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Date Title Comments Rating
2009-01-29 Melanotan I and Melanotan II linked to rapidly changing moles 1 None
2009-01-29 Discounted prescription drugs online becoming more attractive to many 0 None
2009-01-29 FDA warns consumers not to take Venom HYPERDRIVE 3.0 0 None
2009-01-29 Medarex announces allowance of IND application for antibody-drug conjugate, MDX-1203 0 None
2009-01-29 Mylan receives final FDA approvals for generic Lamictal tablets 0 None
2009-01-29 SAFC Pharma augments assay development capabilities 0 None
2009-01-27 Imported diet pills from South America are dangerous 0 None
2009-01-27 Aspirin shown to help prevent liver damage 0 None
2009-01-27 New nano-insulin pill could replace injections for diabetics 1 None
2009-01-21 Topical microbicide protects against genital herpes 0 None
2009-01-19 Arpida receives FDA complete response letter for Iclaprim 0 None
2009-01-19 CSL Behring receives FDA approval of RiaSTAP 0 None
2009-01-19 Roxane Labs launches Levetiracetam tablets and oral solution 0 None
2009-01-19 Savella - Fibromyalgia treatment approved by FDA 2 4.2
2009-01-19 Eli Lilly to pay $1.415 billion for off-label promotion of Zyprexa 0 None
2009-01-18 FDA approves RiaSTAP for bleeding in patients with congenital fibrinogen deficiency 0 4
2009-01-18 Artificial antibody delivers nanoparticles to tumors 0 None
2009-01-18 Toxin-nanoparticle combo inhibits brain cancer invasion while imaging tumors 0 None
2009-01-18 Polymer nanoparticle for oral anticancer drug delivery 0 3
2009-01-15 FDA issues complete response letter for SAPHRIS (asenapine) sublingual tablets in acute treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder 0 None
2009-01-15 Cell Therapeutics targeting potential Zevalin label expansion, 0 None
2009-01-14 FDA launches pilot program to improve drug safety and active drug ingredients produced outside U.S. 0 None
2009-01-13 Thumbs down by experts on plans to make certain meds OTC 0 None
2009-01-12 Wyeth and Santaris Pharma to collaborate on RNA-based medicines 0 None
2009-01-12 Pfizer joins URMC initiative for safety of experimental drugs 0 None
2009-01-12 GSK and XenoPort resubmit NDA for Solzira in restless legs syndrome 0 None
2009-01-12 FORMA Therapeutics to collaborate with Novartis on inhibitors 0 None
2009-01-12 Bristol-Myers Squibb and ZymoGenetics to collaborate on hepatitis C compound 0 None
2009-01-08 Novel low-cost immunotherapy for cancer cells 0 None
2009-01-08 First artemisinin based malaria drug may meet resistance, expert says 0 None
2009-01-08 New drugs have longer clinical development times despite faster FDA review 0 None
2009-01-07 Sun Pharmaceutical extends tender offer for Taro 0 None
2009-01-07 Sun Pharmaceutical receives FDA approvals for 4 generics 0 None
2009-01-07 GSK completes tender offer for shares of Genelabs Technologies 0 None
2009-01-07 Lilly receives complete response letter for Olanzapine LAI for treatment of schizophrenia 0 None
2009-01-07 Codexis announces licensing agreement with Teva Pharmaceutical Industries 0 None
2009-01-07 Liquidia Technologies to collaborate with Abbott on siRNA therapeutics 0 None
2009-01-07 Fat busting drug Leptin could make a comeback 0 3.8
2009-01-06 Onyx Pharmaceuticals acquires license option on novel JAK2 inhibitors from S*BIO 0 None
2009-01-05 Old Digitalis-based drugs show promise as a treatment for cancer 0 None
2009-01-05 Indevus Pharmaceuticals enters merger agreement with Endo Pharmaceuticals 0 None
2009-01-05 Endo Pharmaceuticals to acquire Indevus Pharmaceuticals 0 4
2009-01-05 Bionovo publishes discoveries in predictable tissue selectivity for selective estrogen receptor modulators platform 0 None
2009-01-01 Watson Pharmaceuticals receives FDA approval for mint coated nicotine gum 0 None
2009-01-01 Schering-Plough announces European submission of fertility medicine Corifollitropin Alfa 0 None
2009-01-01 Final FDA approval for generic version of antiretroviral Zerit capsules 0 None
2009-01-01 FDA to review prasugrel for acute coronary syndromes 0 None


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