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2012-01-30 Mystery teen neurological illness followed up by Erin Brockovich meets resistance 2 None
2012-01-30 India's proposed Food Security Act would help but not solve country's food insecurity 0 None
2012-01-30 Access to food must be considered in talks focused on global financial crisis, WEF participants say 0 None
2012-01-27 Financial Times examines global food security issues 0 None
2012-01-26 Libya: Detainees tortured and denied medical care 0 None
2012-01-24 Latest attacks in Jonglei, South Sudan, perpetuate a pattern of extreme violence, says Médecins Sans Frontières 0 None
2012-01-24 Moral imagination helps dirty workers to overcome profession-related stigmas 0 None
2012-01-24 Drought threatens Africa's Sahel region; Aid agencies worry about donor fatigue 0 1
2012-01-20 Lives lost in Horn of Africa because of late response to famine early warnings, report says 0 None
2012-01-19 World must overcome psychological, organizational, political barriers to heed early famine warnings 0 None
2012-01-19 U.S. ambassador to U.N. food agencies, Ertharin Cousin, appointed to head WFP 0 None
2012-01-16 Smoking to be banned at University of California campuses 0 None
2012-01-15 Kangaroo on cigarette packs outrages Australian authorities 0 None
2012-01-12 Orange juice fungicide contamination scare 0 None
2012-01-12 Food security remains high-level priority in 2012 0 None
2012-01-10 Researchers produce multifunctional films from whey protein 0 None
2012-01-09 Blacklisted British doctor sues journal 1 None
2012-01-08 Contaminated cantaloupes carrying listeria 0 None
2012-01-07 Moving FAO forward with sights on hunger eradication 0 None
2012-01-07 Magellan launches two fitness products 0 None
2012-01-05 New FAO head says agency will increase support to countries experiencing prolonged food crises 0 None
2012-01-01 Britain mulling on cigarette plain packaging to discourage smoking 0 None


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