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2007-12-28 Sea-cucumber protein may provide methods of preventing the transmission of malaria 0 None
2007-12-28 Scientists identifiy elusive telomere RNA subunit in single cell model 0 None
2007-12-20 RNA interference therapy heals growth deficiency disorder in a live animal 0 None
2007-12-18 Plant constituent with selective effect on cancer cells 0 None
2007-12-18 Monkeys have the ability to perform mental addition 0 None
2007-12-18 Scientists identify and repress breast cancer stem cells in mouse tissue 0 None
2007-12-17 Researchers spearhead key genome initiative 0 None
2007-12-17 Gene loss contributes to human evolution 0 None
2007-12-17 Complex path to cell death shown by identification of new genes 0 None
2007-12-17 How molecular muscles help cells divide 0 None
2007-12-17 Evolution with a restricted number of genes 0 None
2007-12-17 How cell differentiation patterns suppress somatic evolution 0 None
2007-12-17 Aging gracefully requires taking out the trash 0 None
2007-12-14 Chimpanzees don't go through menopause 0 None
2007-12-14 Same genetic machinery generates skin color evolution in fish and humans 0 None
2007-12-14 New research alters concept of how circadian clock functions 0 None
2007-12-14 Adapting to pregnancy played key role in human evolution 0 None
2007-12-13 Zebrafish study shows key enzyme in gut is a peacemaker 0 None
2007-12-13 More regulatory DNA than previously thought 0 None
2007-12-13 Losses of long-established genes contribute to human evolution 0 None
2007-12-13 Can interacting pathogens explain disease patterns? 0 None
2007-12-12 Scientists seek to assess the microbial risks in the water we drink 0 None
2007-12-10 When a female is attracted to a male some of her genes turn on and off 0 None
2007-12-10 Scientists levitate cells with light to sort 0 None
2007-12-10 Human evolution in genetic fast lane 0 None
2007-12-10 Genetic evidence that human evolution is speeding up 0 3
2007-12-10 Genetic animal model of autism 0 None
2007-12-10 Tuberculosis found in 500,000-year-old human 0 None
2007-12-05 Closest look ever at native human tissue 0 None
2007-12-05 Pheromones identified that trigger aggression between male mice 0 None
2007-12-03 Cell shape - scientists gain better understanding with new assay 0 None


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