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2007-05-31 Tobacco industry cops it from the WHO 0 None
2007-05-30 English looking forward to not being exposed to the harmful effects of secondhand smoke 0 None
2007-05-30 WHO calls for indoor public places and workplaces 100% smoke-free 0 None
2007-05-28 Amazing Marge - the cow with low-fat milk! 0 None
2007-05-28 Warnings on all alcohol in Britain by end of 2008 0 None
2007-05-28 FDA should be given broad regulatory authority over tobacco marketing, packaging, and distribution 0 None
2007-05-28 Lesbian/gay parenting 0 None
2007-05-27 Just how safe are imports from China? 0 5
2007-05-25 Chinese food imports a cause for concern in the U.S. 0 None
2007-05-25 Life-time ban on gay men donating blood 0 2.3
2007-05-24 Is self-esteem overrated? 0 None
2007-05-24 Oral hygiene recommendations 0 None
2007-05-24 Am I exercising too much? 0 None
2007-05-23 U.S. food safety policies must involve all stakeholders 0 None
2007-05-22 University of Leicester launches one-year Masters degree in Cancer Chemistry 0 None
2007-05-20 The Medical Research Council welcomes FSA decision to add folic acid to flour 0 None
2007-05-18 Transforming kidney transplant policy 0 None
2007-05-18 National Physician Assistant Conference to be held in Philadelphia 0 None
2007-05-18 Inaugural meeting of the International Specialty Orthopaedic Collaboratorium 0 None
2007-05-18 Not enough is known about long-term safety of "functional foods" 0 None
2007-05-17 New report aims to provide better understanding of the biology of sex differences 0 None
2007-05-17 Imported Chinese seafood not 100% safe 0 None
2007-05-16 Medical marijuana advocate back in court 0 None
2007-05-16 USDA says meat from swine safe for human consumption 0 None
2007-05-16 Cedars-Sinai helps Doug Fieger battle brain tumors 0 None
2007-05-15 Montgomery County, Md., to phase artificial trans fat out of restaurants 0 None
2007-05-10 Coping with personality changes 0 None
2007-05-10 Right medications essential for allergy control 0 None
2007-05-10 Food scientists develop rapid, reliable technique to ensure fruit and vegetable juices adhere to quality standards 0 None
2007-05-10 When is food "done" enough to prevent food poisoning? 0 None
2007-05-08 Chickens which may have eaten contaminated feed go to market 0 None
2007-05-07 Health officials say low risk to humans from food containing melamine 0 None
2007-05-04 Should the UK adopt Dutch rules on euthanasia in newborn babies? 0 None
2007-05-04 How science centers can engage an older America 0 None
2007-05-04 Philadelphia voters overwhelmingly support new smoke law 0 None
2007-05-02 Domestic violence should be treated as public health issue 0 None
2007-05-02 Justice Scalia defends 'originalist' view of constitution 0 None
2007-05-02 FDA announces new food protection post 0 None
2007-05-02 Allocation of deceased donor organs 0 None
2007-05-01 Abstinence-only sex ed 'foolish,' 'indefensible' method of reducing teen pregnancies, STIs 0 None
2007-05-01 Newly founded National Institute for Quality Improvement and Education 0 None


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