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2006-09-28 FDA issues guidance for development of cell-based viral vaccines 0 None
2006-09-26 Michigan Senate approves bills that would require girls to receive HPV vaccine before entering sixth grade 0 None
2006-09-26 HPV vaccine Gardasil approved for sale in EU 0 None
2006-09-26 Bill to allow U.S. residents to bring prescription drugs across the Canadian border 0 None
2006-09-26 Roche to transfer technology for Saquinavir to three generic drug companies in Africa 0 None
2006-09-25 Report says FDA not up to scratch 0 None
2006-09-22 Senate HELP committee approves Von Eschenbach nomination to head FDA 0 None
2006-09-22 Many Medicare beneficiaries lack coverage in prescription drug benefit 'doughnut hole' 0 None
2006-09-22 Prices on medications most commonly used by older people rose 4.3% in first half of 2006 0 None
2006-09-22 Inclusion of prescription drug reimportation provision in delaying action on homeland security appropriations 0 None
2006-09-20 GSK seeks regulatory approval in U.S., Europe for Tykerb 0 None
2006-09-20 Use of unapproved drugs in the U.S. 0 None
2006-09-20 Jury dismisses lawsuit against Wyeth in first Pempro case 0 None
2006-09-20 Many Australian physicians not applying for permission to import Mifepristone 0 None
2006-09-20 Some Senators concerned about plan to address Medicare premium refund checks sent erroneously 0 None
2006-09-20 Medical Centers should follow Stanford's lead in banning gifts from drug companies 0 None
2006-09-20 Thousands of prescription drug products sold in the U.S. not approved by FDA 0 None
2006-09-20 Insurance companies promote use of generic drugs in effort to cut costs 0 None
2006-09-19 FDA approves Noxafil (posaconazole) to prevent invasive fungal infections 0 None
2006-09-18 Sen. DeMint pledges to hold Von Eschenbach's FDA Commissioner nomination unless steps taken to take Mifeprex off market 0 None
2006-09-18 House subcomittee hearing focuses on disciplinary measures for NIH scientists' ethnics violations 0 None
2006-09-18 Oregon Prescription Drug Program would expand coverage to all uninsured residents 0 None
2006-09-18 Zimbabwean antiretroviral drug manufacturers seeking WHO certification to receive U.N. funding 0 None
2006-09-18 GSK to supply antiretroviral drugs to Russia at discounted price 0 None
2006-09-18 More physicians now visit web sites to find information on brand-name prescription drugs 0 None
2006-09-14 Chile to distribute Plan B emergency contraceptive at no cost to girls over age 14 0 None
2006-09-13 Bristol-Myers Squibb and Medivira announce collaboration to commercialize HIV treatment 0 None
2006-09-13 Accutane iPledge program requirements leading to illegal online sales 1 None
2006-09-13 Department of Justice joins Whistleblower lawsuit alleging overcharging by drug company Dey 0 None
2006-09-12 GlaxoSmithKline settles dispute with IRS 0 None
2006-09-12 TV advertising of prescription drugs may increase visits to doctor not actual sales 0 5
2006-09-12 Drug ads and their influence on patients and doctors 0 None
2006-09-11 FDA approves Watson's generic version of Barr's contraceptive pill Seasonale 0 None
2006-09-11 Federal Judge refuses to dismiss lawsuit challenging Illinois rule requiring pharmacists to fill prescriptions for emergency contraception 0 None
2006-09-11 Johns Hopkins ACG team releases pharmacy-based predictive model 0 None
2006-09-11 New drug sorts out premature ejaculation 0 None
2006-09-11 Surveys show most pharmacists, doctors believe Medicare Drug Benefit helps patients, though most think it is too complicated 0 None
2006-09-07 Sacramento City Council approves sale of nonprescription needles 0 None
2006-09-06 FDA asks U.S. Marshals to seize dietary supplements 0 None
2006-09-05 Sen. Santorum, opponent Casey differ in opinion of FDA approval of nonprescription Plan B sales 0 None
2006-09-05 Some find Accutane iPledge program requirements burdensome 0 None
2006-09-05 Some drug companies experiencing higher prescription volume, revenue with Medicare drug benefit 0 None
2006-09-05 Licensing arrangement reached for antiepileptic drug developed at Hebrew University 0 None
2006-09-04 New drug improves blood flow in diseased arteries 0 None
2006-09-04 Sanofi pasteur begins shipping influenza vaccine 0 None
2006-09-01 Emergent BioSolutions awarded $3.8 million to develop anthrax immune globulin therapeutic 0 None
2006-09-01 Washington State Gov. Gregoire proposes compromise that would allow individual pharmacists to refuse to fill prescription, nonprescription EC 0 None
2006-09-01 Some parents have difficulties gaining access to insurance coverage for HPV vaccine Gardasil 0 None


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