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Date Title Comments Rating
2012-12-31 Vaginal transobturator tape boosts incontinence cure rates 0 3.5
2012-12-31 Small numbers of ANA- and RP-negative patients with systemic sclerosis 0 None
2012-12-31 Stent placement ‘effective alternative to IVT in stroke patients’ 0 4
2012-12-31 Domestic cleaning sprays linked to increased asthma risk in women 0 None
2012-12-31 World Trade Center rescue workers may face increased cancer risk 0 None
2012-12-31 Insights into tissue-based T cells 0 None
2012-12-31 Hospitalist handoff needs action 0 None
2012-12-31 Few hepatitis C patients receive complete treatment 1 3
2012-12-31 Improvement needed in at-home cardiac care for elderly 0 3
2012-12-31 Refined mapping finds over 200 Crohn’s Disease genes 0 None
2012-12-31 Insufficient evidence for low oxygen in preterm resuscitation 0 None
2012-12-31 Active surveillance of prostate cancer patients encouraged 0 None
2012-12-31 Weight gain after adolescence has repercussions for hypertension 0 None
2012-12-29 Hospital type plays a role in racial disparities and appendicitis outcomes in children 0 None
2012-12-29 Early problems in processing knowledge-based information linked to Alzheimer's disease 0 3
2012-12-29 Over 1,500 scientists to present at Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology annual meeting 0 None
2012-12-29 Clinical approach to swallowing of foreign bodies 0 None
2012-12-29 Developer of Boron Neuron Capture Therapy bestowed National Medal of Science honor 0 None
2012-12-29 Cancer is rare among children, but is also a leading cause of death 0 None
2012-12-28 Extended sleep takes the pain out of mild chronic sleep loss 0 5
2012-12-28 Prevention is better than cure for smoking in young people 0 None
2012-12-28 Anesthesia choice may benefit knee arthroplasty patients 0 3
2012-12-28 Long-term, regular aspirin use linked to macular degeneration 0 None
2012-12-28 Routine reimaging unnecessary after mild head injury 0 None
2012-12-28 US acute kidney injury deaths ‘double in past decade’ 0 None
2012-12-28 Ease of use, usefulness keep patients e-happy 0 None
2012-12-28 Subclinical hypothyroidism not a risk factor for heart disease 0 1
2012-12-28 Rhinosinusitis without nasal polyps ‘predisposes to psoriasis’ 0 None
2012-12-28 Antibiotics do not help lower-respiratory tract infections 0 None
2012-12-28 Infertility treatment may raise childhood asthma risk 0 None
2012-12-28 Factors influencing anal sphincter injury risk ‘modifiable’ 0 None
2012-12-28 Immune response more complicated than thought 0 None
2012-12-28 Surgeons: Support your low-income neighbor 0 None
2012-12-28 DNA adducts linked to oral cancer in smokers 0 None
2012-12-28 Bipolar subtypes have differing personality traits 0 None
2012-12-28 Sweet solution dulls needle pain in infants 0 None
2012-12-28 Make palliative care available to Parkinson's patients 0 None
2012-12-28 Structure, training support reliable telestroke service 0 None
2012-12-28 Translating calories to miles prompts significant portion reductions 0 None
2012-12-28 Concern over transfusions in myocardial infarction patients 0 None
2012-12-28 Uncharacterized TLR plays key role in Toxoplasma gondii response 0 5
2012-12-28 Diabetes interventions show promise in primary care 0 None
2012-12-28 Bumping up appendicitis diagnostic accuracy 0 None
2012-12-28 Ulcerative colitis impairs work capacity 0 None
2012-12-28 PCORI research award to explore integration of patient strengths in treatment 0 None
2012-12-28 Group health approved for PCORI research awards to study care for back pain 0 None
2012-12-27 Virtual setting study reveals dramatic gender difference in propensity to disclose naked skin 0 None
2012-12-27 Experiencing domestic violence may lead to mental health disorders 0 None
2012-12-26 SVR associated with prolonged overall survival in patients with chronic HCV infection 0 None
2012-12-26 Prevalence of obesity and extreme obesity among young U.S. children may have begun to decline 0 None
2012-12-26 Study on prevalence of coronary atherosclerosis among U.S. soldiers 0 None
2012-12-25 Survey reveals significant improvement in delivery of underused care 0 4
2012-12-24 Diuretic-based antihypertensive therapy touted for obese 0 None
2012-12-24 Sportsmanship minimizes ice hockey injuries 0 None
2012-12-24 TNF inhibitor efficacy may depend on brain activity 0 4
2012-12-24 Computed tomography-induced cancer risk may be overstated 0 None
2012-12-24 BRCA testing impact on ovarian cancer prevention revealed 0 None
2012-12-24 More children surviving heart attacks in hospital 0 None
2012-12-24 Hair ethyl glucuronide detects even modest drinking 0 None
2012-12-24 Key to at-home geriatric care lies in reliability 0 2
2012-12-24 Cause of recurrent infections in MECP2 duplication syndrome identified 0 None
2012-12-24 Continuous vancomycin optimizes neonate therapy 0 None
2012-12-24 Antibody type prognostic for myasthenia gravis patients 0 None
2012-12-24 MRI fused with ultrasound to strengthen prostate cancer diagnosis 0 None
2012-12-24 Genetic innovations for pneumonia diagnosis in children 0 None
2012-12-22 Reducing fat intake leads to weight loss, smaller waists 1 None
2012-12-22 Parental drinking habits influence those of their children 0 3.3
2012-12-22 Optic nerve assessment predicts retinoblastoma outcomes 0 None
2012-12-22 UV nail lamp use not associated with skin cancer risk 0 None
2012-12-22 Insulin resistance risk in sleepyhead teens 0 3
2012-12-22 Third of high school seniors take marijuana 1 None
2012-12-22 Comorbidity could alter joint arthroplasty prognosis 0 None
2012-12-22 Narrow therapeutic window for Canavan disease 0 None
2012-12-22 Extended steroid treatment fails to reduce pediatric nephrotic relapse 0 1
2012-12-22 Nurse behavior makes patients feel safe 0 2.5
2012-12-22 High-dose rifampicin combination could improve meningitis survival 0 None
2012-12-22 Atopy patch tests predict oral tolerance in children with milk allergy 0 None
2012-12-22 Pneumococcal disease risk increased in mental health patients 0 None
2012-12-22 Bipolar subtypes have differing personality traits 0 None
2012-12-21 Study demonstrates safety of using tPA for stroke in community hospital settings 1 None
2012-12-21 Photo-catalytically active coatings can help reduce nitrogen oxides 0 None
2012-12-21 Measurement of IQ by a singular, standardized test is misleading, finds study 0 None
2012-12-21 Reviewing G-FINDER report findings 0 None
2012-12-21 Scientists sequence complete genome of leeches 0 None
2012-12-21 Voluntary moratorium on H5N1 avian flu research likely to end soon 0 None
2012-12-21 Real estate businessman delivers $2.5M gift to University of Chicago Medicine for GI study 0 None
2012-12-21 Exercise and mental health: an interview with Professor Nanette Mutrie 0 4
2012-12-21 Study finds increased risk of cancers among rescue/recovery workers after WTC terrorist attack 0 None
2012-12-21 Teen smoking falls to record low, study finds 0 None
2012-12-21 Oscillation of gene activity may underlie how embryos grow in proportion 0 None
2012-12-21 Shift-and-persist strategies, supportive role models may reduce physiological burden of poor teens 0 None
2012-12-20 Dragonfly capable of higher-level thought processes when hunting its prey 0 None
2012-12-20 Cancer-related mortality increased in psychiatric patients 0 None
2012-12-20 Bariatric surgery rates dropping in adolescents 0 None
2012-12-20 The war on terror: High rates of stoma creation after colorectal injury 0 None
2012-12-20 French method successful for clubfoot 0 None
2012-12-20 Radical surgery has lasting benefits for epileptic children 0 None
2012-12-20 Slushy spares kidney during partial nephrectomy 0 None
2012-12-20 Eating a meal together as a family helps children eat more healthily 0 None
2012-12-20 Disparities in HIV care in Ontario 0 None
2012-12-20 Bipolar subtypes show neurobiologic differences 0 None
2012-12-20 Cannabis use linked to poorer cognition in dependent schizophrenia patients 0 None
2012-12-20 Coffee habit improves survival chances with oral cancer 0 None
2012-12-20 Palliative care consultation may benefit heart failure patients 0 None
2012-12-20 Primary opponensplasty superior to osteosynthesis 0 None
2012-12-20 CBT boosts response in medication-resistant depression 0 None
2012-12-20 Antibiotic amoxicillin ineffective for treating cough according to European trial 0 None
2012-12-20 Journal of American College Health publishes special article on psychiatric advance directives 0 None
2012-12-20 Patients with hypertension or diabetes have increased risk of cancer recurrence, survival 0 None
2012-12-20 Small, consistent changes in daily eating behavior can lead to sustainable weight loss 0 None
2012-12-20 Scientists map sensory nerves in mouse skin 0 None
2012-12-19 Personalized rectal cancer therapy shows promise 0 None
2012-12-19 US FDA approves raxibacumab for treating inhalational anthrax 0 None
2012-12-19 Long physical work does not greatly influence miscarriage risk 0 None
2012-12-19 Enlarged lymph nodes may warn of cancer 0 None
2012-12-19 Smoking and drinking have no impact on male fertility 0 None
2012-12-19 ‘Sensory’ block promise for postop knee pain 0 None
2012-12-19 Zoo data show low incidence of animal–human infection 0 None
2012-12-19 Ethnic disparities remain in glaucoma testing 0 None
2012-12-19 Dedicated palliative care consults improve outcomes 0 None
2012-12-19 Partners should be involved in speech therapy 1 None
2012-12-19 Adiponectin flags up pancreatic cancer risk 0 1
2012-12-19 Brain structure linked to neuropsychopathology in psychosis patients 0 None
2012-12-19 Cancer-related mortality increased in psychiatric patients 0 None
2012-12-19 Umbilical cord stem cell therapy shows promise in infant BPD 0 4
2012-12-19 No evidence for man flu according to preliminary results from UK Flusurvey 0 None
2012-12-19 Meeting participants discuss HHS framework for funding H5N1 avian influenza research 0 None
2012-12-19 Arthritis, rheumatism and total joint arthroplasty: an interview with Dr Ravi and Dr Hawker 0 5
2012-12-19 Food and Function journal publishes Hass Avocado Board study 0 None
2012-12-19 Hypnotherapy helps fight irritable bowel syndrome symptoms 0 None
2012-12-19 Making small changes in travel or diet choices may lead to comparable obesity reduction 0 None
2012-12-19 Study investigates biology of emotional sharing 0 None
2012-12-18 Exercise clue to long QT syndrome prognosis 0 None
2012-12-18 Pelvic girdle pain persists postpartum despite cesarean section 1 None
2012-12-18 New once-daily dual bronchodilator effective in COPD 0 4
2012-12-18 Transcranial stimulation improves symptoms of Tourette’s 0 None
2012-12-18 Spine stiffness central to posteroanterior mobilization pain reduction 0 None
2012-12-18 Patient-managed weight-loss program works 0 None
2012-12-18 Lymphocyte clue to multiple sclerosis drug response 0 None
2012-12-18 Young men, cyclists at risk for facial fractures 0 None
2012-12-18 Ceramic-on-ceramic hips good option for juvenile arthritis 0 None
2012-12-18 Intramural coronary arteries indicative of vascular complications 0 None
2012-12-18 Nasopharyngeal cancer patients at risk for stroke 0 None
2012-12-18 Default mode network impaired in young adults at risk for psychosis 0 None
2012-12-18 Mood episodes impair QoL in young adults 0 None
2012-12-18 Whiplash recovery no quicker with intensive therapy 0 None
2012-12-18 Researchers describe how medical and nursing schools could help prevent potentially deadly errors 0 None
2012-12-18 AHA/ASA identify top cardiovascular and stroke research advances for 2012 0 None
2012-12-18 Global travel, climate warming could create right conditions for chikungunya outbreaks in the U.S. 0 None
2012-12-18 Germ cell removal may promote longevity 0 3
2012-12-18 Link between constant worry and increased risk of PTSD 0 None
2012-12-17 First meta-analytic review of association of perceived stress and incident CHD 0 None
2012-12-17 Study sheds light on how new treatments could be more effective in early stages of bipolar disorder 0 None
2012-12-17 Cytokine rise signals RCC progression 0 None
2012-12-17 Nephron-sparing surgery beats ablation for small renal masses 0 None
2012-12-17 Preop features predict pathology of small renal masses 0 None
2012-12-17 Partial nephrectomy maintains renal function in cT1a RCC 0 None
2012-12-17 Abiraterone improves outcomes for prostate cancer prior to chemo 0 None
2012-12-17 Human nociception genes mapped out 0 None
2012-12-17 18FDG–PET–CT improves breast cancer staging 2 1
2012-12-17 Lapatinib benefits found for HER2-positive early-stage patients 0 None
2012-12-17 Long-term antiviral HBV treatment advocated 0 None
2012-12-17 Dantrolene shows promise for treating DMD 0 None
2012-12-17 Improving environment can get elderly out and about 0 None
2012-12-17 Mother–infant pairs admitted to ICU have poor outcomes 0 None
2012-12-17 ‘Ambu-lysis’ edges closer for stroke patients 0 None
2012-12-17 Healthy behavior at middle age is critical to 'successful' aging 0 None
2012-12-17 Surgery poses cardiac risk to lupus women 0 None
2012-12-17 Less is more when it comes to antibiotics for UTI in men 0 None
2012-12-17 Sit–rise test may guide mortality risk stratification 0 None
2012-12-17 New research reveals music's health benefits 0 None
2012-12-17 Range of epigenetic immunoassays from VolitionRx now available for research use 0 None
2012-12-17 Study reveals how BRCA1 enzymatic activity may stop cancer cell growth 0 None
2012-12-17 Dyslipidaemia: an interview with Prof. Peter Kokkinos 0 3
2012-12-17 New model of how the capsid of viruses assembles 0 None
2012-12-15 Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, Bristol-Myers Squibb announce partnership 0 None
2012-12-15 IRCM study identifies mechanism responsible for generation of fingers and toes 0 None
2012-12-15 Aerobic training the best mode of exercise for burning fat 1 None
2012-12-15 Research provides broader understanding of processes that lead to Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2012-12-15 Consuming whole eggs may improve blood lipids, new research suggests 0 None
2012-12-15 Fluidigm, GIS announce establishment of first single-cell genomics research center in Asia 0 None
2012-12-14 Significant correlation between vitamin D and excessive daytime sleepiness 0 5
2012-12-14 Cedars-Sinai physician-scientist receives grant to study Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease 0 3
2012-12-14 Researchers identify how RecA protein helps broken DNA find way to bridge the gap 0 None
2012-12-14 Banana leaf bandages effective and inexpensive 0 3
2012-12-14 Mobiles assist weight-loss interventions 0 None
2012-12-14 Perthes’ disease link to congenital disorders revealed 0 5
2012-12-14 Challenge to brain injury guideline care 0 2
2012-12-14 God will control my asthma 0 1
2012-12-14 Graphic images best anti-smoking message 0 None
2012-12-14 Diabetes risk increased in relatives of schizophrenia patients 0 None
2012-12-14 Cognitive therapy may reduce anxiety in bipolar patients 0 None
2012-12-14 Combination therapy reduces sleep apnea symptoms at altitude 0 None
2012-12-14 Visual impairment and diabetes increase side by side 0 None
2012-12-14 Concern over enoxaparin bleeding risk in patients with moderate renal impairment 0 None
2012-12-14 Definitions, responsibilities are crucial to medication reconciliation 0 None
2012-12-14 High-risk leukemia patients respond to novel drug 0 None
2012-12-14 Smoking ‘worsens hangovers’ 0 None
2012-12-14 Malaria vaccine trial: an interview with Professor Sir Brian Greenwood 0 5
2012-12-14 Simple screening test of musculo-skeletal fitness proves predictive of all-cause mortality 0 None
2012-12-14 Time restrictions on television do not reduce underage exposure to alcohol advertising 0 None
2012-12-14 More than two-thirds of generic drugs have incomplete or incorrect safety-warning labels 1 None
2012-12-14 SLU researchers to study physiological and biochemical functions in lupus 0 None
2012-12-14 Swift Charities donates $15,262 to Waylon Jennings Fund for Diabetes Research at TGen 0 None
2012-12-13 CBT most effective for children with post-traumatic stress disorder 0 None
2012-12-13 Breast cancer patients' recurrence fear distorted 0 None
2012-12-13 Health systems must be more ‘adherence-friendly’ 0 None
2012-12-13 Diuretic-based antihypertensive therapy touted for obese 0 None
2012-12-13 Predictor of lymph node metastasis after oral cancer unmasked 0 None
2012-12-13 Massage could ease distress of brain cancer 0 None
2012-12-13 Colectomy fails to ease ulcerative colitis sick leave burden 0 None
2012-12-13 Many deaths among schizophrenia, bipolar patients ‘avoidable’ 0 None
2012-12-13 Functional rehab avoids surgery for Achilles rupture 0 None
2012-12-13 Linking food costs to nutritional value may benefit health 0 None
2012-12-13 Relatives of schizophrenia patients show cortical thinning 0 None
2012-12-13 Social cognition impaired in bipolar disorder patients 0 None
2012-12-13 Fingolimod associated with modest, rapid increase in macular volume 0 None
2012-12-13 Modified eyelid surgery techniques reap rewards 0 None
2012-12-13 Physical activity improves brain function in older generations 0 None
2012-12-13 CRI, SU2C form Cancer Immunology Translational Research Dream Team 0 None
2012-12-13 Novel tactile conditioning experiment using honey bees 0 None
2012-12-12 Skin vibrations convey information to the brain much the same way as auditory system 0 None
2012-12-12 Participating in online social networks can have detrimental effect on consumer well-being 0 None
2012-12-12 Physical activity associated with longevity gains 0 None
2012-12-12 Industry sponsored clinical trials present a more favourable picture of reported findings 0 None
2012-12-12 Cleft palate children need regular hearing check-ups 0 None
2012-12-12 African–American rectal cancer patients wait the longest for treatment 0 None
2012-12-12 Spotlight on acute respiratory distress syndrome in low-risk surgery 0 None
2012-12-12 Complex process of bone disease evident in mastocytosis 0 None
2012-12-12 Benzodiazepines associated with fatal pneumonia 0 None
2012-12-12 Radioactive iodine benefits selected papillary thyroid cancer patients 0 None
2012-12-12 Ancient algae may hold key to treating malaria and related parasites 0 3.5
2012-12-12 Hospice use driven by finance rather than patient eligibility 0 None
2012-12-12 Later puberty onset protective against testicular cancer 0 None
2012-12-12 Cognitive retrieval impaired in schizophrenia 0 None
2012-12-12 Many deaths among schizophrenia, bipolar patients ‘avoidable’ 0 None
2012-12-12 Decreased air pollution continues to increase life expectancy in USA 0 None
2012-12-12 Prematurity marks the adult heart 0 None
2012-12-12 The argument for vision insurance 0 None
2012-12-12 Study finds increase in prevalence of nonrefractive visual impairment in the U.S. 0 None
2012-12-12 Epi-marks can lead to homosexuality 0 5
2012-12-12 Emotion helps us recognize words quicker and more accurately straight away 0 None
2012-12-12 Older adults with visually impairing eye disease limit their activities due to fear of falling 0 None
2012-12-11 Age, functional status predict return to acute care for burn patients 0 None
2012-12-11 Sage could protect young chickens against salmonella 0 None
2012-12-11 Lenalidomide effective alternative in lupus 0 None
2012-12-11 Depression treatment ‘should target emotional control’ 0 None
2012-12-11 High-altitude treatment may help severe asthma patients 0 None
2012-12-11 Chest-compression-only CPR ‘should be standard’ for bystander resuscitation 1 5
2012-12-11 Ultrasonography effective for diagnosing childhood pneumonia 0 None
2012-12-11 Cognitive impairments linked to mood episode recurrence risk 0 None
2012-12-11 Cognitive remediation may benefit youth with psychosis 0 None
2012-12-11 Depression treatment ‘should target emotional control’ 0 None
2012-12-11 CYP2J2 implicated in preeclampsia 0 None
2012-12-11 Recurrence unlikely in childhood cryptogenic stroke 0 None
2012-12-11 Spinal manipulations do not overstrain internal carotid artery 0 5
2012-12-11 Telestroke networks benefit hospital bank balances 0 None
2012-12-11 Pay attention to pregnant workers with pelvic girdle pain 0 None
2012-12-11 Nature, nurture appear to be significant factors in early antisocial behaviors of adopted children 0 None
2012-12-11 GeneTex to introduce new Histone H3 antibody 0 5
2012-12-11 New approach can reduce occupational health hazard risks in construction workers 0 None
2012-12-11 UC Irvine researcher to evaluate astronauts' hip fracture risk from space travel 0 None
2012-12-11 Traumatic brain injury incidence: an interview with Professor Valery Feigin 0 5
2012-12-11 Bolstering extracellulal matrix prevents skin aging 0 5
2012-12-11 GSK, Fred Hutch to develop therapeutics against facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy 0 None
2012-12-11 Study examines 3 main relative contributors to pedestrian death 0 None
2012-12-10 Auditory systems differ between sexes in sparrows depending on the season 0 None
2012-12-10 Strong inverse association between caffeinated coffee intake and oral/pharyngeal cancer mortality 0 None
2012-12-10 Erect radiographs reveal missed cervical spine instability 0 None
2012-12-10 Saliva increases protective potential during periodontitis 0 None
2012-12-10 Thulium vapoenucleation well-tolerated for treating benign prostate obstruction 0 None
2012-12-10 ATLAS holds up 10-year tamoxifen regime 0 None
2012-12-10 Contrast agent ‘not recommended’ in premature neonates 0 None
2012-12-10 Immune dysfunction pinpointed in developmental disorder 0 None
2012-12-10 Risk factors revealed for anti-tuberculosis drug hepatotoxicity 0 None
2012-12-10 Microarray analysis ‘best test for prenatal diagnosis’ 0 None
2012-12-10 CYP2J2 implicated in preeclampsia 0 None
2012-12-10 Antimicrobial catheters do not significantly reduce UTI risk 0 None
2012-12-10 Meals on wheels reduces nursing home strain 0 None
2012-12-10 Don’t stretch yourself too much before cycling 0 None
2012-12-10 Heart-healthy diet may reduce recurrent stroke, MI risk 0 4
2012-12-10 Throat swabs should be included in S. aureus screening programs 0 None
2012-12-10 Rehabilitation helps restore erectile function post radical prostatectomy 0 None
2012-12-10 RET fusion signals unique NSCLC subtype 0 None
2012-12-10 FGFR1 amplification heralds poor prognosis in SCCL 0 None
2012-12-10 New lung cancer loci found 0 None
2012-12-10 Potential way to attack common stomach bacteria that cause ulcers 0 None
2012-12-10 New hope for leukemia patients 0 1
2012-12-10 Wellcome Trust researchers discover how brain assesses confidence in its decisions 0 None
2012-12-10 Researchers track emergence and global spread of healthcare-associated C. difficile 0 None
2012-12-10 Brazil Scientific Motility Society awards training grant to GHSU’s Department of Physiology 0 None
2012-12-10 Scientists uncover molecular basis of gentle touch 0 None
2012-12-09 American Journal of Psychiatry publishes results from Successful Aging Evaluation study 0 None
2012-12-08 U.S. government's draft guidance on funding for H5N1 research receives 'mixed reception,' Science reports 0 None
2012-12-07 LSUHSC to advance research on social, genetic, environmental and behavioral determinants of future obesity 0 None
2012-12-07 CBT may help reduce depression in people who have not responded to antidepressants 0 3
2012-12-07 BMI may influence which blood pressure treatments work best 0 4
2012-12-07 More work needed to predict, prevent zoonotic pandemics 0 None
2012-12-07 Modified CKD model aids risk prediction in African Americans 0 None
2012-12-07 Drug offers alternative treatment strategy for insomnia 0 None
2012-12-07 Prosthetic joint infection guidelines released 0 5
2012-12-07 Optimal detection of glaucoma progression remains unclear 0 None
2012-12-07 Bypass option for ‘unclippable’ giant cerebral aneurysms 0 None
2012-12-07 Pay for performance may have reduced UK mortality rates 0 None
2012-12-07 Noncoding DNA sequence required for epidermal differentiation 0 None
2012-12-07 Diabetes drug may improve ovarian cancer survival 0 None
2012-12-07 Pesticides in tap water may increase food allergy risk 0 None
2012-12-07 Adiponectin level may underpin atherogenic haptoglobin phenotype 0 None
2012-12-07 Cell phone dependence ‘just as real as substance addiction’ 0 5
2012-12-07 CRP40 may have pathogenic role in schizophrenia 0 None
2012-12-07 ADHD comorbidity confounds brain findings in bipolar disorder 0 None
2012-12-07 Study reveals increase in incidence of dialysis-requiring acute kidney injury 0 None
2012-12-07 Kidney cancer survival rates: an interview with Dr Wong-Ho Chow 0 3
2012-12-07 JAACAP editorial addresses 'translation gap' in autism research 0 None
2012-12-07 Kessler Foundation to study effects of intellectual enrichment on cognitive decline in people with MS 0 None
2012-12-06 Orthoses improve pain, balance in fracture-prone elderly 0 None
2012-12-06 C-reactive protein levels increased in schizophrenia 0 None
2012-12-06 Patient-reported outcomes of head and neck surgery in focus 0 None
2012-12-06 Mediterranean diet may be too expensive for many 0 None
2012-12-06 Teenage girls who smoke may put themselves at risk for osteoporosis 0 None
2012-12-06 Prenatal stress linked to affective disorders in offspring 0 None
2012-12-06 C-reactive protein levels increased in schizophrenia 0 None
2012-12-06 Elderly cope better with oral cancer 0 None
2012-12-06 H. pylori colonic neoplasm link confirmed 0 None
2012-12-06 Targeted therapy as common as chemotherapy at end of life 0 None
2012-12-06 Protected sleep, shorter rotations may improve clinicians’ performance 0 None
2012-12-06 Less is more when it comes to antibiotics for UTI in men 0 None
2012-12-06 ‘Weekend pill’ employed for muscular dystrophy 0 None
2012-12-06 Researchers examine impact of exercise on mare reproductive health and embryo transfer 0 None
2012-12-06 Dendritic spines respond to and process synaptic inputs both chemically and electrically 0 None
2012-12-06 CPRIT announces new grants to support variety of cancer-fighting research projects in Texas 0 None
2012-12-06 TSRI scientist to better define how brain organizes different types of memories among neurons 0 None
2012-12-05 Sickle cell disease trial completes phase 3 patient enrollment 0 None
2012-12-05 Obesity ramps up thoracic surgery costs 0 None
2012-12-05 WHO assists Middle East authorities with coronavirus investigation 0 5
2012-12-05 Speech problems affect half of all children with cerebral palsy 0 None
2012-12-05 Old age no barrier to rectal resection 0 2
2012-12-05 Ponatinib offers new hope in drug-resistant leukemia 0 None
2012-12-05 BMI influences hormone levels in overweight, obesity 0 None
2012-12-05 Bipolar disorder prevalent in panic disorder patients 0 None
2012-12-05 Depression, anxiety not linked to psychosis transition 0 None
2012-12-05 Age, breed, punishment type, training affect dogs' aggression 0 None
2012-12-05 Nerve stimulation improves hand use in spinal cord injury patients 1 None
2012-12-05 ‘Pain as reward’ raises tolerance threshold 1 None
2012-12-05 NICE reject intravitreal implant for diabetic macular edema 0 None
2012-12-05 ‘Old’ erythrocytes little problem in noncardiac surgery 0 None
2012-12-05 Vitamin D and women’s risk for multiple sclerosis 1 None
2012-12-05 Smoking cessation support: an interview with Robyn Whittaker 0 5
2012-12-05 Inserm prizes for medical research to be awarded on Dec. 3 0 None
2012-12-05 Patients with obstructive sleep apnea have same early cardiovascular damage as diabetics 1 None
2012-12-05 Low-income people show poor adherence to Mediterranean diet 0 None
2012-12-05 Sourdough and enzyme bioprocessing effectively modify flavor, texture of oat breads 0 None
2012-12-05 Study: Medicare pay may cause hospices to discourage enrollment of high-cost patients 0 None
2012-12-05 Retiring later is unlikely to affect men's quality of life 0 None
2012-12-05 Clear association between media multitasking and mental health problems 0 None
2012-12-05 Smokers more likely to report hangover symptoms after heavy drinking 0 None
2012-12-05 Regular, moderate coffee consumption may help prevent type 2 diabetes 0 None
2012-12-05 UC Berkeley professor wins Young Investigator Award by STEM CELLS journal 0 None
2012-12-04 Resolving conflict over treatment decisions sometimes impossible 0 None
2012-12-04 Mutations signaling poor neuroblastoma prognosis identified 0 None
2012-12-04 Sputum color guides antibiotic treatment in COPD 0 3.5
2012-12-04 Rethinking therapy decisions in autoimmune encephalopathy 0 5
2012-12-04 Parasympathetic dysfunction underpins Gulf War Syndrome 0 None
2012-12-04 Cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety-related dizziness 0 None
2012-12-04 Docosahexaenoic acid levels reduced in bipolar disorder patients 0 None
2012-12-04 Websites offering 'designer vaginas' lack information 0 None
2012-12-04 Talk is cheap for tackling wasteful emergency diagnostics 0 None
2012-12-04 Family history best discriminator of bipolar disorder from depression in young people 0 None
2012-12-04 Adiponectin level may underpin atherogenic haptoglobin phenotype 0 None
2012-12-04 Boys at high-risk for familial depression show sadness oversensitivity 0 None
2012-12-04 Mouthwash may reduce bacteremia after wisdom tooth extraction 0 None
2012-12-04 Excess vitamin A intake has calcification repercussions 0 None
2012-12-04 Intervention helps postmenopausal women relax 0 None
2012-12-04 Healthy eating prevents second heart attack, stroke or death in people with CVD 0 None
2012-12-04 Mercury pollution in marine environment contaminates seafood 0 None
2012-12-04 Study describes 68 cases of chronic traumatic encephalopathy in athletes, military veterans 0 None
2012-12-03 Reductions in fine particulate matter may improve life expectancy in the U.S. 0 None
2012-12-03 Researchers identify new genetic regions associated with heart attacks 0 None
2012-12-03 Childhood trauma can leave permanent epigenetic marks on DNA 0 None
2012-12-03 First wave of revalidation dates set 0 None
2012-12-03 Chiropractic therapy gives parents something to smile about 1 5
2012-12-03 Run speed, functional movement predict injury in military trainees 0 None
2012-12-03 Selumetinib plus docetaxel shows KRAS-mutant NSCLC potential 0 None
2012-12-03 Vitamin D receptor polymorphism may protect against osteoporosis 0 4
2012-12-03 Novel device improves post-prostatectomy incontinence 0 None
2012-12-03 Single-dose radiotherapy best for painful spine metastases 0 None
2012-12-03 Task Force set to back CDC hepatitis C screening 0 None
2012-12-03 Innovative stem cell technique for heart tissue revealed 0 None
2012-12-03 Vasculitis and the metabolic syndrome frequently co-exist 0 None
2012-12-03 Administrative data quantify hospital infection risk 0 None
2012-12-03 Elderly depression at discharge related to future outcomes 0 None
2012-12-03 Stem cells give insight into path of cytomegalovirus infection 0 None
2012-12-03 Structured hypertension care: VIPER lacks real bite 0 None
2012-12-03 Inflammatory marker targeted in ear infection 0 None
2012-12-03 Specific transporters could be exploited to deliver toxic substances into cancer cells 0 None
2012-12-03 Heart attack centres: an interview with Dr Sayan Sen 0 None
2012-12-03 Scientists discover how humans and mammals develop intelligence 0 None
2012-12-02 Low-level exposure to organophosphates affects neurological and cognitive function 0 None
2012-12-01 US women lose their health insurance after divorce: Study 0 5
2012-12-01 Child psychiatrist from England named recipient of Lennox-Lombroso Award 0 None
2012-12-01 Increasing sleep time improves daytime alertness and reduces pain sensitivity 0 None
2012-12-01 Researchers find association between neuroscience providers and stroke-related deaths in US 0 None
2012-12-01 Brain study provides new insights into how recognition is connected with emotion and morality 0 None
2012-12-01 Studies show possibility of improving healthcare by tackling problem in standardized way 0 None
2012-12-01 New genetic study defines biology behind brain developmental disorder in children 0 None
2012-12-01 People being mentored should be open to feedback and be active listeners 0 None
2012-12-01 Researchers study antimicrobial peptides in fish gills to find solution for blocking human infections 0 None
2012-12-01 New study on mice could open door to methods of regulating cell proliferation in humans 0 None
2012-12-01 Reduced production of myelin may play role in development of mental illness: Study 0 5
2012-12-01 Penn study provides insight on how vacant land affects neighborhood health 0 None
2012-12-01 TEMPEST research project can help children resist temptations to unhealthy snacks 0 None
2012-11-30 Study of hospital-acquired infection yields potential therapeutic target 0 None
2012-11-30 Some people choose out-of-network care in emergency situations 0 None
2012-11-30 DFG to establish 11 Collaborative Research Centres in Jan 2013 0 None
2012-11-30 Today's teens and young people more likely to abuse prescription painkillers 0 None
2012-11-30 Guineafowl may spread Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus 0 None
2012-11-30 Adolescent fatness may risk future end-stage renal disease 0 None
2012-11-30 Asthma and nasal congestion common insomnia triggers 0 None
2012-11-30 Tdap well tolerated in over-65s 0 None
2012-11-30 Air quality in cities linked to inflammatory risk in diabetes 0 None
2012-11-30 Lewy pathology out of favor as Parkinson’s culprit 0 None
2012-11-30 Topical simvastatin may be answer to nonhealing diabetic wounds 0 None
2012-11-30 Poor empathy may feature in common psychiatric conditions 0 None
2012-11-30 Evidence of neurobiologic differences between bipolar subtypes 0 None
2012-11-30 Inpatients falling under the effects of hypnotic agent 0 None
2012-11-30 Infrared therapy could help prevent anal cancer in HIV-positive population 0 None
2012-11-30 Orthopedic surgery relieves breast cancer metastases 0 None
2012-11-30 Only assess glaucoma drug efficacy after multiple testing 0 None
2012-11-30 Phone, letter prompts improve statin uptake 0 None
2012-11-30 Physicians beware of fruity drug interactions 0 None
2012-11-30 Personalized feedback about health issues can help students make good lifestyle decisions 0 None
2012-11-30 Study links verbal aggression to prenatal testosterone exposure 0 None
2012-11-30 Exposure to essential oil for 1 hour would be effective in reducing heart rate and blood pressure 0 5
2012-11-30 Stroke effects: an interview with Dr Ingvars Birznieks 0 None
2012-11-30 Two Sanford-Burnham projects win International Space Station Research Competition 0 None
2012-11-30 VAC-3S immunotherapeutic vaccine for HIV completes first clinical development phase 0 None
2012-11-30 German Research Foundation to establish new CRC at Mainz University Medical Center 0 None
2012-11-30 African Americans experience faster progression of CKD during later stages 0 None
2012-11-30 Correlation between childhood intelligence and chronic widespread pain in adulthood 0 None
2012-11-29 High–fructose corn syrup use linked to diabetes 0 None
2012-11-29 Regorafenib phase III results strongly support use in GIST 0 None
2012-11-29 Gastritis linked to mood, anxiety disorders 0 None
2012-11-29 Nasolabial lip reconstruction provides favorable functional, aesthetic outcomes 0 None
2012-11-29 Risk score predicts childhood obesity in newborns 0 None
2012-11-29 Air pollution exposure in early life linked to autism 0 None
2012-11-29 Structured hypertension care: VIPER lacks real bite 0 None
2012-11-29 Bipolarity common in major depressive episode patients 0 None
2012-11-29 Suicide ‘a major concern’ in childhood psychosis 0 None
2012-11-29 Patient adherence predicts ankle surgery healing 0 None
2012-11-29 Imaging window into future for brain injury patients 0 None
2012-11-29 Reoperation not reliable indicator for hernia recurrence 0 None
2012-11-29 Periodontal disease identified using salivary biomarkers 0 None
2012-11-29 Palliative care needs expanding 0 None
2012-11-29 New antifungal drugs could be developed based on substance bacteria use to decompose mushrooms 0 None
2012-11-29 Mental health amongst top reasons why young people attend GPs in Mid West Ireland 0 None
2012-11-29 Combining statin treatment with better fitness improves survival in people with dyslipidaemia 0 None
2012-11-29 Blood test and gene sequencing combined to detect cancer 0 None
2012-11-29 Behavior problems associated with diminished academic achievement in depressed adolescents 0 None
2012-11-29 Study identifies toxic flame retardants in many home couches across the U.S. 0 None
2012-11-29 University of Toronto engineering team to continue work on designing waterless, hygienic toilet 0 None
2012-11-29 Scientists discover synchronous brain activity between two guitarists 0 None
2012-11-29 Loyola receives $60,666 American Heart Association grant for cardiac research 0 None
2012-11-29 Musical Moments for MS honors Kessler Foundation expert with Medical Excellence Award 0 None
2012-11-28 Cancer-related fatigue and exercise: an interview with Dr Fiona Cramp 0 None
2012-11-28 Factors increasing risk for pertussis in children evaluated 0 None
2012-11-28 Biomarker for ALS progression shows promise 0 None
2012-11-28 Dutasteride delays PSA progression 0 None
2012-11-28 School status may affect later smoking susceptibility 0 None
2012-11-28 Brain effects of high-altitude sickness retained long term 0 None
2012-11-28 Hemorrhage risk ‘higher than reported’ for AF warfarin users 0 None
2012-11-28 Polydipsia linked to brain alterations in schizophrenia 0 None
2012-11-28 Gastritis linked to mood, anxiety disorders 0 4.5
2012-11-28 Bleeding risk modifies perioperative beta-blocker benefits 0 None
2012-11-28 Digoxin for atrial fibrillation questioned 1 None
2012-11-28 Two-route drug combination best for horse joint pain 0 None
2012-11-28 Watch out for Sjögren's syndrome in dry eye 0 None
2012-11-28 Hospice patients accepting of student examinations 0 None
2012-11-28 Nontraditional velopharyngoplasty predictor unveiled 0 None
2012-11-28 Social media can reduce and prevent infectious diseases from spreading 0 5
2012-11-28 Link between high fructose corn syrup intake and diabetes prevalence 1 4.5
2012-11-28 Yoga appears to be effective treatment for neck pain 0 None
2012-11-28 Brain microhemorrhages more common among high altitude cerebral edema survivors 0 None
2012-11-27 Targeted preventive cardiac screening in US athletes ‘would limit cost’ 0 None
2012-11-27 Retinal reader helps blind to ‘see’ words 0 None
2012-11-27 Children's caries history predicts future tooth decay 0 None
2012-11-27 Spoke sign may highlight pediatric middle ear effusion 0 None
2012-11-27 Patients with online records access will see doctor more 0 None
2012-11-27 Ultrasound puts emergency lines in the right place 0 None
2012-11-27 Trauma does not negatively impact cognition in schizophrenia 0 None
2012-11-27 Subthreshold bipolarity common in major depressive disorder 0 5
2012-11-27 Simple measures halve ventilator-associated pneumonia 0 None
2012-11-27 Ethnic differences in susceptibility to movie smoking 0 4
2012-11-27 Young vascular systems adapt to obesity 1 None
2012-11-27 Biopsychosocial model predicts disability in neck pain patients 1 None
2012-11-27 Latest research allays IUD pelvic disease fear 0 None
2012-11-27 Post-prostatectomy erectile dysfunction treatment disliked 1 None
2012-11-27 Big pharma and federal government predicted to play diminishing role in research funding 0 None
2012-11-27 GPs fitting more into patient consultations 0 None
2012-11-27 Study examines reasons why smoking is not treated in many cancer patients 0 None
2012-11-27 Johns Hopkins receives $1.9M NIH grant to establish new center for sleep research 0 None
2012-11-26 Azathioprine exposure concerns raised for SLE mothers 0 None
2012-11-26 Child injury fear may take the bounce out of the castle 0 None
2012-11-26 Nonfunctional MED12 gene linked to chemotherapy resistance 0 None
2012-11-26 New tool helps identify nonadherent HIV patients 0 None
2012-11-26 Tomosynthesis plus digital mammography improves cancer detection, reduces recall rates 0 None
2012-11-26 Breast cancer overdiagnosis concerns for USA 0 None
2012-11-26 Tivantinib holds personalized therapy promise in HCC 0 None
2012-11-26 ICU use, outcomes vary globally 0 None
2012-11-26 Moderate exercise protects elderly hearts 0 None
2012-11-26 Similar survival rates with endovascular, open aneurysm repair 0 None
2012-11-26 Neonatal history must be taken in ex-preterms with fractures 0 None
2012-11-26 Procalcitonin levels help distinguish between pneumonia types 0 None
2012-11-26 Lack of job may raise heart attack risk 0 None
2012-11-26 Word-training program found to restore key words in some dementia patients 0 None
2012-11-26 Chronic suppurative lung disease: an interview with Dr Robyn Marsh 0 None
2012-11-26 First evidence of blood vessel dysfunction found in healthy young people with cystic fibrosis 0 None
2012-11-26 Study shows neurobiological mechanisms of how individual risk preferences determine risk perception 0 None
2012-11-26 Mental activities like reading and writing can preserve structural integrity in the brains of older people 0 None
2012-11-26 Weight loss and quality of sleep: an interview with Kerry Stewart 0 5
2012-11-23 Smoking-related diabetes a modifiable risk factor 0 None
2012-11-23 Kidney disease measures on mortality, ESRD unaffected by age 0 None
2012-11-23 ‘White-coat’ hypertension concern in very elderly 0 None
2012-11-23 Children with psoriasis at increased risk for obesity 0 None
2012-11-23 Medical teams in disaster zones should be prepped to treat children 0 None
2012-11-23 Smoking-related diabetes a modifiable risk factor 0 None
2012-11-23 Adolescent strength linked to early mortality risk 0 4
2012-11-23 Highly impulsive behavior leads to problem gambling in boys 0 None
2012-11-23 Allergies common in ADHD, tic disorder patients 0 None
2012-11-23 Childhood abuse linked to altered gray matter in psychosis 0 None
2012-11-23 Altered cognition, attitudes mostly state related in bipolar disorder 1 None
2012-11-23 Rheumatoid arthritis patients adhere to both adalimumab, etanercept 0 None
2012-11-23 Using supplemental nurses is not bad for patients 0 None
2012-11-23 Eight days is magic number for macular reattachment 0 None
2012-11-23 Official stats underestimate brain injury 0 None
2012-11-23 Antibiotic prescribing rates raise concerns over e-visits 0 None
2012-11-23 Fear of movement affects 20% of patients with coronary artery disease 0 4
2012-11-23 Well-characterised population cohorts important for clinical decision making 0 None
2012-11-23 Collaborative research on fruits that may help improve vascular health 0 None
2012-11-23 Word recognition patterns change as people grow older 0 None
2012-11-23 UPC teams conduct research in biomedical engineering to improve people's health 0 None
2012-11-23 Medication reduces risk of criminal behaviour in people with ADHD 0 None
2012-11-23 Researchers create 3D map of rod sensory cilium architecture affected by mutation 0 None
2012-11-23 Gender equity challenges in Canadian university research 0 None
2012-11-22 Breakthrough in heart research 0 None
2012-11-22 Perfusion of renal masses on MR corresponds to histopathologic diagnosis 0 None
2012-11-22 Tumors 'not always greatest mortality risk in RCC patients' 0 None
2012-11-22 Tumour burden predicts prognosis in mRCC 1 None
2012-11-22 Temsirolimus effective for mRCC patients on hemodialysis 0 None
2012-11-22 Traumatic brain injury incidence could be six times higher than previously estimated 0 None
2012-11-22 Eating disorders common in adolescents attending emergency department 0 None
2012-11-22 Electronic device sniffs out sleep apnea syndrome 0 None
2012-11-22 Bipolar patients oblivious to medication nonadherence risks 0 None
2012-11-22 Ankle repair recovery predictors identified 0 None
2012-11-22 Smoking in pregnancy has adverse impact on children’s reading skills 0 None
2012-11-22 Colorectal cancer patient siblings ‘deserve screening’ 0 None
2012-11-22 Antioxidant defense reduced in teens with psychotic family history 0 None
2012-11-22 Bipolar I disorder has higher costs than other affective disorders 0 None
2012-11-22 Surgery simulation ‘catapults’ trainees' abilities 0 None
2012-11-22 Food hardness affects bolus size, swallowing 0 None
2012-11-22 Modified breast reduction technique noninferior to traditional 0 None
2012-11-22 Factors influencing pain in head and neck cancer patients clarified 0 None
2012-11-22 Checklist diverts inebriated from emergency department 0 None
2012-11-22 Computational apolipoprotein estimates ‘reliable’ for cardiovascular risk 0 None
2012-11-22 Lactate clearance provide additional information to predict mortality in trauma patients 0 None
2012-11-22 Obesity and oxidative stress: an interview with Dr Elizabeth New 2 5
2012-11-22 IRCM researchers discover a nerve cell's internal clock 0 None
2012-11-22 Sleep deprivation could affect academic performance of college students 0 3.8
2012-11-21 Computational apolipoprotein estimates ‘reliable’ for CV risk 0 4
2012-11-21 Promising results for pneumococcal vaccine 0 None
2012-11-21 Poor oral health linked to severe mental health issues 0 None
2012-11-21 Scars mark hypertension risk in vesicoureteral reflux 0 None
2012-11-21 Flame retardants may cause neurodevelopmental problems in children 0 None
2012-11-21 Cryoprecipitate plus tranexamic acid boost war injury survival 0 3
2012-11-21 Metabolomics clue to postoperative delirium 0 4
2012-11-21 Alternatives to colonoscopy for monitoring colorectal cancer risk 0 None
2012-11-21 Watch-and-wait approach feasible following adjuvant therapy for rectal cancer 0 None
2012-11-21 Personality influences placebo response 0 None
2012-11-21 Cataract specifics are not relevant to postsurgery improvement 0 None
2012-11-21 Exercise relieves cancer fatigue 0 None
2012-11-21 Symptomatic voice therapy enhances vocal exercise response in transgender patients 0 None
2012-11-21 Factors linked to cognitive dysfunction in schizophrenia identified 0 None
2012-11-21 Bipolar patients oblivious to medication non-adherence risks 0 None
2012-11-21 French oil company funding rotavirus research in Congo 0 None
2012-11-21 More than half of all retired people report sleeping at least 7.5 hours per night 0 None
2012-11-21 In order to end AIDS, reduce stigma of marginalized groups and accelerate HIV cure research 0 None
2012-11-21 Gabrielle's Angel Foundation announces recipients of new collaborative grants for cancer research 0 None
2012-11-21 Simple, accurate testing protocol to determine driving fitness in individuals with MS 0 5
2012-11-21 TAU researcher connects computer communications and psychosis 0 None
2012-11-20 No advantage of continuous over bolus doxorubicin in ALL children 0 None
2012-11-20 Spaniels' neuropathic pain condition stays static without surgery 0 None
2012-11-20 Sociologic factors predict time to discharge in lower limb amputees 0 None
2012-11-20 Internet best method to communicate health messages to baby boomers 0 4
2012-11-20 Developmental key to overactive sympathetic system 0 None
2012-11-20 Neurologist care lowers risk for PD-related hospitalizations 0 None
2012-11-20 Young-onset Parkinson's most common in White men 0 None
2012-11-20 Eating disorders linked with poor decision-making skills 0 None
2012-11-20 Psychiatric disorders reduce patient fecundity, especially in men 0 None
2012-11-20 Improved bipolar screening with combined scales 0 5
2012-11-20 Acute cough should raise asthma alarm 0 None
2012-11-20 Generic scale compares manual ability across diagnoses 0 None
2012-11-20 New genetic insight into Alzheimer’s disease 0 None
2012-11-20 Glycoprotein gene flags up heart disease 0 None
2012-11-20 Nasal spray sufficient for allergic rhinitis in Japanese patients 0 None
2012-11-20 More to fetal alcohol exposure than previously thought 0 None
2012-11-20 John Templeton Foundation to continue and extend meditation research project 0 None
2012-11-20 No link between lunar phases and incidence of psychological problems: Study 0 None
2012-11-20 TBI, age-related dementia and stroke fuel neurologic disability in India 0 None
2012-11-20 Smoking less a valid risk reduction strategy, says researcher 0 None
2012-11-20 CFFT announces major expansion of research collaboration with Pfizer 0 None
2012-11-19 Immunologic diseases linked to poorer survival in PSC 0 None
2012-11-19 Young relatives of sudden cardiac death individuals at high heart disease risk 0 None
2012-11-19 Exercise counters negative bone effects of sedentariness in girls 0 None
2012-11-19 AGTR2 gene variant predicts risk for preeclampsia 0 None
2012-11-19 Postprostatectomy urinary function assessment tool refined 0 None
2012-11-19 Treatment-related heart failure risk for rheumatoid arthritis patients revealed 0 None
2012-11-19 Texting service helps patients reduce their blood pressure 0 None
2012-11-19 Bevacizumab ruled out for stage III colorectal cancer 0 None
2012-11-19 Two equally effective TNF inhibitors in rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2012-11-19 Brain imaging distinguishes Parkinson’s subtypes 0 None
2012-11-19 Abnormal sucking in preterm babies may indicate neurologic dysfunction 0 None
2012-11-19 Geriatric team improves outcomes in elderly emergency department patients 0 4
2012-11-19 Geriatric health, lungs adversely affected by air pollution 0 None
2012-11-19 Strep detection tests may miss sore throat-causing bacterial strains 0 None
2012-11-19 Decreased cognitive functioning associated with deterioration in kidney function 0 None
2012-11-19 Bruker launches N8 HORIZON SAXS and WAXS system for materials research applications 0 None
2012-11-17 Study: Children who learn swimming at young age reach developmental milestones faster 0 None
2012-11-17 SAMHSA report shows adolescent cigarette smoking decreases in most states 0 None
2012-11-17 Researchers discover health similarities between humans and pigs 0 5
2012-11-17 Walgreens community-based programs help raise more than $1.3M in 2012 for JDRF 0 None
2012-11-17 Researchers analyze Brazilian mediums' cerebral blood flow during practice of psychography 0 None
2012-11-17 UGA research finds children with noncardiac chest pain have higher levels of anxiety 0 None
2012-11-16 GW researcher gets NCI grant to study behavior of parasitic worm in bile duct cancer 0 None
2012-11-16 Study: Regular exercise before, during pregnancy could have beneficial effects for women 0 5
2012-11-16 Exposure to air pollution influences cognitive function in older adults: Study 0 None
2012-11-16 Study shows boost in access to screening for breast and cervical cancer 0 None
2012-11-16 Young relatives of sudden cardiac death individuals at high heart disease risk 0 5
2012-11-16 Transcription factor expression aids stage I lung cancer prognosis 0 None
2012-11-16 Fibulin-3 effective biomarker for pleural mesothelioma 0 4
2012-11-16 Cinacalcet failure raises trial conduct issues 0 None
2012-11-16 Hydrocortisone protects bilateral knee replacement patients 0 None
2012-11-16 Images of diseased organs have most impact on smokers 0 None
2012-11-16 Bradykinesia is ‘context-specific’ in Parkinson’s 0 5
2012-11-16 Brain imaging distinguishes Parkinson’s subtypes 0 None
2012-11-16 Combined exercise approach may help Parkinson’s patients 0 None
2012-11-16 Hearing impairment risk high with diabetes 0 None
2012-11-16 Latest in optometry: headache link debunked; iPads open up new vista 0 3
2012-11-16 'Extended-skill' nurses, physiotherapists are as effective as the ER doc 0 None
2012-11-16 Vitiligo patients have low risk for skin cancer 0 4
2012-11-16 Caterpillar fungi may benefit asthma patients 0 None
2012-11-16 Obstetric complications linked to NSS in schizophrenia 0 None
2012-11-16 Risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes increased in bipolar women 0 None
2012-11-16 Potential to reduce preterm births ‘shockingly small’ 0 None
2012-11-16 Imaging technique could give early aneurysm rupture warning 0 None
2012-11-16 Periodicity Index limits variability when measuring restless legs 0 None
2012-11-16 Experts call for global treaty on drug quality 0 None
2012-11-16 Study examines public health impact of tamper resistant extended-release oxycodone 0 None
2012-11-16 Depression and suicide intricately intertwined among teens 0 None
2012-11-16 Drinking milk during childhood can lead to lifelong benefits 0 None
2012-11-16 New pathway appears to play a major role in information processing in the brain 0 None
2012-11-16 Peak interest in health issues comes at about age 51 for baby boomers 0 None
2012-11-16 Freestyle rapping increases brain activity in the medial prefrontal cortex 0 None
2012-11-15 Researchers identify broad patterns of gene activity that correspond to aggression 0 None
2012-11-15 Hearing impairment risk high with diabetes 0 None
2012-11-15 Patients expect too much of screening and prevention 0 4
2012-11-15 Gene therapy shows promise against dry mouth in cancer patients 0 None
2012-11-15 Modified MDQ effective for bipolar screening in pregnancy 0 None
2012-11-15 Colon cancer risk: Supplements no substitute for dietary fiber 0 None
2012-11-15 Healthy ‘visual diet’ may help prevent eating disorders 0 None
2012-11-15 Triclosan exposure linked to allergies in children 0 None
2012-11-15 White matter alterations evident before psychosis development 0 None
2012-11-15 Diabetic foot reconstruction with free flaps pays dividends 0 None
2012-11-15 Peer support benefits psychoeducation for bipolar patients 0 None
2012-11-15 Cannabis withdrawal clinically significant in schizophrenia 5 None
2012-11-15 Dialysis raises complication, mortality risk after general surgery 0 None
2012-11-15 Modified procedure effective for advanced-stage ingrown toenails 0 None
2012-11-15 Adequate pain management at end of life is a team effort 0 None
2012-11-15 Deep-brain stimulation effects sustained in dystonia 0 4
2012-11-15 RainDance's ThunderStorm System for targeted sequencing selected by UCL Cancer Institute 0 None
2012-11-15 Study examines how anxiety sensitivity thwarts efforts of smokers with asthma to quit smoking 0 None
2012-11-15 NIH awards $4.1M grant to explore new ways for treating kidney stones 0 None
2012-11-15 Breakthrough treatment for survivors of traumatic brain injury 2 None
2012-11-15 AKT1 genotype influences risk of psychotic disorders in cannabis users 0 None
2012-11-15 Myasthenia gravis therapies: an interview with Professor Daniel Drachman 1 4.5
2012-11-15 Irregular sleep patterns may trigger schizophrenia symptoms 0 None
2012-11-15 Triclosan can contribute to increased risk of allergies in children 0 None
2012-11-15 Smoking affects development of peripheral allergy-relevant stem cells in the blood 0 None
2012-11-15 Heart rate variability may help to understand chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) 0 5
2012-11-15 LanPercept to focus on advanced techniques for studying language and perception 0 None
2012-11-15 UTHealth awarded $1.9M AHRQ grant to enhance care in hospital emergency departments 0 None
2012-11-15 Strokes affecting people at younger ages 0 None
2012-11-14 Adrenoreceptor shows potential in overactive bladder treatment 0 None
2012-11-14 Metalloacid surfaces may be answer to hospital-acquired infections 0 None
2012-11-14 Surgeon volume influences patient outcomes following rectal resection 0 None
2012-11-14 Polio vaccination refusal in Nigeria continues to thwart eradication efforts 0 None
2012-11-14 Dysphagia is an easier pill to swallow with video technology 0 3
2012-11-14 Biliary sludge common in dogs 0 2.5
2012-11-14 Fasting before lipid testing may no longer be necessary 0 None
2012-11-14 Mini-stent shows promising glaucoma control 0 None
2012-11-14 Adding bortezomib ‘boosts acute myeloid leukemia chemotherapy response’ 0 None
2012-11-14 Minor symptoms a big deal in nasal polyposis 0 None
2012-11-14 Palliative care advice for dementia ‘culturally sensitive’ 0 None
2012-11-14 Anesthetic choice may not be critical in noncardiac surgery 0 None
2012-11-14 Aggression a trait in bipolar II disorder 0 None
2012-11-14 Psychiatric patients not ‘down-triaged’ in the ED 0 None
2012-11-14 MADIT-RIT: ICD reprogramming leads to fewer inappropriate shocks, deaths 0 None
2012-11-14 Cancer-related fatigue can be helped by aerobic exercise 0 None
2012-11-14 Princeton neuroscientists to explore how human brain accomplishes real-world tasks 0 None
2012-11-14 UTA researchers to examine cognition, mortality, economic outcomes from high school and beyond 0 None
2012-11-14 Study analyzes menu offerings and nutrient information from major U.S. fast food restaurants 0 None
2012-11-14 Review: Even very low radiation levels are harmful to life 0 None
2012-11-14 Exposure to uranium may increase lupus rates 0 None
2012-11-14 Hearing impairment more prevalent among patients with diabetes 0 None
2012-11-13 Older North American farmers face increased risk of serious injury 0 None
2012-11-13 Fasting before lipid testing may no longer be necessary 0 None
2012-11-13 Human models could be way forward for assessing analgesic efficacy 0 None
2012-11-13 Video gaming helps coordination in children with degenerative ataxia 0 5
2012-11-13 Pathway between maternal obesity and childhood asthma nonallergic 0 None
2012-11-13 MRI, EEG may predict children’s epilepsy risk after long febrile seizures 0 None
2012-11-13 White matter alterations evident before psychosis development 0 None
2012-11-13 Speed of depression onset increased in bipolar patients 0 None
2012-11-13 Multimodal approach relieves obstetric back and pelvic pain 0 None
2012-11-13 Peer victimization increases teen social phobia risk 0 None
2012-11-13 Hormonal component to respiratory symptoms in women 0 None
2012-11-13 Tell the whole truth about implantable cardioverter-defibrillators 0 None
2012-11-13 Psychiatric patients not ‘down-triaged’ in the ED 0 None
2012-11-13 Blood flow, temperature, reveal relationship between dental implants and healthy teeth 0 None
2012-11-13 Like mother’s menopause, like daughter’s fertility decline 0 None
2012-11-13 Antioxidant imbalance in abnormal sperm 0 None
2012-11-13 Cancer metastasis research facilitated by nanoparticle characterization technology from NanoSight 0 None
2012-11-13 Injury prevention – research and practice: an interview with Dr Dale Hanson 0 5
2012-11-13 Could lactate levels in amniotic fluid help diagnose dysfunctional labour? 0 None
2012-11-13 New effect of stroke identified 0 3.5
2012-11-12 Exercise key to a longer life 0 5
2012-11-12 Ultrasound-guided transbronchial needle aspiration complication rate ‘reassuring’ 0 None
2012-11-12 Caution over monoclonal antibody treatment for MS 0 None
2012-11-12 TRILOGY-ACS platelet function substudy results revealed 0 None
2012-11-12 Weight-based ribavirin undertreats African–American HCV patients 0 None
2012-11-12 Gout diagnosis possible for rheumatoid arthritis patients 0 None
2012-11-12 Mastoscopic axillary lymph node dissection ‘preferred choice’ 0 None
2012-11-12 Postural control the best predictor of stroke rehabilitation outcome 0 None
2012-11-12 Calcium-related hormone could help identify pneumonia 0 None
2012-11-12 Tolvaptan improves kidney health in polycystic kidney disease 0 5
2012-11-12 Taste receptor governs respiratory infection susceptibility 0 None
2012-11-12 White kidney cancer patients have a survival advantage over blacks 0 None
2012-11-12 Radiotherapy protocol deviations: an interview with Dr Nitin Ohri 0 None
2012-11-09 Bleed size key to prognosis after childhood hemorrhagic stroke 0 4.5
2012-11-09 Multivitamin disappoints in first long-term CV trial 0 None
2012-11-09 Overcleanliness in childhood may increase risk for peanut allergy 0 None
2012-11-09 Whole genome sequencing could become prenatal standard of care 0 None
2012-11-09 OSA treatment reduces office blood pressure 0 4.5
2012-11-09 Close contact at school led to mumps outbreak in Orthodox Jewish communities 0 None
2012-11-09 Thrombin sponge speeds cervical spine surgery discharge 0 None
2012-11-09 Automated eye tests best for toddlers 0 2
2012-11-09 Close monitoring needed in year after traumatic brain injury 0 None
2012-11-09 Reminder of values helps African–Americans interact with physicians 0 None
2012-11-09 Sprucing up treatment for fungal nail infection 0 None
2012-11-09 Melatonin improves sleep in children with neurodevelopmental disorders 1 5
2012-11-09 Monoclonal antibody boosts cholesterol reduction 0 None
2012-11-09 Addiction counselors tolerate moderate substance abuse in patients 0 None
2012-11-09 Metabolic syndrome linked to poorer cognition in schizophrenia 0 None
2012-11-09 Modified MDQ effective for bipolar screening in pregnancy 0 1
2012-11-09 Malaria vaccine reduced severe and uncomplicated malaria by a third in young infants when given with other routine vaccines 0 None
2012-11-09 New vaccines and drug treatments urgently needed for bacterial meningitis 0 None
2012-11-09 University of Leicester scientists identify unique forms of spinal nerve activity 0 None
2012-11-09 Smoking and smartphones: an interview with Nasser Bin Dhim, Becky Freeman and Lyndal Trevena 0 3.7
2012-11-09 Lone star tick causes alpha-gal meat sensitivity in regional population 0 5
2012-11-09 Regular, moderate coffee consumption may reduce risk of type 2 diabetes 0 None
2012-11-09 San Diego State University announces opening of new Integrated Regenerative Research Institute 0 None
2012-11-08 Sulfonylureas risk vs metformin points to clear first-line diabetes choice 0 3
2012-11-08 Family history of schizophrenia ups risk for nonpsychotic disorders 0 None
2012-11-08 Diabetic foot complication risk highlighted in men 2 5
2012-11-08 Glycemic load raises colon cancer recurrence risk 0 None
2012-11-08 Seat laws boost child car safety 0 None
2012-11-08 Coffee hastens bowel recovery after colectomy 0 None
2012-11-08 Oral verrucous lesions need special diagnostic attention 0 None
2012-11-08 Many patients over-optimistic about palliative chemotherapy 0 None
2012-11-08 Antibiotic choices critical for elderly with bloodstream infections 0 None
2012-11-08 Radical sternectomy could be less risky than conservative 0 None
2012-11-08 Physical activity reduces dementia risk in elderly 0 None
2012-11-08 Exercise benefits physical, mental health in schizophrenia 0 4
2012-11-08 Psychotic and mixed episodes linked in bipolar disorder 0 None
2012-11-08 Key areas of disease neglected by UK funding for infectious diseases 0 None
2012-11-08 Trauma transfusion ratios linked to survival 0 None
2012-11-08 Presence of neoehrlichiosis confirmed in Switzerland 0 None
2012-11-08 Antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in US wastewater treatment plants 0 None
2012-11-08 FREEDOM results announced 0 None
2012-11-08 Canine lymphoma treatment adds up to cystitis 1 5
2012-11-08 Surgery-free ileostomy removal shows promise 0 None
2012-11-08 Communications down in anesthetized brain 0 None
2012-11-08 Comparing surgical approaches in nephrectomy patients 0 None
2012-11-08 Reduced hedonic capacity in euthymic bipolar patients 0 None
2012-11-08 Family history of schizophrenia ups risk for nonpsychotic disorders 0 None
2012-11-08 Ocular sebaceous carcinoma rare, but often misdiagnosed in UK 0 None
2012-11-08 Two-drug combo relieves agitation first time 0 None
2012-11-08 Autism onset age predicts pattern of development in early years 0 None
2012-11-08 Band counts in infection diagnosis 0 None
2012-11-08 Synthetic cannabinoid could treat pain in diabetes patients 0 None
2012-11-08 Cardiac arrhythmias: an interview with Dr Andrew Grace 0 4.2
2012-11-08 Study reveals increased risk of leukemia among Chernobyl cleanup workers 0 None
2012-11-08 Study on genetic capacity of diverse populations to make critical PUFAs 0 None
2012-11-08 Destruction of newborn screening left over samples may be detrimental to medical research 0 None
2012-11-08 Landmark study could lead to fewer inappropriate shocks from implanted defibrillators 0 None
2012-11-08 ACS Prized Science video features advances in personalized medicine 0 None
2012-11-08 NYU-Poly professor selected to participate in 2012 National Academies Keck Futures Initiative conference 0 None
2012-11-08 Most patients taking common blood-thinning drugs may be receiving wrong dosage levels 0 None
2012-11-08 Opportunities to enhance research into pregnancy complications to prevent preterm and stillbirth 0 None
2012-11-08 Reduce intensity of exercising when sick 0 None
2012-11-08 Nanofiber technique to build new nerves from stem cells 0 None
2012-11-08 University of Tübingen heads Neuromics consortium 0 4
2012-11-08 Two new EU Member States now represented within TRANSVAC services platform 0 None
2012-11-08 Carbohydrate-rich food intake may cause recurrence of colon cancer 0 None
2012-11-08 BMI may not be best measure for estimation of cancer risk 0 None
2012-11-08 Brain switches into special mode when pushed to make rapid decisions 0 None
2012-11-08 U-M to study disparities in access to healthy food across Michigan 0 None
2012-11-07 WU researchers to study blood-clotting disorders 0 None
2012-11-07 HPV testing and cervical screening: an interview with Dr Rosa Legood 0 None
2012-11-07 Nurses working longer shifts more likely to experience burnout, job dissatisfaction 0 None
2012-11-07 Visible aging signs linked with increased risk of heart disease 0 None
2012-11-07 Europeans spend much time with their grandchildren 0 None
2012-11-07 Heart disease risk factors widespread among Hispanic/Latino adults in the U.S. 0 None
2012-11-07 People more likely to die of heart-related issues in winter 0 None
2012-11-07 Weight loss can help improve quality of sleep among obese people 0 None
2012-11-07 Online presence can positively affect physical health and well-being 0 None
2012-11-07 Young adults with high blood pressure less likely to be diagnosed during doctor visits 0 None
2012-11-07 Low vitamin D levels mediate racial disparities in pain 0 None
2012-11-06 Monoclonal antibody boosts cholesterol reduction 0 None
2012-11-06 Caregiver strain link to depression mediated by rumination 0 None
2012-11-06 Physical exercise may help preserve mobility in Parkinson’s patients 0 None
2012-11-06 Workout in the catheter lab gives clues to ‘warm-up angina’ 0 None
2012-11-06 Low molecular weight agents heighten inhalation challenge risk 0 None
2012-11-06 Hospital quality may affect infant morbidity 0 None
2012-11-06 Phantom caries revealed? 0 None
2012-11-06 Lupus may carry pregnancy complication risk 0 None
2012-11-06 Toxoplasmosis linked to greater schizophrenia severity 0 None
2012-11-06 Stressful life events linked to bipolar depression 1 None
2012-11-06 Traditional CV risk factors linked to peripheral artery disease 0 None
2012-11-06 Exercise not superior to physiotherapy for neck pain 0 None
2012-11-06 Studies shake up Alzheimer’s hypotheses 0 None
2012-11-06 Any hospice better than none at end of life 0 None
2012-11-06 Receptor expression sheds light on nasal polyposis 0 None
2012-11-06 Comprehensive overview of vascular risk factors to Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2012-11-06 More calories consumed when eating out 0 None
2012-11-06 ECG analysis may predict risk of death from all causes 0 5
2012-11-06 Gene silencing technology used to fight RSV and influenza 0 None
2012-11-06 Low-dose aspirin effective at preventing serious blood clots 0 None
2012-11-06 Study examines role of friends in young women's body concerns 0 None
2012-11-06 New insight into process of sensing 0 None
2012-11-06 Lifetime risks for total CVD are high regardless of index age 0 None
2012-11-06 Frail older adults more likely to report food insufficiency 0 None
2012-11-06 Latinos, Hispanics in the U.S. more likely to develop major cardiovascular diseases 0 None
2012-11-06 Keeping cardiovascular disease risk factors low may lead to a longer, healthier life 0 None
2012-11-05 Study: Many Hispanic/Latino adults in the U.S. are at high risk for heart attack or stroke 0 None
2012-11-05 Urban outdoor aerobic training may have negative health effects 0 None
2012-11-05 Overweight, smoking add to rheumatoid arthritis risk 0 5
2012-11-05 Living liver donors have QoL advantage 0 None
2012-11-05 Scientists encourage genetic data sharing 0 None
2012-11-05 Neonatal TSH screening insensitive for iodine insufficiency 0 None
2012-11-05 Anti-TNF-α therapy reduces CVD risk in patients with rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2012-11-05 Surgical features determine survival in radical prostatectomy patients 0 None
2012-11-05 Imaging-based therapy benefits ‘wake-up stroke’ patients 0 None
2012-11-05 Cervical cancer risk remains high after CIN treatment 0 None
2012-11-05 Round-the-clock ICU intensivists could reduce mortality rates, length of stay 0 None
2012-11-05 Sapacitabine tolerated, efficacious in elderly leukemia patients 0 None
2012-11-05 Smoke-free laws lead to fewer heart attacks 0 None
2012-11-05 Traditional CV risk factors linked to peripheral artery disease 0 None
2012-11-05 Genetic polymorphisms linked with community-acquired pneumonia 0 None
2012-11-05 Suicide rates in the US have increased sharply since the economic crisis began 0 None
2012-11-05 Self-harm among young people should not be over-interpreted 0 None
2012-11-05 Vitamin D deficiency: an interview with Kellie Bilinski 0 None
2012-11-04 Research highlights importance of leadership in implementing equalities legislation 0 None
2012-11-03 November issue of WHO Bulletin available online 0 None
2012-11-03 New studies support limiting daily sodium consumption to less than 1,500mg 0 None
2012-11-03 Weill Cornell researchers awarded Grand Challenges Explorations grants 0 None
2012-11-03 Scientists decipher the brain's code for visual working memory in monkeys 0 None
2012-11-03 UC Santa Barbara reports key discovery in interdisciplinary study of split-brain research 0 5
2012-11-03 Autism interventions are supported by varying levels of evidence, reveals new RAND study 1 None
2012-11-03 WSU researcher receives NSF fund to study on antibiotic resistance 0 None
2012-11-03 Researchers develop new technique to predict enzymes known to accelerate diseases 0 None
2012-11-03 Cannabis use causes temporary cognitive breakdown in non-psychotic individuals: Study 0 1
2012-11-03 New study sheds light on employment and health insurance 0 None
2012-11-03 New partnership to make advancements in personalized breast cancer treatment and care 0 None
2012-11-03 Study shows anxiety-promoting parental behaviors affect children 0 4
2012-11-03 Scientists find new way to unlock cells' destinies 0 None
2012-11-03 Studies provide new information on diet and blood pressure in kidney disease patients 0 None
2012-11-03 NCAR launches study into impact of open-fire cooking on regional air quality and disease 0 None
2012-11-03 Baylor University receives two new federal grants for research on Gulf War illness 0 None
2012-11-03 Treatments and outcomes vary for nursing home residents who use Medicare SNF care: Study 0 None
2012-11-02 Radiosurgery alone can achieve local control of brain metastases 0 None
2012-11-02 State of glycocalyx barrier indicates vascular risk in dialysis patients 0 None
2012-11-02 Quick-release plasters show promise for patients with sensitive skin 0 2.5
2012-11-02 Allergic rhinitis common in otitis media patients 0 None
2012-11-02 Driving up CVD event risk in diabetes 0 None
2012-11-02 Sexual obsessions linked to suicidality 0 None
2012-11-02 Caregiver strain link to depression mediated by rumination 0 2
2012-11-02 Breast screening saves lives but leads to overdiagnoses 0 None
2012-11-02 Denosumab gives FREEDOM to heal fractures 0 None
2012-11-02 Obstructive sleep apnea common in young cystic fibrosis children 0 None
2012-11-02 UK lacks pathways through social and clinical care for eye patients 0 None
2012-11-02 TD-1211 may relieve opioid-induced constipation 0 None
2012-11-02 Youth cannabis use linked to later-life anxiety disorders 1 1
2012-11-02 HPV test of cure cheaper and more effective than cytology testing for women following pre-cervical cancer treatment 0 None
2012-11-02 Australia's Generation X on the path to become more obese than baby boomers 0 None
2012-11-02 NIH grant increases support of SDSU program that prepares students for doctoral and science careers 0 None
2012-11-02 Oskar gene emerged far earlier in insect evolution than previously believed 0 None
2012-11-01 Club foot ankle osteoarthritis risk revealed 0 None
2012-11-01 Cardio exercise OK in high-risk CVD patients 0 None
2012-11-01 Better access to fresh, local food urged for underprivileged families 0 None
2012-11-01 Partial dentin removal superior to stepwise excavation over long term 0 None
2012-11-01 Aerobic exercise may offer new treatment option for ADHD 0 None
2012-11-01 Implant-based breast reconstruction has disadvantages 0 None
2012-11-01 FoXTROT results: preoperative chemo could become new standard 0 None
2012-11-01 Bone quality reduced in mood disorder patients 0 None
2012-11-01 Psychotic symptoms increase suicidality risk in adolescents 0 None
2012-11-01 Primary care improvement program shows benefits of collaboration 0 None
2012-11-01 Genetic underpinning of placebo effect identified 0 None
2012-11-01 Acupuncture shows promise in head and neck patients with xerostomia 0 None
2012-11-01 Social disadvantage may increase risk for psychosis 0 None
2012-11-01 Treatment rate high at end of life for prostate cancer patients 0 None
2012-11-01 Multiple sclerosis disease activity reduced by leukaemia drug, even when first-line treatment has failed 0 None
2012-11-01 Transformatix Technologies, NCH partner to create BioLinQ 0 None
2012-11-01 Ischemic stroke: an interview with Dr Gregory Ford 0 5
2012-11-01 Humans and apes do not bare the imprint of nocturnal life in their eye structures 0 None
2012-11-01 Brain's infralimbic cortex can switch between new and old habits 1 None
2012-11-01 Symbolic math connected to evolutionarily primitive general magnitude system 0 None
2012-11-01 Controlling depression can improve health status and social functioning in patients with heart failure 0 None
2012-10-31 Recurrence risk can be identified before hepatectomy 0 None
2012-10-31 ‘Off the shelf’ stem cells show promise for perianal fistula 1 None
2012-10-31 Prognostic impact of Gleason score modernization undetermined 0 5
2012-10-31 All schoolchildren could be screened for stuttering 1 None
2012-10-31 Formaldehyde levels ‘concerning’ in US child care facilities 0 None
2012-10-31 Affordable Medicines Facility improves access to anti-malarials 0 None
2012-10-31 Gene variant predicts lymphoma treatment response 0 None
2012-10-31 Regional anesthesia reduces transfusion risk in knee replacement surgery 0 None
2012-10-31 Genetic counseling benefits relatives of schizophrenia patients 0 None
2012-10-31 Biomarker discovery offers hope for lung cancer blood test 0 None
2012-10-31 BD prevalence in depression varies according to diagnostic method 0 None
2012-10-31 Smoke-free laws lead to fewer heart attacks 0 5
2012-10-31 Intraoperative cardiac arrest most likely following heavy blood loss 0 None
2012-10-31 Weight-management advice needed with cat neutering 0 None
2012-10-31 Hospice volunteers' satisfaction relies on appreciation, support 0 None
2012-10-31 African American women coinfected with HIV and HCV less likely to die from liver disease than Caucasian or Hispanic women 0 None
2012-10-31 Vitamin D and multiple sclerosis: an interview with Ellen Mowry 3 2.9
2012-10-31 Substantial number of cancer survivors experience poor mental or physical health years after cancer 0 None
2012-10-31 Cost of searching for fountain of youth exceeds cost for medications to treat chronic disease 0 None
2012-10-31 Development of children with ASD much like that of children without ASD at 6 months of age 0 None
2012-10-31 BWH researchers propose new model that shifts how we think about mindfulness 0 None
2012-10-31 Oily fish consumption may reduce risk of stroke 0 None
2012-10-31 More than one third of U.S. cancer survivors report poor physical or mental health 0 None
2012-10-31 Study finds that just 1 high-fat meal can affect your heart health 0 None
2012-10-31 Lateral intraparietal area in the brain activates internal sensors to help keep time 0 None
2012-10-31 Animals adjust their sense of smell through sniffing techniques 0 None
2012-10-30 Telephone-based tinnitus-management program shows promise 1 2.3
2012-10-30 Exercise improves hip osteoarthritis function 0 None
2012-10-30 Procalcitonin good marker of bacteremia in children with central lines 0 None
2012-10-30 Most refractory status epilepticus patients have poor functional outcome 0 None
2012-10-30 First-trimester ultrasound may lead to earlier abortion 0 None
2012-10-30 Cilostazol reduces restenosis after angioplasty in critical limb ischemia 0 None
2012-10-30 MRI gives clearer picture of COPD stroke risk 0 None
2012-10-30 Gas superior to air tamponade in lower quadrant vitrectomy 0 None
2012-10-30 Race and income impacts rate of bystander-initiated CPR in communities 0 None
2012-10-30 Salivary gland surgery in Germany ‘more common than expected’ 0 None
2012-10-30 Dermatoglyphic abnormalities evident in schizophrenia patients 0 None
2012-10-30 Trait impulsivity linked to smoking initiation in bipolar disorder 0 None
2012-10-30 PTSD remains a major problem in Rwanda 0 5
2012-10-30 Pediatric hospitalists keen on texting, worry about privacy 0 None
2012-10-30 Preeclampsia risk higher for women with Lupus 0 None
2012-10-30 Radiation therapy protocol deviations associated with increased risk of treatment failure and overall mortality 0 None
2012-10-30 Nearly 75% of Hoosiers support indoor workplace smoking ban 0 None
2012-10-30 Adolescent overweight and obesity may increase risk of all-cause ESRD 0 1
2012-10-30 Research dispels myth that sudden cardiac death happens mainly during sports 0 None
2012-10-30 Smoke-free workplace law implementation linked with decline in incidence of heart attacks 0 None
2012-10-30 Variation in size of red cell distribution width is linked with socioeconomic factors 0 None
2012-10-30 Study analyzes decades of Medicare spending data for the elderly in the U.S., Canada 0 None
2012-10-30 Study compares 'cardio-toxicity' of Toronto-area neighborhoods 0 None
2012-10-30 Mediterranean meal may have positive effects on arteries 0 None
2012-10-30 Study examines bullying, recent alcohol use and heavy drinking episodes among school students 0 None
2012-10-29 The PLAN for stroke prognosis 0 None
2012-10-29 Post-hepatectomy mortality unexpectedly high 0 None
2012-10-29 New hope for mitochondrial disease sufferers 3 None
2012-10-29 Jaundice screening requires bilirubin assessment as well as clinical factors 0 None
2012-10-29 Exercise not to blame for sudden cardiac death 0 None
2012-10-29 Low-dose radiation PCT developed for breast screening 0 None
2012-10-29 Aspirin improves colorectal cancer survival in tandem with gene mutation 0 None
2012-10-29 High BP predicts long-term CV mortality in Japanese 0 None
2012-10-29 Metabolic syndrome increases erectile dysfunction risk 0 None
2012-10-29 Carotid ultrasound improves risk management in rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2012-10-29 Sedation interruption does not reduce mechanical ventilation duration 0 None
2012-10-29 Stay active to keep a healthy mind in very old age 0 None
2012-10-29 Experts explore decline in throat infection admissions 0 None
2012-10-29 Autoantibody aids identification of hyperexcitability disorders 0 None
2012-10-29 Nano-reinforced plastics improve friction resistance of orthodontics 0 None
2012-10-29 Sea water strengthens the body against viruses, low defences, bacteria and pathogens 0 None
2012-10-29 RUB-medical researchers receive $2.3M Gates Foundation grant for HIV vaccine research 0 None
2012-10-29 High-intensity training boosts cognitive function 0 None
2012-10-29 Tumor count in the breast an important consideration for providing radiation therapy 0 None
2012-10-29 Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation receives $2.2 million grant 0 None
2012-10-29 Female smokers who stop before middle age on average gain ten extra years of life 0 None
2012-10-29 SAGE announces purchase of The Journal of International Medical Research 0 None
2012-10-29 Data shows association between increased weight and breast cancer survival varies by race/ethnicity 0 None
2012-10-29 Research team receives grant to study impact of urban air pollution on TB immunity 0 None
2012-10-29 Researchers use baker's yeast to identify new therapies for Lou Gehrig's disease 0 None
2012-10-29 New findings on early treatment of ADHD patients presented at AACAP 2012 conference 1 None
2012-10-29 High-intensity interval training makes middle-aged people smarter 0 None
2012-10-29 Researchers find that children's brains are more affected by inhaled anesthetic 0 None
2012-10-29 Researchers discover that bean commonly used in Chinese cuisine protects against sepsis 0 None
2012-10-29 ESDM improves social skills and brain responses to social cues 0 None
2012-10-29 Older patients with COPD at increased risk for carotid artery plaque formation: Study 0 None
2012-10-26 Combined antimicrobial and light therapy effective for treating foot ulcers 1 5
2012-10-26 TB testing: today as good as 2-day 0 None
2012-10-26 Hypnosis halts hot flashes 0 None
2012-10-26 Homocysteine not linked to cognition in FEP 0 None
2012-10-26 ADHD linked to altered neural activation in bipolar patients 0 None
2012-10-26 Age, gender influence hip arthroplasty revision risk 0 None
2012-10-26 Diabetes drug could treat illicit drug addiction 0 None
2012-10-26 ‘Postcode lottery’ sheds light on low-grade glioma strategy 0 None
2012-10-26 Imaging-based therapy benefits ‘wake-up stroke’ patients 0 None
2012-10-26 HbA1c equally useful across ethnic groups 0 None
2012-10-26 ‘Virtual language therapist’ set to benefit aphasia patients 0 5
2012-10-26 FDA approves 'first non-surgical treatment' for vitreomacular adhesion 0 None
2012-10-26 Universal approach to MRSA-prevention in ICU is most effective 0 None
2012-10-26 High worldwide drug-resistant TB figures are “worrying 0 None
2012-10-26 Researchers identify genes that control regeneration of the intestine in planarian flatworms 0 None
2012-10-26 Allergies and hygiene: an interview with Sally Bloomfield 1 None
2012-10-26 Project identifies mechanism behind rapid evolution of male genitals 0 None
2012-10-26 Sleep deprivation affects memory formation in bees 0 None
2012-10-26 Feinstein Institute to study overall impact of WTC disaster on responders 0 None
2012-10-26 Extended exercises may improve people’s satisfaction with life 0 None
2012-10-25 Stroke survivors who smoke risk their life 1 None
2012-10-25 HbA1c equally useful across ethnic groups 0 None
2012-10-25 Legume intake reduces heart disease risk in diabetes patients 0 None
2012-10-25 Removing rotavirus vaccine age restrictions could save lives 0 None
2012-10-25 Cholangiography use endorsed in cholecystectomy 0 None
2012-10-25 Trayless dining reduces food waste 0 None
2012-10-25 Extra pounds compromise children’s autonomic function 0 None
2012-10-25 Social disadvantage may increase risk for psychosis 0 None
2012-10-25 Geographic variations in US diabetic foot expenditure identified 1 None
2012-10-25 Axis I disorder risk increased in youth with parental history of BD 0 None
2012-10-25 Behavioral counseling can impact risky drinking habits 0 None
2012-10-25 Antiviral therapy cuts progression to cancer in hepatitis 0 None
2012-10-25 Sialendoscopy proves its worth in children 0 5
2012-10-25 Check for surgical sponges using radiofrequency apparatus 0 None
2012-10-25 Exercise at home may relieve lymphedema in breast cancer 0 None
2012-10-25 Scientists to examine origins of soil-carbon chemical chain reactions 0 None
2012-10-25 New study finds bacteria cue single-celled choanoflagellates to form colonies 0 None
2012-10-25 Research identifies detectable levels of sucralose in local Lake Erie waters 0 None
2012-10-25 Survey identifies factors that could affect future workforce supply of anesthesiologists 0 None
2012-10-25 Blistering sunburns and working outdoors associated with two nonmelanoma skin cancers 0 None
2012-10-25 Lifting weights may play a role in reducing risk of metabolic syndrome 0 None
2012-10-25 Study evaluates frequency and features of very large treatment effects of medical interventions 0 None
2012-10-25 Meat from wild animals is increasingly important in central Africa 0 None
2012-10-24 Lessons can be learnt from US fungal meningitis outbreak 0 None
2012-10-24 Maternal dietary acrylamide has negative effect on fetal growth 0 None
2012-10-24 Mini-laparotomy effective in rectal cancer surgery 0 None
2012-10-24 Patient and partner focus needed in rehab after prostatectomy 0 None
2012-10-24 Evidence for clinical heterogeneity in mixed bipolar states 0 None
2012-10-24 Ethnic density linked to psychosis risk 0 None
2012-10-24 Rapid and point-of-care tests accurate, convenient for hepatitis C screening 1 None
2012-10-24 Migraine linked to depression, stress in sub-Saharan Africans 0 None
2012-10-24 Neurophysiologic mechanism may underpin manual therapy effects 0 None
2012-10-24 Eyes deceive neuromuscular monitoring efforts 0 5
2012-10-24 Vitamin-rich berries may help prevent glandular ulcers in horses 0 None
2012-10-24 Parkinson's reduces anticipatory eye responses, implicit timing unaffected 0 None
2012-10-24 Medication at end of life indicates care quality 0 None
2012-10-24 Hemostatic testing may explain heavy menstrual bleeding 0 5
2012-10-24 Flu protection: an interview with Dr Gillian SteelFisher of the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, USA 0 None
2012-10-24 New report on overview of medical researchers' training across Europe 0 None
2012-10-24 New Jersey's GDL decal requirement lowers crash rates among intermediate teen drivers 0 None
2012-10-24 Study determines role of partial sleep deprivation on energy balance and weight regulation 0 None
2012-10-24 Review describes link between alcohol consumption and breast cancer 0 None
2012-10-24 Recent victimization may increase risk of suicidal ideation in adolescents 0 None
2012-10-24 New report assesses open access in biomedical research across Europe 1 None
2012-10-23 Cardiovascular disease risk varies with HIV subgroup 0 None
2012-10-23 Antipsychotic drug quandary for Alzheimer’s patients 0 None
2012-10-23 Medical students want more ethics training 1 None
2012-10-23 Bisphosphonates increase risk for bone disease after tooth extraction 0 None
2012-10-23 Warning against colloids in fluid resuscitation 0 None
2012-10-23 Up to 10% of acute lung injuries may be drug-related 0 None
2012-10-23 Anxiety linked to symptom severity in bipolar disorder 0 None
2012-10-23 Leg press power best indicator of function after knee arthroplasty 0 None
2012-10-23 Almost all children on intensive care units given ‘off-label’ drugs 0 None
2012-10-23 Tonsillectomy does not lead to unhealthy weight in children 0 None
2012-10-23 Schizophrenia patients at increased death risk after AMI 0 None
2012-10-23 Family functioning linked to disease course in adolescent BD 0 None
2012-10-23 Metabolic pathway for insulin effects of sleep identified 0 None
2012-10-23 Donor gene clue to kidney transplant rejection 0 None
2012-10-23 Vascular cell generation could be used to treat vascular disorders 0 None
2012-10-23 Link between advanced glycation end products and cardiovascular risk among diabetics 0 None
2012-10-23 Full-body exercise and CDT best ways to minimize lymphedema 0 None
2012-10-23 Researchers investigate effects of sleep architecture on hunger 0 None
2012-10-23 New Northwestern study focuses on 'pre-feelings' and ability to anticipate the near future 0 None
2012-10-23 Patients with Type 2 Diabetes may face increased risk of Barrett's Esophagus 0 None
2012-10-23 Sickle cell disease treatments: An interview with Dr Niihara, CEO of Emmaus Medical 0 4
2012-10-23 Pro-smoking content being promoted in smartphone apps 2 None
2012-10-23 Thin ideal internalization: an interview with Jessica Suisman and Kelly Klump 1 None
2012-10-23 Car commuting contributes to weight gain 0 None
2012-10-22 Lack of sleep increases injury risk in teenage athletes 0 None
2012-10-22 Methylation provides clues to gastric cancer subtypes 0 None
2012-10-22 Immediate postoperative radiation improves prostate cancer progression survival 0 None
2012-10-22 Primary care physicians miss hepatitis vaccine targets 0 None
2012-10-22 Sleep symptoms impair fibromyalgia patients’ QoL 0 None
2012-10-22 Computed tomography aids scleroderma lung disease prognosis 0 None
2012-10-22 Multivitamin use may protect men from cancer 0 None
2012-10-22 Mother–baby intensive care admission carries high mortality risk 0 None
2012-10-22 Renal denervation improves quality of life in hypertension 0 None
2012-10-22 Ustekinumab success in refractory Crohn’s disease 0 None
2012-10-22 'Fresher' blood transfusion does not mean better outcomes 0 None
2012-10-22 Elderly female cancer survivors reap benefits of following prevention advice 0 4
2012-10-22 Tricuspidization preferred for unicuspid aortic valve repair 0 None
2012-10-22 Thiol peroxidase involved in S. pneumoniae defenses 0 None
2012-10-22 Researchers continue hunt for AIDS vaccine 0 None
2012-10-22 Stress in parents linked to obesity in their children 0 None
2012-10-22 Malignant melanoma cases increase in Sweden 0 None
2012-10-22 Patients with chronic constipation at increased risk of colorectal cancer, benign neoplasms 0 None
2012-10-22 EvaluatePharma's Tracking [email protected] provides regulatory approval analysis 0 None
2012-10-22 Acetylsalicylic acid slows decline in brain capacity among the elderly 0 None
2012-10-22 Emotion and perception not fully dissociable in the mind 0 None
2012-10-22 Short-term secondhand smoke exposure can lead to airway restriction 0 None
2012-10-22 Obese patients may have advantages in certain health situations 0 None
2012-10-22 Insight into calcium pumps in cells 0 None
2012-10-22 Implementation of 24-h intensivist staffing model reduces mortality rates, length of stay 0 None
2012-10-22 Cough, difficulty breathing and chest pain key symptoms of pulmonary embolism 0 None
2012-10-22 Simple 10-minute Tension Tamer could help relieve stress and decrease fatigue 0 None
2012-10-22 High school students experience excessive daytime sleepiness: Study 0 None
2012-10-22 Alcohol consumption, college education may increase risk of COPD 0 None
2012-10-22 Two simple questions could improve pretest prediction of OSA 0 None
2012-10-22 Excessive medical ICU noise could lead to worse patient outcomes 0 None
2012-10-22 Research team identifies turbo switch in the vital calcium pump in our body's cells 0 None
2012-10-22 Poverty, collective violence affect mental health of children in the U.S./Mexican border 0 None
2012-10-22 Study finds weight loss doesn't lower heart risks for diabetics 0 None
2012-10-22 Cyberbullying and teen suicide 0 None
2012-10-22 Lack of sleep associated with increased risk of injury in adolescent athletes 0 None
2012-10-20 Exercise is the first step to protect against negative impacts of stress 0 None
2012-10-20 Studies explore mechanisms linked to self-control 0 4
2012-10-20 Clinical trial to study immunosuppressant tacrolimus against generics 0 None
2012-10-20 Study shows few adolescent females undergo pregnancy testing in hospital emergency department 0 None
2012-10-20 Henry Ford study evaluates length of treatment for MRSA-related pneumonia 0 None
2012-10-20 IVF may significantly increase risk of birth defects, new research says 0 None
2012-10-20 Referring cancer patients to hospitals with better track records for surgery could save lives: Study 0 None
2012-10-20 Study sheds light on risks of fetal position at the time of premature birth 0 None
2012-10-20 Kaiser Permanente Research Affiliates receives prestigious designation from AHRQ 0 None
2012-10-20 Researchers identify how mosquito's immune system attacks specific infections 0 None
2012-10-20 Lean principles help improve stroke treatment at Barnes-Jewish Hospital 0 None
2012-10-20 Study reveals key chemical process that corrects potential visual errors in low-light conditions 1 4
2012-10-20 Dartmouth neurobiologist investigates brain's nerve cells that establish one's location and direction 0 None
2012-10-20 Brain Injury Research Center of Mount Sinai receives fund to research on TBI 0 4
2012-10-20 Researchers find new way to assess risk of osteoporosis, bone fractures in women 0 None
2012-10-20 NIH-funded study of weight loss in adults with type 2 diabetes finds no cardiovascular benefits 0 None
2012-10-20 New study uncovers strong connection between mortality of child, mother 0 None
2012-10-20 Stem cell study may help to unravel how genetic mutation leads to Parkinson's symptoms 0 None
2012-10-20 New data shows influenza-associated deaths among children, effectiveness of school vaccinations 0 None
2012-10-20 Sortilin receptor plays an important role in function of the immune system 0 None
2012-10-20 Research director at Kessler Foundation awarded NIH grant to study effects of chemotherapy on brain 0 None
2012-10-20 New discovery could help revolutionize antibiotic treatment of bacteria 0 None
2012-10-20 Study shows children with low levels of gene activity develop anxious dispositions 0 None
2012-10-20 Chest pain patients who call ambulance have quicker treatment and better survival: Study 0 None
2012-10-19 House dust protein worsens allergic asthma symptoms 0 None
2012-10-19 Canadian Task Force updates diabetes screening guidelines 0 None
2012-10-19 Calcium link to PHPT shown 0 None
2012-10-19 Ectopic pregnancy may limit number of subsequent pregnancies 0 5
2012-10-19 Psoriasis patients have high diabetes risk 0 None
2012-10-19 Advanced adoptive paternal age not linked to schizophrenia risk 0 None
2012-10-19 All-cause mortality risk increased in bipolar depression 0 None
2012-10-19 Sleep disturbances trigger autoimmune diabetes in men 0 None
2012-10-19 Clinical and demographic factors impact visual acuity in retinal vasculitis 0 None
2012-10-19 Shunting may not ward off poor hydrocephalus cognitive outcomes 0 4
2012-10-19 Quality of care drops if doctors dictate 0 None
2012-10-19 Starting antihypertensives linked to hip fracture in elderly 0 None
2012-10-19 Gender gap for alcohol abuse reduced 0 None
2012-10-19 Lipid droplets play an unexpected role in embryo development 0 None
2012-10-19 Study hopes to improve the outlook for native Americans with kidney disease 0 None
2012-10-19 Lupus investigators receive LRI's first $1 million research grants 0 None
2012-10-19 Hindus and Muslims less likely than Christians and Jews to have premarital sex 0 None
2012-10-19 Study demonstrates cancer control essential for development progress, researcher says 0 None
2012-10-19 Study addresses potential benefits of treating anxiety in coronary artery disease 0 None
2012-10-19 Better physical fitness linked to lower levels of insulin among teenagers 0 None
2012-10-18 Ustekinumab shows positive results in decreasing debilitating effects of Crohn's Disease 0 None
2012-10-18 New research sheds light on consequence of overeating 0 None
2012-10-18 Personalized medicine research strikes early for heart genes 0 None
2012-10-18 Researchers identify painful symptoms of sickle cell disease 0 None
2012-10-18 Research may lead to new ways to identify women with breast cancer risks from low-dose radiation 0 None
2012-10-18 Reduced copayment policy has benefits all round 0 None
2012-10-18 SSRI use linked to brain hemorrhage 0 None
2012-10-18 Global anti-tuberculosis campaign now ‘at a crossroads’ 0 4
2012-10-18 Longer period of formula feeding may increase ALL risk 0 None
2012-10-18 PUFA levels reduced in schizophrenia patients 0 None
2012-10-18 Chloride-restrictive intravenous fluids reduce risk for kidney injury 0 None
2012-10-18 Obese kids with lower body pain have restricted physical, social skills 0 None
2012-10-18 Health benefits of fibrate add-on detected postprandially 0 None
2012-10-18 Attachment and relationship problems in adolescents with anxiety 1 None
2012-10-18 Plasma D-serine levels reduced in schizophrenia 0 None
2012-10-18 Activity levels may distinguish unipolar from bipolar disorder 0 None
2012-10-18 Bariatric surgery linked to increased substance use 0 None
2012-10-18 Gingival crevicular fluid predicts periodontal attachment loss 0 None
2012-10-18 Foot fracture risk rises with childhood BMI 0 None
2012-10-18 Pain relief from palliative RT for bone metastases improves QoL 0 None
2012-10-18 Health benefits of fibrate add-on detected postprandially 0 None
2012-10-18 Genetic clues for responders to heart failure drug identified 0 None
2012-10-18 Ciclosporin no more effective than infliximab in severe UC 0 None
2012-10-17 Blood pressure management may slow cognitive decline in PD 0 None
2012-10-17 Factors associated with medication non-adherence identified for PD 0 None
2012-10-17 Dopaminergic treatment has ‘minor impact’ on autonomic symptoms in Parkinson’s 0 None
2012-10-17 Value of cranberries for UTI prevention called into question 1 None
2012-10-17 Nonmotor symptoms common in early-stage PD 0 None
2012-10-17 Maternal depression influences infant speech development 0 None
2012-10-17 Soccer scores hat-trick for hypertensive men 0 None
2012-10-17 Quinic acid derivative shows promise for treating radiation exposure 0 None
2012-10-17 Cytokine levels altered in FEP, schizophrenia patients 0 3
2012-10-17 Nonpsychiatric medical costs high in bipolar disorder patients 0 None
2012-10-17 Tool reveals myeloproliferative neoplasm patient burden 0 None
2012-10-17 Genetic signatures for aggressive prostate cancer identified 0 None
2012-10-17 HIV infection has been major driver of anal cancer burden 0 None
2012-10-17 Intermediate-acting neuromuscular block use ‘needs revisiting’ 0 None
2012-10-17 Botulinum treatment benefits in BPH maybe down to placebo effect 0 None
2012-10-17 Maintain dogs’ presurgery warmth to avoid hypothermia 0 None
2012-10-17 Vision care providers worry about effect of reporting driving concerns 0 None
2012-10-17 Quitting smoking may improve HRQoL in advanced lung cancer 0 None
2012-10-17 Asian and Pacific Islander diabetes data need segregating 0 None
2012-10-17 High-carb diet may increase risk of mild cognitive impairment among older people 0 None
2012-10-17 Fathers' parenting behavior influences sexual behavior of their adolescent children 0 None
2012-10-17 Northwestern scientists to request EPA to update guidelines for reproductive health research 0 None
2012-10-17 People in creative professions are treated more often for mental illness 0 None
2012-10-17 Study finds overall decline in cholesterol levels among U.S. adults 0 None
2012-10-17 Patient-reported outcomes should be assessed in comparative effectiveness of cancer treatments 0 None
2012-10-17 UAF scientists discover evolutionary origin of air breathing in vertebrates 0 None
2012-10-17 Adults with HIV can benefit from cognitive training exercises 0 None
2012-10-17 NYU professor to analyze how older adults overcome barriers to accessing oral health care services 0 None
2012-10-16 Antibiotic injections are associated with lower risk of infection in cataract surgery 0 None
2012-10-16 Nine Sydney researchers to receive funding for biomedical research projects 0 None
2012-10-16 ‘Gene for speed’ researcher awarded Ramaciotti Medal 0 None
2012-10-16 Mephedrone and memory loss: an interview with Craig Motbey 0 5
2012-10-16 Early pollution exposure has long-lasting respiratory effects 0 None
2012-10-16 Rehabilitation program combats occupational skin disease 0 None
2012-10-16 VOICES of children with ADHD support medication use 0 None
2012-10-16 Thrust techniques do not outweigh nonthrust for low-back pain 0 None
2012-10-16 Women with learning disabilities left out of contraception decisions 0 None
2012-10-16 PUFA levels reduced in schizophrenia patients 0 None
2012-10-16 Sustained attention deficits in bipolar patients, relatives 0 None
2012-10-16 Sitting on a cardiac timebomb 0 None
2012-10-16 Sleep deprivation reduces aggression, testosterone in men 0 5
2012-10-16 Mixing mitochondrial DNA bad for physiology 0 None
2012-10-16 Antipsychotic drug exposure may have neurologic consequences 0 None
2012-10-16 CKD may thicken carotid arteries, raise CVD risk in children 0 None
2012-10-16 Best oral malodor treatment differs according to source 0 None
2012-10-16 Experts blaze TRAIL for pulmonary arterial hypertension therapy 0 5
2012-10-16 Widening treatment options for parotid duct stenoses 0 None
2012-10-16 Major holidays associated with reduced number of suicide attempts by poisoning 0 None
2012-10-16 Direct link between fuel exposure and damage to genetic material 0 None
2012-10-16 Researchers use cell phone data to track malaria spread in Kenya 0 None
2012-10-16 Exercise and healthy eating reduce body fat and preserve muscle in adults 0 4
2012-10-16 eLife journal publishes first four research articles 0 None
2012-10-16 Mother's kiss appears to be safe and effective in dislodging objects from nasal cavity of kids 0 None
2012-10-15 ‘Daunting’ trajectory of age at first stroke 0 None
2012-10-15 Clinical prediction rules developed for chorioamnionitis in preterm babies 0 None
2012-10-15 Nighttime BP dipping abnormalities in young adults linked to later atherosclerosis 0 None
2012-10-15 Statins could be first preventive treatment for liver cancer 0 None
2012-10-15 Sterile acellular matrices 'reliable in expander-based breast reconstruction' 0 None
2012-10-15 Male infertility linked to an enzyme complex issue 0 None
2012-10-15 Ultrasound may help predict future tendon injuries in dancers 0 None
2012-10-15 Diabetes predicts severe osteoarthritis independently of BMI 0 None
2012-10-15 Arthroscopy best for scaphoid fracture assessment 0 None
2012-10-15 HIV agent offers HER2-positive breast cancer hope 1 5
2012-10-15 Therapeutic HPV16 and HPV18 vaccine ‘may eliminate infection’ 0 None
2012-10-15 Obesity does not affect VTE risk after knee surgery 0 None
2012-10-15 Rheumatoid arthritis treatment foiled by gum disease 0 None
2012-10-15 Healthy geriatrics do better when managed as outpatients 0 None
2012-10-15 METASTROKE refines genetic stroke culprits 0 None
2012-10-15 Environmental factors affect pneumonia hospitalization in HIV 0 None
2012-10-15 Private negotiations over Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement conclude 0 None
2012-10-15 Women's decisions about contraception may depend on factors over which they have little control 0 None
2012-10-15 Smoking cessation programs must be made available for current active-duty war fighters 0 None
2012-10-15 Study helps uncover how brain processes and interprets facial expressions 0 None
2012-10-15 Sitting for longer periods doubles risk of heart disease, diabetes and death 0 None
2012-10-15 Prize-winning study on single-bicycle crashes and accident prevention 0 None
2012-10-15 Study examines link between alcohol consumption and AF in patients with cardiovascular disease 0 None
2012-10-15 ELSA report reveals economic, social, psychological and health concerns of U.K.’s ageing society 0 None
2012-10-14 Scientists look to use natural killer cells to target common form of liver cancer 0 None
2012-10-14 Comparing animal and human cancer is of mutual benefit 0 None
2012-10-13 Cigarette smoking may increase risk of age-related cataract 0 None
2012-10-13 Scientists characterize unique model of bladder regeneration 0 None
2012-10-12 Type 2 diabetes screening: an interview with Dr Simon Griffin, MRC Epidemiology Unit at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge 1 5
2012-10-12 Methadone treatment halves HIV risk 0 5
2012-10-12 Hip arthroscopy traction weight key to nerve outcome 0 5
2012-10-12 Access to doctors’ notes ‘gives patients more control’ 0 None
2012-10-12 Further evidence against sun bed use 0 None
2012-10-12 Key to eczema’s itch uncovered 2 None
2012-10-12 Contraceptive patch suppresses ovulation in obese, nonobese women 0 None
2012-10-12 Early age at bipolar onset linked to increased depressive morbidity 0 None
2012-10-12 Brain size reduced in schizophrenia patients 0 None
2012-10-12 Downregulated protein could be revascularization target in critical limb ischemia 0 None
2012-10-12 Neurotensin as an indicator for poor health outcomes in women 0 None
2012-10-12 Alcohol problems may be influenced by neighborhood 0 None
2012-10-12 One rule for one and one for another with diabetes 0 None
2012-10-12 METASTROKE refines genetic stroke culprits 0 None
2012-10-12 Perimetry identifies visual function changes in diabetic retinopathy 0 None
2012-10-12 Neuroprotectant success in aneurysm coiling 0 None
2012-10-12 Thirty-day readmission, mortality rates may blur true hospital performance 0 None
2012-10-12 Lenalidomide worsens survival, adverse events in prostate cancer 0 None
2012-10-12 Researchers discover how indoor mould makes people sick 0 None
2012-10-12 Mediterranean and low-carbohydrate diets have long-lasting healthy effects 0 None
2012-10-12 Voting contributes to emotional arousal, stress 0 None
2012-10-12 Fruits and vegetables appear to improve mental wellbeing 0 None
2012-10-12 Children exposed to natural playgrounds tend to be more active 0 None
2012-10-11 One type of fat is riskier than another for mums and unborn babies 0 None
2012-10-11 Poor sleep shows cardiovascular links in adolescents 0 None
2012-10-11 Retinal imaging holds clues to cause of brain injury in children 0 None
2012-10-11 Tourniquet timing alters foot surgery pain outcomes 0 None
2012-10-11 UK acid-related disease trends revealed 0 None
2012-10-11 Tomatoes every day may keep stroke at bay 0 None
2012-10-11 Public reporting states have low angioplasty rates 0 None
2012-10-11 Factors linked to self-harm in schizophrenia identified 0 None
2012-10-11 Antioxidant defense reduced in schizophrenia, bipolar disorder 0 None
2012-10-11 No benefit from irrigation during appendectomy 0 None
2012-10-11 MDD with subthreshold hypomania ‘should be merged with bipolar II’ 1 None
2012-10-11 Reduced copayment policy has benefits all round 0 None
2012-10-11 Tissue test detects oral cancer risk 0 5
2012-10-11 Recommendations in pediatric palliative care 0 None
2012-10-11 Heart drug could ease rare muscle disorder 0 None
2012-10-11 CEO Roundtable on Cancer's Life Sciences Consortium initiates Project Data Sphere 0 None
2012-10-11 NYSCF conference to discuss latest advances in stem cell research 0 None
2012-10-11 People living near livestock may be at increased risk of LA-MRSA 0 None
2012-10-11 Study identifies need for better definitions and diagnostic tools for sports head injuries 0 None
2012-10-11 Study disputes common assumption on conflict-related sexual violence 0 None
2012-10-11 Stroke on the rise among young people 0 None
2012-10-11 Exercisers can burn as many as 200 extra calories in just 2.5 minutes 0 None
2012-10-11 Link between grape consumption and healthier dietary patterns 0 None
2012-10-10 Ischemic preconditioning tested in stroke patients 0 None
2012-10-10 Motor and communication skills linked in infants at risk for autism 0 None
2012-10-10 Zero out of TEN for fecal incontinence treatment 0 None
2012-10-10 Contaminated fish pose dietary dilemma for pregnant women 0 4
2012-10-10 Inhaled corticosteroids increase Staphylococcus pneumoniae infection risk 0 None
2012-10-10 Preoperative comorbidity indices predictive in bladder cancer 0 None
2012-10-10 Hemophilia bleeding risk ‘low’ for childhood sports 0 None
2012-10-10 Migraine therapy alleviates more than just the headache 0 None
2012-10-10 Nicotine dependence linked to symptom severity in schizophrenia 1 None
2012-10-10 MDD with subthreshold hypomania ‘should be merged with bipolar II’ 0 5
2012-10-10 Progesterone test could identify nonviable pregnancies 0 None
2012-10-10 Feline leukemia virus becoming uncommon with lymphoma 0 None
2012-10-10 Ranibizumab improves driving prospects for AMD patients 0 None
2012-10-10 Simple test confirms correct catheter placement 0 None
2012-10-10 Bacterial pathogen ‘acutely’ involved in otitis media 0 None
2012-10-10 People with diabetic foot ulcers more likely to die prematurely 0 None
2012-10-10 Obesity rate high among children admitted to hospital 0 5
2012-10-10 Endocannabinoid system most vulnerable to cannabis during adolescence 0 None
2012-10-09 Neuroprotectant success in aneurysm coiling 0 4
2012-10-09 CT technique could improve COPD classification 0 None
2012-10-09 Early communication strategies improve end of liver transplant patients’ lives 0 None
2012-10-09 HVLA manipulation comes out top for low-back pain 0 None
2012-10-09 Transfused blood age does not impact outcomes in premature babies 0 None
2012-10-09 High personality disorder comorbidity rates identified in anxiety 1 5
2012-10-09 PUFA levels reduced in schizophrenia patients 0 None
2012-10-09 Kynurenic acid levels increased in bipolar patients with psychotic features 0 None
2012-10-09 Physical activity fights cognitive dysfunction after stroke 0 None
2012-10-09 Isolated fetal echogenic bowel ‘may be benign’ 0 5
2012-10-09 Reconditioning advised in orthostatic intolerance 0 None
2012-10-09 DBP ‘remains relevant’ in stroke risk assessment 0 None
2012-10-09 Point-of-care testing speeds patients through ED 0 None
2012-10-09 MRI method ‘cuts breast cancer false‑positives’ 0 None
2012-10-09 Two novel GFR equations predict kidney function in elderly 0 4
2012-10-09 Nurses accurate barometers of hospital quality: Study 0 None
2012-10-09 Healthy lungs can retain age-related cognitive functions 0 None
2012-10-09 Group-based behavioral weight loss treatment effective in treating obesity 0 None
2012-10-08 Smartphone stroke assessment shows promise 0 None
2012-10-08 Combined medical–dental visits for infants could reduce Medicaid payouts 0 None
2012-10-08 Bicycle helmet use should help prevent serious head injury in children 0 None
2012-10-08 Treatment of hepatitis C can be successful in a prison population 0 None
2012-10-08 Recombinant protein may treat male factor fertility 0 None
2012-10-08 Genetic basis of uterine fibroids uncovered 0 None
2012-10-08 Best-practices protocol significantly reduces ventilator-associated pneumonia 0 None
2012-10-08 HPV status predicts oropharyngeal cancer irradiation response 0 None
2012-10-08 VTE risk highlighted for rheumatoid arthritis patients 0 None
2012-10-08 Fertility treatment may increase MS disease activity 0 None
2012-10-08 Early blood pressure control reduces future CV events in diabetes 0 None
2012-10-08 Myocutaneous flap shows promise in pediatric Achilles tendon repair 0 None
2012-10-08 Wait until infection is confirmed before starting antimicrobials in ICU 0 2
2012-10-08 Low-dose aspirin may protect against cognitive decline in elderly women 0 None
2012-10-08 Many children incorrectly restrained in cars 0 None
2012-10-08 Continuous computerized surveillance has negative effects 0 None
2012-10-08 High levels of chronic and acute illnesses in Palestinian refugees 0 5
2012-10-08 New neuroprotective agent for stroke patients potentially found 0 None
2012-10-08 Merck receives non-exclusive license to use Delphi StabyExpress technology 0 None
2012-10-08 ImaginAb enters into neurodegeneration research collaboration agreement with Lundbeck 0 None
2012-10-08 Trellis, OMT enter collaboration to generate human antibodies 0 None
2012-10-08 Rainbow, Amarantus report joint venture agreement for NuroPro Parkinson's diagnostic platform 0 None
2012-10-08 Researchers discover new group of nerve cells that regulate processes of learning and memory 0 5
2012-10-08 Researchers discover smallest and fastest-known RNA switches 0 None
2012-10-06 Translational Genomics Research Institute creates new center for rare childhood disorders 0 None
2012-10-06 Improved battlefield transport and triage improves survival of severely wounded soldiers 0 None
2012-10-06 Social factors influence perceptual processing 0 None
2012-10-06 Skin's outmost layer is the first line of defense against UV radiation 0 None
2012-10-06 Researchers from three trials join to collaborate under European Dementia Prevention Initiative 0 None
2012-10-06 Opiate substitution therapies linked to reduced risk of HIV transmission 0 None
2012-10-06 Benzodiazepine exposure for over-65s linked to increased risk of dementia 0 None
2012-10-06 Public health significance and societal consequences of pathological gambling 0 None
2012-10-06 Progress toward preventing initial and recurrent episodes of C. diff infection 1 None
2012-10-05 Decline in diabetic foot ulcers in clinical practice 0 5
2012-10-05 Time is of the essence in depressed diabetes patients 0 None
2012-10-05 Long-term education for patients may futher improve diabetes outcomes 0 None
2012-10-05 Physician warnings over fitness to drive improve road safety 0 None
2012-10-05 Pesticide exposure may trigger food allergies 0 None
2012-10-05 Major depression goes unnoticed in pregnant women 0 None
2012-10-05 DPP-inhibitors reduce cardiovascular events in diabetes patients 0 None
2012-10-05 GRID1 thalamo-cortical gene variations absent in schizophrenia 0 4
2012-10-05 Prefrontal-limbic network dysfunction in depressive BD 0 None
2012-10-05 Hip resurfacing unsuitable for women 0 None
2012-10-05 Increased heart death risk for elderly sleep apnea patients 0 None
2012-10-05 Daily lenses vary in ocular response, adverse effects 0 None
2012-10-05 Lighting the way to vascular lesion resolution 0 None
2012-10-05 DBP ‘remains relevant’ in stroke risk assessment 0 None
2012-10-05 Embolic agent useful in pediatric neurovascular lesions 0 None
2012-10-05 Online ‘spaced education’ improves safety practices of interns 0 None
2012-10-05 Bivalent HPV vaccine has cross-protective effect, but could wane over time 0 None
2012-10-05 Brief ED interventions may reduce alcohol and marijuana abuse 0 None
2012-10-05 Improved small animal Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanners introduced by IntelLiDrives 0 None
2012-10-05 HIV transmission can be reduced by using opioid substitution treatments instead of injection drug use 1 None
2012-10-05 MU public health expert identifies factors that help recognize teens at risk of self injury and suicide 0 None
2012-10-05 Britons least likely to adopt protective behaviours against flu 1 None
2012-10-05 Type 2 diabetes screening does not appear to affect mortality rates 0 None
2012-10-05 People with difficulty in chewing foods more likely to develop dementia 0 None
2012-10-05 Myocardial infarction mortality rates decrease by 44% over the last 15 years in Argentina 0 None
2012-10-05 Study evaluates benefits of symbolic gesture or baby sign 0 5
2012-10-05 Transplant recipients and lymphoma patients far likelier to develop melanoma 0 None
2012-10-05 Study explains why some people are easier to hypnotize than others 0 None
2012-10-04 Urinary adiponectin as a marker for diabetic nephropathy 0 3
2012-10-04 Selective screening misses gestational diabetes 0 None
2012-10-04 InsuPad device may improve insulin therapy 0 None
2012-10-04 Comorbid physical, psychiatric disorders common in BD 0 None
2012-10-04 Diclofenac increases risk for anastomotic leakage after colorectal surgery 0 None
2012-10-04 Age, not just comorbidity, affects breast cancer surgery rates in elderly 0 None
2012-10-04 Age impacts salivary markers of oxidative stress, oral pathology 0 None
2012-10-04 Antibiotic proved to be Achilles’ heel for some 0 None
2012-10-04 Vulnerability to ‘thin ideal’ may be genetic 0 None
2012-10-04 Stenting outcomes worse for elderly women than men 0 None
2012-10-04 Social, metacognition deficits in schizophrenia predict dysfunction type 0 None
2012-10-04 Beta blockers do not lower cardiac risk in patients with or without CAD 0 None
2012-10-04 Gestational age and weight influence early atopic dermatitis risk 0 None
2012-10-04 Palliative focus needed in skilled nursing facilities 0 None
2012-10-04 RNA clue to MS disease course 0 None
2012-10-04 Chronic kidney disease independently increases mortality risk 0 None
2012-10-04 Hormone therapy offsets adverse metabolic effects of menopause 0 None
2012-10-04 Insulin degludec shows promise in diabetes 0 None
2012-10-04 Heart attacks linked with mortality risk in people with schizophrenia 0 None
2012-10-04 Heavy caffeinated coffee consumption may increase risk of exfoliation glaucoma 0 2
2012-10-04 SLU professor to investigate natural history and progression of Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency 0 5
2012-10-04 Study to determine link between foot injuries and ill-fitting shoes 0 None
2012-10-04 Cellectis, Medicago complete first step in therapeutic protein research collaboration 0 None
2012-10-04 New mathematical formulas can evaluate kidney function with age 0 None
2012-10-04 Prevalence of diabetic complications is race-specific 0 None
2012-10-03 Tuberous sclerosis complex lesions respond well to everolimus in EXIST 0 None
2012-10-03 Beta blockers do not lower cardiac risk in patients with or without CAD 0 None
2012-10-03 Rare study highlights anal cancer prognosis risks 0 None
2012-10-03 Cleaning-product-related asthma concern for hospital workers 0 None
2012-10-03 Structured deliberation improves neonatal decision-making process 0 None
2012-10-03 Antifungal resistance of Candida genital isolates on the increase 0 None
2012-10-03 Early bone graft plus rhinoplasty significantly improves facial esthetics in UCLP 1 None
2012-10-03 Routine screening influences outcomes in prostate cancer after surgery 0 None
2012-10-03 Stent fracture after stent implantation linked to thrombosis 0 None
2012-10-03 Differentiating features of BD, early-onset ADHD identified 0 None
2012-10-03 Executive attention deficits identified in first-episode schizophrenia 0 None
2012-10-03 Foreign Accent Syndrome individuals overemphasize given information 0 None
2012-10-03 Complement dysregulation underpins pre-eclampsia 0 None
2012-10-03 BMI concerns raised for childhood stem cell transplantation survivors 0 None
2012-10-03 Alarms could be key to avoiding intraoperative awareness 0 None
2012-10-03 Babies’ facial expressions after jab reveal pain type 0 None
2012-10-03 Extended thrombolysis window has potential pitfall 0 None
2012-10-03 Haploidentical bone marrow transplants for sickle cell disease: an interview with Dr. Javier Bolaños Meade 1 5
2012-10-03 HIV prevention, vaccine research progressing 0 None
2012-10-03 Pressure to be thin may be influenced by genes in some women 0 None
2012-10-03 ‘Hygiene hypothesis’ updated to ‘Old Friends’ hypothesis 0 3
2012-10-03 Patients with RA more likely to develop venous thromboembolism 0 None
2012-10-03 Multiple sclerosis symptoms worse in those with low vitamin D levels 5 None
2012-10-03 Low vitamin D levels may increase death in African American and Caucasian older adults 0 None
2012-10-02 One rule for one and one for another with diabetes 0 None
2012-10-02 Antifungal resistance of Candida genital isolates on the increase 0 None
2012-10-02 Lighting the way to vascular lesion resolution 0 None
2012-10-02 Human hepatitis threat present in domestic pigs 0 5
2012-10-02 Simultaneous knee, foot support may improve knee OA management 0 None
2012-10-02 Chinese medicine boosts hearing recovery after sudden deafness 2 None
2012-10-02 Statins linked to reduced glaucoma risk 0 None
2012-10-02 Simple questionnaire helps predict prognosis in back pain patients 0 None
2012-10-02 Adjuvants underused initially, follow up needed for cancer patients in pain 0 None
2012-10-02 Adjunctive drugs hasten sedation in the emergency department 0 2
2012-10-02 HDL may protect against abdominal aortic aneurysm 0 5
2012-10-02 Comorbid ADHD, PTSD increases psychiatric disorder risk 1 3.7
2012-10-02 Respiratory infections provide urban asthma clue 0 None
2012-10-02 Mothers’ CD4 cells ‘remember’ their babies 0 None
2012-10-02 Steroid use during tonsillectomy does not raise excessive bleeding risk 0 None
2012-10-02 Stent fracture after stent implantation linked to thrombosis 0 None
2012-10-02 Genetics, trauma independently influence subthreshold psychosis 0 None
2012-10-02 Biopolar disorder screening uncovers hidden anxiety 0 None
2012-10-02 Moderate alcohol intake increases risk of AF in older people with heart disease, diabetes 0 5
2012-10-02 European Drug Initiative on Channels and Transporters focuses on membrane proteins 0 None
2012-10-02 Hip resurfacing prone to early failure 0 None
2012-10-01 CBT ‘has no impact’ on juvenile fibromyalgia physical activity 3 None
2012-10-01 Trial evidence is mixed regarding digital nerve reconstruction 0 None
2012-10-01 GnRH agonist may protect breast cancer patient fertility 0 None
2012-10-01 Incidence of esophageal, stomach cancers increased in AIDS 0 None
2012-10-01 Prognosis still poor for EVB in cirrhosis 0 None
2012-10-01 Hormone and androgen receptor genes combined affect sperm motility 0 None
2012-10-01 Coding the way to better occupational allergy care 0 None
2012-10-01 Multiple Epo doses with hypothermia offers neonate neuroprotection 0 None
2012-10-01 New treatment target brings hope for scleroderma patients 1 None
2012-10-01 Oil blend plus antihypertensive lowers blood pressure, cholesterol level 0 None
2012-10-01 Genetic profile predicts postradiation erectile dysfunction 0 None
2012-10-01 Multicomponent strategies needed to prevent in-hospital delirium 0 None
2012-10-01 ED discharge satisfaction related to symptom understanding, duration 0 None
2012-10-01 Pediatric lower respiratory illness continues after hospital discharge 0 None
2012-10-01 Autoimmune disease myasthenia gravis halted in mice 0 5
2012-10-01 PLATO: Causes of lower mortality with ticagrelor identified 0 5
2012-10-01 WBC counts in diabetes risk prediction 0 None
2012-10-01 Shin splints most common musculoskeletal injury in runners 0 None
2012-10-01 Artificially sweet success at curbing childhood weight gain 1 None
2012-10-01 Participatory pay-for-performance improves primary care 0 None
2012-10-01 Dramatic rise in total knee arthroplasty, associated infection rates over past 20 years 0 None
2012-10-01 Level of vision, not gain in letters seen, marks success of AMD treatment 0 None
2012-10-01 Clinical need, effectiveness, fairness should drive drugs allocation 0 None
2012-10-01 Novel target identified for fragile X-linked autism 0 None
2012-10-01 Cannabis abuse in FEP patients predicts poor symptom control 2 None
2012-10-01 Stenting advised for basilar tip aneurysm intervention 0 None
2012-10-01 Regional, seasonal variation in US antibiotic use highlights persisting issue 0 None
2012-10-01 Cholesterol has repercussions for recovering heroin addicts 0 None
2012-10-01 BD family history risk factor for recurrent episodes in MDD 0 None
2012-10-01 Kisspeptin reverses hyperprolactinemia-induced ovarian acyclicity 0 None
2012-10-01 Most people completely unaware of aphasia 0 None
2012-10-01 Cafeteria diet increases risk of stroke or death at a younger age 0 None
2012-10-01 Death rates after surgery: an interview with Dr Rupert Pearse 0 4
2012-10-01 Heavy drinkers and smokers may develop pancreatic cancer earlier in life 0 None
2012-09-29 Extending sleep duration may help reduce risk of diabetes in youth 0 None
2012-09-29 New, precise definition of boredom based on mental processes 0 None
2012-09-29 New research on addiction mutual-support groups 1 None
2012-09-29 Wage disparities could limit success of health-care reform 0 None
2012-09-29 Collaborative Spine completes research agenda-setting process for spine care 0 None
2012-09-29 Autism Speaks announces new round of research grants 0 None
2012-09-28 Dark chocolate can improve length and strength of memories 0 5
2012-09-28 Broad spectrum sunscreens needed to block UVB and UVA 0 None
2012-09-28 New malaria-transmitting mosquitoes: an interview with Jennifer Stevenson, Research Fellow at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine 1 None
2012-09-28 Intellectual disability often results from genetic causes that are not inherited 0 None
2012-09-27 People less likely to trust retweeted health messages 0 None
2012-09-27 Competition between two brain regions influences the ability to make healthy choices 0 None
2012-09-27 Study identifies potential ways to minimize acrylamide levels in french fries 0 None
2012-09-27 Anxiety, depression and insomnia drugs and risk of driving accident: an interview with Hui-Ju Tsai 0 None
2012-09-27 Social media sites let chronically ill teens be teens 0 None
2012-09-27 Dietary habits associated with NAFLD in obese children 0 None
2012-09-27 Simple technique aids alignment of calcaneal varus deformity 0 None
2012-09-27 FIT in shape for new role in ulcerative colitis monitoring 0 None
2012-09-27 Sunshine vitamin affects cardiac outcomes 0 None
2012-09-27 Poor emotion recognition in patients at risk for schizophrenia 0 None
2012-09-27 Novel oral anticoagulant bleeding risk offsets clinical benefit 0 None
2012-09-27 Bipolar disorder common in HIV patients 0 None
2012-09-27 Postsurgery mortality rates vary across Europe 0 None
2012-09-27 Obesity affects taste in children, adolescents 0 None
2012-09-27 Warfarin therapy should not be stopped completely after GI bleeding 0 None
2012-09-27 CJD presents major diagnostic problems 0 None
2012-09-27 Sleep apnea linked to poor perinatal outcomes in obese mothers 0 None
2012-09-27 High-dose, pulsed-dose BRT feasible palliative options in laryngeal cancer 0 None
2012-09-27 ApoA-V as a contributor to dyslipidemia in obese children 0 None
2012-09-27 NYU Langone creates new groundbreaking collaboration in autism research 0 None
2012-09-27 Study elucidates memory-forming signal transmission in the hippocampus 0 None
2012-09-26 Tight-junction proteins could help pin down hemorrhagic transformation risk 0 None
2012-09-26 Short-course amphotericin is cost-effective for cryptococcal meningitis 0 None
2012-09-26 Concern grows about rice-related arsenic exposure 0 None
2012-09-26 Ileostomy closure carries its own burden 1 None
2012-09-26 Linguistic deficits in people who clutter 0 None
2012-09-26 Wheeze predicts sickle cell disease crisis 0 None
2012-09-26 First-episode schizophrenia patients show widespread cognitive deficits 0 None
2012-09-26 Bipolar patients do not show accelerated cognitive decline 0 None
2012-09-26 Increasing doses of radium chloride effective, tolerated in prostate cancer 0 None
2012-09-26 Pain survey effective for educating cancer patients 0 None
2012-09-26 Low-cost thermometer identifies cows with poor hoof health 0 None
2012-09-26 Blood test for monitoring Huntington’s disease may be possible in future 0 None
2012-09-26 Cost of glaucoma revealed 0 None
2012-09-26 The ABC of terminal hemorrhage management 0 None
2012-09-26 Eat fruit and veggies to prevent heart attack, women told 0 None
2012-09-26 Developing world lagging in anesthesia safety 0 None
2012-09-26 New report: Population aging will have broad economic consequences for the U.S. 0 None
2012-09-26 Fish-oil fortified nutrition bars can provide health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids 0 None
2012-09-26 Dual cigarette and waterpipe users more likely to develop dependence, tobacco-related diseases 0 5
2012-09-26 Parts of the brain can evolve independently from each other 0 None
2012-09-26 Self-image, social interaction help explain link between exercise and mental health 0 None
2012-09-26 UTMB to continue long-term study on healthy and unhealthy teen dating relationships 0 None
2012-09-25 Warfarin therapy should not be stopped completely after GI bleeding 0 None
2012-09-25 Three-factor tool could be all you need to assess surgery risk 0 None
2012-09-25 Success rates affect patient preferences for one or two root canal visits 0 None
2012-09-25 Cochlear implant an option for unhappy stapes patients 0 None
2012-09-25 Armband labeling could prevent DNR confusion 0 None
2012-09-25 Daytime oxygen link to poor sleep in COPD 0 None
2012-09-25 ‘Video game’ teaches blind people to navigate buildings 0 5
2012-09-25 Maternal obstetric problems linked to schizophrenia risk 0 None
2012-09-25 Suicide attempts common in bipolar disorder inpatients 0 3
2012-09-25 Ultrasound effective for visualizing fractures in children 0 None
2012-09-25 Yoghurt may lower hypertension risk 0 None
2012-09-25 Low blood sugar danger for critically ill 0 None
2012-09-25 Persistence pays out exercise benefits in heart failure 0 None
2012-09-25 Osteopathic manipulation improves spine mobility in obese 0 None
2012-09-25 Prevalence of OCD in children ‘high’ 1 None
2012-09-25 University of Iowa, Mayo Clinic to continue SPORE for lymphoma research 0 None
2012-09-25 Wiley announces publication of 6-volume Encyclopedia of Drug Metabolism and Interactions 0 None
2012-09-25 FIOCRUZ, DNDi and Brazil collaborate on R&D for neglected diseases 0 None
2012-09-24 Extended release exenatide outperforms twice daily regimen 0 None
2012-09-24 Low aerobic fitness risk factor for chronic kidney disease in men 0 None
2012-09-24 Absence of proteinuria good prognostic sign in IgA nephropathy 0 None
2012-09-24 PPI use linked with risk for infection in decompensated cirrhosis 0 None
2012-09-24 Bone marrow transplants hold promise for sickle cell patients 0 None
2012-09-24 Concentrated high-protein liquid fortifier boosts ICU babies’ growth 0 None
2012-09-24 Male BMI effects embryo quality, IVF outcome 0 None
2012-09-24 Yoghurt may lower hypertension risk 0 None
2012-09-24 Age at onset influences juvenile dermatomyositis course 0 None
2012-09-24 BG-12 effective for relapsing–remitting multiple sclerosis 1 5
2012-09-24 Free bus pass increases physical activity in elderly 0 5
2012-09-24 Fingertip injuries can be treated successfully without surgery 0 None
2012-09-24 Location of fat determines diabetes risk in obesity 0 None
2012-09-24 Confusion reigns on best handover of patients from secondary to primary care 0 None
2012-09-24 No time to lose in basilar artery occlusion treatment 0 None
2012-09-24 Study on epigenetics link of PTSD and respiratory disease in 9/11 responders 1 None
2012-09-24 Alarmingly high rates of obesity and smoking found among Pacific Islanders 0 None
2012-09-24 Mailed sun protection kits lead to higher frequency of sun protective behaviors 0 None
2012-09-24 Some children are less responsive to internal cues of hunger and fullness 0 None
2012-09-24 Low levels of vitamin D associated with higher risk of heart attack and early death 0 None
2012-09-24 Marijuana and testicular cancer: an interview with Victoria Cortessis 6 3
2012-09-24 Anesthetics and proteins: understanding the interactions 0 None
2012-09-24 Consuming fish with environmental pollutants can increase risk of cardiovascular diseases 0 None
2012-09-24 Vitamin D deficiency affects more Australians than previously thought 0 None
2012-09-24 AMSBIO expands its range of cell adhesion assays 0 None
2012-09-24 Suicide now the leading cause of injury mortality in the U.S. 0 None
2012-09-24 Genomic analysis of E. coli shows multiple steps to evolve new trait 0 None
2012-09-24 Study focuses on how teenage patients view privacy issues in online life while in hospital 0 None
2012-09-24 Global trade pressures may heighten disease incidence 0 None
2012-09-21 Sanofi, TB Alliance form research collaboration to search for new treatment compounds 0 None
2012-09-21 Auditory, visual, and tactile cues hold potential in rehabilitation of Parkinson's Disease patients 0 None
2012-09-21 NCI awards Provocative Questions grant to Mount Sinai School of Medicine researchers 0 None
2012-09-21 Vanderbilt, Bristol-Myers Squibb partner to advance Parkinson’s disease treatment 0 None
2012-09-21 Physical and mental health improves on moving to lower-poverty neighborhood 0 None
2012-09-21 Secondhand smoke continues to take a grievous toll on nonsmokers 0 None
2012-09-21 Many states do not fully analyze data on fatal prescription painkiller overdoses 0 None
2012-09-21 Obese, but metabolically healthy 0 None
2012-09-21 Partially-matched bone marrow transplants can eliminate sickle cell disease in some patients 0 None
2012-09-21 Free bus passes for over-60’s could encourage physical activity 0 None
2012-09-21 Location of fat determines diabetes risk in obesity 0 None
2012-09-21 Ultrasound boosts rheumatology clinical examination findings 0 None
2012-09-21 Routine tests flag up cancer danger in cryptogenic stroke 0 None
2012-09-21 Cancer fears allayed for shingles patients 0 None
2012-09-21 ‘Friendly bacteria’ may help prevent sinusitis 1 None
2012-09-21 Arthroplasty wound complications linked to oral anticoagulant use 0 None
2012-09-21 Changing iv catheters only when necessary 'could benefit millions' 0 None
2012-09-21 Structure and function combined is best for detecting, discriminating glaucoma 0 None
2012-09-21 Intraoperative angiography ‘valuable’ in vascular brain surgery 0 None
2012-09-21 Same-day discharge after laparoscopic hysterectomy ‘poses no safety concerns’ 0 None
2012-09-21 Finding a voice is crucial to nurse collaboration, patient safety 0 None
2012-09-21 Don’t take psychoactive drugs and drive 0 None
2012-09-21 Alcohol refrain for bone density gain 0 None
2012-09-21 Prevalence of sexual violence against mental health patients ‘alarming’ 0 None
2012-09-21 Bipolar patients show poor HRQoL regardless of treatment setting 0 None
2012-09-21 Routine tests flag up cancer danger in cryptogenic stroke 0 None
2012-09-21 Subclinical hyperthyroidism does not lead to cardiovascular and total mortality 0 5
2012-09-21 Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease experience poor sleep quality 0 None
2012-09-21 Nurses can play a key role in feeding people and restoring their humanity in times of crisis 0 None
2012-09-21 Thyroid cancer among people with low SES is diagnosed at a more advanced stage 0 None
2012-09-21 Concordia study shows childhood friends can forecast adulthood success 0 None
2012-09-21 Research to gauge effectiveness of street-crossing training program in impaired people 0 None
2012-09-20 High uric acid precursor of obesity, metabolic syndrome 0 5
2012-09-20 Benefits limited of surgery weight loss for sleep apnea 1 None
2012-09-20 Sweet success healing diabetic foot ulcers 0 4
2012-09-20 Antiwasting supplements provide moderate improvements in child health 0 None
2012-09-20 Bisphenol A may contribute to childhood obesity 0 5
2012-09-20 Statin effect on thrombosis not so positive 0 None
2012-09-20 Early warning signs detected by half of BD patients 0 None
2012-09-20 Early menopause increases cardiovascular risk 0 None
2012-09-20 Social anxiety common in remitted schizophrenia patients 1 5
2012-09-20 Executive attention deficits in youth at risk for mood disorders 0 None
2012-09-20 Close monitoring could give early warning of MS disease course 0 None
2012-09-20 Tight glycemic control does not reduce infection rate after pediatric cardiac surgery 0 None
2012-09-20 Gum disease bacteria linked to pancreatic cancer risk 0 None
2012-09-20 GSK3 inhibition protects against gum disease 0 5
2012-09-20 Recurrent glioblastoma: consider after effects before choosing palliative surgery 0 None
2012-09-20 One in every two cases of PTSD in soldiers remains undiagnosed 0 None
2012-09-20 Scientists identify unique molecular signature in iPSCs that show promise in regenerative medicine 0 None
2012-09-20 Greater adherence to DASH diet can lead to significant reductions in blood pressure 0 None
2012-09-20 RI MUHC, McGill University launch Montreal component of Canada-wide aging study 0 None
2012-09-19 Study examines link between drug or alcohol use disorders and death in veterans with PTSD 0 None
2012-09-19 High fructose corn syrup consumption alone not responsible for obesity epidemic 0 1
2012-09-19 Adolescent menstrual disorders linked to hyperandrogenemia 0 None
2012-09-19 Light alcohol consumption may increase risk of certain cancers 1 None
2012-09-19 Mephedrone may cause memory loss 0 None
2012-09-19 Visual clue to ICH outcomes 0 None
2012-09-19 Extreme temperatures affect cardiac mortality 0 None
2012-09-19 Alendronate decreases BMD loss in prostate cancer 0 None
2012-09-19 Bilateral pediatric sinusitis takes longer to heal after surgery 0 None
2012-09-19 Inhaled pain relief effective in first labor stage 0 None
2012-09-19 MRD monitoring falls short in childhood AML assessment 0 None
2012-09-19 Phonologic awareness impacts receptive vocabulary in kids with CIs 0 None
2012-09-19 Viral cause excluded for chronic fatigue syndrome 0 None
2012-09-19 Alexithymia linked to white matter integrity in schizophrenia 0 None
2012-09-19 Mood disorder, anxiety risk elevated in children with mood disordered parents 0 None
2012-09-19 Social threat reveals self-esteem mismatch in social anxiety disorder adolescents 0 4
2012-09-19 Reduced-intensity benefits confirmed for AML cell transplantation 0 None
2012-09-19 Mushroom compound lengthens lives of dogs with cancer, has human potential 0 None
2012-09-19 Fecal incontinence remains a problem after laparoscopic surgery 0 None
2012-09-19 Age at diabetes onset linked to macular edema onset 0 None
2012-09-19 i-gel airway device provides reliable anesthesia ventilation 0 None
2012-09-19 Delirium widespread among older people but often goes ignored and untreated 0 None
2012-09-19 BPA exposure not likely to cause obesity, finds study 0 None
2012-09-18 Measures of kidney function may be linked to thrombosis 0 None
2012-09-18 Diabetes risk accumulates with visceral fat 0 None
2012-09-18 Most women with heart disease can shun advice to avoid pregnancy 0 None
2012-09-18 US and Dutch views differ on sedation at end of life 0 None
2012-09-18 Daily use of inhaled steroid may not be essential in mild asthma patients 0 None
2012-09-18 Minor stroke patients need urgent imaging 0 3
2012-09-18 Nutrient intake linked to depression risk 0 None
2012-09-18 Exercise may help prevent infection for paraplegic individuals 0 3
2012-09-18 Plastic hearts still break 0 None
2012-09-18 Vitamin D deficiency common in critically ill children 0 None
2012-09-18 CAPE effective for detecting patients at ultra-high risk for psychosis 0 None
2012-09-18 Teen BD patients show specific gray matter deficits 0 None
2012-09-18 Tranexamic acid lifesaving across the board 0 None
2012-09-18 ‘Disappointing’ findings for spinal manipulative therapy 0 None
2012-09-18 Frontline teamwork, safety practices slice hospital infection rate by 40% 0 None
2012-09-18 Intensive rehabilitation may put off move to nursing facilities for elderly 0 None
2012-09-18 Measures of kidney function may be linked to thrombosis 0 None
2012-09-18 Abiraterone acetate confirmed to offer significant survival benefit to advanced prostate cancer patients 0 None
2012-09-18 Seriously ill patients being cared for sound environments in ICUs 0 None
2012-09-18 Self-harmers are three times as likely to die prematurely 0 None
2012-09-18 HER Foundation donates $46000 to UCLA geneticist for research into Hyperemesis Gravidarum 0 None
2012-09-18 Biologists elucidate how muscle stem cells colonize special niches 0 None
2012-09-18 Cancer surpasses heart disease as leading cause of death among U.S. Hispanics 0 None
2012-09-18 Attractive, catchy names can compel youngsters to eat more vegetables 0 None
2012-09-17 Cognitive basis proposed for fatigue after stroke 1 5
2012-09-17 Refinements in gene therapy prove beneficial for ‘bubble babies’ 0 None
2012-09-17 Factors linked to cruciate injury in ski racers uncovered 0 None
2012-09-17 Routine endoscopy reduces gastric bypass complication, morbidity rates 0 None
2012-09-17 Water mineral content link to alcoholic liver disease 0 None
2012-09-17 Renal denervation given the thumbs up by researchers 0 4
2012-09-17 Mitochondrial variations unlikely cause of osteoarthritis 0 None
2012-09-17 SPECT/CT detects metastatic nodes in melanoma 0 None
2012-09-17 Ionizing radiation imaging raises breast cancer risk in BRCA1/2 carriers 0 None
2012-09-17 Healthcare costs could total more than household assets for elderly at end of life 0 None
2012-09-17 Pertussis immunity wanes in the 5 years after DTaP vaccination 0 None
2012-09-17 Parents of sickle cell babies undercounseled 0 None
2012-09-17 Novel classification system could improve management of facial trauma 0 None
2012-09-17 Antimuscarinics only moderately effective for overactive bladder 0 None
2012-09-17 Prevalence MRSA laryngitis may be underestimated 0 1
2012-09-17 Additional campus-based health promotion strategies needed for students 0 None
2012-09-17 Migraine headaches in children linked to behavioral difficulties 0 5
2012-09-17 NIH announces multiple awards to UCLA Center for Autism Research and Treatment 0 None
2012-09-17 Researchers investigate African plants effective in treating snakebite 0 None
2012-09-17 Drug-resistant tuberculosis: an interview with Sven Hoffner 0 None
2012-09-17 UK researchers team up to help improve training for elite athletes 0 None
2012-09-15 Scientists identify genetic building blocks behind human heart's subtle control system 0 None
2012-09-15 University of Warwick, NTU to launch joint global programme for neuroscience research 0 None
2012-09-15 Drinking water fails to meet state quality standards at North Carolina migrant farmworker camps 0 None
2012-09-15 Researchers analyse data on diet, exercise and personality type of more than 7000 people 0 None
2012-09-14 Progress on child survival rate since 2000 0 None
2012-09-14 Job strain poses heart risk 0 None
2012-09-14 Radiographs ‘unnecessary’ after splinting 0 None
2012-09-14 Severe egg allergy treatment shows promise 0 None
2012-09-14 Pancreatic trigs trigger diabetes 0 None
2012-09-14 Corticosteroids only help minority of alopecia patients 0 None
2012-09-14 Telephone calls ring up benefits for heart failure patients 0 None
2012-09-14 Maternal-fetal Chagas disease transmission still problematic 0 4
2012-09-14 Heavy drinking risks early severe stroke 0 None
2012-09-14 Factors predictive of successful DME treatment revealed 0 None
2012-09-14 Flow rate may dictate brain arteriovenous malformation radiosurgery success 0 None
2012-09-14 Clinician responsibility is confused during maternity handovers 0 None
2012-09-14 More evidence supporting cardiac danger of painkillers after MI 1 None
2012-09-14 Objective response rate promising after crizotinib for NSCLC 0 None
2012-09-14 Childhood abuse linked to thalamus size in violent mental health patients 0 None
2012-09-14 Early warning signs detected by half of BD patients 0 None
2012-09-14 Minor stroke patients need urgent imaging 0 None
2012-09-14 Humans could learn from how plants handle stress 0 None
2012-09-14 Cessation of drinking may reduce risk of oesophageal cancer 0 None
2012-09-14 Advertising may increase fruit and vegetable consumption among the people 0 None
2012-09-14 Moderate exercise may help people cope with future anxiety and stress 0 None
2012-09-13 Sun-protection counseling by medical staff ineffective 0 None
2012-09-13 Protocol adherence enhances outcomes in fast-track colorectal surgery 0 None
2012-09-13 Message delivery vital to successful obesity prevention 0 None
2012-09-13 Montelukast possible surgery alternative for obstructive sleep apnea 0 None
2012-09-13 Optimal approach for esophageal cancer surgery varies 0 None
2012-09-13 Alcohol douses the blood pressure benefit of red wine 0 None
2012-09-13 Social cognition reduced in FEP, UHR patients 0 None
2012-09-13 Kynurenic acid levels reduced in suicide attempters with schizophrenia 0 None
2012-09-13 Gefitinib shows promise in Chinese lung cancer patients 0 None
2012-09-13 Smoking history 'no bar to successful lung donation' 0 None
2012-09-13 Infants’ oral microbiota differs according to feeding method 0 None
2012-09-13 Disorganized eggs hinder fertility in obese women 0 None
2012-09-13 Autologous skin grafts heal chronic foot ulcers 1 None
2012-09-13 Stigma impacts functioning in bipolar disorder 0 None
2012-09-13 FDG–PET/CT improves staging and modifies radiotherapy management 0 None
2012-09-13 Platinum tissue concentrations predict NSCLC treatment response 0 None
2012-09-13 Crizotinib may be effective treatment option for NSCLC subtype 0 None
2012-09-13 SOX2 gene potential therapeutic target for SCLC 0 None
2012-09-13 Solubilized curcumin shrinks lung tumors in mice 0 None
2012-09-13 Addition of sorafenib to chemotherapy does not prolong survival 0 None
2012-09-13 Model predicts lung cancer risk 0 None
2012-09-13 Dabigatran increasingly being used off-label 0 None
2012-09-13 Think ‘glass half full’ to reduce pain after breast surgery 0 None
2012-09-13 People with family history of certain diseases often underestimate their risk 0 4
2012-09-13 Incidence of Acute gastrointestinal illness is likely to rise in coming years 0 None
2012-09-13 Legs of grasshoppers and crabs have ideal shape to resist bending and compression 0 None
2012-09-13 Drugs to treat anxiety, depression and insomnia may increase risk of driving accident 0 None
2012-09-13 First study to report on vitamin D levels in large groups of critically ill children 0 None
2012-09-13 Young smokers face psychological difficulties of quitting as adults 0 None
2012-09-13 Daily noise exposure can lead to permanent hearing loss in nightclub bar employees 0 None
2012-09-13 New research offers ways in which investigators can reduce amount of Cd in foods 0 None
2012-09-13 Exercise may affect how people respond to food cues 0 None
2012-09-12 Silent infarcts prognostic in young stroke patients 0 None
2012-09-12 Angiopoietin-like protein 2 level linked to incident diabetes 0 None
2012-09-12 Bilingual children perform differently from children with PLI on standardized tests 0 None
2012-09-12 Breakthrough for dengue vaccine development 0 None
2012-09-12 Colon cancer lymph node target ‘overambitious’ for rectal disease 0 None
2012-09-12 Novel serum assay measures calcification risk 0 None
2012-09-12 Nano ‘velcro’ strip effective detector of water-borne contaminants 0 None
2012-09-12 Hallucinations, delusions linked to poorer outcomes in general population 0 None
2012-09-12 Combination chemotherapy confirmed viable for penile cancer 0 None
2012-09-12 SUDs common in youth at high risk for bipolar disorder 0 None
2012-09-12 Early CATCH improves thrombocytopenia outcomes 0 None
2012-09-12 More evidence supporting cardiac danger of painkillers after MI 0 2.4
2012-09-12 Classical music could ease the ‘dog’s life’ of kennels 0 1.9
2012-09-12 Readily available index provides practical landmarks for glaucoma patients 0 1.6
2012-09-12 Blood pressure, oxygen saturation predict death in terminally ill 0 3
2012-09-12 Alarm raised over preoperative hyponatremia 0 None
2012-09-12 Acupuncture therapy remains a prickly matter 0 None
2012-09-12 Exposure to road traffic noise may increase risk of annoyance or sleep disturbance 0 None
2012-09-12 Researchers analyze cost-savings achieved by Medicare Physician Group Practice Demonstration 0 None
2012-09-12 Exercise and health: An interview with Professor Karim Khan 0 4.8
2012-09-12 AusAID draft strategy includes more support for research into neglected diseases 0 None
2012-09-12 Latinos more likely to store fat in the pancreas and develop type 2 diabetes 0 None
2012-09-11 ApoB no better than current lipid markers in CVD risk prediction 0 None
2012-09-11 Problem shared is a problem halved for mothers of cardiac defect babies 0 None
2012-09-11 Many pediatric respiratory hospitalizations unnecessary 1 3
2012-09-11 CT shows promise in predicting COPD exacerbation risk 0 None
2012-09-11 Specific white matter connectivity reduced in anxiety patients 0 None
2012-09-11 ‘Clever’ carpet could help prevent falls 0 None
2012-09-11 Aortic stiffness linked to high blood pressure 0 None
2012-09-11 Instrument-assisted spinal manipulation shows hypoalgesic effects 0 None
2012-09-11 End-stage renal patients 'suffer stroke-related impairments' 0 None
2012-09-11 Individuals without capacity excluded from potentially beneficial trials 0 None
2012-09-11 Try resuscitating a little longer, say researchers 0 None
2012-09-11 Nonsurgical treatment achieves periodontitis improvements regardless of smoking 0 None
2012-09-11 Evidence shows endovascular repair may be of more use than operative 0 None
2012-09-11 Minimally invasive esophagectomy viable alternative to open surgery 0 None
2012-09-11 Social cognition reduced in FEP, UHR patients 0 None
2012-09-11 Emotion recognition problematic for BD youth 0 None
2012-09-11 Link between second-hand smoke exposure and memory problems 0 None
2012-09-11 Two National University of Singapore scientists win Lasker Awards for medical research 0 None
2012-09-11 Half of all people of South Asian, African descent will develop diabetes by age 80 0 None
2012-09-11 Rhode Island receives NIH grant to study cartilage and joint health 0 None
2012-09-11 Exercise, good nutrition play a crucial role in maintaining health and fighting disease 0 None
2012-09-11 Researchers gain new insight into regulation of adult nerve cell generation in the hypothalamus 0 None
2012-09-10 Stroke patients on a downhill memory slope 0 None
2012-09-10 Sifting through the junk with ENCODE 0 None
2012-09-10 Antioxidants improve sperm quality in infertile men 0 None
2012-09-10 Warning over sirolimus in HCV-positive liver transplantation 0 None
2012-09-10 American footballers at high risk for neurodegenerative death 0 None
2012-09-10 Intermittent hormone therapy effective for prostate cancer patients 0 None
2012-09-10 Partial pressure measures could be used in neonates after surgery 0 None
2012-09-10 Complete mitral valve ring repair reduces recurrent regurgitation 0 None
2012-09-10 Aortic stiffness linked to high blood pressure 0 None
2012-09-10 Plasma biomarker predicts rheumatoid arthritis onset 0 None
2012-09-10 MRI workers experience transient neurocognitive effects 0 1
2012-09-10 'No malignancy risk' with biologic response modifiers 0 None
2012-09-10 Keep moving, socializing to prolong life in old age 0 None
2012-09-10 Intern work-hour restrictions? Get a physician extender, night float 0 None
2012-09-10 Quality diabetes care comes at a price 0 None
2012-09-10 Pathogens identified in majority of childhood CAP hospitalizations 0 None
2012-09-10 Annovation Biopharma to develop novel anesthetics with $8M Series A financing 0 None
2012-09-10 Physician empathy has positive impact on patient outcomes 0 None
2012-09-10 Employment may reduce risk of mental health problems among Somalis in London 0 None
2012-09-07 Increased risk of heart failure and cardiovascular death linked to thickening of heart's right ventricle 0 None
2012-09-07 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society awards SCOR program grant to Walter and Eliza Hall Institute team 0 1
2012-09-07 Gestational diabetes estimates inconsistent among Indigenous, Aboriginal populations 0 None
2012-09-07 Phthalates may be asthma trigger 0 None
2012-09-07 Therapeutic targets for pemphigus vulgaris discovered 0 None
2012-09-07 Exposure to household chemical may raise cardiac risk 0 None
2012-09-07 Evidence piles up in favor of plain cigarette packs 3 None
2012-09-07 Repeat abortions have repercussions for later pregnancy 0 None
2012-09-07 Unrecognized heart attack prevalent in older diabetes patients 0 None
2012-09-07 Antipsychotic-induced obsessive compulsive symptoms assessed 1 None
2012-09-07 Bipolar conversion in children linked to family history 0 None
2012-09-07 AAP urges snoring screening for all children 0 None
2012-09-07 Simple interventions boost vertebral fracture osteoporosis care 0 None
2012-09-07 Rigid gas-permeable lenses correct vision after ocular trauma 0 None
2012-09-07 Prompt treatment urged for bleeding intracranial aneurysms 0 None
2012-09-07 Lack of support hinders evidence-based nursing 0 None
2012-09-07 Centralized network may reduce inappropriate filled prescriptions 0 None
2012-09-07 Study uncovers growing drink problem in older generation 0 None
2012-09-07 Long-term prognosis excellent for patients with IgA nephropathy 0 None
2012-09-07 George Washington University receives two grants for medical and health research 0 None
2012-09-07 Hispanics/Latinos with non-small cell lung cancer have higher overall survival rates 0 None
2012-09-07 NFL donates $30 million for research on brain injuries 0 None
2012-09-07 Study sheds light on how high-fibre diet affects the gut environment 0 None
2012-09-07 Untreated severe OSA may increase risk of cardiovascular death in the elderly 0 None
2012-09-07 All seniors can enjoy benefits of exercise: Study 0 None
2012-09-07 Longitudinal research confirms correlation between popularity and smoking 0 None
2012-09-06 Vitamin D supplements have unintended lipid consequences 0 None
2012-09-06 Nutritional benefits of organic foods questioned 1 None
2012-09-06 Constipation drug may bring US patients relief 0 None
2012-09-06 Cleaning capsule danger highlighted 0 None
2012-09-06 WOEST: Dual antiplatelet therapy more effective than triple 0 None
2012-09-06 Night eating syndrome increased in schizophrenia patients 0 None
2012-09-06 Monthly sunlight increase linked to age at BD onset 0 None
2012-09-06 Hopes dashed for ginkgo biloba in Alzheimer’s disease 0 None
2012-09-06 Try resuscitating a little longer, say researchers 0 None
2012-09-06 Early results of transcatheter valve registry data unveiled 0 None
2012-09-06 Monthly sunlight increase linked to age at BD onset 0 None
2012-09-06 Quality diabetes care comes at a price 0 None
2012-09-06 Inflammatory hindfoot arthrodesis outcomes compared 0 None
2012-09-06 Postop complications are greatest risk for 30-day readmission 0 None
2012-09-06 Reduced NF-κB expression linκed to postradiation oral mucosa vulnerability 0 None
2012-09-06 A significant proportion of breast cancer survivors have chronic fatigue 0 None
2012-09-06 Alzheimer’s disease is not prevented by ginkgo biloba 1 None
2012-09-06 Better recognition of rising burden of cancer in Africa needed 0 None
2012-09-06 Workers with job insecurity more likely to report symptoms of anxiety and depression 0 None
2012-09-06 Teenage brains being changed by the digital revolution 0 None
2012-09-06 Study examines relationship between life events and survival after diagnosis of melanoma 0 None
2012-09-06 Study sheds light on lingering effects of natural disasters, mass shootings and terrorist attacks 0 None
2012-09-06 Two UNC autism researchers receive $12.6 million in grants from ACE program 0 None
2012-09-05 Exposure to household chemical may raise cardiac risk 2 None
2012-09-05 Unemployment barrier to antidiabetic medication adherence 0 None
2012-09-05 Corticosteroids needed after DALK to avert stromal rejection 0 5
2012-09-05 Voice therapy should be offered to more thyroidectomy patients 0 None
2012-09-05 Final push needed to eliminate malaria in Sri Lanka 0 None
2012-09-05 Predictors for pain after breast cancer surgery unveiled 0 None
2012-09-05 Kidney stones signal poor renal prognosis 0 5
2012-09-05 Sacral neuromodulation cost-effective for fecal incontinence 0 None
2012-09-05 On-the-spot test aids postsurgical coagulopathy management 0 None
2012-09-05 Arsenic induces acute promyelocytic leukemia remission 0 None
2012-09-05 Etiologic work-up crucial after stroke 0 None
2012-09-05 Delayed WM growth in siblings of childhood-onset schizophrenia patients 0 None
2012-09-05 BD I patients at high risk for sleep apnea 0 None
2012-09-05 Biomarker predicts temsirolimus benefit in renal cancer 0 None
2012-09-05 Stage of lactation affects cows’ potential for lameness 0 None
2012-09-05 Long-term cardiac impact of Japan quake revealed 0 None
2012-09-05 More focus required on hospice care for heart failure patients 0 None
2012-09-05 Real-time prescription system reduces inappropriate prescribing of medications 0 None
2012-09-05 Eurofins MWG Operon acquires Illumina HiSeq 2500 and MiSeq sequencers 0 None
2012-09-05 More women and non-smokers being diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer 0 None
2012-09-05 Exposure to natural disasters can prompt people to start smoking 0 None
2012-09-05 U.S. outbreaks of Dengue, West Nile demonstrate need for U.S investment in neglected diseases 0 None
2012-09-05 NIH funded researchers identify and explore different aspects of anesthesia 0 None
2012-09-05 Children's asthma symptoms could be worse due to chaotic home environment 0 None
2012-09-05 Smoker's pack-years, age and area of emphysema are strong predictors of mortality in COPD 0 None
2012-09-05 Educational program for parents helps reduce pressure on children to eat 0 None
2012-09-05 Exposure to volcanic ash increases respiratory symptoms 0 None
2012-09-05 Longer resuscitation could be beneficial after in-hospital cardiac arrest 0 None
2012-09-04 Brain derived neurotrophic factor level indicates childhood obesity risk 0 5
2012-09-04 Motor coordination in children with sedentary lifestyles: an interview with Dr. Luis Lopes 2 5
2012-09-04 E-cigarettes light up battle against adverse effects of smoking 1 5
2012-09-04 Closing large intracardiac shunts does not improve sleep apnea 0 None
2012-09-04 PDAs could help autistic people perform better at work 0 None
2012-09-04 Pediatric central line infections reduced by ‘best practice’ guidelines 0 None
2012-09-04 MADONNA: Personalized antiplatelet therapy savior for angioplasty patients? 0 2
2012-09-04 Subthreshold metabolic syndrome common in drug-naïve schizophrenia patients 0 5
2012-09-04 Testosterone levels linked to BD course 0 None
2012-09-04 CAD risk no higher in head and neck cancer 0 None
2012-09-04 Lack of evidence to recommend routine screening for chronic kidney disease 0 None
2012-09-04 Predictors of early death after traumatic bleeding uncovered 0 None
2012-09-04 Economic crisis increases depression rates 0 None
2012-09-04 Molecular ‘timetable’ could aid personalized medicine 0 None
2012-09-04 Canalith repositioning maneuvers take the spin out of vertigo 0 None
2012-09-04 Online information lacking for UK patients wishing to choose their surgeon 0 None
2012-09-04 Coconut oil attacks tooth decay 0 None
2012-09-04 Exposure to perfluorooctanoic acid appears to increase risk of CVD and peripheral arterial disease 0 None
2012-09-04 Study finds little significant difference in health benefits between organic and conventional foods 0 None
2012-09-04 Plain cigarette packaging likely to reduce appeal of smoking for young people 0 None
2012-09-04 Parkinson disease may share common pathogenic mechanisms with some cancers 0 None
2012-09-03 Exercise paves way to healthy old age 0 None
2012-09-03 Eat your greens for healthy sperm genes 0 None
2012-09-03 Herpes virus eventually impairs glucose regulation 0 2
2012-09-03 MRI lesions match site of recent-onset inflammatory back pain 0 1
2012-09-03 Low blood pressure increases diabetes mortality risk 0 None
2012-09-03 Noninvasive fractional flow reserve still out of reach 0 None
2012-09-03 Novel scoring system shows sclerotherapy improves pain of venous malformation 0 None
2012-09-03 Obesity no barrier to knee replacement surgery 0 None
2012-09-03 Potassium-channel autoimmunity linked to chronic pain 4 5
2012-09-03 Hospitalist-led ED reduces diversion, improves patient flow 0 None
2012-09-03 Home-based care reduces mortality, institutionalization risk in elderly 0 None
2012-09-03 Relocating intensive care nurseries reduces late-onset sepsis rates 0 None
2012-09-03 Usefulness of liver biopsy for CALI preoperative assessment questioned 0 None
2012-09-03 Heart rate marks out poststroke survival 0 None
2012-09-03 Obesity and breast cancer recurrence: an interview with Dr. Joseph Sparano 0 5
2012-09-03 IVIVC and Biowaivers in Drug Development 2012 seminar to take place in India 0 None
2012-09-03 Marathon running linked to increased risk of pulmonary oedema 0 None
2012-09-03 People aged 85 years and over have high burden of respiratory conditions 0 None
2012-09-03 MU's Coulter program funds translational research projects that unite physicians and engineers 0 None
2012-09-01 Complacency and apathy may have played a role in recent spike of West Nile cases 0 None
2012-09-01 Incentives can help promote drug abstinence among pregnant women with heroin or cocaine addiction 0 None
2012-09-01 U.S., Nigeria inaugurate Defense Reference Laboratory in Abuja 0 None
2012-09-01 Unique approaches to improve pain management in hospitals and clinical practices 1 None
2012-09-01 New toolbox for neuroscientists will reduce time for clinical research 0 None
2012-09-01 Curved glass induces faster consumption of alcohol 0 None
2012-09-01 Balance abnormalities can exacerbate asthma symptoms 0 None
2012-09-01 Water pipe smoking affects lung function and respiratory symptoms as cigarette smoking 0 None
2012-08-31 The safety of trainee surgeons: an interview with Prof Calvin Coffey 0 3.7
2012-08-31 Study reports flaws in design, analysis, and interpretation of Lyme disease 3 4.5
2012-08-31 MDR-TB, XDR-TB more widespread than previously believed, study shows 0 None
2012-08-31 Doubt cast on LABA withdrawal in combination asthma therapy 0 None
2012-08-31 Mammographic density 'unrelated to breast cancer death risk' 0 None
2012-08-31 Promising results with SLIT for childhood grass pollen allergy 0 None
2012-08-31 Global tobacco use remains high 0 None
2012-08-31 French data highlight women under 60 at risk for heart disease 0 None
2012-08-31 TNF inhibitors best cardiac option for psoriasis patients 0 None
2012-08-31 Smoking rates increased in relatives of schizophrenia patients 0 None
2012-08-31 Subsyndromal symptoms hasten relapse in BD 0 None
2012-08-31 Excessive daytime sleepiness during pregnancy should raise the alarm 0 None
2012-08-31 Useful vision maintained long term after lens-sparing vitrectomy for ROP 0 None
2012-08-31 Quitting could cut SAH risk for some smokers 0 None
2012-08-31 Sleep apnea’s contribution to diabetic nephropathy needs attention 0 None
2012-08-31 LCZ696 could be of PARAMOUNT importance in heart failure 0 None
2012-08-31 Tunes and T-shirts for cardiac rehabilitation 0 None
2012-08-31 Dark chocolate lovers can handle wide range of bitter tastes before rejection 0 None
2012-08-31 New research about brain and related disorders to be unveiled at Neuroscience 2012 0 None
2012-08-31 Glaucoma and cell death: an interview with Dr. Vivek Gupta 1 3.7
2012-08-31 Weill Cornell Medical College receives three new research grants for translational blood cancer study 0 None
2012-08-30 Early European TAVI registry data unveiled 0 None
2012-08-30 Dabigatran exposure may RE-LY on genetics 0 None
2012-08-30 Optimal cutoffs for defining pain in multiple sclerosis 0 None
2012-08-30 Physical, verbal reminders could improve preoperative preparation 0 None
2012-08-30 Emergency readmission after endoscopy linked to mortality risk 0 None
2012-08-30 Achievable outcomes focus of long-term postmenopausal weight loss 0 None
2012-08-30 Early cannabis use damages developing brain 0 None
2012-08-30 Duration of untreated bipolar disorder ‘too long’ 0 5
2012-08-30 Pressure’s not off for diabetic feet 0 None
2012-08-30 Patients at risk for psychosis report increased childhood trauma 0 None
2012-08-30 Early treatment dropout common in bipolar disorder 0 None
2012-08-30 Oral lesion progression markers validated, discovered 0 None
2012-08-30 Sterotactic radiotherapy offers good results in recurrent head and neck cancer 0 None
2012-08-30 Non-right-handedness increased in BD patients 0 None
2012-08-30 Closing in on neurologic biomarker diagnosis 0 None
2012-08-30 Anastomotic leakage does not increase rectal cancer recurrence risk 0 None
2012-08-30 Chronic nerve pain: an interview with Professor Sally Lawson 6 4.3
2012-08-30 Single serve packages may help reduce energy intake at breakfast 0 None
2012-08-30 Drug-resistant tuberculosis levels described as alarming by international study 0 None
2012-08-30 Strong neural communication between the hemispheres predicts math performance 0 None
2012-08-30 UCSF’s intensive care unit study receives $2.1 million Moore Foundation grant 0 None
2012-08-29 Long-term cardiac impact of Japan quake revealed 0 None
2012-08-29 Tunes and T-shirts for cardiac rehabilitation 0 None
2012-08-29 PROTECT: Still no clear winner in the battle of the stent generations 0 None
2012-08-29 Where there’s no smoke, there’s less bladder cancer 0 None
2012-08-29 FAST-MI highlights young women at risk for heart disease 0 None
2012-08-29 Childhood coagulation marker levels distinct from adulthood 0 None
2012-08-29 Country drinking water may pose child health risk 0 None
2012-08-29 Risk factors for obesity in pet rabbits similar to those in other animals 0 None
2012-08-29 Evidence lacking for use of misoprostol in PPH prevention 0 None
2012-08-29 Physicians’ emotional, institutional barriers prolong medical futility at end of life 0 5
2012-08-29 Vitamin to the rescue in fight with ‘superbugs’ 0 5
2012-08-29 Palm reversal sign language errors common in children with ASD 0 None
2012-08-29 Mortality risk similar for White vs Black diabetics 0 None
2012-08-29 DUP may differentiate schizoaffective disorder from BD 0 None
2012-08-29 Factors linked to occupational disability in BD identified 0 None
2012-08-29 Endoscopic microsurgery effective for giant rectal adenomas 0 None
2012-08-29 Elevated CRP is phenotype for familial preserved cognition 0 None
2012-08-29 Neuromuscular block may not hamper facemask airway success 0 None
2012-08-29 Preventing falls in older people: an interview with Professor Lindy Clemson 0 None
2012-08-29 Risk of stroke after myocardial infarction seems to decrease with improvements in coronary care 0 None
2012-08-29 Metabolism drives the brain clock, reveals study 0 4
2012-08-29 Study looks at exercise habits among cancer patients 0 None
2012-08-28 Study examines risk factors associated with Humvee injury risk to U.S. military personnel 0 None
2012-08-28 Resuming smoking after stroke can increase risk of mortality 0 None
2012-08-28 Being physically fit also increases the chances of aging healthily 0 None
2012-08-27 Healthy foods consumed more often by the wealthy than poor 0 None
2012-08-27 Healthy behaviours decrease risk of high blood pressure by two thirds 0 None
2012-08-27 Patients with psoriasis are at high risk of new-onset diabetes mellitus 0 None
2012-08-27 Consuming energy drinks can exert acute positive benefits on myocardial performance 0 None
2012-08-27 Belly fat linked with increased risk of cardiovascular death in normal weight individuals 0 None
2012-08-27 Appeals Court upholds federal funding of human embryonic stem cell research 0 None
2012-08-27 Health and defense applications account for 40% of business R&D: NSF report 0 None
2012-08-27 Study investigates effects of passive smoking on the levels of three parameters 0 5
2012-08-27 Diet and exercise help protect astronauts' bones in space 0 None
2012-08-24 MRC awards grant to design new drug for treatment of chronic pain 0 None
2012-08-24 Employee benefits, stable leadership improve nurse retention in homes 0 None
2012-08-24 Statins reduce pancreatitis risk 0 None
2012-08-24 Heating as well as cleaning contact lens cases kills bacteria best 0 None
2012-08-24 Vandetanib shows efficacy in thyroid cancer 0 None
2012-08-24 Children may benefit from having older mothers 0 None
2012-08-24 Revision surgery improves upper limb amputation outcome 0 None
2012-08-24 Concern over tattoo-related infections 0 None
2012-08-24 HIV-like immunodeficiency observed in Asia 0 None
2012-08-24 Incidence of early-onset schizophrenia ‘increasing’ 0 5
2012-08-24 Vigorous exercise associated with mental illness vulnerability 0 None
2012-08-24 Prescription drug monitoring systems alert abuse 0 None
2012-08-24 Radiating fears over diabetes in childhood cancer survivors 0 None
2012-08-24 Sleep apnea is not necessarily a male disorder 0 None
2012-08-24 Bleeding risk from aneurysm high in hemorrhagic AVM radiosurgery 0 None
2012-08-24 Study highlights importance of using appropriately treated water for sinus irrigation 0 None
2012-08-24 Close contact strategy does not work for young people after suicide attempts 0 None
2012-08-24 Gibbons use same vocal techniques as professional soprano singers 0 None
2012-08-24 New disease causes AIDS-like symptoms but not spread through virus 0 None
2012-08-24 Study shows how cancer survival rates developed in West Germany 0 None
2012-08-23 UK carotid endarterectomy results revealed 0 None
2012-08-23 Concern over ameba-infested tap water deaths 1 None
2012-08-23 Inappropriate prescriptions for the elderly prevalent in primary care 0 None
2012-08-23 Hand-held CO2 monitors could improve school air quality 0 None
2012-08-23 Adult surgery rescues overcorrected club foot deformity 0 None
2012-08-23 Novel questionnaire reliably assesses antiepileptic adverse effects in children 0 None
2012-08-23 Poor affect recognition may not predict psychosis in high-risk patients 0 None
2012-08-23 Annual follow up after ESD for early gastric cancer recommended 0 None
2012-08-23 Schizophrenia patients benefit from text message reminders 0 None
2012-08-23 Nicotine dependence risk increased in bipolar disorder 0 None
2012-08-23 Salivary IL-6 could predict recurrence after surgery in mouth cancer patients 0 None
2012-08-23 Nonoperative management of inflamed gallbladder may be best for elderly 0 4
2012-08-23 Fizzy tablet is best method to receive fentanyl for cancer pain 0 None
2012-08-23 Antibiotics: do they affect contraceptives? 0 None
2012-08-23 Neuroscientists try to decipher precisely how human brain constructs our sense of self 0 None
2012-08-23 UNH faculty member to study effectiveness of two distinct strength-training regimens on older adults 0 None
2012-08-23 Scientists report discovery of strong oral cavity carcinogen in smokeless tobacco 0 None
2012-08-23 NIH awards $100,000 STTR Phase I Grant to Transgenomic for pancreatic cancer research 0 None
2012-08-23 Link between specific weather conditions and dengue fever outbreaks 0 None
2012-08-23 UMN study shows eating less is about reduced desire and willpower 0 None
2012-08-22 ADHD symptoms 'present in most children who stutter' 0 None
2012-08-22 Life-quality concerns for multiple myeloma survivors 0 None
2012-08-22 Downward trend for heart failure in Canada 0 None
2012-08-22 Common diabetes treatment may cause bladder cancer 0 None
2012-08-22 Pain intensity not only predictor for hysterectomy 0 None
2012-08-22 Serum autoantibodies predict IgA nephropathy disease progression 0 None
2012-08-22 Spicy solution for viral infection 0 None
2012-08-22 Ventricular factors linked to early and late post-cardiac surgery mortality 0 None
2012-08-22 Schizophrenia patients benefit from text message reminders 0 None
2012-08-22 Non-righthandedness increased in BD patients 0 None
2012-08-22 Risk factors for urinary tract disease also common in idiopathic cystitis, in cats 0 None
2012-08-22 Surgeons should not resist rectal resection in endometriosis 0 3
2012-08-22 Vision symptoms plus retinal changes trigger need for AMD intervention 0 None
2012-08-22 Evidence stacks up against bisphenol A 0 None
2012-08-22 ‘Sitting service’ at end of life may improve chances of dying at home 0 None
2012-08-22 CKD may raise stroke, bleeding risk in AF patients 0 None
2012-08-22 Study on sea lamprey may indicate how potentially deleterious genes can be controlled 0 None
2012-08-22 Reasoning and behavioral control dependent on different regions of frontal lobes 0 4
2012-08-22 NIAID announces 14 grants for basic research to identify new HIV vaccine approaches 0 None
2012-08-21 HDL cholesterol benefits reduced with high C-reactive protein 0 None
2012-08-21 Vitamin D may help fight childhood acute respiratory infections 0 None
2012-08-21 Stem-cell therapy holds promise for postinjury arthritis prevention 0 None
2012-08-21 Highly sensitive troponin assay shortens heart attack diagnosis 0 None
2012-08-21 Childhood asthma link shows it is never too soon for mums to quit smoking 0 None
2012-08-21 Social phobia prevalent in OCD patients 1 None
2012-08-21 Deep abdominal muscle activation lessens lower back pain 0 None
2012-08-21 CKD may raise stroke, bleeding risk in AF patients 0 None
2012-08-21 Genetic key to severe malaria resistance uncovered 0 3
2012-08-21 International guidelines improve outcomes after dental trauma 0 None
2012-08-21 CHD patients do not need to rule out high-intensity exercise 0 None
2012-08-21 Sore throat treatment should be individually tailored 0 4
2012-08-21 Gene therapy applied to peripheral arterial disease 0 None
2012-08-21 Interhemispheric coordination reduced in schizophrenia 0 None
2012-08-21 Impulsiveness linked to bipolar disorder severity 0 None
2012-08-21 Bile duct cancer chosen as next indication for PCI Biotech 0 5
2012-08-21 House Bill 6218 would create interdepartmental autoimmune disease coordinating committee 1 None
2012-08-21 MitoTarget Project and neurodegenerative diseases: an interview with Rebecca Pruss, Ph.D., CSO of Trophos 0 4
2012-08-21 National Jewish Health, BWH to receive NHLBI grant for second phase of COPDGene project 0 None
2012-08-21 Study finds academic problems among students who sacrifice sleep for extra study time 0 None
2012-08-21 New attack on arthritis pain 0 None
2012-08-21 People with metabolic abnormalities may experience rapid decline in their cognitive skills 0 4
2012-08-21 Study finds decline in incidence of heart failure cases in Ontario 0 None
2012-08-21 Coconut water really does deserve its popular reputation as Mother Nature's own sports drink 0 None
2012-08-20 Three-step risk-screening method devised for Parkinson’s disease 0 None
2012-08-20 Parkinson’s disease with dementia falls into two pathologic subgroups 0 None
2012-08-20 PD risk factors for potential clinical screening identified 0 None
2012-08-20 Physiotherapy beneficial for Parkinson’s patients 0 None
2012-08-20 Calls for more widespread safety information on PGD 0 5
2012-08-20 Arthritis patients prioritize lifestyle intervention research 0 None
2012-08-20 Working out during pregnancy wards off muscle pain 0 None
2012-08-20 No return of body fat following liposuction 0 None
2012-08-20 Talk smoothes the way to better understanding sick babies 0 None
2012-08-20 Walnuts optimize male fertility 0 None
2012-08-20 Enzalutamide extends castration-resistant prostate cancer survival 0 None
2012-08-20 Hemodialysis foot ulcer risk not confined to diabetes 0 None
2012-08-20 Evidence stacks up against bisphenol A 0 None
2012-08-20 Standardized sign-out improves neurology handoffs 0 None
2012-08-20 HPV genotype may alter chemoradiotherapy outcome 0 None
2012-08-20 Specialist referral unearths wide spectrum of adult primary immune deficiencies 0 None
2012-08-20 US task force unconvinced of case for hearing tests in elderly 0 None
2012-08-20 Heart-healthy chocolate lowers blood pressure 0 None
2012-08-20 Live bacteria in more than 90% of middle ear effusions 0 None
2012-08-20 Anti-cancer regimens with multiple modes of action increase treatment effectiveness 0 None
2012-08-20 Infectious disease rates are high among homeless people 0 5
2012-08-18 Ohio's three Clinical and Translational Science Award institutions establish IRB agreement 0 None
2012-08-17 Early treatment vital for infantile hemangiomas 0 None
2012-08-17 Allergy transmission may be gender specific 0 None
2012-08-17 Biopsy required for accurate renal diagnosis in diabetes 0 None
2012-08-17 Prenatal alcohol exposure effects last well into childhood 1 None
2012-08-17 Arteriovenous malformations increase risk for pregnancy hemorrhage 0 None
2012-08-17 Prenatal antipsychotic exposure linked to reduced neuromotor performance 0 None
2012-08-17 Shorter DUP linked to better long-term schizophrenia outcomes 0 None
2012-08-17 Adolescent hypomania does not predict bipolar disorder 0 None
2012-08-17 HRT linked to ulcerative colitis in postmenopausal women 0 None
2012-08-17 Age, drugs, and disease alter sleep in Parkinson’s disease 0 None
2012-08-17 Ion levels poor indicator for hip arthroplasty debris 0 None
2012-08-17 Overcorrection is a risk in pediatric exotropia surgery 0 5
2012-08-17 Franchise clinics improve healthcare access for children in developing world 0 5
2012-08-17 One-week ciprofloxacin effective for pyelonephritis 0 None
2012-08-17 Two Johns Hopkins scientists receive NCI grant for Provocative Questions project 0 None
2012-08-17 Promising new treatment for bronchiectasis 0 2
2012-08-17 Tobacco use epidemic estimates show urgent need to redouble control efforts 0 None
2012-08-17 Study provides insights into life-time risk of end-stage renal disease 0 None
2012-08-17 Damage to the ventromedial prefrontal cortex increases credulity 0 None
2012-08-16 Potential treatment for sleep disorders suffered by patients with Fibromyalgia, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury 2 2
2012-08-16 Rhomboid enzymes and malaria treatment: an interview with Sinisa Urban 0 None
2012-08-16 Food preferences influence sleep patterns, metabolic health 0 None
2012-08-16 Tofacitinib shows promise in active ulcerative colitis 0 5
2012-08-16 Blood typifies coronary risk 0 None
2012-08-16 Heart-healthy chocolate lowers blood pressure 0 None
2012-08-16 Febrile seizures increase hippocampal injury risk 0 None
2012-08-16 Specific episode triggers in young adults with BD identified 0 None
2012-08-16 Happiness undiminished in FES patients 0 None
2012-08-16 Late heart rejection is in decline in children, mortality the same 0 None
2012-08-16 Rivaroxaban effective in children 1 None
2012-08-16 Labial minor salivary flow could diagnose xerostomia 0 None
2012-08-16 Hemodialysis foot ulcer risk not confined to diabetes 0 None
2012-08-16 Cortisol levels increased in youth at high risk for psychosis 0 None
2012-08-16 Rivaroxaban effective in children 0 None
2012-08-16 Targets to improve palliative patients’ wellbeing identified 0 None
2012-08-16 Short course motivates tympanometry use in middle ear problems 0 None
2012-08-16 Prevalence of high cholesterol still a concern for US youth 0 None
2012-08-16 Kessler Foundation to present recent findings in spinal cord injury research at ASCIP conference 0 None
2012-08-16 Biomedical engineer devises new noise model that is closer to the biological reality 0 None
2012-08-16 Intake of Mediterranean diet enriched with olive oil may increase serum osteocalcin concentrations 0 None
2012-08-16 APS’ Sharon S. Keller Chronic Pain Research Program to award $150,000 for eligible members 0 None
2012-08-16 India launches new laboratory for HIV vaccine research in collaboration with IAVI 0 None
2012-08-16 Delaying gratification at 4 years of age may affect weight later in life 0 None
2012-08-16 Science Exchange launches Reproducibility Initiative 0 None
2012-08-16 Microcystin present in Canadian lakes in every province 0 None
2012-08-16 Rice University researcher to see how delays in gene transcription affect cellular processes 0 None
2012-08-16 Two studies examine psychological status of Fukushima workers after nuclear plant disaster 0 None
2012-08-15 Low HDL cholesterol ADVANCEs nephropathy risk in diabetes 0 None
2012-08-15 Pouch surgery has long-term costs for young patients 2 None
2012-08-15 Nurse-led HIV care benefits patients 0 None
2012-08-15 Mechanism for chemotherapy resistance identified 0 None
2012-08-15 Pediatric imatinib for Philadelphia-chromosome ALL fights relapse 0 None
2012-08-15 Short-term intervention alters neural architecture of stutterers 0 None
2012-08-15 Excessive cleanliness may be bad for your health 0 None
2012-08-15 Tranexamic acid reduces bleeding in off-pump coronary bypass surgery 0 None
2012-08-15 Therapeutic breaks for prostate cancer patients 0 None
2012-08-15 Reassuring findings for migraine patients 0 None
2012-08-15 Healthy lifestyle provides stroke prevention across hypertensive states 0 None
2012-08-15 Cortisol levels increased in youth at high risk for psychosis 0 None
2012-08-15 White matter abnormalities distinguish childhood-onset BD 0 None
2012-08-15 Cardiac benefit of exercise proves better late than never 0 None
2012-08-15 No aping around after anesthetic combination 0 None
2012-08-15 Older father, US-born Hispanic mother, increases childhood retinoblastoma risk 0 None
2012-08-15 Palliative care on Scottish surgical wards needs improving 0 None
2012-08-15 Early stage breast cancer in older women: an interview with Dr. Benjamin Smith 0 3
2012-08-15 Walking and cycling can benefit people with cancer 0 None
2012-08-15 Fruit juice may reduce chocolate's fat content 0 None
2012-08-14 Prevalence of high cholesterol still an issue for US youths 0 None
2012-08-14 Physiotherapy beneficial for Parkinson’s patients 0 5
2012-08-14 Be alert for arrhythmias in new bronchodilator patients, researchers say 0 None
2012-08-14 Bullying linked with borderline personality disorder in children 0 3
2012-08-14 Cardiovascular control continues despite low pulse pressure in LVAD patients 0 4
2012-08-14 Religious beliefs may adversely affect care of very sick children 0 None
2012-08-14 Assessment for kidney transplant influenced by race, insurance 0 None
2012-08-14 Insurance status affects survival after cardiac event 0 None
2012-08-14 Common antibiotics may risk liver injury in elderly 0 None
2012-08-14 Abdominal pain duration influences appendicitis imaging diagnosis 0 None
2012-08-14 Depressed cardiac patients at added risk 0 None
2012-08-14 Migraines ring alarm bells for hearing loss 0 None
2012-08-14 HAS-BLED proves predictive ability 0 None
2012-08-14 Drug-eluting stents cleared for diabetes patients 0 None
2012-08-14 Somatic dysfunction possible linchpin to osteopathic back treatment 0 None
2012-08-14 Brain language structures altered in patients at genetic risk for schizophrenia 0 None
2012-08-14 Sleep impairment linked to bipolar disorder course in teens 0 None
2012-08-14 Schizophrenia and the immune system: an interview with Prof Cyndi Shannon Weickert 3 5
2012-08-14 Portable aspiration system for disposal of liquid biological waste 0 None
2012-08-14 Tai Chi improves health and quality of life for COPD sufferers 0 None
2012-08-14 Eating egg yolks accelerates atherosclerosis in a manner similar to smoking 0 None
2012-08-13 Researchers solve hepatitis C vaccine mystery 0 5
2012-08-13 Three alternative diabetes markers found 0 None
2012-08-13 ‘Low’ toxicity for phase I cancer trials 0 None
2012-08-13 Longer, conical miniscrews most successful for orthodontic anchorage 0 5
2012-08-13 Playing away stops bugs being kept at bay 0 None
2012-08-13 Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass ‘acceptable long term’ 0 None
2012-08-13 Novel Cornelia de Lange syndrome gene discovered 0 None
2012-08-13 High-cost imaging increasingly used for stage IV cancer patients 0 None
2012-08-13 Mercury exposure hypertension concerns ‘unfounded’ 0 None
2012-08-13 Low platelet count not associated with patent ductus arteriosus 0 None
2012-08-13 Women with chronic PVT should be informed, not discouraged, about pregnancy 0 None
2012-08-13 Tofacitinib efficacy suggested for rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2012-08-13 Reduce nurses’ burden, reduce in-hospital infections 0 None
2012-08-13 Smoking is bad for your sperm 0 None
2012-08-13 Streptococcal tonsillopharyngitis recurrence linked to vitamin D deficiency 0 None
2012-08-13 Ingredient for butter flavor in microwave popcorn is a respiratory hazard 0 5
2012-08-13 Carnegie Mellon University awarded CURE grant by the Pennsylvania Department of Health 0 None
2012-08-13 Prestigious $2.5M NIH grant to continue work into creation of artificial salivary glands 0 None
2012-08-13 Twelve states currently have adult obesity rate above 30% 0 None
2012-08-13 ALS risk markedly lower among alcohol consumers 0 None
2012-08-13 Chronic nerve pain: researchers identify which sensory nerve cells are responsible 1 5
2012-08-13 Maternal obesity and neonatal death: an interview with Dr. Jenny Cresswell 0 5
2012-08-13 Study investigates why organisms retain seemingly unnecessary stages in their development 2 None
2012-08-12 Research on language gene seeks to uncover origins of the singing mouse 0 None
2012-08-12 West Virginia University ICRC receives CDC grant to continue injury prevention research 0 None
2012-08-10 Grapes reduce key risk factors for heart disease in men with metabolic syndrome 0 None
2012-08-10 Depressed patients at risk of developing peripheral artery disease 0 None
2012-08-10 Weight training lowers diabetes risk in men 0 5
2012-08-10 Depressed cardiac patients at added risk 0 None
2012-08-10 Two-drug combination helps combat cocaine addiction 0 5
2012-08-10 Thyroid disease common in vitiligo patients 0 None
2012-08-10 Allergies appear to lower brain tumor risk 0 None
2012-08-10 More psychologic support needed for pregnant women 0 None
2012-08-10 Vaginal delivery for preterm vertex babies not as risky as thought 0 None
2012-08-10 Weight training lowers diabetes risk in men 0 None
2012-08-10 Hydrocephalus dictates age-related SAH outcomes 0 None
2012-08-10 Mirror-gazing illusion more intense in schizophrenia 0 None
2012-08-10 Utility of DMDD diagnosis in child psychiatric patients questioned 1 None
2012-08-10 Thoracolumbar vertebrae fracture may be ‘silent’ 0 None
2012-08-10 Worldwide data reveal gaps in elderly eye care 0 None
2012-08-10 Evidence is lacking for patient safety strategies 0 None
2012-08-10 Combination therapy delays progression for metastatic breast cancer patients 0 None
2012-08-10 Pulse oximetry detects sleep-disordered breathing in heart patients 0 None
2012-08-10 Statins: cardiovascular benefits outweigh diabetes risk 0 None
2012-08-09 Korean meals may help dieters shed the pounds 0 None
2012-08-09 Dabigatran ‘still effective in obese’ 0 None
2012-08-09 ICD use contributes to decline in cardiac arrest 0 None
2012-08-09 Internet poor for foot and ankle patients 0 None
2012-08-09 Color-coded food labels help improve employee diets 0 5
2012-08-09 Early junk food habit may impact IQ 0 None
2012-08-09 Pay more than lip service to sun-screen advice for antihypertensive users 0 None
2012-08-09 Borderline personality disorder ‘not linked to psychosis transition’ 0 None
2012-08-09 Four predictors for relapse in FEP patients identified 0 None
2012-08-09 Frontal-amygdala connectivity alterations in BDI patients 0 None
2012-08-09 Pre-cesarean antibiotics cut infection risk 0 None
2012-08-09 Risk model predicts illness after ambulatory surgery 0 None
2012-08-09 Researchers urge shakeup to laparoscopic cholecystectomy timing 0 None
2012-08-09 Patient, not surgeon factors influence patient-centric outcomes after knee surgery 0 None
2012-08-09 Salvage surgery for oropharyngeal cancer needs due consideration 0 None
2012-08-09 Patient cognition may affect EOL care intensity 0 None
2012-08-09 Normal weight teens who perceive themselves as fat are more likely to become obese 0 None
2012-08-09 Stressed individuals use different brain regions and strategies 1 None
2012-08-09 Study sheds more light on diet and home ranges of early hominins in South Africa 0 None
2012-08-09 Older adults may be better at regulating emotions because of positive looking patterns 0 None
2012-08-09 Doctors sometimes fail to warn patients of particular risks before treatment 0 None
2012-08-09 Regular clients of sex workers often develop feelings of romance and love 0 None
2012-08-09 First study to examine relationship of risky content in alcohol ads to youth exposure 1 None
2012-08-09 The ALS Association announces new grants to support research on Lou Gehrig's Disease 0 None
2012-08-08 VEGF inhibitor fails to improve nonsquamous NSCLC overall survival 0 None
2012-08-08 Progression-free NSCLC survival boosted by dacomitinib 0 None
2012-08-08 Increases in NSCLC survival 'an artefact of PET assessment' 0 None
2012-08-08 Lung cancer patients can be screened for ALK-inhibitor suitability 0 None
2012-08-08 Elderly NSC lung cancer patients benefit from concurrent chemoradiation 0 None
2012-08-08 Folate, excision biomarkers not predictive for small-cell lung cancer response 0 None
2012-08-08 Neutrophils help kick off insulin resistance in obesity 0 None
2012-08-08 Steroid induced Cushing’s warning 0 5
2012-08-08 Work solvent-related brain tumor concerns allayed 0 None
2012-08-08 Model predicts stuttering and fluency in school-age children 0 None
2012-08-08 ‘Green’ disinfectant shows promise against hospital-acquired infections 0 2.4
2012-08-08 Interface zone fibroblasts play key role in gastric cancer 0 None
2012-08-08 Immigration influences HIV diagnosis demographics 0 None
2012-08-08 Ischemic lesions signal preventive needs in ICH patients 0 None
2012-08-08 Prenatal antipsychotic exposure linked to reduced neuromotor performance 0 None
2012-08-08 A third of depression patients convert to bipolar disorder 0 None
2012-08-08 Study highlights uncertain value of tachypnea at triage 0 None
2012-08-08 Vulvodynia confers risk for other chronic pain syndromes 0 None
2012-08-08 Chemotherapy is appropriate adjunct to surgery for oral melanoma in dogs 0 None
2012-08-08 Researchers call for digital rectal exam revival 0 None
2012-08-08 Plasma exchange is beneficial additive to optic neuritis treatment 0 5
2012-08-08 Hospice cancer patients adhere well to pain meds 0 None
2012-08-08 High BMI linked to poor outcomes after prostatectomy and ADT 0 None
2012-08-08 Old cardiac drug performs new tricks 0 None
2012-08-08 Prostate cancer cells can be killed by theranostic imaging without harming healthy cells 0 None
2012-08-08 About half of adults with type 2 diabetes experience acute and chronic pain 0 None
2012-08-08 Greening vacant lots may reduce violent crime 0 None
2012-08-08 Plain packaging of cigarettes may help draw attention of adolescent smokers to health warnings 0 None
2012-08-08 Drug research “innovation crisis” is a myth 0 None
2012-08-08 Healthy diets may increase children’s IQ 0 None
2012-08-07 Leptin polymorphism combinations influence BMI in Chinese 0 None
2012-08-07 Migrant access to GPs lacking 0 None
2012-08-07 Study signals biomarker hope for monitoring COPD 0 None
2012-08-07 Surprise result in caffeine trial for Parkinson’s patients 0 2.5
2012-08-07 Time to carotid stenosis treatment ‘can be shortened’ 0 None
2012-08-07 Children with negative TB skin test at high risk for mortality 0 None
2012-08-07 Borderline personality disorder ‘not linked to psychosis transition’ 0 4
2012-08-07 Early maladaptive schemas play role in bipolar disorder functionality 0 None
2012-08-07 Cushing’s patients must be screened for heart disease 0 None
2012-08-07 Taking the heat out of tonsillectomy 0 None
2012-08-07 Pets may trigger ‘prosocial’ behavior in autistic children 0 None
2012-08-07 Cryotherapy effective for treating frozen shoulder 0 None
2012-08-07 Gut microbiota drive metabolic changes in pregnancy 0 None
2012-08-07 Back pain sufferers show quick response to chiropractic therapy 1 None
2012-08-07 Frailty may explain early dialysis initiation and mortality link 0 None
2012-08-07 Patient-centered model of healthcare could improve ethics of medicine 0 None
2012-08-07 Dental health linked to falls in Japanese elderly 0 None
2012-08-07 Study examines life expectancy by race, sex and education 0 None
2012-08-07 Schizophrenia may be linked to immune function 1 None
2012-08-07 The Patient Recruiting Agency announces enrollment for research study of women with IC/BPS 0 None
2012-08-07 ONR develops Protections in Research, Oversight Management Information System 0 None
2012-08-07 Hospitals still practice patient dumping despite law 0 5
2012-08-06 GPs urged to publicise patient rights 3 None
2012-08-06 Assumptions about liver transplant wait-list mortality challenged 0 None
2012-08-06 Diagnostic imaging in stage IV cancer on the rise 0 None
2012-08-06 Congenital anomaly clusters may be going undetected in UK 0 None
2012-08-06 Risk score flyers raise diabetes awareness in China 0 None
2012-08-06 Exercise partially alleviates depression in heart failure patients 0 None
2012-08-06 Exercise hope for drug-resistant hypertension 0 None
2012-08-06 Less is definitely more for men who undergo nephrectomy 0 None
2012-08-06 Exercise improves mood in heart failure patients 0 None
2012-08-06 Cardiovascular risk present across chronic rheumatic diseases 0 None
2012-08-06 Early CT ‘definitive’ for subarachnoid hemorrhage diagnosis 0 None
2012-08-06 Soft implants preferable for nose augmentation 0 None
2012-08-06 Vorinostat drives HIV from hiding 1 5
2012-08-06 Manning ICU with 24-hour specialist staff does not improve long-term survival 0 None
2012-08-06 Adiposity linked to cognitive decline in elderly 0 None
2012-08-06 Pendrin a possible new target for diuretic therapy 0 None
2012-08-06 ‘Chicken Wing’ clue to stroke risk in atrial fibrillation 0 None
2012-08-06 Boric acid treatment equals best practice for otitis media 0 5
2012-08-06 New Translational Oncology Program at University of Michigan 0 None
2012-08-06 CPRIT awards $48.2 million in new grants to investigators at UT Southwestern Medical Center 0 None
2012-08-06 Empa physicist analyzes structure and composition of soot particles 0 None
2012-08-06 New research center to expedite study of gene transfer approach 0 None
2012-08-06 Head trauma in older adults over a weekend more deadly than during the week 0 None
2012-08-06 Astellas announces closure of Urogenix research facility 0 None
2012-08-06 UCSF/SFGH report addresses widespread gaps in health literacy and shows how to bridge them 0 None
2012-08-06 Mammalian cells divide when their growth rate hits a specific threshold 0 None
2012-08-06 Playfulness may serve an evolutionary role in human mating preferences 0 None
2012-08-03 Egypt ends use of animals for trauma training program with human-patient simulators from PETA 0 None
2012-08-03 AD hits hardest among people in their 60s and 70s 0 None
2012-08-03 Planarian flatworms now a model system for studying eye development and eye diseases 0 None
2012-08-03 Sta Op Tegen Kanker International Translational Cancer Research Grant recipients announced 0 None
2012-08-03 Poorly sighted need help with meds 0 None
2012-08-03 Mild mental health problems increase risk for death 0 None
2012-08-03 Skin cell spray key to venous leg ulcer treatment 0 None
2012-08-03 Allergy alerts in patient records help improve clinical practice 0 None
2012-08-03 Child abuse has repercussions for menarche 0 5
2012-08-03 Diabetes impairs women’s sex life 0 None
2012-08-03 Alcoholics are often going undiagnosed 0 None
2012-08-03 Corpus callosum abnormalities in BD patients 0 None
2012-08-03 Self-recognition deficits in schizophrenia confirmed 0 None
2012-08-03 ‘Bioactive’ coils disappoint for cerebral aneurysms 0 None
2012-08-03 Exercise benefits influenced by sRAGE levels in diabetes 0 None
2012-08-03 Patellar length affects tendon contact after posterior-stabilized TKA 0 None
2012-08-03 Potential PD biomarkers identified for sleep behavior disorder 0 None
2012-08-03 Cataract surgery reduces hip fracture, as well as improving eye sight 0 None
2012-08-03 ‘Fifth link’ improves outcomes after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest 0 None
2012-08-03 Novel integrase inhibitor dolutegravir shows promise for HIV-1 treatment 1 None
2012-08-03 Home is where the heart is for congenital defect children 0 None
2012-08-03 Researchers discover surprising and unexpected plasticity in the embryonic endothelium 0 None
2012-08-03 SAGE Labs, Autism Speaks expand partnership to create first rat models for translational research 0 None
2012-08-03 Weill Cornell Medical College receives NCATS grant to fund Clinical and Translational Science Center 0 None
2012-08-02 Ginger muscles in on diabetes 0 3
2012-08-02 Study supports HPV-only screening 1 5
2012-08-02 Atlantic fish improves glucose and fat metabolism 0 None
2012-08-02 Serving size in the eye of the beholder 0 None
2012-08-02 Sickle cell trait link with sudden athlete death ‘confirmed’ 0 None
2012-08-02 Internet infant sleep safety information may be suspect 0 None
2012-08-02 PTSD prevalent in serious mental illness patients 0 None
2012-08-02 OCS common in patients at high risk for psychosis 0 None
2012-08-02 Glutamatergic system involvement in BD supported 0 None
2012-08-02 Endoscopic vein grafts just as lifesaving as open-vein grafts 0 None
2012-08-02 Hint of tafamidis benefit in rare polyneuropathy 0 None
2012-08-02 Emergency diverticulitis surgery victim of the ‘weekend effect’ 0 None
2012-08-02 3D scanner can identify early foot deformity in RA patients 0 None
2012-08-02 Increased cortical thinning in schizophrenia patients 0 None
2012-08-02 Shared decision-making tool cuts antibiotic use 0 None
2012-08-02 Teamwork at the front line can reduce SSI rate 0 None
2012-08-02 Screening tool could help oral cancer detection 0 None
2012-08-02 Advanced cancer patients able to state their own pain goals 0 None
2012-08-02 Position paper recommends standards for quality assessment of CPD for medicines R&D 0 None
2012-08-01 People with diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia have difficultly managing all 3 conditions 0 4
2012-08-01 Heart pumping exercises may reduce risk of dementia and mild cognitive impairment 0 None
2012-08-01 Transfer of radioactive compounds in ecosystems is not straightforward 0 None
2012-08-01 Pediatric liver transplant recipients have increased risk of death when from obese donors 0 None
2012-08-01 NICE commissioning targets unveiled 0 None
2012-08-01 Surgery avoidable for some with persistent incontinence after prostatectomy 0 None
2012-08-01 Diabetes impairs women’s sex life 0 None
2012-08-01 Obesity affects musculoskeletal pain score in adolescents 0 None
2012-08-01 Low-cost device affords motor deficiency patients gaze-control 0 None
2012-08-01 Shampoo effective for pruritus relief in dogs 0 None
2012-08-01 Narrative skills track cognition in children with language impairments 0 3
2012-08-01 EEA stapler offers hemostasis advantage over PPH 0 None
2012-08-01 Brain protein changes in PD with dementia differ from those in AD 0 None
2012-08-01 Gene discovery made for infant-onset blindness 0 None
2012-08-01 ART resistance increasing in sub-Saharan Africa 0 None
2012-08-01 Postoperative QT prolongation common 0 None
2012-08-01 Lipid treatment absolved of hemorrhagic transformation guilt 0 None
2012-08-01 Schizophrenia brain changes 'due to disease rather than genes’ 0 None
2012-08-01 Opinion of artificial hydration varies by ethnicity 0 None
2012-08-01 RBC transfusion use in neonates requires more study 0 None
2012-08-01 Deficit form of bipolar disorder supported 0 None
2012-08-01 Training nurse-pharmacist teams to track discrepancies between patients medications at home and in hospital may reduce conflicts 0 None
2012-08-01 Around 1.4 million of Americans with celiac disease are unaware of it 0 None
2012-08-01 Study: 150 million adults suffer from sleep-related problems across developing world 0 None
2012-08-01 Biomimetic bioartificial livers and cell toxicity assays: an interview with Dr. Joris Braspenning, CEO Medicyte 0 None
2012-08-01 Only 19% of seniors with lung disease quit smoking within two years 0 None
2012-08-01 People with mental health problems have lower life expectancy 0 None
2012-07-31 Emergency Nurses Association praises NIH for new OECR 0 None
2012-07-31 Australia's top medical researchers for 2012 announced 0 None
2012-07-31 Researchers identify anxiety as important risk factor for long-term sick leave 0 None
2012-07-31 Study examines link between early-onset mental disorders and adult household income 0 5
2012-07-31 Obesity and heart disease risk in children: an interview with Joana Kist-van Holthe 1 5
2012-07-31 Fifth link to complete chain for cardiac arrest care? 0 None
2012-07-31 GP cancer referrals ‘vary widely’ 0 None
2012-07-31 Smoking poses less risk for dyslipidemia in very elderly 0 None
2012-07-31 Brain injury patterns predict outcomes in oxygen-starved infants 0 None
2012-07-31 Rituximab aids remission in idiopathic membranous nephropathy 0 None
2012-07-31 FDA partial ban of bisphenol A raises questions 0 None
2012-07-31 Working outside 9-5 shifts vascular risk 0 None
2012-07-31 Allergy and asthma linked to the air pupils breathe 0 None
2012-07-31 Sleep problems linked to binge eating in women 0 None
2012-07-31 Exercise hope for drug-resistant hypertension 0 None
2012-07-31 Insurance type does not affect cesarean rate 0 None
2012-07-31 Tracheotomy opens up concerns over thyroid hormones 0 None
2012-07-31 Flap design affects recovery from wisdom tooth surgery 0 None
2012-07-31 Increased cortical thinning in schizophrenia patients 0 None
2012-07-31 Elation and irritability increase BD risk 0 None
2012-07-31 Intensive multidisciplinary approach effective for chronic back pain 0 None
2012-07-31 CT angiography use ‘unwarranted’ in chest pain patients 1 1
2012-07-31 Treatments for peripheral neuropathic pain compared 1 None
2012-07-31 IRIN examines global trend in collaborative health research 0 None
2012-07-31 Study identifies Olympic athletes with asthma and airway hyper-responsiveness 0 None
2012-07-31 Study: Swimming helps to release stress and tension 0 None
2012-07-31 Advanced understanding of neurodegenerative diseases achieved by Trophos 0 None
2012-07-31 Mapping rhomboid enzymes could eventually lead to drugs to treat malaria 0 None
2012-07-31 Parents concerned about their children's slothful ways can do something about it 0 None
2012-07-31 Sinai Hospital to help investigate health and safety of astronauts in long-duration spaceflight 0 None
2012-07-31 Study finds brain structural variations in people with highly superior autobiographical memory 0 None
2012-07-30 New drug shows promise for Long QT syndrome 0 None
2012-07-30 Burn wound MSCs potential source for skin grafting 0 5
2012-07-30 Cancer therapy provides relief for painful foot condition 0 None
2012-07-30 Infant whooping cough concern 0 None
2012-07-30 Childhood deprivation linked to rheumatoid arthritis in adults 0 None
2012-07-30 A touch may go a long way for preterm babies 0 None
2012-07-30 HPV co-testing prospect for HIV-infected women 0 None
2012-07-30 Erosive hand osteoarthritis ‘a distinct phenotype’ 0 None
2012-07-30 Gene for sporadic paralysis of childhood discovered 0 None
2012-07-30 Enoxaparin prevents PVT in advanced cirrhosis 0 None
2012-07-30 Hydroxychloroquine fails to modify HIV in patients not taking ART 1 None
2012-07-30 Conception plans miscarry with sperm DNA damage 0 None
2012-07-30 Do not shy away from sexual function discussion, doctors told 0 None
2012-07-30 Sleep related diabetes risk needs attention 0 None
2012-07-30 Screening checks in adolescents with hypertension diverge from guidelines 0 None
2012-07-30 Healthcare-associated pneumonia management could be improved 0 None
2012-07-30 Strategies to reduce readmission are lacking in US hospitals 0 None
2012-07-30 Walking speed could explain high BP and mortality link in elderly 1 None
2012-07-30 Early CT ‘definitive’ for subarachnoid hemorrhage diagnosis 0 None
2012-07-30 Bruker introduces high-resolution microscope for research in biological dynamics 0 None
2012-07-30 Antioxidants and pancreatic cancer risk: an interview with Dr Andrew Hart 0 3.5
2012-07-30 Study extends scientific understanding of how pheromones activate the vomeronasal organ 0 None
2012-07-30 Elsevier introduces Applied and Translational Genomics journal 0 None
2012-07-30 Physical activity teaching in UK medical schools virtually “non-existent” 0 None
2012-07-30 Fruit flies help pinpoint genetic changes that spell cancer 0 None
2012-07-30 Group yoga can boost motor function and balance in stroke survivors 0 None
2012-07-30 Insight into neural basis of human consciousness 0 None
2012-07-30 Barefoot running in and of itself is neither good nor bad 0 None
2012-07-30 Lack of sleep can influence the way you perform certain tasks 0 None
2012-07-28 Five physicians receive ASTRO research grants to promote advancement of radiation therapy 0 None
2012-07-27 NICE steps up physical activity efforts 0 None
2012-07-27 Vitamin D link to lung function in smokers 1 None
2012-07-27 Steak and ticks: A potentially life-threatening experience 0 None
2012-07-27 Increased risk for AMI following hip- and knee-replacement surgery 0 None
2012-07-27 Sirolimus has anti-skin cancer effect in kidney transplant patients 0 5
2012-07-27 Diabetes cutoffs don’t quite cut it for South Asians 0 None
2012-07-27 Oximetry detects sleep disorder in stroke patients 0 None
2012-07-27 Long-term use of reverse geometry lenses may induce inflammatory response 0 None
2012-07-27 ‘Narrow therapeutic window’ for oxygen in brain injury 0 None
2012-07-27 Discrepancies in ICU use identified 0 None
2012-07-27 Long-term linagliptin effective treatment for Type 2 diabetes 0 None
2012-07-27 Altered default network connectivity in FEP patients 0 None
2012-07-27 SCIT may benefit affective disorder patients 0 4
2012-07-27 Anticancer benefit to giving birth after 30 0 None
2012-07-27 Rehab benefit for meth abuse not crystal clear 0 None
2012-07-27 Scientists analyze raw sewage samples to determine illicit drug use 0 None
2012-07-27 No 'quick fix' for eradicating the malaria mosquito 0 None
2012-07-27 New computational method to help organize scientific data 0 None
2012-07-27 University of York researchers launch major study of lymphoma and myeloma 0 None
2012-07-27 Vaccine complex delivered safely by piggybacking onto 3D DNA nanostructures 0 None
2012-07-27 Watching sexual content in movies linked to adolescents' sexual behavior 0 None
2012-07-27 Heart attack and stroke risk increased with shift work 0 None
2012-07-26 Further evidence for dermatologic benefits of propanolol 0 None
2012-07-26 Physios to get prescribing powers 0 None
2012-07-26 Brown fat fuels fight against obesity 0 None
2012-07-26 Study supports sphincter-saving surgery 0 None
2012-07-26 Visual impairment hampers elderly patients’ self-management 0 None
2012-07-26 Surgical distractions could have disastrous consequences 0 None
2012-07-26 Vitamin A insufficiency linked to hand, foot and mouth disease 0 None
2012-07-26 Injury risk increased in patients with serious mental illnesses 0 None
2012-07-26 Short-course palliative RT shows promise 0 None
2012-07-26 Long-term interferon beta benefits unclear in MS 0 None
2012-07-26 LPL deficiency treatment poised to be first gene therapy in Europe 0 None
2012-07-26 Fatty acids normalize without help in girls with eating disorders 0 None
2012-07-26 Congenital long QT syndrome guidelines ‘too restrictive’ 0 None
2012-07-26 Walking speeds the way to understanding elderly blood pressure 0 None
2012-07-26 Illiteracy linked to schizophrenia risk 0 None
2012-07-26 PTSD prevalent in serious mental illness patients 0 4
2012-07-26 American Society of Hematology announces new grant program for biomedical research 0 None
2012-07-26 Vitamin B12 supplements and hepatitis C treatment: an interview with Gerardo Nardone and Alba Rocco 2 5
2012-07-26 Combination of two stress hormones shuts down brain activity for goal-directed behaviour 0 None
2012-07-26 Recent release: Blogs discuss advancements in HIV preventative, therapeutic R&D 0 None
2012-07-26 Consumption of alcohol mixed with energy drinks can lead to casual sex among college-age adults 0 None
2012-07-26 Scientists use age-old fable to help illustrate how we think differently to other animals 0 None
2012-07-26 AHAF announces glaucoma and macular degeneration research grants 0 None
2012-07-25 Single event of brain trauma can lead to Alzheimer’s 0 None
2012-07-25 RCGP: GPs ‘crucial’ in personal budget plans 0 None
2012-07-25 Hard work puts stress on the female heart 0 None
2012-07-25 PRACTISE saves money in stroke care 0 None
2012-07-25 Constant pain after breast cancer surgery ‘more taxing’ 0 None
2012-07-25 Parental job type influences risk for birth defects 0 None
2012-07-25 Malaria commonly misdiagnosed and mistreated in Afghanistan 0 None
2012-07-25 Low blood anticoagulant levels increase risk for VTE 0 None
2012-07-25 Reprieve for intraoperative nitrous oxide 0 None
2012-07-25 Healthcare system perceptions predict PSA screening uptake 0 None
2012-07-25 MRI useful for identifying bone lesions in diabetic feet 0 None
2012-07-25 ANCA-associated vasculitis not a single clinical entity 0 None
2012-07-25 Brain response to emotion altered in BD youth 0 None
2012-07-25 Reduced white matter integrity in schizophrenia patients 0 None
2012-07-25 Benefit of in-joint anesthesia queried in canine arthroscopy 0 2
2012-07-25 Poststroke speech therapy ‘should be reorganized’ 0 None
2012-07-25 Early-age cataract surgery increases central corneal thickness 0 1.5
2012-07-25 Self-neglect predicts hospice use among elderly 0 None
2012-07-25 Subconscious stop signs can help control overeating 0 None
2012-07-25 Research provides real-world support for K-hler motivation gain effect 0 None
2012-07-25 Sunbed users at a 20% increased relative risk of skin cancer 0 None
2012-07-25 Researchers discover bats as reservoir of infections 0 None
2012-07-25 Mice have different neural subsystem associated with instinctually important smells 0 None
2012-07-24 South Asians have higher levels of blood sugar than Europeans: New diabetes study 0 None
2012-07-24 Latest polypill trial yields largest improvements yet 0 None
2012-07-24 VEGF inhibitor fails to improve nonsquamous NSCLC overall survival 0 None
2012-07-24 Esophageal biopsy advised in children with foreign body impaction 0 None
2012-07-24 Asda to sell OTC asthma inhalers 0 None
2012-07-24 ADHD increases risk for comorbid psychiatric disorders 1 None
2012-07-24 Walk-12 test identifies poststroke perceived limitations 0 None
2012-07-24 Stromal cells offer chemotherapy clue in early lung cancer 0 None
2012-07-24 Human brown fat may actually be beige 0 None
2012-07-24 Coagulation history ‘should be taken before tonsillectomy’ 0 None
2012-07-24 Middle-aged female back pain sufferers commonly use CAM 0 None
2012-07-24 Low serum albumin increases graft failure risk in kidney-transplant children 0 None
2012-07-24 Findings cast doubt on sepsis drug withdrawal 0 None
2012-07-24 Paramedics could up their game to meet reperfusion guidelines 0 None
2012-07-24 T. gondii link to schizophrenia supported 0 None
2012-07-24 BD youth show altered frontal lobe bioenergetic metabolism 1 None
2012-07-24 Central mechanism would remove physician from assisted-dying process 0 None
2012-07-24 NIDA announces recipients of 2012 Avant-Garde Award for HIV/AIDS Research 0 None
2012-07-24 Anti-IL-3 monoclonal antibodies to treat early stage Rheumatoid Arthritis in development 0 None
2012-07-23 Protein associated with Huntington’s and other neurodegenerative diseases has several brain-specific forms 0 None
2012-07-23 Chewing gum may relieve the pain of braces 0 5
2012-07-23 NSCLC survival increase 'an artifact of PET assessment' 0 None
2012-07-23 Fat grafts ‘safe’ following breast reconstruction 0 None
2012-07-23 Oral immunotherapy hope for egg allergy in children 0 None
2012-07-23 Aging women show nonlinear declines in fitness, activity levels 0 None
2012-07-23 Herbal therapy no alternative in HCV infection 0 None
2012-07-23 Genetic underpinnings of Wiedemann-Steiner syndrome identified 0 None
2012-07-23 Placenta underlies reduced fetal movement 0 None
2012-07-23 CHD risk needs separating by glycemic status 0 None
2012-07-23 Walking speeds the way to understanding elderly blood pressure 0 None
2012-07-23 Test for motile sperm improves ICSI outcomes 0 5
2012-07-23 Gout independent risk factor for myocardial infarction 0 None
2012-07-23 AF deaths more likely on the weekend 0 None
2012-07-23 Physician-targeted intervention could reduce self-harm risk in elderly 0 None
2012-07-23 Endovascular stroke therapy may prove beneficial in octogenarians 0 None
2012-07-23 Pneumococcal revaccination needed in kidney transplant patients 0 None
2012-07-23 Egg allergy treatment for children: an interview with Dr Robert Wood 0 5
2012-07-23 University of Utah chemist wins 2013 Priestley Medal from ACS 0 None
2012-07-21 Anxiety in poor mothers not a psychiatric problem but a reaction to severe environmental deficits 0 5
2012-07-21 New CHAIT initiative on development of novel immunological therapeutic interventions 0 None
2012-07-21 Number of blind persons decline in Germany 0 None
2012-07-21 RPB awards $110,000 grant to Mass. Eye and Ear and HMS for research into blinding diseases 0 1
2012-07-21 Vitamin D might modify damaging effects of smoking on lung function 0 None
2012-07-20 Choir participation improves quality of life factors for cancer survivors and their carers 0 None
2012-07-20 New class of chemically produced antimicrobial agents could become future infection treatment alternative 0 5
2012-07-20 A world of consequences due to physical inactivity 0 None
2012-07-20 CPAP benefits extend to mild OSA patients 0 None
2012-07-20 Mechanism of CSF drainage benefits unclear in normal pressure hydrocephalus 0 None
2012-07-20 Knee surgery blood loss reduced with single tranexamic acid dose 0 None
2012-07-20 Allergy to deamidated gluten a separate phenotype to wheat allergy 0 None
2012-07-20 Unsuccessful fertility treatment reduces young-onset breast cancer risk 0 None
2012-07-20 Breast-conserving surgery carries high reoperation risk 0 None
2012-07-20 Cannabis use linked to cognitive performance in bipolar patients 2 5
2012-07-20 Injury risk increased in patients with serious mental illnesses 0 None
2012-07-20 Alcohol abuse spills over into critical care resources 0 None
2012-07-20 Ablation technique destroys eye of the storm 0 None
2012-07-20 Maternal fat indicates birthweight 0 None
2012-07-20 VDR polymorphisms may predict vitiligo in Chinese individuals 0 None
2012-07-20 Risk factors defined for retinal detachment after cataract surgery 0 None
2012-07-20 Unexplained fatigue in women: start iron supplements 0 None
2012-07-20 Poststroke speech therapy ‘should be reorganized’ 0 None
2012-07-20 Moderate alcohol consumption may reduce risk of kidney cancer 0 None
2012-07-20 SGC, Life Technologies to generate first-ever master set of epigenetic recombinant antibodies 0 None
2012-07-20 Elder abuse in low-income Latino communities goes largely unreported 0 None
2012-07-20 Scientists plan to announce research strategy aimed at pursuing HIV/AIDS cure, Wall Street Journal reports 0 None
2012-07-20 Teva contributes $2.5M to The Franklin Institute for development of neuroscience exhibit 0 None
2012-07-20 Vitamin D may modify damaging effects of smoking on lung function 0 None
2012-07-20 GUMC, MedStar GUH launch Huntington Disease Care, Education and Research Center 0 None
2012-07-19 Carotid stenosis, ECG anomalies foreshadow Parkinson’s disease 0 5
2012-07-19 Non-motor Parkinson’s disease symptoms show variable course 0 None
2012-07-19 Impaired frontostriatal circuitry linked to cognitive defects in PD 0 None
2012-07-19 Micrographia prevalent in Parkinson’s 0 None
2012-07-19 DBS achieves stable motor improvements in Parkinson’s 0 None
2012-07-19 Smoking offers no benefits in IBD prevention 2 None
2012-07-19 Surgeon-performed ultrasonography ‘indispensable’ for thyroid disease detection 0 None
2012-07-19 Overweight, obesity prevalent in psychiatric inpatients 0 None
2012-07-19 Robotic surgery shows promise for local control of OSCC 0 None
2012-07-19 Childhood disability increases violence risk 0 None
2012-07-19 Patients, partners affected by colorectal cancer course 0 None
2012-07-19 HAS-BLED: Atrial fibrillation patients undergoing angioplasty can still take anticoagulants 0 None
2012-07-19 Registered dietitians cut hospital nutrition order errors 0 5
2012-07-19 Proton pump inhibitors for clopidogrel patients ‘not so dangerous’ 0 None
2012-07-19 Cognitive function linked to suicidality in schizophrenia 0 None
2012-07-19 Impulsivity increased in siblings of BD I patients 0 None
2012-07-19 Hyperoxygenation postsurgery benefits in doubt 0 None
2012-07-19 Weighing up the gains for smokers who quit 0 None
2012-07-19 Extraosseous talotarsal stabilization improves hyperpronation 2 5
2012-07-19 Telly tubby toddlers at risk for poor health 0 None
2012-07-19 Iron deficiency in women ‘may be under-recognized’ 0 None
2012-07-19 Brain study assesses effect of fat on the processing of flavour perception 0 None
2012-07-19 AOA honors Medical College of Georgia student with Kuckein Fellowship 0 None
2012-07-19 Egg allergies in children can be treated with oral immunotherapy 0 None
2012-07-19 Sleep deprivation after severe traumatic event decreases risk of PTSD 0 None
2012-07-19 Police officers with sleep deprivation more susceptible to chronic fatigue and health problems 0 None
2012-07-19 People with schizophrenia more likely to develop cancer 0 4
2012-07-19 Duke receives Gates Foundation grant for HIV vaccine study 1 None
2012-07-18 Six young scientists to receive 2012 Klerman and Freedman Awards 0 None
2012-07-18 Study identifies professional networks among physicians across geographic areas 0 None
2012-07-18 Hospital performance at mercy of stroke severity 0 None
2012-07-18 Vaccination more reliable than observation for bovine herpesvirus 0 None
2012-07-18 Complete resection key to preventing recurrence in T4 rectal disease 0 None
2012-07-18 HNCA post-treatment depression impairs life quality 0 None
2012-07-18 Alogliptin adds benefits to diabetes monotherapy 0 None
2012-07-18 Childhood abuse affects the heart 0 None
2012-07-18 Arsenic exposure impairs semen quality 0 None
2012-07-18 Marrow aspiration predicts smoldering multiple myeloma progression 1 None
2012-07-18 Estrogen may mediate low incidence of HCC in women 0 None
2012-07-18 Female health workers must lift less 0 None
2012-07-18 Schizophrenia patients, psychiatrists differ in remission definitions 0 None
2012-07-18 BD II patients show altered brain activity during emotion processing 0 None
2012-07-18 Glaucoma monitoring important in corneal dystrophy 0 None
2012-07-18 Alzheimer’s pathology lies silent for decades 0 None
2012-07-18 Super-resolution microscopy highlights bacterial biofilms 0 None
2012-07-18 Pastoral support, not life-prolonging care, improves QoL at end of life 0 None
2012-07-18 Nerve growth factors sense OAB in children 0 None
2012-07-18 Cancer more likely in people with serious mental illnesses 0 None
2012-07-18 Study documents mortality differences between cohabiters and married people across racial groups 0 None
2012-07-18 Application now open for 2012 AACR-Kure It Grant for Kidney Cancer Research 0 None
2012-07-18 Study shows major link between physical and mental health 0 5
2012-07-18 Combination of obesity and vitamin D deficiency may increase risk of diabetes 0 None
2012-07-18 Study suggests link between binge drinking and risk of dementia in older adults 0 None
2012-07-18 Heart-protective protein finally found 0 None
2012-07-18 How does exercise improve heart function in diabetics? 0 None
2012-07-18 Hepatitis C treatment may be helped by vitamin B12 supplements 0 None
2012-07-17 Weighing up the gains for smokers who quit 0 None
2012-07-17 Ticagrelor ‘now on equal footing’ with other antiplatelets 0 None
2012-07-17 Elderly may be undertreated for cardiac disease 0 3
2012-07-17 Sorting rhinosinusitis symptoms by ‘SNOT-22’ 0 None
2012-07-17 Ticagrelor ‘now on equal footing’ with other antiplatelets 0 None
2012-07-17 Substance use linked to poor memory, reasoning in BD 0 None
2012-07-17 Patient autonomy crucial to achieving health goals 0 None
2012-07-17 Limewater combination therapy can reduce root canal endotoxins 0 None
2012-07-17 Hypomagnesemia signals nonrecovery of renal function in AKI 0 None
2012-07-17 Arrhythmia finding could enhance COPD management 0 None
2012-07-17 Sensory device may help blind ‘see’ 0 None
2012-07-17 Mu-opioid receptors put brakes on appetite 0 None
2012-07-17 Computerized mobilization eases chronic neck pain 0 None
2012-07-17 Specific therapy may cut pneumonia mortality in HIV babies 0 2
2012-07-17 Light reflexes during CPR may indicate survival chances 0 None
2012-07-17 First-episode schizophrenia patients show frontal white matter deficits 0 None
2012-07-17 Obsessive compulsive symptoms impair life quality in psychosis patients 0 None
2012-07-17 Promising path to Parkinson’s disease treatment 0 None
2012-07-17 Massage helps improve muscle health in athletes following exercise-induced injury 0 None
2012-07-17 High blood pressure associated with reduced mortality in extremely frail, elderly adults 0 None
2012-07-17 Researchers examine YouTube database to find most viewed videos for nurses and nursing 0 None
2012-07-17 Why is the incidence of gout increasing? 0 5
2012-07-17 Asian-American victims of domestic violence rarely seek help from police or health care providers 0 None
2012-07-17 Genetic tests for Alzheimer’s disease a comfort for the majority 0 None
2012-07-17 Cadherin-catenin-actin structure exerts force inside and between cells in living tissues 0 None
2012-07-16 High cost of ‘weekend effect’ in stroke care 0 None
2012-07-16 Better diet before pregnancy lowers GDM risk 0 None
2012-07-16 Once-daily single-tablet HIV therapy developed 0 None
2012-07-16 Rheumatoid arthritis patients take-up cancer screening 0 None
2012-07-16 Athletes return to elite sport after hip reconstruction 0 None
2012-07-16 Research reveals how metformin reduces HCC risk 0 None
2012-07-16 Premature babies need to be born in high-level units 0 None
2012-07-16 Hemorrhoids may cause erectile dysfunction 1 None
2012-07-16 ACE inhibitors ‘protect against pneumonia’ 0 None
2012-07-16 Femoroacetabular hip impingement behind sports hernia 0 4
2012-07-16 Treatment deteriorates giant cell arteritis imaging sensitivity 0 None
2012-07-16 Prostate cancer treatment regrets linked to comorbidity 1 None
2012-07-16 Smartphone policies would ease distraction during rounds 0 None
2012-07-16 Physician-targeted intervention could reduce depression in elderly 0 None
2012-07-16 Mitochondrial gene regulators involved in Huntington’s disease pathology 0 None
2012-07-16 Chest X-ray prevents excess antibiotic use in childhood pneumonia 0 None
2012-07-16 Osteoporosis and sarcopenia: researchers at UMKC receive $8.3 million to study relationship 0 None
2012-07-14 DMAA stimulant does not originate from natural substances 1 None
2012-07-14 Chica and Heinz Schaller Foundation supports work of five new C.H.S. research groups 0 None
2012-07-14 NHS hospitals have scope to make efficiency savings by adopting best practice 0 None
2012-07-13 Bid to cut unnecessary GP visits 0 None
2012-07-13 Incident HF an ‘extreme high-risk’ condition 0 None
2012-07-13 New diabetes guidance ups prevention game 0 None
2012-07-13 Cranberry benefits not an old wives’ tale 0 None
2012-07-13 Call for more restricted opioid use 0 None
2012-07-13 Caution advised with succinylcholine in critically ill 0 None
2012-07-13 Meth abuse affects children too 0 None
2012-07-13 Conservative treatment throws baseball best playing chance 0 None
2012-07-13 Axial length may affect macular disease evaluation 0 None
2012-07-13 Patient interaction with medical record boosts prevention service use 0 None
2012-07-13 Antipsychotic use in pregnancy should be closely monitored 0 None
2012-07-13 More reason to restrict hormone therapy during menopause 0 None
2012-07-13 Infants with food allergies exhibit high rate of reactions over time 0 None
2012-07-13 New diabetes guidance ups prevention game 0 None
2012-07-13 Identification of IL-9 antitumor activity in melanoma 0 None
2012-07-13 Treatment-resistant insomnia exacerbates major depression 0 None
2012-07-13 Key risk features predictive for suicide in bipolar disorder identified 0 None
2012-07-13 Adding functional skills training to CRT improves schizophrenia functioning 0 None
2012-07-13 Femoral Acetabular Impingement may contribute to groin pain in athletes 1 None
2012-07-13 Negative suggestion can induce symptoms of illness 0 5
2012-07-12 NICE: GPs must target diabetes prevention 0 None
2012-07-12 Early surgery best for infective endocarditis 0 None
2012-07-12 High-risk HPV may increase chances of second malignancy in oral cancer 0 None
2012-07-12 Family physicians’ continuity of care pivotal in depressed terminally ill patients 0 None
2012-07-12 Better diet before pregnancy lowers GDM risk 0 None
2012-07-12 Disappointing result for acadesine 0 None
2012-07-12 Opioids for chronic noncancer pain discouraged 0 None
2012-07-12 Altered immune function in relatives of schizophrenia patients 0 None
2012-07-12 Ankle fracture severity linked to obesity 0 5
2012-07-12 Potassium channel KIR4.1 clue to multiple sclerosis 0 None
2012-07-12 US hospitals fail to meet critical esophagectomy benchmark 0 None
2012-07-12 Abused children may become obese adults 0 None
2012-07-12 Eosinophil count predicts mortality risk following heart procedure 0 None
2012-07-12 Overweight, obesity prevalent in psychiatric inpatients 0 None
2012-07-12 Many bipolar patients unaware of co-occurring medical conditions 2 None
2012-07-12 Smokers at risk for recurrent hepatitis post-liver transplantation 0 None
2012-07-12 Eisai, Verastem partner for next-generation of small molecule Wnt inhibitors 0 None
2012-07-12 Stress management program may help people with MS prevent new disease activity 0 None
2012-07-12 Memory-binding process allows people to better understand new concepts and make decisions 0 None
2012-07-12 SRI receives NIAID grant to develop HIV vaccine 0 None
2012-07-12 Study links brain anatomy and activation with human altruism 0 None
2012-07-12 Brain anatomy and brain activity connected to altruistic behavior 0 None
2012-07-11 Daily temperature linked to bipolar admissions 0 None
2012-07-11 Ambulance crews failing to flag stroke arrivals 1 None
2012-07-11 Cochlear implants work well for Waardenburg children 0 None
2012-07-11 More selective colon cancer screening urged 0 None
2012-07-11 GMC child protection guide launched 0 None
2012-07-11 Health risks associated with H1N1 vaccine investigated 0 None
2012-07-11 Pain rehab may boost children’s ownership of self management 0 None
2012-07-11 Experts call for add-on to athletes’ cardiac screening 0 None
2012-07-11 Saponins may increase lamb growth rates 0 None
2012-07-11 Thrombopoietin mimetic offers aplastic anemia hope 0 None
2012-07-11 Symptom relief at the core of prostate patient management 0 None
2012-07-11 Visual, auditory hallucinations often co-occur in psychosis patients 0 None
2012-07-11 Substance use linked to poor memory, reasoning in BD 0 None
2012-07-11 PCR assay ‘superior’ to culture for neonatal sepsis, meningitis 0 None
2012-07-11 Corneal graft survival better after ALK than PK 0 None
2012-07-11 Collaboration is key to effective cancer palliation 0 None
2012-07-11 Oligodendroglia cells: An interview with Jeffrey Rothstein 0 None
2012-07-11 Research into “insulating” brain cells could help to cure neurodegenerative diseases such as ALS 0 None
2012-07-11 Breast cancer drug bevacizumab slows progression but has no overall survival benefit 0 None
2012-07-11 African-American youths in public housing communities more likely to use tobacco 0 None
2012-07-11 Mixed-race adolescents report fewer behavioral problems 1 None
2012-07-11 Connections between daily stressors of police work and obesity, suicide 0 None
2012-07-11 Agencies place unqualified, possibly criminal caregivers in homes of vulnerable seniors 0 None
2012-07-10 Eosinophil count predicts mortality risk following heart procedure 0 5
2012-07-10 Abused children may become obese adults 0 None
2012-07-10 Chest X-ray prevents excess antibiotic use in childhood pneumonia 0 None
2012-07-10 BP variability link to stroke risk reinforced 0 None
2012-07-10 Obstructive sleep apnea worse in cold weather 0 None
2012-07-10 Factors linked with MDD transition to BD identified 0 None
2012-07-10 Obese achieve functional improvements after trauma rehab 0 None
2012-07-10 Broken heart syndrome arms against epinephrine high 0 None
2012-07-10 Activity levels best reflect functional capacity of back pain patients 0 1
2012-07-10 Biomarkers predict benefit of targeted therapy in metastatic renal-cell cancer 0 None
2012-07-10 Seizure risk should not influence AVM treatment decisions 0 None
2012-07-10 Lessons learned from transfusion refusal 2 3.7
2012-07-10 Long-term study shows effectiveness of fissure sealing 0 None
2012-07-10 Sleep studies essential before bariatric surgery 0 5
2012-07-10 Psychologic well-being reduced in schizophrenia patients 0 None
2012-07-10 Daily temperature linked to bipolar admissions 0 None
2012-07-10 Liver failure, cancer and mortality in cirrhotic patients coinfected with HIV/AIDS and HCV predicted by liver stiffness 0 None
2012-07-10 Hepatitis C levels higher among males and African Americans 0 None
2012-07-10 Mechanical treatment shows promise in thalassemia 1 None
2012-07-10 Women unaware of TOLAC delivery option 0 None
2012-07-10 Telephone monitoring improves drug use, psychiatric symptoms 0 None
2012-07-10 Sleep loss mirrors stress affects on immune system 0 4
2012-07-10 Osteoarthritis gene tic markers identified 0 None
2012-07-10 Daily IOP changes undermine measurement, medication 0 None
2012-07-10 AF care ‘inadequate’ 0 None
2012-07-10 Efficacy of steroids for heel pain confirmed 1 None
2012-07-10 Surgery advised in face of uncertain sinus sampling result in Cushing patients 0 None
2012-07-10 Physicians and e-prescribing systems do not align 0 None
2012-07-10 Herpes zoster vaccine recommendations questioned in patients on biologics 0 None
2012-07-10 Caffeine combats skin cancer risk 0 None
2012-07-10 Two-drug combo increases diabetes patients’ goal achievement 0 3
2012-07-10 Gestational diabetes may be more likely with antipsychotic use 0 None
2012-07-10 Factors linked with MDD transition to BD identified 0 None
2012-07-10 Altered immune function in relatives of schizophrenia patients 0 5
2012-07-10 BP variability link to stroke risk reinforced 0 5
2012-07-10 Phase III darexaban results revealed 0 None
2012-07-10 Being overweight may actually benefit some cardiac patients 0 None
2012-07-10 Osteopathic technique effective for people with work-related dysphonia 0 5
2012-07-10 Depressed patients need the right kind of support 0 None
2012-07-10 Family history of schizophrenia, BD increases autism risk 0 None
2012-07-10 Diabetes drug raises bladder cancer risk 0 5
2012-07-10 High-dose vitamin D recommended for over 65s 0 None
2012-07-10 Salt content in UK takeaway meals ‘alarmingly high’ 0 None
2012-07-10 Postoperative delirium has lasting cognitive consequences 0 None
2012-07-10 Laparoscopic appendectomy preferable for obese patients 0 None
2012-07-10 Kidney treatment could affect mouth health 0 None
2012-07-10 Photodynamic therapy promising after failed chemo for ESCC 0 None
2012-07-10 Lesogaberan development halts following disappointing results 0 None
2012-07-10 Steroid receptor gene variant impacts metabolic health 0 None
2012-07-10 Cannabis use may reduce mortality risk in psychosis patients 0 5
2012-07-10 Suicide attempts common in young bipolar patients 0 None
2012-07-10 Newborn size may predict paternal diabetes risk 0 None
2012-07-10 Dementia diagnosis plan unveiled 0 None
2012-07-10 Jehovah’s Witnesses’ beliefs do not necessarily put them at risk 10 3
2012-07-10 Genetic test helps avoid needless thyroid surgery 0 None
2012-07-10 Obesity linked to colorectal adenoma risk 0 None
2012-07-10 As needed ranibizumab effective for exudative AMD 0 None
2012-07-10 One-quarter of ITP patients achieve 5-year treatment-free response 0 None
2012-07-10 Neuroprotective effects underpin fingolimod benefits in MS 0 None
2012-07-10 Poor vaccine uptake blamed for polio rise in Pakistan, Afghanistan 0 1
2012-07-10 ‘Sexting’ reflects sexual behavior in adolescents 0 None
2012-07-10 Urinary components can both boost and impair crystallization 0 None
2012-07-10 TV news coverage makes painful viewing 0 None
2012-07-10 High ferritin warns of bone loss 0 None
2012-07-10 Effective ketoprofen dose identified for pig endotoxins 0 1
2012-07-10 Ozone concerns aired over effect on cardiac biomarkers 0 None
2012-07-10 Racial differences in hospice use revealed 0 None
2012-07-10 Family history of schizophrenia, BD increases autism risk 0 None
2012-07-10 TNF-α levels linked to lithium response in BD patients 0 None
2012-07-10 Steroid receptor gene variant impacts metabolic health 0 None
2012-07-10 Broken heart syndrome arms against epinephrine high 0 None
2012-07-10 Booklet simplifies dizziness care 0 None
2012-07-10 Peritoneal dialysis patients who live remotely face high peritonitis risk 0 None
2012-07-10 Peripheral arterial disease predicts mortality in TAVI patients 0 None
2012-07-10 Brain activity patterns may aid mental illness diagnosis 0 None
2012-07-10 Radiotherapy redundant in low-risk Hodgkin lymphoma treatment 0 None
2012-07-10 Alcohol has toxic effect on critical care services 0 None
2012-07-10 Diaphragm muscles show osteopathic training potential 0 5
2012-07-10 Self-management of anticoagulants in elderly could be beneficial 0 None
2012-07-10 COPD still affects treatment received after heart attack 0 5
2012-07-10 Relaxin key to improved stroke rehabilitation outcomes 0 5
2012-07-10 Shear forces cause vessel identity crisis 0 None
2012-07-10 Physicians comply with patient wishes over severe fetal anomalies 0 None
2012-07-10 Satisfaction with home-whitening lasts 0 None
2012-07-10 Developmental delay should not prevent implants for deaf children 0 5
2012-07-10 Emotion awareness linked to social functioning in schizophrenia 0 None
2012-07-10 Specific cytokine levels altered in BD patients 0 None
2012-07-10 Vertebral fracture more common among Chinese women than men 0 None
2012-07-10 Photographs of faces may not be adequate proof of a person's identity 0 None
2012-07-10 First-ever captivity-bred bat colony to unlock secrets of behavior, cognition 0 None
2012-07-10 New research estimates impact of an R rating for movie smoking 0 None
2012-07-10 Sitting down for less than 3 hours a day could extend life expectancy 0 None
2012-07-10 U-M to receive CTSA grant renewal in support of clinical and translational research 0 None
2012-07-10 A person's circle of friends may influence his or her weight 0 None
2012-07-09 Whooping cough alert sounded again 0 None
2012-07-09 Critical care needs high in childhood stroke 0 None
2012-07-09 Questionnaire may aid rheumatoid arthritis flare diagnosis 0 5
2012-07-09 MRI infant prognosis unaffected by hypothermia 0 5
2012-07-09 Read-through molecule improves muscle function in DMD 0 None
2012-07-09 Pioglitazone may raise bladder cancer risk 0 None
2012-07-09 Athletics-related injuries on increase in US adolescents 1 None
2012-07-09 Complete subperichondrial rhinoplasty: A good tip for a good tip 0 None
2012-07-09 Pioglitazone may raise bladder cancer risk 0 None
2012-07-09 Home-based immunoglobulin therapy acceptable in primary immunodeficiency 0 None
2012-07-09 Prediction tool indicates prognosis after cardiac arrest 0 None
2012-07-09 Alcoholic hepatitis linked to hepatitis C risk 0 None
2012-07-09 Childbearing may reduce mortality in later life 0 None
2012-07-09 Maternal antiviral suppressive therapy may not be as effective as thought 0 None
2012-07-09 Prostate patients make moves toward normality 0 None
2012-07-09 A little exercise per day keeps hypertension away 0 None
2012-07-09 PCV13 offers best overall protection from CAP in young children 0 None
2012-07-09 HPV vaccine shows evidence of herd protection 0 None
2012-07-09 Novel treatment for cancer based on protein from HIV-1 virus 0 None
2012-07-09 Treatment of Schizophrenia receives notice of intention to grant a European patent 0 None
2012-07-09 Human immune response: TCD scientists make breakthrough which could lead to new drug therapies 0 None
2012-07-09 Next generation predictive 3D cell toxicity assays to be developed by Medicyte GmbH and Reinnervate Ltd 0 None
2012-07-09 Does alcohol kill brain cells? 0 3.9
2012-07-08 Comparative study on meditation 0 None
2012-07-07 Extra weight not necessarily linked with higher risk of death 0 2
2012-07-07 NIH awards Clinical and Translational Science Award to three Texas Medical Center institutions 0 None
2012-07-07 Study determines risk of young-onset breast cancer after use of ovulation-stimulating fertility drugs 0 None
2012-07-07 Low rainfall and high temperatures associated with high numbers of mosquito larvae 0 None
2012-07-06 New insights into role and importance of exosomes and their targeted gene transcripts 0 None
2012-07-06 Bullying’s corrosive effects in workplace may be more dramatic and costly than suspected 0 None
2012-07-06 New study maps global zoonotic disease 'hotspots' 0 None
2012-07-06 Prescription drug warning labels fail to capture patients' attention 0 None
2012-07-06 TPJ in brain carries information for decisions during social interactions 0 None
2012-07-05 Exercise-based treatment effective in treating persistent dizziness 1 5
2012-07-05 Study: 13 zoonoses responsible for 2.4B cases of human illness per year 0 None
2012-07-04 Study examines how cells exploit gene sequences to cope with toxic stress 0 None
2012-07-04 UCLA School of Dentistry receives NIH grant to create comprehensive research training program 0 None
2012-07-04 Design and landscaping of hospital green areas can promote health 0 None
2012-07-04 Intense war against malaria outlined by two studies in The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 0 None
2012-07-04 Obesity epidemic requires new focus on controlling energy balance and preventing weight gain 0 None
2012-07-03 Research highlights three factors that could determine outbreak of pandemic flu 0 None
2012-07-03 Osteoarthritis susceptibility: eight potential genes discovered 0 None
2012-07-03 ASU professor to receive $6.25M basic research award under DoD's MURI program 0 None
2012-07-03 ASD, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder share etiologic risk factors 0 None
2012-07-02 Folic acid ‘may benefit diabetics’ 0 4
2012-07-02 Sun exposure advice recommended for anti-TNF users 0 None
2012-07-02 Fighting the physical consequences of jet lag in elite athletes 0 None
2012-07-02 Gene vital to flu severity discovered 0 2
2012-07-02 More reason to take folic acid while pregnant 0 None
2012-07-02 Puberty age pitches testicular cancer risk 0 None
2012-07-02 Obese women draw the hypertension short straw 0 None
2012-07-02 Shots to the heart ‘not risky’ 0 None
2012-07-02 DKK1 boosts liver cancer diagnostic options 0 None
2012-07-02 Routine use of pelvic CT scans in Wilms tumor questioned 0 None
2012-07-02 Procoagulant–fibrinolytic balance may predict hepatectomy thrombosis 0 None
2012-07-02 Hospitalists’ professionalism depends on job characteristics 0 None
2012-07-02 Platelet activation linked to osteoporosis 0 None
2012-07-02 Sling device a good shot for vaginal prolapse repair 0 None
2012-07-02 Vitamin D–calcium combo reduces mortality in elderly 0 None
2012-07-02 Hay fever symptom severity plateau identified 0 None
2012-07-02 Site of care linked to racial imaging disparities in stroke 0 None
2012-07-02 Three-step clinical pathway for CAP reduces length of hospital stay 0 None
2012-07-02 Hearing loss linked to Alzheimer's, heart disease, chronic kidney diseases and diabetes 0 None
2012-07-02 Current diagnosis and treatment approaches for rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2012-07-02 Study links procedural pain and detectable oxidative stress in neonates 0 None
2012-07-02 Watching 3D movies can lead to visual and motion sickness 0 None
2012-07-02 European collaboration to design a biomimetic bioartificial liver 0 None
2012-07-02 Secrets to the Danish success in combating antimicrobial resistance 0 None
2012-06-30 CIHR and CH.I.L.D. create Canadian Children Inflammatory Bowel Disease Network 0 None
2012-06-29 Enlightening risk factor findings for REM sleep behavior disorder 0 4
2012-06-29 Duty-hour restrictions worry surgical interns 0 None
2012-06-29 Recurring diabetic foot ulcers ‘predictable’ 0 None
2012-06-29 Simple tests may ease scaphoid fracture assessment 0 1
2012-06-29 Standing for long time when pregnant carries repercussions 0 None
2012-06-29 Pregnant women with preeclampsia, diabetes need biomarkers checked 0 None
2012-06-29 Oxytocin levels linked to medication dose, symptoms in schizophrenia 0 5
2012-06-29 Brain activity patterns may aid mental illness diagnosis 0 None
2012-06-29 Liraglutide efficacy in Japanese patients “easy” to predict 0 None
2012-06-29 Surgical injury is increasing dialysis use 0 None
2012-06-29 Passive smoking risks children’s distance vision 0 None
2012-06-29 Epilepsy patients unaware of fracture risk 0 None
2012-06-29 Young inflammatory bowel disease patients have low bone mass 0 None
2012-06-29 Financial reward stubs out smoking habit 0 None
2012-06-29 Eight-year trends in pediatric drug use examined 0 None
2012-06-29 Link between phthalates and early eczema uncovered 0 None
2012-06-29 Clergy's practice of putting others first can be detrimental to their own health 0 None
2012-06-29 More sophisticated process needed to vet research for possible security threats 0 None
2012-06-29 Low-level social capital can lead to mental ill-health among older people 0 None
2012-06-29 DFG to set up new CRC/Transregio that focuses on multiple sclerosis research 0 None
2012-06-29 Social interactions during adolescence can affect health many years into adulthood 0 None
2012-06-28 Young inflammatory bowel disease patients have low bone mass 0 None
2012-06-28 Ozone concerns aired over effect on cardiac biomarkers 0 None
2012-06-28 Atkins diet ‘dangerous to heart health’ 0 None
2012-06-28 Statins for erectile dysfunction proposed 0 3
2012-06-28 Self-managed aphasia therapy after stroke feasible 1 None
2012-06-28 Review confirms impaired cognition in prodromal psychosis 0 None
2012-06-28 Swine-flu deaths far greater than reported 0 None
2012-06-28 Light shed on unruptured cerebral aneurysm course 0 None
2012-06-28 Why our eyes are bigger than our stomachs 0 None
2012-06-28 Family history influences age at prodrome and psychosis onset 0 None
2012-06-28 High medical illness rates in bipolar disorder 0 None
2012-06-28 Oral health may be linked to HPV status of head and neck cancer 0 None
2012-06-28 Methylphenidate ‘could relieve cancer depression’ 0 None
2012-06-28 Early pain relief surgery improves long-term chronic pancreatitis outcomes 0 None
2012-06-28 Statin effects may be gender-specific 0 None
2012-06-28 Surgical injury is increasing dialysis use 0 None
2012-06-28 Potential risk factors for disorder that causes people to kick or punch during sleep 0 None
2012-06-28 Experts in fluid mechanics to study Chiari malformation 0 4
2012-06-28 New medical countermeasures against nuclear threats 1 None
2012-06-28 Harmonizing prescription drug plans can help save millions of dollars 0 None
2012-06-28 Substituting short vehicle journeys for walks reduces death rates 0 None
2012-06-28 Study finds wide variation in interpretation of NRMP rules 0 None
2012-06-28 Miriam Hospital receives NIH renewal grant to support growth of Lifespan/Tufts/Brown CFAR 0 None
2012-06-28 Study examines role and biological effects of psychotherapy in breast cancer survivors 0 None
2012-06-28 Acute pancreatitis may be staved off by diet rich in vegetables 0 None
2012-06-28 TB research finds body’s own response helps TB bacteria survive 0 None
2012-06-28 UH receives federal grants to pursue projects related to prostate cancer, diabetes and obesity 0 None
2012-06-28 Exposure-based CBT for primary PD/AG effectively reduces anxiety and depressive symptoms 0 None
2012-06-28 Lack of access to social protections increases mortality rates among low and medium-skilled U.S. workers 0 None
2012-06-28 Study focuses on intergenerational dilemma 0 None
2012-06-27 ‘Risky’ view of thrombolysis in subtherapeutic warfarin patients disputed 0 None
2012-06-27 Two coffees a day keep heart failure risk at bay 1 None
2012-06-27 FDA approves test for dengue virus infection 0 None
2012-06-27 Common cold remedy ‘not recommended’ for children 0 None
2012-06-27 Taking steps to reduce diabetes risk 0 None
2012-06-27 Chinese herbal preparation reduces fragility fractures 0 None
2012-06-27 Flat polyps may explain colorectal cancer screening discrepancy 0 2
2012-06-27 Exposure to phthalates may raise childhood obesity risk 0 None
2012-06-27 ‘Risky’ view of thrombolysis in subtherapeutic warfarin patients disputed 0 None
2012-06-27 Psychiatric inpatients have low vitamin D levels 0 None
2012-06-27 Review confirms impaired cognition in prodromal psychosis 0 None
2012-06-27 Second potential immune checkpoint target for cancer immunotherapy announced by Compugen 0 None
2012-06-27 Safe vitamin D treatment without raising calcium levels 0 5
2012-06-27 MAARA invests £340,000 into vital asthma and allergy research 0 None
2012-06-27 Broken heart syndrome may protect the heart from adrenaline overload 0 None
2012-06-27 Cardiovascular disease risk greater with Atkins-style diets 0 None
2012-06-27 Study examines role of specific forms of psychotherapy in anxious depression 0 None
2012-06-27 Heavily congested highway correlates with higher rates of asthma 0 None
2012-06-27 Study suggests important role for psychotherapy in rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2012-06-27 Study: Moderate coffee intake reduces risk of heart failure 0 None
2012-06-27 Study finds increase in incidence of gout and hyperuricemia in the U.S. 0 None
2012-06-27 Persistent organic pollutants play a major role in metabolic syndrome 1 None
2012-06-26 Exercise-induced metabolic improvement not caused by just adipose change 0 None
2012-06-26 Poor prognosis for heart transplant patients with restenosis 0 4
2012-06-26 Experts validate promising alternative to Framingham risk score for UK 0 5
2012-06-26 Majority of rhinovirus infections are asymptomatic 0 None
2012-06-26 Molecular determinant of implantation success uncovered 0 5
2012-06-26 Chronic kidney disease is major risk factor for future coronary events 0 None
2012-06-26 Telemedicine could reduce admission rates 0 None
2012-06-26 Scoring system identifies appendicitis in pediatric acute abdomen pain 0 None
2012-06-26 Toothpaste is enough for baby’s teeth 2 None
2012-06-26 Postoperative hemoglobin predicts hospital stay after hip fracture surgery 0 None
2012-06-26 Genetic risk for schizophrenia linked to brain volume alterations 0 None
2012-06-26 Liability for schizophrenia linked to cognition in mood disorders 0 None
2012-06-26 Report on the global market for breast cancer diagnostics and drug technologies 0 None
2012-06-26 Biological filter to remove estrogens from waste water and drinking water 0 None
2012-06-26 Key issues in conducting research using electronic clinical data 0 None
2012-06-26 Age at which ADHD children begin taking medication influences academic progress 1 None
2012-06-26 Nanoparticles that can slip through mucus barriers shown to protect against herpes infections 0 None
2012-06-26 Study: 40 million Americans ages 12 and older have addiction disease 0 None
2012-06-26 More evidence of link between low vitamin D levels and increased risk of metabolic syndrome 0 None
2012-06-26 Ozone exposure associated with cardiovascular ailments 0 None
2012-06-26 New Alzheimer's Society funded project to investigate role of chronic stress in dementia 0 None
2012-06-25 Turn down the volume to improve heart health 0 None
2012-06-25 Flavocoxid liver damage reported 0 None
2012-06-25 Skin patch treatment kills common skin cancer 0 None
2012-06-25 Birmingham hip resurfacing offers lowest mortality risk 0 None
2012-06-25 Hospitalization, delirium worsen AD patients’ outcomes 0 None
2012-06-25 Combination regimens trump monotherapy in fight against HIV transmission 0 None
2012-06-25 Pregnant women with preeclampsia, diabetes need biomarkers checked 0 None
2012-06-25 Lonely elders decline, die 0 None
2012-06-25 Intensive insulin may backfire in acute stroke 0 None
2012-06-25 HIV therapy affects bone mass within 2 years 0 None
2012-06-25 ‘Strong evidence’ for causal link between parental smoking, childhood asthma 0 5
2012-06-25 Exercise and diet together reduce chances of developing metabolic syndrome in obese older adults 0 None
2012-06-25 Carbohydrate-rich, protein-packed breakfast with dessert can help lose weight 0 None
2012-06-25 Common experience of menopausal symptoms not associated with heart disease risk 0 None
2012-06-25 Physically fit patients with LVH have a significantly lower risk of death 0 None
2012-06-25 Exposure to secondhand smoke may lead to obesity and Type 2 diabetes 0 None
2012-06-25 Suicides could be prevented by means restriction 0 None
2012-06-25 Older people with large waistlines have higher mortality rate 0 None
2012-06-25 New analysis finds increase in per-patient operating costs in PCMHs 0 None
2012-06-25 RainDance introduces new digital PCR system for European researchers 0 None
2012-06-25 Cryopreservation of primary human hepatocyte: improved protocol using cryopreservation solution 0 None
2012-06-25 Study examines protective factors that are important in preventing violence among veterans 2 5
2012-06-25 Drop in testosterone levels more likely to result from man's behavioral and health changes 0 None
2012-06-25 Overactive thyroid gland may increase risk of hospitalization for heart and blood-vessel disease 0 None
2012-06-23 Benefits of green banana flour-based pasta for people with celiac disease 0 None
2012-06-23 Eating raisins may reduce postprandial glucose levels 0 None
2012-06-23 Censoring 'dual-use' scientific research not an effective strategy to mitigate security risks 0 None
2012-06-23 Parental employment may affect family food environments 0 None
2012-06-23 Surprising link between dietary fat and cholesterol absorption 0 None
2012-06-23 New Case Western Reserve PEER Program for community organizations 0 None
2012-06-23 Poor mothers will invest more resources in daughters: Study 0 None
2012-06-23 International conference showcases breadth of research possible with zebrafish 0 None
2012-06-23 Poorer US citizens live 5 years less than affluent countrymen 0 None
2012-06-22 Superior temporal sulcus perfusion linked to QoL in schizophrenia 0 None
2012-06-22 Amygdala volume reduced in schizophrenia, not psychotic BD 0 None
2012-06-22 B. oleronius from Demodex mites linked to rosacea development 0 3
2012-06-22 Skin infections in AD patients linked to PMN impairment 0 None
2012-06-22 Outcomes after ectopic pregnancy ‘broadly reassuring’ 1 None
2012-06-22 Too much salt can damage blood vessels and lead to hypertension 0 None
2012-06-22 Two-phalange fifth toe a ‘common variant’ 0 None
2012-06-22 Spinal fusion surgery no stroke risk 0 None
2012-06-22 Cerebral damage risks vision in children born prematurely 0 None
2012-06-22 Every day counts for ruptured aneurysm treatment 0 None
2012-06-22 OSA underdiagnosed among primary care diabetes patients 0 None
2012-06-22 Patients with psoriasis at increased risk for developing diabetes 0 None
2012-06-22 ‘Take home’ methadone maintenance therapy has added benefits 0 5
2012-06-22 Does normoglycemia reversion hold secret to preventing diabetes? 0 None
2012-06-22 Skin patch treatment kills common skin cancer 0 None
2012-06-22 Psoriasis linked to increased diabetes risk 0 None
2012-06-22 Smoking increases skin cancer risk 0 None
2012-06-22 Diagnosis, not risk stratification, advised for TIA patients 0 None
2012-06-22 Hip fracture type may determine regional anesthesia benefits 0 None
2012-06-22 U.S. journal Science publishes controversial H5N1 research 0 None
2012-06-22 Risk of cognitive decline linked to severity of diabetes 0 None
2012-06-22 Parents play a major role in children's TV time 0 None
2012-06-22 Structured exercise programmes benefit lung transplant patients 0 None
2012-06-22 Sleep benefits some Parkinson's patients 0 None
2012-06-22 UC3M joins European research project on tuberculosis treatments 0 None
2012-06-22 Not eating too fast associated with lower body fat levels 0 None
2012-06-22 Patients taking common blood pressure drug show symptoms of celiac disease 0 None
2012-06-22 Most health insurance may be sold through exchanges within five years 0 None
2012-06-22 Violence is a disease that has to be treated 0 None
2012-06-22 Study: Unexpected activity of estrogenic compounds during early stages of embryonic development 0 None
2012-06-22 Researchers develop new mouse model to study supertasting 0 None
2012-06-21 Fast food environment promotes obesity in deprived youth 0 None
2012-06-21 Short-term antiarrhythmic drug treatment postcardioversion could be effective 0 None
2012-06-21 CDSS best for assessing depression symptoms in schizophrenia 0 None
2012-06-21 Cognitive function worse in pediatric BD I than II 0 None
2012-06-21 Connexin 43 deficiency may protect against bed rest-associated bone loss 0 None
2012-06-21 Hip fracture type may determine regional anesthesia benefits 0 None
2012-06-21 Proper exsanguinator and tourniquet use poorly understood 0 None
2012-06-21 Even small-stage oral SCC metastases impact prognosis 0 None
2012-06-21 Bowel disturbance common until the end 0 None
2012-06-21 One in five short-stay nursing home patients sustains a fall after admission 0 None
2012-06-21 Long QT Syndrome may cause unexplained ExD deaths 0 None
2012-06-21 UCL scientists discover simple pattern that describes tree-like shape of all neurons 0 None
2012-06-21 Distinct brain regions organize objects based on their physical size 0 None
2012-06-21 One in eight people with heart attack experience significant symptoms of PTSD 0 None
2012-06-21 Concordia research helps develop first brain map of love and desire 0 3
2012-06-20 Omega 3 may not improve CV health 0 None
2012-06-20 Psychologic distress has broad vascular risk impact 0 None
2012-06-20 Hypertension-associated hospitalizations of children on the increase 0 None
2012-06-20 Osteoporosis screening recommended for men at risk 0 None
2012-06-20 Unwelcome hotel ‘guests’ uncovered 0 None
2012-06-20 Evidence mounts for vitamin D multiple sclerosis role 0 5
2012-06-20 Roseola virus behind one-third of febrile seizures in young children 0 None
2012-06-20 Value of pathology review highlighted in node-negative breast cancer 0 None
2012-06-20 Screening reduces colorectal cancer death not development risk 0 None
2012-06-20 Sufficient cancer pain relief may mean frequent follow up 0 None
2012-06-20 Childhood viral CNS infections increase psychosis risk 0 None
2012-06-20 Insight linked to gray matter volume in FEP patients 0 None
2012-06-20 First study to show that giving to others makes young children happy 0 None
2012-06-20 RUMC earns AAHRPP accreditation 0 None
2012-06-20 First study to examine actual willingness of older adults to be screened for dementia 0 None
2012-06-20 NewYork-Presbyterian/WCMC join new MDS Clinical Research Consortium 0 None
2012-06-20 Study highlights how parents, coaches and youth sport organizations can promote healthful eating 0 None
2012-06-20 Theorem Clinical Research introduces new look and tagline 0 None
2012-06-20 Fujitsu, NCKU sign MOU to build platform for genomics and bioinformatics research 0 None
2012-06-19 Imaging vital to localize stroke 0 None
2012-06-19 Vertebral fractures flag vascular disease risk 0 None
2012-06-19 Sustained ventricular arrhythmias in NSTE ACS rare but high-risk 0 None
2012-06-19 Exenatide ‑ a better alternative for add-on therapy? 0 None
2012-06-19 Cardiovascular risks for excessive endurance training highlighted 0 None
2012-06-19 Hyaluronic acid injections ‘discouraged’ for knee osteoarthritis 0 2.3
2012-06-19 Improved CT angiography protocols minimize radiation exposure 0 None
2012-06-19 Bisphosphonate benefit for breast cancer yet to be proven 0 None
2012-06-19 Hospital noises disturb sleep 0 None
2012-06-19 HCV suppression reduces liver damage 0 None
2012-06-19 UK walking guidelines ‘not up to speed’ 0 None
2012-06-19 Home BP monitoring ‘could help guide dosing, titration’ 0 None
2012-06-19 Study points to unexplored coding potential within the genome 0 None
2012-06-19 AFAR announces new Collaborative Research Awards Program in Alzheimer's Disease 0 None
2012-06-19 Improving outcomes for children with acquired brain injuries a significant challenge 0 None
2012-06-19 Program to correct problematic research practices 0 None
2012-06-19 Legalization of medical marijuana does not increase drug usage among high school students 1 None
2012-06-19 New patent filed for VAC-3S, an immunotherapy for treating HIV infections 0 None
2012-06-19 Cheaper drug to treat wet AMD increases risk of serious eye inflammation 0 1
2012-06-19 LDL particles may be a more accurate measure of early-stage atherosclerosis 0 None
2012-06-19 FORMA, TD2 leverage synergistic capabilities to jointly develop transformative cancer therapies 0 None
2012-06-19 New clinical data for ZEVALIN Injection for intravenous use presented at 17th EHA Congress 0 None
2012-06-19 Psychological distress associated with higher risk of death from stroke 0 None
2012-06-18 Pediatric treatment regime for ALL patients improves chances of long-term survival 0 None
2012-06-18 Humana, Novo Nordisk enter research partnership to explore diabetes treatment and care 0 None
2012-06-18 KineMed, GSK enter multi-year biomarker discovery partnership 0 None
2012-06-18 Zealand Pharma, Protagonist partner to develop novel disulfide-rich peptides 0 None
2012-06-18 PAREXEL launches fully-integrated eClinical solution 0 None
2012-06-18 Wellcome Trust awards University of Maryland $4M to accelerate development of conjugate NTS vaccine 0 None
2012-06-18 Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces research-grade FT-IR system 0 None
2012-06-18 Ambrx, Merck collaborate to develop and commercialize biotherapeutic drug conjugates 0 None
2012-06-18 First study to look at hotel room cleanliness 0 None
2012-06-16 Tobacco cessation must be included as part of standard clinical care for cancer patients 0 5
2012-06-16 Study reveals value of graphic warning labels on cigarette packaging 0 None
2012-06-16 CMS awards nearly $18 million to spread collaborative care model for managing depression 0 None
2012-06-16 Surprising effects of brain injury 0 5
2012-06-16 Latest allergy research presented at EAACI Congress 2012 0 None
2012-06-16 'Tip-of-the-tongue' errors happen often to adults over 65 1 5
2012-06-16 Bristol-Myers Squibb, Scripps Research enter five-year collaboration 0 None
2012-06-16 Social-class discrimination can contribute to physiologic changes associated with poorer health 0 None
2012-06-15 Psoriasis TNF-α therapeutic effects mediated by MSC antioxidant reduction 0 None
2012-06-15 Insulin more effective add-on than sitagliptin in glucose control 0 5
2012-06-15 Anti-TNFs increase risk for herpes zoster infections in IRD patients 0 None
2012-06-15 Rheumatism drugs may increase shingles risk 0 2
2012-06-15 Drug shows promise as skin cancer treatment 0 None
2012-06-15 Parents not totally responsible for child’s eyesight 0 None
2012-06-15 Pain, appearance improvements satisfy foot and ankle surgery patients 0 None
2012-06-15 A third of ED imaging for PE is avoidable 0 None
2012-06-15 Long-term rhythm, not rate, control may prolong life with AF 0 None
2012-06-15 Mania symptom profile changes with age 1 None
2012-06-15 Emotion perception impaired in patients at risk for psychosis 0 None
2012-06-15 Hip fracture mortality increases with even mild cognitive decline 0 None
2012-06-15 Evidence tipping against stroke thrombolysis in patients on warfarin 0 None
2012-06-15 Risks for eczema in adults identified 0 4
2012-06-15 New U-M hESC lines now available for federally-funded research 0 None
2012-06-15 Exercise-related hormones do not play an influential role in building muscle 0 None
2012-06-15 Relationship between obesity prevalence and growth of supermarket economy 0 None
2012-06-15 First study to explore how meditation might affect multitasking in realistic work settings 0 None
2012-06-15 OSA independently linked with DPN in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus 0 None
2012-06-15 NIH awards $9 million grant to study aging and immunity to infections 0 None
2012-06-15 Antioxidant rhSOD reduces risk of blindness in extremely low gestational age newborns 0 None
2012-06-15 Adult lesbian and bisexual women more likely to report abuse, assault 0 None
2012-06-15 Skin cancer does not discriminate between skin colors 0 None
2012-06-14 Gladstone investigators play key part in Human Microbiome Project 0 None
2012-06-14 New scientific findings in anticoagulation for stroke prevention 0 None
2012-06-14 Acute levodopa may worsen motor plasticity in late-stage PD 0 None
2012-06-14 Potential predictor of fast PD progression identified 0 None
2012-06-14 Surgeon, not hospital expertise affects spine surgery outcome 0 None
2012-06-14 Cancer experts call for global action on diesel fumes 0 None
2012-06-14 Inadequate information encoding linked to poor language ability 0 None
2012-06-14 Oxidative stress linked to NSS severity in schizophrenia 0 None
2012-06-14 Tooth scaling reduces CV disease risk 0 None
2012-06-14 Prior chemotherapy extends postpalliative survival in pancreatic cancer 0 5
2012-06-14 Targeting noradrenergic system combats gait freezing in Parkinson’s patients 0 None
2012-06-14 Laparoscopy technique lights up invisible metastases 0 None
2012-06-14 Preterm birth increases psychiatric disorder risk 0 None
2012-06-14 Dark chocolate cuts CV risk in metabolic syndrome 0 None
2012-06-14 Osteoporosis self-reports unreliable measure for case defintions 0 None
2012-06-14 First inventory of microbial diversity in the world's oceans 0 None
2012-06-14 New guide for gene silencing and delivery available from AMSBIO 0 4.4
2012-06-14 Multimedia intervention effective in changing patients' perceptions, attitudes toward clinical trials 0 None
2012-06-14 Clinical trials can benefit under-represented populations in developing countries 0 None
2012-06-13 Mixed picture for pulse pressure effect on surgical outcomes 0 None
2012-06-13 Rising blood sugar points to developing stroke risk 0 None
2012-06-13 Reproductive stage progression linked to worsening bipolar disorder 0 5
2012-06-13 Hot weather increases death risk in psychosis patients 0 None
2012-06-13 Environmental factors more important than genetic for vertebral fracture 0 None
2012-06-13 Multipronged approach relieves osteoarthritis pain 0 None
2012-06-13 Serum PFOA levels increase cardiovascular risk factors 0 None
2012-06-13 Ventral rectoplexy helps recover sexual function 0 None
2012-06-13 NCATS' Therapeutics Discovery program gains more industry collaborators 0 None
2012-06-13 New study on motor chunking 0 None
2012-06-13 A father's love contributes more to a child's development 0 None
2012-06-13 Omega-3 probably does not reduce cognitive decline in older people 0 None
2012-06-13 Study compares stress levels in individuals across the U.S. 0 None
2012-06-13 Researchers hope to use experiences of people with long-term T1D to benefit others 0 None
2012-06-13 INTERACT program can reduce unnecessary hospitalizations in SNFs 0 None
2012-06-13 Type 1 diabetes on the rise among young people in the U.S. 0 None
2012-06-13 Alcohol consumption leads to increased social stress and poor grades in teens 0 None
2012-06-13 Study finds gender pay disparity among physicians 0 5
2012-06-13 Depression, obesity two main culprits of excessive daytime sleepiness 0 None
2012-06-12 Changes in walking speed in late life may signal MCI 0 None
2012-06-12 Study examines link between multiple dimensions of discrimination and health in young adults 0 None
2012-06-12 Researchers identify two proteins that are required to maintain kidney stem cells 0 None
2012-06-12 Researchers find pathway for origin and growth of the most common form of brain and spinal cord tumor – meningioma 0 None
2012-06-12 Sleep apnea may speed-up kidney decline 0 None
2012-06-12 Stress troubles women’s hearts 0 None
2012-06-12 Promising preliminary data for axitinib in metastatic kidney cancer 1 None
2012-06-12 Risk score may aid emergency heart failure decisions 0 None
2012-06-12 Uncertainty over efficacy of clopidogrel in hemolytic uremic syndrome 0 None
2012-06-12 Guideline update for infective endocarditis successful 0 None
2012-06-12 NASA-inspired analysis could anticipate bone loss 0 None
2012-06-12 Specific personality traits linked to suicide risk in schizophrenia 0 None
2012-06-12 NMDA antibodies increased in mania patients 0 5
2012-06-12 DNDi, Astellas partner on new drug discovery research for treatment of NTDs 0 None
2012-06-12 Smoking may increase risk of death in older patients 0 None
2012-06-12 Trudeau Institute to receive sub-contract for translational research grant from NIH 0 None
2012-06-12 Syapse introduces Discovery app to organize R&D data and processes 0 None
2012-06-12 Hepatitis C more prevalent among homeless adults in downtown Los Angeles 0 None
2012-06-12 Mindfulness can help cancer patients with anxiety and depression 0 None
2012-06-12 Researcher uncovers link between pro athlete's longevity and sleepiness 0 None
2012-06-12 Gay and lesbian couples more likely to mutually influence each other's health habits 0 None
2012-06-11 Rheumatoid arthritis infection risk predicted by RABBIT 0 None
2012-06-11 Accumulated CT radiation dose triples pediatric cancer risk 0 None
2012-06-11 Investigational drug slows metastatic breast cancer progression 0 None
2012-06-11 Bedside cardiac ultrasound could be taught during residency 0 None
2012-06-11 Familial predisposition ‘modestly’ affects alcoholic liver disease risk 0 None
2012-06-11 Antibacterial cloths could reduce geriatric MRSA 0 None
2012-06-11 ColoPrint aids prediction of colorectal cancer relapse 0 None
2012-06-11 Urban children more likely to have food allergies 0 None
2012-06-11 Diabetes linked to increased blood cancer risk 0 None
2012-06-11 Ethnic minority women ill-informed about heart disease 0 2
2012-06-11 Lack of sleep a hypertension warning sign 0 None
2012-06-11 Extreme elderly account for two-thirds of osteoporotic hip fractures 0 None
2012-06-11 Polymorphism ’protective in pneumococcal disease’ 0 None
2012-06-11 Cambridge facility to become worldwide hub for SAFC's chiral service 0 None
2012-06-11 Adult fear of the dark may contribute to insomnia 0 None
2012-06-11 Popular low carbohydrate diet leads to increase in cholesterol levels 0 None
2012-06-11 POI signs multi-year contract for DATATRAK ONE products 0 None
2012-06-11 Short sleep periods increase risk of stroke in normal-weight adults 0 None
2012-06-11 First study to use simulated driving tests on medical staff returning home after night shift 0 None
2012-06-11 Majority of African-American patients with hypertension suffer from hidden heart disease 0 None
2012-06-08 Steroids may slow progression of life-threatening skin reactions 0 None
2012-06-08 Promising results for dabrafenib in advanced melanoma 0 2
2012-06-08 Prophylactic antibiotic regimens lack evidence of PARITY 0 None
2012-06-08 Psoriasis link with autoimmune diseases underscored 0 None
2012-06-08 Oxidative stress burdens obstructive sleep apnea patients 0 None
2012-06-08 Vibrating device aids diabetic neuropathy foot screening 0 None
2012-06-08 Biomarkers predict progressive spinal damage in ankylosing spondylitis 0 None
2012-06-08 Genes ‘choose only good eggs’ for IVF 0 None
2012-06-08 Adolescent mental disorders have repercussions for addiction 0 None
2012-06-08 Eye-viewing tests identify schizophrenic patients 1 None
2012-06-08 Mania develops in late adolescence 0 None
2012-06-08 Antioxidant cream may protect against skin irritation from cleaning products 0 None
2012-06-08 Drinking alcohol linked to skin disorder 0 5
2012-06-08 Vitamin A supplements may reduce skin cancer risk 0 None
2012-06-08 Genetic influence on postmenopausal bone loss falls with age 0 None
2012-06-08 Rheumatoid arthritis drug has added benefits 1 None
2012-06-08 Online calculator simplifies weight-related diabetes risk 0 None
2012-06-08 Magazine examines efforts to biologically alter bugs to fight human diseases 0 None
2012-06-08 'Coolness' loses much of its historical origins 0 None
2012-06-08 Smoking RA patients don't respond to anti-TNF drugs 0 None
2012-06-08 Hypocaloric diet may help achieve minimal disease activity in psoriatic arthritis patients 0 None
2012-06-08 NKI-AVL, Elekta partner to advance cancer research 0 None
2012-06-08 Relationship between coworkers plays an important role in the quality of care 0 None
2012-06-08 Study: HIV superinfection may be more common than previously believed 0 None
2012-06-08 Scientists unravel one important secret of bacterial adaptation 0 None
2012-06-08 Study calls for more aggressive management of osteoporosis in the extreme elderly 0 None
2012-06-08 HIV superinfection may be more frequent among general population of Uganda 0 None
2012-06-08 Millions of pre-diabetic Americans may be at increased risk of future stroke 0 None
2012-06-07 GPs to get NHS Choices rating 0 5
2012-06-07 Women may need stronger lipid-lowering regimens 0 1
2012-06-07 Aspirin linked to high bleeding rate in diabetes 0 None
2012-06-07 Aldosteronism linked to poor bone health 0 None
2012-06-07 Fluency therapy may improve stuttering in Down syndrome 0 None
2012-06-07 No benefits to polychemotherapy after surgery in gastric cancer 0 None
2012-06-07 Adjuvant chemoradiotherapy boosts esophageal cancer survival 0 None
2012-06-07 How to manage conflicts of interest in guideline development remains unclear 0 None
2012-06-07 US emergency angioplasty guidelines ‘not sufficient’ 0 None
2012-06-07 Remote coaching helps improve diet and exercise habits 0 None
2012-06-07 Low pre-morbid IQ not associated with psychosis risk 0 None
2012-06-07 Pathophysiologic differences evident between schizophrenia, bipolar 0 None
2012-06-07 People on calorie restriction have better heart rate variability 0 None
2012-06-07 Regular meditation could reduce risk of cardiovascular disease among teens 0 None
2012-06-07 People with insomnia more likely to develop hypertension 0 None
2012-06-07 Study on link between fruit and vegetable consumption and smoking cessation 0 None
2012-06-06 GP care equals memory clinics 0 None
2012-06-06 Capnography ‘useful adjunct’ to colonoscopy care 0 None
2012-06-06 Novel guidelines manage youth maladaptive aggression 0 None
2012-06-06 Split-course RT valuable after hormone-resistant prostate cancer relapse 0 None
2012-06-06 Work pattern affects night shift–breast cancer link 0 None
2012-06-06 Ancient hepatitis B may hold clues to viral evolution, spread 0 None
2012-06-06 Infants, children ‘susceptible to acetaminophen overdose’ 0 None
2012-06-06 GLP-1 receptor agonist boosts glycemic control in Asian patients 0 None
2012-06-06 Femoropopliteal total occlusion therapy advances 0 None
2012-06-06 Patients with type 2 diabetes have 20% increased risk of blood cancers 0 None
2012-06-06 MBC receives $50,000 FABC grant to further research into blood donor safety 0 None
2012-06-06 Research examines why we consume so much water 0 None
2012-06-06 Brain receives information from the ear in a surprisingly orderly fashion 0 2
2012-06-06 High pollution increases risk of repeated heart attacks by over 40% 0 None
2012-06-05 Dental profession needs to build a stronger connection between oral and general health 1