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2011-08-31 Bowel cancer, coffee and diabetes: Two new studies 0 5
2011-08-31 Further acne treatment studies necessary: Experts 0 None
2011-08-31 Inadequate sleep linked to high blood pressure: Study 0 None
2011-08-31 Aerobic exercise best for belly fat reduction: Study 0 5
2011-08-31 Eleven UvA researchers named as recipients of ERC Starting Grants 0 None
2011-08-31 Mayo Clinic identifies new benefit of social media and online networks for rare diseases research 0 None
2011-08-31 Regis to host one-day haircutting event in support of breast cancer research 0 None
2011-08-31 Study shows marked gender differences in the use of suicide methods 0 None
2011-08-31 Age-related declines in hearing may accelerate brain atrophy 0 None
2011-08-31 Blurred vision impairs spatial cognition in fall-prone older adults 0 None
2011-08-31 Johns Hopkins researchers reveal neuronal cell survival mechanism 0 None
2011-08-31 New study pinpoints areas of the brain used exclusively for language 0 None
2011-08-31 Presidential panel reveals new details of 1940s syphilis experiments in Guatemala 0 None
2011-08-31 Patients with sarcopenia more likely to have worse outcomes from melanoma 0 None
2011-08-31 Cell's reserve fighting force shrinks with age: Study 0 None
2011-08-31 Yoga as therapy in neuropsychiatric disorders 0 5
2011-08-30 Study: Social partners can help extend memory 0 None
2011-08-30 Study finds higher incidence of arrhythmias in elite cross-country skiers 0 None
2011-08-30 Portion-controlled lunches may help prevent weight gain 0 None
2011-08-30 Bristol Meyer Squibb’s new blood thinner drug for stroke prevention 0 None
2011-08-30 Chocolate for the heart - benefits revealed 0 None
2011-08-30 Ecstasy redesigned for use against blood cancer 0 None
2011-08-29 Student researchers throughout Australia compete for annual award 0 None
2011-08-29 Adimab initiates independent collaborations with Biogen Idec and Novo Nordisk 0 None
2011-08-29 Zymeworks, Merck collaborate to develop novel bi-specific antibody therapeutic candidates 0 None
2011-08-29 Post myocardial infarction snus quitters have 44% lower risk of mortality 0 None
2011-08-29 Study shows feasibility of combined postprandial glucose and triglyceride tolerance testing 0 None
2011-08-29 UCLA-Harvard medication study highlights 3 types of confusing outcome measures 0 None
2011-08-29 Low-glycemic foods, high protein intake reduce body weight and fat mass 0 None
2011-08-29 Lundbeck Canada makes landmark donation of $2.7M to support depression research 0 None
2011-08-29 Study shows link between laughter and vascular health 0 None
2011-08-29 Elsevier, Pharmaron sign multi-year contract for Reaxys 0 None
2011-08-29 Chocolate consumption might reduce risk of heart disease 0 None
2011-08-29 Post MI snus quitters have lower risk of mortality 0 None
2011-08-29 Pericardial fat linked with coronary arterial remodeling, non calcified plaque related to ACS 0 None
2011-08-29 People with lower socioeconomic status more likely to develop heart disease 0 None
2011-08-29 CIRM approves stem cell research planning grants for five UC Davis teams 0 None
2011-08-26 Protein that allows Ebola virus to attack cells discovered 0 None
2011-08-26 Foods that can reduce cholesterol 0 None
2011-08-26 Study: Aerobic training effectively reduces belly fat 0 None
2011-08-26 Urinary protein excretion may contribute to increased risk of kidney failure in blacks 0 None
2011-08-26 RE Children's Project donates $111,000 to UCLA researchers for Rasmussen Encephalitis study 0 None
2011-08-26 Covidien pledges $375,000 to SIRF's discovery campaign 0 None
2011-08-26 Waters recognizes Head of TGen's Center for Proteomics for research excellence 0 None
2011-08-26 Malaria mosquito has disappeared from villages without organized control measures 0 None
2011-08-26 U.S. DoD awards $1.1M grant to Cleveland Clinic researcher for lupus research 0 None
2011-08-26 Early-morning cigarette smokers more likely to develop lung, head and neck cancers 0 5
2011-08-26 Research: Brains of older adults are wiser than younger ones 0 None
2011-08-25 Vanderbilt awarded $4.85 million grant for new research network on law and neuroscience 0 None
2011-08-25 NTNU Professors receive 2011 Anders Jahre's Award for Medical Research 0 None
2011-08-25 HHS selects Mayo Clinic physician to chair advisory council on Alzheimer's 0 None
2011-08-25 Achievement of physical activity goals linked to reduced arthritis pain, increased quality of life 0 None
2011-08-25 HHS finalizes rule on medical research and confilcts of interest 0 None
2011-08-25 More than eight out of 10 homeless people have at least one chronic health condition 0 None
2011-08-24 Heart failure risk rises in people with diastolic dysfunction: Study 0 None
2011-08-24 Parkinson’s disease breakthrough with stem cell research 0 3.5
2011-08-24 Melanin also protects from ionizing radiation 0 5
2011-08-24 Sexist women more likely to respond to men's aggressive strategies 0 None
2011-08-24 Scientists aim to tackle Hawaii's liver cancer problem with improved detection 0 None
2011-08-24 U.S. DoD announces $2.3M in grants for lupus research 0 None
2011-08-24 Creighton University receives NIH grant to address diabetes in adult American Indians 0 None
2011-08-24 IARS launches $750,000 anesthesia research grant 0 None
2011-08-24 Making mistakes while learning has memory benefits 0 None
2011-08-24 Scientists discover nanoparticles can disrupt intracellular transport pathways 1 None
2011-08-24 Smokers more likely to report problems with persistent musculoskeletal pain 0 None
2011-08-24 New fertilized cells narrowly avoid degenerating into fatal chaos 0 None
2011-08-24 New advances in genomics, molecular diagnostics to be showcased at CAP 2011 meeting 0 None
2011-08-24 Canada's Minister of Health announces Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research 0 None
2011-08-24 MSFHR announces recipients of 2010/11 health research scholar and trainee funding competitions 0 None
2011-08-24 Ceasing regular physical activity impairs glycemic control 0 None
2011-08-24 MDA announces $13.7M in grants to 40 new muscular dystrophy research initiatives 0 None
2011-08-23 Obesity a brain condition, not just a lifestyle disorder, research confirms 3 None
2011-08-23 Dogs ‘sniff’ out early lung cancer accurately 0 None
2011-08-23 Hutchinson Center to participate in NCI-funded proteome research consortium 0 None
2011-08-23 Roche Canada grants Vasculitis and Scleroderma Fellowship 0 None
2011-08-23 High-salt diets with low physical activity can impact brain health in older adults 0 None
2011-08-23 Pearl selects TransPerfect's Trial Interactive eTMF solution for clinical development programs 0 3
2011-08-23 OICR President announces $12.6M in funding for High Impact Clinical Trials Program 0 None
2011-08-23 DMS receives NIH grant to establish Center of Biomedical Research Excellence 0 None
2011-08-23 New research reveals stubbornly low public awareness of bowel cancer 0 None
2011-08-22 New report on adverse effects of vaccines 0 None
2011-08-22 Should we be screening blood for hepatisi G? 0 None
2011-08-22 A CRADA for prostate disease research 0 None
2011-08-22 Johns Hopkins establishes Center for Personalized Cancer Medicine with Commonwealth Foundation gift 0 None
2011-08-22 NIH bias against African-Americans confirmed 0 None
2011-08-22 Modified Ecstasy could be effective against cancer: Study 0 5
2011-08-22 Cellular pathology of Lou Gehrig’s disease discovered 0 None
2011-08-22 One in three people listening to music with ear buds fail to cross streets safely 0 None
2011-08-20 Co-worker rudeness can have great impact on employee's family relationships 0 None
2011-08-20 Study examines how gay and lesbian couples promote each other's unhealthy habits 0 None
2011-08-20 High cigarette price, economic factors appear to reduce smoking rates among African-American youth 0 None
2011-08-20 NHLBI selects U-M Congenital Heart Center for clinical research 0 None
2011-08-20 Two studies on how amino acids influence protein synthesis in recreational athletes 0 None
2011-08-20 NIA awards UK Sanders-Brown Center on Aging ADC to continue Alzheimer's research 0 None
2011-08-20 New research articles focus on sport, physical activity participation across the lifespan 0 None
2011-08-20 Canada's Minister of Health to fund 25 policy-relevant research projects across six provinces 0 None
2011-08-20 U-M skilled physician named as Scleroderma Foundation's Doctor of the Year 0 None
2011-08-20 HDS discusses market opportunity linked with carbon sequestration technologies 0 None
2011-08-20 Hookah use among California youths is rising rapidly: Study 0 None
2011-08-20 NIH-supported project expands genetic research into clinical setting 0 None
2011-08-20 Wistar Institute, Graham Cancer Center enter research collaboration 0 None
2011-08-20 NIH approves BioTime's four GMP human embryonic stem cell lines 0 None
2011-08-19 Obese patients may be at increased risk for asthma misdiagnosis 0 None
2011-08-19 Southampton scientists to progress nutrition and respiratory research 0 None
2011-08-19 Seven research teams across the U.S. to develop new drugs for nervous system disorders 0 None
2011-08-19 Use of insecticide-treated bednets linked to local resurgence of malaria, study says 0 None
2011-08-19 Large-scale population imaging reveals robust sparse coding in Drosophila mushroom body 0 None
2011-08-19 Seven UC scientists receive 2011 NARSAD Grants for brain and behavior research 0 None
2011-08-19 NIH/NINDS awards AMRI to develop pre-clinical drug candidate for spinal muscular atrophy 0 None
2011-08-19 IRSF announces new Rett syndrome translational research awards 0 None
2011-08-19 Temple University, URMC partner to translate novel medical research into new drugs 0 2
2011-08-19 People with metabolic abnormalities more likely to develop kidney disease 0 None
2011-08-19 Scientists uncover how human egg captures sperm to begin fertilisation process 0 None
2011-08-18 Medical research funding boost in UK 0 None
2011-08-18 AHRQ awards Johns Hopkins Evidence-based Practice Center $475,000 for study on effective wound care 0 None
2011-08-18 PerkinElmer, Roche enter a new distribution agreement for NimbleGen CGX microarray workflow 0 None
2011-08-18 U.S. research collaboration addresses threat of cancer in Latin America 0 None
2011-08-18 Conference to expand awareness about benefits of human tissue research 0 None
2011-08-18 New collaboration for development of new malaria vaccine 0 None
2011-08-18 Patients with SVT more likely to develop venous thromboembolism 0 None
2011-08-18 Alcohol before bed hampers sleep: Study 0 None
2011-08-18 Scientists turn drug-disease match makers 0 None
2011-08-18 Researchers discover new mechanism that controls ageing in WBCs 0 None
2011-08-18 Patients with diabetes, hypertension more likely to develop open-angle glaucoma 0 None
2011-08-18 New research: Sniffer dogs can reliably identify lung cancer 0 None
2011-08-17 Radioiodine being overused in thyroid cancer: Study 0 None
2011-08-17 Inherited genetic links to prostate cancer discovered 0 None
2011-08-17 Harmless bacteria re-engineered to fight a deadly strain 0 None
2011-08-17 Just 15 minutes of exercise per day prolongs life 0 None
2011-08-17 Addiction – a brain disorder say experts 0 None
2011-08-17 The Washington Post explores comparative effectiveness research 0 None
2011-08-17 UC Riverside research could help prevent crop loss, pest outbreaks 0 None
2011-08-17 World's top genetic scientists to present latest research findings at ICHG/ASHG 2011 Meeting 0 None
2011-08-17 Clinical Trials Partnership Middle East Summit to take place in Dubai 0 None
2011-08-17 Alcohol and impulsivity are a dangerous mix 0 None
2011-08-17 PTSD impairs ability to recognize emotions from facial expressions 0 None
2011-08-17 Moderate social drinking reduces risk of dementia and cognitive impairment 0 None
2011-08-17 Obesity directly causes electrical abnormalities of the heart 0 1
2011-08-17 Moderate alcohol intake on a regular basis may increase risk of obesity 0 None
2011-08-16 Fluctuations in brain signals explained: Spontaneous electrical background rhythms in the brain influence fMRI 0 5
2011-08-16 Scientists gain new insight on role of stem cells in embryonic heart development 0 None
2011-08-16 Study investigates autism spectrum disorder, sibling recurrence 0 None
2011-08-16 Study: Menthol cigarettes linked with decreased quitting in the U.S. 0 None
2011-08-16 Study unveils remarkable ecological advantages of well-balanced diet 0 None
2011-08-16 Study explores how some cognitive strategies and abilities boost self-efficacy 0 None
2011-08-16 Prolonged TV viewing linked with reduced life expectancy 0 None
2011-08-16 Pericardial fat may promote atherosclerosis 0 None
2011-08-16 Survey: 35% of people in the UK fear cancer more than other life-threatening conditions 0 None
2011-08-16 Regular exercise could help prevent brain damage linked with Alzheimer's 0 3
2011-08-15 Caffeine in sunscreens may protect from skin cancer: Study 0 None
2011-08-15 Addiction to tanning 0 None
2011-08-15 ‘Methyl magnet’ genes can cause family cancer risk 0 None
2011-08-15 New ‘cure-all’ antiviral method discovered 0 None
2011-08-15 Fat interferes with body's sugar sensors to trigger type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-08-15 Arrythmia drug may work in stroke prevention: Study 0 1
2011-08-12 Kineta's next generation antiviral program receives $2.8 million NIH SBIR grant 0 None
2011-08-12 National Center for Toxicological Research celebrates 40th birthday 0 None
2011-08-12 NCTR and state of Arkansas enter MOU to establish virtual Center of Excellence for Regulatory Science 0 None
2011-08-12 Faith influences health behaviors of American Muslim patients 0 None
2011-08-12 Pro-eugenic Yale psychologist's deception discovered 0 None
2011-08-12 L3I announces new Outcome Based Partnership hybrid business model 0 None
2011-08-12 Teens involved in research studies prefer telephones over social media 0 None
2011-08-12 Money now preferred to cocaine later 0 None
2011-08-12 High levels of BPA found in paper currencies 0 None
2011-08-12 Metabolic profile reveals need for gender-specific therapies 0 None
2011-08-12 Researchers explain why vertebrate intestines are so predictably loopy 0 None
2011-08-12 Study tracks development of chimp brain and makes comparison to humans 0 None
2011-08-12 Second annual CNS Summit to shape the future of drug development 0 None
2011-08-12 Ecological research on disease prevention and human biome 0 None
2011-08-12 Turmeric effective in tennis or golfer's elbow 0 3.5
2011-08-12 Study examines link between spirit consumption and risk of acute pancreatitis 0 None
2011-08-12 Lower salt intake could prevent stroke, heart disease deaths 0 None
2011-08-11 ShangPharma achieves initial milestones for two oncology projects 0 None
2011-08-11 Narcissism may help children navigate adolescence 0 None
2011-08-11 House Research Institute's new campaign to raise funds of $65 million 0 None
2011-08-11 Spices may reduce oxidative stress and risk of chronic disease 0 None
2011-08-11 Older people may be at risk for unhealthy over-exposure to iron 0 None
2011-08-11 Study finds higher free iron content in dark beer 0 None
2011-08-11 Link between brain shrinkage, memory loss in Alzheimer's changes across age spectrum 0 None
2011-08-11 Insight into how neural circuit forms motor plan 0 None
2011-08-11 Red meat consumption may increase risk of type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-08-11 Genetic culprit behind ovarian cancer discovered 0 None
2011-08-11 Red and processed meat ‘ups’ risk for type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-08-11 Music therapy for cancer: Relieves anxiety and pain 0 None
2011-08-11 57 genes associated with multiple sclerosis 0 None
2011-08-11 Gene therapy to combat leukemia 0 4.5
2011-08-10 Researchers helps explain how the adult brain cleans out dead brain cells and produces new ones 0 None
2011-08-10 Biomarker may signal whether common back pain treatment will work 0 None
2011-08-10 Longer work hours linked to greater alcohol consumption: Study 0 None
2011-08-10 Mercury and autism link strengthened 0 5
2011-08-10 NCI, Genesis Biopharma sign CRADA agreement to develop cancer immunotherapies 0 None
2011-08-10 Study suggests ways to remediate cognitive errors 0 None
2011-08-10 Hutchinson Center to conduct free online smoking-cessation study 0 None
2011-08-10 Scientists reveal why human heart has little regenerative capacity 0 None
2011-08-10 BIDMC researchers receive PCF Challenge Awards for novel prostate cancer study 0 None
2011-08-10 Flatworms provide new insight into organ regeneration, evolution of mammalian kidneys 0 None
2011-08-10 UofL professor to teach and conduct research for Italian students in Fulbright Program 0 None
2011-08-10 Music and music therapy may benefit cancer patients 0 None
2011-08-09 Pfizer, UC San Diego sign research agreement to drive innovation in drug discovery 0 None
2011-08-09 Stress boosts performance for confident students, but holds back those with more anxiety 0 None
2011-08-09 Study shows how certain woodrats put themselves on diet to avoid poisoning 0 None
2011-08-09 Eurofins Optimed, Spaulding Clinical announce joint partnership agreement 0 None
2011-08-09 Debate on rationality of coronary angiography in low risk patients continues 0 None
2011-08-08 Exercise key to recovery in cancer 0 None
2011-08-08 Smoking first thing in the morning ‘ups’ cancer stakes 0 None
2011-08-08 Walking around the ward shortens geriatric patients' stay 0 None
2011-08-08 HUYA enters strategic partnership with King's Lab 0 None
2011-08-08 NIH awards Jefferson $4.8M grant to study vaccine to clear rabies virus from central nervous system 0 None
2011-08-08 Group Health study finds higher dementia risk with atrial fibrillation 0 None
2011-08-08 Schizophrenia not always inherited – Genetic links found 0 None
2011-08-08 Ovarian cancer gene discovered 0 None
2011-08-08 Anisotropic encoding of three-dimensional space by place and grid cells 0 None
2011-08-08 Study: Early morning smokers more likely to develop lung, head and neck cancer 0 None
2011-08-06 Proposals to reduce nation's debt would harm major scientific projects: APS 0 None
2011-08-06 New research sheds light on appeal of videogames 0 None
2011-08-06 New study shows antidepressant use increases among people with no psychiatric diagnosis 0 None
2011-08-06 Study finds connection between public health spending and population health 0 None
2011-08-06 Providers, patients worry about debt deal 0 None
2011-08-06 Clinical trial to assess impact of dietary change in men with prostate cancer 0 None
2011-08-06 Simple changes in food environment can help people lose weight 0 None
2011-08-06 Diet and genetics dictate adult jaw shape 0 None
2011-08-05 Gazpacho shows lower vitamin C content after preparation 0 None
2011-08-05 Human brain cells created from skin cells: Potential for Alzheimer’s 0 None
2011-08-05 Stem cells could provide sperm for infertile males 0 None
2011-08-05 Healthy diet heavier on the pocket: Study 0 None
2011-08-05 Wiley-Blackwell, The Hastings Center partner to publish leading journal on bioethics 0 1
2011-08-05 European Union grant to support clinical research and education at ICRC 0 None
2011-08-05 Study: Low lifetime recreational activity may increase prevalence of PAD 0 None
2011-08-05 BD Biosciences, Fluidigm to co-host public seminars on isolation and analysis of single cells 0 None
2011-08-05 PCF funds 10 new Challenge Awards for prostate cancer research 0 None
2011-08-04 Aggressive medication leads to growth of drug-resistant pathogens 0 None
2011-08-04 USDA NIFA awards NC State $25M grant to study human noroviruses 0 None
2011-08-04 Study reveals link between increased spirit consumption and acute pancreatitis 0 None
2011-08-04 Special supplement features growth and diversity of VA women's health research 0 None
2011-08-04 'Level Belt' may predict on-field performance in minor league baseball pitchers 0 None
2011-08-04 Positive activity interventions effective in treatment of depressive disorders 0 None
2011-08-04 Innovative delivery systems and methods to treat breast cancer 0 None
2011-08-04 Avaxia receives BARDA contract to develop new radiation mitigation drug 0 None
2011-08-04 Stress management can improve chronic skin conditions 0 None
2011-08-04 Virginia Tech to develop, implement and evaluate food security for Southern Appalachians 0 None
2011-08-04 Centenarians have good genes rather than good lifestyles: Study 0 None
2011-08-03 Marital instability impacts child's sleep patterns 0 None
2011-08-03 Older women living in a poor neighborhood have lower cognitive function 0 None
2011-08-03 Feed for hens decides health of eggs 0 None
2011-08-03 Hospitalist care does not reduce overall costs: Study 0 None
2011-08-03 Study: Subjective memory deterioration could be the first manifestation of Alzheimer's 0 None
2011-08-03 New approach to overcome complexities of developing more effective drugs for treating diseases 0 None
2011-08-03 Posttraumatic stress disorder linked to persistent fears of recurrent SAH 0 None
2011-08-03 UTHealth student receives UNCF/Merck fellowship for multidrug-resistant CDI research 0 None
2011-08-03 Alcohol, tobacco use increase risk of upper aero-digestive tract cancers 0 None
2011-08-03 Study finds spread of multidrug-resistant S. Kentucky 0 None
2011-08-03 Mood-related brain protein linked to sadness during cigarette withdrawal 0 None
2011-08-03 Eating legumes, brown rice and dried fruit may decrease risk of colorectal cancer 0 None
2011-08-03 Study evaluates humor and laughter in patients with COPD 0 None
2011-08-03 Nottingham animal scientist receives 'Marshall Medal' for fertility and reproduction study 0 None
2011-08-03 JVIR's impact factor increases nearly 15% during 2010 0 None
2011-08-03 British scientists find seven new gene variants linked to prostate cancer 0 None
2011-08-03 Post-traumatic stress disorder drug risperidone not working: Study 0 4.7
2011-08-03 Autophagy research offers clues to new weight loss treatment 0 None
2011-08-03 Bear bile compound may help treat heart attack: Study 0 None
2011-08-02 Scientists look to create blood platelets from stem cells to study genetics of blood clotting disorders 0 None
2011-08-02 Smoking doubles risk of atrial fibrillation 0 None
2011-08-02 BARDA awards contracts for development of drugs for radiation injury to the GI tract 0 None
2011-08-02 New cold electron source could improve quality and speed of nanoimaging for drug development 0 None
2011-08-02 Lesser toe deformities should be treated early: Literature review 0 None
2011-08-02 Smoking, high blood pressure and diabetes in middle age linked to brain damage 0 None
2011-08-02 Study: 19.5% of high school student smokers do not smoke daily or frequently 0 None
2011-08-02 Neighborhood SES and leisure-time physical activity after myocardial infarction 0 None
2011-08-02 RSS honors UNC researcher with 2011 Distinguished Service to Rural Life Award 0 None
2011-08-01 Pregnancy and electromagnetic fields linked to asthma in kids 0 None
2011-08-01 A little exercise better than none for heart health 0 None
2011-08-01 Spiritual retreat can help heart patients return to psycho-spiritual well-being 0 None
2011-08-01 Widespread, institutional corruption in American science, scientist says 0 None
2011-08-01 Nature Biotechnology publishes BGI, GT Life Sciences' study on CHO K1 genome 0 None
2011-08-01 AAO-HNSF scientific program to discuss latest research on hearing loss, voice disorders 0 None
2011-08-01 Majority of infants consume more salt than recommended 0 None


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