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Date Title Comments Rating
2008-12-30 Human hair waste may be a viable option as fertilizer for edible crops 0 5
2008-12-29 Scientists reverse brain birth defects using stem cell therapy 0 None
2008-12-29 Magnetic nanotags allow sensitive detection of cancer biomarkers 0 None
2008-12-29 Measuring nanoparticle behavior in the body using MRI 0 None
2008-12-29 Targeted nanoparticles deliver therapeutic DNA to cancer cells 0 None
2008-12-22 Carbon nanotubes show promise in emerging field of neuro-engineering and neuroprosthetics 0 None
2008-12-21 Ancient African exodus mostly involved men 0 None
2008-12-18 Cellular reprogramming, the 'Breakthrough of the Year' according to AAAS 0 None
2008-12-18 First nanomedicine textbook published 0 None
2008-12-18 New insight into the origin of face recognition in humans 0 None
2008-12-18 Scientists coax bright white light from zinc oxide 0 None
2008-12-18 Gold nanowires zap cancer 0 None
2008-12-18 New understanding of RNA and evolution 1 None
2008-12-17 Primary cilium's GPS-like cell structure crucial to wound repair 0 None
2008-12-16 Tiny magnetic crystals in bacteria are a compass 0 None
2008-12-16 Scientists fool bacteria into programming own death 0 None
2008-12-16 Researchers develop natural, nontoxic method for biodegrading carbon nanotubes 0 None
2008-12-16 Genes involved in antibiotic resistance vary within a species 0 None
2008-12-14 Single adult stem cell can self-renew in a mammal 0 None
2008-12-12 Biologist provides new theory on mechanisms that control molecular motors 0 None
2008-12-10 Scans show immune cells intercepting parasites 0 4
2008-12-10 Panel blasts Bush administration's nanotech risk strategy 0 None
2008-12-10 Controlling the building blocks of life 0 None
2008-12-10 Advances in tissue engineering 0 None
2008-12-10 Researchers visualize how cells coordinate their movements 0 None
2008-12-08 Stress relief: Lab mice that exercise control may be more normal 0 None
2008-12-08 Mathematical model shows how organelles function within cells 0 None
2008-12-08 C. elegans worms may hold key to new treatments for obesity in humans 0 None
2008-12-08 Biologists spy close-up view of poliovirus linked to host cell receptor 0 None
2008-12-08 Osmium as a cancer treatment 0 None
2008-12-05 Metabolic reactions: Less is more in single-celled organisms 0 None
2008-12-03 Scientists film immune cell becoming infected by a parasite 0 None
2008-12-03 Tobacco plants grown in novel mist bioreactor system provide new soure of interleukin-12 0 None
2008-12-03 Scientists produce illusion of body-swapping 0 None
2008-12-01 Scientists discover new properties of imidazolium salts 0 None
2008-12-01 Scientists discover possible mechanism for chirality in biological molecules 0 5
2008-11-28 UW tackles neglected realm of training for science professors in training 0 None
2008-11-28 Protein-misfolding accelerates yeast evolution 0 None
2008-11-28 Condensin II proteins found to keep chromosomes apart when necessary 0 None
2008-11-26 Scientists uncover new RNA processing mechanism and a new class of small RNAs 0 None
2008-11-25 Tiny protein provokes healthy bonding between cells 0 None
2008-11-25 Discovery of new mechanism for cell division 0 None
2008-11-24 Scientists shed light on how DNA is unwound so that its code can be read 0 None
2008-11-24 Scientists create new soap free emulsion polymerization process 0 None
2008-11-24 Scientists find cells reorganize shape to fit situation 0 None
2008-11-24 Researchers show how a cell motor protein exerts the force to move 0 None
2008-11-24 Evidence of retina self-repair in mammals 1 None
2008-11-24 Seychelles flies could reveal evolutionary step to live birth 0 None
2008-11-24 Sexual reproduction and evolution 0 None
2008-11-21 Scientists discover an important new layer of regulation in the cell division cycle 0 None
2008-11-20 Scientists develop unlimited pure insulin-producing cells from mouse embryonic stem cells 0 None
2008-11-20 Scientists trick immune system of mice into believing transplanted islets are its own cells 0 None
2008-11-20 Carbon nanotubes improve protein array detection limits 0 None
2008-11-20 Carbon nanotubes detect lung cancer markers in the breath 0 None
2008-11-20 Nanoparticle reports on drug delivery to breast tumors, predicts response to therapy 0 None
2008-11-19 Researchers use embryonic stem cells from mice to grow motor neurons 0 None
2008-11-19 A new Institute for Nanotechnology 0 None
2008-11-19 Computational model provides insight into function of brain's visual cortex 0 None
2008-11-19 Biomedical research could benefit from deep sea 0 None
2008-11-18 Nontoxic nanoparticle delivers and tracks drugs 0 None
2008-11-17 New molecular insight into vertebrate brain development 0 None
2008-11-17 New gene-silencing pathway found in plants 0 None
2008-11-17 'Enlightened' atoms stage nano-riot againsts uniformity 0 None
2008-11-17 First-ever glimpse of the cell-wall structure in three dimensions 0 None
2008-11-17 Scientists discover how certain antibiotics kill bacteria 0 None
2008-11-17 World's earliest nuclear family found 0 None
2008-11-16 Breakthrough in cellular analysis 0 None
2008-11-12 Plants shown to accumulate nanoparticles in tissues 0 None
2008-11-12 New nanofibers spun from a common blood protein to close wounds with minimal scarring 0 None
2008-11-12 Light triggers a new chemical code for brain cells 0 None
2008-11-12 Without enzyme, biological reaction essential to life takes 2.3 billion years 0 None
2008-11-11 First comprehensive genetic blueprint of a forming mammalian organ 0 None
2008-11-11 New analysis of the mechanisms that drive evolution in viruses and bacteria 0 None
2008-11-07 Humanoid robots show that brain activity is linked to time as well as space 0 None
2008-11-07 Nanoparticles dramatically improve effectiveness of antibacterial treatments 0 None
2008-11-07 Scientists at MIT create backpacks for cells which deliver chemotherapy agents 0 None
2008-11-07 Dalmatian bladder stones caused by gene that regulates uric acid in humans 0 None
2008-11-06 Scientists sequence genome of a cancer patient 0 None
2008-11-06 Scientists identify compounds for stem-cell production from adult cells 0 None
2008-11-06 Largest analysis of differences between human and chimpanzee genomes 0 None
2008-11-05 Scientists map molecular regulation of fat-cell genetics 0 None
2008-11-05 Scientists map molecular "master regulator" of fat-cell biology 0 None
2008-11-05 Scientists show how "junk" DNA may be a major driver for evolution 0 None
2008-11-04 Biologists identify genes that prevent changes in physical traits due to environmental changes 0 None
2008-11-03 Without glial cells, animals lose their senses 0 None
2008-10-27 Seeing nanotubes targeting tumors in vivo 0 None
2008-10-27 Nanoparticles target multiple cancer genes, shrink tumors more effectively 0 None
2008-10-27 New technique sees into tissue at greater depth, resolution 0 None
2008-10-27 Near-infrared nanoparticles shine a bright light on cancer 0 None
2008-10-26 Genetically modified tomatoes rich in anthocyanins 0 None
2008-10-26 New molecules with many branches will help unleash potential of nanotechnology 0 None
2008-10-23 Scientists grow prostates from mouse stem cells 0 None
2008-10-22 Gene mutation in worms could further understanding of alcoholism in humans 0 None
2008-10-20 Johns Hopkins researchers detect sweet cacophany while listening to cellular cross-talk 0 None
2008-10-20 Beyond recognizing odors, a single neuron controls reactions 0 None
2008-10-13 Scientists image transfer of antibodies from mother's milk, to baby's gut 0 None
2008-10-12 Ultrafast photodynamics of DNA 0 None
2008-10-05 Sea birds' DNA may hold keys to aging and cancer, Bucknell researcher says 0 None
2008-10-02 Scientists identify a molecule that coordinates the movement of cells 0 None
2008-10-01 Short RNAs show a long history 0 None
2008-09-30 When particles are so small that they seep right through skin 0 None
2008-09-29 Sequencing thousand and one genomes 0 None
2008-09-28 Hybrid nanoparticles image and treat tumors 0 None
2008-09-28 Targeted nanoparticles map tumor blood supply in 3-D, assess therapy 0 None
2008-09-28 Nanotubes detect tumors and deliver high-potency punch 0 None
2008-09-28 Multifunctional polymer nanoparticles pass critical in vivo test 0 None
2008-09-28 Nanobubbles deliver targeted cancer drugs using ultrasound 0 None
2008-09-21 Researchers turn plant cells into medical factories 0 None
2008-09-21 Genetic fishing expedition yields surprising catch important to mammals 0 None
2008-09-18 Squirrels may know a cure for cancer! 0 None
2008-09-11 Scientists develop nanometer-sized 'cargo ships' to target and destroy tumors 0 None
2008-09-09 New nanotechnology paints for hospitals could kill superbugs 0 None
2008-09-09 Food poisoning bacteria prefer duck to beef on meat factory surfaces 0 None
2008-09-09 Titanium kitchen surfaces could cut food poisoning cases 0 None
2008-09-09 Copper-bottomed guarantee for safe shellfish in restaurants 0 None
2008-09-08 Egg secretions from a worm may be useful in gene therapy 0 None
2008-09-08 Gold nanorods for medical applications 0 None
2008-09-07 Atomic structure of the mammalian "fatty acid factory" determined 0 None
2008-09-07 Living sensor can warn of arsenic pollution 0 None
2008-09-07 Milk may help bacteria survive against low levels of antibiotics 0 None
2008-09-07 Rattlesnake-type poisons used by superbug bacteria to beat our defences 0 None
2008-09-04 Framing the concept of a gene 0 None
2008-09-02 Nature inspires new highly specific drugs and organic products 0 None
2008-09-02 New stem cell tools to aid drug development 0 None
2008-08-25 Some stem cells take charge of their surroundings 0 None
2008-08-25 Mosquitoes stay away from DEET because they hate the smell! 0 None
2008-08-20 Scientists trace evolution of the nerve cell 0 5
2008-08-20 Scientists synthesize promising anti-cancer product from marine algae 0 None
2008-08-18 Evolution in the ribosome 0 3
2008-08-18 Fish melanoma gene linked to pigment pattern that attracts mates 0 None
2008-08-18 Researchers uncover attack mechanism of illness-inducing bacterium found in shellfish 0 None
2008-08-17 Spice-based compound to fight against cancer 0 None
2008-08-17 Dual-mode nanoparticles image tumors using MRI and PET 0 None
2008-08-11 Scientists discover reservoir of mitochondrial DNA mutations present in the general population 0 None
2008-08-10 Researchers find a cancer-inhibiting cyanobacteria that grows on coral reefs 0 None
2008-08-10 Scientists stop age-related decline in an entire organ 0 None
2008-08-10 Nanowires from DNA 0 None
2008-08-10 Scientists discover new species of bacteria in the mouth 0 None
2008-07-31 Scientists discover how a tiny protein senses all the communications in a cell 0 None
2008-07-29 Ultra-miniature bialy-shaped drug delivery particles 0 None
2008-07-28 New human tissue bank 0 None
2008-07-27 Could new molecules - polyoxometalates - help treat cancer? 0 None
2008-07-22 Tobacco plant vaccine a cure for cancer? 3 4.5
2008-07-21 First human tests of an injectable vaccine grown in genetically engineered plants 1 None
2008-07-20 Stem cell chicken and egg debate moves to unlikely arena: the testes 0 None
2008-07-19 A glimpse of ancient RNA 0 None
2008-07-19 Functional human blood vessels grown in mice using cells from adult human donors 0 None
2008-07-17 Impacts of climate change on human health 0 None
2008-07-17 Hormesis deserves the respect and attention of toxicologists 0 None
2008-07-14 Scientists map anatomy of a membrane protein 0 None
2008-07-10 Scientists generate the most precise map of genetic recombination ever 0 None
2008-07-09 Nanomaterials key to new strategies for blocking metastasis 0 None
2008-07-09 Gene silencer and quantum dots reduce protein production to a whisper 0 None
2008-07-09 Nanotechnology, biomolecules, and light unite to "cook" cancer cells 0 None
2008-07-09 Holey nanoparticles create new tumor imaging and therapeutic agent 0 None
2008-07-09 Nanoparticles detect telomerase activity 0 None
2008-07-09 Nanocantilevers image nanoparticles in cells 0 None
2008-07-09 Improving quantum dot synthesis 0 None
2008-07-09 Smart nanoparticle bomb precisely targets a tumour's blood vessels 0 None
2008-07-08 Natural self moisturizing agents for contact lenses 0 None
2008-07-08 Natural substance Argyrin shows promise for new cancer therapies 0 None
2008-07-03 Chemists create synthetic catalyst that folds its molecular structure into a specific shape 0 None
2008-06-30 Electrostatic-based RNA assays technique could revolutionize medical diagnostics 0 None
2008-06-30 Scientists fortify the cassava plant - a day's nutrition in a single meal 0 None
2008-06-30 A global DNA barcode database 0 None
2008-06-30 Molecular movies reveal dynamic lives of proteins 0 None
2008-06-27 Scientists discover how an injured embryo can regenerate itself 0 None
2008-06-26 Insect's eye shown to change traditional functions during metamorphosis 0 None
2008-06-25 New mathematical model describes the structure of proteins 0 None
2008-06-25 Breakthrough in plant medicine production 0 None
2008-06-24 Cells have an appetite for micro-doughnuts 0 None
2008-06-24 Precision control of DNA separation using an electric field 0 None
2008-06-23 Viruses hitch a ride in the cell 0 None
2008-06-23 New way to limit gene transfer and expression 0 None
2008-06-17 Scientists identify proteins in mice that might act as biomarkers for growth hormone 0 None
2008-06-17 Cephalopod research helps show how our brains store and recall memory 0 None
2008-06-17 Australian scientists discover digestive super bugs with potential to improve human health 0 None
2008-06-16 Fluorescent-probe in worm creates real-time "view" of cellular stress 0 None
2008-06-15 Evolution may have lumbered humans with allergy problems 0 None
2008-06-15 European researchers take lid off the genome 0 None
2008-06-15 Cancer-detecting nanoparticles 0 None
2008-06-15 Targeted quantum rods probe blood-brain barrier 0 None
2008-06-11 Scientist deciphers language bacterial cells use to 'talk' to each other - also discovers how to quell their conversation 0 None
2008-06-11 Three sequencing companies join 1000 Genomes Project 0 None
2008-06-11 Coated gold nanoparticles for drug delivery 0 5
2008-06-10 New research refutes myth of pure Scandinavian race 0 None
2008-06-10 Synthetic Biology: funders move to address social and ethical challenges 0 None
2008-06-10 Arsenic and new rice 0 None
2008-06-09 Nose stem cells used to treat Parkinson's 0 None
2008-06-08 New pathogen from pigs' stomach ulcers 0 None
2008-06-05 Talking to cells 0 None
2008-06-04 Synthetic molecules developed by Hebrew University researchers hold promise for new family of anti-cancer drugs 0 None
2008-06-03 A genetic tool for cleaner water 0 None
2008-06-03 Nanotechnology specialist discovers method to regenerate cartilage naturally 0 None
2008-06-02 Personal genomes may lead to personalized vitamin supplements 0 None
2008-06-02 Mouse ovaries and testes age in unique ways 0 None
2008-06-02 Salmonella bacteria found in garden birds are sensitive to antibiotics 0 None
2008-06-01 Gene discovery could help answer basic questions of upright walking 0 None
2008-06-01 Soil bacteria may offer potential treatments for MRSA and cancer 0 None
2008-05-30 Self-assembled viruses 0 None
2008-05-30 New projects to raise UK profile in synthetic biology 0 None
2008-05-29 Acute artificial compound eyes 0 None
2008-05-29 Timer genes control brain size 0 None
2008-05-29 Fireflies' glow helps researchers track cancer drug's effectiveness 0 None
2008-05-28 Is mankind contaminating space? 0 None
2008-05-28 Magnetic nanoparticles for cancer therapy 0 None
2008-05-27 Scientists sequence first female DNA 0 None
2008-05-25 Sea buckthorn berries may ward off liver disease 0 None
2008-05-25 Scientists back the use of maize as an efficient 'factory' for protein-based pharmaceutical products 0 None
2008-05-20 Scientists paint-viruses with proteins to track and treat viral disease and evolution 0 None
2008-05-20 Nanoworms target tumors 0 None
2008-05-20 Extinct Tasmanian tiger genes shown to function in a mouse 0 None
2008-05-12 Human vision inadequate for research on bird vision 0 None
2008-05-12 Scientists publish guidelines for the improved description of genomes and metagenomes 0 None
2008-05-11 Human aging gene found in flies 0 None
2008-05-11 Fruit fly avoidance mechanism could lead to new ways to control pain in humans 0 None
2008-05-08 Scientist discovers mechanism that 'silences' unmatched genes during cellular reproduction 0 None
2008-05-08 New key mechanism in cell division discovered 0 None
2008-05-07 Nanoworms developed to target tumors 0 None
2008-05-05 Most comprehensive kinome collection 0 None
2008-05-05 Whole-organ genomic survey depicts journey from normal to malignant cell 0 None
2008-05-01 Scientists produce stem cells from ordinary mouse skin cells 0 None
2008-04-30 Males and females have essentially unisex brains - at least in flies! 0 None
2008-04-30 Silent fungus metabolism awakened for source of new drugs 0 None
2008-04-30 First sequence-based map of large-scale structural variation across the human genome 0 None
2008-04-30 Binge eating and crash diets could shorten your life 0 None
2008-04-29 New findings challenge conventional ideas on evolution of human diet, natural selection 0 None
2008-04-29 Miniscule closed containers for precise delivery of nano-quantities of drugs 0 None
2008-04-29 Silver nanoparticles may kill beneficial bacteria 0 None
2008-04-29 CSIRO researchers open up new class of chemistry 0 None
2008-04-29 Scientists determine drug target for the most potent botulinum neurotoxin 0 None
2008-04-29 Tomato paste helps fight sunburn and wrinkles 0 3.8
2008-04-29 Making GNA for nanotechnology 0 None
2008-04-29 New research suggests hypertonic, hyperviscous fluids may be better treatment for severe blood loss 0 None
2008-04-28 Scientists find distinct kind of stem cells in the pituitary gland 0 None
2008-04-24 New insights into early history of human populations before they moved out of Africa 0 None
2008-04-24 AMPK signaling helps explain how cell growth is inhibited when nutrients are low 0 None
2008-04-22 Second annual Johns Hopkins NanoBio Symposium to focus on cancer 0 None
2008-04-21 Sperm "on the rocks" - Using semen cryopreservation to protect amphibian species 0 None
2008-04-21 US lags Europe in highly relevant nano risk research 0 None
2008-04-18 Fluorine-based nanoparticles on track to improve cancer detection and therapy 0 None
2008-04-18 Nanoparticles provide detailed view inside living animals 0 None
2008-04-18 Quantum rods light up pancreatic cancer cells 0 None
2008-04-18 Novel polymers inhibit nonspecific protein absorption 0 None
2008-04-18 Protein-cross-linked polymeric materials through site-selective bioconjugation 0 None
2008-04-17 Direct reprogramming of terminally differentiated mature B lymphocytes to pluripotency 0 None
2008-04-17 Nanomagnets used to carry genes to fight tumours 0 None
2008-04-17 Wild Mediterranean plant provides potential anticancer medicines 0 None
2008-04-15 Scientists solve arsenic's cancer paradox 0 None
2008-04-15 Researchers mimic bacteria to synthesize magnetic nanoparticles for drug targeting and delivery 0 None
2008-04-11 Scientists uncover the potential to control adult stem cells 0 None
2008-04-11 Silver nanoparticles to improve the safety of the world's food supply 0 None
2008-04-11 Computational approaches to the role of epigenetic marks in transcription regulation 0 None
2008-04-10 Research using human embryonic stem cells reveals earliest step in human development 0 None
2008-04-09 miRNAs can control the fertility of female mice 0 None
2008-04-07 Scientists visualize the machinery of mRNA splicing 0 None
2008-04-07 Special journal section explores geriatric assessment 0 None
2008-04-07 Reconstructing mandibular defects with bioengineered tooth and bone 1 None
2008-04-03 Mouse calls help search for emotion-controlling genes 0 None
2008-04-03 Surviving without sex - Bdelloid rotifers do! 0 None
2008-04-02 Human-animal hybrid embryos could lead to new stem-cell treatments 0 None
2008-04-02 Y chromosome provides new insights into human ancestry 0 None
2008-04-02 Do humans hear better than animals? 0 1
2008-04-02 From algae to parasites: new 'missing link' species found in Sydney Harbour 0 5
2008-04-01 Researcher discovers pathway plants use to fight back against pathogens 0 None
2008-04-01 Tasmanian devil Cedric could save his species 0 None
2008-03-31 Femtogram-level chemical measurements now possible 0 None
2008-03-31 Researchers examine human embryonic stem cell genome 0 None
2008-03-28 International team of scientists discover clue to delay of life on Earth 0 None
2008-03-28 Beetle genome opens the door to developmental research 0 None
2008-03-28 New method of filming blood-vessel cells 0 None
2008-03-28 New nanoparticles for targeting tumors 0 None
2008-03-28 Anticancer siRNA therapy advances, thanks to nanoparticles 0 None
2008-03-27 Astrotechnology brings nanoparticle probes into sharper focus 0 None
2008-03-26 First comprehensive database of microorganisms known to live in the mouth 0 None
2008-03-26 Wistar Institute shares cell lines 0 None
2008-03-26 New horizons in the creation of synthetic enzymes 0 5
2008-03-26 Luna discovers nanomedicine prototype aids in the growth of new hair follicles 0 None
2008-03-26 Discovery about fertilization points way to possible malaria vaccine 0 None
2008-03-25 Birth of an enzyme 0 None
2008-03-24 Deadly genetic disease prevented before birth in zebrafish with genetic patch 0 None
2008-03-20 Natural biomedicines from the ocean 0 None
2008-03-19 New way to predict fracturing in statues and bones 0 None
2008-03-19 New method to determine the “selective signature” of a gene 0 None
2008-03-19 Silencing gene in tobacco plants reduces harmful carcinogens 0 5
2008-03-18 Scientists have revealed what may well be the first pervasive 'rule' of evolution 0 None
2008-03-17 MicroRNAs help zebrafish regenerate fins 0 None
2008-03-17 Human Proteinpedia, a portal to share human protein data among the scientific community 0 None
2008-03-13 Scientists identify 25 genes that regulate lifespan 0 None
2008-03-13 Bird brains suggest how vocal learning evolved 0 None
2008-03-11 Snakes vault past toxic newts in evolutionary arms race 0 None
2008-03-10 Small-bodied humans from island of Palau 0 None
2008-03-10 MIT develop inexpensive cell-sorting method 0 None
2008-03-06 New insights into what happens on a molecular level during photosynthesis 0 None
2008-03-06 Biologists discover parochial bacterial viruses 0 None
2008-03-05 Biomagnets could be used to destroy cancer 0 None
2008-03-03 New nanotube findings give boost to potential biomedical applications 0 None
2008-03-03 Nanotechnology advances brain cancer detection and therapy 0 None
2008-03-03 Preclinical antitumor efficacy evaluation of dendrimer-based methotrexate conjugates 0 None
2008-03-03 Fluorescent nanoparticles image tumor marker in animals 0 None
2008-03-03 Gold nanoparticle-based colorimetric assay for the direct detection of cancerous cells 0 None
2008-03-03 New advances in miRNA 0 None
2008-03-01 Zebrafish help understand hearing loss 0 None
2008-02-28 Using microorganisms to remove trichloroethene from water 0 None
2008-02-28 Rain-making bacteria 0 None
2008-02-28 Electronic structure of single DNA molecules revealed 0 None
2008-02-27 Artificial 'cells' that boost the immune response to cancer 0 None
2008-02-26 2 oxygenation events in ancient oceans sparked spread of complex life 0 None
2008-02-26 Clean water with bioremediation and nanofiltration 0 5
2008-02-22 Worm defecation holds clues to widespread cell-to-cell communication process 0 None
2008-02-21 Color-coded atoms promise advancements in materials analysis 0 None
2008-02-21 Biochemists reveal details of mysterious bacterial microcompartments 0 None
2008-02-21 Directed self-ordering of organic molecules for electronics 0 None
2008-02-20 Heat shock protein 90 helps explain the speed of evolution 0 None
2008-02-20 Research aims to improve method of synthesizing carbon rings 0 None
2008-02-17 Strength of spider silk lies in geometric configuration of structural proteins 0 3
2008-02-17 How a red blood cell loses its nucleus 0 3.5
2008-02-17 New control mechanism for genetic code translation discovered in bacteria 0 None
2008-02-17 Protein shortens life but leads to more children 0 None
2008-02-14 New clues about how cancer cells grow 0 None
2008-02-13 Gene regulators bind promiscuously, but often do nothing 0 None
2008-02-12 Scientists reprogram human skin cells into embryonic stem cells 0 None
2008-02-12 Toxic blue-green algae may provide new anti-cancer drugs 0 None
2008-02-12 Evolving complexity out of junk DNA 0 None
2008-02-12 Beginnings of complex life traced to microRNA 0 None
2008-02-08 Researchers decode genetics of chlorophyll d 0 5
2008-02-08 Moderate prenatal exposure to alcohol and stress in monkeys can cause touch sensitivity 0 None
2008-02-07 MIT applies engineering approach to studying biological pathways 0 None
2008-02-07 Scientists create fluorescent proteins for live cell imaging, biosensor design 0 None
2008-02-05 Gene in grain-producing plants guards against infection in animals and humans 0 None
2008-02-04 Nano scaffold to rebuild nerve damage 1 None
2008-02-04 Researchers use DNA to drive the assembly of 3D gold structures 0 None
2008-01-31 Onchocerciasis parasite shows signs of resistance 0 None
2008-01-30 E.coli tweaked to produce hydrogen 0 None
2008-01-25 Deafness and seizures result when glutamate protein deleted in mice 0 None
2008-01-24 Synthesis of natural molecule could lead to better anti-cancer drugs 0 None
2008-01-23 Unique fungal collection could hold key to future antibiotics 0 None
2008-01-23 Scientists use nanoscale polymer films to control drug delivery 0 None
2008-01-23 Johns Hopkins to participate in 1000 Genomes Project 0 None
2008-01-23 German Research Foundation skeptical on cloning of human cells 0 None
2008-01-23 Flame retardant chemicals found in body fat of Tasmanian Devil 0 None
2008-01-21 Genome scan shows Polynesians and Micronesians have almost no genetic relation to Melanesians 0 None
2008-01-20 British scientists given go-ahead for human-animal embryo research 0 None
2008-01-18 Current state of the art in glycoscience 0 None
2008-01-16 Gold nanoparticles shine brightly in tumors 0 None
2008-01-16 Nanomechanical analysis of cells from cancer patients 0 None
2008-01-16 Smart hydrogel particles: biomarker harvesting 0 None
2008-01-16 Matrix metalloproteinase-assisted triggered release of liposomal contents 0 None
2008-01-16 Cancer cell targeting using multiple aptamers conjugated on nanorods 0 5
2008-01-16 Polymeric nanoparticles for tumor vaccines 0 None
2008-01-16 New technique could dramatically lower costs of DNA sequencing 0 None
2008-01-16 New research may shed light on how proteins interact with drugs and other small molecules 0 None
2008-01-16 Supercarrot to protect against bone diseases 0 None
2008-01-15 Molecular evolution of limb length 0 None
2008-01-15 A modified carrot for increased calcium absorption 0 None
2008-01-15 Why we sleep - roundworm C. elegans unlocks sleep mysteries 0 None
2008-01-11 Gene detection platform made from self-assembled DNA nanostructures 0 5
2008-01-10 Germanium-68 may aid medical imaging, drug development 0 None
2008-01-10 Evolution of the sexes: What a fungus can tell us 0 None
2008-01-09 When tsetse flies fall for a host, they keep coming back for more 0 None
2008-01-09 Two proteins called BERT and ERNI interact in embryos to control brain development 0 None
2008-01-08 Discovery of 480 genes that control human cell division 0 None
2008-01-07 Salinispora tropica marine bacterium points to new ways to treat human diseases 0 5
2008-01-07 New understanding of cell's inner workings 0 None
2008-01-07 Growing artificial skin from patients' own cells 0 5
2008-01-04 Scientists discover remarkable editing system for protein production 0 None
2008-01-04 New understanding of actin networks 0 None
2008-01-04 Gene therapy can reduce long-term drinking among rodents 0 None
2008-01-04 Avalon Explosion shaped early history of multicellular life 0 5
2008-01-03 Scientists find missing evolutionary link using tiny fungus crystal 0 None


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