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2009-07-31 U.S. spending on alternative therapies has increased 25 percent in last decade 0 None
2009-07-31 Common food additive lecithin may help control blood lipids and reduce disease risk 0 4
2009-07-31 Heat shock proteins provide protection against cataracts 0 None
2009-07-31 Discovery of genetic link to age-related cataracts 0 None
2009-07-31 Mortality rates higher in hepatitis C virus carriers 0 None
2009-07-31 Risk factors of disordered eating in overweight youth identified 0 None
2009-07-31 New nano-gene therapy technique could fight late-stage tumors 1 3
2009-07-31 Research suggests that zinc activates a key protein on T cells needed to fight infections 0 None
2009-07-31 Virus may play role in causing some cases of squamous cell carcinoma 0 None
2009-07-31 Research shows how resveratrol works as an effective therapy for life-threatening inflammation 0 None
2009-07-30 Americans spent $33.9 billion out-of-pocket on complementary and alternative medicine 0 None
2009-07-30 UV radiation from sunlight may trigger certain autoimmune diseases in women 0 5
2009-07-30 Nanoparticles show potential as part of new therapy for advanced ovarian cancer 0 None
2009-07-30 Epigenetic signature changes in low oxygen levels may contribute to prostate cancer development 0 None
2009-07-30 Immune responses to flu vaccine are diminished in lupus patients 0 None
2009-07-29 Sunbeds confirmed as cancer risk 0 None
2009-07-28 New drug promises to reduce damage from a heart attack 0 2
2009-07-28 New research reveals what motivates people to smoke 1 None
2009-07-28 Hypertension may lead to ‘silent’ strokes 1 4
2009-07-28 Maternal exposure to nanoparticles related to neurological dysfunction in the mouse 0 None
2009-07-28 Smokeless tobacco use carries little or no risk of cancer 0 None
2009-07-28 Enjoyable leisure activities tied to psychological and physical well-being 0 None
2009-07-28 Acute stress improves working memory 0 None
2009-07-28 New links between dreams and psychosis could revive dream therapy in psychiatry 0 None
2009-07-28 Mathematical modeling predicts Herceptin resistance 0 None
2009-07-28 Spermatagonial stem cells can be directly converted into other cell types 0 None
2009-07-28 Psychologists report on link between post-trauma narrative content, emotional distress 0 None
2009-07-28 Scientists re-engineer human enzyme to become resistant to harmful agents such as chemotherapy 0 None
2009-07-28 Analysis suggests human development is set by ongoing interplay of parent and offspring genes 0 None
2009-07-28 Discovery of potential treatment for spinal muscular atrophy 0 5
2009-07-28 Anemia increases risk of death in people aged 85 and older 0 None
2009-07-28 miR-21 molecule plays early and important role in nonsmoking lung cancer 0 None
2009-07-28 Gene expression patterns in cancer could aid early screening and prevention 0 None
2009-07-28 Repeated stress signals made in cells with metabolism-associated disease encourage the growth of invading bacteria 0 None
2009-07-28 Coronary calcium scoring may predict heart attack risk 0 None
2009-07-28 Artificial intelligence used to diagnose metastatic cancer 0 None
2009-07-27 Smoking increases likelihood that pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma will become metastatic 0 None
2009-07-27 Cost effectiveness study looks at potential value of new genetic test for guiding chemotherapy treatment 0 None
2009-07-27 Research adds to growing understanding of the metabolic consequences of assisted reproductive techniques 0 None
2009-07-27 Trial to begin on alternative treatment for depression 0 None
2009-07-27 New clues about the roots of neurological disease 0 5
2009-07-27 Autophagy helps HIV to proliferate 0 None
2009-07-27 New technique captures bacterial infection on film 0 None
2009-07-27 Effect of sunlight exposure on cognitive function among depressed and non-depressed participants 0 None
2009-07-27 Intensive glucose control halves complications of longstanding type 1 diabetes 0 None
2009-07-27 Diets high in calcium and dairy products in childhood may lower mortality 0 None
2009-07-27 Enzyme implicated in blood flow in Alzheimer’s, disease progression 0 5
2009-07-27 Adding a drug called neostigmine to epidural analgesia reduces dose needed during labor 0 None
2009-07-27 Marital biography and health at mid-life 0 None
2009-07-27 Antiretroviral syrup for babies, mothers safely reduces HIV transmission 0 None
2009-07-27 Associations between lifestyle factors and quality of life among older, long-term breast, prostate, and colorectal cancer survivors 0 None
2009-07-27 Money now more of an issue for those about to retire 1 None
2009-07-27 Improving patients' attention after a stroke could help them recover their motor skills 0 None
2009-07-27 Scientists create baby mice from mouse stem cells 1 4
2009-07-26 Potential malaria transmission-blocking vaccine 0 None
2009-07-26 Scent soothes stress 0 None
2009-07-26 'Urine NGAL' gives clues to kidney injury in ICU patients and HIV-related kidney disease 0 None
2009-07-26 Fresh meats often contain additives harmful to kidney disease patients 0 None
2009-07-26 Ozone exposure even at normal levels has negative effect on lung function 0 None
2009-07-26 Emphysema severity directly linked to exposure to respirable coal mine dust 1 None
2009-07-26 Improving impaired attention may help patients recover from stroke 0 None
2009-07-26 Research builds on previous Par-4 study that produced cancer-resistant mouse 0 5
2009-07-26 Sticky protein protects cells from mechanical stress 0 None
2009-07-26 Surgery after chemotherapy and radiation can be an option for patients advanced lung cancer 0 None
2009-07-24 Protein produced by gene fusion that may also be targeted for new prostate cancer therapies 0 None
2009-07-24 Airway cells are chemosensory 0 4.5
2009-07-24 Growth factor enhances heart regeneration, improves heart function without need for cardiac stem cells 0 5
2009-07-24 Caspase-8 protein plays an important role in proliferation and invasion of cancer cells 0 None
2009-07-24 Interpersonal effects of appearance-based rejection sensitivity 1 4
2009-07-23 Identification of progressors in osteoarthritis by combining biochemical and MRI-based markers 0 None
2009-07-23 Regular moderate alcohol intake has cognitive benefits in seniors 0 None
2009-07-23 Some blood pressure drugs may help protect against dementia, study shows 0 5
2009-07-23 Short stressful events may improve working memory 0 None
2009-07-22 New drug may reduce heart attack damage 0 None
2009-07-22 Migrant neuron: New imaging studies reveal mechanics of neuron migration 0 None
2009-07-22 Researchers say decreases likelihood of chronic diseases 0 None
2009-07-22 Close caregiver relationship may slow Alzheimer's decline 0 None
2009-07-21 Parabon NanoLabs awarded research grant to develop novel cancer therapeutics 0 3
2009-07-21 Stress implicated in anorexia nervosa and obesity 0 None
2009-07-21 Prehypertension, obesity and kidney disease risks 0 None
2009-07-21 Altering the course of schizophrenia with new research 0 None
2009-07-21 Rates of secondhand smoke exposure high among college students 2 None
2009-07-21 More evidence in favour of a healthy lifestyle in the prevention of cardiovascular disease 0 None
2009-07-21 Potassium citrate wards off kidney stones in epilepsy patients on ketogenic diet 0 None
2009-07-21 UT Southwestern Medical Center grant aids study of lung cancer in people who never smoked 0 None
2009-07-21 New nanoparticles could revolutionize therapeutic drug discovery 0 None
2009-07-20 Help is on the way for shy, anxious drinkers 0 1.5
2009-07-20 Discovery of gene linked to follicular lymphoma 0 None
2009-07-20 Discovery of new molecular pathway for targeting cancer 0 None
2009-07-20 Tamoxifen kills fungus cells and may prevent them from causing disease 2 2
2009-07-20 Researchers decipher special role of the messenger Beta-interferon for immune responses 0 None
2009-07-20 An aging world 0 None
2009-07-20 National Institutes of Health develops research plan on Fragile X syndrome and associated disorders 0 None
2009-07-20 Potential new treatment for Alzheimer’s 0 None
2009-07-20 Researchers expose the biology of Clostridium difficile transmission in mice 0 None
2009-07-20 Peanut allergies could soon become a thing of the past 0 5
2009-07-20 Diet rich in fish helps prevent dementia 0 None
2009-07-19 Nanoparticle Trojan horse for ovarian cancer 0 None
2009-07-19 Zoledronic acid may save lives by strengthening immune system 0 4
2009-07-19 New understanding on mechanisms of DNA replication and transcription 0 None
2009-07-17 Newly identified gene regulates immune cells' ability to harm the body 0 5
2009-07-17 Thalidomide does not improve survival in small cell lung cancer 0 None
2009-07-17 New discovery on DNA repair mechanism 0 None
2009-07-17 New perspectives in the treatment of disease 0 5
2009-07-17 Past exercise helps stroke patients recover faster 0 None
2009-07-17 Discovery of genetic trigger for disease-fighting antibodies 0 None
2009-07-17 Discovery of five genetic variants related to blood pressure in African-Americans 0 None
2009-07-17 Discovery of novel receptor in the brain, potential target for Alzheimer's 0 None
2009-07-17 Estrogen can reduce stroke damage by inactivating a tumor-suppressing protein 0 None
2009-07-17 Genetic source of muscular dystrophy blocked 0 None
2009-07-16 Oxygen therapy may prevent diabetics losing limbs 1 5
2009-07-16 Blacks have highest rates of obesity 0 None
2009-07-16 Cystic fibrosis medicines that help to break down mucus in the lungs may carry an unexpected long-term benefit 0 None
2009-07-16 Improved bone healing with osteoporosis drug teriparatide 0 5
2009-07-16 Alcohol intoxication and mental health among adolescents 0 None
2009-07-16 Researchers investigate high-risk populations for bladder-cancer screenings 0 None
2009-07-16 Ease that pain by swearing! 0 None
2009-07-15 Scientists create new way to study brain function 0 None
2009-07-15 Turmeric spice and vitamin D may help clear amyloid plaques found in Alzheimer's 0 3.5
2009-07-15 Research reveals major genetic differences between blood and tissue cells 0 None
2009-07-15 Carnosine may help prevent, treat cataracts 0 5
2009-07-15 Research sheds light on social brain development 0 None
2009-07-15 Scientists discover 27 genes associated with Asperger's syndrome, autistic traits and empathy 0 None
2009-07-15 Discovery of key protein for tumor suppression in ER+ breast cancer 0 None
2009-07-15 Discovery of new mechanism controlling neuronal migration 0 None
2009-07-15 Research finds earliest evidence of memory decline in middle-aged people at genetic risk for Alzheimer's 0 None
2009-07-15 New alliance for discovery of WNT pathway inhibitors to be used in cancer therapy 0 5
2009-07-15 Focusing HIV treatment helps control concurrent hepatitis B infection 0 None
2009-07-15 New drug blocks common cancer pathway 1 5
2009-07-14 Skin cancer researchers throw new light on tumour growth 0 None
2009-07-14 Study finds survival rates from GIST improving among African-Americans 0 None
2009-07-14 Special pathway makes bacteria vulnerable - new target for tailored antibiotics 0 None
2009-07-14 Childhood cancer risk rises with mother's age 0 None
2009-07-14 Obesity associated with increased risk of rapid cartilage loss 0 None
2009-07-14 Brain imaging (MRI/PET) bring us closer to earlier detection of Alzheimer's 0 None
2009-07-14 IQ explains some of the difference in heart disease between people of high and low socio-economic status 0 None
2009-07-14 Hospital workers smoking – only the most addicted flout the rules 2 None
2009-07-14 Researchers try to predict who is going to develop Alzheimer's in the future 0 None
2009-07-14 Discovery of brain-protecting protein 0 None
2009-07-14 Moderate alcohol intake reduces the risk of dementia in seniors 1 None
2009-07-14 Research shows segments of carotid artery respond differently to atherosclerotic plaque buildup 0 None
2009-07-14 Simulating medical situations helps students learn, retain basic science concepts 0 None
2009-07-14 Researchers grow immature egg cells in the laboratory for 30 days - could sustain cancer patients’ fertility 0 None
2009-07-14 Researchers map how staph infections alter immune system 0 5
2009-07-14 New insight into apoptosis 0 None
2009-07-13 Novel drug discovery tool could bring new therapies for Parkinson’s 0 None
2009-07-13 Happier, healthier, more productive hens on omega-3? 0 None
2009-07-13 Controlling the fate of cells 0 None
2009-07-13 Pesticide levels in blood linked to Parkinson's disease 0 None
2009-07-12 Dramatic drop in deaths from most common cancers 0 4
2009-07-12 Studies provide clues to how Alzheimer’s disease develops and may be treated 0 None
2009-07-12 Largest-ever study looks at safety of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) 0 None
2009-07-12 New research reveals that swearing can actually increase pain tolerance 0 None
2009-07-12 Flavonoids offer dementia, Alzheimer's hope 0 None
2009-07-09 Topographical brain maps are new frontier to catch early schizophrenia 0 4
2009-07-09 Elevated insulin levels linked to increased breast cancer risk 0 None
2009-07-09 Dialysis treatments OK for patients who have had a heart attack 0 None
2009-07-09 Oral bacteria may contribute to the development of obesity 0 4
2009-07-09 Cells use import machinery to export their goods as well 0 None
2009-07-09 Handle with care: Telomeres resemble DNA fragile sites 0 None
2009-07-09 Embryonic stem cells used to create human sperm 0 5
2009-07-09 Dental problems may predict future medical issues 1 5
2009-07-09 Newborn brain cells improve our ability to navigate our environment 0 5
2009-07-09 Two reproductive factors are important predictors of death from ovarian cancer 0 None
2009-07-09 Environmental manganese and cancer mortality rates 0 4
2009-07-09 New heart disease risk score outperforms existing test 0 None
2009-07-09 Discovery of key gene for bone development that when mutated lead to dwarfism 0 None
2009-07-09 Study may lead to new drugs to treat cough 0 None
2009-07-09 Relationship between migraine history and breast cancer risk among premenopausal and postmenopausal women 0 None
2009-07-09 Research may hold key to maintaining embryonic stem cells in lab 0 None
2009-07-08 Blacks with equal care still more likely to die of some cancers 0 None
2009-07-07 Family Research Council President says NIH stem cell guidelines ethically irresponsible 0 None
2009-07-07 Review of addiction to prescription painkillers 0 None
2009-07-07 Obama administration releases final rules on stem cell research 0 None
2009-07-07 Multiple session early psychological interventions for the prevention of post-traumatic stress disorder 0 None
2009-07-07 Treatment blood pressure targets for hypertension 2 None
2009-07-07 Combining two common medical tests provides new way to screen for serious kidney disease 0 None
2009-07-07 Progressive resistance strength training for improving physical function in seniors 0 None
2009-07-07 Identification of cholesterol regulating genes by targeted RNAi-screening 0 None
2009-07-07 Social norms interventions to reduce alcohol misuse in students 0 None
2009-07-07 Chinese herbal medicine for endometriosis 1 4
2009-07-07 Heart medication errors too frequent in children 0 3.5
2009-07-07 Muscle rubs for pain in adults – no evidence they work 0 None
2009-07-07 Erythropoietin improves learning and other higher brain functions 0 None
2009-07-07 High-intensity-focused ultrasound in the treatment of primary prostate cancer 0 3
2009-07-07 New strategies to improve treatment and prevent heart failure in children 0 1
2009-07-07 Senior breast cancer patients receive ‘chemo’ if treated in private practices 0 None
2009-07-07 Researchers profile genes in acutely ill idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis patients 0 None
2009-07-07 Glutamic acid linked to lower blood pressure 0 None
2009-07-07 Muscle damage may be present in some patients taking statins 1 3
2009-07-06 Research pinpoints antibodies that may prevent Alzheimer's 0 None
2009-07-06 Amino acid commonly found in vegetable protein may lower blood pressure 0 3
2009-07-06 Brain's immune system may cause chronic seizures 0 None
2009-07-06 Neuroscientists locate where fear is stored in the brain 0 None
2009-07-06 Specialized glycans act as tumor suppressors 0 None
2009-07-06 Depressed students twice as likely to drop out of school 0 None
2009-07-06 Future of organ transplantation - microscopic beads that create "designer " immune cells 0 5
2009-07-06 Discovery of genetic key to breast cancer's ability to survive and spread 0 None
2009-07-06 A new prostate cancer "homing device" for drug delivery 0 5
2009-07-06 ‘Roll-your-own’ cigarettes as deadly as ‘ready mades’ 0 3
2009-07-06 Research pinpoints difference in the way children with autism learn new behaviors 0 None
2009-07-06 Potential new target for acute myeloid leukemia 0 None
2009-07-06 Discovery of genes that cause melanoma 0 None
2009-07-06 The surprising effect of cannabis on morphine dependence 1 4.3
2009-07-06 Magnetic brain stimulation improves skill learning 0 None
2009-07-06 IU Simon Cancer Center researcher heads cancer study during Indiana Black Expo's health fair 0 None
2009-07-05 MicroRNAs hold promise for treating diseases in blood vessels 0 None
2009-07-05 DNA alterations on human chromosome 9 linked to glioblastoma 0 None
2009-07-05 Vegetarian diet leads to lower bone density 2 2.6
2009-07-05 The single life can increase some people's dementia risk 0 5
2009-07-05 Daily sex good for sperm! 1 4.6
2009-07-05 New UK national genome centre 0 None
2009-07-05 Discovery of new gene associated with diabetes 1 None
2009-07-02 Major new e-science resource for biologists 0 None
2009-07-02 Report card on UK's health 0 None
2009-07-02 Poor sleep may be more dangerous for women than men 0 4
2009-07-02 Survivors of childhood cancer at greater risk of birth complications when pregnant 1 4
2009-07-02 Cerebrovascular mental stress reactivity is impaired in hypertension 0 None
2009-07-02 Biological warfare in bacteria offers hope for new antibiotics 0 None
2009-07-02 Bioethicists lead call for public debates on future uses of stem cells 0 None
2009-07-02 Brain malformations significantly associated with preterm birth 0 None
2009-07-02 Drink milk to lose weight! 0 None
2009-07-02 Doping drug does little to improve cyclists' performance 0 4
2009-07-01 Vegetarians less likely to develop cancer than meat eaters 0 4


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