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2004-12-13 Men seem to stop trying when they remarry 0 None
2004-12-13 Notebook computers can have a negative effect on male fertility 0 None
2004-12-13 Silent risk of osteoporosis in men with prostate cancer 0 None
2004-12-07 Physically fit men visit their doctors less frequently 0 None
2004-11-29 Low testosterone production appears to be a common complication of type 2 diabetes in men 0 None
2004-11-29 Elevated BMI may not increase risk of death among men with heart attack or stroke 0 None
2004-11-16 Safe, effective and reversible alternative contraceptives for men 0 None
2004-11-16 Hormone replacement therapy patches have considerable potential as prostate cancer therapy 0 None
2004-11-14 Low carb diets, like the Atkins and South Beach Diets, may be the best option for men who want to slim 0 None
2004-11-09 Men with prostate cancer are being seen more quickly and receiving better care according to a britsih Government report 0 None
2004-11-09 FDA has warned consumers not to purchase or to consume Actra-Rx or Yilishen, promoted as "dietary supplements" for treating erectile dysfunction 0 None
2004-11-08 Obese and overweight men spend 3.5 times more on prescription drugs than normal-weight men 0 None
2004-10-29 Practical lifestyle tips that can ease living with prostate problems 1 None
2004-10-28 Red wine consumption may protect men against lung cancer 0 None
2004-10-26 Blood pressure at the high end of normal still a risk for heart disease 0 None
2004-10-25 Men undergoing prostate cancer therapy forget things faster 0 None
2004-10-13 Black men have better sexual and urinary function than white men after prostate cancer surgery 0 None
2004-10-12 Paroxetine is an effective treatment for diminishing hot flashes in men who are receiving hormone therapy for prostate cancer 0 None
2004-10-05 Testosterone may help men recover from a stroke 0 None
2004-09-29 Black men in the United States are significantly less likely to be screened for prostate cancer 0 None
2004-09-28 Men are likely to joke and laugh their way through being ill 0 None
2004-09-27 New hope for patients suffering hormone therapy resitant prostate cancer 0 None
2004-09-27 Poor performance on an exercise treadmill can mean double risk for heart attack 0 None
2004-09-27 Prostate cancer treatment leads to declines in sexual and urinary function 0 None
2004-09-26 Elderly African American men are less likely to get tested for prostate cancer 0 None
2004-09-23 Four or more glasses of red wine per week may reduce risk of prostate cancer by 50 percent 0 None
2004-09-20 New insights into ancient mating and migration patterns in humans 0 3.4
2004-09-16 Surprise finding about male infertility 0 None
2004-09-15 Men with sweet tooths more prone to alcoholism 0 None
2004-09-10 Homophobic lyrics in reggae music, a health issue for black gay men 0 None
2004-09-08 Men's magazines don’t inform men about prostate and colon cancer screening 0 None
2004-08-25 Regular exercise boosts immune system in older men 0 None
2004-08-05 25% of young men tested positive for a sexually transmitted infection (STI) 0 None
2004-08-05 Moderate exercise helps beat fatigue from prostate radiation 0 None
2004-08-03 Free prostate screening days for men in the Washington DC area 0 None
2004-07-10 Rates of suicide in England and Wales have plummeted in middle-aged and elderly men 0 None
2004-07-10 Mollycoddled boys are more likely to grow into men who will be more successful at work and in their relationships 0 None
2004-07-10 Simple plastic ring could help the seven million men in Britain who suffer from premature ejaculation 0 None
2004-07-01 Young gay men experience high rates of anti-gay violence and harassment 0 None
2004-07-01 TUNA therapy results in significantly reduced erectile dysfunction 0 None
2004-06-29 Men can live a long time after treatment for prostate cancer, and they deserve to have a good quality of life 0 5
2004-06-28 Khat plant may create next men’s fertility wonder drug 0 None
2004-06-25 New study could bring hope to men who don't respond well to hormone therapy for prostate cancer 0 None
2004-06-25 Men raised in "traditional" family households are more likely to marry 0 None
2004-06-22 Exercise helps overweight men with erectile dysfunction 0 None
2004-06-22 Erectile dysfunction and type 2 diabetes could mean heart disease 0 None
2004-06-15 Asian Indian men more at risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease 0 None
2004-06-10 Prostate cancer immunotherapy vaccine hits clinical trials 0 5
2004-06-10 Early hormone therapy for metastatic prostate cancer increases life expectancy 1 None
2004-06-09 Untreated prostate cancer can turn to lethal disease over long-term 0 None
2004-06-05 200 new therapies are being developed for prostate cancer 0 None
2004-05-27 Current test for prostate cancer is inadequate 0 None
2004-05-27 Radiation therapy after surgery for men with prostate cancer lessens the chance of the cancer returning 0 None
2004-05-27 Men with low prostate specific antigen levels on screening tests can still have prostate cancer 0 None
2004-05-25 In the years between adolescence and adulthood, about three men die for every woman 0 None
2004-05-25 50 percent of British men admit they would delay seeing a doctor if they had warning signs of cancer 0 None
2004-05-24 Largest study ever finds male breast cancer on the rise 0 None
2004-05-23 Study finds breast cancer in men is increasing though the disease remains rare 0 None
2004-05-18 Clinical trial of traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of male infertility 0 None
2004-05-17 Want a new type of man? Maybe less brawn and more brains? 0 None
2004-05-13 Father's sperm packs more than just a fertilizer 0 1
2004-05-12 Obesity epidemic and its impact on prostate cancer 0 None
2004-05-12 Men's oral hygiene far behind women's 0 None
2004-05-12 20–30 percent of men worldwide are commonly affected by premature ejaculation (PE) 0 None
2004-05-11 Botox shows promise as an alternative treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia 0 None
2004-05-11 Sexual Dysfunction in benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) twice as high as physicians estimate 0 4.3
2004-05-11 Quality of life for men after prostate cancer treatment 0 None
2004-05-11 Scientists tackle the decline in male fertility 0 None
2004-05-11 Male pedestrians account for 70 percent of cost to the community from deaths and injuries on the road 0 None
2004-05-11 Study shows men keen to be involved in child birth and early parenting 0 None
2004-05-11 Risk of prostate cancer greater in men over 50 with high levels of testosterone 0 None
2004-05-10 Men with erectile dysfunction (ED) are 38 percent more likely to have hypertension 0 None
2004-05-10 Relationship between PSA score and prostate cancer has steadily declined 0 None
2004-05-09 Overweight post prostate cancer surgery patients have greater chance of cancer recurrence 0 None
2004-05-08 Prostatectomy may decrease male orgasmic quality 0 None
2004-05-03 Minimal information available on the likelihood of side effects from prostate cancer treatment 0 None
2004-04-29 Penn State to sponsor National Conference on men's health 0 None
2004-04-29 New British survey illustrates the difficulties in targeting health services at men 0 None
2004-04-25 Men encouraged to 'pop down to their local' more often 0 None
2004-04-25 The cancer death rate for African-American males would drop by nearly two-thirds if their exposure to tobacco smoke was eliminated 0 None
2004-04-20 Dieting greatly reduces risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes 0 None
2004-04-20 Test results from 1970s linked to rates of erectile problems 25 years later 0 None
2004-04-19 Obesity common factor for poor health among men 0 None
2004-04-13 Amount of adiponectin hormone lessens chance of heart attacks 0 None
2004-04-13 Men with family history of prostate cancer accurately predict higher risk 0 None
2004-04-12 Latest developments in prostate cancer research 0 None
2004-04-04 Study Looks at Risk Factors for Range-of-Motion Limitations In Young Males with Hemophilia 0 None
2004-03-28 Research shows sildenafil can have an adverse effect on the morale of men 0 4
2004-03-24 Study shows Levitra enhances patients' self-esteem by improving erections 0 None
2004-03-23 Alcohol Consumption Decreases Risk of Heart Disease in Men 0 None
2004-03-22 Plasticiser Phthalates connected with rising infertility rates 0 None
2004-03-22 Herbal penis enhancement manufacturer off to court for false and deceptive advertisements 0 None
2004-03-22 Radiation therapy for recurring prostate cancer 0 None


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