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Date Title Comments Rating
2010-02-28 Precise immune disturbances leading to Coeliac disease: More insight 0 None
2010-02-27 Gender roles and sexual behavior among Latino teens: Characterization complicated 0 4.5
2010-02-27 Brain cancer awareness: 55-year-old cycles across USA 0 3
2010-02-27 New cooling method uncovers inner workings of key iron-containing enzyme 0 None
2010-02-27 Single submission of orphan drug designation annual report for both FDA and EMA 0 2
2010-02-27 Stroke incidence and treatment: Racial and geographic disparities 0 None
2010-02-27 UAMS researchers identify age-related mechanism as primary cause of osteoporosis 0 None
2010-02-27 For people who carry common gene variants, smoking increases risk of aneurysm 0 None
2010-02-27 Frequent error in medicine occurs nearly one out of three times a patient is referred to specialist: Study 0 None
2010-02-27 Overall incidence of stroke, heart attack and death similar in carotid endarterectomy and stenting procedures 0 None
2010-02-27 BCRI study evaluates the effect of high-doses of vitamin C on inhibition of new blood vessel growth 0 None
2010-02-27 iBioLaunch platform technology to be licensed for plant-expressed influenza vaccines project 0 None
2010-02-27 Micrometastases in axillary lymph nodes associated with poorer overall survival in breast cancer patients 0 None
2010-02-26 Evolving sex disparity in midlife stroke prevalence: Further study needed 0 None
2010-02-26 Librede to develop technologies for improving ion channel drug discovery and screening at CNSI incubator 0 None
2010-02-26 Massaging advanced cancer patients for 14 minutes can reduce stress: Study 0 None
2010-02-26 MetLife Foundation Awards for Medical Research in Alzheimer's Disease: Four scientists honored 0 None
2010-02-26 UCB adopts Enterprise version of NextBio platform 0 None
2010-02-26 Supelco launches Ascentis Express Peptide ES-C18 HPLC columns 0 None
2010-02-26 Mathematics of sleep-wake cycle 0 None
2010-02-25 New fatigue rating scale predicts increased risk of heart attack in dialysis patients 0 None
2010-02-25 New research using MRI shows that childhood stress can lead to structural brain changes 0 5
2010-02-25 CFIA approves export of Neovasc's processed pericardial tissue products to Europe 0 None
2010-02-25 Greater access to rehabilitation after TIA needed to prevent future strokes 0 None
2010-02-25 Delays and variability in UK clinical research projects result in skill shortages 0 None
2010-02-25 Family violence survivors: Enhancing resilience a promising therapy 0 None
2010-02-25 IARS commits over $1M to anesthesia research to advance the specialty of anesthesiology 0 None
2010-02-25 Community Research relocates and opens new 15,000 sq ft clinical research facility 0 None
2010-02-25 Study: People can reduce their sensitivity to pain by thickening their brain 0 None
2010-02-25 Increase in anti-Apo A-I, anti-HDL and anti-CRP may lead to atherosclerosis in SLE patients 0 None
2010-02-25 Arterial ischemic stroke in children often go unrecognized, and the strokes can recur 0 5
2010-02-25 Barbaric international trade in primates for research 0 None
2010-02-25 Nearly 40% of TIA and minor ischemic stroke patients may experience mental impairment 0 None
2010-02-25 Biochemical link between misery and death discovered 0 None
2010-02-25 Study examines associations of different fats and subtypes of ischemic stroke in post-menopausal women 0 None
2010-02-25 AOSSM and RTI Biologics award $250,000 grant for ligament and tendon repair and regeneration research 0 None
2010-02-24 Meditation improves cognition in people with memory loss 0 4.6
2010-02-24 Hospitalization may be a marker for cognitive decline or dementia in older patients, says study 0 None
2010-02-24 Anxiety in German psychosomatic units: Long term extensive experience of treatment 0 1
2010-02-24 IBM Maximo software helps GNL ensure optimal performance of equipment in fight against emerging infectious diseases 0 None
2010-02-24 PAREXEL International expands capabilities by opening new early phase unit in Port Elizabeth, South Africa 0 None
2010-02-24 Individuals with higher midlife BMI scores have lower cognitive ability: Study 0 None
2010-02-24 Nitric oxide may play key role in the pathogenesis of neonatal meningitis 0 None
2010-02-24 Sage Bionetworks selected to establish new interdisciplinary research and training center 0 None
2010-02-24 Researchers receive grant to study how ILD appears in patients with autoimmune diseases 0 None
2010-02-23 ExonHit Therapeutics includes proprietary lead compounds into collaboration with Allergan 0 None
2010-02-23 Behavioral Neuroscience: Adolescents more susceptible to internal and environmental factors 0 None
2010-02-23 Scientists create tiny RNA molecule to synthesize proteins 0 None
2010-02-23 Study to restrict hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers 0 None
2010-02-23 Lilly, Merck, Pfizer collaborate to accelerate research on commonly-diagnosed cancer 0 None
2010-02-23 Head and neck tumors in close proximity to sensitive areas may lead to brain injury, visionary risk or hearing loss 0 None
2010-02-23 Role of behavioral health in pediatric IBD: NIHCD awards $500,000 grant to further study 0 None
2010-02-23 Six scientists to study causes of preterm birth supported by funding from March Of Dimes 0 None
2010-02-23 CINJ researchers test malaria drug for colorectal cancer treatment 0 None
2010-02-23 UCI researchers create new breed of flightless mosquitoes for dengue control 0 None
2010-02-22 Researchers measure diffusion coefficient of a protein in a primary cilium 0 None
2010-02-22 Researchers based in Africa have more comprehensive understanding of malaria: MIM 0 5
2010-02-22 WuXi PharmaTech's Suzhou non-clinical safety testing facility receives AAALAC accreditation 0 None
2010-02-22 Prediction of sport injuries through equations 0 None
2010-02-22 Racial disparities in beliefs about lung cancer 0 None
2010-02-22 Researchers to study how dust particles pose health threat to people 0 None
2010-02-22 Research paves way for building tabletop X-ray laser that can be used for high-resolution imaging 0 5
2010-02-22 Study proposes potential molecular mechanism at play in mild TBI 0 None
2010-02-22 Information on early brain development and the importance of sleep during early life to be presented 0 None
2010-02-22 WCMC-Q students receive new round of UREP funds totaling $280,000 0 None
2010-02-22 Cash-strapped school districts are making mistake by cutting music from K-12 curriculum: Neuroscientist 0 5
2010-02-22 Let babies sleep: Napping supports abstract learning 0 5
2010-02-21 Siestas can dramatically boost and restore brain power 0 None
2010-02-20 Study reveals underrepresentation of women in cardiovascular clinical trials 1 4
2010-02-20 Enzyme can allow nerve cells in brain to grow and form complex networks: Study 0 None
2010-02-19 Variations among individual organisms attributed to differences in genes, environment or chance 0 None
2010-02-19 CMAJ study summarizes risk factors for severe outcome among patients admitted to hospital with H1N1 0 None
2010-02-19 Study analyzes genome and exome sequence data from hunter-gatherer participants of South Africa 0 None
2010-02-19 Mechanism by which Plasmodium replicates itself in human blood to spread disease identified 0 None
2010-02-19 Landmark collaboration to launch largest study of breast cancer in Latin American women 0 None
2010-02-19 University of California researchers awarded AAN's 2010 Potamkin Prize 0 None
2010-02-19 Benefits of wartime camaraderie extend far beyond the battlefield: Study of U.S. Civil War veterans 0 None
2010-02-19 PsychoGenics announces alliance with experimental neuropharmacology expert for specialized microdialysis services 0 None
2010-02-19 SRI International establishes new Neurodegenerative Diseases Research Program 0 4
2010-02-19 NIA supports FDA initiative to reduce radiation overexposure from medical imaging 0 5
2010-02-19 Study shows how genes and environmental factors influence common human diseases 0 None
2010-02-19 UCSF team: NIH ethics guidelines for embryonic stem cell research need to be modified 0 None
2010-02-19 Blood transfusions based on single low hematocrit measurement questioned 0 5
2010-02-19 Study: Elderly people with untreated visual disorders more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2010-02-19 UCSF, Genentech partner to discover and develop drug candidates for neurodegenerative diseases 0 None
2010-02-19 Training birth attendants in essential newborn-care techniques reduce stillbirths by 30%: Study 0 None
2010-02-19 Socioeconomic status can affect life expectancy, says VCU researcher 0 None
2010-02-19 Gentel Biosciences launches integrated Proteomics Multi-System 0 None
2010-02-19 Researchers find gene mutations that may provide clues for treating AML patients 0 None
2010-02-19 Study shows prevalence of depression among low-income urban mothers 0 None
2010-02-18 ScienceWorksForUS reveals how Recovery Act science funding benefits their campuses and communities 0 None
2010-02-18 Charity Navigator bestows MMRF coveted 4-star rating for efforts in finding cure for multiple myeloma 0 None
2010-02-18 BPA has no effects on brain development: New study 0 None
2010-02-18 State-of-the-art review of stereological methods for lung morphometry 0 None
2010-02-18 Signaling protein has key role in fighting bacterial infection and inflammation in intestinal tract: Study 0 None
2010-02-18 Latino parents with asthmatic child more likely to quit smoking: Study 0 None
2010-02-18 Anti-seizure medication prevents seizures in patients following bleeding stroke: Study 0 2.7
2010-02-18 Cannabis promising for certain pain-related medical conditions, CMCR presents findings to California legislature 0 5
2010-02-18 Obesity doubles the risk of developing kidney stones: Study 0 None
2010-02-17 New research units established for Japanese-German research collaboration 0 None
2010-02-17 Flexible working beneficial for employees' health 0 5
2010-02-17 Purdue officials report double-digit increases in research funding 0 None
2010-02-17 Role of surgery and subsequent need for RT in treatment of stage I SCLC 0 None
2010-02-17 Effectiveness of influenza vaccines in older people: No clear conclusions 0 5
2010-02-17 Study: Multiple genetic markers linked with CVD not associated with improvement in CVD risk prediction 0 None
2010-02-17 Disparities in breast cancer treatment: African-American women diagnosed in later stages of disease 0 None
2010-02-17 Low RVEF increases risk of death in patients with systolic heart failure 0 None
2010-02-17 Study demonstrates usefulness of salivary diagnostics in finding pancreatic cancer 0 None
2010-02-17 Waters launches new Viridis family of analytical and preparative SFC columns for compound purification 0 None
2010-02-17 Migraine is seen more frequently in women with MS than those without: Study 0 None
2010-02-17 Study: Researchers use genomics to decode blueprint of Plasmodium falciparum 0 None
2010-02-17 Iowa State University researchers awarded 30 ARRA grants worth $16.38M 0 None
2010-02-17 Study confirms link between mammographic breast density and breast cancer 0 None
2010-02-17 Researchers have traced protein that stops cells from becoming cancerous 0 None
2010-02-17 Postmenopausal women undergoing combination hormone therapy at increased risk of heart disease: WHI confirms 0 None
2010-02-17 Certain patients with IBD at increased risk of developing colorectal cancer: AGA's new guidelines 0 None
2010-02-16 Childhood obesity: Strongest predictor of premature death 0 5
2010-02-16 Narcolepsy is indeed an autoimmune disorder, finds University of Lausanne study 0 None
2010-02-16 Study explores relationship between adverse events, early antecedents and CO2 reactivity in panic disorder 1 None
2010-02-16 Study: sdNVP can lead to HIV treatment failure in women receiving drug to prevent infant infection 0 2
2010-02-16 New finding holds promise for rehabilitating patients after neurological damage 0 None
2010-02-16 Older patients waiting longer for kidneys from younger donors 0 None
2010-02-16 Minority patients more likely to have surgeries at centres handling low numbers of similar procedures 0 None
2010-02-16 Nascent symptoms of autism in infants emerge during latter part of first year of life 0 None
2010-02-16 Over 96% of SIDS cases due to known risk factors 0 None
2010-02-16 Study: Common underlying mechanism causes complex defects in brain development and function 0 None
2010-02-16 Pipe and cigar smoking linked to decreased lung function 0 None
2010-02-16 Tinnitus not a highly inherited condition, says study 0 None
2010-02-16 'Crowding' helps see things better 0 5
2010-02-16 Research findings highlight the vital need for better secondary stroke prevention 0 None
2010-02-16 U.S. Department of Labor awards $4.95M grant for BRIDGE biotechnology project 0 None
2010-02-16 UCSF researchers: B1N1 protein is necessary for heart to contract 0 None
2010-02-16 Researchers discover new mechanism within human cells that constantly protects against disease 0 None
2010-02-15 RI-MUHC and McGill University teams receive $5M CIHR grant for environmental and reproductive health studies 0 None
2010-02-15 Calcium waves could be relevant for understanding the origin of Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2010-02-15 Surgical outcomes for hip and knee replacement better at specialized hospitals 0 None
2010-02-15 Tobacco users with HPV-positive head and neck cancers at increased risk of recurrence 1 None
2010-02-15 Study shows severe OSA suppresses cognitive experience of nightmare recall 0 None
2010-02-15 Researchers use $1.3M grant from NIH to study on obesity and Type 2 diabetes 0 None
2010-02-15 SRC-3 gene sends signal to cell membrane to promote cell motility 0 None
2010-02-15 Plagiocephaly babies need to be screened and monitored early in life for possible cognitive, motor delays 0 5
2010-02-15 Air pollution linked to increased risk of atherosclerosis 0 None
2010-02-15 Chocolates may reduce risk of death after stroke 0 2
2010-02-15 Researchers discover Dab2 protein that switches on EMT process 0 None
2010-02-15 Proteins found in intestines can recognize and kill bacteria that have human blood type molecules 0 1
2010-02-15 Researcher receives $2.4M grant from NIH to study preeclampsia and diabetes in pregnant women 0 None
2010-02-12 Diabetic retinopathy: 5.3M U.S adults suffer 0 None
2010-02-12 New research finds sensory cortex develops late in fragile X syndrome defect 0 None
2010-02-12 New project to unravel secret lives of cancer cells may help produce new cancer therapies 0 None
2010-02-12 Ethnic and racial minorities less likely to receive A1C diabetes test 0 None
2010-02-12 Clinical research study conducted for patients with IC/PBS 0 5
2010-02-12 Study: Hospitalizations for H1N1 differ from hospitalizations associated with typical flu 0 5
2010-02-12 Sustamine L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine supplement increases performance in endurance exercise and activity 0 None
2010-02-12 3SBio, Ascentage Pharma announce cancer therapeutics collaboration 0 None
2010-02-11 PROMETA Treatment Program rapidly reduces cravings for methamphetamine subjects: Study 0 None
2010-02-11 Research study on epigenetic phenotypes published online in the Journal of Clinical Oncology 0 None
2010-02-11 Therapeutic cell types obtained from iPS cells exhibit abnormal expansion and early cellular aging 0 None
2010-02-11 DPC lauds passage of S.B. 316 dialysis care legislation 0 None
2010-02-11 Existing sleep deprivation theory challenged 0 None
2010-02-10 New research sheds light on the negative impact that food product placements in movies could have on children 0 5
2010-02-10 New research suggests closantel drug may be useful in combating river blindness 0 None
2010-02-10 Rating of risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease: Low IQ follows cigarette smoking 0 None
2010-02-10 Psychotherapeutic treatment effective for patients with cluster C personality disorders 0 None
2010-02-10 Vision of mountain climbers not adversely affected despite presence of edema at altitudes up to 6,300 meters 0 None
2010-02-10 Low potassium levels increase risk of death in patients with heart failure and CKD 0 None
2010-02-10 LRF's 2009 Mantle Cell Lymphoma Consortium report published 0 None
2010-02-10 Exposure to unhealthy food commercials linked to childhood obesity 0 None
2010-02-10 Soft drinks increase risk of developing pancreatic cancer 0 None
2010-02-10 Autism Speaks: Ten most significant autism research achievements in 2009 0 None
2010-02-10 Endurance athletes at high risk of atrial fibrillation 0 None
2010-02-10 NIAID awards Tulane University over $15M to develop Lassa fever vaccine and treatment 0 None
2010-02-10 Six months old infants know when we're "playing" them 1 None
2010-02-09 Whooping cough vaccine may be losing its punch: study 0 5
2010-02-09 Advanced paternal age increases autism risk only when the mother is younger 0 5
2010-02-09 NIH awards over $15M for Tulane University's collaborative effort to combat VHF 0 None
2010-02-09 Health hazards: Clinging tobacco smoke reacts with nitrous acid and produces dangerous carcinogens 0 None
2010-02-09 CRT, AstraZeneca announce alliance to develop new anti-cancer drugs 0 None
2010-02-08 Smokers more likely to vaccinate their daughters against HPV 0 None
2010-02-08 Excessive TV viewing, lack of sleep and low frequency of family meals increases risk of childhood obesity 0 5
2010-02-08 Beer may help prevent osteoporosis 0 3.5
2010-02-06 Link between anti-gay sentiment and suicidality: Further study needed 0 None
2010-02-06 Increased risk of intrauterine fetal death in women with fibroids 0 None
2010-02-06 Renova Life moves into Mtech TAP incubator 0 None
2010-02-05 Exposure to agricultural chemical atrazine linked to birth defect gastroschisis 0 None
2010-02-05 New England Biolabs to supply Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute next-generation sequencing library construction reagents 0 None
2010-02-05 Elan Pharmaceuticals, Infosys Technologies partner to create comprehensive informatics platform for discovery research 0 None
2010-02-04 "Knowledge deficit" about methadone responsible for resulting deaths 0 None
2010-02-04 NIH awards CYCORE project for cancer research $2.6M 0 None
2010-02-04 Older married female cancer survivors have added health problems 0 None
2010-02-04 Finland commits 1.85M as initial funding for development of European biomedical research infrastructures 0 None
2010-02-04 ACT and Brown Cancer Center scientist collaborate in discovery of new therapeutics for cancer 0 None
2010-02-04 Geisinger Health System and TGen sign research agreement 0 None
2010-02-04 TGen, Geisinger Health System sign strategic research agreement 0 None
2010-02-03 Public policy implications in abstinence-only programs 0 None
2010-02-03 Bionanomotors can be used some day to move and manipulate molecules at nanoscale 0 None
2010-02-03 Certain cancer surgeries for low-risk patients may be performed at community hospitals 0 None
2010-02-03 SNM Clinical Trials Network Workshop: Experts to discuss usage of molecular imaging 0 None
2010-02-03 New bioanalytical methods have potential for investigative and screening applications 0 None
2010-02-03 Study linking autism and vaccines is retracted by medical journal 0 None
2010-02-03 Nanotope publishes preclinical data demonstrating cartilage regeneration 0 None
2010-02-03 UCR purchases Nikon BioStation CT technology to assist in stem cell research 0 None
2010-02-03 Decreased levels in brainstem of serotonin associated with increased risk for SIDS 0 None
2010-02-03 Scientists are getting closer to prove how cholesterol causes heart disease 0 3
2010-02-03 Canary Foundation researcher awarded $11.5M NIH POCRC SPORE grant for early detection ovarian cancer research 0 None
2010-02-02 Persons with impaired hearing should be encouraged by family members to seek appropriate treatment 0 None
2010-02-02 Extended nicotine patch therapy benefits relapsing smokers trying to quit 0 5
2010-02-02 Argonaute binds to microRNA and shuts down protein production 0 None
2010-02-02 Simulation training may help improve driving skills of Parkinson's disease patients 0 None
2010-02-02 Strength of distal leg musculature contributes to SCK difficulty in older adults 0 None
2010-02-02 MDLinx announces new Omnibus offering for international pharmaceutical market research 0 None
2010-02-02 Study evaluates hepatocyte transplantation as an alternative to liver transplantation 0 None
2010-02-02 CWRU receives $250,000 grant to advance interdisciplinary research and development in biomedicine 0 None
2010-02-02 Memory loss or decline in thinking abilities may indicate higher risk of stroke 0 1
2010-02-02 MSU scientist discovers the process that causes retinal cells to die 0 5
2010-02-02 New research shows tumor suppressor p53 prevents cancer progression in cells 0 None
2010-02-01 Whole grain intake prevents diabetes, heart diseases, and excess weight gain 0 3


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