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2011-03-31 Lack of equipment, venues and motivation are main barriers to physical activity for adolescent boys 0 None
2011-03-31 Researchers identify drug candidate that can treat prostate cancer 0 None
2011-03-30 Prostatic artery embolization comparable to transurethral resection 0 4
2011-03-30 Prostate Oncology Specialists introduces new blog for patients 1 None
2011-03-29 New study: Many elderly men may overuse PSA testing 0 None
2011-03-28 Prostate cancer updates 0 None
2011-03-24 Mouse sperm created in lab: Hope for male infertility 0 None
2011-03-24 Robotic surgery for prostate cancer safe over the long term 0 5
2011-03-24 Statins improve outcomes in high-risk prostate cancer patients treated with definitive radiation therapy 0 None
2011-03-24 After first intercourse men's satisfaction with appearance increases, but for women it decreases 0 None
2011-03-23 Kenya’s condom shortage 0 5
2011-03-23 Sex and heart attack risk: Study 0 None
2011-03-23 Organochloride pesticide exposure can alter semen quality in young people 0 None
2011-03-23 NeoTract initiates patient enrollment for UroLift System trial to treat prostrate cancer 1 None
2011-03-22 Heart attack risk during sex is low: Study 0 None
2011-03-21 More men undergo cosmetic surgical procedures 0 None
2011-03-18 New study: Men who consume hair loss drug may report sexual dysfunction 0 1
2011-03-17 AICR awards £179,532 grant to Van Andel Research Institute for prostate cancer research 0 None
2011-03-17 GenSpera strengthens intellectual property for second prostate cancer drug 0 None
2011-03-16 TESE offers fertility to male cancer survivors 0 None
2011-03-16 Excess of young men due to sex selection will have societal repercussions 0 None
2011-03-16 Patients with BPE may have Obstructive Sleep Apnea 0 None
2011-03-16 A Medicare mistake: Paying for Viagra 0 None
2011-03-15 Heavy smoking dropped drastically over last four decades: Study 0 None
2011-03-15 Newer, more expensive treatments for prostate cancer adopted rapidly 0 None
2011-03-15 TESE surgical technique can help men with childhood cancer experience parenthood 0 None
2011-03-15 Study: Statin use may reduce risk of high-grade prostate cancer 0 None
2011-03-14 Depressed Dads more likely to spank their infants: Study 0 None
2011-03-14 How male puberty begins 0 5
2011-03-11 Testosterone associated with dominant behavior and competitive success in attracting women 0 None
2011-03-11 Groundbreaking studies presented at Prostate Cancer Research Program's IMPaCT conference 0 3.7
2011-03-11 Majority of men on ADT after prostatectomy gain weight during first year of therapy 0 None
2011-03-11 Surgical robot acquisition increases rate of surgery to treat prostate cancer 0 None
2011-03-11 New MEAL study can stop or delay prostate cancer progression 0 None
2011-03-10 FRSQ, NSFC announce funds for genomic research on male infertility 0 None
2011-03-09 UH conducts first ever pilot study to test heat therapy for treatment of PE 0 None
2011-03-09 Jobless African-American men may face risk of depression 0 None
2011-03-07 5a-reductase inhibitors for male health problems can affect sexual health 0 2
2011-03-04 Research findings likely to improve understanding of gene regulation in humans 0 None
2011-03-03 Endo's FORTESTA Gel for treatment of 'Low T' in males is now available in pharmacies 0 None
2011-03-03 New study: Significant deterioration in semen quality during last 10 years in Finland 0 None
2011-03-03 Study: Men who consume non-steroidals more likely to have erectile dysfunction 0 None


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