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RSSArchived Pharmaceutical News Stories - September 2009

Date Title Comments Rating
2009-09-30 CBR Pharma reports on M&A in the biopharmaceutical industry 0 None
2009-09-30 Inspirion Delivery Technologies completes Pre-IND meeting with the FDA 0 None
2009-09-30 Emergent BioSolutions receives NIAID funding support for dmPA7909 anthrax vaccine candidate 0 None
2009-09-30 Amicus Therapeutics to initiate Phase 1 study of AT2220 0 None
2009-09-30 Caraco enters into a consent decree with the FDA regarding its drug manufacturing operations 0 None
2009-09-30 FDA approves Mylan Pharmaceuticals' Carbidopa and Levodopa tablets 0 None
2009-09-30 Sun Pharma Global issues notice to Labopharm regarding its generic versions of Ryzolt 0 None
2009-09-30 Orphan drug designation for pixantrone applied by Cell Therapeutics 0 None
2009-09-30 IDRI and Academia Sinica sign Memorandum of Understanding 0 None
2009-09-30 Mellow Hope granted H1N1 license by SFDA 0 5
2009-09-30 FDA's Structured Product Labeling to be discussed 0 None
2009-09-30 Non-human primate study results of Restanza released 0 None
2009-09-30 Tβ4 therapy in EAE mice improves neurological functional recovery 0 None
2009-09-30 Sanofi-aventis announces study results comparing efficacy of Lantus to detemir 0 5
2009-09-30 SATAI invests $1.045 million in Azaya Therapeutics 0 None
2009-09-30 New anticoagulant therapy has fewer side-effects than warfarin 0 None
2009-09-30 Burzynski Research Institute and BBSF sign Research Agreement 0 None
2009-09-30 Also in global health news: Drought in East Africa; improving food processing in Africa; Hajj pilgrims must take polio vaccine; fighting insecticide-resistant mosquitoes 0 None
2009-09-30 Reuters examines how HIV vaccine trial results will guide future studies 0 None
2009-09-30 Study reveals that most Americans will refuse FDA authorized emergency use H1N1 flu vaccine 0 None
2009-09-30 Total Wellness ready to meet increased demand for the seasonal flu vaccine 0 None
2009-09-30 Aetna announces first-dollar coverage for H1N1 flu vaccine administration 0 None
2009-09-29 Renewed GMP certification for China Biologic Products' Qianfeng subsidiary 0 None
2009-09-29 90-day supply program to improve overall healthcare 0 None
2009-09-29 Repros Therapeutics receives further clarification on the Full Clinical Hold status of Proellex 0 None
2009-09-29 IP Advocate founder to speak on commercialization barriers faced by university faculty inventors 0 None
2009-09-29 Sciele Pharma files NDA for glycopyrrolate oral solution 0 None
2009-09-29 Journal publishes Hythiam's PROMETA treatment program results 0 None
2009-09-29 Oculus launches Microcyn Skin & Wound HydroGel OTC 0 None
2009-09-29 Januvia in combination with metformin or taken alone lowers blood sugar 0 2
2009-09-29 AAPS Annual Meeting to discuss new research and technologies in pharmaceutical sciences 0 None
2009-09-29 BDI Pharma's proprietary flu vaccine supply program SecuriFLU successful 0 None
2009-09-29 Walk-in flu shots to lure customers into drugstores 0 None
2009-09-29 New measles vaccination methods to reduce costs and improve safety 0 None
2009-09-29 Flu shots available at Concentra Urgent Care locations 0 3
2009-09-29 Additional countries to join in donating H1N1 vaccines to developing countries, U.N official says 0 None
2009-09-28 SOHM launches 26 branded generic pharmaceutical products in India 0 None
2009-09-28 UNC awarded $8.6M for a new Center for Integrated Systems Genetics 0 None
2009-09-28 MarkMonitor Brandjacking Index reveals growth in pharmaceutical brandjacking for popular drug brands 0 None
2009-09-28 Merck to distribute Afluria in the U.S. for CSL Biotherapies 0 None
2009-09-28 European Commission grants conditional marketing authorization for Gilead's Cayston 0 None
2009-09-28 Safety profiles of JANUVIA and JANUMET drugs established through clinical development program 0 2
2009-09-28 Presentations on Inovio Biomedical's electroporation-delivered DNA vaccines 0 None
2009-09-28 WellPoint covers administration costs for H1N1 vaccines 0 None
2009-09-28 Merck, Qiagen pledge cervical cancer tools at CGI, meeting highlights effects of gender inequality 0 None
2009-09-28 FDA grants accelerated approval for Allos Therapeutics’ FOLOTYN 0 None
2009-09-28 Quintiles Transnational enter into marketing agreement with Allergan for SANCTURA XR 0 None
2009-09-28 H1N1 vaccine for limited supply only to people at highest risk 0 None
2009-09-28 WHO Asia-Pacific Countries pledge to use artemisinin with other drugs by 2015 to prevent drug-resistance 0 None
2009-09-27 Rosiglitazone slows progression of cachexia in cancer affected mice 0 None
2009-09-26 Cantwell amendment will raise cost of prescription drugs: PCMA 0 None
2009-09-26 European CHMP recommends Merck's JANUVIA and JANUMET as add-on to insulin 0 3.3
2009-09-26 European CHMP recommends marketing approval for Sanofi-aventis' Multaq 0 None
2009-09-26 Teva to market generic version of AstraZeneca's antipsychotic agent Seroquel tablets 0 None
2009-09-26 GenVec to receive $2.3M from NIAID for HIV vaccine candidate production 1 None
2009-09-25 Stelara approved by the FDA for treating psoriasis 0 4
2009-09-25 WHO lowers expectation of H1N1 vaccine output, appeals for donations to fight pandemic 0 None
2009-09-25 Folotyn approved for the treatment of Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma 0 None
2009-09-25 Health officials anticipate 6 million H1N1 vaccine doses by early October 0 None
2009-09-25 Investigational New Drug application for Uricase-PEG 20 approved 0 None
2009-09-25 Wound Management Technologies inks marketing agreement with Pharma Technology International 0 None
2009-09-25 Phase III PLATO study proves that ticagrelor is more effective than clopidogrel 0 3
2009-09-25 Vertex Pharmaceuticals to present SVR data at the 60th Annual Meeting of the American Association 0 None
2009-09-25 ACP releases paper promoting increased funding for FDA 0 None
2009-09-25 Phase III clinical trial of investigational HIV vaccine regimen complete 0 None
2009-09-25 Qrxpharma forms an alliance with Liaoning Nuokang Medicines to commercialise its venomics assets 0 3
2009-09-25 Seasonal and H1N1 flu vaccines from Priority Health 0 None
2009-09-25 Research study supports reovirus and cisplatin combination for cancer treatment 0 None
2009-09-25 Fomepizole Injection launched by Bioniche Pharma 0 None
2009-09-25 NDA submitted to the FDA for new osteoarthritis drug 0 5
2009-09-25 FDA grants priority review for Cephalon's sNDA 0 None
2009-09-25 Investigational vaccine shows modest potential for protecting against HIV infection 0 None
2009-09-25 Combination drug to limit the dangerous side effects of morphine 0 None
2009-09-24 Drug Discovery and Development to focus on pharmaceutical trends 0 None
2009-09-24 Patents listed in FDA's Orange Book for Eli Lilly’s Evista invalidated 0 None
2009-09-24 Rio Grande Dermatology offers eyelash drugs for $99 0 None
2009-09-24 Flood-affected customers in Georgia can obtain early refills of their prescriptions 0 None
2009-09-24 Walgreens ensures that all its pharmacies can provide Tamiflu 0 None
2009-09-24 Octapharma AG submits Biological License Application for its octagam(R) 10% to FDA 0 None
2009-09-24 Biotech company Pharming Group receives confirmation of validation for Rhucin 0 5
2009-09-24 PCMA releases statement regarding the Senate Finance Committee’s ongoing deliberations on health-care reform 0 None
2009-09-24 Controlled release pills and capsules with dose dumping tendency should be tested 0 None
2009-09-24 Merck, QIAGEN to collaborate to increase access to HPV vaccination and HPV DNA testing in developing countries 0 None
2009-09-24 New report on CEL-SCI's H1N1 flu drug candidate 0 None
2009-09-24 Rasagiline slows the rate of Parkinson's disease progression 0 None
2009-09-24 Update on Cerezyme and Fabrazyme supply from Genzyme Corporation 0 None
2009-09-24 It is possible to reduce the risk of HIV infection with a vaccine: AVAC 0 None
2009-09-24 Court rules in favor of Eli Lilly for Evista's method-of-use patents 0 None
2009-09-24 Enrollment for pSivida's pilot FAVOR clinical study commences 0 None
2009-09-24 ADAGIO clinical trial results demonstrating AZILECT's efficacy published 0 None
2009-09-24 Acetaminophen can prevent age-related problems 0 None
2009-09-24 VisEn launches new imaging agent for monitoring key hypertension and renal disease biomarker 0 None
2009-09-24 Z-Medica launches the QuikClot Interventional hemostatic bandage for use during catheterization procedures 0 None
2009-09-23 Safety tips for OTC and prescription medications 0 None
2009-09-23 Four percent annual growth for chronic pain drug market 0 None
2009-09-23 Adolor acquires exclusive worldwide rights to OpRA III 0 None
2009-09-23 New drug test promises to yield quick and effective response for cancer therapy 0 None
2009-09-23 Second annual study of FDA drug review released 0 None
2009-09-23 Bioelectronics files for pre-marketing clearance for its ActiPatch® Therapy products 0 5
2009-09-23 Top 20 pharma companies seek out new partnering opportunities at BIO-Europe 2009 0 1
2009-09-23 UBC acquires Gigamoto Technology Partners to implement risk management programs 0 5
2009-09-23 Preclinical data on Protalix Biotherapeutics' antiTNF released 0 None
2009-09-23 EGFR-targeted therapy improves survival rates in metastatic colorectal cancer patients 0 None
2009-09-23 FDA committees to review Neuromed’s NDA for Exalgo 0 None
2009-09-23 Results of IES presented at ECCO 0 None
2009-09-23 Update from Advanced Cell on pre-clinical activities for its RPE cell program 0 None
2009-09-23 Chan calls for additional H1N1 vaccines for poor countries during WHO Asia-Pacific regional meeting 0 None
2009-09-23 Government orders additional H1N1 vaccine 0 None
2009-09-22 Sanofi Pasteur receives additional order H1N1 vaccine 0 None
2009-09-22 China SFDA awards Jiangsu Yanshen a new drug certificate and production license for its H1N1 vaccine 0 None
2009-09-22 Emissary Capital begins investment research coverage on Sinobiopharma 0 None
2009-09-22 Gerresheimer opens new R&D and production centers in USA and Europe 0 None
2009-09-22 Drug registration process for Nutra Pharma's pain reliever begins 0 None
2009-09-22 FemSoft from Rochester Medical included in the UK Drug Tariff 0 None
2009-09-22 Gerresheimer opens new R&D and production centers in USA and Europe 0 None
2009-09-22 CSL Behring offers new dosage strength of Helixate FS in U.S. 0 None
2009-09-22 PeriGen’s protocol bundle to prevent H1N1 in pregnant women 0 None
2009-09-22 Rexahn and Teva sign license and stock purchase agreements 0 None
2009-09-22 U.S. HHS orders for an additional 29 million doses of MedImmune's influenza vaccine 0 None
2009-09-22 Investigative drug hampers the survival of non-Hodgkin lymphoma cells 0 None
2009-09-22 GeoVax requests FDA meeting to discuss IND for its therapeutic HIV/AIDS vaccine 0 None
2009-09-22 Lundbeck offers Sabril for treating children with infantile spasms in the U.S. 0 5
2009-09-22 Coenzyme Q10 to slow down the effects of Parkinson's disease? 0 None
2009-09-22 Congress urged to delay pending Medicaid cuts 0 None
2009-09-22 Dalton Pharma expands pharmaceutical manufacturing services 0 None
2009-09-21 Nanoviricides and Southern Research sign agreement to test anti-Influenza and anti-HIV drug candidates 0 None
2009-09-21 U.S. Department of Health & Human Services requests BioCryst for proposal for peramivir supply 0 None
2009-09-21 ICF International awarded over $7M to effectively communicate substance abuse prevention 0 None
2009-09-21 King Pharmaceuticals achieves milestone: Announces commercial availability of EMBEDA 0 None
2009-09-21 Impax Laboratories challenges Galderma Laboratories' patents 0 None
2009-09-21 NIAID awards DOR BioPharma a $9M grant to develop thermostable and rapidly acting vaccines 0 None
2009-09-21 AstraZeneca and Nektar Therapeutics enter worldwide license agreement for two drug development programmes 0 None
2009-09-21 The 2009 National Pharmacy Study ranks Prescription Solutions second among mail order pharmacies 0 None
2009-09-21 Ipsen's Azzalure muscle relaxant receives Spanish AEMPS marketing approval 0 1
2009-09-21 Kenya to launch measles vaccine campaign 0 None
2009-09-21 Iodinated, Gadolinium based contrast agents do not negatively affect patients 0 None
2009-09-21 Abbott Prism HIV O Plus assay approved by FDA 0 3
2009-09-21 New interferon/lovastatin treatment to battle cancer 0 None
2009-09-19 CEO of pSivida to discuss new technologies in retinal drug delivery at the San Diego Ophthalmic summit 0 None
2009-09-19 PCMA statements on mail-service pharmacies 0 None
2009-09-19 Quidel's updates information on its Influenza A+B test package insert 0 None
2009-09-19 Pfizer Oncology to present early-stage research of investigational agents for cancer treatment 0 None
2009-09-19 New ultra-thin adhesives introduced by Avery Dennison Specialty Tape Division 0 None
2009-09-18 EPO and growth factor therapy safe for anemic MDS patients 0 None
2009-09-18 'Spice' drugs easily available for youngsters 0 None
2009-09-18 Researchers to develop a safer and synthetic alternative to current heparin 0 None
2009-09-18 Metabolic Research to participate in the Olympia Expo 0 None
2009-09-18 MemoryXL improves cognitive performance in Alzheimer's disease 2 None
2009-09-18 New vaccine may prove effective against urinary tract infections 0 3.5
2009-09-18 Partnership between Wellcome Trust and Merck & Co 0 None
2009-09-18 Phase I trial of NPC-1C to commence 0 None
2009-09-18 Juvaris BioTherapeutics completes first close on Series B equity financing 0 None
2009-09-18 Rexahn to sign licensing and stock purchase agreements with Teva Pharmaceutical 0 None
2009-09-18 Griffin Securities' report features stem cell hypothesis of cancer 0 None
2009-09-18 FDA approves Valturna tablets for treating high blood pressure 0 None
2009-09-18 FDA advises consumers not to use stolen respiratory medications 0 None
2009-09-18 Mayo Clinic scientists conduct clinical study on functional dyspesia patients 0 None
2009-09-18 Vitamin K prevents age-related conditions 0 3.5
2009-09-18 WHO in talks with developed countries about sharing H1N1 vaccine with developing nations 0 None
2009-09-18 Drugs industry names the contraceptive pill as the greatest pharmacy innovation of the past 150 years 0 None
2009-09-18 Preventive treatment extension after kidney transplantation reduces the risk of CMV disease 0 None
2009-09-18 HTDS update on its H1N1 project status 0 None
2009-09-18 Biomaterial gel for treating spinal cord injury 0 None
2009-09-18 Merck, Wellcome Trust to launch vaccine center in India to produce vaccines for developing countries 0 None
2009-09-17 Quidel's QuickVue Influenza A+B test receives special 510(k) clearance for H1N1 reactivity update 0 None
2009-09-17 A not-for-profit mission from Wellcome Trust and Merck to develop affordable vaccines for low-income countries 0 None
2009-09-17 Nimotuzumab drug approved for Mexican distribution 0 None
2009-09-17 FDA: Manufacturers to include warning of promethazine hydrochloride injection on labels 0 None
2009-09-17 LAB Research signs exclusive agreement to extend Korean market 0 None
2009-09-17 DDI Predict 2009 edition assessing the risk of potential drug-drug interactions released 0 None
2009-09-17 GENova Biotherapeutics signs collaboration deal with Beckpharma 0 None
2009-09-17 Glaxo conceals risks: Antidepressant drug Paxil causes birth defects 0 None
2009-09-17 Cepacol introduces instant pain relief tablets for children with sore throats 0 None
2009-09-17 BioMedReports.Com's news report on CEL-SCI's key developments 0 None
2009-09-17 NCPA happy with Baucus' proposals for community pharmacies 0 None
2009-09-17 Mechanism of action of the anti-cancer drug GMX1778 identified 0 None
2009-09-17 Findings may lead to drugs that destroy TB in dormant stage of lifecycle 0 None
2009-09-17 FDA issues a complete response letter for Sanofi-aventis' eplivanserin NDA 0 None
2009-09-17 Weis Markets to hold low-cost flu shot program 0 None
2009-09-17 DNage's observational study assesses natural progression of CS in children 0 5
2009-09-17 IPTi tool with SP medicine helps prevent malaria in African infants 0 5
2009-09-17 APP Pharmaceuticals announces FDA marketing approval of Deferoxamine Mesylate 0 None
2009-09-17 Study: Therapy addition reduces risk of stroke and other cardiovascular events 0 None
2009-09-17 Genentech releases Phase III PRIMA study findings 0 None
2009-09-17 Fully-insured members of Capital BlueCross to receive coverage for administration fee for H1N1 Flu vaccine 0 None
2009-09-17 GENova to sign extensive collaboration agreement with Beckpharma 0 None
2009-09-17 FDA approves Sirion's Zirgan for treating acute herpetic keratitis 0 None
2009-09-17 FDA Advisory Committee recommends marketing approval for Auxilium's XIAFLEX to treat Dupuytren's contracture 0 None
2009-09-17 Administrative cost of H1N1 vaccine to be covered for CIGNA's customers 0 None
2009-09-17 BioSpecifics Technologies' XIAFLEX receives marketing approval from FDA 0 None
2009-09-16 OCLS' partnership with V&M Industries to market Microcyn-based skin and wound care products 0 None
2009-09-16 Keryx Biopharmaceuticals receives orphan-drug designation for a multiple myeloma drug 0 None
2009-09-16 Matrix Laboratories receives tentative FDA approval for its NDA 0 None
2009-09-16 KemPharm announces nomination of its second pipeline candidate 0 5
2009-09-16 Inovio’s novel platform for developing DNA based vaccines to be discussed at EmTech 0 None
2009-09-16 Santaris Pharma establishes its operations in the U.S. 0 None
2009-09-16 Precise T cell correlates of protection need to be identified for vaccine design 0 None
2009-09-16 RXi Pharmaceuticals to present in vivo data of rxRNA compounds 0 None
2009-09-16 Six research project grants aimed at improving human health awarded 0 None
2009-09-16 LEAD Therapeutics' LT-29 antibiotic effective against most common antibiotic resistant bacteria 0 None
2009-09-16 PhotoMedex unveils Neova DNA Repair Factor Nourishing Lotion 0 None
2009-09-16 FDA approves sBLA for Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine 0 None
2009-09-16 BioMedReports.Com issues special investigative report on CEL-SCI 0 None
2009-09-16 Clinical trial data of Lipsovir presented at ICAAC 0 None
2009-09-16 AMRI files two new patent infringement lawsuits 0 None
2009-09-16 Study reveals ineffectiveness of insulin and metformin against inflammatory biomarkers 0 None
2009-09-16 Urgent vaccine requirements for treating epidemic diseases voiced at ECI 2009 0 None
2009-09-16 Ganeden Biotech unveils the first quick dissolving, thin strip probiotic product 0 None
2009-09-16 GENova Biotherapeutics and Prime BioResearch sign collaboration agreement 0 None
2009-09-16 FDA grants orphan drug status to Advanced Life Sciences' Restanza 0 None
2009-09-16 New book on pharmacology launched 0 None
2009-09-16 Bavarian Nordic to deliver IMVAMUNE(R) vaccines 0 None
2009-09-16 Four H1N1 vaccines approved by FDA 0 None
2009-09-16 Pre-clinical studies of ID-12 orally-bioavailable inhibitor completes 0 None
2009-09-16 New peptide-based cancer vaccine tested in genital cancer patients 0 None
2009-09-15 Phase 3 clinical study results of bazedoxifene released 0 None
2009-09-15 Idera Pharmaceuticals to discuss TLR-targeted drug discovery and development programs 0 None
2009-09-15 Biocryst signs agreement with three partners to represent its anti-viral peramivir outside U.S. 0 None
2009-09-15 Halozyme Therapeutics to present its product development pipeline 0 None
2009-09-15 Neuroskin Psoriasis Relief DRTV test results announced by avVaa World Health Care 0 None
2009-09-15 CPEX Pharmaceuticals to discuss the clinical aspects of nasal insulin therapy 0 None
2009-09-15 HUYA Bioscience signs first-look agreement with Chinese Academy of Sciences' GIBH 0 None
2009-09-15 GlaxoSmithKline's Votrient will take significant market share away from Pfizer's Sutent by 2018 0 None
2009-09-15 A.P. Pharma and Merial sign license and development agreement for a long-acting pain management product 0 None
2009-09-15 FluCide more effective than Tamiflu 0 None
2009-09-15 Forest Laboratories places Armour Thyroid medication on back order 61 4.6
2009-09-15 Wake Pharma to present clinical evidence in the treatment of wounds using Wound-Be-Gone at SAWC 0 None
2009-09-15 Pieris AG and Allergan sign collaboration agreement 0 None
2009-09-15 MSD's ISENTRESS approved by the EU Commission for treating HIV-1 infection in adult patients 0 None
2009-09-15 Antibiotics sold online without prescriptions, according to MUSC researchers 0 None
2009-09-15 Anti-fungal pill found to be effective for treating oral candidiasis 0 5
2009-09-15 New operating model for speed delivery of innovative medicines 0 None
2009-09-15 Oil-and-water-based nanoemulsion could be more effective for treating burns 0 None
2009-09-15 Cell Therapeutics submits Pediatric Investigation Plan to EMEA for pixantrone 0 None
2009-09-15 CFAR to host AIDS Vaccine 2010 conferrence 0 None
2009-09-15 Environmental Solutions International introduces unique, alcohol-free, moisturizing hand sanitizers 1 None
2009-09-15 Mellow Hope completes clinical trial of H1N1 vaccine, receives approval from SFDA 0 None
2009-09-15 AzaSite production increased to combat erythromycin ophthalmic ointment shortage 0 None
2009-09-15 IBC offers coverage for H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccines 0 None
2009-09-15 Nebulized interferon-gamma helps minimize transmissibility of TB 0 None
2009-09-15 Sigma-Aldrich to distribute BioLife's HypoThermosol and CryoStor biopreservation media products 0 None
2009-09-14 Virtual Pharma Rep - an electronic "go green" revolutionary pharmaceutical sales product 0 None
2009-09-14 B. Braun Medical to showcase its Prontosan Wound Irrigation Solution at the SAWC Fall Event 0 3
2009-09-14 Early vaccination minimizes the risk of damage by potentially harmful infections 0 None
2009-09-14 CDI and VivoMedica launch pharmaceutical industry consortium 0 None
2009-09-14 Patient enrollment for Phase 3 clinical trials of VEGF Trap-Eye completed 0 None
2009-09-14 VBI's flu vaccine offers protection against H1N1 0 None
2009-09-14 Mylan Pharmaceutical's ANDA for Teva's Copaxone accepted by FDA (Correction) 0 None
2009-09-14 Pharma CI Conference to focus on pharma industry news and challenges 0 None
2009-09-14 Trabedersen granted orphan drug designation from both FDA And EMEA for treating pancreatic carcinoma 0 5
2009-09-14 Influenza patients treated with Tamiflu has higher survival rates 0 None
2009-09-14 Quest Diagnostics' OVA1 ovarian cancer test cleared by the FDA 0 4
2009-09-14 FDA approves Theravance's VIBATIV for treating complicated skin and skin structure infections 0 None
2009-09-14 Clinical study results of DAS181 against H1N1 influenza presented 0 None
2009-09-14 Laquinimod study data reveals its neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties 0 None
2009-09-14 Naproxcinod clinical study results presented at the 2009 World Congress on Osteoarthritis 0 None
2009-09-14 Sanofi-aventis and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals discontinue Phase 3 trial of aflibercept 0 None
2009-09-14 First FOSAMAX case declared as mistrial by the U.S.District Court Judge 0 None
2009-09-14 Results further support the benefits of TYSABRI for multiple sclerosis patients 1 4
2009-09-14 Reme-Flu secured as trade name for Nuvilex's homeopathic flu remedy 0 None
2009-09-14 Mellow Hope completes MEVAC-A tender for Bangladesh 0 None
2009-09-14 FDA releases latest listing of consumer health information updates 0 None
2009-09-14 TCAD therapy shows potency against seasonal and novel H1N1 influenza viruses 0 None
2009-09-14 FAB Pharma to develop new class of anti-MRSA drugs 0 None
2009-09-14 Marketing study conducted to investigate decline in Gardasil vaccine supply 0 None
2009-09-11 Signum Biosciences awarded $1.6 million SBIR Phase II grant 0 None
2009-09-11 IRIN examines report on varying cost of ARVs for countries with similar socioeconomic status 0 None
2009-09-11 FDA accepts Merz Pharmaceuticals' premarket approval application for Belotero Balance 0 None
2009-09-11 Flu Clinic Locator makes it easy for people to locate the most convenient clinic to get their seasonal flu vaccine 0 None
2009-09-11 Bioneutral's broad spectrum antimicrobial eradicates the H1N1 swine flu virus 0 None
2009-09-11 Federal court's approval clears the way for pricing rollback of pharmaceutical drugs 0 None
2009-09-11 Oculus Innovative Sciences Receives Medicare HCPCS Code For Reimbursement Of Microcyn® Skin & Wound Hydrogel 0 None
2009-09-11 YuYeQingHuo OTC capsules to treat throat inflammation launched by American Oriental Bioengineering 0 None
2009-09-11 Accupac to manufacture Access Pharmaceuticals' MuGard 0 None
2009-09-11 HIV/AIDS patients in U.S. have no long-term treatment options: ATAC report card 0 None
2009-09-11 Results from a preclinical study of Variation's influenza vaccine to be presented at ICAAC meeting 0 None
2009-09-11 U.S. Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to participate in a vaccination exercise on the anniversary of 9/11 0 None
2009-09-11 Abstracts on Merck Serono oncology treatments to be presented at ECCO and ESMO 0 None
2009-09-11 PCMA stresses on improving affordability in the health care system 0 None
2009-09-11 Cymbalta maintains reduction in pain for patients with chronic low back pain 0 1
2009-09-11 Tetraphase to present its study on novel classes of antibiotics to treat drug-resistant infections 0 None
2009-09-11 Update on Prolindac clinical development plan provided by Access Pharmaceuticals 0 None
2009-09-11 Amylin and Biocon collaborate to develop a peptide therapeutic for treating diabetes 0 None
2009-09-11 Recession hits some biopharmaceutical companies and CROs 0 None
2009-09-11 Phase 3 trial of ataluren commences 0 None
2009-09-11 Drug manufacturers are seeking out needle-free systems 0 None
2009-09-11 Neurologists recommend oral cladribine for treating multiple sclerosis 0 None
2009-09-11 Phase II clinical trial of TAK-700 for treating advanced prostate cancer commences 0 None
2009-09-11 Efficacy of Instanyl in management of breakthrough cancer pain demonstrated 0 None
2009-09-11 Adamis Pharmaceuticals' Epinephrine injection categorized as a generic 0 None
2009-09-11 Ascent Therapeutics demonstrates Pepducin efficacy 0 None
2009-09-11 Zevalin radioimmunotherapy drug approved for treating non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 0 None
2009-09-11 Abbreviated New Drug Application for nateglinide tablets approved 0 None
2009-09-11 Nuvilex and Legacy Biotechnologies to develop natural remedies for flu- type symptoms 0 5
2009-09-11 New Drug Application for trabectedin approved by the FDA 0 None
2009-09-10 Phase 2b clinical trial results of TC-5214 to be presented at nAChR2009 0 None
2009-09-10 FDA approves Supplemental New Drug Application for DOXIL 0 None
2009-09-10 FDA removes clinical hold on HEPLISAV hepatitis B vaccine 0 None
2009-09-10 Phase Forward's Empirica Suite to be showcased at the 3rd annual conference 0 None
2009-09-10 METOZOLV drug approved for treating gastroesophageal reflux disease 0 None
2009-09-10 Inspire Pharmaceuticals to increase production of azithromycin ophthalmic solution 0 None
2009-09-10 IBM study reveals the need for smart drug manufacturer supply chain systems 0 None
2009-09-10 Labopharm to present its novel trazodone formulation data 0 None
2009-09-10 Ketamine shows rapid antidepressant effects 0 None
2009-09-10 TI Pharma: A role model of public-private cooperation and partnership 0 5
2009-09-10 Efficacy of Ore Pharmaceuticals' lead drug candidate discussed 0 None
2009-09-10 Physicians and patients underestimate promotional volume of Actonel 0 None
2009-09-10 Polio vaccination resumes in Pakistan's Swat Valley 0 None
2009-09-10 Therapeutic principles of monoclonal antibodies 0 None
2009-09-10 Biovista's BVA-201 drug for MS shows positive results 0 None
2009-09-10 Oral GLP-1 Analog approved for human clinical trial 0 None
2009-09-10 New study highlights the competitive nature of drug development 0 None
2009-09-10 Clinical trial reveals RENOVA topical treatment cream shows continuous improvement 0 None
2009-09-10 GlaxoSmithKline's CERVARIX receives favorable recommendation from FDA Advisory Committee 0 None
2009-09-10 First trial of 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine testing launched 0 5
2009-09-10 Clinical study investigates laboratory and clinical implications of proton pump inhibitor drugs 0 None
2009-09-10 Merck's GARDASIL receives approval from FDA Advisory Committee 0 5
2009-09-09 ARUP Laboratories' scientist receives grant to research HIV therapies 0 None
2009-09-09 Chemgenex completes NDA submission for its omacetaxine mepesuccinate to the FDA 0 None
2009-09-09 Caldolor launched ahead of schedule in U.S. by Cumberland Pharmaceuticals 0 None
2009-09-09 HCV treatment study reveals low relapse rate of Pegetron 0 None
2009-09-09 Inspire Pharmaceuticals wins award for its denufosol tetrasodium program 0 None
2009-09-09 Lawsuit charged against Pfizer for illegal marketing of Geodon 0 5
2009-09-09 AOLS to initiate clinical study for testing the efficacy of AEOL 10150 0 None
2009-09-09 Ceragenix awarded $2.87M NIH grant to develop a drug for treating Clostrdium difficile and Shigella 0 None
2009-09-09 GENova Biotherapeutics discusses its anti-cancer drug development strategy 0 None
2009-09-09 Three government trusts in Arizona sign contract with Navitus Health Solutions 0 None
2009-09-09 Bayer submits an IND for its MN-IC antibody-drug conjugate to the FDA 0 None
2009-09-09 Maxim Health to launch its annual influenza vaccination program on October 1 0 None
2009-09-09 PacifiCord and Milkalicious to sponsor a debate on pediatric vaccines 0 None
2009-09-09 FDA approves Salix' METOZOLV ODT for treating diabetic gastroparesis 0 None
2009-09-09 Gabapentin improves sleep quality in menopausal women 0 4.3
2009-09-09 Laureate Pharma and Neoprobe sign manufacturing agreement 0 None
2009-09-09 BioElectronics to file for FDA pre-marketing clearance of its ActiPatch Therapy product 0 5
2009-09-09 Sinovac's first lot of H1N1 vaccine released by China's NICPBP 0 None
2009-09-09 Care-Tech Laboratories consents to end illegal manufacture and marketing of OTC drugs 0 5
2009-09-09 Rice researchers describe a new method to predict the efficacy of H1N1 vaccines 0 None
2009-09-09 Meda launches EDLUAR in the U.S. 0 None
2009-09-09 Space-age technology to combat counterfeit pharmaceuticals 0 None
2009-09-09 China Sky's Pain Relief patches enters Canadian market 0 None
2009-09-09 Teva Pharmaceutical Industries to present MS treatment research data 0 None
2009-09-09 NIH awards Vaxart $2.8M grant to develop an orally-delivered H5N1 Avian influenza vaccine 0 None
2009-09-09 GENova Biotherapeutics files patent for Prostaganin anti-cancer drug 0 3
2009-09-09 FDA approves ISTA's Bepreve for treating ocular itch 0 None
2009-09-08 Cytrx to submit revised protocol for arimoclomol Phase IIb clinical trial 0 None
2009-09-08 KRYSTEXXA development and treatment failure gout to be presented 0 None
2009-09-08 FDA undecided on safety guidelines for hydroquinone use 0 None
2009-09-08 Opexa Therapeutics' ongoing development program for Tovaxin to be presented 0 None
2009-09-08 Protalix receives orphan drug designation for prGCD 0 None
2009-09-08 Shire's assistance helps Gaucher patients manage imiglucerase supply shortage 0 None
2009-09-08 NanoViricides' drug pipeline to be discussed at NanoBusiness2009 0 None
2009-09-08 Pharma manufacturer's failure to disclose endangers Swine Flu vaccination program 0 5
2009-09-08 Impact Fusion International completes geographic market test of Intact Digest 0 None
2009-09-08 New technology developed to detect counterfeit drugs 0 None
2009-09-08 Azelastine and fluticasone combination for allergic rhinitis gets new lease 0 None
2009-09-08 COPD patients to have better protection against pneumonia with new vaccine 0 None
2009-09-07 Insects can be used to test the efficiency of new drugs 0 5
2009-09-07 Reversible cell-specific drug delivery with aptamer-functionalized liposomes 0 None
2009-09-07 Regurin XL capsule for the treatment of OAB launched in UK 0 None
2009-09-07 Identifying a specific molecular signature can help customize cancer treatment 0 None
2009-09-07 Ipsen grants license to Debiopharm for developing and commercialising cancer treatment 0 None
2009-09-07 Biotechnological approach to fight H1N1 influenza 0 3
2009-09-07 Debiopharm granted license to develop and commercialise CDC25 0 None
2009-09-07 Bacterium's S-layer secretes many therapeutic proteins 0 5
2009-09-07 Cancer drug could restore memory deficits in Alzheimer's patients 0 None
2009-09-05 Opinion: Local drug production in developing countries; Obama's PEPFAR changes 0 None
2009-09-05 European MAA for lubiprostone withdrawn by Sucampo Pharma Europe 0 None
2009-09-05 Pharmavite LLC establishes direct-to-consumer sales company 0 None
2009-09-05 Sinovac to purchase H1N1 vaccine for the national stockpiling plan 0 None
2009-09-05 Flu vaccinations now available at all 22 Target Clinic locations 0 None
2009-09-05 FDA notifies PDUFA action date for Cell Therapeutics' NDA for pixantrone 0 None
2009-09-05 Spectrum's ZEVALIN expanded label receives FDA approval for treating non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma 0 None
2009-09-05 Discovery of two antibodies could move AIDS vaccine development forward 0 None
2009-09-05 Clinical trial of Cerebroprotein Hydrolysate for Injection completes 5 4
2009-09-04 Target Clinics in Maryland start selling seasonal flu vaccinations 0 None
2009-09-04 New protein fragments identified for anthrax vaccine development 0 5
2009-09-04 Shire receives FDA approval for INTUNIV extended release tablets 0 None
2009-09-04 Takeda receives FDA response regarding NDA for fixed-dose combination of alogliptin and ACTOS 0 2
2009-09-04 Competition results in wide approval of Rev Vac safety syringe 0 None
2009-09-04 Drive to collect unused prescription drugs starts on October 3 0 None
2009-09-04 Filing and review of belatacept's license application accepted by the FDA 0 None
2009-09-04 rPA anthrax vaccine and its Valortim anthrax anti-toxin program data presented 0 None
2009-09-04 Phase III clinical trial results of XIAFLEX published in a journal 0 None
2009-09-04 FDA review on postmarketing studies for approved drugs and biologics 0 None
2009-09-04 FDA approves new xTAG Cystic Fibrosis 39 Kit v2 from Luminex 0 None
2009-09-04 Department of Health's guidance on swine flu vaccination leaves local health chiefs confused 0 None
2009-09-04 Shire's INTUNIV (Guanfacine) approved by the FDA for treatment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder 1 None
2009-09-04 Giant Eagle offers generic prescription antibiotics for free at its in-store pharmacies 0 None
2009-09-04 Lawsuits filed against Johnson & Johnson, Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical and Walgreen 0 3.7
2009-09-04 Sodium chloride for treating head lice 2 5
2009-09-04 Acticoat Flex dressings with NUCRYST's SILCRYST nanocrystalline silver coatings launched in Europe 0 5
2009-09-04 SFDA approves production license for Sinovac's H1N1 vaccine 0 None
2009-09-04 ERT celebrates a significant milestone: Completes 150Th QT clinical Trial 0 None
2009-09-04 Acurox's New Drug Application discussed with the FDA 0 None
2009-09-04 IND for Cytopia's CYT387 clears the FDA review 0 None
2009-09-03 Two new antibodies for targeting HIV virus discovered 0 4
2009-09-03 H1N1 vaccine to cost countries $2.50 - $20 per dose 0 None
2009-09-03 Updated Blue Spoon Consulting briefing note available for web download 0 None
2009-09-03 Endo Pharmaceuticals launches VALSTAR for treating recurrent carcinoma in situ bladder tumors 0 3.2
2009-09-03 China Aoxing submits an NDA to the China SFDA for its Codeine Phosphate 0 None
2009-09-03 China Sky One Medical submits application to perform clinical trials for two new generic drugs 0 None
2009-09-03 Criminal pricing of Merck’s HIV/AIDS drug Isentress challenged by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation 0 5
2009-09-03 Ethical Alternative Products launches the OmniFlex joint support formula 0 None
2009-09-03 SAFLUTAN launched in United Kingdom and Spain 0 None
2009-09-03 Sheller, P.C helps to settle the largest whistleblower complaint 0 None
2009-09-03 Ten of ChemBridge's screening libraries available through CDD database 0 None
2009-09-03 Celgene to collaborate with PTC on advancing drug discovery efforts 0 None
2009-09-03 Pfizer finalizes settlement agreement with U.S. DOJ regarding past promotional practices 0 None
2009-09-03 P2Y2 to be included in the intellectual property sale auction 0 None
2009-09-03 Pfizer pleads guilty of defrauding Medicare, Medicaid and other government-funded health care programs 1 None
2009-09-03 Two 2008 drug approval reports highlight Ceplene benefits 0 None
2009-09-03 ODAC calls for randomized study of Vion's Onrigin injection for treatment of the elderly AML patients 0 None
2009-09-03 New Marketing Authorization Application for Rhucin submitted to the EMEA by Pharming 0 4.5
2009-09-03 FDA extends review period for Endo Pharmaceuticals' testosterone undecanoate 0 None
2009-09-03 Merck's SAFLUTAN launched in the UK and Spain 0 4.5
2009-09-03 MIPI to sub-license the Onalta brand 90-Y edotreotide radiotherapeutic 0 None
2009-09-03 Gloucester’s romidepsin recommended for approval by the FDA Oncologic Drug Advisory Committee 0 None
2009-09-03 Sinovac Biotech signs marketing agreement with Boryung Pharmaceutical Company 0 None
2009-09-03 Clinical trial results of sumatriptan published in a journal 0 1
2009-09-03 Millennium's sNDA to be reviewed by the FDA 0 None
2009-09-03 Pfizer to pay $301 million as setlement for illegal off-label promotion of Geodon 0 None
2009-09-03 FDA's Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee votes in favor of FOLOTYN NDA 0 None
2009-09-03 Bextra qui tam lawsuit leads to Pfizer's whopping $2.3 billion settlement 0 None
2009-09-03 Intendis GmbH forges agreement with SkinMedica to acquire two prescription dermatology products 0 None
2009-09-03 Hong Kong's healthcare workers to refuse H1N1 vaccine, says study 0 5
2009-09-02 BioMS Medical update on dirucotide development 0 None
2009-09-02 FDA approves Meda's ASTEPRO Nasal Spray 0 None
2009-09-02 NCI to announce the results of follow-up study of PharmaGap's lead drug GAP-107B8 0 5
2009-09-02 Cavit Sciences and McCoy form an agreement to finalize their merger 0 None
2009-09-02 Combination of LIVALO and itraconazole drugs shows no adverse reactions 0 None
2009-09-02 Validus chooses Ranbaxy to market an authorized generic version of Rocaltrol in the US 0 None
2009-09-02 Ferguson OTC Center of Excellence launched to address increase use of OTC drugs 0 None
2009-09-02 FDA approves Astepro nasal spray 0.15% for the treatment of the symptoms of seasonal allergies 0 None
2009-09-02 Corticosteroid and antiviral agent combination proves to be beneficial for treating Bell Palsy 0 None
2009-09-02 ACTICOAT Flex 3 and ACTICOAT Flex 7 launched in Europe 0 None
2009-09-02 Knopp Neurosciences to accelerate the development of KNS-760704 in ALS, says CEO of Knopp 0 None
2009-09-02 Ono Pharmaceutical secures exclusive rights to develop and commercialize asimadoline in Japan 0 None
2009-09-02 Positive results from second pivotal phase III trial for Lodotra 0 None
2009-09-02 Study reveals that valsartan prevents cardiovascular events in high-risk hypertensive Japanese patients 0 None
2009-09-02 Actelion launches new 20 mcg/mL Ventavis formulation 0 None
2009-09-02 Nuvo Research's co-operative drug development project with Fraunhofer Institute for developing WF10 0 5
2009-09-02 Mylan's subsidiary launches levalbuterol inhalation solution used for treating bronchospasm 0 None
2009-09-02 Irbesartan drug minimizes heart failure complications in patients with atrial fibrillation 0 None
2009-09-02 NF-kappa B inhibitors protect against toxicity during radiation treatment 0 None
2009-09-01 Schering-Plough launches CLARITIN 12-Hour for non-drowsy relief from allergy symptoms 0 None
2009-09-01 Medivir adds MIV-711 to bone-related disorder treatment candidate portfolio 0 None
2009-09-01 Bio-Matrix Scientific Group's new opportunities in cancer treatment and intellectual property discussed 0 None
2009-09-01 Cimzia approved for treating adult patients with rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2009-09-01 Cumberland Pharmaceuticals to discuss its recently approved FDA product at the UBS Conference 0 None
2009-09-01 Chemists design polymer-coated nanorods for drug manufacturers 0 None
2009-09-01 BioSyent's subsidiary BioSyent Pharma signs an exclusive product development agreement 0 None
2009-09-01 FDA approves Hospira's six new vial presentations of heparin 0 None
2009-09-01 OHSU study reveals that fluoroquinolones may cause double vision 1 None


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