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2011-11-30 New review article: Pitch center does not exist in auditory cortex 0 None
2011-11-30 Study finds no difference in running economy of senior runners 0 None
2011-11-30 Babraham Institute receives BBSRC grant to study effects of ageing on immune system 0 None
2011-11-30 Kessler Foundation scientists to investigate cognitive reserve in TBI 0 None
2011-11-30 Boys may benefit from high-quality kindergarten friendships 0 None
2011-11-30 KI, Mayo Clinic to collaborate on education, research and innovation 0 None
2011-11-29 Exposure to TCE, PERC and CCI4 may increase risk of Parkinson's 0 None
2011-11-29 We unconsciously make use of recent experiences during estimation processes 0 None
2011-11-29 New technique to accomplish 'accelerated serendipity' using robotics 0 None
2011-11-29 Neurorehabilitation journal reviews clinical advances in treatment of vestibular problems 0 None
2011-11-29 New research institute at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center 0 None
2011-11-29 Most autoimmune diseases associated with increased risk of blood clots on the lung 0 None
2011-11-29 Improving patient adherence to medications for chronic diseases can reduce overall treatment costs 0 None
2011-11-29 Post traumatic stress disorder and concussion syndrome treatable three years after injury: Study 0 None
2011-11-29 Repeated heading of a soccer ball increases risk for brain injury, cognitive impairment 0 None
2011-11-29 Men think about sex, eating and sleeping more often than women do 0 None
2011-11-29 Individuals with mood disorders twice as likely to have heart attacks 0 None
2011-11-29 QUT to study why futile medical treatment is provided to dying patients 0 None
2011-11-29 Peninsula Foundation secures funding for PCOS and diabetes research 0 None
2011-11-29 DFG approves establishment of new research training groups 0 None
2011-11-29 NIH awards $3.2M for development of highly efficient system of generating nucleic acid molecules 0 None
2011-11-28 GE Healthcare announces additional $300M investment in low-dose technologies 0 None
2011-11-28 Violent video game play has a long-term effect on brain functioning 0 4
2011-11-28 GVK Biosciences and Moulder Center at Temple University enter drug discovery alliance 0 None
2011-11-28 Healthy snacks can aid weight-loss efforts 0 None
2011-11-28 Exelixis and NCI's CTEP enter CRADA to further evaluate cabozantinib 0 None
2011-11-28 Suppressing mosquitoes - the only way of controlling dengue 0 None
2011-11-28 A very low calorie diet can effectively cure type 2 diabetes mellitus 0 None
2011-11-24 Malaria is almost under control in Suriname 0 None
2011-11-24 Ribosomes spontaneously change their form during protein production 0 None
2011-11-24 B-type lamins are necessary for proper organ development 0 None
2011-11-24 Firefighters sustain more injuries while exercising than when fighting fires 0 None
2011-11-24 Benefits of vitamin D-fortified yoghurt drink for people with diabetes 0 None
2011-11-24 Dyslexic individuals have difficulties in excluding external noise 0 5
2011-11-24 Study finds patient satisfaction with outpatient medical treatment in the U.S. 0 None
2011-11-24 NIH-led study advances HIV vaccine research 0 None
2011-11-24 Scientists discover genetic mechanism behind finger malformation 0 None
2011-11-24 People eating out of home consume more calories and fat, less micronutrients 0 None
2011-11-24 Study raises concerns about Bisphenol A in canned foods 0 None
2011-11-24 Uncommon genetic deletions associated with short stature 0 None
2011-11-24 People with higher BMI more susceptible to obesity risk factors 0 None
2011-11-24 Knocking out one copy of IGF1 receptor fails to increase life span of male mice 0 None
2011-11-24 Increased meat consumption positively associated with aggressive prostate cancer 0 None
2011-11-24 NIH grant to support Cedars-Sinai's Department of Neurology research 0 None
2011-11-24 New First Choice infographic explores issue of SAD and winter blues 0 None
2011-11-23 BUSM professor receives 2011 ACN Communication Media Award 0 None
2011-11-23 Physical exercise seems to encourage healthy diet 0 None
2011-11-23 Ways to reduce serious complications and deaths due to surgical procedures 0 None
2011-11-23 JIB highlights aluminium's potential role in neurodegenerative diseases 0 None
2011-11-23 Relationship between anorexia nervosa and authentic self a significant issue 0 None
2011-11-23 J-shaped relationship between wine intake and reduced cardiovascular risk 0 None
2011-11-23 Study evaluates how eating habits could impact obesity trends among adults 0 None
2011-11-23 Moderate salt intake may lower risk of cardiovascular events 0 None
2011-11-23 New study: Exercise improves sleep quality 0 None
2011-11-23 Nine Heidelberg researchers receive European Research Council grants 0 None
2011-11-22 CWRU receives NHLBI grant to study sleep apnea as possible cause of AF 0 5
2011-11-22 PAREXEL implements fMRI technology in early phase CNS drug development 0 None
2011-11-22 EC launches new project to improve health research and education in Africa 0 None
2011-11-22 Police officers no more likely than general population to suffer from PSTD 0 None
2011-11-22 Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease does not appear to affect survival 1 None
2011-11-22 U-M ranks sixth among all medical schools in NIH funding 0 None
2011-11-22 Southampton professor receives ERC Advanced Grant to advance biophotonics research 0 None
2011-11-22 MedImmune, U-M to work toward new biologic options for cancer and other diseases 0 None
2011-11-22 MIT, Pfizer announce new location for CVMED and Neuroscience research units 0 None
2011-11-22 Psychological problems can influence patient's viewpoint of IBS symptom severity 0 None
2011-11-22 Researchers manipulate life span of yeast by mutating chemical residues 0 None
2011-11-21 Financial incentives effective at altering 'simple' behaviors in socially disadvantaged groups 0 None
2011-11-21 2011 National Report Card on Lung Cancer notes significant change in grade for early detection 0 None
2011-11-21 EU's FP7 programme provides €6M grant for Thyroid Hormone Replacement for Subclinical Hypo-Thyroidism Trial 0 None
2011-11-21 South Asian cardiac patients three times as likely to require repeat treatment following PCI 0 None
2011-11-21 Link between sex and happiness among older married individuals 0 None
2011-11-19 HRR1 after 6MW test is a strong predictor of clinical worsening in IPAH patients 0 None
2011-11-19 Columbia University P&S reports unprecedented growth during 2011 0 None
2011-11-19 A better handle for researchers to tackle Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2011-11-19 Senator Klein opens new Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory at Albert Einstein College of Medicine 0 None
2011-11-18 HVTN debunks top 10 myths about HIV vaccine research 0 None
2011-11-18 Eurozone cancer researchers praise AICR for vital grants 0 None
2011-11-18 Benefits of transparency in the workplace for transsexual individuals 1 None
2011-11-18 Workplace perceptions about EMS safety may be reality 0 None
2011-11-18 Researchers describe how brain handles spatial resolution 0 None
2011-11-18 Greening of vacant urban land may affect health and safety of nearby residents 0 None
2011-11-18 Future research critical to ending AIDS epidemic 0 5
2011-11-18 RNF to offer new grant funding opportunity for Evidence-Based Practice research 0 None
2011-11-18 AHA honors Gladstone scientist with Katz award for cardiovascular research 0 None
2011-11-18 Fatigue, poor sleep may jeopardize patient and provider safety in EMS setting 0 None
2011-11-18 IRCI to design and fund clinical trials for rare cancers 0 None
2011-11-17 Hemoglobin levels, blood pressure and male gender linked to higher risk of silent strokes in SCA children 0 None
2011-11-17 Eli Lilly provides $4M in additional funding to IDRI for new TB therapies 0 None
2011-11-17 Are genes and hormones determinants of empathy and sensitivity in human nature? 0 None
2011-11-17 Vitamin D and its good and bad effects on the heart 0 5
2011-11-17 Stem cell therapy for heart failure: two studies two successes 0 None
2011-11-17 Wisconsin Next Generation Jobs Act could provide funding to bioscience companies 0 None
2011-11-17 Study highlights gaps in policy and research on LGBT older adults 0 None
2011-11-17 New possibilities for relief from digestive diseases 0 5
2011-11-17 Novel program aims to improve nutrition, physical activity among young children and prevent obesity 0 None
2011-11-17 Modified story memory technique may help cognitive rehabilitation in MS patients 0 None
2011-11-17 Flu strains migrate back and forth between different regions of the world 0 None
2011-11-17 Majority of adults in America to become obese by 2020 0 None
2011-11-17 VHIO, MGHCC sign tumor biomarker agreement 0 None
2011-11-17 Discovery of what triggers smoking could make interventions more effective 0 None
2011-11-17 IPS interviews head of Cuban research team working to develop dengue vaccine 0 None
2011-11-17 Teens more likely to die from heart disease at younger age than adults 0 None
2011-11-17 Mediterranean diet can reduce risk of future heart disease 0 None
2011-11-17 CIHR honors University of Calgary scientist with prestigious award for medical research 0 None
2011-11-17 CF Foundation, Genzyme announce new drug research agreement 0 None
2011-11-17 Heavy work increases heart disease death risk in physically unfit men 0 None
2011-11-17 More risk of health problems in lean children who become obese as adults 0 None
2011-11-16 Low SBP levels within normal range may reduce risk of recurrent stroke 0 None
2011-11-16 Boehringer Ingelheim bolsters drug discovery, development with $350M in capital investments 0 None
2011-11-16 Geron bows out of stem cell research 0 None
2011-11-16 Streamlining clinical trials review process to speed up delivery of drugs to those in need 0 None
2011-11-16 The story of E. coli 0 None
2011-11-16 Many Canadian research universities now subscribe to JoVE 0 None
2011-11-16 Aileron, Roche to expand Stapled Peptide drug collaboration 0 None
2011-11-16 Conventional approach could soon increase recurrent stroke risk after first event 0 None
2011-11-16 Researchers examine how brain recognizes color 0 5
2011-11-16 AHA honors Gladstone senior investigator with Distinguished Scientist Award 0 None
2011-11-16 Researchers to begin drug development projects for rare and neglected diseases 0 None
2011-11-16 IAVI policy brief examines HIV vaccine funding 0 None
2011-11-16 PAREXEL, UCB partner to provide clinical development services worldwide 0 None
2011-11-15 Stem cell therapy remedies heart failure: Study 0 None
2011-11-15 Fact-checking Romney's debate performance 0 None
2011-11-15 Researchers explore how design of chronic and acute pain trials might be improved 0 None
2011-11-15 Kessler Foundation researchers to improve rehabilitation after stroke 0 None
2011-11-15 Nearly one-fifth of Americans have severe hearing loss 0 None
2011-11-15 Risk of heart failure appears to be higher among low-income seniors 0 None
2011-11-15 Beer, like wine can reduce risk of cardiovascular disease 0 None
2011-11-15 New animal research finds life experiences influence brain development, behavior 0 None
2011-11-15 New human research shows benefits and challenges for aging brain 0 None
2011-11-15 Radon exposure may increase risk of non-melanoma skin cancer 0 None
2011-11-14 Fiber from whole grains reduces risk of bowel cancer: Study 0 None
2011-11-14 Fears about ICD shock during sex leads to performance problems in heart patients 0 None
2011-11-14 BIDMC researcher says improvement in survival rates best 'since introduction of aspirin' 0 None
2011-11-14 New Allen Mouse Brain Connectivity Atlas 0 None
2011-11-14 Leonardo Biosystems receives second investment from Texas Emerging Technology Fund 0 None
2011-11-14 New-onset AF, severe sepsis may increase risk of stroke and mortality in hospital settings 0 None
2011-11-14 Exposure to TCE may increase risk of Parkinson’s 0 None
2011-11-14 Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is consistent with survival to normal life expectancy 0 None
2011-11-14 Health supplement hope for child muscle disease 0 None
2011-11-14 Cedars Sinai researcher to receive American Heart Association-Philips Resuscitation Fellowship Award 0 None
2011-11-13 Parkinson’s disease breakthrough using stem cell therapy 0 5
2011-11-11 Updates on dietary benefits and dangers in kidney disease patients 0 None
2011-11-11 Cultivating cells in sealed, sterile plastic bags 0 None
2011-11-11 Unfavorable fetal development affects physical functioning at the age of 60 years 0 None
2011-11-11 Health benefits of nut consumption 0 4
2011-11-11 AHAF: Requests for ADR research grants increase by 33% this year 0 None
2011-11-11 Diabetics with kidney failure should not lower their hemoglobin A1C levels 0 None
2011-11-11 Study reveals risk factors for temporomandibular disorders 0 None
2011-11-11 Study: Primary visual cortex is modulated only by attention 0 None
2011-11-11 Link between physical activity, sedentary behavior and sleep in teens 0 None
2011-11-11 Insights into potential causes of temporomandibular joint disorders 0 None
2011-11-10 SNI receives NINDS grant to conduct clinical research studies on brain disorders 0 None
2011-11-10 Vegetative patients could be contacted using simple, cheap and portable technique – EEG 0 None
2011-11-10 Drug effectively combats obesity in “couch potato” monkeys” Study 0 None
2011-11-10 ArQule, Daiichi Sankyo enter license agreement for development of new AKT inhibitor 0 None
2011-11-10 Enzyme research may lead to drugs with fewer side effects 0 None
2011-11-10 IRCM peptide chemist listed as inventor on two U.S. patents 0 None
2011-11-10 Maxygen's MAXY-G34 for Acute Radiation Syndrome not considered for BARDA award 0 None
2011-11-10 'Social Norms and Alcohol Prevention' to address problem drinking in college students 0 None
2011-11-10 Rensselaer engineer receives $1.4M NIH grant to study new method to heal traumatic nerve damage 0 None
2011-11-10 Younger anxious adults tend to immediately avoid anti-smoking videos 0 None
2011-11-10 GHSU expert to again coordinate two national diabetes initiatives 0 None
2011-11-10 UC Riverside professor to co-lead '1000 Fungal Genomes' project 0 None
2011-11-09 Helping others helps adolescent helpers reduce cravings for alcohol and drugs 0 None
2011-11-09 Online platform for automatic analysis of microscopic image data 0 None
2011-11-09 CU Denver researchers awarded Grand Challenges Explorations grant 0 None
2011-11-09 Adult living donor liver transplantations safe for donors 0 None
2011-11-09 Sleep paralysis more frequent among students and psychiatric patients 1 None
2011-11-09 Conventional definition of obesity needs to be lowered in migrant South Asians 0 None
2011-11-09 Researchers plan joint clinical trials of new cancer treatments, personalized therapies 0 None
2011-11-09 NIH announces results from first large scale study on treatment of prescription opioid addiction 0 None
2011-11-09 Study explores how telework may impact work exhaustion 0 None
2011-11-09 Treatments can help most HCM patients 0 None
2011-11-09 Four-year kala azar treatment study launched in India, Bangladesh 0 None
2011-11-09 Maryland anesthesiologist named 2011 Researcher of the Year 0 None
2011-11-09 Brain hypoxia associated with poor short-term outcome after severe TBI 0 None
2011-11-09 More than 3 million Americans quit smoking every year 0 None
2011-11-09 Financial strain may induce alcohol use and smoking among older adults 0 None
2011-11-09 Study reveals need for defining optimal amount of iron in infant formula 0 None
2011-11-09 Amylin and Lilly terminate exenatide alliance, resolve litigation 0 None
2011-11-09 Neuromuscular training reduces noncontact lower extremity injuries in female athletes 0 None
2011-11-09 Inhaling low levels of CO reduces impact of environmental stress 0 None
2011-11-09 Bisexual women more likely to suffer from depression, stress and tend to binge-drink 0 None
2011-11-09 Prognomix, Servier enter R&D agreement to identify novel type 2 diabetes targets 0 None
2011-11-08 Many parents still place their infants in unsafe sleep settings 0 None
2011-11-08 Stem cell therapy for Parkinson’s 0 5
2011-11-08 Study to investigate health and wellbeing of adults, children in York 0 None
2011-11-08 Study: Genes that are active in brain are transcribed with special mechanism 0 None
2011-11-08 ACR honors NYU Langone professor with Distinguished Basic Investigator Award 0 None
2011-11-08 GAPPS research into causes of preterm births and development of solutions 0 None
2011-11-08 Socioeconomic status may affect people's physical functioning 0 None
2011-11-08 A person's stroke risk profile may help identify future cognitive problems 0 None
2011-11-08 St. Michael's project to develop vaccine that would eliminate latent HIV reservoirs 0 None
2011-11-08 First public health study to examine a state-level approach to fire safety 0 None
2011-11-08 Study shows improvement in diagnosis time for bowel, oesophageal and pancreatic cancers 0 None
2011-11-08 Patient and nurse safety may be related by common causes 0 None
2011-11-07 CRCHUM researcher receives Gates Foundation grant to eradicate HIV/AIDS 0 None
2011-11-07 World leading scientists receive Cancer Research UK Prizes 0 None
2011-11-07 Smoking primes the brain for cocaine addiction: Study 1 None
2011-11-07 Finger nails on chalkboard - why so disturbing 1 None
2011-11-07 Mediterranean Diet beneficial even without weight loss 0 None
2011-11-07 Pharmacyclics first quarter GAAP net loss increases to $14.5M 0 None
2011-11-07 Study: Young adults in the north west of England consume illegal drugs after mephedrone ban 0 None
2011-11-07 Largest-ever implementation study on kala-azar in Asia 0 None
2011-11-07 Study shows decline in number of TB cases across America during 2009 0 None
2011-11-07 New study questions effectiveness of current exercise referral schemes 0 None
2011-11-07 Enhancements in Allegro [email protected] clinical trial management system 0 None
2011-11-07 RA patients with low levels of inflammation less likely to develop cardiovascular disease 0 None
2011-11-07 Sports participation may increase risk of knee osteoarthritis 0 None
2011-11-07 Intensive diet, exercise reduce pain and improve mobility in people with knee OA 0 None
2011-11-07 Exposure to air pollution may increase risk of RA 0 None
2011-11-07 Potential predictors of spinal damage progression in people with spondyloarthritis 0 None
2011-11-07 Link between wound healing and autoimmune diseases 0 None
2011-11-06 Psychological stress can trigger flares of vasculitis 0 None
2011-11-05 More than half of all Americans will have diabetes by 2020 0 None
2011-11-05 Study demonstrates need for new testing standards, greater focus on youth helmets 0 None
2011-11-05 Researchers identify surprising mechanism that facilitates protein interactions 0 None
2011-11-05 Misconceptions affecting participation in HIV vaccine trials 0 None
2011-11-05 Single-parent status, household income linked to increased rate of hospital readmissions of asthmatic children 0 None
2011-11-05 New study shows that worksite health promotion may improve health benefits 0 None
2011-11-05 Dark, cold weather derails physical activity routines of older people with arthritis: Study 0 None
2011-11-05 Majority of RN respondents report error disclosure in nursing home settings 0 None
2011-11-04 Quanticel, Celgene and Versant enter collaboration to discover and develop first-in-class cancer drugs 0 None
2011-11-04 Brain and cooperation 0 None
2011-11-04 Exercise, vegetarian diet reduce risk of diabetes in African Americans 0 None
2011-11-04 Inserm researchers successfully rejuvenate cells from elderly donors 0 None
2011-11-04 Quintiles receives two awards for clinical research 0 None
2011-11-04 Study: NPs can decrease unnecessary ED visits 0 None
2011-11-04 Dampening of emotions linked to high blood pressure 0 None
2011-11-04 Pfizer, Sanford-Burnham to partner on translational medicine research 0 None
2011-11-04 University of Nebraska to honor UT Dallas director for communication research 0 None
2011-11-04 Mental health intervention can help prevent suicides among youth 0 None
2011-11-04 Penn research group receives NCI grant to establish BETRNet 0 None
2011-11-03 Loneliness can affect sleep: Sleep 1 5
2011-11-03 USC Professor receives NSF's new Innovation Corps award 0 None
2011-11-03 Cancer responsible for 40% of all premature deaths 0 None
2011-11-03 New study in fruit flies offers clues to delay human aging 0 None
2011-11-03 JDC receives NIDDK grant for research into diabetic retinopathy, kidney disease 0 None
2011-11-03 Link between poverty, fast food and obesity 0 None
2011-11-03 Study: Melanoma survivors more likely to have new cancers 0 None
2011-11-03 Nutrition expert: Each saturated fatty acid has specific functionalities 0 None
2011-11-03 UiB receives first ERC grant for research into diabetes and obesity 0 None
2011-11-03 Link between eating nuts and higher levels of serotonin in MetS patients 0 None
2011-11-03 Regular physical activity associated with lower risk of depression in old age 0 None
2011-11-03 Pupil can constrict without any input from brain 0 None
2011-11-03 Combination of Mediterranean diet, physical activity can help improve symptoms of OSAS 0 None
2011-11-03 Study reveals new role for the 'hormone of love' 0 None
2011-11-03 Affective symptoms can help diagnose early psychotic disorders 0 None
2011-11-03 DexCom signs research and development agreement with Roche 0 None
2011-11-02 Resveratrol holds key to reducing obesity and associated risks: Study 0 None
2011-11-02 Towards a cure for chronic fatigue syndrome 0 5
2011-11-02 Study examines how perception of roles among ED staff can impact patient satisfaction 0 None
2011-11-02 Researchers discover key enzymes that are critical for sperm function 0 None
2011-11-02 Hospital architecture, design and sensory stimulation make rehabilitation more effective 0 None
2011-11-02 Study identifies a group of middle school students at high risk for alcohol use 0 None
2011-11-01 Two transformative philanthropic gifts to fuel new discoveries at Seattle Children's 0 None
2011-11-01 Study evaluates availability of information about cosmetic ingredients for celiac patients 1 None
2011-11-01 Emotional and psychological traumas may contribute to adult IBS 0 None
2011-11-01 Study: People with schizophrenia have weakened sense of body ownership 0 None
2011-11-01 Old people today have more sex, are more likely to be divorced 0 None
2011-11-01 Study looks into how family doctors' own drinking habits affect their advice to patients 0 None
2011-11-01 Huron County helps close the gap between research and rural health 0 None
2011-11-01 Loneliness breaks up a normal night's sleep 0 None
2011-11-01 Dementia people with stroke more likely to become disabled and not return home 0 None
2011-11-01 Even without depression, obesity raises health costs in Group Health study 0 None
2011-11-01 Study: Size of human jaws decreases with age 0 None


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