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Date Title Comments Rating
2011-09-30 Study demonstrates how the intestine maintains 'immune tolerance' under healthy conditions 0 None
2011-09-30 The 7th annual World Stem Cell Summit takes place in Pasadena, CA 0 None
2011-09-30 New targeting approach to develop an active site-directed, drug-like PTP1B inhibitor 0 None
2011-09-30 Fat-rich 'western diet' fuels cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity 0 None
2011-09-30 Free radical peroyxnitrite linked to failure of cytotoxic T-cells to eliminate tumors 0 None
2011-09-30 Estradiol plays an important role in several metabolic diseases 0 None
2011-09-30 UCLA scientists create mouse model for autism 0 None
2011-09-30 ALK gene discovered by St. Jude scientists associated with FDA approved adult cancer drug 0 None
2011-09-30 AnaptysBio awarded DARPA contract extension for additional high affinity thermally stable antibodies 0 None
2011-09-30 Researchers use fMRI to examine patterns of brain activation in patients with chronic pain 0 None
2011-09-30 Researchers develop HTGTS to map translocatome in the genome 0 None
2011-09-30 Researchers discover 'superfast' muscles in mammals for the first time 0 None
2011-09-30 Two ACS members, editor of JACS to receive nation's highest honors in science and innovation 0 None
2011-09-30 Three Georgia Tech projects to receive NSF's EFRI grants 0 None
2011-09-30 Immunotherapeutics for treatment of metastatic melanoma 0 None
2011-09-30 Researchers determine structure of RIG-I protein linked with viral infections 0 None
2011-09-30 UNC professor wins 2011 PECASE award for research into alcohol addiction 0 None
2011-09-30 Two UTA scientists win 2011 PECASE award for innovative research 0 None
2011-09-30 Homobrassinolide may increase appetite, muscle mass and physical performance 0 None
2011-09-30 United Nations 66th General Assembly to discuss how to reduce NCDs 0 None
2011-09-30 GWAS uncovers new genes associated with type 1 diabetes 0 None
2011-09-30 Researchers identify set of proteins that affect development of varicose veins 0 None
2011-09-30 New technique helps identify how RNA molecules control gene expression 0 None
2011-09-30 PTK6 protein may play a different role in colon and breast cancer 0 None
2011-09-30 Resveratrol inhibits proliferation of hormone resistant breast cancer cells 0 None
2011-09-30 Immune cells in brain linked with behavioural responses to alcohol 0 None
2011-09-30 Ambry to provide CLIA-approved exome services for applications in clinical diagnostics 0 None
2011-09-30 Cedars-Sinai to co-sponsor World Stem Cell Summit 0 None
2011-09-30 MRI-based technique allows researchers to follow neural stem cells in vivo 0 None
2011-09-30 G-Zero receives NIAID's Phase II Small Business Innovation Research Grant 0 None
2011-09-30 Study provides insight into earliest stages of some cancers 0 None
2011-09-30 Beta-blockers can prevent breast cancer metastasis and improve survival 0 None
2011-09-30 Lin28/let-7 pathway plays an unexpected key role in type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-09-29 Plausible way to circumvent drug resistance in breast cancer cells 0 None
2011-09-29 Anti-caking agents may hasten degradation of vitamin C 0 None
2011-09-29 Researchers reveal how motivation facilitates motor functional recovery in stroke, SCI patients 0 None
2011-09-29 New process makes linear peptides circular 0 None
2011-09-29 Researchers describe how memory is divided into discrete individual packets 0 None
2011-09-29 Large-scale study on cat intestinal cancer could ultimately benefit humans 0 None
2011-09-29 DSMB authorizes ACT to proceed with next set of patients in stem cell clinical trials 0 5
2011-09-29 UCSF scientists identify how normal cells transform into brain tumors 0 None
2011-09-29 Three papers reveal structure and workings of G protein-coupled receptors 0 None
2011-09-29 Genetic variant may increase severity of coronary artery disease in patients with diabetes 0 None
2011-09-29 Researchers identify 'programmed cell death' pathway in parasitic worms 0 None
2011-09-29 Researchers discover kibra protein controls sculpting of brain circuitry 0 None
2011-09-29 Researchers use patient's own stem cells to correct genetic alteration that causes SCD 0 None
2011-09-29 Simple low-cost method for isolation and collection of fragile prostate cancer cells 0 None
2011-09-29 FOX06 protein contributes to liver overproduction of glucose in diabetes 0 None
2011-09-29 Salk Institute professor named 2011 recipient of NIH Director's T-R01 program 0 None
2011-09-29 Older women destined to develop AD have high blood levels of pregnancy protein 0 None
2011-09-29 Prototype drug shows promise against chronic lymphocytic leukemia 0 5
2011-09-29 Acetyl-L-carnitine likely to improve outcomes and recovery for individuals with SCI 0 None
2011-09-29 Johns Hopkins researchers discover oxaliplatin-based nerve damage 0 None
2011-09-29 Scientists discover effective target to kill late-stage metastatic prostate cancer cells 0 None
2011-09-29 First developmental study of human neural stem cells in subventricular zone 0 None
2011-09-28 Yale researchers use AB SCIEX's QTRAP technology to synthesize phosphoproteins 0 None
2011-09-28 Applied Biomics adds iTRAQ service to its proteomics line 0 None
2011-09-28 University of Utah organic chemist wins National Medal of Science 0 None
2011-09-28 Some stroke patients may benefit from treatment outside the typical 3 hour window 0 None
2011-09-28 Two Smithsonian scientists win PECASE award for innovative research, scientific leadership 0 None
2011-09-28 Treatment of CMV infection can inhibit medullablastomas development 0 None
2011-09-28 IUPUI develops mathematical model of brain's neural circuitry 0 None
2011-09-28 X-chromosome related microRNA may impact immunity and cancer 0 None
2011-09-28 Researchers validate two parasite enzymes as potential anti-malarial drug targets 0 None
2011-09-28 UCSF neuroscientist wins PECASE award for research into addiction 0 None
2011-09-28 We may be learning while we sleep 0 None
2011-09-28 Organic tomato juice contains more phenolic components than conventional crop juice 0 None
2011-09-28 New method for quickly identifying individual viruses 0 None
2011-09-28 Asians struggling with alcoholism may benefit from naltrexone 0 None
2011-09-28 Scientists identify proteasome phosphatase that appears to regulate removal of damaged proteins 0 None
2011-09-27 CCG announces new version of protein structure database and visualization system 0 None
2011-09-27 USPTO issues patent to Precision BioSciences' engineered meganucleases 0 None
2011-09-27 Close link between SF3B1 mutation and specific feature of myelodysplastic syndromes 0 None
2011-09-27 Lead compound activates infection-fighting REDD1 protein and kills flu strain 0 4
2011-09-27 UCLA researchers sequence complete genomes of 17 strains of mice 0 None
2011-09-27 Scientists uncover how methylation changes can influence blood stem cell's fate 0 None
2011-09-27 Researchers identify frequent SF3B1 gene mutation in myelodysplasia 0 None
2011-09-27 Asuragen announces data from Signature LTx v2.0 clinical study on leukemia 0 None
2011-09-27 Weill Cornell receives NIH's T-R01 Award for spina bifida research 0 None
2011-09-27 Researchers modify HIV in a way that makes it no longer able to suppress immune system 0 None
2011-09-27 Potato consumption leads to higher overall diet quality 0 None
2011-09-27 Prenatal exercise improves brain plasticity and prevents Alzheimer's in offspring 0 5
2011-09-27 University of Zurich receives AICR grant to improve vaccines against Burkitt's lymphoma 0 None
2011-09-27 Eating blueberries may inhibit breast cancer tumor growth 0 None
2011-09-27 Physical activity improves arthritis symptoms in obese mice 0 None
2011-09-27 MSU creates new malaria vaccine with immune-stimulating gene 0 None
2011-09-27 Communication breakdown between nerves and muscles in SMA mouse model 1 None
2011-09-27 Viewing computer images causes long-term changes in nerve cell connections 0 None
2011-09-27 Researchers discover cell receptor for CDT toxin of C. difficile bacterium 0 None
2011-09-26 Scientists identify a way that chemotherapy causes platelet numbers to drop 0 None
2011-09-26 New insights into actions of NSAIDs 0 None
2011-09-26 Duplication of RPS6KA3 gene produces limited family intellectual disability 0 None
2011-09-26 Scientists reveal link between lipid cell dysfunction and metabolic diseases 0 None
2011-09-26 Gold nanowires in engineered cardiac patches could help heart attack patients 0 None
2011-09-26 Laurantis Pharma's Lymfactin rebuilds lymphatic vessels in pre-clinical animal models 0 None
2011-09-26 Cannabidiol may help prevent paclitaxel-induced peripheral neuropathy 1 None
2011-09-26 Researchers devise protein 'switch' that instructs cancer cells to produce their own medication 0 None
2011-09-26 Scientists find a way to rapidly produce pure populations of oligodendrocyte progenitor cells 0 None
2011-09-26 Komen Foundation grant enables TGen scientists to study triple-negative breast cancer 0 None
2011-09-26 Researchers identify micro-RNA that regulates learning processes, Alzheimer's 0 None
2011-09-26 New research reveals how brain devotes time to reflect on tough choices 0 None
2011-09-26 Researchers discover 16 genes linked with breast cancer prognosis 0 None
2011-09-26 Scientists identify genetic variants associated with lung health 0 None
2011-09-23 Synthetic lectins inhibit HIV from entering cells 0 None
2011-09-23 BPA may not affect male testes 0 None
2011-09-23 Study identifies genetic mutations that affect immune response to measles vaccination 0 None
2011-09-23 University of Kentucky receives Department of Defense grant for lung cancer study 0 None
2011-09-23 Two TGen students receive SRP grants for antibiotic resistance and Alzheimer's research 0 None
2011-09-23 New insights into nephrotic syndrome and high blood pressure 0 None
2011-09-23 Human brain development does not stop at adolescence: Research 1 4.4
2011-09-23 New assay simultaneously visualize gene number, protein expression in individual cells 0 None
2011-09-23 AHA certifies walnuts as heart-healthy food 0 None
2011-09-23 Scientists discover mechanism behind MRI-induced vertigo 0 None
2011-09-23 NIH honors Utah biochemist with Pioneer Award for dsRNA research 0 None
2011-09-23 UCLA's gene-based imaging system can accurately detect metastatic prostate cancers 0 None
2011-09-23 New microbicide may block AIDS virus from infecting cells 0 None
2011-09-23 Ambrx, Bristol-Myers Squibb collaborate for novel biologics to treat heart failure and diabetes 0 None
2011-09-23 Researchers discover cellular origins of breast cancer 0 None
2011-09-23 Cyclin E plays a crucial role in the formation of nerve connections 0 None
2011-09-23 Adeno-associated virus type 2 kills human breast cancer cells in lab 0 None
2011-09-23 Cedars-Sinai inaugurates new facility to generate induced pluripotent stem cells 0 None
2011-09-23 Bortezomib drug may also treat pulmonary fibrosis or scleroderma 0 None
2011-09-23 Researchers discover how a novel type of antibody works against pneumococcal bacteria 0 None
2011-09-22 AGTC receives FFB grant to evaluate gene therapy treatment for X-linked Retinoschisis 0 4.5
2011-09-22 ACT receives UK MHRA clearance for hESC-derived RPE cell trial for Stargardt's Macular Dystrophy 0 None
2011-09-22 Polio spreads from Pakistan to China; WHO warns of further spread 0 None
2011-09-22 New findings on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome 0 5
2011-09-22 New and better understanding of blood vessel growth and angiogenesis in cancer 0 None
2011-09-22 Wnt signaling pathway plays an important role in early-onset dementia 0 None
2011-09-22 Researchers analyse effects of BPA in an in-vitro culture of ovaries 0 None
2011-09-22 Molecular pathways could play important role in fight against obesity and diabetes 0 None
2011-09-22 Cannabinoids may block development of PTSD symptoms after traumatic experience 0 None
2011-09-22 Methylphenidate drug may induce arousal from general anesthesia 0 None
2011-09-22 Common genetic variants linked to schizophrenia and bipolar disorder 0 4
2011-09-22 Cornell researchers identify how T. gondii controls host's immune system 0 None
2011-09-22 Families help identify new gene for motor neuron disease 0 None
2011-09-22 NanoString's miRGE Assay now available for use in nCounter Analysis System 0 None
2011-09-22 Researchers identify common genetic mutation for ALS, frontotemporal dementia 0 2
2011-09-22 Zinc plays a critical role in regulating communication between brain cells 0 None
2011-09-22 Scientists discover new genetic mutation for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 0 4
2011-09-22 Scientists discover 10 types of unique proteins in patients with stroke or heart attack 0 None
2011-09-22 Three Johns Hopkins scientists receive NIH Director's New Innovator Awards 0 None
2011-09-22 John Theurer Cancer Center to join MMRF's Personalized Medicine Initiative 0 None
2011-09-22 NIDA announces winners of Avant-Garde Awards for Innovative Medication Development Research 0 None
2011-09-22 NIH-funded project to develop new class of tissue regeneration therapeutics 0 None
2011-09-22 Scientists identify stress receptor that stimulates growth and migration of cancer cells 0 5
2011-09-21 Advertisements seduce consumers to buy products 0 None
2011-09-21 Study confirms biphasic nature of alcohol's effect on progression of atherosclerosis 0 None
2011-09-21 Researchers show how the body rids itself of damage when needed to reproduce and create new life 0 4
2011-09-21 Two IGB faculty members recognized as University Scholars 0 None
2011-09-21 Converting genetic data into biomedical knowledge a true challenge for statisticians 0 None
2011-09-21 Isolating 'bad' cells in rodent experiments may hold key to improving treatment for heart attacks 0 None
2011-09-21 Study reveals possible new treatment targets for diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas 0 None
2011-09-21 Positive data from InVivo's biomaterial scaffold implant preclinical study on acute SCI 0 None
2011-09-21 NUI Galway researchers develop super-sized model of heart valve 0 None
2011-09-21 Free public lecture to reveal new insights into brain cells linked with stroke, cerebral palsy 0 None
2011-09-21 Clinical trial to evaluate TAU's stem cell technology for ALS 0 None
2011-09-21 UTHealth doctoral student receives ASM, NIH research fellowships for E. coli study 0 None
2011-09-21 Researchers discover how living organisms avoid CO poisoning 0 None
2011-09-21 UNC's new nanoparticle shows potential for cancer chemotherapy 0 None
2011-09-21 Antivirals from shark cartilage compound squalamine 0 5
2011-09-21 Genetic differences play a role in prostate cancer disparities 0 None
2011-09-21 New blood test can help detect heart attacks 0 None
2011-09-21 MDC researchers determine molecular structure of dynamin 0 None
2011-09-21 Researchers can reverse aging process for human adult stem cells 0 5
2011-09-21 Study examines long-term use of Standard Days Method among women 0 None
2011-09-21 New floating microscopic device for researchers to study wide range of cellular processes 0 None
2011-09-21 Scientists discover crucial connection in skin formation 0 None
2011-09-21 NIH announces recipients of 2011 Transformative Research Award Projects 0 None
2011-09-21 Sleep deprivation may disrupt insulin secretion and glucose levels in obese teens 0 None
2011-09-21 NIH to honor two Scripps Research scientists with innovator awards 0 None
2011-09-21 Beta-blocker drugs may improve survival time for melanoma patients 0 None
2011-09-20 A code beyond DNA: Modified tRNA bases are characteristic of species 0 None
2011-09-20 Vigorous exercise results in stronger bones, reduced diabetes risk and less visceral fat 0 None
2011-09-20 New trick of tumors 0 None
2011-09-20 Water plays a decisive role in biologically active enzyme substrate compounds 0 None
2011-09-20 Neuroticism affects brain processing during anticipation and experience of pain 0 None
2011-09-20 Liposomes block HIV infection in early tests 0 None
2011-09-20 Common DNA variations contribute to schizophrenia, bipolar disorder 0 None
2011-09-20 Immune system uses zinc to destroy tuberculosis bacillus, E. coli 0 4
2011-09-20 Walnuts improve inferential reasoning skills among students 0 None
2011-09-20 Individuals without ubiquitin ligase Nedd4L more likely to develop CF 0 None
2011-09-20 Scientists discover how liver destroys immune T-cells 0 None
2011-09-20 Combination of lunasin and oxaliplatin prevents colon cancer from metastasis 0 None
2011-09-20 Scientists identify oldest known DNA regulatory region 0 None
2011-09-20 Regular exercise also increases mitochondrial numbers in brain cells 0 4
2011-09-20 Researchers identify 16 new genetic variations that affect blood pressure 0 None
2011-09-20 Vitrolife obtains Chinese SFDA approval for aspiration needles and micropipettes 0 None
2011-09-20 FoxM1 protein plays a critical role in development of medulloblastomas 0 None
2011-09-20 SK Biopharmaceuticals, Mayo Clinic collaborate to develop new treatments for ALS 0 None
2011-09-20 UNC researchers reveal genetic underpinnings of Foxp3-expressing regulatory T cells 0 None
2011-09-20 New UCSB technology can identify cancerous prostate cells 0 None
2011-09-20 UNC researchers develop technique that can observe cellular intricacies of CF 0 None
2011-09-20 Calgary researchers discover new class of anti-inflammatory agents 0 None
2011-09-20 Powerful new antibiotic treatment for MRSA and C. difficile bugs 0 None
2011-09-20 OvaGene's new molecular diagnostics laboratory receives CLIA-certification 0 None
2011-09-20 Mayo Clinic, SK biopharmaceuticals collaborate to discover new ALS drugs 0 None
2011-09-19 Phenex commences Px-102 first-in-man Phase I study for Metabolic Syndrome and NAFLD 0 None
2011-09-19 High dietary salt intake and obesity together trigger abnormal activation of cellular protein 1 None
2011-09-19 Scientists discover common genetic variants associated with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder 0 None
2011-09-19 Intelligent t-shirt patient biomonitoring platform 0 None
2011-09-19 Researcher identifies genetic mutation responsible for adermatoglyphia 0 None
2011-09-19 Capacity for learning in birds not linked to overall brain size 0 None
2011-09-19 Techulon signs distribution agreement with BioConcept for Glycofect 0 None
2011-09-19 NTNU genetic research shows best recipe to limit risk of lifestyle-related diseases 0 None
2011-09-19 Gamers solve molecular structure of retrovirus enzyme 0 None
2011-09-19 Cornell researchers learn how helicase enzyme works to unzip two strands of DNA 0 None
2011-09-19 Two newer Type 2 diabetes drugs could be linked to increased risk of pancreatic cancer 0 None
2011-09-19 Nanoparticles have a detrimental effect on the fish brain 0 None
2011-09-19 Researchers reveal crystal structure of dynamin protein 0 None
2011-09-19 NPF announces support for three new Parkinson's research projects 0 None
2011-09-17 High-fat maternal diet during pregnancy results in deposition of excess body fat in the newborn 0 None
2011-09-17 Novel therapies remove the brakes cancer puts on the immune system 0 None
2011-09-17 Researchers discover molecular-level changes in brains of women with major depressive disorder 0 None
2011-09-17 ALS damages neurons in parts of the brain responsible for cognition and behaviour 0 None
2011-09-17 Reducing levels of protein FKBP51 may yield new antidepressant therapies 0 1
2011-09-17 Additional data on safety, tolerability of Cempra's solithromycin to be presented at 51st ICAAC 0 None
2011-09-17 New insight into how nervous system regulates immunity 0 None
2011-09-17 Researchers show how protein fortilin promotes growth of cancer cells 0 None
2011-09-17 Good absorption of calcium linked to prostate cancer 0 None
2011-09-17 Study reveals altered digestive genes in children with autism and gastrointestinal disturbances 0 None
2011-09-17 Vesicular stomatitis virus kills cancer cells 0 5
2011-09-17 Adult stem cells hold hope for treatment of lupus 0 None
2011-09-16 Chemical composition of chitosan influences antibacterial activity 0 None
2011-09-16 New collaboration reinforces Sanofi's translational discovery platform for retinal diseases 0 None
2011-09-16 Karolinska Institutet professor earns 2011 ECNP Neuropsychopharmacology Award 0 None
2011-09-16 Anavex announces ANAVEX pre-clinical data on Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2011-09-16 Researchers discuss how decision neuroscience hopes to advance understanding of brain 0 None
2011-09-16 Novel imaging technique reveals new visual resolution of NK cell action 0 None
2011-09-16 Estrogen therapy can reverse progression of pulmonary hypertension 0 4.5
2011-09-16 Scientists investigate how rhythmic activity of nerve cells supports spatial navigation 0 1
2011-09-16 New paper describes unique process that is central to induction of MSRA antibiotic resistance 0 None
2011-09-16 Animals burn protein during long, cold hibernation 0 None
2011-09-16 Potential new treatment for fragile X syndrome 0 None
2011-09-16 Researchers identify molecular pathway that may play key role in evolution of chemotherapy resistance 0 None
2011-09-16 Scientists discover new type of spinal cord stem cell 0 None
2011-09-16 Cleveland Clinic receives NIH grant to study effectiveness of concussion diagnostic test 0 None
2011-09-16 Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification test for human African trypanosomiasis 0 None
2011-09-16 Study examines effects of carbon nanoparticles on living cells 0 None
2011-09-16 U of C researchers create new model of obsessive-compulsive disorder 0 None
2011-09-16 New cell type could play an important role in spinal cord injury and disease 0 None
2011-09-16 UNC-45A protein plays critical role in breast cancer cell division and migration 0 None
2011-09-16 New nanopore sensor can lead to early detection of lung cancer 0 None
2011-09-16 New insight into why some individuals may be more aggressive than others 0 None
2011-09-16 Scientists uncover unknown fail-safe pathway for inherited disorders 0 None
2011-09-16 Azithromycin gel may treat borreliosis in humans 0 None
2011-09-16 Researchers identify promising new therapies for ependymoma 0 None
2011-09-16 GSM signal from mobile phones suppresses glucose metabolism in brain 0 None
2011-09-15 Memory lapses may indicate cognitive problems 0 None
2011-09-15 New computational method quickly predicts three-dimensional structure of protein 0 None
2011-09-15 Positive results from PROLOR Biotech's Factor VIIa-CTP preclinical study on hemophilia 0 None
2011-09-15 Scientists compare complete genome sequences of cowpox virus to prepare a phylogeny 0 None
2011-09-15 Axeq announces Turnkey Discovery sequencing and analysis services 0 None
2011-09-15 Differences in lifestyle, tumor genetics linked to head and neck cancer in African Americans 0 None
2011-09-15 Heart specialists reveal how pacemaker works at the biological level 0 None
2011-09-15 Fast-track genetic diagnosis for hearing loss 0 None
2011-09-15 Uterine stem cells could help treat diabetes 0 None
2011-09-15 Sickle cell trait does not increase risk of severe kidney disease in African-Americans 0 None
2011-09-15 Rac1 protein triggers growth of long 'legs' that could propel melanoma cells to spread 0 None
2011-09-15 Psychological stress of racial discrimination may contribute to health disparities 0 None
2011-09-15 First effective blood-stage vaccine against malaria 0 5
2011-09-15 OXTR gene associated with optimism, self-esteem and mastery 0 None
2011-09-15 Glucose metabolism inhibition with 2-DG induces cell death in alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma 0 None
2011-09-15 Scientist granted over $138,000 to explore Vitamin C therapy in sepsis 0 5
2011-09-14 Celecoxib inhibits GSK3 enzyme in lung cancer cells 1 None
2011-09-14 Researchers may have solved 100-year-old puzzle to safely open and close the blood-brain barrier 0 4.5
2011-09-14 Researchers combine 3-D printing technology and multiphoton polymerization to develop artificial blood vessels 0 None
2011-09-14 Single UV laser pulse simultaneously zaps away biological tissue at multiple points 0 None
2011-09-14 Researchers evaluate effect of Terahertz radiation on gene expression in stem cells 0 None
2011-09-14 STED microscope reveals that F-actin pervades immunological synapse 0 None
2011-09-14 'Achilles' heels' within HCV virus 0 None
2011-09-14 USC scientists explore motor memory to foster better rehabilitation for stroke patients 0 None
2011-09-14 Neuroscientists use fMRI to identify how brain figures out scene recognition 0 None
2011-09-14 BVES protein may play a role in colon cancer progression 0 None
2011-09-14 Scientists decode new mechanism that regulates cell polarity in epithelial tissues, neurons 0 None
2011-09-14 Research identifies 6 critical deafness-related mutations in Israeli Jewish, Palestinian Arab families 0 None
2011-09-14 Biotica, Buck Institute collaborate to investigate polyketides in diseases of aging 0 None
2011-09-14 Natural S-equol supplement does not increase risk of estrogen-sensitive breast cancer 0 None
2011-09-14 Jefferson neurologist receives Harold G. Wolff Lecture Award for migraine headache model 0 None
2011-09-14 EMBL, five countries sign ELIXIR's Memorandum of Understanding 0 None
2011-09-14 Thyroid-stimulating hormone can promote bone growth 0 None
2011-09-14 New imaging method could better assess extent of nerve damage 0 None
2011-09-14 Pure maple syrup may promote a healthy liver 0 None
2011-09-14 Electron microscope reveals minute morphology of dendritic trees 0 None
2011-09-14 Curcumin suppresses cell signaling pathway that drives growth of head and neck cancer 0 None
2011-09-14 Lignans lower risk of death in women with breast cancer 0 None
2011-09-14 Mary Ann Liebert launches 'Human Gene Therapy Methods' journal 0 None
2011-09-14 Efficient, economical molecule could speed evaluation of some anti-cancer treatments 0 None
2011-09-14 OBT, Seattle Genetics form strategic collaboration to discover novel ADCs for cancer 0 None
2011-09-14 Genetic variant associated with increased long-term mortality risk after coronary artery bypass graft procedure 0 None
2011-09-14 Henry Ford study identifies 23 microRNAs for laryngeal cancer 0 None
2011-09-13 BGI, Merck collaborate to focus on biomarkers and genomic technologies 0 None
2011-09-13 New drug combination may treat two aggressive cancers 0 4
2011-09-13 UC Berkeley scientists offer treatment hope for patients with tinnitus 0 None
2011-09-13 Researchers identify new type of potential anticancer drug 0 None
2011-09-13 Cardiotrophin 1 has marked effect on fat and glucose metabolism 0 5
2011-09-13 Hawthorn, CoPlex Therapeutics sign licensing deal to develop and commercialize hawAD14 for Alzheimer's 0 None
2011-09-12 UB transgenic mouse model of Timothy Syndrome improves understanding of autism 0 None
2011-09-12 University of Adelaide research focuses on techniques to treat swallowing disorders 0 None
2011-09-12 Reducing malaria incidence could also drastically reduce deaths from bacterial infections, study says 0 None
2011-09-12 Tensha raises $15 million in Series A financing to advance bromodomains for cancer 0 None
2011-09-12 Women with BRCA gene mutations at risk of developing cancers at earlier ages 0 None
2011-09-12 Chromatin, Dow AgroSciences achieve first milestone in research collaboration 0 None
2011-09-12 Women with BRCA gene mutation develop breast cancer earlier than their ancestors 0 None
2011-09-12 Researchers identify glucokinase triggers beta cell regeneration in pancreas 0 None
2011-09-12 Spinifex announces new data from EMA401 pre-clinical study on diabetic neuropathy 0 None
2011-09-12 Lund University professor receives Fernström Foundation Nordic Prize for brain cell transplants 0 None
2011-09-12 Genetically modified ‘glow cat’ for HIV/AIDS research 2 4.2
2011-09-12 IBN scientists harness ultrasmall peptides to repair spinal disc damage 0 None
2011-09-12 Crocus plant to provide a tumor killing “smart bomb” 0 None
2011-09-12 USC team produces world's first high-resolution images of α7 neuroreceptor 0 None
2011-09-12 Mayo Clinic develops genome-based immunization strategy against feline AIDS 0 None
2011-09-12 General anesthesia can cause cognitive impairment in children 0 None
2011-09-12 Scientists successfully disrupt function of MYC cancer gene 0 None
2011-09-12 LC-MRM could provide better understanding of multiple myeloma drug resistance 0 None
2011-09-12 Preliminary research shows how Fusarium microbes travel through the air 0 None
2011-09-12 InteRNA, Silence partner to develop novel microRNA therapeutics for cancer 0 None
2011-09-12 New treatment strategy for dominant forms of muscular dystrophy 0 None
2011-09-12 Human gliomas release excess levels of glutamate and trigger seizures 0 None
2011-09-12 Researchers describe new function of HCN channels in the heart 0 None
2011-09-12 Common genetic variant may predispose people to acute dissections 0 None
2011-09-12 WSU researcher receives $418,000 NINDS grant to study spinal muscular atrophy 0 5
2011-09-12 Scientists identify 28 blood pressure-associated genetic variants 0 None
2011-09-12 Researchers identify 29 DNA sequence variations linked with blood pressure 0 None
2011-09-12 Researchers discover 16 new gene regions that influence blood pressure 0 None
2011-09-12 Study pinpoints relationship between primary brain tumors and onset of epileptic seizures 0 None
2011-09-09 Researchers demonstrate connection between circadian rhythm, platelet function and cardiovascular risk 0 None
2011-09-09 NIH awards $12.8 million renewal grant for Louisville adult stem cell research project 0 None
2011-09-09 Researchers create powerful anti-diabetic prototype drugs with lesser side effects 0 None
2011-09-09 Autophagy also mobilizes and exports cholesterol from cells 0 None
2011-09-09 Au. sediba demonstrates unique combination of features, never before seen in early human ancestors 0 None
2011-09-09 Landmark discovery in rapid spread of PRL-3 oncoprotein associated aggressive cancers 0 None
2011-09-09 Ultrasonic neuromodulation can be quickly applied in neurocritical care situations 0 None
2011-09-09 Study on insect species associated with Tibetan medicinal fungus, O. sinensis 0 None
2011-09-09 Novel solution for purifying stem cell mixtures 0 None
2011-09-09 Study identifies genes never before linked to antibiotic resistance in enterococci 0 None
2011-09-09 PKC epsilon enzyme might be target for treatment of nicotine addiction, alcohol abuse 0 None
2011-09-09 Elusys receives federal contract to develop prophylactic treatment against anthrax 0 None
2011-09-09 New method for making synthetic collagen 0 None
2011-09-09 Scientists discover new gene mutation responsible for late-onset Parkinson's 0 None
2011-09-09 Blood levels of FGF-23 can help predict CKD patients at risk of heart problems 0 None
2011-09-09 UOHI team identifies that autophagy also mobilizes and exports cholesterol from cells 0 None
2011-09-09 Aura's NanoSmart platform can enable earlier detection, treatment of cancers 0 None
2011-09-08 TB vaccine candidate shows early potential in mice 0 None
2011-09-08 Theraplex unveils new line of aesthetics skin care products 0 None
2011-09-08 Dysregulated neuronal RNA transport may cause Fragile X-associated tremor/ataxia syndrome 0 None
2011-09-08 Researchers uncover new and safe contraceptive pill for women 0 None
2011-09-08 Excitation and inhibition remain balanced, even when the brain undergoes reorganization 0 None
2011-09-08 Researchers identify bouncer protein that plays a vital role in RA prevention 0 None
2011-09-08 'Chaperone' protein may play a critical role in pathogenesis of heart failure 0 None
2011-09-08 Scientists discover backup circuits in cetuximab-resistant cancer cells 0 None
2011-09-08 UVB light processing boosts vitamin D in mushrooms 0 None
2011-09-08 Abnormal levels of lysophosphatidic acid can trigger congenital hydrocephalus 0 None
2011-09-08 Researchers identify new drug target for heart failure 0 None
2011-09-08 ATA announces five recipients of 2011 thyroid cancer research grants 0 None
2011-09-08 Scientist identifies how lack of dopamine leads to symptoms of Parkinson's 0 4
2011-09-08 Daily moderate drinking may decrease atherosclerosis 0 None
2011-09-08 Cyclic proteins transport drugs faster 0 None
2011-09-08 Inhibition of Sab protein protects liver from acetaminophen toxicity 0 None
2011-09-08 IFT member explains facts about antioxidants 0 None
2011-09-08 Social engagement transforms white fat into energy-burning brown fat 0 None
2011-09-08 Scientists invent new system that uses magnetism to purify hybrid nanoparticles 0 None
2011-09-08 Biochemists reveal interaction between tumor suppressor protein and chaperone 0 None
2011-09-08 New surprising discovery on division of mitochondria within cells 0 None
2011-09-08 Mass. Eye and Ear receives NIAID grant to coordinate Harvard-wide Project on Antibiotic Resistance 0 None
2011-09-08 APS sponsors 7th International Symposium on Aldosterone and the ENaC/Degenerin Family of Ion Channels 0 None
2011-09-08 NJIT to honor electrical engineer for nanotechnology research 0 None
2011-09-08 Study: Protein's structural arrangement can change its signaling function 0 None
2011-09-08 Researchers identify new genetic cause of inherited Parkinson's disease 0 None
2011-09-08 Beta-glucans can help wounds to heal quickly 0 5
2011-09-07 Loss of estrogen receptor alpha protein may lead to metabolic syndrome 0 None
2011-09-07 Human brain places more value on winning in a social setting 0 None
2011-09-07 Scientists discover 29 new genetic variants linked with MS 0 None
2011-09-07 International researchers to assess role of pre-clinical animal models in drug discovery 0 None
2011-09-07 Glioma stem cells can change their metabolic state at will, finds study 0 None
2011-09-07 IBCRF awards TGen $50,000 to discover genetic origins of inflammatory breast cancer 0 None
2011-09-07 Thermo Fisher Scientific offers siRNA libraries in Labcyte Echo qualified source plates 0 None
2011-09-07 Scientists discover two opposing neuronal regulatory circuits for generation, elimination of fear 0 None
2011-09-07 Biomaterials may heal chronic diabetic wounds 0 None
2011-09-07 London scientist hopes to improve diagnosis for Jeune syndrome 0 2
2011-09-07 Consuming walnuts slows development and growth of breast cancer tumors 0 None
2011-09-07 Study on effects of adult stem cell treatments in patients with Hereditary Ataxia 0 None
2011-09-07 Researchers discover new genetic defect that can lead to Leigh syndrome 0 None
2011-09-07 Pancreatic mesenchyme plays central role in the formation of mature beta cells 0 None
2011-09-07 Scientists uncover new ways to stimulate pancreatic beta cell growth 0 None
2011-09-07 Genetically modified M. smegmatis vaccine shows promise against TB 0 None
2011-09-07 Leading cancer journals publish OncoGenex's custirsen pre-clinical and Phase II study data 0 None
2011-09-07 Study: K-complexes control effects of noise on sleep 0 None
2011-09-07 Breast cancer patients with BRCA1 mutation experience pCR after neoadjuvent chemotherapy 0 None
2011-09-07 SYSU, ASU collaborate to develop early and predictive diagnostics for colorectal cancer 0 None
2011-09-06 Golden Meditech launches Taiwan representative office 0 None
2011-09-06 Biologists identify mechanism of H. pylori that damages DNA of gastric mucosal cells 0 None
2011-09-06 Gene variants that help regulate serotonin may serve as predictor of risk for PSTD symptoms 0 None
2011-09-06 McMaster team demonstrates essential role of AMPK enzyme in exercise 0 None
2011-09-06 Biologists reveal why men's ring fingers are longer than their index fingers 0 None
2011-09-06 Researchers reveal mechanism behind how cells communicate 0 None
2011-09-06 Bruker releases new amaZon speed ion trap mass spectrometers 0 None
2011-09-06 AMT, NIH enter exclusive license agreement for use of AAV5-based gene therapy vectors 0 None
2011-09-06 Lilly, QIAGEN partner to develop and commercialize companion diagnostic for JAK2 V617F 0 None
2011-09-06 Researchers discover how yeast cells identify, attach to human tissue and cause infection 0 None
2011-09-05 Researchers discover novel way to increase amounts of antibiotics 0 None
2011-09-05 Cancer cells with specific genetic defect extra susceptible to therapy that damages DNA 0 None
2011-09-05 Researchers discover gene mutation linked with lymphoedema, leukaemia 0 None
2011-09-05 Scientists purify PARP protein that shows promise against breast, ovarian cancers 0 None
2011-09-05 C. sporogenes bacterium could be used as vehicle to deliver drugs in frontline cancer therapy 0 None
2011-09-05 Inflammation boosts activity of two proteins that can normalize blood sugar in diabetics 0 None
2011-09-05 IKEPLUS immunization completely eliminates TB bacteria from infected tissues 1 None
2011-09-05 Researchers discover group of mutations involved in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia 0 None
2011-09-05 Researchers discover new genetic defect that predisposes people to leukemia, myelodysplasia 1 2
2011-09-05 Scientists identify human colon stem cells and grow them in lab-plates 0 None
2011-09-05 Einstein researchers develop tuberculosis vaccine candidate 0 None
2011-09-05 Study describes new class of anti-diabetic compound that targets unique molecular switch 0 5
2011-09-05 Scientists sequence ten variants of E. coli O104:H4 outbreak strain across the world 0 None
2011-09-03 Researchers help explain elusive mechanics of complex cell transport system 0 None
2011-09-03 Researchers discover mechanism of low-dose LDN on cell proliferative-related disorders 0 5
2011-09-03 Researchers discover protein signals responsible for preserving anti-viral antibodies 0 2
2011-09-03 Scientists discover highly conserved mechanism governing brain development 0 None
2011-09-03 Researchers discover why tumors evolve 0 None
2011-09-03 Researchers inject cultured red blood cells created from HSCs into human donor 0 None
2011-09-03 Inhibiting the ability of immune cells to use fatty acids slows MS progression 0 None
2011-09-03 Resveratrol helps prevent metabolic syndrome in offspring 0 None
2011-09-03 UCF, UF receive $5.5 million NIH grant for hemophilia research 0 None
2011-09-03 Scientists identify several links between genetic variants and specific metabolic changes 0 None
2011-09-03 Novel analysis of MRI scans reveals distinct features of autistic brain 0 None
2011-09-03 Nature journal publishes Metabolon's genome wide association study 0 None
2011-09-03 First report of alternative lengthening of telomeres in human cancer subtypes 0 None
2011-09-03 Study finds link between long-term dietary patterns and human gut bacteria 0 None
2011-09-03 Exercise triggers influential stem cells to become bone instead of fat 0 None
2011-09-03 Scientists uncover one of the benefits of non-monogamous relationships 0 None
2011-09-03 Plerixafor drug shows promise against WHIM syndrome 0 None
2011-09-03 Researchers discover mechanisms behind BRCA1 gene mutations in breast and ovarian cancer 0 None
2011-09-03 NASA, Louisiana Tech to conduct zero-gravity testing of DNA analysis device 0 None
2011-09-03 Going bananas may help kids breathe easier 0 None
2011-09-03 Study: Growth hormone helps regenerate damaged hair cells in zebrafish ear 0 None
2011-09-03 New research puts an unexpected twist on how mitochondria divide within cells 0 None
2011-09-03 Scientists clarify endogenous mechanism that can prevent development of allergies 0 None
2011-09-03 Health care politics: Perry's stem cell controversy, presidential contenders and health law; Biden Medicare fact check 0 None
2011-09-02 Jefferson's two-step bone marrow transplant procedure holds promise for cancer patients 0 None
2011-09-02 Alcohol reduces awareness of how much a person cares about making mistakes 0 None
2011-09-02 New medicines to target LPA receptors may prevent serious developmental brain diseases 0 None
2011-09-02 Researchers modify toxic chemical of marine cycyanobacteria to treat colon cancer 0 None
2011-09-02 Discovery in rare disease may shed light on common causes of blindness 0 None
2011-09-02 Microtubule stability linked to increased sensitivity to paclitaxel 0 None
2011-09-02 Contraceptive pill prevents loss of eye sight 0 3.5
2011-09-02 Blocked blood vessels linked to familiar signs of aging 0 None
2011-09-02 Chromatin might have another life as direct signaling molecule 0 None
2011-09-02 New genetic screening program for families at high risk of colorectal cancer 0 None
2011-09-02 Pemetrexed treatment produces better outcomes in ALK-translocated NSCLC patients 0 None
2011-09-02 UVA researchers develop 3-D model to visualize early growth of human breast tissue 0 None
2011-09-02 Neutrophils linked to growth and spread of cancer 0 4
2011-09-02 UTHealth Phase I trial: Bone marrow stem cell therapy feasible, safe for acute stroke patients 0 None
2011-09-02 Special journal edition chronicles 3-D structures of important antibacterial, bioterrorist targets 0 None
2011-09-02 Walnut-containing diet could reduce risk of breast cancer 0 None
2011-09-02 Ancient antibiotic resistance findings leads experts to stress need to use antibiotics sparingly 0 None
2011-09-02 One third of patients with unexplained body malodor production test positive for TMAU 1 5
2011-09-02 Princeton researchers match images of brain activity with complex thought 0 None
2011-09-02 Scientists discover genetic cause of extreme thinness 0 None
2011-09-02 People with Alzheimer's have lower ubiquilin-1 protein levels 0 None
2011-09-02 Two ALS-associated genes work in tandem to support long-term survival of motor neurons 0 None
2011-09-02 Dendritic cells play central role in regulation of acetaminophen's toxicity 0 None
2011-09-02 Fibrous stroma can help predict aggressiveness of squamous cell carcinoma 0 None
2011-09-02 CRI announces winners of 2011 Coley Award for distinguished research in tumor immunology 0 None
2011-09-02 Insight into molecular basis of Enhanced S-Cone Syndrome 1 None
2011-09-02 Low-cost, portable technique can detect specific proteins in human blood 0 None


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