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2012-04-30 Teenage risky behaviors can be traced to special brain wiring: Study 0 None
2012-04-30 Dutch government grants export license allowing publication of controversial H5N1 study 0 None
2012-04-30 Capitol Hill event highlights U.S. advancements in malaria science, technology 0 None
2012-04-30 Astounding lack of public awareness about lung cancer 0 None
2012-04-30 Parents attitudes influence adolescents' engagement in fighting 0 None
2012-04-30 Children's bad behaviour may be due to mental disorders 0 None
2012-04-30 Dangers of texting while driving 0 3
2012-04-30 Anxiety more common than depression among people with arthritis 0 4
2012-04-30 Memory aging and brain maintenance 0 None
2012-04-30 Accredited nursing homes report a stronger resident safety culture 0 None
2012-04-30 Link between recognition of television alcohol ads and underage drinking 0 None
2012-04-30 About one-third of CT exams performed after inconclusive abdominal ultrasound have positive findings 0 None
2012-04-30 Anticipation of cell phone use may contribute to motor vehicle crashes 0 None
2012-04-30 Ramson leaves can be confused with poisonous plants 0 None
2012-04-30 Five U.S. federal agencies provide significant contributions each year to global health R&D 0 None
2012-04-30 Normal weight drivers more likely to wear seatbelts than obese drivers 0 None
2012-04-29 Thinking analytically may affect faith in the divine: Study 2 4
2012-04-29 Mobile phone link with cancer refuted in a large study review 0 None
2012-04-27 Study reveals direct correlation between negative thinking about pain and poor sleep 1 None
2012-04-27 IOM releases summary of workshop on drug-resistant TB in India 0 None
2012-04-27 Binge drinking may slow recovery and increase medical costs for survivors of burn injuries 0 None
2012-04-27 Long-duration breastfeeders sacrifice considerable income 0 None
2012-04-27 Malaria researchers discuss achievements, threats to progress at Capitol Hill event 0 None
2012-04-27 Study describes structure and function of the stratum corneum 0 None
2012-04-27 Funders should follow lead of U.S. in creating policies for scientific research oversight 0 None
2012-04-27 City centre residents more likely to suffer from coronary artery calcification 0 None
2012-04-27 Seabirds play an important role in dispersal and biodiversity of parasites 0 None
2012-04-27 HMS researcher receives $130,000 to conduct epilepsy study 0 None
2012-04-27 Low-intensity workout may be effective in building muscle 0 None
2012-04-27 UIC researcher to explore causes of myasthenia gravis 0 None
2012-04-26 UMKC School of Medicine receives $400,000 gift to establish Pulmonary Fibrosis Research Program 0 None
2012-04-26 A melanoma cloaking protein 0 None
2012-04-26 Aspirin reduces bowel cancer death and lung cancer incidence: Research suggests 0 None
2012-04-26 Allergies may provide benefit by keeping away noxious environmental toxins 0 None
2012-04-26 Experimental drug for autism works effectively in laboratory mice: Study 0 5
2012-04-26 International Microbicides Conference 2012 concludes 0 5
2012-04-26 Pervasive racial bias in medical practice adversely affects treatment and diagnosis 0 None
2012-04-26 Brain scans of small group of people can predict actions of entire populations 0 None
2012-04-26 Helpful roles of rank, toxic substances 0 None
2012-04-26 PLoS launches new collection on control, elimination of human helminthiases 0 None
2012-04-26 Tobacco packaging targets young people and women 0 None
2012-04-26 Active cognitive lifestyle lowers risk for dementia 0 None
2012-04-26 Health care not structured in the interest of the patient 0 None
2012-04-26 Study examines reasons why individuals misreport smoke alarm coverage 0 None
2012-04-26 White potato consumption does not cause diabetes, obesity 0 5
2012-04-26 U-M’s second human embryonic stem cell line now available for federally-funded research 0 None
2012-04-26 Dutch government rule export permit required to publish controversial bird flu study 0 None
2012-04-26 South Africa's science minister urges African researchers to become more involved in solving continent's health problems 0 None
2012-04-26 New 'super food' breakthrough in sports nutrition 0 None
2012-04-26 P-bodies have a much broader role in controlling the activities of the cell than previously thought 0 None
2012-04-25 Dark chocolate good for the heart: Study 0 None
2012-04-25 Financial education can improve a person's physical health 0 None
2012-04-25 Heraeus denture teeth performs well in Tufts University's wear resistance study 0 None
2012-04-25 Researchers evaluate haptic navigation aid to keep driver's eyes safely on the road 0 None
2012-04-25 Eating pistachios may help alter levels of beneficial bacteria in the gut 0 None
2012-04-25 ASH report urges federal agencies to invest in 7 distinct areas of research 0 None
2012-04-25 Scientists discover new mechanism for regulation of AQP function 0 None
2012-04-25 Link between binge eating and addiction-like behaviors 0 None
2012-04-25 Dark chocolate may reduce risk of cardiovascular disease 0 None
2012-04-25 Strong link between childhood physical abuse and suicidal behaviours 0 None
2012-04-25 MSU report: Rate of workplace deaths in Michigan remained steady in 2011 0 None
2012-04-25 Crucell, ARTES enter research collaboration to develop two vaccines 0 None
2012-04-25 Eating disorders can be triggered by lack of support following traumatic events 0 None
2012-04-24 Study points to positive health benefits of fibers 0 None
2012-04-24 Link between under-controlled temperament in early childhood and later compulsive gambling 0 None
2012-04-24 Cancer therapy with common cold virus 0 5
2012-04-23 ‘Brain freeze’ provides clue to migraine cause and therapy 0 None
2012-04-23 Phytochemicals in mangos may target breast cancer cells 0 None
2012-04-23 Brain injury in amateur boxing similar to Alzheimer´s 0 None
2012-04-23 Eating rice helps improve diet and manage weight 0 None
2012-04-23 NEI awards Scripps Research $10.2M grant to develop new treatments for vision disorders 0 None
2012-04-23 Poor sleep not a significant predictor of fibromyalgia pain intensity 0 None
2012-04-23 Opiate addiction disorders associated with opioid-induced hyperalgesia 1 None
2012-04-22 Scientists grow hair on bald mice 0 4
2012-04-21 Two salt reduction strategies could decrease CVD mortality 1 None
2012-04-21 Study: Your best side may be your left cheek 0 None
2012-04-21 First study to examine soda's effect on stroke risk 0 None
2012-04-21 Exercise may help smokers to quit, reduce risk of CVD 0 None
2012-04-21 Depression may increase risk of peripheral artery disease 0 None
2012-04-20 Primary seat belt laws mean even high-risk teens stay buckled up into adulthood 0 None
2012-04-20 National award celebrates landmark discovery in gut flora and cardiovascular disease 0 None
2012-04-20 Kessler Foundation scientist to develop predictive model of unemployment in MS 0 None
2012-04-20 Connection between eating meat and faster weaning process 0 None
2012-04-20 Breakdown of white-matter pathways affects decision-making as we age 0 None
2012-04-20 Car exhaust causes more premature deaths in the UK 0 None
2012-04-20 Minority children exposed to nearly 4 hours of background TV per day 0 None
2012-04-20 Social status can affect configuration of neural circuitry 0 None
2012-04-20 Study evaluates factors associated with breast cancer worry 0 None
2012-04-20 NALFD patients with modest alcohol intake are half as likely to develop NASH 0 None
2012-04-20 Thinking about death can actually be a good thing 0 None
2012-04-20 Physical activity reduces CVD mortality risk in patients with hypertension 0 None
2012-04-20 Gut microbiota has profound systemic effect on bile acid metabolism 0 None
2012-04-20 Anti-tobacco television advertising helps reduce adult smoking 0 None
2012-04-19 Optimism could benefit the heart: A review of studies 0 None
2012-04-19 Even a little physical activity a day keeps Alzheimer’s away 0 None
2012-04-19 Regenerative medicine research offers hope for the blind 0 5
2012-04-19 Study demonstrates far-reaching impact of voice disorders 0 None
2012-04-19 Soldiers, farmers can have common chronic exposure to nerve impacting chemicals 0 None
2012-04-19 Perspectives: What is the role for comparative effectiveness research? 0 None
2012-04-19 Developments in mesothelioma treatment presented at 3rd European Lung Cancer Conference 0 None
2012-04-19 White House science adviser responds to inquiry regarding handling of H5N1 research controversy 0 None
2012-04-19 Regular physical activity may decrease risk of AD even in very old adults 0 None
2012-04-19 SBU to advance research and clinical care at National Pediatric MS Center 0 None
2012-04-19 CRF announces top 10 clinical research achievement awards 0 None
2012-04-19 LVHT more common in afro-Caribbean athletes 0 None
2012-04-19 Veterans with killing experience more likely to report suicidal thoughts 0 None
2012-04-19 Scientists identify hypervirulent Salmonella bacteria 0 4
2012-04-19 Link between insomnia and severity of perceived tinnitus symptoms 0 None
2012-04-18 Brain size and IQ secret may lie in genes: Study 0 None
2012-04-18 Blood test to diagnose depression in adolescents 0 None
2012-04-18 Testosterone may help heart failure patients: Study 0 None
2012-04-18 PCMD chosen as collaborator in new NIHR School for Public Health Research 0 None
2012-04-18 Streamlining federal restrictions on low-risk clinical comparative effectiveness research 0 None
2012-04-18 US DoD awards UC researchers $3.7M grant to study circadian rhythms 0 None
2012-04-18 NSCLC drug regimen approved in 2006 does not improve survival for older patients 0 None
2012-04-18 Excessive alcohol use associated with lower self-reporting of maturity 0 None
2012-04-18 Voluntary testing, counseling for HIV decreases unprotected sex acts among cocaine, heroin users 0 None
2012-04-18 Study explains why women are more prone to knee injuries than men 0 None
2012-04-18 Patients, health care professionals invited to improve comparative clinical effectiveness research 0 None
2012-04-18 Frequent but moderate consumption of alcohol before and after heart attack may improve health outcomes 0 None
2012-04-18 Addiction to opioids has higher risk of death than alcohol or other drugs 0 None
2012-04-18 Though costly, helicopter trips save lives of seriously injured trauma patients 0 None
2012-04-18 Study sheds light on why ageing makes us more susceptible to gum disease 0 None
2012-04-18 Role of inability to express emotions in cancer 0 None
2012-04-18 Caffeine increases eye's ability to produce tears 0 None
2012-04-18 Study tests effectiveness of personally tailored exercise programmes on young people with depression 0 None
2012-04-17 Novel system for 3D reconstruction and examination of tissues at microscopic resolution 0 None
2012-04-17 Inadequate sleep can increase risk of obesity 0 None
2012-04-17 WHO report discusses financing, coordinating R&D for health needs in developing countries 0 None
2012-04-17 Study looks at quality measures provided by nursing homes 0 None
2012-04-17 Study: Sharp increase in airborne pollens across Europe 0 None
2012-04-17 Study: 1 in 26 may develop epilepsy at some point in life 1 None
2012-04-17 Football-related brain injuries appear to rise among high school students 0 None
2012-04-16 Cosmetics may contain chemicals that raise risk of obesity and diabetes 0 None
2012-04-16 32 genetic variations could play a role in osteoporosis risk 0 None
2012-04-16 Genes linked to major brain functions and disorders 0 None
2012-04-16 Study calls for research into all aspects of follow-up care in lung cancer 0 None
2012-04-16 Conformetrix's NMR-based technology to be applied across AstraZeneca's pre-clinical therapeutic pipeline 0 None
2012-04-16 Keck Foundation awards UF $1M to study how proteins in cells are made 0 5
2012-04-16 Seminar series on issues related to intervention, implementation science in aging 0 None
2012-04-16 Panel discussion on personalized medicine at USciences 0 None
2012-04-16 'Mental health checkups' as part of health care in schools 0 None
2012-04-16 Link between phthalates and risk of diabetes among seniors 0 None
2012-04-16 Significant skull variation between groups in close proximity 0 None
2012-04-16 Study examines cellular and molecular organization of human and mouse brain 0 None
2012-04-16 Intelligence may have co-evolved with worry in humans 0 None
2012-04-16 Biologists decipher novel functions of metal-binding molecule nicotianamine 0 None
2012-04-16 Study finds voice problems among call-centre workers 0 None
2012-04-16 Study: Even toddlers have a tendency to follow the crowd 0 None
2012-04-15 Huntington’s disease may protect against cancer: Study 1 5
2012-04-12 Natural products isolated from marine mollusks and sponges can reverse multidrug resistance in cancer cells 0 None
2012-04-12 Toxic nail varnish at salons raises concerns 0 None
2012-04-12 Over-the-counter insect bite remedies not very effective 0 2
2012-04-12 Niceness is gene deep 0 None
2012-04-12 Inadequate sleep linked to higher diabetes risk 0 None
2012-04-12 Longer looks: Diagnosing autism in minutes; Finding new uses for old drugs; Cancer war victories 0 None
2012-04-12 Researchers, industry leaders meet in New York to discuss global health R&D 0 None
2012-04-12 DNDi, AstraZeneca enter collaboration on drug-compound screening for NTDs 0 None
2012-04-12 Discontinuing antibiotic used to prevent opportunistic infections among HIV patients could increase risk of malaria, diarrhea 0 None
2012-04-12 Too little sleep, inconsistent sleep patterns increase risk of diabetes and obesity 0 None
2012-04-12 Genocea to highlight progress in malaria vaccine development at World Vaccine Congress 0 None
2012-04-12 Many Medi-Cal caregivers in California lack access to health insurance, adequate food 0 None
2012-04-12 Study reveals influence of family environment on individual's health status 0 None
2012-04-12 People with PNES do not necessarily experience more frequent or severe stressful events 0 None
2012-04-12 Four abstracts on spatial neglect to be presented at upcoming AAN meeting 0 None
2012-04-12 TBI can negatively affect medical decision-making capacity 0 None
2012-04-12 Scientists transform skin cells directly into induced neurons 0 None
2012-04-11 Too frequent dental X-rays linked to higher risk of brain tumors 1 None
2012-04-11 Study reveals difficulties in self-management of diabetes 0 None
2012-04-11 First large study to examine age, gender and sibling history on stroke risk 0 None
2012-04-10 Peter Mac doctor receives grant to fight prostate cancer 0 None
2012-04-10 Genes and obesity link found in kids 0 None
2012-04-10 Fish oil not as beneficial for the heart as thought: Study 0 None
2012-04-10 Emotional and instrumental support likely to play a critical role in recovery from mental illness 0 4
2012-04-10 Researchers identify mechanism of TRPM2 regulation 0 None
2012-04-10 First study to examine long-term effects of climate change on life expectancy 0 None
2012-04-10 Major life decisions may be subconsciously influenced by how long people believe they will live 0 None
2012-04-10 Large proportion of obese Americans can and do lose weight, say researchers 0 None
2012-04-10 First study to demonstrate link between social status and genetic regulation in primates 0 None
2012-04-10 Higher blood glucose levels may improve survival rates for heart failure patients with diabetes 0 None
2012-04-10 UofL wins NIH grant for cardiac clinical research center 0 None
2012-04-09 Fatty acids fight cancer spread 0 None
2012-04-09 Eggs developed from stem cells could change reproductive technology 0 None
2012-04-09 Study shows causal effect of obesity on medical care costs 0 None
2012-04-07 Nursing research news from Johns Hopkins 0 None
2012-04-07 Anti-gay bias linked to lack of awareness of one's sexual orientation and authoritarian parenting 0 5
2012-04-07 'Benefits and burdens' of participating in clinical research trials 0 None
2012-04-07 Heart Rhythm Journal manuscript by Dr. Hauser inaccurate and biased, says St. Jude Medical 0 None
2012-04-07 Elevated pulse pressure may increase risk of CVD in older adults with AD 0 None
2012-04-07 PloS ONE publishes research on GenVec's new vaccine vectors 0 None
2012-04-07 Presage Biosciences enters cancer research agreement with Millennium 0 None
2012-04-06 Innate patient factors, overall morbidity affect neurodevelopment in infants with single-ventricle disease 0 None
2012-04-06 NIH to award $20M over 5 years to support global health training for scientists 0 None
2012-04-06 Measuring executive functions may predict 'game intelligence' in soccer players 0 None
2012-04-06 Researchers understand TG paradox in people of African descent 0 None
2012-04-06 Zalicus' cHTS platform identifies synergistic drug combinations for treatment of cancer 0 None
2012-04-06 Key finding in regulation of intraocular pressure in glaucoma 0 None
2012-04-06 Cancer diagnosis associated with suicide, cardiovascular death 0 None
2012-04-06 Advaxis, Karolinska Institutet enter collaboration to develop cat allergy vaccine 0 None
2012-04-05 PTSD could be genetically predicted 0 None
2012-04-05 Socioeconomic factors can account for 80% of racial differences in life expectancy 0 None
2012-04-05 Some smokers quit smoking on first try while others have to quit repeatedly 0 None
2012-04-05 Vaccination most promising against asthma 0 None
2012-04-05 Neugrid opens new channels of research into degenerative neurological disorders 0 None
2012-04-05 Early-life bisphenol A exposure affects later-stage learning impairment 0 None
2012-04-05 Low glycemic index food may help prevent high blood sugar 0 None
2012-04-05 Study describes sexual practices of senior citizens in Spain 0 None
2012-04-05 Older adults with psychological distress more likely to experience functional limitation 0 None
2012-04-05 Unmarried baby boomers face poorer economic and health outcomes 0 None
2012-04-05 Keeping mentally fit through board games or reading may help preserve memory 0 None
2012-04-04 Anti-TAK1 agents may hold hope against highly aggressive KRAS mutant colon cancers 0 None
2012-04-04 Trends in diagnostic coding may explain the cause of decline in pneumonia hospitalizations 0 None
2012-04-04 Emotional response of persons linked to series of television adverts 0 None
2012-04-04 Negative stress increases risk for coronary heart disease in cancer patient's relatives 0 None
2012-04-04 Study examines alcohol and drugs use patterns in adolescents 1 None
2012-04-04 Higher-spending hospitals do have better outcomes for emergency patients 0 None
2012-04-04 Tai Chi improves cardiovascular function and body strength in older adults 0 None
2012-04-04 Causes of traumatic brain injury in older population 0 None
2012-04-04 Discussion of NSABB recommendation to publish controversial bird flu studies to continue in London meeting 0 None
2012-04-04 Many RA patients more likely to develop lower GI disease 0 None
2012-04-04 NCAA-funded study to focus on sports-related concussions 0 None
2012-04-03 BioScale presents data on phospho-protein analysis of MAP kinase pathway activation state at 103rd AACR 0 1
2012-04-03 NIDA awards $1.4M grant to aid development of formal addiction medicine training programs 0 None
2012-04-03 Atheists unconsciously take advantage of belief in God during death anxiety 0 None
2012-04-03 NSABB recommends full publication of controversial bird flu studies 0 None
2012-04-03 Report addresses link between energy density and body weight 0 None
2012-04-03 AFMR to honor Einstein clinical scientist with Outstanding Investigator Award 0 None
2012-04-02 Blood test for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease 0 3.5
2012-04-02 Hypnotherapy effective for treating bowel disorder IBS 1 None
2012-04-02 Regular walking regimen can benefit cancer survivors 0 None
2012-04-02 Study identifies specific chemical in smokeless tobacco products that induces oral cancer 0 None
2012-04-02 Successful aneurysm treatment may not improve quality of life 0 None
2012-04-02 Inovio awarded U.S. DOD grant to advance non-invasive surface electroporation delivery device 0 None
2012-04-02 WCMC receives SU2C-PCF Prostate Dream Team Translational Cancer Research Grant 0 None
2012-04-01 Rare immune cells found to play a major role in lasting immunity 0 None
2012-04-01 French researchers find alcohol’s self regard boosting properties 0 5
2012-04-01 New breast cancer gene mutation discovered 0 None
2012-04-01 Brain images show nerves ‘crisscrossing’ in neat but complex patterns: Study 0 None


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