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2006-01-31 Angina drug finally gets the ok 0 None
2006-01-30 Postcode decides whether women receive breast cancer drug Herceptin 0 None
2006-01-29 New inhaled drug for diabetics an alternative treatment option for some 0 None
2006-01-26 Aston Academy investigates macular oedema 0 None
2006-01-26 FDA wants asthma drug withdrawn 0 None
2006-01-26 Drug used worldwide doubles risk of kidney failure 0 None
2006-01-26 Student doctors call for ban on drug company bribes 0 None
2006-01-24 FDA panel gives weight-loss drug the thumbs up 0 None
2006-01-24 Concern over decision that new Alzheimer drugs only available for advanced disease 0 None
2006-01-24 French defend drug after patients develop liver problems 0 None
2006-01-23 Injection of EU funds for a microdose project 0 None
2006-01-23 Statins account for 81% of first-line therapies for dyslipidemia treatment 0 None
2006-01-23 Bristol-Myers Squibb agrees to record securities litigation settlement with sweeping drug disclosure requirements announces Labaton Sucharow 0 None
2006-01-23 American Academy of Dermatology disagrees with eczema medication action taken by FDA 0 None
2006-01-23 FDA fast track status for Alfimeprase 0 None
2006-01-23 New version of diet drug not suitable for some 0 None
2006-01-23 Mylan announces tentative approval for Rabeprazole sodium delayed-release tablets 0 None
2006-01-22 Novel compound stops brain cell degeneration in Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2006-01-22 Black box warnings for two eczema creams 0 None
2006-01-22 Danger of resistance to malaria drug 0 None
2006-01-19 Argentina and Brazil join forces to produce AIDS drugs 0 None
2006-01-19 FDA unpopular over label liability revamp 0 None
2006-01-19 Galapagos and Cancer Research Technology announce new anti-cancer drug discovery collaboration 0 None
2006-01-19 Caretek Medical signs feasibility agreement with major pharma for protein based drug 0 None
2006-01-18 Vioxx may still be the best option for treating some forms of arthritis 0 None
2006-01-18 Hopes dashed for peanut allergy drug Xolair 0 None
2006-01-17 Anti-Obesity diet drug from cannabis works! 0 None
2006-01-17 FDA warns against buying prescription drugs on the net or overseas 0 None
2006-01-16 Drug discovery companies turn to low-cost Asian countries to evade stringent regulations 0 None
2006-01-16 US warns older flu drugs often don't work 0 None
2006-01-16 FDA warns diet drugs contain Prozac and Librium 0 1
2006-01-10 European Medicines Agency receives first pandemic influenza vaccine application 0 None
2006-01-10 Approval of first immune globulin for use beneath the skin 0 None
2006-01-10 Human Genome Sciences announces license agreement with Amgen 0 None
2006-01-09 Non-prescription cough medicine won't help that cough 0 None
2006-01-09 Thalomid gives hope for blood cancer sufferers 0 None
2006-01-06 Data establishes safety profile of new GlaxoSmithKline rotavirus vaccine candidate 0 None
2006-01-06 Americans don't need to pay the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs! 0 None
2006-01-06 Prospect of personalized medicine places new demands on the evaluation of new medicines 0 None
2006-01-05 California Governor urges drug imports; Canadian Pharmacies have already delivered 0 None


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