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RSSArchived Pharmaceutical News Stories - January 2010

Date Title Comments Rating
2010-01-31 Consumers oppose prescription mandate; prefer alternative method to fight meth 0 None
2010-01-31 WHO pneumonia expert honored with PACE Global Leadership Award 0 None
2010-01-31 Breakthrough in HIV research leads to better treatment potential 0 5
2010-01-30 Senomyx launches sucrose enhancer that can reduce 50% of sugar usage 0 None
2010-01-30 Gels infused with L-arginine and Arginine heighten arousal 0 None
2010-01-30 Structure and activities to drive growth and profitability during pharmaceutical new product planning 0 None
2010-01-30 MPI Research lauds FDA's current guidance on abuse potential of drugs 0 None
2010-01-30 Spectrum Pharmaceuticals receives $16M over apaziquone collaboration agreement 0 None
2010-01-30 Lanzoprazole and astemizole hold promise for early detection of AD 0 None
2010-01-30 NAPRA issues directive on NHPs, CHFA concerned 0 None
2010-01-30 USP develops revised quality guidelines for pharmacists who prepare life-saving drugs 0 None
2010-01-30 FDA approved 53 new oncology and hematology drugs between 2005 and 2007 0 None
2010-01-30 PATH praises Gates Foundation for supporting vaccine development and delivery 0 None
2010-01-30 New vaccine effective in preventing TB in HIV patients 0 None
2010-01-30 Scientists currently working on 861 new cancer medicines 0 None
2010-01-30 American PhRMA companies commit $25M in medicines, medical supplies and cash for Haiti relief efforts 0 None
2010-01-30 PROLOR Biotech reports the EC approval of Merck's ELONVA 0 None
2010-01-30 Canada to donate 5m doses of H1N1 vaccine to WHO; agency has received commitment of 200m vaccines 0 None
2010-01-30 FDA approves new drug combination for hormone positive and HER2-positive advanced breast cancer 0 None
2010-01-30 Government cracks down on drug marketing 0 None
2010-01-30 Mylan's subsidiary receives FDA approval for GoLytely laxative 0 None
2010-01-29 GlaxoSmithKline's Lamictal XR Extended-Release Tablets receive FDA approval 0 None
2010-01-29 FDA grants accelerated approval for GlaxoSmithKline's TYKERB 0 None
2010-01-29 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation commits $10 billion for vaccine research and development 0 5
2010-01-29 BioCentric Energy to grow algae strain with high EPA/DHA oil content in V3 Algae-Pro systems 0 3
2010-01-29 Global market for oncology drugs is forecast to reach $80 billion by 2050 0 None
2010-01-29 Econiche vaccine cited in February, 2010 issue of Scientific American 0 None
2010-01-29 Experimental vaccine protects mice and monkeys against chikungunya virus 0 None
2010-01-29 Researchers discover new target for drugs to prevent common iron deficiency 0 None
2010-01-29 Mandatory influenza vaccination policy improves immunization rates among health care workers 0 None
2010-01-29 Flexion Therapeutics acquires rights to clinical-stage compounds from four pharmaceutical partners 0 None
2010-01-29 Ecstasy-related death rates in young users is a major public health issue 1 None
2010-01-29 Arthritis pain relief drug ALEVE now available OTC in British Columbia 0 None
2010-01-29 AccuDial Pharmaceutical introduces eight new OTC medications in Canada 0 4
2010-01-29 Labeling update for Tibotec Therapeutics' PREZISTA tablets approved 0 None
2010-01-29 Regis Technologies' 4-Aminopyridine manufacturing facility receives FDA's EIR and PAI approval 0 None
2010-01-29 FDA approves LPI's Perindopril Erbumine tablets 0 None
2010-01-28 Rotavirus vaccine could save millions of children in developing countries, studies find 0 None
2010-01-28 FDA cautions drug makers about potential abuse 0 None
2010-01-28 UNICEF and IZA launch “Zinc Saves Kids” campaign 0 None
2010-01-28 Aubrey receives FDA clearance to market bioengineered wound dressings in U.S. 0 None
2010-01-28 Oculus Innovative Sciences introduces Microcyn Solution for treatment of post-surgical wounds 0 None
2010-01-28 Merck’s sales representatives ranked second by cardiologists 0 None
2010-01-28 Men welcome male contraceptive pill currently undergoing trials 0 None
2010-01-28 Studies in Mexico and Africa demonstrate the effectiveness of rotavirus vaccine 0 None
2010-01-28 Repligen announces five-year supply agreement for recombinant Protein A with GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences 0 None
2010-01-28 Formatech donates $308K in aseptic liquid fill and finish manufacturing services 0 None
2010-01-28 Onset Therapeutics expands its sales force to create nationwide presence 0 None
2010-01-28 Particle Sciences to share responsibilities in developing anti-HIV microbicides 0 None
2010-01-28 Pfizer's new pipeline shows growth and diversity in research and development 0 None
2010-01-28 Alli boosts weight loss and reduces excess visceral fat 0 None
2010-01-28 Transdermal estrogen therapies: Effective alternatives to oral estrogen and compounded bioidentical hormones 0 5
2010-01-28 Merck receives marketing authorization for ELONVA 0 None
2010-01-28 Seroquel XR's FDA approval does not change Decision Resources' earlier antipsychotics market forecast 0 None
2010-01-28 Santica Research Labs launches CelluScience Anti-Cellulite Beaute Intensive dietary supplement 0 None
2010-01-28 Patients with epilepsy who take Ginkgo herbal medicines face increased risk of seizures 0 None
2010-01-28 Safe natural extracts reduce hunger and help control appetite 0 5
2010-01-28 Fuisz Pharma develops novel anti-abuse system for using with abuse prone drugs 0 None
2010-01-28 Gold Bond Ultimate Hand Sanitizer Moisturizer now available in market 2 2.4
2010-01-28 MedCI forms new strategic alliance with Genta 0 None
2010-01-28 NIH to perform exploratory studies on ImmuneRegen BioSciences' Homspera 0 None
2010-01-28 NewsRx publishes new encyclopedia on vaccines 0 None
2010-01-28 African vaccine maker plans to increase production capacity sevenfold by 2013 0 None
2010-01-28 Antibiotic protects against noise-induced hearing loss in young mice 0 None
2010-01-28 Sepracor's STEDESA NDA: FDA extends PDUFA action date 0 None
2010-01-27 Good bacteria may help counteract negative effects of antibiotics in humans 0 None
2010-01-27 Vitamin D supplements can counter the effects of Crohn's disease 0 4
2010-01-27 Large research gap exists in effectiveness, mechanism and safety of drugs in children 0 None
2010-01-27 Gilead Sciences reviewing Notice Letter regarding Teva Pharmaceuticals' generic Viread ANDA 0 None
2010-01-27 Warner Chilcott receives complete response letter from FDA for low dose oral contraceptive 0 None
2010-01-27 WHO addresses handling of H1N1 at Council of Europe meeting 0 None
2010-01-27 WellWorld Science officially launches Livea in the U.S. 0 None
2010-01-27 NIST researchers determine best practices for storing and monitoring refrigerated vaccines 0 None
2010-01-27 Spectrum Pharmaceuticals discontinues the development of ozarelix in BPH 0 None
2010-01-27 Acyclovir reduces occurrence of HSV-2 genital ulcers but does not affect HIV transmission 0 None
2010-01-27 MU researcher develops EFdA compound that is more potent than current HIV therapies 0 5
2010-01-27 Researchers identify new drugs to protect brain cells from neurological disease 0 None
2010-01-27 USAN approves generic name "ulimorelin" for Tranzyme Pharma's TZP-101 0 None
2010-01-27 Jubilant Biosys, Endo Pharmaceuticals expand their drug discovery partnership in oncology 0 None
2010-01-27 Counterfeit version of Alli sold over the Internet: FDA warns 0 None
2010-01-27 USPTO grants Cenestra Health patent relating to high-purity omega-3 fatty acid formulations 0 None
2010-01-27 Potential risk factors in skipping insulin injections 0 None
2010-01-27 Study: PROSTVAC-VF vaccine effective in treating patients with metastatic prostate cancer 0 None
2010-01-27 Asan Medical Center, Chemizon enter into multi-year research collaboration agreement 0 None
2010-01-27 FDA recalls Huber infusion set needles 0 None
2010-01-27 Fibromyalgia drug to earn 38% patient share in the U.S. and 30% patient share in Europe 0 None
2010-01-27 U.S. court decision favors Teva in generic Temodar ANDA litigation 0 None
2010-01-27 Health Canada approves first post-surgical treatment for patients with gastrointestinal stromal tumours 0 None
2010-01-27 FDA approves the NDA of Roxane Laboratories' Morphine Sulfate Oral Solution CII 0 None
2010-01-27 Women on antidepressant drugs may experience lactation difficulties 0 None
2010-01-27 Sumavel DosePro and Levadex to earn up to $400M by 2018 0 None
2010-01-27 Sinobiopharma's solid dosage Perindopril production facility receives Chinese SFDA approval 0 None
2010-01-27 UCSB research: Rapamycin drug, a potential treatment for ADPKD 0 None
2010-01-27 Prometheus Laboratories executes commercialization agreement with Novartis 0 None
2010-01-27 EpiCept's NP-1 for treatment of PHN receives FDA orphan drug designation 0 None
2010-01-27 FDA approves oral pain relief solution for opioid-tolerant patients 0 None
2010-01-27 Patients with COPD could benefit from treatment with drugs that block sestrin function 0 None
2010-01-27 Neoprobe completes license amendment with The Dow Chemical 0 None
2010-01-27 UCF researcher develops first dual vaccine to fight malaria and cholera 0 None
2010-01-27 AAN guideline finds diazepam drug is effective for treating children with cerebral palsy 0 None
2010-01-27 Merck to appeal against U.S. court's ruling in TEMODAR patent infringement lawsuit 0 None
2010-01-27 FDA approves Victoza to treat type 2 diabetes in some adults 0 3
2010-01-27 Antibiotics may be effective in fighting MRSA infections 0 None
2010-01-27 ERYtech Pharma receives ODD for its GRASPA from FDA 0 None
2010-01-27 FDA approves Novo Nordisk's Victoza for type 2 diabetes 1 5
2010-01-27 Researchers simplify confusing warnings labels on prescription bottles 0 None
2010-01-26 Abbott submits Premarket Approval application for the ARCHITECT HIV Ag/Ab Combo assay to FDA 0 None
2010-01-25 Spectrum Pharmaceuticals to submit additional data for FUSILEV sNDA 0 None
2010-01-25 Formulations market: Network to place the Yorkshire and Humber region at the forefront launched 0 None
2010-01-25 Elan Drug Technologies issues statement on FDA approval of AMPYRA 0 None
2010-01-25 AMT reaches another milestone in the official marketing authorisation process for Glybera 0 None
2010-01-24 Erbitux improves survival of mCRC patients with KRAS wild-type tumors 0 None
2010-01-23 Biogen Idec's statement on FDA approval of AMPYRA 0 None
2010-01-23 Island Labs receives NHP approval for Stemcelex 1 None
2010-01-23 Department of Health to continue H1N1 vaccination clinics every Saturday in Pennsylvania 0 None
2010-01-23 PhRMA funds a two-year research initiative to evaluate the safety and benefits of existing drugs 0 None
2010-01-23 FDA's Ampyra approval wonderful news for people with MS experiencing walking problems 5 3.2
2010-01-23 FDA approves fampridine-SR drug for treatment of multiple sclerosis 3 4
2010-01-23 Ampyra receives FDA approval for improving walking in MS patients 0 None
2010-01-22 Study shows certain heart medications may decrease risk of Parkinson's disease 0 None
2010-01-22 BioSyent Pharma receives exclusive rights to manufacture and market Virsani sanitizer in Canada and U.S. 0 None
2010-01-22 Acorda Therapeutics receives marketing approval from FDA for AMPYRA 0 None
2010-01-22 DIA Annual EuroMeeting programme in Monaco 0 None
2010-01-22 CytRx announces its plans to advance multiple oncology development programs in 2010 0 4
2010-01-22 NicOx receives EMEA approval for naproxcinod MAA 0 None
2010-01-22 Envision Pharmaceutical Services receives high customer satisfaction rating for second consecutive year 0 None
2010-01-22 Controversy around Merck's pricing for its AIDS drug Isentress 0 None
2010-01-22 Heilongjiang Tianlong Pharmaceutical changes R&D focus to antibiotics and cardiac drugs 0 None
2010-01-22 Update on the status of Somaxon Pharmaceuticals' NDA for Silenor provided 0 None
2010-01-22 FDA accepts ACT Biotech's ACTB1003 IND 0 None
2010-01-21 Genzyme receives PDUFA date from FDA for its Biologics License Application for Lumizyme 0 None
2010-01-21 Scientific/technical review for XIAFLEX' European MAA commences 0 None
2010-01-21 Teva Pharmaceutical Industries receives FDA tentative approval for generic Femara Tablets 0 None
2010-01-21 US FDA grants tentative approval for LPI's Memantine HCl tablets 0 None
2010-01-21 Depomed receives second $500,000 milestone payment from Covidien 0 None
2010-01-21 MDRNA to receive European patent for its intranasal insulin formulation 0 None
2010-01-21 Phase Forward releases Empirica Signal version 7.2 signal detection and management software 0 None
2010-01-21 Symbollon Pharmaceuticals to launch IoGen women's breast health dietary supplement in February 0 None
2010-01-21 Health care companies assess where they stand on health reform after election 0 None
2010-01-21 Pfizer and Auxilium Pharmaceuticals announce completion of European MAA validation phase for XIAFLEX 0 None
2010-01-21 Illicit drug consumption in Europe 0 None
2010-01-21 Moxifloxacin more favorable than amoxicillin/clavulanate for COPD exacerbations 0 None
2010-01-21 Tufts CSDD: Orphan product designations increased up to 425 in 2006-08 0 None
2010-01-21 Men who buy fake internet drugs for ED problems face significant health risks 0 None
2010-01-21 Global health community to be engaged in using resources of GSK and Alnylam IP Pool 0 None
2010-01-21 ABC publishes Pycnogenol monograph 0 5
2010-01-21 Getting vaccinated within five days after exposing to chickenpox prevents chickenpox 0 None
2010-01-21 Lupin's Mandideep facility receives FDA clearance 0 None
2010-01-21 Ipsen enters into partnership agreement with Inspiration Biopharmaceuticals 0 None
2010-01-21 Acyclovir does not reduce risk of HIV transmission for people infected with both HIV and HSV-2 0 None
2010-01-21 Aetna and Walgreens collaborate to educate people on taking adequate levels of Vitamin D 0 None
2010-01-21 New computational model helps understand how dopamine medications affect non-motor functions 0 None
2010-01-21 Local physicians are currently recruiting PTSD patients for clinical research study 0 None
2010-01-20 Health Canada approves Novartis' Afinitor to treat patients with mRCC 0 4
2010-01-20 Most Americans knowledgeable about heart health, but do not exercise or maintain a healthy diet 0 None
2010-01-20 Novel approach could speed up discovery for new psychiatric drugs 0 None
2010-01-20 Taking opioids long term could hold small risk of addition 0 None
2010-01-20 HPV vaccine will reduce number of cervical cancer cases in women under 30 1 None
2010-01-20 AMRI’s Rensselaer labs and manufacturing facilities receive SafeBridge Potent Compound Safety Certification 0 5
2010-01-20 Wound Care Innovations' CellerateRx highlighted at the SuperBones East conference 0 None
2010-01-20 Protein supplements do not improve athletes' performance 0 None
2010-01-20 Over 44% of internet Viagra is counterfeit 0 None
2010-01-20 Officials debate merits of medical marijuana as coping tool in pain fight 1 None
2010-01-20 European Patent Office grants a patent for Rexahn Pharmaceuticals' RX-3117 0 None
2010-01-20 Endo Pharmaceuticals' partners receive Paragraph IV Certification Notice regarding LIDODERM 0 None
2010-01-20 U.S. gastroenterologists to treat hepatitis C patients with telaprevir 0 None
2010-01-20 Sagent Pharmaceuticals introduces pamidronate disodium injection in single-dose vials 0 None
2010-01-20 LEO Pharma launches psoriasis franchise in the U.S. 0 None
2010-01-20 Media outlets examine efforts to develop malaria vaccines 1 None
2010-01-20 Antibiotic drops are safe and effective for treating swimmer's ear 0 None
2010-01-19 Watson Laboratories files ANDA for Lidoderm 0 None
2010-01-19 New issue from Annals of Internal Medicine 0 None
2010-01-19 Scientists launch NEWMEDS project to develop drugs for schizophrenia and depression 0 5
2010-01-19 Scientists publish study on the effects of nutritional supplement ingredients on cholesterol levels 0 None
2010-01-19 Study examines how opioid overdose differs by prescribed dose for chronic pain conditions 0 None
2010-01-19 Calsed earns proprietary clinical gold standard status from Decision Resources 0 1
2010-01-19 FDA warns consumers about counterfeit and potentially harmful version of Alli capsules 0 None
2010-01-19 Psoriasis therapy costs outpace inflation 0 None
2010-01-19 New findings support the development of vaccine against malaria 0 None
2010-01-18 Sodium oxybate to garner over 15% of the fibromyalgia drug market despite safety concerns 2 None
2010-01-18 Alcon to acquire U.S. rights to Sirion Therapeutics' Durezol and Zirgan 0 None
2010-01-18 Sunlight and vitamin D deficiency linked to 17 varieties of cancer 0 None
2010-01-18 Risks associated with opioid pain medications may outweigh surgery risks 0 4
2010-01-18 Prescription drugs prove effective in managing moderate to severe psoriasis 0 None
2010-01-18 Hyperphosphatemia following standard OSP doses is related to weight, reveals study 0 None
2010-01-18 Mutagenic drugs designed to kill viruses may make them stronger, says research 0 None
2010-01-18 Over-the-counter medications can help manage minor ailments 0 None
2010-01-18 Environmental health groups call for ban on BPA from all food applications 0 None
2010-01-18 FDA extends Tarceva's sNDA review period 0 5
2010-01-18 Obama signals interest in reducing the protections for biologic drugs 0 None
2010-01-18 Fertility drugs cause a high percentage of multiple births; contribute to growing crisis of prematurity 0 None
2010-01-18 Safety concerns of acetaminophen 0 5
2010-01-18 Scientists develop alternative method for producing active ingredient in Tamiflu 0 None
2010-01-18 Kenta Biotech and Rentschler Biotechnologie sign agreement to develop antibody against MRSA 0 None
2010-01-18 Dartmouth researchers to develop and market a drug throughout Asia for treatment of CKD 0 None
2010-01-18 FTC wants to ban 'pay-to-delay' settlements related to generic drugs 0 None
2010-01-18 FDA grants orphan drug exclusivity approval for Octapharma AG's wilate 0 None
2010-01-13 Shionogi receives approval to develop and commercialize intravenous peramivir in Japan 0 None
2010-01-13 Medical Marijuana praises New Jersey State Assembly for removing state-wide penalties on marijuana use 0 None
2010-01-13 Law enforcement and community activists join hands to support anti-marijuana cause 1 3
2010-01-13 Webinar to assist pharmaceutical companies on how to measure effectiveness of Medication Guides 0 None
2010-01-13 Sudden deaths attributed to cocaine use; drug remains a growing health problem in Europe 0 None
2010-01-13 Whitley urges public to get vaccinated against H1N1 influenza virus 0 None
2010-01-13 Teenage girls are not receiving HPV vaccine, says report 1 None
2010-01-13 Growth hormone deficiency can lead to memory deficits later in life 0 None
2010-01-13 PIMs usage among elderly patients may increase adverse events and health care costs 0 1.5
2010-01-13 Record-breaking 8,300 health care professionals participate in online H1N1 vaccination education program 0 None
2010-01-13 Extended treatment with active ingredient increases bone volume and calcium content 0 None
2010-01-13 Pisgah Labs files its eighth patent application for technology to prevent prescription drug abuse 0 None
2010-01-13 Retreating with gefitinib may benefit non-small cell lung cancer patients 0 None
2010-01-13 Synta Pharmaceuticals presents preclinical results of STA-9090 at AACR-IASLC Joint Conference 0 None
2010-01-13 PRP injections are ineffective for treating Achilles tendon disorder 0 None
2010-01-13 Majority of doctors appear to ignore FDA warning to screen high-risk medications 1 None
2010-01-13 First sulfite-free rectal suspension for UC 0 None
2010-01-13 New Jersey to legalize medical marijuana 0 None
2010-01-13 moksha8 receives approval to import and use peramivir in patients with H1N1 influenza A in Mexico 0 None
2010-01-13 FDA, Biovista to collaborate in analysis of drug side effects 0 None
2010-01-13 Jiangbo Pharmaceuticals obtains renewal of Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate for Pharmaceutical Products 0 None
2010-01-13 BDSI to discuss planned BEMA Granisetron IND with the FDA 0 None
2010-01-13 Bevacizumab drug shows promise to slow tumor growth in lung cancer patients 0 None
2010-01-13 Scientists identify fast-acting compound to improve cognitive function impairments 0 None
2010-01-13 AARDA pleased with FDA's approval of RA drug ACTEMRA 0 None
2010-01-12 Media outlets examine U.S. plans for leftover H1N1 vaccine, efforts to keep flu vaccine production on track 0 None
2010-01-12 TD2 and COTI work together to obtain approval of clinical trials for COTI-2 0 None
2010-01-12 VaxInnate grants license to Biological E. to develop and commercialize recombinant H1N1 vaccine in India 0 None
2010-01-12 GAO: Some meds had 'extraordinary' price hikes over past eight years 0 None
2010-01-12 Ibutilide Fumarate Injection launched 0 None
2010-01-12 Older patients with acute myeloid leukemia may benefit from decitabine drug 0 None
2010-01-12 Increased doses of erlotinib drug may lead to better outcomes in lung cancer patients 0 None
2010-01-12 NanoViricides outlines its technology and current drug programs at Biotech Showcase conference 0 5
2010-01-12 Market for chronic tophaceous gout medications will be led by drug that resolves tophi in less than a year 0 4.5
2010-01-12 New GAO report shows price increase for brand-name drugs doubles from 2000 to 2008 0 None
2010-01-12 BioTrends Research Group releases Wave One LaunchTrends: EXTAVIA report 0 3
2010-01-12 Reducing DA dosage causes acute withdrawal symptoms in Parkinson's patients 0 5
2010-01-12 Prescribing culture of antipsychotic medications in nursing homes examined 0 None
2010-01-12 Department of Health vaccinates 49,078 Pennsylvanians at 33 H1N1 flu clinics 0 None
2010-01-12 American Heart Association encourages more Americans to get vaccinated against H1N1 0 None
2010-01-12 New report on launch trend of Roche's Actemra 1 4
2010-01-12 Amicus Therapeutics presents corporate outlook for 2010 at Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference 0 None
2010-01-12 Cardene I.V. more effective than intravenous labetalol for BP management in acute stroke patients 0 None
2010-01-12 New findings would allow doctors to tailor drug cocktails for particular viral strains 0 None
2010-01-12 Atypical antipsychotic use for treating elderly patients with dementia decreases 0 None
2010-01-12 CVS/pharmacy and MinuteClinic urge Americans to protect themselves with H1N1 vaccine 0 None
2010-01-12 American Red Cross urges Americans to get vaccinated against H1N1 virus 0 None
2010-01-12 Mylan sued in connection with the filing of ANDA with FDA for Armodafinil Tablets 0 None
2010-01-12 Isis Pharmaceuticals adds ISIS-APOCIIIRx to its development pipeline to treat TG 0 None
2010-01-12 H1N1 flu vaccines and other resources for remaining healthy to be offered at Pennsylvania Farm Show 0 None
2010-01-12 AHF to host protest targeting Merck over the steep price for its key HIV/AIDS drug, Isentress 0 None
2010-01-12 Experiments show Alzheimer's drug may halt the growth of oesophageal cancer 0 None
2010-01-12 ViroPharma signs agreement with Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation to develop and commercialize Cinryze 0 5
2010-01-12 GSK exercises option to obtain exclusive license to develop and commercialize Traficet-EN 0 None
2010-01-12 KV Pharmaceutical, Hologic amend Gestiva asset purchase agreement 0 None
2010-01-12 Researchers study VA111913 drug as a possible treatment for dysmenorrhea 1 None
2010-01-12 AmerisourceBergen announces new programs for long term care and retail pharmacies 0 None
2010-01-12 American Lung Association supports CDC's NIVW to highlight the importance influenza vaccination 0 None
2010-01-12 Official H1N1-related death count approaches 13,000 worldwide, WHO says 0 None
2010-01-12 BioCryst Pharmaceuticals signs agreements with two additional partners 0 None
2010-01-12 Cancer drug may provide an effective secondary treatment for gut tumor 0 1
2010-01-11 PhotoMedex, Galderma Laboratories enter into co-promotion agreement for photodynamic therapy application 0 None
2010-01-11 Study demonstrates benefits of allergen immunotherapy for children with allergic rhinitis 0 None
2010-01-11 Los Angeles International Airport offers H1N1 flu shots in airline terminals 0 None
2010-01-11 Targacept signs collaboration and license agreement with AstraZeneca 0 None
2010-01-11 Wall Street Journal examines polio vaccinations in Afghanistan 0 None
2010-01-11 Galderma S.A. offers $3.75 million to NovaBay Pharmaceuticals 0 None
2010-01-11 Lives of 400 Swedes can be saved annually if side effects of pharmaceuticals prevented 0 5
2010-01-11 Meda receives exclusive rights to distribute AML drug in Europe and Asia 0 None
2010-01-11 EpiCept, Meda enter into exclusive commercialization agreement for Ceplene 0 None
2010-01-11 Bryant Ranch Prepack tracks medications from its manufacture to the patient with E Pedigree 0 None
2010-01-10 Highmark joins with CDC to promote National Influenza Vaccination Week 0 None
2010-01-10 AMAG Pharmaceuticals provides update on the commercial launch of Feraheme Injection 0 None
2010-01-09 Thirteen percent of poison exposure calls related to painkillers 0 None
2010-01-09 Selection of therapeutic workshops to be presented at the Twelfth Annual BIO CEO & Investor Conference 0 None
2010-01-09 Americans encouraged to get H1N1 flu vaccine during National Influenza Vaccination Week 0 None
2010-01-09 Results of randomized, placebo-controlled study of Ambrotose complex announced 0 None
2010-01-09 Illicit drug use among older adults may lead to increase in substance abuse treatment services 0 None
2010-01-09 Recent releases in Global Health 1 None
2010-01-09 AIIRA/CCB drug combination provides superior safety and efficacy compared to other fixed-dose combinations 0 None
2010-01-09 FDA yet to review MannKind’s NDA for insulin therapy 0 None
2010-01-09 Green Cross seeks regulatory approval for peramivir in S.Korea 0 5
2010-01-09 Centron receives agency of record assignments for FRAGMIN and GLIADEL Wafer medicines 0 None
2010-01-09 Watson Pharmaceuticals files ANDA with FDA seeking approval to market LoSeasonique 0 3
2010-01-08 Genentech's ACTEMRA approved to treat RA 0 None
2010-01-08 CDC encourages public to receive H1N1 vaccine; PBS examines arrival of vaccine in developing countries 0 None
2010-01-08 ESF-UB Conference to concentrate on potentially clinically relevant polymorphisms 0 None
2010-01-08 Prolia drug expected to garner blockbuster sales in 2018 0 None
2010-01-08 Chinese researchers become the world's fifth most prolific contributors to regenerative medicine 0 None
2010-01-08 Amira Pharmaceuticals achieves another development milestone in its FLAP program 0 None
2010-01-08 3Sbio submits registrational clinical trial application for Feraheme injection 0 None
2010-01-08 Pharmaceutical companies working on nearly 100 life-changing medicines for HIV/AIDS 0 None
2010-01-08 CareFusion's ChloraPrep reduces total surgical site infections by 41 percent 0 4
2010-01-08 Sciele Pharma announces the U.S. availability of Adrenaclick 0 None
2010-01-08 Laureate Pharma and Iconic Therapeutics complete manufacturing hI-con1 recombinant Fc-Factor VII fusion protein 0 None
2010-01-08 Hi-Tech Pharmacal receives clearance from FDA to market Tropazone lotion 0 None
2010-01-08 Murad launches new line of Anti-Aging Acne products for adults struggling with acne 0 None
2010-01-08 Kyowa Hakko Kirin receives exclusive rights to develop and commercialize bardoxolone methyl 0 None
2010-01-08 Biovest International receives Orphan Drug Designation for its personalized lymphoma vaccine 0 5
2010-01-07 UCLA: Metformin can be used to treat patients with diabetes and advanced heart failure 0 None
2010-01-07 UAB issues updated guidelines for childhood and teen immunization schedule 0 None
2010-01-07 Carolinas MED-1 to house a clinic for residents to get H1N1 Flu shots 0 None
2010-01-07 Canada loans 5m doses of H1N1 vaccine to Mexico 0 None
2010-01-07 FDA issues Fast Track Designation to Sopherion Therapeutics' Myocet 0 5
2010-01-07 Sales figures for Abstral presented in a press release in Europe 0 None
2010-01-07 Ceragenix Pharmaceuticals and BioPro Pharmaceutical enter into agreement to commercialize EpiCeram 0 1
2010-01-07 New Sermo Event Report assesses physicians' perception of multiple sclerosis drugs 2 None
2010-01-07 High blood pressure drugs may be useful in preventing and treating diabetic retinopathy 0 None
2010-01-07 Virginia elementary school children will receive their second dose of H1N1 vaccine 0 None
2010-01-07 Rituximab treatment reduces patients' response to pneumonia vaccine 0 None
2010-01-07 Microbia creates carotenoids for food ingredient and nutritional supplement markets 0 None
2010-01-07 CEI releases new diabetes market forecast study 0 None
2010-01-07 Drug companies still under great and growing pressure to bring more products to market 0 None
2010-01-07 ProFibrix B.V. receives loan up to $7.4 million to develop its new hemostat Fibrocaps 0 None
2010-01-07 Teva Pharmaceutical Industries enters into two definitive agreements with AstraZeneca 0 None
2010-01-07 Nutrient mix shows potential to improve memory in Alzheimer's patients 0 None
2010-01-07 Flu vaccine safe but ineffective for RA patients treated with rituximab 0 None
2010-01-07 Bogus drug manufactures embrace new tactics to dupe consumers 0 None
2010-01-07 Watson Laboratories files ANDA to seek FDA's approval to market Nuvigil 0 None
2010-01-07 Canada supports Mexico's pandemic response efforts 0 None
2010-01-06 Developing countries reassess need for donated H1N1 vaccine 0 None
2010-01-06 Pfizer and Strides Arcolab announce new collaboration 0 None
2010-01-06 BioMimetic Therapeutics amends and restates its agreement with Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics 0 None
2010-01-06 HHS introduces National Influenza Vaccination Week to raise awareness about flu vaccine 0 None
2010-01-06 Oral cladribine to be the first oral disease-modifying multiple sclerosis therapy despite receiving RTF letter 1 None
2010-01-06 LifeVantage receives formal approval to launch Protandim in Mexico 0 None
2010-01-06 Treatment with Effient more cost effective, show TRITON-TIMI 38 clinical trial results 0 None
2010-01-06 CDC and AAFP recommend whooping cough vaccine for adults and adolescents 0 None
2010-01-06 Special Notice announces BARDA's intentions to negotiate contract modification with PharmAthene 0 None
2010-01-06 Study reveals majority of drug companies utilize in-house call centers 0 None
2010-01-06 Innexus Biotechnology designs new psoriasis product 0 None
2010-01-06 Jumpstart and Portal Capital invest $500,000 in TheraVasc for PAD drug 0 None
2010-01-06 AMT receives Innovation Credit to develop gene therapy treatment for DMD 0 None
2010-01-06 Opinions: U.S. medical emergency response; micronutrients; rotavirus vaccine; antibiotic development 0 None
2010-01-06 Animal experiments show old antidepressant may reverse heart failure 0 None
2010-01-06 Study indicates efficacy of antidepressants varies significantly depending on symptom severity 0 None
2010-01-06 Health Canada approves Zyclara Cream for multiple actinic keratoses 0 4
2010-01-06 Preclinical data of Geron's telomerase inhibitor drug published 1 1.5
2010-01-06 Cancer Research UK and CRT to undertake phase I clinical trial of DI-B4 0 None
2010-01-06 BioVectra signs agreements with Sandoz to commercialize and market Docetaxel 0 None
2010-01-06 H1N1 flu vaccine now available at CVS/pharmacy locations throughout California 0 None
2010-01-06 BioMarin Pharmaceutical receives marketing approval for amifampridine phosphate 0 4
2010-01-05 ARYx Therapeutics receives guidance in writing from FDA on tecarfarin 0 None
2010-01-05 Derma Sciences signs contract to produce finger bandages 0 None
2010-01-05 PanGenex adds number of CAM practitioners to national physicians' referral network 0 4
2010-01-05 Fish oil supplement now available in water-soluble drink 0 None
2010-01-05 LifeVantage announces Protandim human clinical trials for non-alcoholic steatohepatitis 0 None
2010-01-05 Health Strategy Associates and present webinar on managing prescription drug costs 0 None
2010-01-05 Formatech selects ViroMed’s VM206 for Fillanthropy Program 0 None
2010-01-05 Woodcock discusses FDA's ongoing initiative to reduce preventable harm from medication use 0 None
2010-01-05 HHS to host special flu webcast on Jan 6, 2010 0 None
2010-01-05 January issue of Chest presents new studies on COPD 0 None
2010-01-05 St. John's wort not effective in treating IBS 0 None
2010-01-05 Children’s vaccination coverage rises substantially in U.S. 0 None
2010-01-05 Citicoline supplements may reduce cravings and increase satiety 0 None
2010-01-05 Vienna scientists develop new technique for producing H1N1 vaccines 0 None
2010-01-05 Study shows increasing number of U.S. adults are taking antidepressants and antipsychotic medications 0 None
2010-01-05 CDC leaders to team up with USOC to hold H1N1 vaccination events in Alaska and Colorado 0 None
2010-01-05 Further stay of Cipher's NDA for CIP-TRAMADOL ER terminated 0 None
2010-01-05 Coformulation of rilpivirine and Truvada HIV drugs will achieve sales of more than $2 billion in 2018 0 None
2010-01-05 Stop & Shop to hold H1N1 vaccination clinics at select pharmacies 0 None
2010-01-05 Department of Health urges Pennsylvanians to get vaccinated against H1N1 flu 0 None
2010-01-05 Anti-inflammatory prescription drug reduces the risk of common skin cancer in humans 0 None
2010-01-05 Cornell study shows we pour too little or too much medicine, depending on spoon size 0 None
2010-01-05 Use of botulinum type A toxins may offer cost efficient alternative to serotonin reuptake inhibitors 0 None
2010-01-05 Majority of Medicaid patients on antipsychotic drugs do not undergo metabolic tests, says study 0 None
2010-01-05 VELCADE sNDA receives FDA approval 0 None
2010-01-05 H1N1 vaccine available at Walgreens pharmacies and Take Care Clinics 0 None
2010-01-05 AP series examines worldwide impact of drug resistance 0 None
2010-01-05 Talampanel slows progression of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 0 None
2010-01-05 Peginterferon alpha-2a yields better results in treating patients with chronic hepatitis C 0 None
2010-01-05 GIVI scientists discover anti-HIV molecule that enhances infection, reduces transmission 0 None
2010-01-05 FDA approves generic donepezil hydrochloride orally disintegrating tablets 0 None
2010-01-05 Positive results from Pearl Therapeutics' PT005 Phase 2a trial for COPD 0 None
2010-01-05 Elusys Therapeutics signs contract to complete the final development of Anthim 0 None
2010-01-05 NeoPharm submits IL13-PE38QQR IND for the treatment of IPF 0 None
2010-01-04 Pfizer's Revatio solution for injection receives European Commission approval 0 None
2010-01-04 CBI signs definitive share purchase agreement to acquire GL Biochem 0 None
2010-01-04 FDA grants Priority Review designation for InterMune's NDA for pirfenidone 0 2
2010-01-04 Dicerna Pharmaceuticals and Kyowa Hakko Kirin sign research collaboration and license agreement 0 None
2010-01-04 ADVENTRX Pharmaceuticals submits a NDA for its vinorelbine injectable emulsion 0 None
2010-01-04 Health risks of wooden pallet shipping platforms, call for Congress and FDA regulation 0 3
2010-01-04 China Yongxin Pharmaceuticals announces projected financial results for 2009 0 5
2010-01-04 CDC and USOC to hold H1N1 vaccination events in Colorado and Alaska 0 None
2010-01-04 HHS secretary unveils new H1N1 flu vaccination advertisement 0 None


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