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2005-09-27 Governments considering reclassifying some drugs from prescription to over-the-counter status 0 None
2005-09-26 Increlex - first major innovation in 20 years for the treatment of growth failure 0 None
2005-09-26 CytRx granted "Fast Track" designation for ALS drug 0 None
2005-09-26 Potential oral drug for rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2005-09-20 Important new lessons learned from aspirin 0 None
2005-09-19 Making practical markets for vaccines 0 None
2005-09-19 Drug AMD-3100 may help cancer patients who need stem cell transplants 0 None
2005-09-12 Helix receives approval to conduct a clinical trial of Topical Interferon Alpha-2b in Sweden 0 None
2005-09-12 Vical and NIH to evaluate enhanced-delivery HIV vaccine 0 None
2005-09-10 Inhaled-insulin drug Exubera - monitoring programme to be launched by Pfizer 0 None
2005-09-07 Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain warns of internet medicines risk 0 None
2005-09-07 Third-year medical students receive on average one gift or attend one activity sponsored by a pharmaceutical company per week 0 None
2005-09-07 WHO urges responsible use of antimalarial medicines 0 None
2005-09-06 Med Services Europe obtains rights to out-license portfolio of prescription pharmaceuticals 0 None
2005-09-04 Newly patented versions of old drugs are driving the rapid growth in expenditure on prescription drugs in most developed countries 0 None
2005-09-04 New drug will help fight against superbugs 0 None
2005-09-01 GlaxoSmithKline acquires vaccine R&D and manufacturing plant in the U.S. 0 None
2005-09-01 New lotion repairs sun damaged skin 0 None


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