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RSSArchived Medical Science News Stories - October 2009

Date Title Comments Rating
2009-10-31 Stress-evoked changes can precipitate low mood and re-ignite drug-seeking behaviors 0 None
2009-10-31 Lipid may be vital to learning 0 None
2009-10-31 Johns Hopkins researchers find life in blood-starved retinas; shed light on vision loss 0 None
2009-10-31 Immunotherapy, a new therapeutic area to destroy tumor cells 0 None
2009-10-31 Study: Gene therapy can reduce symptoms of Huntington's disease 0 None
2009-10-31 Geron plans to advance clinical program for spinal cord injury 0 5
2009-10-31 Genetic susceptibility study for Barrett's esophagus and esophageal adenocarcinoma awarded $7.9M grant 2 None
2009-10-31 NCI awards $4.8M for project to measure all the proteins in the human body 0 None
2009-10-30 IGR Genomic Center awarded ISO 9001 certification 0 None
2009-10-30 Scientists present new perspective on antigenic drift of flu viruses 0 None
2009-10-30 GPC establishes grants to expand knowledge about probiotics 0 None
2009-10-30 Viral protein could be a major player in SARS virulence 0 None
2009-10-30 Genetists identify gene signature expressed in skin associated with the occurrence of lung disease 0 None
2009-10-30 Helper T cell's effect raises possibility of cellular therapy and vaccine development 0 None
2009-10-30 Research team reports advances in development of an effective therapy against the Nipah and Hendra virus 0 None
2009-10-30 UT Southwestern ophthalmologist receives 2009 Castroviejo Medal 1 None
2009-10-30 Monash University physiologist honored with Life Scientist of the Year award 0 None
2009-10-30 Antioxidants may hold the key in preventing severe flu-related lung damage 0 None
2009-10-30 Johns Hopkins bioethicists raise important issues on recent creation of live mice from iPSCs 0 None
2009-10-30 Absence of male hormones extends transplanted cell survival, says new study 0 None
2009-10-30 Research provides new insight on gene fusion, a phenomenon known to cause prostate cancer 0 None
2009-10-30 Researchers discover new bend in gene control 0 None
2009-10-30 Study: HSP inhibitor could stop tumor formation and extend survival 0 None
2009-10-30 Antiviral protein produced by immune system can tame HIV and other viruses, show researchers 0 None
2009-10-30 Researchers use BEZ235 drug to eliminate NSCL cancer 0 None
2009-10-30 Studies on fruit-fly may lead to new treatments for sleep-disorders 0 None
2009-10-30 Vitamin D deficiency may account for increased risk of end-stage renal disease in African Americans 0 None
2009-10-29 USC to develop stem cell-based treatment for age-related macular degeneration with CIRM grant 0 5
2009-10-29 CIRM awards Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute $5.5 million grant for development of cardiac stem cell therapies 0 None
2009-10-29 Alnylam Pharmaceuticals announces participation in a $2.4M cardiovascular disease research grant 0 5
2009-10-29 ZyGEM signs an agreement with VERITAS Japan to distribute DNA extraction products to the Japanese market 0 None
2009-10-29 Genetic mutations may put individuals at increased risk for fungal infections 1 None
2009-10-29 New nanoelectronics technologies for healthcare applications to be unveiled at UK NanoForum conference 0 None
2009-10-29 CytRx study reveals potential of molecular chaperones in design of anti-aging pharmaceuticals 0 None
2009-10-29 Sangamo BioSciences awarded a grant to develop zinc finger nuclease-based stem cell therapy for AIDS 0 None
2009-10-29 CIRM awards Salk Institute $10.8M grant to develop stem-cell based therapy for Lou Gehrig's Disease 0 None
2009-10-29 Regeneration of central nervous system axons can be achieved: Study 0 None
2009-10-29 Antibiotic effects of pumpkin may help fight yeast infections 0 5
2009-10-29 Study: Short-term use of COX-2 inhibitors may help prevent gastric cancer 0 None
2009-10-29 New study demonstrates that stem cell therapy may help prevent acute lung injury 0 None
2009-10-29 Brain cell transplants help replace degenerated neurons, finds Swiss research team 0 5
2009-10-29 Researchers to study how microbial imbalances impact breast cancer 0 None
2009-10-29 NIH awards contract to LRRI for anthrax research 0 None
2009-10-29 Gene variant may be the cause for bad driving: UC Irvine neuroscientists 0 None
2009-10-29 New anti-cancer medications may help in managing cancerous conditions 0 None
2009-10-29 Scientists identify genetic mutations that may put individuals at increased risk of fungal infections 0 None
2009-10-29 $5.5 million grant to Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute for development of cardiac stem cell therapies 0 None
2009-10-28 NIGMS accelerates induced pluripotent stem cells study with Recovery Act funds 0 None
2009-10-28 Helix BioMedix' SmartPeptides technology products demonstrate improvement in skin texture 0 None
2009-10-28 NCI awards UAMS Myeloma Institute $19.5M grant 0 None
2009-10-28 ACS podcast on medical adhesive 0 None
2009-10-28 Pure Protein develops soluble Class II human leukocyte antigens 0 None
2009-10-28 Arrayit sells NanoPrint Microarrayer system to CENAT 0 None
2009-10-28 Scientists test rapamycin's effectiveness at rescuing impaired nerve cells 0 None
2009-10-28 Total number of vertebrae: Hox genes have a say 0 None
2009-10-28 Fastest supercomputer used to create an evolutionary genetic HIV family tree 0 None
2009-10-28 Successful partnership between Mercury Therapeutics and CreaGen Biosciences highlighted 0 None
2009-10-28 IPIT uses Affymetrix’s DMET Plus biomarker panel to expand the PGENI 0 None
2009-10-28 Scientific breakthrough to derive human parthenogenetic stem cell lines from unfertilized human eggs 0 5
2009-10-28 Rutgers scientist receives 2009 Gruber International Research Award 0 None
2009-10-28 Susceptibility to schizophrenia and autism may have common genetic fingerprints, says researchers 0 None
2009-10-28 Ohio State University researchers first to observe real-time behavior of the Dpo4 enzyme 0 None
2009-10-28 The Endocrine Society urges NIH to increase funding for stem cell research 0 None
2009-10-28 Bcl-2 inhibitor may enhance chemotherapy treatment in patients with prostate cancer 0 None
2009-10-28 NCI funds pilot study to measure human proteins 0 None
2009-10-28 National Heart, Lung and Blood Institutes funds multi-year project 0 None
2009-10-27 Roche's high-throughput sequencing technology used for high-resolution HLA genotyping 0 None
2009-10-27 Starting Grant from ERC to LMU junior researchers 0 None
2009-10-27 Amorfix Life Sciences detects prions in blood from non-human primates that were orally-infected with BSE 0 None
2009-10-27 Geospiza’s GeneSifter software chosen for managing Eurofins MWG Operon's DNA sequencing systems 0 None
2009-10-27 ISO 9001:2008 certification for Kapa Biosystems 0 None
2009-10-27 Eli Lilly receives access to GeneNews' osteoarthritis genomic biomarker program 0 None
2009-10-27 NCMLS organises immunology congress at Nijmegen 0 None
2009-10-27 Northwestern University to establish research center for the study of genes and their role in cancer 0 None
2009-10-27 Victims of mobbing show behavioral and social inhibition; less skilled to face environmental challenges 0 None
2009-10-27 Quark Pharmaceuticals receives a Japanese patent for its hypoxia regulated genes 0 None
2009-10-27 New research may help in understanding mechanisms involved in blood flow-related disorders 0 None
2009-10-27 Discovery of molecular pathway in brain may reverse cognitive impact of sleep deprivation 0 None
2009-10-27 Genetic mutations cause for SIDS and SUDS 1 None
2009-10-27 Study reveals LOAD therapy can eliminate bacterium in patients with gastritis and peptic ulcers 0 None
2009-10-27 BH3 profiling can help in determining cancer's chemosensitivity 0 None
2009-10-27 Protein crucial for insulin regulation may play a role in diabetes 0 None
2009-10-27 Researchers identify how Tissue Factor contributes to cancer growth 0 None
2009-10-27 Study shows gene therapy can restore vision to children with Leber congenital amaurosis 0 None
2009-10-27 Princeton University scientists and researchers team up to explore cancer evolution 0 None
2009-10-27 Mechanisms to control protein organization and cell-cell interaction in the immune system discovered 0 None
2009-10-27 Music can increase memory and language skills 0 3
2009-10-27 Changes in dopamine levels linked to infant learning patterns 0 None
2009-10-27 Researchers show link between alcohol and cancer 0 None
2009-10-26 Ingenuity Systems and Life Technologies develop new gene expression workflow for cell transcriptome analysis 0 None
2009-10-26 SuperGen and GSK team up to discover and develop cancer therapeutics based on epigenetic targets 0 None
2009-10-26 Comparison study between pre and postoperative BNP measurements for predicting negative outcomes after CABG surgery 0 None
2009-10-26 Enzyme Mst3b is essential for regenerating damaged axons in live animal model, say researchers 0 None
2009-10-26 Novel protein responsible for changing DNA structure and silencing the expression of genes identified 0 1
2009-10-26 Potential link exists between histone mRNA formation and apoptosis 0 None
2009-10-26 Probiotic therapy can be effective for treating intestinal disorders 0 5
2009-10-26 Cancer cells fueled by the mutant KRAS oncogene can be killed by blocking its genetic partner 0 None
2009-10-26 Research reveals that mutation of chromosome 16 increases risk of schizophrenia 0 None
2009-10-26 Millions of children in the US suffer from suboptimal levels of vitamin D 0 None
2009-10-26 Rare form of testicular tumour provides new insight into how genetic changes arise in children 0 None
2009-10-26 Scientists discover new way to help save lives threatened by traumatic injuries 0 None
2009-10-26 Inhaling carbon nanotubes can affect outer lining of the lungs 0 None
2009-10-26 APC enzyme may be effective for treating amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 0 None
2009-10-24 Professor Suzanne Cory receives award for her work in cancer and immunogenetics 0 None
2009-10-24 Emodin raises hope for treatment of fibrotic liver diseases 0 None
2009-10-24 Study on Pten's tumour suppressive functions published 0 None
2009-10-24 Free, public lecture on hyperactivity 0 None
2009-10-24 Antidepressants are not effective for many people 0 5
2009-10-24 AGH Researchers to study the impact of biofilm infections on the success of orthopaedic procedures 0 5
2009-10-24 Orthopedic surgeon to present latest findings on stem cells and plasma rich platelet therapy 0 None
2009-10-23 Sickle cell disease can be treated with resveratrol extract, according to researchers 0 5
2009-10-23 Physicians' recognize benefits of genetic testing; say formal education required to put it into practice 0 None
2009-10-23 Modified NAGA: New enzyme for enzyme replacement therapy 0 None
2009-10-23 Follow healthy lifestyle to overturn genetic predisposition to heart disease 0 None
2009-10-23 Findings may lead to new vaccine strategies for pulmonary tularemia 0 5
2009-10-23 Scientists demonstrate how second set of cells carry signals from the inner ear to the brain 0 None
2009-10-23 University researchers inject 'nanowires' in rat brains 0 None
2009-10-23 Adult male monkeys exposed to cocaine while in the womb have poor impulse control 0 None
2009-10-23 New technique developed to transform regular body cells into artificial stem cells 0 None
2009-10-23 Methyl-Seq and Ultra-Deep Resequencing applications from RainDance Technologies 0 5
2009-10-23 UC Riverside researchers create stable "abnormal N-heterocyclic carbenes" 0 None
2009-10-23 Ambry Genetics awarded CSP status for Agilent's SureSelect Target Enrichment System 0 None
2009-10-23 Brain inflammation not linked to Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2009-10-23 Researchers discover neurons that precisely keep time in the primate brain 0 None
2009-10-23 Female choice is not connected to "good genes": Study 0 None
2009-10-23 AEOL 10150 increases regeneration of GI stem cells: NIAID study results 0 None
2009-10-23 Intellectual property covering compounds that have utility in treating SMA licensed 0 None
2009-10-23 New method devised for harvesting purified protein molecules 0 None
2009-10-23 ZyGEM and Phthisis Diagnostics to develop products for detecting infectious pathogens 0 None
2009-10-23 Roche's xCELLigence RTCA SP Instrument used for in vitro testing of cells 0 None
2009-10-22 Progenika to provide blood group genotyping reference laboratory services to ARUP 0 None
2009-10-22 Scientists explore new molecular insights for treating anxiety disorders 0 None
2009-10-22 LANL and international researchers propose new genome sequence strategies 0 None
2009-10-22 Women are better than men at distinguishing between emotions: Study 0 None
2009-10-22 New research suggests physical therapy helps restore variety of functions after neurological injury 0 None
2009-10-22 Research in specific cells and circuitry affected by addiction may help guard against relapse 0 3
2009-10-22 Protein Discovery and New Objective sign co-marketing and development agreement 0 None
2009-10-22 Illumina announces 2010 roadmap for Infinium whole-genome genotyping platform 0 None
2009-10-22 Constant light at night can increase depressive symptoms 0 None
2009-10-22 GE and Eli Lilly develop tissue-based biomarker technology for cancer therapy 0 None
2009-10-22 New findings on biological cartilage may restore damaged knee joints 0 None
2009-10-22 NIH awards $3.7 million to Johns Hopkins scientists for research on stem cells developed from ALS patients' skin 0 None
2009-10-22 Laureate Pharma signs development and manufacturing agreement to develop fusion protein products 0 None
2009-10-21 Study paves way for the creation of a stem cell library 1 None
2009-10-21 Certain molecules found to play an important role in regulating circadian rhythm: Study 0 4
2009-10-21 Curis to outline Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitor at Annual BIO Investor Forum 0 None
2009-10-21 Markers that cause primary liver cancer identified 0 5
2009-10-21 Applied Biosystems announces the commercial availability of SOLiD 3 Plus System 0 None
2009-10-21 Gamida Cell and Cellerixon collaborate to develop new line of cell therapeutics 0 None
2009-10-21 Professor secures grant for further research on immunotherapy strategies 0 None
2009-10-21 Roche NimbleGen and High Throughput Genomics enter into a supply agreement 0 None
2009-10-21 Dutch researcher sheds new light on coronaviruses 0 None
2009-10-21 STR genotyping and p57 immunohistochemistry used to distinguish hydatidiform moles 0 None
2009-10-21 Controlled formation of patchy particles may serve as drug-delivery vehicles to combat disease 0 None
2009-10-21 Research shows exon-skipping drug may prove effective for treating Duchenne muscular dystrophy 0 5
2009-10-21 Research provides further insights into brain mechanisms 0 None
2009-10-21 Researchers show how to make stem cell therapies safer for spinal injury patients 0 None
2009-10-21 Genomes of two E. coli bacteria strains sequenced and analyzed 0 None
2009-10-21 Innovative way to keep produce and flowers fresh for longer periods of time 0 None
2009-10-20 New LANCE Ultra assay products to detect and analyze protein kinase activity 0 None
2009-10-20 Human neural stem cells protect cone photoreceptors: StemCells preclinical data 0 4.3
2009-10-20 Women without HOXA13 gene mutation need not be subjected to X-rays 0 None
2009-10-20 Presentation highlights the administration of autologous stem cells for treating spinal cord injury 0 None
2009-10-20 Regulatory differences between mother and daughter cells shed new light on cell division 0 None
2009-10-20 Small mechanical force induces strong biological responses in embryonic stem cells 0 None
2009-10-20 Vitamin D and progesterone combination for treating traumatic brain injury 0 None
2009-10-20 Scientists find mechanism that protects neurons from calcium overload 0 5
2009-10-20 Stemedica completes pre-IND meeting with the FDA concerning allogeneic mesenchymal bone marrow cells 0 None
2009-10-20 Substantial price reduction for 24 Chromosome Aneuploidy Screening 0 None
2009-10-20 Bio-Bridge Science receives business license for Bio-Bridge JRS Biosciences (Beijing) 0 None
2009-10-20 Tel Aviv University develops scaffold to regenerate damaged bones and tissues 0 None
2009-10-20 Researchers develop new technique to study the mechanisms behind diseases in more detail 0 None
2009-10-20 NIH funded regeneration research to be presented at Society for Neuroscience annual meeting 0 None
2009-10-20 Humans are still evolving, says study 0 3
2009-10-20 Virginia Tech's College student receives EPA fellowship to study effects of mercury in toads 0 5
2009-10-20 Antioxidant extracts of G.biloba leaves may protect cells from radiation damage 0 None
2009-10-19 Article evaluating StemEx therapy for leukemia and lymphoma to be published 0 None
2009-10-19 Scientists find cause for lupuslike disease in mice 0 None
2009-10-19 Sigma-Aldrich launches SAGEspeed, a program for developing human disease models in rodents 0 None
2009-10-19 Metabolic master switch sets the biological clock in body tissues 0 None
2009-10-19 Research study on EGFR and HER2 expressions in BTC 0 None
2009-10-19 New 3D scaffolding technology may help grow skin and blood vessels in labs 0 None
2009-10-19 First high-throughput analysis of Salmonella Typhi gene 0 None
2009-10-19 UNC scientists receive GO grant to study the human genome blueprint 0 None
2009-10-19 Discovery may yield better understanding of protective gut-dwelling bacteria 0 5
2009-10-19 IL-2 compound ineffective against HIV-AIDS 0 None
2009-10-19 Breakthrough discovery by scientists may lead to a new treatment for Alzheimer's Disease 0 5
2009-10-19 Stem cell treatments could repair the kidney defects associated with Alport syndrome 0 3
2009-10-19 Immune-related proteins are potential drug targets for gastric inflammation and cancer 0 None
2009-10-19 Research study on cowpox virus 0 None
2009-10-19 UCSC professors receive $1.8M grant under NHGRI's genome sequencing technology development programme 0 None
2009-10-19 New chromosomal abnormality in acute lymphoblastic leukemia 0 None
2009-10-19 DKC establishes link between genetic mutation affecting telomerase function and human disease 0 None
2009-10-19 Clemson University receives a $9.3M NIH grant to establish a tissue regeneration center 0 None
2009-10-19 Research study on epileptic seizures in individuals with alcohol withdrawal syndrome 0 None
2009-10-19 Research study provides supportive evidence for using ATR inhibitors in cancer therapy 0 None
2009-10-19 Fate Therapeutics announces human iPSC generation using a combination of small molecules 0 None
2009-10-19 Regulation of neurotransmitters may help treat depression 0 None
2009-10-19 Findings provide new insight on skin pigmentation 0 None
2009-10-19 Psychology researchers reveal the importance of peripheral vision 0 None
2009-10-19 Findings may yield new treatments for COPD 0 None
2009-10-19 First Forerunner DNA - Prokids Scientific Group Meeting in Granada 0 None
2009-10-19 APP balance critical for normal neuronal development 0 None
2009-10-15 Enzo Biochem to release a new catalog dealing with epigenetics and chromatin modification 0 5
2009-10-15 NHGRI grants BioNanomatrix $833,490 for commercial development of its NanoAnalyzer system 0 None
2009-10-15 Vegetable lamb plant: New treatment for osteoporosis 0 5
2009-10-15 Human brains have amazing ability to be energy efficient, say researchers 0 None
2009-10-15 Slavica BioChem scientists reverse multidrug resistance in lung cancer using small molecules 0 None
2009-10-15 Specific immune system cells linked to susceptibility of younger people to variant CJD 0 None
2009-10-15 Genes to determine which rectal cancer patient can avoid surgical procedure for treatment 0 None
2009-10-15 Resveratrol in red grapes offers some protection against diabetes 0 None
2009-10-15 DNA Link to provide NimbleGen Sequence Capture service in Korea 0 None
2009-10-15 New maintenance medium for human embryonic and pluripotent stem cells 0 None
2009-10-15 NIH grants Affymetrix $24.8M for genotyping project 0 None
2009-10-15 HMF in high-fructose corn syrup linked to DNA damage in humans 1 5
2009-10-15 Marker genes help determine the effectiveness of targeted molecular drug regimen for treating GIST 0 None
2009-10-15 Genetic diversity thwarts the usefulness of malaria vaccine 0 None
2009-10-15 Modern tissue engineering gives hope for better prosthetic hands 0 None
2009-10-15 DNA Precision offers services for genetic research and healthcare research 0 None
2009-10-15 NIH awards grant to conduct genetic drug research on cancer and heart disease 0 None
2009-10-15 Nano Gen Teknolojileri to distribute Fluidigm's BioMark and EP1 genetic analysis systems in Turkey 0 None
2009-10-14 Vision scientists identify an intricate process that allows the human eye to adapt quickly to darkness 0 None
2009-10-14 Ganeden Biotech and NFO announce new partnership agreement 0 None
2009-10-14 SwitchGear Genomics introduces high-throughput research tools for profiling biological pathway regulation 0 None
2009-10-14 Research scientists develop bioengineered treatment for targeting pancreatic cancer 0 None
2009-10-14 University of North Carolina awarded grant to continue research on rare disease-causing gene mutations 0 None
2009-10-14 MUC1 protein defends against the stomach ulcer bacterium, according to study 0 None
2009-10-14 Researchers develop magneto-nano sensor chip to detect cancer 0 None
2009-10-14 Antisense Therapeutics completes repeat-dosing toxicology studies for ATL1103 0 None
2009-10-14 Brain researcher finds how the epilepsy and pain drug works 0 None
2009-10-14 AAPS to present eLearning Webinar on Nanotechnology in Drug Design and Development 0 None
2009-10-14 Researchers identify genetic mechanisms involved in the formation and survival of L-form bacteria 0 None
2009-10-14 NYU-Poly scientists develop a new method of protein stabilization 0 None
2009-10-14 Roche's Genome Sequencer FLX System used for critical immunogenetic study 0 None
2009-10-14 Higher proportion of American adults prefer to place frozen human embryos with infertile couples 0 5
2009-10-14 Researchers discover new cancer gene that causes adenoid cystic carcinoma 1 4
2009-10-14 International Stem Cell launches human cell culture products into commercial research markets 0 None
2009-10-14 Research reveals the genetic basis of DispersinB enzyme substrate based biofilm formation in bacteria 0 None
2009-10-14 Decreased expression of tumor suppressor gene PTEN transforms neurofibromas into cancer 0 None
2009-10-14 New generation of forensic DNA kits to provide faster DNA results 0 None
2009-10-14 NIH awards research grants for NYU Langone Medical Center 0 None
2009-10-14 Sosei Group assigns its SD281 drug discovery programme to Biocopea 0 None
2009-10-14 Monkeys experience similar uncanny valley effect like humans 0 None
2009-10-14 Increase in adiponectin hormone levels protects against sepsis-related mortality 0 5
2009-10-14 Study shows elevated levels of antioxidant urate can slow the progression of Parkinson's disease 0 None
2009-10-14 Winner of the 2009 Donald P. Kent Award 0 None
2009-10-14 Scientists identify the first genetic mechanism that generates the cerebral cortex 0 None
2009-10-14 NanoBio to receive a $4.1M subcontract for developing nanoemulsion-based mucosal vaccine adjuvants 0 None
2009-10-14 Parkinson's patients with higher urate levels in their blood and CSF had slower functional decline 2 None
2009-10-14 Gene variations increase the risk of sudden cardiac death 0 None
2009-10-14 Case Western Reserve University researchers step up to National Institutes of Health challenge 0 None
2009-10-14 NIH awards Gladstone Institute consortium $3.7M for Huntington's disease research 0 None
2009-10-13 Human milk oligosaccharides protect infants against infection 0 1
2009-10-13 Clinical trial results of the LensAR Laser System to be presented at the 2009 AAO and PAAO joint meeting 0 None
2009-10-13 NIH awards fund to Kaiser Permanente and UCSF for genetic epidemiology research 0 None
2009-10-13 SANUWAVE presents findings on extracorporeal shock wave stimulation of osteoprogenitor cells 0 None
2009-10-13 Cochlear implant inventor chosen for neuroscience research 0 None
2009-10-13 Discovery opens new possibility of designing drugs for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 0 None
2009-10-13 New mouse models resembles human ALS; may provide important tool for screening new drugs 0 None
2009-10-13 Mouse model of ALS closely resembles humans with the paralyzing disorder, says report 0 None
2009-10-13 PharmaNet Development to display innovative solutions at 2009 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition 0 None
2009-10-13 Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics' AMT-080 granted EMEA Orphan Drug Designation 0 None
2009-10-13 New RNA repair and modification system in bacteria discovered 0 None
2009-10-13 Mechanism by which gene associated with autism and schizophrenia influences behavior identified 0 None
2009-10-13 Histostem awarded U.S. patent for isolation of mesenchymal stem cells 0 None
2009-10-13 Surgeons perform groundbreaking procedure using patient's own stem cells for repairing bone deficiencies 0 None
2009-10-12 Researchers identify genes that play a role in the development of endometrial cancer 0 None
2009-10-12 University of Leicester biochemist to present research on the functions of stem cells in the intestine 0 None
2009-10-12 FDA advisory committee reviews Fibrocell Science's azfibrocel-T for treating wrinkles 0 None
2009-10-12 Compounds that bock nutrient-sensing receptor may impact obesity and diabetic conditions 0 None
2009-10-12 Findings may reveal new treatments for people suffering from chronic hemoglobin levels 0 None
2009-10-12 Selexis and Irvine Scientificti to jointly present results of recent collaborative effort 0 None
2009-10-12 DNA Guide's personal genome management software demonstrated at the Health 2.0 conference 0 5
2009-10-12 Duke University bioengineers take first step in growing a living 'heart patch' for heart tissue repair 0 None
2009-10-12 Bio-Matrix Scientific Group provides updates on COPD research 0 None
2009-10-12 2009 ASH Visitor Training Program to build hematologic capacity in developing countries 0 None
2009-10-12 Eric Boerwinkle receives $26 million federal stimulus grant to identify genetic factors influencing common diseases 0 None
2009-10-12 Researchers find SNARE-like protein system to help bacteria avoid cell destruction 0 None
2009-10-12 Study shows the impact of blood cell development on human diseases 0 None
2009-10-09 Learning new tasks causes changes in spontaneous brain activity patterns: Study 0 None
2009-10-09 Researchers discover that ATP transmits temperature information to afferent sensory neurons 0 None
2009-10-09 New research reveals tongue's receptor is activated by glutamate 0 None
2009-10-09 Calcium to cure cardiovascular problems 0 None
2009-10-09 RXi Pharmaceuticals presents new preclinical data from its advanced RNAi therapeutic platform 0 None
2009-10-09 New York Governor participates in roundtable discussion on stem cell research 0 None
2009-10-09 Inclusion of vitamin D values in National Nutrient Database 0 None
2009-10-09 Clemson bioengineer designing new ways to target drugs 0 None
2009-10-09 NHLBI awards $16.7 million to develop new clinical strategies in stem cell therapy 0 None
2009-10-09 Aging of the immune system coincides with higher rates of cancer in the elderly 0 None
2009-10-09 Destructive immune cells gain access to insulin-producing cells and help cause diabetes 0 None
2009-10-09 NHGRI support research to accelerate development of innovative sequencing technologies 0 None
2009-10-09 Transgenomic adds DFCI's Cold-PCR mutation detection technology to its portfolio 0 None
2009-10-09 NHLBI to hold Symposium to review latest findings in Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine 0 None
2009-10-09 Overdose of vitamin A can impact cell growth 0 None
2009-10-09 Premature aging of immune system develops amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 0 5
2009-10-08 Helicos Biosciences awarded a $2.9M NIH grant 0 None
2009-10-08 Adnavance Technologies to present its DNA direct detection technology at the AdvaMed 2009 0 None
2009-10-08 Journalists meet to discuss different aspects of biotechnology and its impact on society 0 None
2009-10-08 Roche scientist honored with 2009 Meienhofer Award for excellence in peptide chemistry 0 None
2009-10-08 Human stem cells advance cancer vaccine research 0 None
2009-10-08 Variation in human genomes is key to understanding inherited differences between health and disease 0 None
2009-10-08 Aeolus Pharmaceuticals’ AEOL 10150 effective against mustard gas exposure 0 None
2009-10-08 BUSM researchers identify genes that influence the onset age of Parkinson's Disease 0 None
2009-10-08 Proteins play vital role in transferring human genetic code from one cell to another 0 None
2009-10-08 PP5 enzyme decrease in neurons can cause cell death in Alzheimer's disease patients 0 None
2009-10-08 Vitrolife and Cellartis extend collaboration in stem cell research 0 None
2009-10-08 Cancer Genome Atlas funds study for analysis and interpretation of tumor genetic data 0 None
2009-10-08 Researchers succeed in engineering human tissue patches from stem cells 0 None
2009-10-08 Johns Hopkins researchers identify several genetic links to autism 0 None
2009-10-08 NEI awards Case Western Reserve $1.57M for bacterial keratitis research 0 None
2009-10-08 New mechanism of bone formation may help fight osteoporosis 0 None
2009-10-08 Hutchinson Center scientists awarded $16.7M to develop progenitor and stem cell tools 0 None
2009-10-08 Researchers identify tumor-suppressing genes to diagnose the phase of laryngeal cancer 0 None
2009-10-08 CHEO researchers identify protein that inhibits insulin production 0 None
2009-10-08 Pfizer-FRSQ Innovation Fund supports genetic study of inflammatory bowel disease and cancer 0 None
2009-10-08 Family and population based approaches sheds new light on the potential roles of common and rare forms of human genetic variation 0 1
2009-10-08 Entest BioMedical applies for Phase II grant from National Cancer Institute 0 5
2009-10-07 NHGRI awards Geospiza a SBIR grant to develop software systems for detecting rare mutations 0 None
2009-10-07 Research study to determine association of CYP2D6 variation with tamoxifen therapy 0 None
2009-10-07 aTyr Pharma to discuss aminoacyl tRNA synthetases at the BioPartnering Europe Conference 0 None
2009-10-07 Study reveals large structural differences between natural prions and man-made synthetic analogs 0 4.3
2009-10-07 Scientific community must fight misconceptions about experiments using animals: Researchers 0 5
2009-10-07 Scientists develop new molecule that can deliver genetic-based drugs into cells 0 None
2009-10-07 Vitro Diagnostics' research reveals expanded uses of its fluorescent stem cells 0 None
2009-10-07 Brain's mapping system uncovered 1 5
2009-10-07 Call for new policies on access to biobanked children's DNA 0 None
2009-10-07 Researchers show that DNA methylation plays a crucial role for cancer stem cells 0 None
2009-10-07 Research and development using stem cells from menstrual blood helps fight against breast cancer 0 None
2009-10-07 New study leads to the development of first prophylactic treatment for leishmania 0 4
2009-10-07 NIH awards NeoStem a GO grant to investigate the potential of stem cells in regenerating bone 0 None
2009-10-07 Gene mutation linked to age-related hearing loss 0 None
2009-10-06 Resveratrol may help improve diet-induced diabetes 0 4.5
2009-10-06 PDS Biotechnology's Versamune-based immunotherapy drug demonstrates safety in preclinical studies 0 None
2009-10-06 It is possible to communicate through power of thought alone: Study 0 5
2009-10-06 NIMH awards SRI International a $6.3M contract for study of ligands for brain imaging research 0 None
2009-10-06 Promising alternative to use of live animals for drug testing 0 None
2009-10-06 Study reveals information about molecular structure of prions 0 None
2009-10-06 UCSF's Elizabeth Blackburn receives Nobel Prize in Medicine, lauded by Speaker Nancy Pelosi 0 None
2009-10-06 Gene therapy to improve ailing heart's contractions of muscle cells 0 None
2009-10-06 New study to boost immune cells for pathogen resistance and vaccine efficacy in elderly 0 None
2009-10-06 Key defence mechanism used by the immune system against Listeria identified 0 None
2009-10-06 Researchers identify that KLF17 gene with Id1 gene can regulate breast cancer metastasis 0 None
2009-10-06 Absence of certain proteins for proper cell duplication can lead to cancer 0 None
2009-10-06 Scientists identify new interference method to target cancer cells 0 5
2009-10-06 IBM scientists to build nanoscale DNA sequencer to read human DNA 0 None
2009-10-06 Molecular biologist receives 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 0 None
2009-10-06 New journal on cancer biology and genetics 0 None
2009-10-05 ALS patients' bone marrow cells capable of differentiating into nerve-supporting cells 0 5
2009-10-05 Pharmacogenomics Centre deploys the Isilon IQ to accelerate its next-generation genetic sequencing operations 0 None
2009-10-05 Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Greider and Jack Szostak receive 2009 Nobel Prize in medicine 0 None
2009-10-05 Inovio's SynCon H1N1 achieves protective antibody response against pandemic influenza in ferrets 0 None
2009-10-05 Myocardial and neurological effects of Tβ4 presented 0 None
2009-10-05 Scientists uncover the role of first-responder molecule involved in repairing DNA strand breaks 0 None
2009-10-05 Study identifies new genes associated with head and neck cancer 0 None
2009-10-05 Study shows that GSK-3 gene determines the total number of neurons required for brain 0 None
2009-10-05 New genetic alteration can cause familial cancers 0 None
2009-10-05 New study sheds light on memory formation 0 None
2009-10-04 Researchers examine effects of curcumin on HNSCC growths 0 None
2009-10-03 Researchers study the role of CHRNA3 and CHRNA5 genes in lung cancer 0 None
2009-10-03 New computer modeling technique to study how the brain works 0 None
2009-10-03 New technique to repair damaged bones developed 0 2
2009-10-03 Americans want to be better informed about developments in cutting-edge technologies 0 None
2009-10-03 Critical biochemical pathways linked to the aging of human muscle identified 0 5
2009-10-03 Role of gene that could influence fertility identified in mice 0 None
2009-10-03 New study reports PRP treatment and its use in sports medicine 1 5
2009-10-03 Quest PharmaTech acquires immunotherapeutic antibody products from Paladin Labs 0 None
2009-10-03 NIMH awards USC scientists $9M for mapping gene expression during human brain development 0 4
2009-10-03 Researchers discover that Merkel cells originate in the skin 0 5
2009-10-03 NK cells keep T cells in check: Study 0 None
2009-10-03 PNNL scientist Dick Smith awarded Human Proteome Organization's Discovery Award 0 None
2009-10-03 NEDD9 protein stimulates aggressive metastatic breast cancer 0 None
2009-10-03 Researchers screen decades-old frozen infant stool samples to detect norovirus 0 None
2009-10-03 Increase in omega-3 fatty acid levels can prevent strokes, according to research 0 None
2009-10-03 CSIRO research on grains and lamb to develop new dietary sources of omega-3 oils 0 None
2009-10-03 Nasal spray to improve memory 0 5
2009-10-03 Enzyme that helps make tuberculosis resistant to a human's natural defense system identified 0 None
2009-10-03 SNM's joint session with CMOD on molecular imaging biomarkers in clinical research 0 5
2009-10-02 Study reveals the importance of cholestrol derivative in brain cell formation 0 None
2009-10-01 People with rare mutations of gene MUTYH at increased risk of bowel cancer 0 None
2009-10-01 Epigentek Group releases SuperSense Methylated DNA Quantification kit 0 5
2009-10-01 Doris Duke Innovations award for sickle cell disease research 0 None
2009-10-01 Grand Opportunity grant to pursue "whole-genome" sequencing of patients with autism 0 None
2009-10-01 Public lecture to highlight what causes cell division to go wrong and lead to cancer 0 4
2009-10-01 Stem cell therapy aims to prevent permanent damage from heart attacks 0 None
2009-10-01 PharmaNova to announce new technology breakthroughs at the 2009 AAPS annual meeting 0 None
2009-10-01 Membrane-bound Fas ligand is essential for cell death: Researchers 0 None
2009-10-01 Scientists make advance to overcome one of the key challenges in nanotechnology 0 None
2009-10-01 Rush University receives grants to study how epigenomic changes define cognitive decline 0 None
2009-10-01 New research on brain and fear may help PTSD victims 0 None
2009-10-01 OICR completes evaluation of NEB's new reagents for use with the Illumina Genome Analyzer 0 None
2009-10-01 Gamida Cell publishes article evaluating Stemex for leukemia and lymphoma 0 None
2009-10-01 Brdt protein in developing sperm cells direct tight re-packaging of sperm DNA 0 None
2009-10-01 NCI and NHGRI collaborate to characterize genetic and genomic changes that occur in cancers 0 None
2009-10-01 Grants to research GanedenBC30 probotic effect on human immune cells 0 None
2009-10-01 Jagiellonian University to develop modern reagents for serological tests 0 None
2009-10-01 Trichodesmium has important role in nitrogen cycle and carbon sequestration 0 None


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