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2010-04-30 Financial Times reports on challenges NGOs, development agencies face when partnering with businesses 0 None
2010-04-30 Study shows organic snackers underestimate calorie counts 0 None
2010-04-29 Hullabaloo over the tobacco tax hike and planned plain cigarette packaging law 1 3.7
2010-04-29 People consume fewer calories when foods are served from kitchen counters 0 None
2010-04-29 Former U.S. Secretaries of State urge Congress not to cut international affairs budget 0 None
2010-04-29 Salvation Army gets a boost from Westpac 0 None
2010-04-29 Arthro SupReviver contains vital nutrients for joint pain, aids in weight loss 0 None
2010-04-28 More taxes and drab packages for cigarettes to deter the young from smoking 0 None
2010-04-27 Reluctant Australian sperm donors forces fertility clinics to import from U.S. 0 3.7
2010-04-27 World Bank-IMF report tracks impact of global economic downturn on MDGs 0 None
2010-04-26 Uproar over UK Foreign Office take on Papal visit 0 5
2010-04-26 Finland, Sweden donate mobile radiation detection unit for strengthening Ukraine's nuclear security efforts 0 None
2010-04-26 Ballan wrasse for combating sea lice 0 None
2010-04-24 CBSA hosts Career and Resource Fair for students and job seekers 0 None
2010-04-24 2010 Aggregate Spend and Disclosure Reporting Industry Survey of compliance program experts 0 None
2010-04-24 Cisco joins Red Cross "Ready When the Time Comes" corporate volunteer program 0 None
2010-04-24 HealthAchieve wins prestigious awards for Trade Show and Feature Booth 0 None
2010-04-24 U.S., other donors commit $880M for new World Bank-hosted Global Food Security fund 0 None
2010-04-23 CARE applauds U.S. leadership in addressing long-term solutions to global hunger 0 None
2010-04-23 Opinions: New U.S.-backed global food, agriculture program; Foreign aid to Africa; Medicines in Africa 0 None
2010-04-23 Report recommends increasing investment in small-scale farms run by women to achieve hunger MDG 0 None
2010-04-23 Patel trial adjourned further 0 None
2010-04-22 Manduka launches new MatWare Mat Sleeve 0 None
2010-04-22 American action films continue to portray female heroines as weaker sex 1 5
2010-04-22 Medical use of marijuana on its way to reality in Washington D.C. 0 4.5
2010-04-22 Mandatory cuts for salt content in processed foods on the horizon 0 None
2010-04-22 Stopping smoking may be harder than quitting heroin 4 4.2
2010-04-21 U.S. military will end formal operations in Haiti by June, official says 0 None
2010-04-21 Henry Ford Health System President to discuss practical strategies for success at educational symposium 0 None
2010-04-21 Reuters examines uneven economic growth, welfare programs in India 0 None
2010-04-21 More testimony on Patel trial 0 None
2010-04-21 Warning on hearing loss from personal music players 0 5
2010-04-20 Coffs Harbour sports course to reduce injuries 0 None
2010-04-20 FFHS food rating system now available on food manufacturer boxes 0 None
2010-04-20 Migraine attacks leading to a Chinese accent in a British woman 0 1
2010-04-20 Patel trial testimony by anesthetist: bleeding and kidney damage may have led to early death 0 None
2010-04-20 Homeopathy – Is it a safer and effective alternative? 1 2.3
2010-04-19 Solid-state illuminator used in greenhouses decreases nitrates, increases nutrient levels 0 None
2010-04-19 New soybean variety from CSIRO gaining popularity in Japan 0 None
2010-04-19 EAU publishes live webcasts of sessions from 25th Anniversary EAU Congress 0 None
2010-04-19 Trans fats back on the agenda in UK 0 None
2010-04-19 Teenage Brits keen to escape recession by working overseas 0 2
2010-04-17 Molecular gastronomy revolutionizes dining experience in some famous restaurants 0 None
2010-04-17 Three-day meeting in Kenya examines ways to bolster disaster preparedness across Africa 0 None
2010-04-17 Courage Center accepts nominations for three employment-related annual awards 0 None
2010-04-16 Melamine concentrations in eggs do not exceed FDA limits 0 None
2010-04-16 To ban or not to ban trans fats 1 None
2010-04-16 Senate Foreign Relations Committee passes legislation to create USAID Office of Water 0 None
2010-04-16 Despite global economy, aid flow to poor countries continued to grow in 2009, OECD report finds 0 None
2010-04-16 Coway to display Premium Bidet product line at KBIS 2010 0 None
2010-04-16 Volcanic ash falls across Europe 0 None
2010-04-16 Congress sends Haiti Recovery Act to President Obama 0 None
2010-04-16 Kidney expert receives international award 0 None
2010-04-16 Thought leaders join forces to prescribe for a healthy planet 0 None
2010-04-15 Leading experts discuss health effects of low calorie sweeteners at BNF conference 0 None
2010-04-15 UN experts say people in India have greater access to cell phones than improved sanitation 0 None
2010-04-15 Communities close to oil sands have better air quality than larger cities, says UA researcher 0 None
2010-04-15 Bedtime video-games have no significant effect on adolescents’ sleep patterns 0 None
2010-04-15 Fathers of sexually abused children suffer from anxiety, grief and depression, says study 0 5
2010-04-15 Low calorie diet does not promote significant weight loss 0 None
2010-04-15 Fathers can play a significant role in reducing teen smoking 0 None
2010-04-15 G8 focus on maternal, child health should include efforts to improve sanitation, report author says 0 None
2010-04-15 Use of silver dressing in burn cases questioned 0 None
2010-04-15 First lady Obama visits Haiti 0 None
2010-04-14 Second stage of pool laws will cost a precious buck to 70% pool owners 0 5
2010-04-14 Dual evacuation following noxious gas leak 0 None
2010-04-13 New additions to NewReality's extensive library of personal improvement 0 None
2010-04-13 News outlets report on food crisis in Sahel region of Africa 0 None
2010-04-13 Health care experts brand plan for a “Big Australia” as disaster waiting to happen 0 None
2010-04-13 Hunter Valley cancer cluster report to be made public 0 None
2010-04-12 Team of neurologists from the U.S. face Canadian neurologists in annual "Neurobowl" 0 None
2010-04-12 International Red Cross continues to provide much needed relief in Haiti 0 None
2010-04-12 After Haiti visit, Congresswoman says she saw no sign of Red Cross 0 None
2010-04-12 Combating a frequently overlooked assassin: Water 0 None
2010-04-12 Labour’s cancer leaflet campaign questioned 0 None
2010-04-09 World Vision to construct transitional shelters for displaced Haitians 0 None
2010-04-09 State Department to open new hunger, food security office 0 None
2010-04-09 Smokers prepared to "say no" to the raise of cigarette tax 1 None
2010-04-09 US Navy submariners banned from smoking 0 None
2010-04-09 World Bank commitments during economic crisis reach all-time high 0 None
2010-04-08 USCA recognizes Union Dental Holdings with Best of Coral Springs Award 0 None
2010-04-08 April issue of National Geographic examines global water security 0 None
2010-04-08 Dating and hooking up: Benefits and risks 0 None
2010-04-08 Medical community and MPs react to deaths caused by inept foreign doctors 0 None
2010-04-08 Ease up on the drink! New NZ ad campaign targets drinking buddies 1 5
2010-04-07 Liver transplant loan repayment expected says WA Premier 1 4
2010-04-07 Media look at regional effect of China's drought 0 None
2010-04-07 Brumby endorses Nixon and her appointment 0 None
2010-04-06 Opinions: U.S. funding for global emergencies; Haiti reconstruction 0 None
2010-04-06 Conflicts can affect sibling relationships 0 None
2010-04-06 TIME examines Haitians' concern about aid, recovery 0 None
2010-04-05 SIGVARIS introduces Athletic Recovery Sock Line for athletes 0 None
2010-04-05 Illicit drug haul in Newtown: children exposed to drug fumes 0 None
2010-04-05 16 kg Kava seized: an Aboriginal elder arrested in connection 0 None
2010-04-05 Is relief round the corner for multiple sclerosis patients in the form of bee stings? 0 None
2010-04-05 Demand for kosher products grows on compliance with strict Jewish standards 0 None
2010-04-05 Three companies named as finalists in the North of Boston Business Plan competition 0 None
2010-04-05 Palo Alto Networks study: Intensity of Enterprise 2.0 application usage is on the rise 0 None
2010-04-05 CPCM to facilitate acquisitions training under contract with NGA 0 None
2010-04-03 VOA News examines water conditions in Asian-Pacific region 0 None
2010-04-03 Redesigned website to help physicians manage money 0 None
2010-04-03 European Commission rolls out new food security policies; Agricultural Research Conference concludes 0 None
2010-04-03 Organic food production increases greenhouse gas emissions 0 2.8
2010-04-03 Coffee beans contain proteins that can kill insects 0 None
2010-04-03 Town hall meetings highlight the dangers of underage drinking 0 None
2010-04-03 Contaminated insects: A potential threat for meat-eating plants 0 None
2010-04-03 IEEE conference to explore alternative resources to promote energy conservation in home and business 0 None
2010-04-03 High-protein diet safe and healthy for losing weight 0 None
2010-04-03 Media report on Haiti rebuilding effort after donor conference 0 None
2010-04-02 Microbes in polluted groundwater have simple genetic structures that help them overcome environmental stress 0 None
2010-04-02 Tragic balcony accident on Sunshine Coast 0 None
2010-04-02 News outlets report on developments from Agricultural Research Conference 0 None
2010-04-01 Athletes and ethicists look at fairness in sport 0 None
2010-04-01 Young athletes overuse their bodies and strike out too early 0 None
2010-04-01 Stakeholders, experts meet to develop agriculture reform roadmap 0 None
2010-04-01 Mislabeled high fire risk kids nightwear recalled by Big W 0 None
2010-04-01 Cigarette filters contain pig’s blood 20 3.9
2010-04-01 U.N. releases report on poverty in Afghanistan 0 None
2010-04-01 Majority of consumers underestimate grocery prices 0 None


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