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2012-07-31 Obesity also affects sexual and urinary health in men 0 None
2012-07-31 Men with large waists urinate more frequently than their slimmer counterparts 0 None
2012-07-31 Researchers identify link between complete kidney removal and erectile dysfunction 0 None
2012-07-30 PSA testing and early detection may prevent 17,000 men each year from prostate cancer 0 None
2012-07-30 Study examines how heterosexual men with HIV seek health care and support services 0 None
2012-07-27 Washington Post examines circumcision as HIV prevention strategy 1 None
2012-07-27 Bone marrow transplant eradicates traces of HIV in men 0 None
2012-07-27 Rate of new HIV infections among young U.S. black MSM is high: Study 0 None
2012-07-26 Study confirms link between sickle cell trait and deaths in young black competitive athletes 0 None
2012-07-26 Female stroke patients more affected in all quality of life domains than males 0 None
2012-07-26 Miriam researchers encourage physicians to inquire about ED symptoms in young, middle-aged men 0 None
2012-07-25 Little evidence exists for potential HPV type competition in cross-sectional study 0 None
2012-07-24 Pfizer’s Lyrica does not affect reproductive function in healthy males 0 None
2012-07-24 Study shows disturbing rates of new HIV infections among U.S. black MSM 0 None
2012-07-23 Researchers explore how male couples of different races make decisions about condom use 0 None
2012-07-19 Report shows high rates of HIV infections and deaths from AIDS among Black MSM 1 None
2012-07-18 Targeted regulation of microRNA-125b may lead to effective prostate cancer therapies 0 None
2012-07-18 Wake Forest, UCSD develop new genetic test for prostate cancer 0 None
2012-07-18 Heart defects at birth linked to workplace exposure to solvents 0 None
2012-07-18 Risk of birth defects linked to certain jobs dads do 0 None
2012-07-18 Lack of physical activity causes 1 in 10 deaths 0 4
2012-07-17 Venom protein could treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy 0 4
2012-07-13 Five rare mutations in single gene increase chances of boys developing ASD 0 None
2012-07-12 Lifestyle behaviour in adolescents may adversely affect BP and cardiovascular risk in adulthood 0 None
2012-07-12 Man Therapy launches in Colorado 0 None
2012-07-11 Giving up smoking associated with weight gain 0 None
2012-07-10 Hepatitis C levels higher among males and African Americans 0 None
2012-07-10 Increasing obesity could cut some couples' fertility in half 0 None
2012-07-10 Sitting down for less than 3 hours a day could extend life expectancy 0 None
2012-07-10 Family planning is central to global development according to new evidence in the Lancet 0 None
2012-07-09 Does alcohol kill brain cells? 0 3.9
2012-07-08 Presence of SPDEF protein may predict prostate cancers that are unable to metastasize 0 None
2012-07-06 GlobalPost examines adult male circumcision campaign in Swaziland 1 None
2012-07-06 Rescreening men for aneurysm likely to be a cost-effective option 0 None
2012-07-06 Sports medicine education lacking in UK undergraduate medical degrees 0 None
2012-07-06 Exercise has clear benefits for physical and mental health according to current evidence 0 None
2012-07-04 Higher waist circumference, obesity improve health outcomes in heart failure patients 0 None
2012-07-03 Prostate cancer patients with CVD are 52% more likely to regret their treatment choices 0 None
2012-07-03 Bacterial vaginosis associated with increased risk of HIV transmission from women to men, study shows 0 None
2012-07-02 Prostate Cancer Center of New Jersey earns ACR-ASTRO accreditation in radiation oncology 0 None


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