also genetics 0 None
2008-07-14 Nicotine clues for dementia treatment 1 None
2008-07-14 Does sleep help us change or clarify our mind? 0 None
2008-07-14 Brain switch provides clues to drug addiction 0 None
2008-07-13 Discover of key patterns in gene packaging 0 None
2008-07-13 Many people fail to recognise they are overweight 0 None
2008-07-13 Compound honokiol, from Magnolias blocks, elusive pathway for cancer growth 0 None
2008-07-13 Researches identify herpesvirus proteins that target key cellular processes 0 None
2008-07-13 Scientists mimic molecules to protect against plague 0 None
2008-07-13 Stem cells help keep the brain healthy and active 0 None
2008-07-13 URMC, FDA to collaborate on national data repository for heart research 0 None
2008-07-10 Researchers find six genes that, when mutated, contribute to autism 0 None
2008-07-10 Proof-of-concept that purified muscle stem cells can be used in therapy 0 None
2008-07-10 Researchers discover that learning suffers if brain transcript isn't transported far out to end of neurons 0 5
2008-07-10 Researchers identify brain cells related to fear - paves way for more effective PTSD treatments 0 None
2008-07-10 Scientists identify 22 genes that control embryonic stem cell fate 0 None
2008-07-10 Australian naturopaths in favour of regulation 0 None
2008-07-10 Advances in RNA research 0 5
2008-07-10 Researchers measure movements smaller than one-billionth of a meter in ion channels 0 None
2008-07-10 UGA discovery could lead to new ways to attack cancers by blocking their ability to grow 0 None
2008-07-10 Novel approach shows potential to become an emergency treatment for heart attack patients 0 None
2008-07-10 More research needed into effects of flavonoids and flavonoid-rich food sources on heart disease 0 None
2008-07-10 Heat waves when in hospital 0 None
2008-07-10 Researchers crack final part of the immune system code 0 None
2008-07-10 Researcher develops method for early detection of leukemia relapse 0 None
2008-07-10 Neuron to publish Prana's PBT2 preclinical research on Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2008-07-10 New system pinpoints potential "biomarkers" of early forms of the disease 0 None
2008-07-10 Enzyme may explain how hepatitis C infection causes fatty liver 0 5
2008-07-10 Scientists reveal potential new target for anti-malarial drugs 0 None
2008-07-09 Circulating tumor cells can reveal genetic signature of dangerous lung cancers 0 None
2008-07-09 Genetic change in dopamine transporter supports a role for dopamine signaling in ADHD 0 None
2008-07-09 New tool identifies genes affecting health 0 None
2008-07-09 Smaller mouthfulls and eating slowly reduces calorie intake 2 None
2008-07-08 Protein found in immune cells may be a reliable marker for schizophrenia risk 0 None
2008-07-08 Normal-looking sperm may have serious damage; scientists urge more care in selection 0 None
2008-07-08 Transgenic tomatoes as edible vaccine carriers for Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2008-07-08 UAB joins elite brain cancer research group 0 None
2008-07-08 Farm-raised tilapia fish contains potentially dangerous fatty acid combination 0 5
2008-07-08 UV light therapy is as beneficial for darker skin as lighter skin 1 None
2008-07-08 Lowering blood pressure reduces the risk of dementia 0 None
2008-07-08 Researchers detail types of genes necessary for brain 0 None
2008-07-08 A paradigm shift for targeted cancer therapy 0 None
2008-07-08 Novel ways to boost vaccination or natural defenses 0 None
2008-07-08 A suspect found for SIDS 0 None
2008-07-08 Compound in red wine may prevent breast cancer 0 None
2008-07-07 Prevalence of antimicrobial resistance among bacterial pathogens isolated from cattle in different European countries 0 None
2008-07-07 Discovery of molecule that kills kidney cancer cells 0 None
2008-07-07 Radioactive "tag" added to formaldehyde helps monitor body chemistry, disease 0 None
2008-07-07 New antibiotic beats superbugs at their own game 0 None
2008-07-07 Protein thought to promote cancer instead functions as a tumor suppressor 0 None
2008-07-07 Mothers and fathers of twins report more mental health symptoms than parents of singletons 0 None
2008-07-07 Resveratrol shown to reduce age related health problems 0 None
2008-07-06 RNAs emerge as major players in gene regulation 0 None
2008-07-06 Modified chemotherapy regimen promising for lymphoma patients in the developing world 0 None
2008-07-04 Researchers reveal types of genes necessary for brain development 0 None
2008-07-04 Researchers solve structure of proteins known as sodium glucose co-transporters 0 None
2008-07-04 A noisy brain is a healthy brain 1 None
2008-07-04 Breast cancer: How tumor cells break free and form metastases 0 None
2008-07-03 Resveratrol mimics the beneficial effects of eating fewer calories 0 4
2008-07-03 Nanostructures improve bone response to titanium implants 0 None
2008-07-03 Scientists shed new light into early mechanisms governing cardiovascular specification 0 1
2008-07-03 Research sheds light on the molecular basis of SIDS 0 None
2008-07-03 Funding boost in fight against leukaemia 0 None
2008-07-03 Statins have unexpected effect on pool of powerful brain cells 0 None
2008-07-03 New computational tool to study complex clusters of genes 0 None
2008-07-03 New understanding of how herpes simplex virus 1 hides during inactive phase 0 None
2008-07-03 Computational research hones cancer-fighting strategies 0 None
2008-07-03 New insight into role of statins in dementia 0 None
2008-07-02 Genetic link between Crohn's and asthma discovered 0 4
2008-07-02 Mouse embryonic stem cells used to build heart parts 0 None
2008-07-02 Brain food - what we eat affects our intelligence 0 2.7
2008-07-02 Body's own 'marijuana' is good for the skin 0 None
2008-07-02 ETH Zurich and IBM improve diagnosis of osteoporosis 0 None
2008-07-02 Bacteriophages treat deadly bacterial infections in mice 0 None
2008-07-02 Brain trick offers treatment hope for Alzheimer's 0 None
2008-07-02 Artichoke leaf extract shown to lower cholesterol 0 None
2008-07-02 Effects of magic mushrooms long-lasting 0 5
2008-07-01 GILZ protein may have big role in making more bone and less fat 0 None
2008-07-01 Discovery of gene mechanism could lead to new therapeutic strategies to fight metastatic disease 0 None
2008-07-01 UVB does more damage to DNA than UVA 0 None
2008-07-01 New discovery a step towards better diabetes treatment 0 None
2008-07-01 Yeast-based vaccine induces immune responses and reduces tumor size in mice 0 None
2008-07-01 New technique produces genetically identical stem cells 0 None
2008-07-01 Spiritual effects of 'sacred mushrooms' appear to last more than a year 0 None
2008-07-01 Cancer cells revert to normal at specific signal threshold 0 None
2008-07-01 Stem cell research from an ethical point of view 0 None
2008-07-01 You are not what you are what your mother ate! 0 None
2008-07-01 Australian scientists discover reason for extreme allergic reactions 0 None


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