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2004-04-30 Developing smart drugs 0 None
2004-04-29 Scientists have discovered a genetic cause of cleft lip and palate in mice 0 None
2004-04-29 Scientists have unraveled the behavior of one key component of bacteria 0 None
2004-04-28 A burst of brain energy depends more on a unique molecular cycle than on blood flow variation 0 None
2004-04-28 Scientists looking for 480 people to test experimental anthrax vaccine 0 None
2004-04-28 Scientists identify six genes associated with the most common form of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 0 None
2004-04-28 Scientists get new motor neurons to migrate through the spinal cord 0 None
2004-04-26 Scientists studying the adhesive properties of the neural cell adhesion molecule have found that two opposing models of cell adhesion are both correct 0 None
2004-04-26 Injections of adult stem cells could repair hearts 0 None
2004-04-23 Japanese scientists have created a viable mouse derived from two genetic mothers with no contribution by a male animal 0 None
2004-04-22 Genetically engineered bugs to fight cancer 0 None
2004-04-22 Turmeric corrects the cystic fibrosis defect 0 None
2004-04-21 CUMC and MIT researchers have cloned a mouse from its olfactory neurons 0 None
2004-04-21 Dolly the sheeps creators harbour no desire to clone humans 0 None
2004-04-20 Researchers use IBM Linux supercomputing cluster to research DNA 0 None
2004-04-20 Researchers use MRI to capture the intricacies of speech 0 None
2004-04-20 Human cloning on a grand scale could spell the end of the species as we all become nastier 0 None
2004-04-20 Functional genomics provide improved drug discovery 0 None
2004-04-19 44 countries to hammer out global health issues at Earth Observation Summit 0 None
2004-04-16 Computer technology helps to make sense of human brain 0 None
2004-04-14 Cancer could be inactivated by RNA library 0 None
2004-04-14 Genetic mutation raises interesting questions about the evolution of the Y chromosome 0 None
2004-04-14 EU ethical, social and legal aspects of human genetic testing 0 None
2004-04-14 Autism gene discovered 0 4
2004-04-13 Batch control makes chemical reactions easier to manage 0 None
2004-04-13 Leeches back to relieve pain 0 None
2004-04-13 Prosthetic heart valve made completely of the body’s own tissue 1 None
2004-04-12 Protein sequences harder to predict than originally thought 0 None
2004-04-12 Vitamin C can reduce levels of C-reactive protein, a marker of inflammation and chronic disease 0 5
2004-04-12 Gene therapy helps damaged heart cells regain strength and beat normally 0 None
2004-04-12 Researchers pinpoint pathway to muscle regeneration 0 None
2004-04-08 New process to extract proteins from membranes by using chemicals 0 None
2004-04-08 New microgel could potentially recover any enzyme and save manufacturers considerable money 0 None
2004-04-07 University of Florida researchers have used a common gel to successfully deliver gene therapy to the diaphragm 0 None
2004-04-07 The cure rate for pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia might continue to rise with improved use of conventional therapies 0 None
2004-04-07 Alcohol screening can spot addiction 0 None
2004-04-07 University of North Dakota researcher explores calcium's role in cell signaling 0 None
2004-04-07 Protein kinase complex influences the outer layer of skin to control the eventual shape of the full-grown skeleton and skull 0 None
2004-04-07 Time-reversal acoustics research promises medical breakthroughs 0 None
2004-04-07 Completion of the sequencing of human chromosome 19 0 None
2004-04-07 Analysis of Bacterial Genomes Begins to Unravel Complex Story of Metabolic Evolution 0 None
2004-04-06 Genetic trick viruses use to replicate themselves has been adapted to build complex protein structures required by immune system cells 0 None
2004-04-06 A new technique for engineering protein crystals is helping scientists figure out the three-dimensional structures of some important biological molecules 0 None
2004-04-06 Scientists studying vaccinia virus, a relative of smallpox, have determined that a gene necessary for virus replication also has a key role in turning off inflammation 0 None
2004-04-05 A simple urine sample could soon be used to predict the complex toxic effects of new drugs 0 None
2004-04-05 Michigan opens new center to treat exposure to Vermiculite, Taconite, Asbestos 0 None
2004-04-05 Upcoming symposium to examine mercury exposure 0 None
2004-04-04 Mathematicians Predict Patterns in Fingerprints 0 None
2004-04-04 Video consultations to ease stress on frail patients 0 None
2004-04-01 New center enables genetic treatments and advances 0 None
2004-04-01 Machine can switch off brain by transmitting harmless magnetic pulses 1 None
2004-04-01 Scientists have discovered that a non-genetic molecular process can effect cell behaviour 0 None


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