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Date Title Comments Rating
2005-12-30 Study finds two genes that are essential for the proper development of muscle 0 None
2005-12-30 Study finds two genes that are essential for the proper development of muscle 0 None
2005-12-29 Gene discovery may reinvigorate the body's immune system after fighting viral infections 0 None
2005-12-22 Scientists discover how to integrate new neurons into the brain 0 None
2005-12-22 Plant stem cell breakthrough made 0 4
2005-12-22 Electrical microstimulation allows researchers to map the brain for the first time 0 None
2005-12-22 Chromosome link found between alcohol addiction and smoking 0 None
2005-12-22 Study finds light sensing cells develop before vision 0 None
2005-12-19 Skin colour controlled by key gene 0 None
2005-12-15 Remarkable developmental pathway in frog embryos discovered 0 None
2005-12-13 Streptococcus mutans copes without pathway 0 None
2005-12-12 Common garden plant may hold cure for leukemia 0 None
2005-12-11 Dog gene map may help explain human diseases 0 None
2005-12-07 Altering the composition of fats of every-day foods 0 None
2005-12-07 Garvan scientists explain stress and sickness 0 None
2005-12-07 Functional amyloid formation within mammalian tissue 0 1.5
2005-12-07 Humans have ancient genes 0 None
2005-11-30 Comprehensive analysis of DNA barcodes 0 None
2005-11-28 Exploiting biology's own chemical toolbox... 0 None
2005-11-28 New method to discover links between cellular machines 0 3
2005-11-21 Compound from Salinispora (marine bacteria) kills blood cancer cells 0 None
2005-11-21 Seasonal depression affects hamsters 0 None
2005-11-21 Nanotechnology and biochemistry provide new way to study T cell signaling 0 5
2005-11-21 Scientist finds first evidence of a living memory trace 0 None
2005-11-20 Scientists direct embryonic stem cells to become cartilage cells 0 None
2005-11-20 New gene linked to schizophrenia and depression 0 None
2005-11-20 Genetically modified allow scientists to examine the potential usefulness of new therapies for Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2005-11-20 Scientists discover gene which controls fear 0 None
2005-11-16 Haphazard activation of secondary signaling pathways may fuel cancer's genesis 0 None
2005-11-16 Scientists use stem cells to grow cartilage 0 None
2005-11-16 World first trial grows blood vessels from patient's own skin 0 None
2005-11-14 Circadian rhythm - two key groups of neurons control morning and evening activity 0 None
2005-11-13 Cellular signal may determine life or death for damaged brain cells 0 None
2005-11-13 Scientists discover why lung, but not skin, anthrax infections are lethal 0 None
2005-11-07 Tiny worms provide clues to new treatments for diabetes, asthma and hay fever 0 None
2005-11-07 Gene doping is a real danger - but anti-doping science is making progress 0 None
2005-11-07 Scientists find new mechanism by which brain cells can be damaged during chronic neurodegenerative diseases 0 None
2005-11-07 Gene silencing and microRNA discovery 0 None
2005-11-01 New way to generate genetically altered influenza virus 0 None
2005-10-30 How the brain tracks time is essential to understanding all its functions 0 None
2005-10-30 Analytical method to trace the lineage trees of cells 0 None
2005-10-30 Cichlid fish provide better understanding of the genetic factors that regulate bone shape 0 None
2005-10-30 Trigger discovered that causes stem cells embryos to start developing into organs 0 None
2005-10-27 HapMap will give clues to many common diseases 0 None
2005-10-27 New understanding of how neurogenesis occurs 0 5
2005-10-27 Scientists have identified the gene which explains why eggs fail to produce a zygote 0 None
2005-10-26 Mechanisms of evolution may be associated with disease 0 None
2005-10-25 Gold nanorods injected into the bloodstream may be used to develop an advanced medical imaging tool 0 None
2005-10-25 New technique reveals the strength of bones 0 None
2005-10-25 How cells use very slow biological flows to signal and organize 0 None
2005-10-25 Identification of gene in mosquitoes that helps them to fight off infection by the Plasmodium parasite 0 None
2005-10-23 C. elegans, free-living soil nematodes, pave way for better anesthetics 0 None
2005-10-23 Natural antifreeze protein may help store human organs 0 4
2005-10-23 Mixed carbon nanotubes and standard urban particulates suggests a risk of thrombosis from airborne pollution 0 None
2005-10-19 Neurobiologists gain new insights into brain and memory 0 None
2005-10-18 Discovery increases the yield of stem cells from umbilical cord blood 0 None
2005-10-17 Cosmopolitan Lifestyle could allay cancer threat 0 None
2005-10-17 Cannabis boosts brain power in rats 0 None
2005-10-16 Alternative methods to create stem cells successful in mice-studies 0 None
2005-10-13 Nanobombs to eradicate cancer 0 None
2005-10-12 Biologists uncover pivotal role of a gene called "Cut" 0 None
2005-10-10 Technique for inserting genes into specific sites on the genome in liver cells 0 None
2005-10-10 Scientist shed light on bizarre reproductive conflicts encountered by hermaphroditic animals 0 None
2005-10-09 Researchers find gene that is important for the control of fundamental rhythms in nematode worms 0 None
2005-10-09 New technique to produce large numbers of antibodies quickly 0 None
2005-10-09 Discovery of new features of a key quality-control mechanism in our cells 0 None
2005-10-09 Scientists genetically modify male mosquitoes to express a glowing protein in their gonads - may help control the mosquito population 0 None
2005-10-09 Tissue engineering used to reconstruct defective tracheas (windpipes) in fetal lambs 0 None
2005-10-05 Brain needs the middle ear to track depth 0 None
2005-10-05 New role for the blood protein serum amyloid P in the body's response to medical materials 0 None
2005-10-05 Immature stem cells that proliferate to form brain tissues in mice can function for at least a year 0 None
2005-10-03 Compounds secreted by frog skin are potent blockers of HIV infection 0 None
2005-10-03 New insights that advance the current model of protein motility and muscle contraction 0 None
2005-10-03 Scientists measure with unprecedented accuracy the strengths of hydrogen bonds in a protein 0 None
2005-10-03 Computer model shows biochemical variations, or noise, leads to oscillations in gene regulation that couldn't otherwise be predicted 0 None
2005-10-03 Rise in oxygen content corresponds exactly to a really rapid rise of large, placental mammals 0 None
2005-09-28 The immune mechanisms of atherosclerosis 0 None
2005-09-28 Clostridium botulinum exposed 0 None
2005-09-27 Seaweed extract, alginate, could be used to increase the fibre content of junk food 0 None
2005-09-27 New method to measure circadian cycles 0 None
2005-09-26 Deep-sea sponges harbor toxins that potentially can act as powerful anti-cancer drugs 0 None
2005-09-26 Scientists identifiy new type of pain-sensing neuron in rats 0 None
2005-09-26 Scientists eventually may be able to determine the structure of proteins from their genomic sequences 0 None
2005-09-26 "Designer" rats help show how declining estrogen after menopause can affect hypertension 0 5
2005-09-26 Israeli scientists successfully transplant ovaries in sheep and trigger early embryonic development 0 None
2005-09-21 Simple organism can produce 10 trillion varieties of a single protein 0 None
2005-09-21 Antibiotic resistance has put humans in an escalating 'arms race' with infectious bacteria 0 None
2005-09-19 Prions rapidly 'remodel' good protein into bad 0 None
2005-09-19 Scientists have discovered a new and potent anti-cancer compound in beans 0 None
2005-09-12 Finding may significantly broaden understanding of how the brain selects and retains information 0 None
2005-09-12 Discovery of mechanism linking color vision and cancer genes 0 None
2005-09-10 Key to stem cell transplant success is tricking immune system 0 None
2005-09-10 Transplantation of organs from animals to humans could soon be a reality 0 3
2005-09-10 It's pure science fiction! - human embryo to be created from two mothers 0 None
2005-09-10 Human brain still evolving, who knows what the future has to offer! 0 None
2005-09-06 Chinese scientists clone a goat 0 None
2005-09-05 New vaccine with the potential to protect against fungal pathogens 0 None
2005-09-05 Genome of mammals is much more complex than previously thought 0 None
2005-09-05 UK fertility specialist and broadcaster says embryonic stem cell research promises are hyped up 0 None
2005-09-04 New understanding of how our genome works to produce a complex organism like a human being 0 None
2005-09-04 Overall genome landscape between chimps and humans can be attributed to large segmental duplications 0 None
2005-09-01 Naturally occurring peptide hormones - candidates for the treatment of cancer, sexual dysfunction, eating disorders 0 None
2005-09-01 Human Y chromosome stays intact while chimp Y loses genes 0 None
2005-08-31 Charles Darwin was right and chimp gene map proves it 0 None
2005-08-29 New way to "image" the internal chemistry of bacteria 0 None
2005-08-29 New laboratory method for quickly detecting active anthrax proteins 0 None
2005-08-29 How germ cells decide whether to be sperm or eggs 0 None
2005-08-29 Anti-ageing gene could improve effects of getting old 0 None
2005-08-26 Scientists have developed a new dye that could offer noninvasive early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2005-08-25 Making human lungs in the lab a future possibility 0 None
2005-08-24 Using muscle tissue from tarantulas scientists discover how muscles relax 0 None
2005-08-24 Genomics reveals mechanisms that engineer remarkable heat resistance in bacteria 0 None
2005-08-24 Scientists convert human embryonic stem cells into lung cells 0 None
2005-08-22 Global data exchange policy brings 100,000,000,000 letters of the genetic code 0 None
2005-08-22 Chemists synthesize new class of carbenes - potential for pharmaceutical industry 0 None
2005-08-22 New phenomenon in which one bacterial cell can stop the growth of another on physical contact 0 None
2005-08-22 Cancer Research Technology licenses novel cancer diagnostic markers 0 None
2005-08-16 Enzyme called matriptase, when left to its own devices, can cause cance 0 None
2005-08-16 Method to propagate mouse brain stem cells derived from ES cells 0 None
2005-08-15 Large-scale computer simulations reveal new insights into antibiotic resistance 0 None
2005-08-15 Even vegetarians can eat this meat! 0 None
2005-08-15 Electricity from urine 0 5
2005-08-15 Genomes of Trypanosoma brucei and Trypanosoma cruzi sequenced 0 None
2005-08-15 Experimental therapy could offer new way to treat spine damage 0 None
2005-08-13 DNA chip technology helps with discovery of new type 2 diabetes gene 0 4
2005-08-11 Australian scientists rejuvenate the immune systems of mice and humans using a common hormone 0 None
2005-08-11 Cells direct membrane traffic by channel width 0 None
2005-08-10 Biochemists reveal the first structural details of microcompartments 0 None
2005-08-10 Faster and more objective way to examine the surfaces of fossilized teeth 0 None
2005-08-09 Scientists enhance the anti-cancer properties of a digitalis, a drug commonly used to treat heart disease 0 None
2005-08-08 Scientists identify protein that may inhibit cellular movement 0 None
2005-08-08 Dolly the sheep, and now Snuppy the puppy - what's next? 0 None
2005-08-02 Scientists use gene transfer to prevent retinoschisis 0 None
2005-08-02 Primordial soup where life began on earth was hot and not cold 0 None
2005-08-01 Mini-beacon design a major development for smart drug delivery 0 None
2005-07-28 Amazing 'smart bomb' drug zaps cancer cells in mice without damaging healthy cells 0 None
2005-07-27 If you're a worm, and stressed as well - its not good! 0 None
2005-07-26 First large-scale effort to sequence the flu genome 0 None
2005-07-26 More efficient genome-mining technique 0 None
2005-07-25 Plant toxins in the diets of early humans drove the evolution of taste 0 None
2005-07-25 In vivo engineering of organs: The bone bioreactor 0 None
2005-07-21 Hidden secrets on the nature and timing of genome evolution in mammals revealed 0 None
2005-07-21 Engineered tissue is more viable with blood of its own 0 None
2005-07-19 One of the first studies to define how unique we are on the genetic level 0 None
2005-07-19 Two regions of the human genome that appear to explain variation in IQ 0 None
2005-07-18 Scientists determine the structures of eight proteins in just 10-20 days per protein 0 None
2005-07-18 Startling discovery about the properties of human bone 0 4
2005-07-18 New molecular insights may one day lead to opportunities to stave off old age 0 None
2005-07-17 Scientists sequence the genomes of three species of parasites responsible for causing diseases that kill or cripple millions 0 None
2005-07-17 Extraordinary number of genes are required for prenatal mammalian development 0 None
2005-07-17 Scientists have begun to clarify how one of the body's molecules controls the trafficking of T cells through the blood 0 None
2005-07-17 Cigarette smoke stops transport of freshly ovulated hamster eggs 0 None
2005-07-14 Experts discuss use of human stem cells in ape and monkey brains 0 None
2005-07-14 A systematic search through human genes 0 None
2005-07-13 Scientists reveal the important role of early experience in shaping neuronal development 0 None
2005-07-11 Carbon nanotubes may change the way doctors treat broken bones 0 None
2005-07-11 Scientists discover how an HIV protein fragment shuts down an immune response 0 None
2005-06-30 Scientists discover identifying markers for primitive blood-forming stem cells - simplifies cell identification 0 None
2005-06-30 Protein that was thought to simply turn genes on and off now looks to be more like a cellular dimmer switch 0 None
2005-06-29 Rain forest tree gives new hope for psoriasis sufferers 0 None
2005-06-29 Scientists aim to mislead malaria mosquitoes with odours 0 None
2005-06-27 Adult, or post-natal, stem cells have the same ability as embryonic stem cells to multiply 0 None
2005-06-27 Scientists have discovered how C-reactive protein is able to access endothelial cells 0 None
2005-06-27 Scientists solve structure of a critical innate immune system protein 0 None
2005-06-27 If you know how viruses get into cells, you know how to better design drugs to keep them out 0 None
2005-06-27 Scientists successfully isolate stem cells from human skin 0 None
2005-06-27 Light used to regulate protein synthesis 0 None
2005-06-21 Scientists identify inhibitors of the anthrax toxin 0 None
2005-06-20 Finding may impact understanding of mechanical facets of many diseases 0 None
2005-06-20 Early embryos with abnormal chromosomes are capable of returning to normal when grown in culture in the laboratory 0 None
2005-06-20 Unique arrays of proteins tethered onto self-assembled DNA nanostructures 0 None
2005-06-20 New way of obtaining embryonic stem cells that avoids contamination by other types of cells 0 None
2005-06-20 Stem cells grown in lab mirror normal developmental steps 0 None
2005-06-20 British team grow sperm and eggs from stem cells 0 None
2005-06-19 Scientists prove that human embryonic stem cells can develop in the laboratory into the early forms of cells that eventually become eggs or sperm 0 None
2005-06-19 Australian scientists develop unique animal model for asthma 0 None
2005-06-19 Stem cells to solve blood shortage problems 0 None
2005-06-19 New complete muscle grown in the lab 0 None
2005-06-16 U.S. scientists have successfully engineered blood vessels from human vascular cells in the lab 0 None
2005-06-15 Jumping genes help detemine uniqueness of individual brains 0 None
2005-06-15 Scientists discover new way of bringing "bio-prospecting" out of the rainforest and into the lab 0 None
2005-06-15 Nanotechnology used to smuggle a powerful chemotherapeutic drug inside tumor cells 0 None
2005-06-14 US scientists find "mother of all brain stem cells" 0 None
2005-06-13 Scientists create new brain cells - in a dish 0 None
2005-06-12 Bio-engineered skin provides clues to melanoma development 0 None
2005-06-10 If a dividing cell's activity is a pop song, then the same process in an immune cell is an extended-play dance remix 0 None
2005-06-10 First clues as to why stem cells ignore stop signs in the cell cycle 0 None
2005-06-09 Scientists produce for the first time an infectious form of the hepatitis C virus in laboratory cultures of human cells 0 None
2005-06-09 Accumulation of genetic changes is not solely determined by natural selection 0 None
2005-06-08 Canada's first two human embryonic stem cell lines 0 None
2005-06-08 Several minute intermediate stage in virus-cell fusion may represent a window of opportunity for drug development 0 None
2005-06-08 New understanding of microRNAs 0 None
2005-06-08 New bioinformatics technique for systematically analyzing key regions in DNA that help control gene activity 0 None
2005-06-08 Detox diets unsound science and do not work 0 5
2005-06-05 Neuroscientists redefine the dyslexic brain 0 None
2005-06-05 Scientists create digital bacteria to advance biomedical research 0 None
2005-06-02 Scientists have uncovered the structure of a network of proteins that help regulate the life cycle of cells 0 None
2005-06-01 Scientists shed new light on how protein Ro creates RNA quality control system for cells 0 None
2005-06-01 Scientists develop a way to block the signals responsible for neuropathic pain 0 None
2005-06-01 New clue to understanding how fatty acids work in the brain 0 None
2005-06-01 Interaction between cell and virus provides scientists valuable insights into the development of safe viral vectors for use in oncology 0 None
2005-05-30 Artificial cobweb proteins for medicine 0 None
2005-05-29 Flavonols in food, key to healthy eating? 0 None
2005-05-29 Leprosy microbes lead scientists to immune discovery 0 None
2005-05-26 Tiny fluorescent crystals barely visible to the human eye that could revolutionise cancer diagnosis 0 None
2005-05-25 Scientists watch agents of brain-wasting diseases invade and move within brain cells 0 None
2005-05-23 Scientists show nuclear protein Ezh2 helps establish previously unknown signaling pathway in cells 0 None
2005-05-23 Secrets of how the brain is wired for sex revealed 0 None
2005-05-20 Embryonic body wash controls left-right development 0 None
2005-05-19 Britain's Royal Society contributes little to medical science 0 None
2005-05-19 Scientists clone human patients for stem cells 0 None
2005-05-16 Valium puts humans and amoeba to sleep 0 None
2005-05-16 Disabling gene defuses rheumatoid arthritis in mice 0 None
2005-05-15 Brains of one species of mouse actually shrink during the winter 0 None
2005-05-15 Humans more prone to cancer than chimpanzees 0 1
2005-05-11 Vitamin A's paradoxical role in influencing symmetry during embryonic development revealed 0 None
2005-05-11 Virus that targets and kills glioblastoma 0 None
2005-05-10 Laboratory model of immune system overcomes ethical constraints on studies of hematopoietic stem cells in humans 0 None
2005-05-09 Smell may play a big role in selecting your potential mate 0 None
2005-05-08 GM mice live longer and give hope for anti-aging treatments 0 None
2005-05-05 Mosaic Analysis with Double Markers (MADM) - A powerful new tool to study diseases and genetics 0 None
2005-05-05 Scientists extend the lifespan of mice 0 None
2005-05-05 Neutrophils dictate whether our immune system will permit or prevent bacterial infections 0 None
2005-05-05 Cancer hijacks normal wound-healing processes 0 None
2005-05-04 New discovery could improve IVF results 0 None
2005-05-04 The humble snail is helping scientists explore ways of treating memory loss in humans 0 None
2005-05-04 Faulty folding of protein in the environment may cause disease 0 None
2005-05-03 Two-photon imaging gives real-time video of cells in living tissue 0 None
2005-05-03 Scientists use tobacco plants to create antibodies against tumor cells 0 None
2005-05-03 Mother of all treatments could cure baldness, and banish stretch marks! 0 None
2005-05-02 Fusing physics with medicine to fight cancer 0 None
2005-04-28 Abnormal cell division explained 1 5
2005-04-27 Isotopes for society 0 4.5
2005-04-23 Scientists have, for the first time, induced a state of reversible metabolic hibernation in mice 0 None
2005-04-22 Mice put into "suspended animation" in U.S. 0 None
2005-04-21 Enzyme that helps trigger the development of leukemia 0 None
2005-04-20 New method for obtaining sequence information from thousands of genomes simultaneously 0 None
2005-04-19 New method for the study of ion channel gating kinetics 0 None
2005-04-13 Scientists reveal the shape of a protein that helps retroviruses break into cells 0 None
2005-04-13 Scientists use transcription factors to increase insulin production in diabetic mice 0 None
2005-04-12 New test for cancer, more sensitive than any existing techniques 0 None
2005-04-12 Swedish team find gene with link to major diseases 0 None
2005-04-06 Largest "gene deserts" yet discovered in the human genome sequence 0 None
2005-04-05 An exceptionally effective lead-detection protein 0 None
2005-04-04 Immune cells in the liver travel in the liver's blood vessels with surprising speed and agility 0 None
2005-04-04 Rabies, HIV, cancer and malaria could all be prevented with pills in the future 0 None
2005-04-03 Scientists identify novel regulator of telomere homeostasis 0 None
2005-04-03 Dozens of new genes identified in X chromosome 0 None
2005-03-30 Protein Mnd2 protects chromosome bonds 0 None
2005-03-28 New color-coded test for protein folding 0 None
2005-03-23 Antibodies from tobacco plants protect against anthrax 0 None
2005-03-23 Discovery that sheds new light upon the growth and development of human natural killer (NK) cells 0 None
2005-03-22 Tiny scaffolding allows stem cells to become working fat cells 0 None
2005-03-22 Green alga closes wounds by means of enzymatic activation of a cross-linking protein 0 None
2005-03-21 Structure of key protein in innate immune response 0 None
2005-03-21 Genetically modified plants are to be used to fight against HIV, tuberculosis, diabetes and rabies 0 None
2005-03-21 Discovery of a single mutation responsible for a number of blood disorders 0 None
2005-03-17 X-Chromosome has the big story!! 0 None
2005-03-17 UK grows stem cells free of animal products 0 None
2005-03-16 UK leads race to produce world’s first clinical grade stem cells 0 None
2005-03-15 Brewing up potential anti-cancer drugs from green tea 0 None
2005-03-15 Most comprehensive genome-wide experimental analyses of sense-antisense transcripts to date 0 None
2005-03-14 DNA sabotage may alleviate need for chemotherapeutic medication 0 None
2005-03-14 Molecule called DJ-1 is likely to be involved in the generation of human tumors 0 None
2005-03-14 Gene identified that confers susceptibility to age-related macular degeneration 0 None
2005-03-13 DNA weak links may provide clues to cancer biology 0 None
2005-03-13 New way of looking at MicroRNA and how it controls gene expression 0 None
2005-03-13 RNA interference as promising therapy for ALS 0 None
2005-03-09 Protein sequenced from 75,000 year old Iraqi 0 None
2005-03-09 World's first complete articulated Neanderthal skeleton 0 None
2005-03-09 Infertility - discovery could mean new treatment 0 None
2005-03-08 UK will vote against the declaration on human cloning 0 5
2005-03-07 New evidence for an African origin of modern humans 0 None
2005-03-07 Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide needed by the brain's biological clock to coordinate daily rhythms 0 None
2005-03-06 Scientists have identified a key network that prevents damage by oxygen radicals 0 None
2005-03-06 Scientists discover how substitutions are made for injured genes 0 None
2005-03-03 Mutations in newly discovered gene, NPHP5 cause Senior-Loken syndrome 0 None
2005-03-01 Molecule from South American tree Quillaja, helps battle disease 0 None
2005-03-01 Nature’s most sophisticated biological weapon 0 None
2005-03-01 Scientists re-produce the human body's own cancer-killing cells through gene therapy 0 None
2005-02-28 Scientists gain new insight into DiGeorge syndrome 0 None
2005-02-28 Scientists discover the origin of hydration force 0 5
2005-02-28 Scientists find protein that could unlock the secret to more effective treatment of TB 0 None
2005-02-28 Protein to protein interaction map for a better insight in cancer development 0 None
2005-02-27 Scientists identify immune-system mutation 0 None
2005-02-24 Scientists have regenerated a damaged optic nerve 0 3.5
2005-02-23 Were bigger brains really smarter? 0 None
2005-02-23 Feverfew or Bachelor's Button, kills human leukemia stem cells like no other single therapy 0 None
2005-02-22 Dietary protein and bone health revisited 0 None
2005-02-21 New findings on the regulation of cellular growth 0 None
2005-02-20 Global warming will bring climate-related health crises 0 None
2005-02-16 Programmed cell death may provide clues to cancer and autoimmune diseases therapies 0 None
2005-02-16 Nanoscale mechanism to externally control the function and action of a protein 0 None
2005-02-16 New detection system to test athletes for performance-enhancing drugs 0 None
2005-02-15 Genetic manipulation cuts nerve damage, boosts life span 0 None
2005-02-13 Ingestion of afterbirth appears to promote maternal behavior in mammals 0 None
2005-02-13 New primate-specific gene family that spans about 10% of human chromosome 2 0 None
2005-02-11 Scientists show knocking out key signals will cause diabetes 0 None
2005-02-08 Project makes Europe a leader in biocrystallography 0 None
2005-02-07 Nano-sized particles enable researchers to visualize a tumor using only infrared light 0 None
2005-02-07 New way to assess the potentially damaging effects of prenatal drug exposure 0 None
2005-02-01 Compound, derived from a rare South American plant, stops the growth of human breast cancer cells 0 None
2005-01-30 Scientists have coaxed human embryonic stem cells to become spinal motor neurons 0 None
2005-01-26 Avalanches in your brain could actually help you to store memories 0 None
2005-01-26 Scientists gain ground in understanding cell motility 0 None
2005-01-25 Modern humans have sloppy gene control mechanisms which can make us susceptible to diseases 0 None
2005-01-24 Scientists answer the question, why do some people always seem to get bitten by mosquitoes more than others? 0 None
2005-01-24 Scientists unravel first step in translating genetic information in order to build a protein 0 None
2005-01-19 Scientists identify fat gene 0 None
2005-01-16 Scientists discover that microRNAs regulate thousands of human genes 0 None
2005-01-16 Missing sequence of the human Y chromosome may contain genes controlling stature and tumor development 0 None
2005-01-10 Scientists examine the role of small sputum macrophages in the widespread disease chronic obstructive bronchitis 0 None
2005-01-10 Scientists identify genes that promote the growth and recurrence of skin cancer 0 None
2005-01-10 Scientists identify a protein that regulates alcohol-withdrawal seizures 0 None
2005-01-09 Core promoter mutants of Hepatitis B Virus e Antigen associated with development of fulminant hepatitis and liver cancer 0 None
2005-01-05 Stem cells could reveal secrets of illness in later life 0 None
2005-01-04 Novel approach to bioengineer artificial skin for burn victims 0 None
2005-01-04 Signaling molecule involved in osteoarthritis identified 0 None


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