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2007-12-17 Men unaware of their cancer risk when female relatives test positive for BRCA mutation 0 None
2007-12-13 Male infertility - epigenetics may be the underlying cause 0 None
2007-12-13 DAB2IP gene linked to aggressive prostate cancer 0 None
2007-12-13 Variant of a tumor suppressor gene associated with aggressive prostate cancer 0 None
2007-12-13 Extracts from fungi show potential as prostate cancer treatment 0 None
2007-12-10 Male circumcision 0 5
2007-12-04 Males with a twin sister appear more likely to develop the eating disorder anorexia nervosa 0 None
2007-12-03 HIV rates among MSM vastly higher than general population in developing countries 0 None
2007-11-29 Effects of weight, genetics and religious beliefs on prostate cancer 0 None
2007-11-26 Many prostate cancer patients receive wrong treatment 0 None
2007-11-26 It's a bald fact...smoking makes your hair fall out! 0 2.2
2007-11-21 Doctors may be missing cancers in obese men due to misleading PSA scores 0 None
2007-11-20 PSA test in obese men can produce false results 0 None
2007-11-19 Smoking linked to age-related hair loss among Asian men 0 None
2007-11-19 Should the UK lower the age for prostate cancer detection in line with the USA? 0 None
2007-11-14 Young men are just as affected by hair loss during cancer treatment 0 None
2007-11-13 Urinary complications in men over 45 0 None
2007-11-13 Obesity is an independant risk factor for prostate cancer-related death 0 None
2007-11-13 Men who take beta carotene supplements for 15 years or longer may have less cognitive decline 0 None
2007-11-06 Early diagnosis of prostate cancer 0 None
2007-11-01 Discovery of gene variant linked to prostate cancer in African Americans 0 None
2007-11-01 Radiation seed implant decreases risk of death over watchful waiting/active surveillance for prostate cancer 0 None
2007-10-31 Radiation after surgery keeps high-risk prostate cancer at bay 0 None
2007-10-31 Men, don't skip your prostate cancer treatment appointments! 0 None
2007-10-29 Brachytherapy effectively cures prostate cancer in young men 0 None
2007-10-29 Higher radiation doses over shorter periods of time for prostate cancer doesn't lead to sexual dysfunction 0 None
2007-10-28 Walking prevents bone loss caused from prostate cancer treatment 0 None
2007-10-23 Breakfast cereal helps prevent heart failure 1 None
2007-10-22 Whole grain breakfast cereals may reduce risk of heart failure in men 0 None
2007-10-18 Causes of male infertility 0 None
2007-10-18 Defects in Jhdm2a gene could be the cause for some cases of male infertility 0 None
2007-10-17 Exercise, osteopenia and men 0 None
2007-10-17 Sex once a day... on doctors orders! 0 None
2007-10-16 Low levels of testosterone may increase risk of death in older men 0 None
2007-10-16 Older men with HIV often have sex without condoms 0 None
2007-10-15 Chlamydia makes men infertile 0 None
2007-10-12 Prostate cancer increases likelihood of hip fracture four fold 0 None
2007-10-10 Lower testosterone levels in married men 0 None
2007-10-10 PSA velocity's value as a prostate cancer screening tool 0 None
2007-10-10 African-American men have a slightly higher risk of PSA recurrence 0 None
2007-10-09 Surgery for prostate cancer appear to offer greatest survival chance 0 None
2007-10-04 Sex after chronic heart failure 0 None
2007-10-03 Prostate cancer treatment may encourage spread of cancer cells 0 None
2007-10-03 Additional biopsy-scoring data may help determine prostate cancer prognosis 0 None
2007-10-03 Men who learn more about PSA test are less likely to seek screening 0 None
2007-10-03 Black gay men, lesbians, have fewer mental disorders than whites 0 None
2007-10-02 Sports fail to protect males from interpersonal violence 0 None
2007-09-29 Male contraception 0 None
2007-09-27 Over use of multivitamins may raise prostate cancer risk 0 None
2007-09-26 A man's deep voice more attractive than good looks 3 4.9
2007-09-25 Prostate cancer prevention: past, present, and future 0 None
2007-09-25 Men with deep voices have higher reproductive success 0 None
2007-09-25 Diet and medications may assist prevention of prostate cancer 0 None
2007-09-20 Causes and treatments for gynecomastia 0 3.5
2007-09-18 What a dirty lot many American men are! 0 None
2007-09-18 Black men do not have more aggressive prostate cancer 0 None
2007-09-11 Tadalafil appears to improve erectile function in men with spinal cord injuries 0 None
2007-09-05 Racial disparities in prostate cancer, why? 0 None
2007-08-29 New type of male sling procedure to improve the urinary control 0 None
2007-08-29 Debate rumbles on over how often PSA tests should be done 0 None
2007-08-28 Married men do less housework than men who are live-in boyfriends 0 None
2007-08-28 Blood HDL cholesterol levels influence association of alcohol intake with blood pressure in young men 0 None
2007-08-09 Testosterone replacement therapy for men 0 None
2007-08-08 Osteoporosis screening and treatment may be cost-effective for selected older men 0 None
2007-08-08 Men with masculine faces seen as bad choice for long-term love 0 None
2007-08-02 Hostility, anger and depression could increase risk for heart disease in men 0 None
2007-07-27 Circumcision may not actually effect sensation 0 None
2007-07-26 High-dose chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant cures testicular cancer 0 None
2007-07-20 Finasteride will cause little or no sexual dysfunction for most men who decide to take it 0 None
2007-07-18 Study reveals surge in male-factor infertility technique 0 None
2007-07-18 Group talk helps men with erectile dysfunction 0 None
2007-07-12 Simple interventions may increase prostate cancer screening 0 None
2007-07-11 Australian study finds no magic pill will solve all erectile problems 0 None
2007-07-04 Men physcologically affected by fertility problems as much as women 0 None
2007-07-04 Artificially replicating the male genome may help infertile men 0 None
2007-06-29 High dose rate brachytherapy treatment for prostate cancer 0 None
2007-06-29 Lifestyle changes and prostate cancer 0 None
2007-06-23 Omega-3 fatty acids appear to slow prostate cancer 0 None
2007-06-21 Men bitten more often than women and alcohol is the culprit 0 None
2007-06-20 Rheumatoid factor is a risk factor for heart disease in men 0 None
2007-06-20 Men are 12 times more likely than women to sustain severe human bite injuries 0 None
2007-06-20 Men fall short when it comes to managing their personal health 0 None
2007-06-19 Russian men dying from booze 0 None
2007-06-17 Does circumcision affect sensitivity? 0 5
2007-06-17 Cognitive behavioral therapy workshops effective at getting men to seek help for insomnia 0 None
2007-06-08 Study of exertion-related shortness of breath in obese men 0 None
2007-06-08 Low levels of testosterone may increase the long-term risk of death in men over 50 years old 0 None
2007-06-08 Inflammation again implicated in atherosclerosis 0 None
2007-06-06 Low testosterone means men may die young 0 5
2007-06-05 Genetic variations may help explain why some men with depression develop suicidal thoughts 0 None
2007-06-05 African-American men understimate risk of prostate cancer 0 None
2007-06-05 When to change the course of treatment 0 None
2007-06-04 Women don't care about penis size! 3 3.7
2007-06-03 Men who smoke risk genetic damage to their sperm which is passed on to their children 0 None
2007-06-03 Smoking can cause changes in the DNA sequence of sperm cells 0 None
2007-06-01 Review of small penis syndrome 1 3.3
2007-05-28 High pretreatment PSA velocity predicts worse outcome 0 None
2007-05-28 Drinking lots of coffee reduces the risk of gout for men 0 None
2007-05-24 Botox for enlarged prostate 0 None
2007-05-22 Red wine protects men from prostate cancer 0 None
2007-05-18 Computer science sheds light on animal development 0 None
2007-05-16 Multivitamins linked to prostate cancer 1 None
2007-05-16 Screening men over 65 for abdominal aortic aneurysms could save lives 0 None
2007-05-16 Taking too many multivitamins may be linked to advanced prostate cancer 0 None
2007-05-16 Breakthrough in prevention of post-surgical urinary incontinence 0 5
2007-05-11 Estrogen may influence the risk for prostate cancer 0 None
2007-05-10 Heavy or binge drinking is one of the main contributors to the development of liver cirrhosis in men 0 None
2007-05-08 Sperm from diabetic men have greater levels of DNA damage which may affect their fertility 0 None
2007-05-04 Regular exercise associated with reduced risk of benign prostatic hyperplasia 0 None
2007-05-04 New prostate cancer treatment wins award for Sloan-Kettering 0 None
2007-05-04 Diabetes damages DNA in men's sperm and may affect fertility 0 None
2007-05-01 More than one in three HIV positive gay men say they have unprotected sex 0 None
2007-04-27 Growing rates of syphilis among gay and bisexual men 0 None
2007-04-24 Secret sex a question of survival 0 None
2007-04-24 Migraine associated with increased risk of subsequent major cardiovascular disease in men 0 None
2007-04-20 Smoking associated with worse outcomes in patients with prostate cancer treated by radical radiotherapy 0 None
2007-04-20 Prostate cancer treatment decisions can be complicated 0 None
2007-04-20 Long-term survival probability in men with clinically localized prostate cancer 0 None
2007-04-19 Regular ultrasound screening for abdominal aortic aneurysms saves men's lives 0 None
2007-04-19 Brief meetings with healthcare workers curb excessive drinking in men 0 None
2007-04-16 Alcohol consumption linked to sleep-related breathing disorder in men 0 None
2007-04-15 Low serum testosterone levels independently associated with fall risk in elderly men 0 None
2007-04-15 Lower educational level makes some men more vulnerable to the effects of prostate cancer 0 None
2007-04-15 Doctors identify hot flashes in males 0 4
2007-04-14 Gay and bisexual men may be at far higher risk for eating disorders 0 None
2007-04-11 Calcium intake could be used as a prognostic factor for osteoporosis 0 None
2007-04-11 Research shows relationship between low calcium intake and higher levels of osteoporosis in men with prostate cancer 0 None
2007-04-10 PSA doubling time and indicator of recurrent prostate cancer 0 None
2007-04-08 New York City pushes for male circumcision to reduce spread of HIV 0 None
2007-04-05 Myths about manhood can undermine teenage boys sexual health 0 None
2007-04-04 Researchers assess the accuracy of using PSA to predict prostate cancer outcome 0 None
2007-04-03 Antisocial behaviour in boys leads to poor health in men 0 None
2007-04-02 Biopsy may underestimate prostate cancer in overweight men 0 None
2007-04-02 California Senate Committee approves bill that would allow HIV-positive men to have sperm washed 0 None
2007-04-02 Multiple genetic risk factors for prostate cancer found 0 None
2007-04-02 Total sleep time affects morning testosterone levels 0 None
2007-03-28 Pomegranate juice may help fight prostate cancer 0 None
2007-03-22 Males had more than a million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in 2006 0 None
2007-03-19 Racial disparities in treatment and survival of male breast cancer 0 None
2007-03-15 Obesity at the time of prostate-cancer diagnosis dramatically increases the risk of dying from the disease 0 None
2007-03-12 Health disparities in prostate cancer care 0 None
2007-03-11 Life expectancy doubled for advanced prostate cancer patients 0 3.7
2007-03-05 Would be dads advised to stay out of the hot tub 0 None
2007-03-01 Drink a glass of wine for a longer life chaps! 0 None
2007-02-28 Common painkillers raise mens' risk of hypertension 0 None
2007-02-26 Androgen deprivation therapy may increase risk of death from heart disease in older men 0 None
2007-02-25 Male circumcision reduces men's HIV infection risk by 65% 0 None
2007-02-22 New way to identify which men need a second prostate biopsy 0 None
2007-02-14 Vasectomy linked to dementia 1 None
2007-02-13 Vasectomy and trouble with words 0 None
2007-02-11 Sperm competition phenomenon 0 None
2007-02-06 Selenium reduces prostate cancer risk in men taking extra vitamin E 0 None
2007-02-05 Severe form of "enlarged prostate" discovered 0 None
2007-01-31 Seed implants critical for achieving a better prostate cancer outcome 0 None
2007-01-31 Early detection of erectile dysfunction helps diagnosis of heart disease 0 None
2007-01-30 Osteoporosis and men 0 None
2007-01-24 Asentar for prostate cancer, a potential blockbuster 0 None
2007-01-24 Anaesthetic spray delays ejaculation by five times longer 0 None
2007-01-23 FDA urged to review policy that bans MSM from donating blood 0 None
2007-01-14 Men with short telomeres may have a greater risk for heart disease 0 4
2007-01-08 Young single men are more likely to bank sperm before testicular cancer treatment 0 None
2007-01-07 Radiation therapy combo cures prostate cancer long-term 0 None
2007-01-03 Men who father only daughters have a higher risk of prostate cancer 0 None
2007-01-03 Era of beer belly pride long gone 0 None
2007-01-02 Posttraumatic stress disorder may increase the risk of coronary heart disease in older men 0 None


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