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2005-08-31 New vaccine approved for U.S. just in time for flu season 0 None
2005-08-30 Bush pushing seniors to sign up for prescription drug benefit program 0 None
2005-08-29 Anthrax test receives FDA approval 0 5
2005-08-29 FDA dragging its heels yet again over 'morning after' pill Plan B 0 None
2005-08-24 Administering Aspirin at onset of heart attack is standard EMT protocol 0 5
2005-08-24 Lorus identifies novel class of lead drug candidates from small molecule anticancer program 0 None
2005-08-24 Disease modifying activity of 2ME2 demonstrated in preclinical rheumatoid arthritis studies 0 None
2005-08-24 FDA Approves Aceon to reduce risk of cardiovascular mortality in patients with stable coronary artery disease 0 None
2005-08-23 European Rare Diseases Therapeutic Initiative could provide an important new mechanism for developing new drugs 0 None
2005-08-23 Drug company disputes claim of new study on antidepressant Paxil 0 None
2005-08-22 New FDA and USDA approved compound for Salmonella reduction in poultry processing 0 None
2005-08-21 Poorer countries to benefit from reinstatement of 7 generic AIDS drugs to WHO's list 0 None
2005-08-16 HHS orders 20 million doses of smallpox vaccine from Bavarian Nordic 0 None
2005-08-15 Pfizer acquires antibody discovery company Bioren 0 None
2005-08-15 Abbott receives European approval to market Humira 0 None
2005-08-14 FDA places very tight restrictions on acne drug Accutane 0 None
2005-08-11 Roflumilast could become a new therapeutic strategy for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 0 None
2005-08-11 Governments should consider stockpiling zanamivir (Relenza) for flu pandemics 0 None
2005-08-11 Alternative to Cox II inhibitors 0 None
2005-08-11 FDA approval sought for Pfizer's new cancer drug 0 None
2005-08-10 Seniors in U.S. can relax as official says Medicare drug benefit scheme will cost less 0 None
2005-08-10 Morning after pill - FDA must decide by September 0 None
2005-08-09 U.S. drug makers up in arms over info on FDA "Drug Watch" web page 0 None
2005-08-07 One jab could in future protect against all flu strains 0 None
2005-08-04 Flu medication VIRA 38 inhibits SARS virus 0 None
2005-08-04 FDA approval for Diovan (Valsartan) 0 None
2005-08-04 Genelabs drug discovery team advances compounds against the hepatitis C virus 0 None
2005-08-04 Mixing slow-release painkillers with alcohol - potentially deadly 0 None
2005-08-03 Pfizer adds warning to Celebrex arthritis drug 0 None
2005-08-02 Living Cell Technologies announces results for treating Huntington's disease 0 None
2005-08-02 MediciNova starts phase II clinical trial of MN-166 for multiple sclerosis 0 None
2005-08-01 Heparinase I is not a suitable replacement for protamine 0 None


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