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Date Title Comments Rating
2008-02-28 Using microorganisms to remove trichloroethene from water 0 None
2008-02-28 Rain-making bacteria 0 None
2008-02-28 Electronic structure of single DNA molecules revealed 0 None
2008-02-27 Artificial 'cells' that boost the immune response to cancer 0 None
2008-02-26 2 oxygenation events in ancient oceans sparked spread of complex life 0 None
2008-02-26 Clean water with bioremediation and nanofiltration 0 5
2008-02-22 Worm defecation holds clues to widespread cell-to-cell communication process 0 None
2008-02-21 Color-coded atoms promise advancements in materials analysis 0 None
2008-02-21 Biochemists reveal details of mysterious bacterial microcompartments 0 None
2008-02-21 Directed self-ordering of organic molecules for electronics 0 None
2008-02-20 Heat shock protein 90 helps explain the speed of evolution 0 None
2008-02-20 Research aims to improve method of synthesizing carbon rings 0 None
2008-02-17 Strength of spider silk lies in geometric configuration of structural proteins 0 3
2008-02-17 How a red blood cell loses its nucleus 0 3.5
2008-02-17 New control mechanism for genetic code translation discovered in bacteria 0 None
2008-02-17 Protein shortens life but leads to more children 0 None
2008-02-14 New clues about how cancer cells grow 0 None
2008-02-13 Gene regulators bind promiscuously, but often do nothing 0 None
2008-02-12 Scientists reprogram human skin cells into embryonic stem cells 0 None
2008-02-12 Toxic blue-green algae may provide new anti-cancer drugs 0 None
2008-02-12 Evolving complexity out of junk DNA 0 None
2008-02-12 Beginnings of complex life traced to microRNA 0 None
2008-02-08 Researchers decode genetics of chlorophyll d 0 5
2008-02-08 Moderate prenatal exposure to alcohol and stress in monkeys can cause touch sensitivity 0 None
2008-02-07 MIT applies engineering approach to studying biological pathways 0 None
2008-02-07 Scientists create fluorescent proteins for live cell imaging, biosensor design 0 None
2008-02-05 Gene in grain-producing plants guards against infection in animals and humans 0 None
2008-02-04 Nano scaffold to rebuild nerve damage 1 None
2008-02-04 Researchers use DNA to drive the assembly of 3D gold structures 0 None


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