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Date Title Comments Rating
2006-12-05 Low-income Medicare beneficiaries will have trouble getting medications in January 2007 0 None
2006-12-02 Australia to provide Gardasil at no cost to girls and women ages 12 to 26 0 None
2006-12-02 New Hampshire to provide Gardasil at no cost to girls 0 None
2006-12-02 Cipla, Ranbaxy to cut pediatric antiretroviral drug prices 0 None
2006-12-02 Thai Health Ministry to issue compulsory license for Merck's HIV/AIDS drug Efavirenz 0 None
2006-12-01 Canada says warnings needed on bird flu drug Tamiflu 0 None
2006-11-29 Roche says Tamiflu still number one drug for fighting bird flu 0 None
2006-11-28 New bird flu drug will provide new line of defence 0 None
2006-11-23 Target to expand discounted generic drug program to all pharmacies 0 None
2006-11-23 Wal-Mart generic drug discount program indicates markets can provide medications at affordable prices 0 None
2006-11-23 Handbook on Developing pharmacy practice - A focus on patient care 0 None
2006-11-23 Federal Appeals Court agrees to rehear case on whether people should have access to experimental medications 0 None
2006-11-20 Army docs use of dangerous drug labelled irresponsible and inappropriate 0 None
2006-11-20 Furore over who gets Alzheimer's drug in the UK 0 None
2006-11-19 FDA expands use of Herceptin 0 None
2006-11-15 Doha Declaration on life-saving drugs for poor countries not happening 0 3
2006-11-15 International plan to protect against counterfeit medicines 0 None
2006-11-15 Successor to Vioxx fails to quell concerns 0 None
2006-11-14 MSF, Oxfam call on wealthy nations to adhere to WTO guidelines to ensure drug access in developing countries 0 None
2006-11-14 Tamiflu to carry warning about abnormal behaviour 0 None
2006-11-13 Bush Administration says it opposes Democrats' plan to allow Government to negotiate Medicare drug prices 0 None
2006-11-13 FDA should return to 'science-based' agency 0 None
2006-11-13 Drug industry concerned about California Law allowing State to seek drug discounts 0 None
2006-11-13 Millions of bottles of a common pain killer recalled 0 None
2006-11-13 Recall of Strength Store-brand Acetaminophen caplets 0 None
2006-11-08 Majority of Medicare beneficiaries satisfied with prescription drug plans 0 None
2006-11-08 Bionomics delivers on milestones for cancer, anxiety and multiple sclerosis programs 0 None
2006-11-08 Problems with billing for Medicare prescription drug benefit premiums persist 0 None
2006-10-30 New initiative to combat corruption in medicines procurement 0 None
2006-10-30 GSK about to sign another big bird flu deal 0 None
2006-10-26 Big pharma contributes millions to Republican congressional campaigns in close races 0 None
2006-10-26 Wal-Mart expands generic prescription drug discount program 0 None
2006-10-26 FDA approves Tyzeka for the treatment of adults with chronic hepatitis B 0 None
2006-10-26 Shingles vaccine for seniors gets the green light 0 None
2006-10-25 Doctors warned that commonly used painkillers linked to increased risk of heart attacks 0 None
2006-10-24 Bristol-Myers Squibb receives FDA approval for new formulation of antiretroviral Reyataz 0 None
2006-10-24 Use of subcutaneous injections of Epogen for dialysis patients could save Medicare $537 million annually 0 None
2006-10-23 Flu vaccinations in Israel back on 0 None
2006-10-23 FDA approves Omnaris, new hay fever drug 0 None
2006-10-23 Four die following flu vaccination 0 5
2006-10-22 New York State Court of Appeals upholds contraceptive coverage law 0 None
2006-10-22 Washington, D.C., to offer caremark Rx discount cards to all residents 0 None
2006-10-19 FFTC and FDA act against internet vendors of fraudulent diabetes treatments 0 None
2006-10-19 Former FDA Administrator Crawford pleads guilty to conflicts of interest 0 None
2006-10-19 FDA advisory panel recommends adding warning label to Tamoxifen 0 None
2006-10-19 Sanofi Pasteur begins selling Gardasil in six E.U. countries 0 None
2006-10-19 Wal-Mart expands prescription drug discount program 0 None
2006-10-19 New treatment option gives hope to victims of head and neck cancers 0 None
2006-10-19 Toxic chemical found in 3 more medicines in Panama 0 None
2006-10-18 FDA approves Taxotere for head and neck cancers 0 None
2006-10-17 Vaccine that protects mice against 1918 influenza virus developed 0 None
2006-10-17 New diabetes drug Januvia works without causing weight gain 0 None
2006-10-17 NicOx announces EMEA approval of Naproxcinod study plan 0 None
2006-10-17 Topical treatment for psoriasis, eliminates need for injections 0 None
2006-10-17 FDA approves Januvia for diabetes 0 None
2006-10-16 FDA Attorneys seek dismissal of Plan B lawsuit 0 None
2006-10-16 Judge declares mistrial in case against Wyeth's Prempro 0 None
2006-10-16 Roche asks European Medicines Agency for authorization to market Herceptin 0 None
2006-10-16 McClellan touts lower projected cost of Medicare prescription drug benefit 0 None
2006-10-16 One-fourth of U.S. adults would purchase generic medications 0 None
2006-10-16 Brits unable to access Alzheimer's drugs 0 None
2006-10-16 Dud diabetes test strips could give diabetics wrong info 0 5
2006-10-16 Contaminated cough syrup kills 22 in Panama 0 1.5
2006-10-11 Calls for FDA to pay more attention to products made with nanotechnology 0 None
2006-10-09 A pill a day gives renewed hope for breast cancer victims 0 None
2006-10-09 Schizophrenia drug to be used to treat autism 0 None
2006-10-09 Generic hypertension drug a suspect in 19 deaths in Panama 0 5
2006-10-08 U.S. Court of Appeals sets January for arguments over erroneously sent Medicare premium reimbursements after holding lower court's decision 0 None
2006-10-08 FDA approves Zolinza for the treatment of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma 0 4
2006-10-08 FDA approves Risperdal to treat irritability associated with autism 0 None
2006-10-05 New York Times examines efforts to obtain FDA approval for Abraxane to treat earlier-stage cancer 0 None
2006-10-05 U.S. Customs to stop seizing Canadian drugs 0 None
2006-10-05 U.S. must do more to protect integrity of pharmaceuticals 0 None
2006-10-05 Rhode Island plan to collect prescription drug copayments from some Medicaid beneficiaries requires change to State Law 0 None
2006-10-05 FDA approves FluLaval 0 None
2006-10-05 Feeling stressed? have a cuppa...then have another! 0 None
2006-10-05 New drug a breakthrough in the treatment of AMD 0 None
2006-10-05 Now OK to get prescription drugs from Canada, but is it really? 0 None
2006-10-03 FDA more cautious in approving new drugs after Vioxx 0 None
2006-10-03 2007 Medicare prescription drug plans 0 None
2006-10-02 Bayer forgot to tell risks of heart surgery drug 0 None
2006-09-28 FDA issues guidance for development of cell-based viral vaccines 0 None
2006-09-26 Michigan Senate approves bills that would require girls to receive HPV vaccine before entering sixth grade 0 None
2006-09-26 HPV vaccine Gardasil approved for sale in EU 0 None
2006-09-26 Bill to allow U.S. residents to bring prescription drugs across the Canadian border 0 None
2006-09-26 Roche to transfer technology for Saquinavir to three generic drug companies in Africa 0 None
2006-09-25 Report says FDA not up to scratch 0 None
2006-09-22 Senate HELP committee approves Von Eschenbach nomination to head FDA 0 None
2006-09-22 Many Medicare beneficiaries lack coverage in prescription drug benefit 'doughnut hole' 0 None
2006-09-22 Prices on medications most commonly used by older people rose 4.3% in first half of 2006 0 None
2006-09-22 Inclusion of prescription drug reimportation provision in delaying action on homeland security appropriations 0 None
2006-09-20 GSK seeks regulatory approval in U.S., Europe for Tykerb 0 None
2006-09-20 Use of unapproved drugs in the U.S. 0 None
2006-09-20 Jury dismisses lawsuit against Wyeth in first Pempro case 0 None
2006-09-20 Many Australian physicians not applying for permission to import Mifepristone 0 None
2006-09-20 Some Senators concerned about plan to address Medicare premium refund checks sent erroneously 0 None
2006-09-20 Medical Centers should follow Stanford's lead in banning gifts from drug companies 0 None
2006-09-20 Thousands of prescription drug products sold in the U.S. not approved by FDA 0 None
2006-09-20 Insurance companies promote use of generic drugs in effort to cut costs 0 None
2006-09-19 FDA approves Noxafil (posaconazole) to prevent invasive fungal infections 0 None
2006-09-18 Sen. DeMint pledges to hold Von Eschenbach's FDA Commissioner nomination unless steps taken to take Mifeprex off market 0 None
2006-09-18 House subcomittee hearing focuses on disciplinary measures for NIH scientists' ethnics violations 0 None
2006-09-18 Oregon Prescription Drug Program would expand coverage to all uninsured residents 0 None
2006-09-18 Zimbabwean antiretroviral drug manufacturers seeking WHO certification to receive U.N. funding 0 None
2006-09-18 GSK to supply antiretroviral drugs to Russia at discounted price 0 None
2006-09-18 More physicians now visit web sites to find information on brand-name prescription drugs 0 None
2006-09-14 Chile to distribute Plan B emergency contraceptive at no cost to girls over age 14 0 None
2006-09-13 Bristol-Myers Squibb and Medivira announce collaboration to commercialize HIV treatment 0 None
2006-09-13 Accutane iPledge program requirements leading to illegal online sales 1 None
2006-09-13 Department of Justice joins Whistleblower lawsuit alleging overcharging by drug company Dey 0 None
2006-09-12 GlaxoSmithKline settles dispute with IRS 0 None
2006-09-12 TV advertising of prescription drugs may increase visits to doctor not actual sales 0 5
2006-09-12 Drug ads and their influence on patients and doctors 0 None
2006-09-11 FDA approves Watson's generic version of Barr's contraceptive pill Seasonale 0 None
2006-09-11 Federal Judge refuses to dismiss lawsuit challenging Illinois rule requiring pharmacists to fill prescriptions for emergency contraception 0 None
2006-09-11 Johns Hopkins ACG team releases pharmacy-based predictive model 0 None
2006-09-11 New drug sorts out premature ejaculation 0 None
2006-09-11 Surveys show most pharmacists, doctors believe Medicare Drug Benefit helps patients, though most think it is too complicated 0 None
2006-09-07 Sacramento City Council approves sale of nonprescription needles 0 None
2006-09-06 FDA asks U.S. Marshals to seize dietary supplements 0 None
2006-09-05 Sen. Santorum, opponent Casey differ in opinion of FDA approval of nonprescription Plan B sales 0 None
2006-09-05 Some find Accutane iPledge program requirements burdensome 0 None
2006-09-05 Some drug companies experiencing higher prescription volume, revenue with Medicare drug benefit 0 None
2006-09-05 Licensing arrangement reached for antiepileptic drug developed at Hebrew University 0 None
2006-09-04 New drug improves blood flow in diseased arteries 0 None
2006-09-04 Sanofi pasteur begins shipping influenza vaccine 0 None
2006-09-01 Emergent BioSolutions awarded $3.8 million to develop anthrax immune globulin therapeutic 0 None
2006-09-01 Washington State Gov. Gregoire proposes compromise that would allow individual pharmacists to refuse to fill prescription, nonprescription EC 0 None
2006-09-01 Some parents have difficulties gaining access to insurance coverage for HPV vaccine Gardasil 0 None
2006-08-30 March of Dimes urges FDA to approve Gestiva 0 None
2006-08-30 Summary of editorials on approval of nonprescription plan B sales to women over age 18 0 None
2006-08-30 90% of dermatologists report having problems with Isotretinoin drug registry 0 None
2006-08-30 FDA advisory panel recommends approval of experimental preterm labor prevention drug 0 None
2006-08-30 Schering-Plough to pay $435M and plead guilty to conspiracy 0 None
2006-08-30 FDA forms task force on human tissue safety 0 None
2006-08-30 Ortho-McNeil to lower the price of contraceptive pills and patches 0 None
2006-08-30 History of cervical cancer, HPV vaccine development 0 None
2006-08-30 FDA questions effectiveness of Gestiva at preventing preterm labor 0 None
2006-08-30 Officials say PhRMA funded U.S. Chamber of Commerce ads touting Medicare prescription drug benefit 0 None
2006-08-29 FDA approves generic Ciprofloxacin injection 0 None
2006-08-29 How safe is drug which prevents pre-term births? FDA will soon find out 0 None
2006-08-28 New England Journal of Medicine examines West Virginia's new Medicaid program 0 None
2006-08-28 Problems persist with Maine Medicaid computerized billing system 0 None
2006-08-28 Australian girls lead the field in cervical cancer vaccination programme 0 None
2006-08-28 Cervical cancer vaccine tipped for nine year olds 0 None
2006-08-24 West Virginia revisions to Medicaid programs examined 0 None
2006-08-24 A close look at Accutane drug registry iPledge 0 None
2006-08-24 FDA approves nonprescription sales of Plan B for women over age 18 0 None
2006-08-24 Legislation allowing conscientious objection for pharmacists introduced in about half of state legislatures this year; none were approved 0 None
2006-08-24 Medicare to reduce payments to pharmacies making their own medications 0 None
2006-08-24 Women's Health Network petitions FDA to halt sales of estrogen, testosterone combination treatments 0 None
2006-08-24 Lawsuit seeking to overturn FDA decision against prescription drug reimportation waiver dismissed 0 None
2006-08-24 At last Plan B will be, but will von Eschenbach? 0 None
2006-08-24 ADHD drugs to carry warnings regarding heart problems, psychotic behavior and sudden death 0 None
2006-08-21 Brits denied new targeted bowel cancer drugs 0 None
2006-08-21 Will Plan B ever be? 0 None
2006-08-20 FDA orders two companies to cease manufacturing human cells and tissues 0 None
2006-08-20 Chink in the armour of H5N1 bird flu virus 0 None
2006-08-17 West Virginia family planning clinics about to run out of no-cost contraceptives 0 None
2006-08-17 Complaint filed against pharmacists for declining to fill emergency contraception prescription refills 0 None
2006-08-17 Appointee to head National Cancer Institute discusses research funding cuts 0 None
2006-08-17 FDA approves Plavix for STEMI heart attacks 0 None
2006-08-16 Average Medicare drug benefit premium to remain unchanged at $24 in 2007 0 None
2006-08-15 Male sufferers now have access to osteoporosis drug Actonel 0 None
2006-08-10 FDA warns pharmacies to stop mass-producing unapproved inhalation drugs 0 None
2006-08-10 Dodgy Chinese antibiotic kills at least 7 0 None
2006-08-09 FDA approves generic version of Effexor (venlafaxine) 0 None
2006-08-06 Experimental drug trial victim has cancer 0 None
2006-08-06 Chinese antibiotic suspected of being a killer jab 0 None
2006-08-03 Implications of the new Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit for people with HIV/AIDS 0 None
2006-08-03 Plan B or not to be: that is the question! 0 None
2006-08-02 Darunavir - first molecule to treat drug-resistant HIV 0 None
2006-08-02 FDA approves next seasons flu vaccines 0 None
2006-08-02 Timing of FDA Plan B announcement questioned 0 None
2006-08-02 FDA approves Keppra (levetiracetam) for epilepsy treatment 0 None
2006-07-31 Doctors say HPV vaccine should be given to everyone 0 None
2006-07-31 FDA does an about turn on Plan B contraceptive pills 0 None
2006-07-31 Smart cancer drug on sale in the UK 0 None
2006-07-30 HHS to stockpile Anthrax immune globulin 0 None
2006-07-30 FDA warns against use of high-strength hydrogen peroxide to treat serious diseases 2 None
2006-07-27 New sunscreen protects against both UVA and UVB rays 0 None
2006-07-26 New bird flu vaccine has 80% protection rate 0 None
2006-07-26 Remicade receives European approval for treatment of psoriatic arthritis 0 None
2006-07-26 NICE backs use of Enbrel and Raptiva to treat severe psoriasis 0 None
2006-07-26 GSK reports significant advance in H5N1 pandemic flu vaccine programme 0 None
2006-07-25 New OTC sunscreen product approved by FDA 0 None
2006-07-25 FDA approves Elaprase (idursulfase) for Hunter syndrome 0 None
2006-07-25 FDA expands use of Oncaspar to include treating children and adults with newly diagnosed acute lymphoblastic leukemia 0 None
2006-07-24 Nexavar approved in Europe for treatment of advanced kidney cancer 0 None
2006-07-21 FDA warns against use of "bismacine," also known as chromocine 0 None
2006-07-20 New 'patch' drug therapy for Alzheimer's has fewer side effects 0 None
2006-07-19 New guidelines for antiepileptic drugs 0 None
2006-07-19 Ranbaxy to acquire the Mundogen generic business from GlaxoSmithKline 0 None
2006-07-19 Canada ready to vaccinate against human papillomavirus 0 None
2006-07-18 FDA gives the green light for Gemzar to treat recurrent ovarian cancer 0 None
2006-07-18 FDA approval for Gemzar for ovarian cancer 0 None
2006-07-18 FDA approves Implanon (etonogestrel implant) contraceptive 0 3
2006-07-17 Memory Pharmaceuticals achieves milestone for the treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders 0 None
2006-07-13 FDA approves Atripla for the treatment of HIV-1 infection in adults 0 None
2006-07-13 Bayer's takeover offer for Schering AG complete 0 None
2006-07-12 FDA approves Atripla three-drug combination tablet for treatment of HIV-1 0 None
2006-07-12 Vioxx user was a heart attack waiting to happen 0 None
2006-07-10 Cardinal Health to manufacture Tamiflu for Roche 0 None
2006-07-05 New Australian 'assassin' drug has huge potential 0 None
2006-07-05 New anti-smoking drug Varenicline (Chantix) promotes longer-lasting abstinence 0 None
2006-07-03 New drug restores sight in sufferers from AMD 0 None
2006-07-03 3-drug pill will help fight HIV/AIDS 0 None
2006-06-29 FDA grants accelerated approval for Sprycel (dasatinib) 0 None
2006-06-28 Brits first to get new obesity drug 0 None
2006-06-27 First-in-class biologics poised to drive malignant melanoma drug market 0 None
2006-06-27 FDA gives tentative approval for generic pediatric AIDS drug 0 None
2006-06-27 FDA approves Exelon to treat dementia of Parkinson's disease 0 None
2006-06-27 More problems for Merck over Vioxx 0 None
2006-06-27 Affymax and Takeda announce agreement for commercialization of Hematide for anemia 0 None
2006-06-26 FDA approves Prezista (darunavir) 0 None
2006-06-22 Experimental drug helps you age gracefully 0 None
2006-06-19 FDA warns of possible risks to children using Triaminic Vapor Patch 0 None
2006-06-18 First drug treatment for late-stage cervical cancer approved 0 None
2006-06-18 Doctors put their foot down over drug advertising 0 None
2006-06-14 New drug will treat those winter blues 0 None
2006-06-13 FDA approves Wellbutrin X for treatment of seasonal depression 0 None
2006-06-12 FDA approves cervical cancer vaccine 0 None
2006-06-12 FDA cracks down on fake drugs 0 None
2006-06-09 How cow warts, clergy sex surveys moved along cervical cancer vaccine 0 None
2006-06-09 New era in cancer prevention 0 None
2006-06-09 FDA approves Gardasil as a treatment for cervical cancer 0 None
2006-06-08 Markey Cancer Center receives approval to test cancer drug DB-67 0 None
2006-06-08 NHS could save 2 billion pounds by switching to generic cholesterol lowering drugs 0 None
2006-06-08 FDA approval of Gardasil to prevent cervical cancer 0 None
2006-06-08 Reovirus could be used to treat many forms of advanced cancer 0 None
2006-06-08 Europe gives approval for children to get Prozac 0 None
2006-06-07 Glivec the best news yet for cancer victims 0 None
2006-06-06 MS sufferers relieved as drug Tysabri goes back on the market 0 None
2006-06-05 FDA approves resumed marketing of Tysabri 0 None
2006-06-05 HHS awards BioShield contract heptavalent botulism antitoxin 0 None
2006-06-04 New EU rules mean medicines will be developed just for children 0 None
2006-05-29 New vaccine reduces the risk of shingles 0 None
2006-05-29 Thalomid gets FDA approval to treat multiple myeloma 0 5
2006-05-29 Herceptin plus hormonal therapy holds breast cancer in check 0 4
2006-05-25 Misuse of ADHD drugs sends thousands each year to seek emergency hospital treatment 0 1
2006-05-24 EU ruling on breast drug Herceptin will end 'post code lottery' in Britain 0 5
2006-05-21 Arthritis drug wins approval for use in children with Crohn's disease 0 None
2006-05-21 Plan B - Lancet has a go at the FDA 0 None
2006-05-21 New drug for Parkinson's gets FDA approval 0 None
2006-05-21 New antibiotic works against superbugs 0 None
2006-05-18 FDA gives tentative approval to new generic AIDS drug 0 None
2006-05-17 FDA approves Azilect for the treatment of Parkinson's 0 None
2006-05-17 Vaccine against cervical cancer on track for FDA approval 0 None
2006-05-17 OK from the FDA for synthetic marijuana drug 0 None
2006-05-15 FDA warns of suicide risk with Paxil 0 None
2006-05-11 Chantix new quit smoking drug approved 0 None
2006-05-11 Abortion pill in trouble again 0 None
2006-05-11 Lilly to extend patient assistance programs for Medicare patients 0 None
2006-05-10 Lilly submits Cymbalta NDA for generalized anxiety disorder 0 None
2006-05-03 Advocacy group has win in terminally ill fight for access to experimental drugs 0 None
2006-05-03 Current US drug safety system is moving toward a delay in drug approval 0 None
2006-05-01 New drug to treat rare Pompe disease gets FDA approval 0 None
2006-04-28 New method could predict individual patient responses to drug treatments 0 None
2006-04-26 New technique to speed discovery of drug targets in chemical genetics 0 None
2006-04-26 New drug may revolutionize how chronic iron overload is treated in chronic anemia patients 0 None
2006-04-26 Avian flu vaccine to be developed by Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Bionostra 0 None
2006-04-25 Enzyme research points to better drugs and improved industrial processes 0 None
2006-04-24 Study shows drugs work differently in the brains of men and women 0 None
2006-04-23 Research into toxins points to development of better medicines 0 None
2006-04-23 Concerns for inexpensive fertility drug appears to be unfounded 0 None
2006-04-23 No support for medical use of marijuana from the FDA 0 None
2006-04-20 Australia's medicines regulator close to decision on herceptin 0 None
2006-04-19 New inhaled diabetic drug too costly for the NHS 0 None
2006-04-13 New Medicare drug benefit is meeting or exceeding expectations 0 None
2006-04-12 FDA investigates abortion pill death 0 None
2006-04-11 U.S. watchdog says Xenical should be withdrawn 0 None
2006-04-10 Skin patch to treat ADHD gets the green light 0 None
2006-04-03 Nigeria approves misoprostol for use in hospitals and clinics 0 None
2006-03-26 ADHD drug not safe for kids 0 None
2006-03-26 Asthma drug approved for children age four up 0 None
2006-03-23 Remicade (infliximab) gains Australian approval for treatment of early rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2006-03-23 Avicena receives orphan drug designation for Huntington's disease 0 None
2006-03-23 U.S. buys more Relenza and Tamiflu for future influenza pandemics 0 None
2006-03-21 ChemGenex Pharmaceuticals receives U.S. orphan drug designation for Ceflatonin 0 None
2006-03-17 FDA grants Cerexa fast track designation 0 None
2006-03-17 GlaxoSmithKline receives NDA for Coreg CR 0 None
2006-03-17 Drug trial nightmare - two still critically ill 0 None
2006-03-16 Lives in danger as drug trial goes horribly wrong 0 None
2006-03-15 Drug trial goes wrong and six end up intensive care 0 None
2006-03-15 New agreement on Chinese malaria vaccine candidate 0 None
2006-03-13 Best seller Lipitor shown to improve kidney function 0 None
2006-03-09 Nabi Biopharmaceuticals receives Fast Track status for nicotine vaccine 0 None
2006-03-09 Drug shortfall as more than 5,000 conditions need medication 0 None
2006-03-08 Revatio now available in the UK 0 None
2006-03-08 MS sufferers lobby for return of Tysabri 0 None
2006-03-07 Novavax and Bharat Biotech form alliance for influenza vaccine development 0 None
2006-03-07 Tibotec Pharmaceuticals receives NDA for investigational HIV protease inhibitor 0 None
2006-03-07 Will the FDA rise to the occasion and admit their natalizumab mistake? 0 None
2006-03-07 Pharmaceutical brochures don't always present accurate data 0 None
2006-03-07 Artificial intelligence addresses the problem of confusing drug names 0 None
2006-03-06 5,000 rare diseases need drugs, but Europe only approves a handful each year 0 None
2006-03-06 Next-generation drug development: risky and costly, but worth it 0 None
2006-03-06 Topical therapies show promise for Psoriasis 0 None
2006-03-06 UCB submits application to FDA for new treatment in Crohn's disease 0 None
2006-03-06 FDA grants priority review for Revlimid 0 None
2006-03-06 Study shows Differin Gel works well in combination with systemic or other topical agents 0 5
2006-03-05 FDA gives greenlight for new treatment of head and neck cancer 0 None
2006-03-01 Pfizer acquires worldwide rights to Exubera 0 None
2006-03-01 FDA approves Rituxan (Rituximab) 0 None
2006-03-01 FDA shields drug companies from lawsuits 0 None
2006-03-01 Popular painkiller linked to 2000 deaths 0 None
2006-02-27 Cervical cancer vaccines in development 0 None
2006-02-27 Teatments based on behaviour could reduce prescription drug use 0 None
2006-02-24 Baxter and Chiron awarded UK gov contract for H5N1 vaccine 0 None
2006-02-22 Two drug giants team up to develop new bird flu therapy 0 None
2006-02-22 Rotavirus vaccine given the green light 0 None
2006-02-21 Extract from Scutellaria Barbata may treat breast cancer 0 None
2006-02-21 Pfizer receives FDA approval for Eraxis to treat candidemia 0 None
2006-02-19 Blood clot warning to go on Ortho Evra birth control patch 0 None
2006-02-17 Lessons for clinical trials from natalizumab in multiple sclerosis 0 None
2006-02-17 New flu vaccine takes weeks to mass produce 0 None
2006-02-16 Diabetics warned against using antibiotic drug Tequin 0 None
2006-02-16 Stealthyx Therapeutics and Cancer Research Technology announce co-development partnership for tumour-targeted therapy 0 None
2006-02-16 New FDA report says earlier meetings w/FDA make drug review process more efficient 0 None
2006-02-16 WHO to take action against fake drug racket 0 None
2006-02-16 British woman loses Herceptin court battle 0 None
2006-02-13 So much for openness and enhanced oversight at FDA drug safety board! 0 None
2006-02-13 Acne drug which causes birth defects too hard to monitor 0 None
2006-02-13 Genzyme launches test to monitor Gleevec resistance 0 None
2006-02-13 FDA affirms safety of Aspartame 0 None
2006-02-12 Heart risk warning wanted on ADHD drugs 0 None
2006-02-07 Sanofi pasteur delivers more H5N1 vaccines to U.S. Government 0 None
2006-02-07 FDA grants fast track status for ViroPharma's Maribavir 0 None
2006-02-07 Viragen reports on Multiferon anti-viral studies 0 None
2006-02-07 Bristol-Myers Squibb and Otsuka Pharmaceutical announce availability of 2 mg Abilify (aripiprazole) tablet 0 4
2006-02-07 Monotherapy phase I clinical trials of novel cytotoxics, targeted therapeutics, antimetastatic agents/angiogenesis inhibitors, and immunotherapeutics/vaccines 0 None
2006-01-31 Angina drug finally gets the ok 0 None
2006-01-30 Postcode decides whether women receive breast cancer drug Herceptin 0 None
2006-01-29 New inhaled drug for diabetics an alternative treatment option for some 0 None
2006-01-26 Aston Academy investigates macular oedema 0 None
2006-01-26 FDA wants asthma drug withdrawn 0 None
2006-01-26 Drug used worldwide doubles risk of kidney failure 0 None
2006-01-26 Student doctors call for ban on drug company bribes 0 None
2006-01-24 FDA panel gives weight-loss drug the thumbs up 0 None
2006-01-24 Concern over decision that new Alzheimer drugs only available for advanced disease 0 None
2006-01-24 French defend drug after patients develop liver problems 0 None
2006-01-23 Injection of EU funds for a microdose project 0 None
2006-01-23 Statins account for 81% of first-line therapies for dyslipidemia treatment 0 None
2006-01-23 Bristol-Myers Squibb agrees to record securities litigation settlement with sweeping drug disclosure requirements announces Labaton Sucharow 0 None
2006-01-23 American Academy of Dermatology disagrees with eczema medication action taken by FDA 0 None
2006-01-23 FDA fast track status for Alfimeprase 0 None
2006-01-23 New version of diet drug not suitable for some 0 None
2006-01-23 Mylan announces tentative approval for Rabeprazole sodium delayed-release tablets 0 None
2006-01-22 Novel compound stops brain cell degeneration in Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2006-01-22 Black box warnings for two eczema creams 0 None
2006-01-22 Danger of resistance to malaria drug 0 None
2006-01-19 Argentina and Brazil join forces to produce AIDS drugs 0 None
2006-01-19 FDA unpopular over label liability revamp 0 None
2006-01-19 Galapagos and Cancer Research Technology announce new anti-cancer drug discovery collaboration 0 None
2006-01-19 Caretek Medical signs feasibility agreement with major pharma for protein based drug 0 None
2006-01-18 Vioxx may still be the best option for treating some forms of arthritis 0 None
2006-01-18 Hopes dashed for peanut allergy drug Xolair 0 None
2006-01-17 Anti-Obesity diet drug from cannabis works! 0 None
2006-01-17 FDA warns against buying prescription drugs on the net or overseas 0 None
2006-01-16 Drug discovery companies turn to low-cost Asian countries to evade stringent regulations 0 None
2006-01-16 US warns older flu drugs often don't work 0 None
2006-01-16 FDA warns diet drugs contain Prozac and Librium 0 1
2006-01-10 European Medicines Agency receives first pandemic influenza vaccine application 0 None
2006-01-10 Approval of first immune globulin for use beneath the skin 0 None
2006-01-10 Human Genome Sciences announces license agreement with Amgen 0 None
2006-01-09 Non-prescription cough medicine won't help that cough 0 None
2006-01-09 Thalomid gives hope for blood cancer sufferers 0 None
2006-01-06 Data establishes safety profile of new GlaxoSmithKline rotavirus vaccine candidate 0 None
2006-01-06 Americans don't need to pay the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs! 0 None
2006-01-06 Prospect of personalized medicine places new demands on the evaluation of new medicines 0 None
2006-01-05 California Governor urges drug imports; Canadian Pharmacies have already delivered 0 None


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