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2006-07-30 Getting high on mothballs lands teens in hospital 0 None
2006-07-30 Mad dogs and Englishmen should stay out of the midday sun! 0 None
2006-07-27 Blair threatens food and drinks industry with legislation 0 None
2006-07-26 Deadly duo of crime and drug abuse can be cut by effective treatments 0 None
2006-07-25 Breakdown of disease caused by UV radiation 0 2.5
2006-07-21 Doctors increasingly unlikely to testify in child abuse cases 0 None
2006-07-21 Going to court to get access to essential medicines should only be used as a last resort 0 None
2006-07-21 Dangers of unregulated herbal therapy 0 None
2006-07-20 Bush adopts the so-called moral high ground and chooses to ignore scientific advice 0 None
2006-07-18 British American Tobacco and cigarette smuggling in China 0 None
2006-07-13 Expert witnesses should be judged, but by who? 0 None
2006-07-13 Gender bias in the scientific world from someone who knows the score 0 None
2006-07-13 Hidden conflicts of JAMA authors exposed 0 None
2006-07-12 Watch out for Tuna from Latin America says environment group 0 None
2006-07-11 Old carpet underlay unlikely asbestos risk 0 None
2006-07-10 Chinese twin loses battle to survive following separation surgery 0 None
2006-07-10 One billion deaths expected from tobacco 0 None
2006-07-10 Court says autism therapy age limit is not a form of discrimination 0 None
2006-07-10 Conjoined twin critical after separation surgery 0 None
2006-07-10 Scientists now feel age may not be a limiting factor to developing better vision 0 None
2006-07-09 TV studio may cause cancer 0 None
2006-07-09 Birth of IVF baby to 62 year old mother causes controversy 0 None
2006-07-06 Psychological torture used on Bulgarian nurses in Libya 0 None
2006-07-04 Retrial resumes in Tripoli of foreign medics accused of infecting children with HIV 0 None
2006-07-04 Healthier beverage choices 0 None
2006-07-04 Just how safe is that steak? 0 None
2006-07-04 How much do you need to know about your spouse's previous sex life? 0 None
2006-07-04 Amazing brain repairs itself! 0 None
2006-07-03 More Cadbury chocs may be tainted 0 None


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