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RSSArchived Medical Science News Stories - August 2011

Date Title Comments Rating
2011-08-31 Sunscreen pills from coral 0 None
2011-08-31 Biocordcell Argentina begins bone marrow stem cell storage services prior to cancer surgeries 0 None
2011-08-31 SAIC awards Selecta a subcontract to develop synthetic nanoparticle vaccine for malaria 0 None
2011-08-31 Dad's stress can affect unborn children 0 None
2011-08-31 Stanford method identifies essential regions of Caulobacter's genome 0 None
2011-08-31 Gene variants can cut risk of Parkinson's disease 0 None
2011-08-31 CWRU, NeoProteomics sign licensing deal for four bioinformatics software programs 0 None
2011-08-31 Creighton pharmacology professor receives AAF's Early Excellence Award 0 None
2011-08-31 Scientists using molecular epidemiology to diagnose and track disease outbreaks 0 None
2011-08-31 Parental stress strongly associated with DNA methylation in children 0 None
2011-08-31 Johns Hopkins researchers reveal neuronal cell survival mechanism 0 None
2011-08-31 Cryo-Save introduces unique service for the U.S. people to store adipose-derived stem cells 0 None
2011-08-31 New study pinpoints areas of the brain used exclusively for language 0 None
2011-08-31 Cell's reserve fighting force shrinks with age: Study 0 None
2011-08-30 Biophysicists discover how to turn body's own resistance to radiation treatment on and off 0 None
2011-08-30 Study may help explain plague's rapid evolution and aid in development of therapeutics 0 None
2011-08-30 ZIOPHARM initiates ZIN ATI-001 Phase 1 clinical study in advanced melanoma 0 None
2011-08-30 ProteinSimple introduces automated Western Blot 0 None
2011-08-30 DNA sequencing pioneer, two pharmaceutical researchers recognized as ACS 'Heroes of Chemistry' 0 None
2011-08-30 An advance toward using stem cells in 'regenerative medicine' 0 None
2011-08-30 Genetic analysis of medieval plague skeletons proves the presence of y. pestis bacteria 0 5
2011-08-30 New book on Health Informatics 0 None
2011-08-30 New chemical compounds show promise against set of protein-folding diseases 0 None
2011-08-30 Researchers investigate potential of vesicular stomatitis virus against soft tissue sarcomas 0 None
2011-08-30 HTG announces availability of qDiscovery miRNA WTA Version 16 0 None
2011-08-30 Latest Perspectives in General Physiology series examines sensory mechanisms 0 None
2011-08-29 Curemark's novel compound CM-182 shows promise for treatment of hyperactivity without sedation 0 None
2011-08-29 New insights into Lafora disease 0 None
2011-08-29 Specific inhibitor of microRNA-100 can stimulate development of new blood vessels 0 None
2011-08-29 PREVENT licenses Amorfix's ProMIS to develop vaccines against misfolded prion diseases 0 None
2011-08-29 Cederquist Medical Wellness Center now offers state-of-the-art genetic testing 0 None
2011-08-29 Researchers use metformin to effectively starve cancer cells 0 5
2011-08-29 BancoVida, CBAI partner to offer umbilical cord blood collection services in Puerto Rico 0 None
2011-08-29 Elevating free radical levels suppresses appetite in obese mice 0 None
2011-08-29 CD8 alpha+ dendritic cells can help the body beat back infection 0 None
2011-08-29 Study investigates brain mechanisms that contribute to infants' prowess at learning languages 0 None
2011-08-29 Nature Medicine publishes research on leukemia stem cells 0 None
2011-08-29 Individuals with BAP1 gene mutation more likely to develop mesothelioma 0 None
2011-08-29 Low-cost device to help physicians detect and diagnose cancer 0 None
2011-08-29 Scientists identify six new genetic variants associated with type 2 diabetes in South Asians 0 None
2011-08-29 CIRM approves stem cell research planning grants for five UC Davis teams 0 None
2011-08-29 Researchers identify molecule that can stop the formation of amyloid fibrils 0 None
2011-08-29 FDA approves Abbott's Vysis ALK FISH test for NSCLC therapy selection 0 None
2011-08-26 New imaging device enables scientists to see tumor cells traveling in the brain 1 None
2011-08-26 Plants stop lethal bleedings after birth in Tanzanian women 0 None
2011-08-26 NeoStem featured on CBS's Eye on New York City 0 None
2011-08-26 Risk of coronary heart disease is transferred via genes, not via unhealthy family lifestyle 0 5
2011-08-26 Obesity may predipose healthy young children to Type 2 diabetes, confirms study 0 None
2011-08-26 Spatial light interference microscopy can measure all types of cell growth 0 None
2011-08-26 RE Children's Project donates $111,000 to UCLA researchers for Rasmussen Encephalitis study 0 None
2011-08-26 Largest study on breast cancer disparities in African-American women 0 None
2011-08-26 Parkinson's important protein linked with fat metabolism 0 None
2011-08-26 Zinc may act as tumor suppressor in commonist form of pancreatic cancer 0 None
2011-08-26 Researchers reveal new gene associated with osteoarthritis 0 None
2011-08-26 Research: Brains of older adults are wiser than younger ones 0 None
2011-08-26 GCC hormone receptor may also help fight obesity 0 None
2011-08-26 Omega-3s decreases severity of brain damage after stroke 0 1
2011-08-26 Southampton scientists to develop new single molecule DNA sequencing method 0 None
2011-08-25 Researchers pave the way for functional analysis of non-protein-coding genes 0 None
2011-08-25 Insight into how bacterial toxins cause human diseases may help improve treatment 0 None
2011-08-25 Study reveals striking brain similarities in bipolar disorder and schizophrenia 0 None
2011-08-25 Hippocampus neurons encode every sequential moment in series of events 0 None
2011-08-25 NTNU Professors receive 2011 Anders Jahre's Award for Medical Research 0 None
2011-08-25 Kinexus launches TranscriptoNET KnowledgeBase for human gene expression study 0 None
2011-08-25 Tropical plants may contain basis of new and effective treatments for ovarian cancer 0 None
2011-08-25 MR spectroscopy reveals biochemical changes in brains of people at risk for Alzheimer's 0 None
2011-08-25 Redesigned vancomycin can kill deadliest antibiotic-resistant bacteria 0 None
2011-08-25 New way to combat dengue fever 0 None
2011-08-25 Scientists discover genetic switch to prevent neurodegenerative diseases 0 5
2011-08-25 Scientists discover mutant hypertension gene in chickens similar to that of humans 0 None
2011-08-25 Study finds novel small molecule that inhibits EboV entry into host cells 0 None
2011-08-25 Scientists identify cellular protein that plays a critical role in Ebola virus infection 0 None
2011-08-25 Study: Rates of HIV have increased in Pakistan's general population 0 None
2011-08-25 Researchers discover how antipsychotic drugs manage symptoms of schizophrenia 0 5
2011-08-25 Scientists define specific protein complex that allows cells to remove damaged mitochondria 0 None
2011-08-25 Study finds biological indicators that help explain why obese people develop chronic diseases 0 None
2011-08-25 Researchers reveal specific process by which HIV virus infects healthy T cells 0 None
2011-08-25 Scientists identify critical protein responsible for Ebola virus infection 0 None
2011-08-25 New mouse brain atlas provides insight into how genes work in cerebral cortex 0 None
2011-08-25 People with Down syndrome have diminished optokinetic, vestibular reflexes 0 None
2011-08-25 PLoS One publishes data from recent animal studies of NanoBio's intranasal RSV vaccine 0 None
2011-08-25 Researchers trace source of latest cholera pandemic 0 None
2011-08-25 Repeated cocaine use can increase individual's risk of mood disorders 0 None
2011-08-25 Amniotic fluid-derived stem cells show promise against lung disease 0 None
2011-08-25 Study: Bone marrow transplantation may prolong period of cancer-free survival 0 None
2011-08-25 Researchers discover NPC1 protein as crucial for Ebola virus to enter host cells 0 5
2011-08-24 U.S. DoD announces $2.3M in grants for lupus research 0 None
2011-08-24 Bacteria tweak their genes and proteins to gain strength 0 None
2011-08-24 IGF1 plays key role in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia 0 None
2011-08-24 IARS launches $750,000 anesthesia research grant 0 None
2011-08-24 First international conference on developmental, translational and clinical pharmacogenomics 0 None
2011-08-24 Creighton University to study hereditary factors of prostate cancer among African Americans 0 None
2011-08-24 Making mistakes while learning has memory benefits 0 None
2011-08-24 Scientists discover nanoparticles can disrupt intracellular transport pathways 1 None
2011-08-24 Long-term dynamics of evolution may take around a million years 0 None
2011-08-24 Largest ever molecular-genetic study of ependymomas of the cerebellum 0 1
2011-08-24 Research may help explain why live attenuated influenza vaccine elicits protection 0 None
2011-08-24 DTU, TGen researchers pinpoint source of cholera outbreak in Haiti 0 None
2011-08-24 Researchers discover expression of IL-37 that protects mice from colitis 0 5
2011-08-24 New stem cell lines help study genetic, biological underpinnings of bipolar disorder 0 None
2011-08-24 Insight into acrolein-induced acute lung injury 0 None
2011-08-24 New fertilized cells narrowly avoid degenerating into fatal chaos 0 None
2011-08-24 Scientists show how scaling works in developing fruit fly wings 0 None
2011-08-24 Nickel nanoparticles activate cellular pathway that contributes to cancer in lung cells 0 None
2011-08-24 First North American clinical trial to test adult MSC transplantation as a new MS therapy 0 None
2011-08-24 Scientists generate stem cells from one of the most rapidly progressing forms of Parkinson's 0 None
2011-08-24 Celldex announces key in vivo efficacy results of CDX-1135 in Dense Deposit Disease 0 5
2011-08-23 Bullet proof skin from human cells and spider silk 0 5
2011-08-23 Seeing provides the big picture, but exploration burns it into memory 0 None
2011-08-23 Hutchinson Center to participate in NCI-funded proteome research consortium 0 None
2011-08-23 MicroRNA biomarkers provide guidance to develop specific gene therapies for glioblastoma 0 None
2011-08-23 Researchers show that Sirt3 enzyme decreases in skeletal muscle of diabetes patients 0 None
2011-08-23 KU professor to create patient-friendly lung cancer treatment 0 None
2011-08-23 Molecular Endocrinology journal publishes two studies on estrogen hormones 0 None
2011-08-23 Scientists identify molecular pathway that plays a key role in stress-related DNA damage 0 None
2011-08-23 Stem cells of oral mucosa stay young, says Tel Aviv University researcher 0 None
2011-08-23 Scientists identify brain-circuit defect that triggers absence seizures 0 None
2011-08-23 Isconova expands Matrix M collaboration with Genocea to treat infectious diseases 0 None
2011-08-23 ARUP Laboratories introduces Affymetrix CytoScan HD Array 0 None
2011-08-22 Risk of Parkinson's disease increases with traumatic brain injury and exposure to pesticide paraquat 0 None
2011-08-22 Saffron promotes apoptosis and inhibits growth of cancerous cells 0 4
2011-08-22 Risk of depression in formerly depressed people 0 None
2011-08-22 No effective treatment yet for acute lung injury 0 None
2011-08-22 ATGL produces key signaling molecules essential for regulation of lipid, energy metabolism 0 None
2011-08-22 Insights into how ruminations are represented in the brains of depressed persons 0 None
2011-08-22 NIH bias against African-Americans confirmed 0 None
2011-08-22 Micro-organisms hide themselves from immune defences 0 None
2011-08-22 Brain's reaction to sadness can predict risk of future depression 0 None
2011-08-22 Tiny molecule could bind to B cell EB12 receptor and prevent cancer 0 None
2011-08-22 Research uncovers natural defense mechanism that inactivates C. diff toxins 0 None
2011-08-22 New technique can detach sugars from carrier molecule, reattach them to drugs 0 None
2011-08-22 Scientists discover key defense mechanism against C. difficile infection 0 None
2011-08-22 Radiolabeled protein reveals presence of S. aureus endocarditis in mouse model 0 None
2011-08-22 Winter airway infections appear to trigger narcolepsy: Study 0 None
2011-08-22 First computerized genome-scale model of cancer cell metabolism 0 None
2011-08-22 Disadvantaged, unhealthy mothers more likely to have sickly children 0 None
2011-08-22 Scientists discover mechanism that helps explain why stress causes DNA damage 0 None
2011-08-22 Scientists identify common cause of all forms of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 0 None
2011-08-22 New CDI therapeutic approach may offer treatment for other bacterial diseases 0 None
2011-08-22 Scientists reveal how thiostrepton blocks FOXM1 protein, prevents breast cancer development 0 4.5
2011-08-20 Quanterix's ELISA precisely measures low abundance cytokines in Crohn's disease 0 None
2011-08-20 Research on why and how malaria parasites go undetected in the placenta of pregnant women 0 None
2011-08-20 Researchers to generate new knowledge about brain's complex communication system 0 None
2011-08-20 New findings on cancer stem cells 0 None
2011-08-20 Two studies on how amino acids influence protein synthesis in recreational athletes 0 None
2011-08-20 New model for biomedical education 0 None
2011-08-20 VOA News examines new drug compound that shows broad-based efficacy in lab tests 0 None
2011-08-20 Scientists report molecular structural basis for sex organ, head deformities 0 None
2011-08-20 Babies of mothers with higher pre-pregnancy BMI are fatter, finds study 0 None
2011-08-20 NIH-supported project expands genetic research into clinical setting 0 None
2011-08-20 NIH approves BioTime's four GMP human embryonic stem cell lines 0 None
2011-08-19 Medicinal Genomics sequences entire genomes of two therapeutic Cannabis strains 0 None
2011-08-19 High levels of calcium in coronary arteries increase risk of stroke, heart attack 0 None
2011-08-19 Emory team identifies conditions that make memory T cells slip away during chronic infections 0 None
2011-08-19 Dog fecal material may constitute the dominant source of airborne bacteria 0 None
2011-08-19 Cerus to support ongoing development of INTERCEPT red cell system 0 None
2011-08-19 Mount Sinai to begin largest study of personalized medicine in clinical care setting 0 None
2011-08-19 Isolation of HIV antibodies advances search for AIDS vaccine 0 None
2011-08-19 Single-molecule imaging reveals how cells prepare to interact with biochemical signals 0 None
2011-08-19 Large-scale population imaging reveals robust sparse coding in Drosophila mushroom body 0 None
2011-08-19 IRSF announces new Rett syndrome translational research awards 0 None
2011-08-19 Prior parasitic worm infections may complicate TB therapy 0 None
2011-08-19 Dried plums can protect postmenopausal women against fractures, osteoporosis 0 None
2011-08-19 Uppsala University to lead new advanced cancer study 0 None
2011-08-19 Scientists uncover how human egg captures sperm to begin fertilisation process 0 None
2011-08-19 Femtosecond-laser ablation of Xenopus melanocytes for studies of cell migration, wound repair 0 None
2011-08-19 Researchers demonstrate a way to control excitation and contraction in cardiac muscle cells 0 None
2011-08-18 Scientists artificially grow brain cells from Parkinson's patients to find treatment 0 None
2011-08-18 ProtoKinetix completes sale of AAGP tool for protecting delicate cells in research 0 None
2011-08-18 Blocking pathway for generating energy can kill cancer cells 0 None
2011-08-18 IU scientist to investigate salubrinal drug against osteoporosis 0 None
2011-08-18 New leukemia drug in early clinical testing offers some clues for better treatment 0 None
2011-08-18 Insight into how HIV reservoirs may form 0 None
2011-08-18 Premera, Cord Blood America partner to offer discount on stem cell collection services 0 None
2011-08-18 Vitamin C shows promise against Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2011-08-18 Maternal stress may disrupt masculinization of developing mouse brain 0 None
2011-08-18 New process may eliminate need for full genome sequencing for cancer patients 0 None
2011-08-18 Researchers to unravel how brain makes everyday prognostications 0 None
2011-08-18 Mayo researchers to translate genomic discoveries into tools for individualized medicine 0 None
2011-08-18 Two-color stimulated emission depletion microscopy in living cells 0 None
2011-08-18 ACS honors MIT professor with Priestley Medal for controlled-release drug discovery 0 None
2011-08-18 Researchers isolate 17 novel antibodies against HIV 0 None
2011-08-18 Human embryonic stem cell, iPS-derived progeny are similar and developmentally immature 0 None
2011-08-18 FDA approves Mayo Clinic's ovarian and breast cancer vaccines 0 None
2011-08-18 Researchers discover new mechanism that controls ageing in WBCs 0 None
2011-08-18 NCRM at Case Western Reserve to host stem cell conference in Cleveland 0 None
2011-08-18 Lighter smokers with two high-risk gene variations more likely to develop lung cancer 0 None
2011-08-17 Harmless bacteria re-engineered to fight a deadly strain 0 None
2011-08-17 Health Canada grants medical device license to Gen-Probe's PROGENSA PCA3 assay 0 None
2011-08-17 Researchers document how immune system can counteract advancement of Alzheimer's 0 None
2011-08-17 Clinical trial to assess 6MP drug in women with advanced breast or ovarian cancer 0 None
2011-08-17 Study: Eye contact seems to act as an invitation for mimicry 0 None
2011-08-17 Study reveals structure of ribosomal assembly intermediate 0 None
2011-08-17 Semaphorin-PlexinD1 signaling pathway shows promise as therapeutic target for cancer treatment 0 None
2011-08-17 UC Riverside research could help prevent crop loss, pest outbreaks 0 None
2011-08-17 World's top genetic scientists to present latest research findings at ICHG/ASHG 2011 Meeting 0 None
2011-08-17 Young stressed females can impair future offspring, also improve resilience 0 None
2011-08-17 Amphibian skin secretions can reveal amazing medicinal properties 0 5
2011-08-17 Researchers identify five SNPs linked with aggressive, lethal prostate cancer 0 None
2011-08-17 Researchers identify mesothelin antibody that could detect early-stage ovarian cancer 0 None
2011-08-17 New research: Blood stem cells can be involved in pathogenesis of CLL 0 None
2011-08-17 Drug SLM3 prevents multiplication of tumor cells 0 None
2011-08-17 NIH study in mice shows potential new target for treatment of ADHD 0 None
2011-08-17 Study: Vitamin D directly terminates production of MS-causing protein 0 5
2011-08-17 WSU researcher receives NIH grant to study how chromatin modifiers regulate cell division 0 None
2011-08-17 JAK protein triggers contractions in tumours and allows cancer cells to spread 0 None
2011-08-16 Scientists gain new insight on role of stem cells in embryonic heart development 0 None
2011-08-16 Scientists identify potential target that could combat allergies of early childhood 0 1.5
2011-08-16 Scientists define relationship between two prostate tumor suppressor genes 0 None
2011-08-16 Modified Cdk5 enzyme triggers damage to nerve cell connections in human Alzheimer's brains 0 None
2011-08-16 Stellacure to open umbilical cord blood stem cell company in Jordan 0 None
2011-08-16 Scientists demonstrate how Modified Citrus Pectin enhances immune function 0 None
2011-08-16 New insights into causes of rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2011-08-16 Biochemist develops polymer material to convert precursor cells into functional neurones 0 None
2011-08-16 Human Genome Sciences, 4-Antibody sign collaboration agreement 0 None
2011-08-16 Green tea shows promise against two types of tumors, HHS 0 None
2011-08-16 Bristol-Myers Squibb, BAC to develop CaptureSelect ligands for purification of Adnectins 0 None
2011-08-16 Study confirms that vitamin D deficiency increases aggressiveness of colon cancer 0 None
2011-08-16 Gene therapy cocktail can treat inherited diseases with 'misfolded' proteins 0 None
2011-08-16 Researchers identify oncoprotein that allows MCV virus to trigger Merkel Cell Carcinoma 0 None
2011-08-16 Customized computer models may identify patients at risk of Lynch syndrome 0 None
2011-08-16 Scientists identify potential new target for childhood eye tumor 0 4.5
2011-08-16 Tel Aviv University scientists work to determine how H1N1 becomes pandemic 1 None
2011-08-16 Combination immunotherapy more effective for patients with Sezary Syndrome 0 None
2011-08-16 Novel assay can accurately detect prostate cancer than traditional screening 0 None
2011-08-16 Caffeine might help prevent skin cancer 0 None
2011-08-16 NK cells may help limit metastasis in women with breast cancer 0 None
2011-08-16 New pathway for type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-08-16 Research: Decoding infidelity may increase risk of type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-08-16 New role for harmonin protein in Usher syndrome 1 None
2011-08-16 Alpha-synuclein protein key to Parkinson's has likely been mischaracterized 0 None
2011-08-15 Fresh food for years with newly discovered natural preservative 0 5
2011-08-12 Episodic memory depends on the hippocampus 0 None
2011-08-12 Plant scientists reveal genetic mechanism that enables viral organisms to cause diseases 0 None
2011-08-12 Targeted therapies that attack stem cell-like cancer cells can prevent spread of prostate cancer 0 None
2011-08-12 More biodiversity needed to keep ecosystems functioning 0 None
2011-08-12 Fibrate drugs may not prevent heart attacks in diabetes patients with elevated cholesterol 0 None
2011-08-12 Benefits of nanoparticle sunscreens outweigh risks 0 3.7
2011-08-12 Metabolic profile reveals need for gender-specific therapies 0 None
2011-08-12 Pyrazinamide inhibits trans-translation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis 0 None
2011-08-12 Biomarkers may transform diagnosis of kidney disease 0 None
2011-08-12 Researchers explain why vertebrate intestines are so predictably loopy 0 None
2011-08-12 Amorfix provides update on cancer therapeutic antibody programs 0 None
2011-08-12 Mice with enzyme deficiency are unable to properly assess threat 0 None
2011-08-12 New technique can help develop HIV vaccines 0 None
2011-08-12 Study tracks development of chimp brain and makes comparison to humans 0 None
2011-08-12 Researchers to develop new prostate cancer therapy 0 None
2011-08-12 Research team reports first genetic sequencing of urothelial carcinoma 0 None
2011-08-12 Insight into how molecular motor proteins save energy 0 None
2011-08-12 G-CSF therapy does not induce chromosomal instability in healthy stem cell donors 0 2
2011-08-12 MYCN amplification can serve as a favorable prognostic indicator for neuroblastoma 0 None
2011-08-12 New measurement technologies provide scientists more complete look at neurological activity 0 None
2011-08-12 NSAIDs like ibuprofen slow the spread of breast cancers 0 None
2011-08-12 La Jolla Institute's new RNAi Center to focus on genetics behind myriad diseases 0 None
2011-08-12 Female sex hormone oestrogen could fight against cardiovascular disease 0 None
2011-08-12 Medical College of Wisconsin to establish National Center for Systems Biology 0 None
2011-08-12 Researchers discover key reason why pyrazinamide shortens duration of TB therapy 0 1
2011-08-12 NPL scientists mimick the ways viruses infect human cells and deliver genetic material 0 5
2011-08-12 Study links low vitamin D with early menstruation in young girls 0 None
2011-08-12 Single engineered protein blocks two related angiogenic receptors 0 None
2011-08-12 New model for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 0 None
2011-08-12 Scientists identify new therapeutic target for ADHD, other neuropsychiatric disorders 0 None
2011-08-12 Hi-tech tattoo that acts as heart, brain and muscle monitor 0 None
2011-08-12 SIGMAR1 gene mutation associated with development of juvenile ALS 0 None
2011-08-11 LifeCodexx, Sequenom partner to commercialize prenatal lab testing services in Europe 0 None
2011-08-11 Researchers identify unknown link between migration of WBCs to infected tissues, immune memory 0 4
2011-08-11 Blocking type 2 receptor reduces PDA cell growth with the activation of AMPK enzyme 0 None
2011-08-11 Research: p38α MAPK protein plays a role in addiction, depression-like behavior 0 None
2011-08-11 Insight into how neural circuit forms motor plan 0 None
2011-08-11 New research uncovers role of p38alpha in mood disorders, addiction 0 None
2011-08-11 Conference to explore new discoveries about origins, diagnosis and treatment of tinnitus 0 5
2011-08-11 New findings on human brain's photosensitivity 0 5
2011-08-11 Paper outlines anticancer drug curaxins' mechanism of action 0 None
2011-08-11 Scientists identify 29 new genetic variants linked to multiple sclerosis 0 None
2011-08-11 Light may play a role in modulating fear and anxiety 0 None
2011-08-11 Researchers identify novel sensory pathway that modulates pro-inflammatory cells 0 None
2011-08-11 Study suggests link between gene variant and Proteus syndrome 0 None
2011-08-11 Modified spider-silk proteins for nonviral gene delivery 0 None
2011-08-11 Bristol-Myers Squibb, GNS collaborate to identify biomarkers in immuno-inflammation 0 None
2011-08-10 Can a robot cure cancer? 0 None
2011-08-10 Cancer-causing fusion protein works by silencing tumor suppressor gene IL-2Rγ 0 None
2011-08-10 TrovaGene regains ownership of worldwide rights to transrenal technology 0 None
2011-08-10 Nesfatin-1 protein may help reduce body weight and blood sugar 0 None
2011-08-10 Scientist determines how nyctalopin gene makes night vision possible 0 None
2011-08-10 Spermless mosquitoes could reduce spread of malaria, study suggests 0 None
2011-08-10 New technique can help scientists rapidly map myelination 0 None
2011-08-10 Noninvasive prenatal DNA test can detect fetus at risk for sex-linked disorders 0 None
2011-08-10 A diet of flaxseed shows protective effects against radiation in mice 0 None
2011-08-10 Scientists reveal why human heart has little regenerative capacity 0 None
2011-08-10 Researchers demonstrate contribution of Immunoglobulin E to atherogenesis 0 None
2011-08-10 First bioengineered anal sphincter for treatment of fecal and urinary incontinence 0 None
2011-08-10 Flatworms provide new insight into organ regeneration, evolution of mammalian kidneys 0 None
2011-08-10 New genetic cause of retinitis pigmentosa 0 None
2011-08-10 Vitamin D, UVB may help prevent dental caries 0 None
2011-08-10 Moderate exercise may help prevent cognitive decline after bacterial infection 0 None
2011-08-09 Researchers identify molecular pathway behind inflammation, mucus production in asthma 0 None
2011-08-09 NanoString launches nCounter Rat miRNA Expression Assay Kit 0 None
2011-08-09 Common culinary spice derivative could treat tendinitis 0 None
2011-08-09 New drug to prevent Alzheimer's could be tested on patients within six years 0 None
2011-08-09 MAVS prion-like proteins are involved in innate immunity: Discovery 0 None
2011-08-09 New study focuses on Anopheles gambiae to prevent spread of malaria 0 None
2011-08-09 Researchers clarify role of two proteins key to T-cell development 0 None
2011-08-09 Engineered T cells can eradicate deadly human ovarian cancer in immune-deficient mice 0 None
2011-08-09 Los Alamos team sees unprecedented proof of ion's role in enzymatic process 0 None
2011-08-09 Novel link between two receptors mediates fungal recognition in macrophages 0 None
2011-08-09 Lentiviral vector can kill HIV-infected cells 0 None
2011-08-09 New preclinical approach can guide more efficient drug development for brain-related conditions 0 None
2011-08-09 Study shows how certain woodrats put themselves on diet to avoid poisoning 0 None
2011-08-08 Genetically altered spermless ‘mozzies’ to combat malaria 0 1
2011-08-08 New study supports DNA-based 'biomarker' blood test for prostate cancer screening 0 None
2011-08-08 Researchers discover gene variant linked to meningiomas 0 None
2011-08-08 Affymetrix announces commercialization of next-generation human transcriptome array 0 None
2011-08-08 Leica Microsystems, CMED partner to co-develop and market automated FISH kits 0 None
2011-08-08 Anisotropic encoding of three-dimensional space by place and grid cells 0 None
2011-08-08 Researchers use SNAP technology to assess fetal gene expression in amniotic fluid 0 None
2011-08-08 New insights into cancer-induced intussusceptive angiogenesis 0 None
2011-08-08 Study: miR-200s play a paradoxical role in metastatic cancer development 0 None
2011-08-08 De novo mutations account for 50% of sporadic cases of schizophrenia 0 None
2011-08-08 New finding about cell metabolism may have implications for neurodegenerative disorders 0 None
2011-08-08 Women with RAD51D gene fault more likely to develop ovarian cancer 1 1.7
2011-08-06 Early burn out of male Bustard may explain how biological aging evolved: Research 0 None
2011-08-06 Biologists show that females themselves can limit evolution of increased elaboration 0 None
2011-08-06 Scientist urges federal officials to decide on genetically engineered salmon for consumption 0 None
2011-08-06 Researchers discover lack of oxygen in the lungs after mold invasion 0 None
2011-08-06 New analytical method can develop specific drugs against parasites, bacteria 0 None
2011-08-06 Diet and genetics dictate adult jaw shape 0 None
2011-08-05 Metallofullerene platform holds promise for treatment of brain tumors 0 None
2011-08-05 Scientists identify small molecule inhibitors of cellular uptake 0 None
2011-08-05 Gazpacho shows lower vitamin C content after preparation 0 None
2011-08-05 Novel studies explore new targets to prevent spread of breast cancer 0 None
2011-08-05 New strategies for successful donor adult stem cell transplants in blood cancer patients 0 None
2011-08-05 Scientists identify reasons behind why we are unable to recognise faces 0 None
2011-08-05 New polymer effectively captures nicotine molecules and analogues 0 None
2011-08-05 Key protein discoveries could lead to new lung repair therapies for children, adults 0 None
2011-08-05 AAA journal secures number 1 rank in science education category 0 4.5
2011-08-05 Scientists convert human skin cells into forebrain neurons 0 None
2011-08-05 Entomologist to study how immune system responds to rickettsial infection 0 None
2011-08-05 Researchers study factors linked with concussion occurrence and recovery in athletes 0 None
2011-08-05 BD Biosciences, Fluidigm to co-host public seminars on isolation and analysis of single cells 0 None
2011-08-05 Levels of body chemical PCT influence duration of antibiotic use 0 None
2011-08-05 Novel DNA sensing pathway linked to increased susceptibility to malaria 0 None
2011-08-05 Higher levels of B cells make women more prone to autoimmune diseases 0 None
2011-08-05 Specific microRNA cluster could play a key role in retinoblastoma development 0 None
2011-08-05 Predictive genetic testing may identify children's risk for developing common, treatable disorders 0 None
2011-08-05 PCF funds 10 new Challenge Awards for prostate cancer research 0 None
2011-08-05 Roadmap to overcome obstacles for using induced pluripotent stem cells 0 None
2011-08-05 Virginia Tech student receives prestigious award for cellular signaling receptor study linked to diabetes, obesity 0 None
2011-08-05 EWS protein detects and corrects DNA damage in Ewing's sarcoma 0 None
2011-08-05 Shear stress-based method can identify vulnerable plaque in coronary arteries 0 None
2011-08-05 Researchers identify genes that play a key role in pain perception 0 None
2011-08-04 RNAi screen identifies Brd4 as a therapeutic target for acute myeloid leukemia 0 5
2011-08-04 NanoString to begin clinical development program for Breast Cancer Intrinsic Subtyping Assay 0 None
2011-08-04 UH undergraduates seek solutions to many maladies like diabetes, Alzheimer's 0 None
2011-08-04 NIH-funded study to assess biomarkers in the blood of TBI patients 0 None
2011-08-04 Gold nanoparticles for rapid, accurate diagnosis of flu 0 None
2011-08-04 Metallofullerene-based nanoplatform shows promise against glioblastomas 0 None
2011-08-04 Nacolepsy drugs may be effective in reversing illness-induced lethargy 0 None
2011-08-04 JAMIA highlights several perspectives, five research articles on translational bioinformatics 0 None
2011-08-04 Study: Chronic mitral valve disease similar in humans and dogs 0 5
2011-08-04 IntegenX's RapidHIT Human Identification Systems now include Promega's STR amplification reagents 0 None
2011-08-04 Vitamin C helps identify more aggressive or treatment resistant tumours 0 None
2011-08-04 Conference to discuss novel studies that address how inherited genes cause breast cancer 0 None
2011-08-04 Researchers discover new tick-borne bacterium that causes ehrlichiosis in Wis., Minn. 0 None
2011-08-04 W.M. Keck Foundation awards Jefferson scientists with $1M medical research grant 0 None
2011-08-04 New urine test can aid in early detection of prostate cancer 0 None
2011-08-04 Fatty acids, nutrients during pregnancy can reduce risk of breast cancer in female offspring 0 None
2011-08-04 NIH, NanoBio sign licensing agreement to develop vaccine against RSV infections 0 None
2011-08-04 Hopkins stem cell research to examine how gene variants cause blood clotting disorders 0 None
2011-08-04 Vampire bats can smell blood-rich prey: Study 0 None
2011-08-03 Illumina and University of Oxford collaborate to sequence whole genomes 0 None
2011-08-03 Researchers discover biological mechanism behind sarcopenia 0 None
2011-08-03 New approach reduces cyanogen, enhances nutritional value in root crop 0 None
2011-08-03 Prolonged estrogen deprivation reduces ability to prevent strokes 0 None
2011-08-03 Chromogenic in situ hybridization can identify ALK rearrangement in lung cancer patients 0 None
2011-08-03 Combination molecules with BRAF inhibitors may help overcome drug resistance in melanoma patients 0 None
2011-08-03 Insight into how brain organizes during development 0 5
2011-08-03 Mood-related brain protein linked to sadness during cigarette withdrawal 0 None
2011-08-03 Combination of six common QA measures could prevent radiotherapy errors 0 None
2011-08-03 Researchers sample hydrogenotrophic microbes in the healthy human colon 0 None
2011-08-03 NanoViricides to apply 'lead optimization technology' to anti-HIV candidate 0 None
2011-08-03 VIB researchers develop mouse model for Charcot-Marie-Tooth neuropathy 0 None
2011-08-03 Nottingham animal scientist receives 'Marshall Medal' for fertility and reproduction study 0 None
2011-08-03 Lifestyle factors of people with exceptional longevity 0 None
2011-08-03 Federal appeals court partially reverses ruling in BRCA patents case 0 None
2011-08-03 Vanderbilt researcher receives Waxman Foundation's award for B-cell lymphoma study 0 None
2011-08-03 New insights into genesis and development of Sézary syndrome 0 None
2011-08-03 Conference to focus on connection between fluid balance and hypertension 0 None
2011-08-03 Memantine drug could boost cognitive function in people with Down syndrome 0 5
2011-08-03 Hydrogen sulfide protects blood vessels from diabetes complications 0 1
2011-08-03 Cancer Research UK honors Nottingham scientist with prestigious award 0 None
2011-08-03 Bear bile compound may help treat heart attack: Study 0 None
2011-08-03 SDIX adds nine new polyclonal antibodies to IVD reagents portfolio 0 None
2011-08-03 USPTO issues notice of allowance for Vermillion's PAD biomarker patent 0 None
2011-08-02 Sea Squirts found to have pacemaker cells similar to human heart 0 None
2011-08-02 New cold electron source could improve quality and speed of nanoimaging for drug development 0 None
2011-08-02 Race and the personalized medicine debate 0 None
2011-08-02 Prison research to examine neural circuitry of criminal psychopaths 0 None
2011-08-02 Antibody discovery leads researchers one step closer to universal influenza A vaccine 0 None
2011-08-02 Lack of TLR1 surface expression linked with increased susceptibility to tuberculosis 0 None
2011-08-02 New liquid material shows promise for people with facial deformities 0 None
2011-08-02 New insight into causes of pronoun confusion in autism 0 None
2011-08-02 Nicotine protects against Parkinson's disease 0 5
2011-08-02 Blocking IGF-1 receptor cripples cancer growth in T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia 0 None
2011-08-02 Scientists produce first systematic network map of plant protein interactions 0 None
2011-08-02 Taxoxifen combined with dasatinib reverses chemo-resistance in breast cancer cells 0 None
2011-08-02 Ursodeoxycholic acid could help prevent disturbances in heart's normal rhythm 0 None
2011-08-02 Scientists design octapeptides to fight drug resistant ovarian cancer cells 0 None
2011-08-02 Elsevier launches new interactive feature for life sciences journals 0 None
2011-08-01 Drink wine to prevent sunburns: Flavonoid research 0 5
2011-08-01 Mathematical model predicts progress of tumors from early stages to metastasis 0 None
2011-08-01 Nature Biotechnology publishes BGI, GT Life Sciences' study on CHO K1 genome 0 None
2011-08-01 Artificial nanoparticles have direct effect on heart rate and rhythm 0 None
2011-08-01 Stealth presents Bendavia at AHA's Cardiovascular Scientific Sessions 0 None
2011-08-01 Affymetrix to commercialize four Axiom genotyping arrays for the major populations 0 None
2011-08-01 Researchers identify new plasma membrane sculpting protein 0 None
2011-08-01 Intensive glycaemic control may negatively affect a person's quality of life 0 None
2011-08-01 Scientists reveal genetic region that increases risk of meningioma 0 None
2011-08-01 Myb protein suppression can help eliminate acute myelogenous leukemia 0 None
2011-08-01 Researchers reveal molecular mechanisms responsible for organizing intestinal epithelium 0 None
2011-08-01 Three new loci linked to asthma susceptibility in Japanese population 0 None
2011-08-01 Researchers reveal novel gene linked with asthma in African-Americans 0 None


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