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2012-05-31 Men are not better at quitting smoking than women according to new study 0 None
2012-05-31 Exelixis commences cabozantinib phase 3 pivotal trial in mCRPC 0 None
2012-05-30 For many prostate cancer patients, new guidance is confusing 0 None
2012-05-30 IU scientists focus on health issues and behaviors specific to bisexual men and women 0 None
2012-05-30 Cabazitaxel offers added benefit for men with metastatic prostate cancer 0 None
2012-05-30 PKCZ protein could serve as new treatment target for prostate cancer 0 None
2012-05-28 Women and men not receiving effective diagnostic testing and treatments for osteoporosis 0 None
2012-05-28 X-chromosome involved in development of bowel cancer 0 None
2012-05-25 Hearing loss linked to several chronic diseases 0 None
2012-05-25 DiagnoCure’s PCA3 prostate cancer diagnostic test showcased at AUA meeting 0 None
2012-05-25 Doctors disagree on new prostate cancer screening guidelines 0 None
2012-05-25 Oestrogen promotes presence of 'mucoid' form of P. aeruginosa in women with CF 0 None
2012-05-25 Scientists discover key gene essential for sperm development 0 None
2012-05-25 Auxilium, FCB I file suit against Watson over generic Testim 0 None
2012-05-24 Cancer diagnosis may increase risk of death in men with mental illness 0 None
2012-05-24 Breakthrough in understanding the causes of unexplained male infertility 0 None
2012-05-24 CMS sticks with Medicare coverage of PSA test 0 None
2012-05-24 Viewpoints: The promise and perils of prostate screening; Presidential candidates shy away from frank discussion of spending 0 None
2012-05-23 Federal task force recommends dropping routine prostate cancer test 0 None
2012-05-23 Article examines reasons why people are so reluctant to give up PSA test 0 None
2012-05-23 MDxHealth announces availability of ConfirmMDx for Prostate Cancer test 0 None
2012-05-23 Women and their loved ones are affected by gout: Survey 0 None
2012-05-22 LUGPA discredits recommendations by USPSTF to stop prostate cancer testing 0 None
2012-05-22 USPSTF issues final recommendation statement against PSA testing 0 None
2012-05-21 Male cyclists may experience hormonal imbalances that affect reproductive health 0 None
2012-05-21 Treatment of early stage prostate cancer can also result in improved QOL for men with LUTS 0 None
2012-05-21 Study uncovers distinct subtype of prostate cancer 0 None
2012-05-21 Osteopenia/osteoporosis more prevalent among male patients with pulmonary disease 0 None
2012-05-18 Ipsen, Active Biotech to present data from tasquinimod phase II trial on CRPC at ASCO 2012 0 None
2012-05-18 Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator offers men ‘individual risk assessment’ 0 None
2012-05-17 Strong connection found between eating meat and masculinity 0 None
2012-05-17 Abiraterone acetate can help eliminate prostate tumors 0 None
2012-05-16 Linkam Scientific temperature controlled warm stages chosen for sperm motility in human fertility testing 0 5
2012-05-16 Treatment in hospitals with medical fellowships improves outcome for prostate cancer radical surgery 0 None
2012-05-16 Racial disparities found in results of surgery to remove diseased prostates 0 None
2012-05-16 Older, high-risk prostate cancer patients get better results in larger hospitals 0 None
2012-05-16 Association between gender and surgical outcomes of kidney removal not well understood 0 None
2012-05-16 Death risk for marathon runners remains low during or soon after race 0 None
2012-05-15 Many men do not protect their skin from sun exposure 0 None
2012-05-15 Microbiome of young men depends upon circumcision status, patterns of sexual activity 1 None
2012-05-15 Women more likely to have different set of sports injuries than men 0 None
2012-05-15 Menarini, Furiex enter license agreement to commercialize Priligy 0 None
2012-05-14 National program in Botswana focuses on increasing male circumcision rate 4 1
2012-05-14 S1 Biopharma announces foray into male sexual health with S1P-205 0 None
2012-05-14 Women more likely to suffer PTSD after being discharged from ICU 0 None
2012-05-11 Study reveals sex-specific fitness benefit of variability of MHC genes 0 None
2012-05-11 CAPE arrests growth of prostate cancer tumors 0 None
2012-05-10 Caffeine consumption: How much is too much? 0 5
2012-05-10 Women with spine fractures can benefit from alendronate therapy 0 None
2012-05-10 Warfarin may not be as effective in elderly women with AF 0 None
2012-05-09 Truvada deemed safe & effective in HIV infection risk reduction 0 None
2012-05-09 Phone credits offered to teenagers in exchange for sexual health checks 0 None
2012-05-09 Option for couples to test together, access ART for prevention can reduce HIV risk 2 None
2012-05-09 Goosby calls for 'extraordinary resources' to be put into male circumcision to prevent HIV infection 0 1
2012-05-09 Study: Y and W chromosomes are very important in fertility 0 None
2012-05-09 Latest science reveals Australians need to swallow some grains of truth about staple foods 0 None
2012-05-08 Researchers find talking about ourselves triggers sensation of pleasure 2 None
2012-05-08 Screening younger men at risk of prostate cancer can reduce metastatic cancer and deaths 0 None
2012-05-08 Certain males at higher risk of infection after receiving experimental HIV vaccine 0 None
2012-05-08 Breast cancer in men rarer but more deadly than in women 0 None
2012-05-07 CNV in prostate cancer tumors may accurately predict relapse 0 None
2012-05-07 Researchers separate low and high-PSA prostate cancer cells 0 None
2012-05-05 Low levels of testosterone in men could increase risk of diabetes 0 None
2012-05-05 Load-bearing sports may protect young men from osteoporosis 0 None
2012-05-04 Jogging may add years to life: Study 0 4
2012-05-04 Prostate cancer diagnosis on the rise among U.K. men 0 None
2012-05-03 Questions raised over U.K. DfID funding and sterilization in India 0 None
2012-05-03 JS Genetics announces availability of XCAT-KS buccal swab test 0 None
2012-05-02 SMC rules abiraterone as too expensive for routine prostate cancer treatment 0 None
2012-05-02 Combination of new prostate cancer drugs can extend life for men 1 None
2012-05-02 FDA clears ProUroCare’s new prostate mechanical imaging system 0 None


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