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2011-05-31 FDA approves Oceana's Solesta for treatment of fecal incontinence 0 None
2011-05-31 Defiante, Dyax expand KALBITOR partnership to treat hereditary angioedema 0 None
2011-05-31 YM BioSciences' CYT387 receives European Commission positive opinion for Orphan Drug Designation 0 None
2011-05-31 Takeda, Affymax submit peginesatide NDA to FDA for treatment of anemia linked with chronic renal failure 0 None
2011-05-31 BioAlliance's appeals in SpePharm litigation rejected 0 None
2011-05-31 Scientists develop carbohydrate-based vaccine against C. difficile infection 0 None
2011-05-31 Cancer drug helps prevent hypertensive heart disease 0 None
2011-05-30 National Pharmacovigilance Programme to increase awareness about benefits of adverse event reporting 0 None
2011-05-30 Oceana Therapeutics receives FDA approval for Solesta injectable gel to treat fecal incontinence 0 None
2011-05-30 Optimer receives FDA approval for Dificid tablets to treat C. difficile-associated diarrhea 0 None
2011-05-29 Cholesterol drug Niaspan fails to protect heart: Study 1 None
2011-05-29 Flu vaccines at the ready this season 0 None
2011-05-29 Efficacy of Abbott cholesterol drug in question 0 4
2011-05-27 Emergent in active discussions with U.S. government for multi-year supply of BioThrax to the SNS 0 None
2011-05-27 Blue Cross and Blue Shield FEP pharmacy benefit management program awarded to CVS Caremark 0 None
2011-05-27 Nature special issue focuses on vaccines 0 None
2011-05-27 Study: Cardiovascular disease may be under treated in rheumatoid arthritis patients 0 None
2011-05-27 IDF applauds Representatives for Medicare IVIG Access Act 0 None
2011-05-27 Sanofi-Aventis, Medtronic under scrutiny in press reports 0 None
2011-05-27 Two new hepatitis C drugs effectively improve cure rates of African Americans 0 1
2011-05-27 Mylan plans to change name of Matrix Laboratories 0 None
2011-05-27 Leukemia, psoriasis drugs may treat vascular diseases 0 None
2011-05-27 Research sheds light on how painkillers could prevent or slow down cancer growth 0 None
2011-05-27 Abiraterone acetate effective for men with advanced prostate cancer 0 None
2011-05-27 Omega-3 fatty acids reduce risk of heart attack in stent patients 0 None
2011-05-27 Long-term exposure to estrogen increases high blood pressure in women 0 5
2011-05-27 Pro-Pharmaceuticals announces name change to Galectin Therapeutics 0 None
2011-05-27 MAP Pharmaceuticals submits LEVADEX NDA to FDA for treatment of migraine in adults 0 None
2011-05-26 Invida announces launch of novel atopic dermatitis symptomatic treatment 0 None
2011-05-26 Gerber Products receives first qualified health claim from FDA for infant formulas 0 None
2011-05-26 HPV vaccination does not affect rate of disease flares in patients with SLE, study finds 0 None
2011-05-26 IPS examines access to medicine in Malawi 0 None
2011-05-26 Studies find antibiotics overused for children with asthma, urinary tract infections 0 None
2011-05-26 Nurses can play vital role in increasing patients' adherence to cancer-fighting medication 0 None
2011-05-26 U.S. District Court grants temporary restraining order in Amylin's litigation against Lilly 0 None
2011-05-26 Paxil and Pravachol in combination cause unexpected increase in blood glucose levels 0 None
2011-05-26 Metyrapone reduces brain's ability to re-record negative emotions associated with recalling painful memories 0 5
2011-05-26 Study shows positive link between percentage of motile sperm and serum vitamin D levels 0 None
2011-05-26 Lx Therapies, BioCis partner to form Laurantis Pharma 0 None
2011-05-25 Scarcity of resources calls for equitable distribution system for novel HCV treatment 0 1
2011-05-25 Comtex SmarTrend ranks POZEN as second most efficient pharmaceutical company 0 None
2011-05-25 Pharmaceutical Executive's Ad Stars, DTC Perspectives recognize Auxilium and Heartbeat work 0 None
2011-05-25 AFP examines expansion of Indian drug companies in South Africa 0 None
2011-05-25 Study provides insight into effective treatments for autism spectrum disorder, seizures 0 None
2011-05-25 BPD expands existing bioprocess and scale-up laboratory in Poway, CA 0 1
2011-05-25 New combination therapy eradicates acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children, older adults 0 None
2011-05-25 3M Skin and Wound Care introduces Tegaderm Diamond Dressing with Comfort Adhesive Technology 0 2.5
2011-05-24 Study offers hope for reducing incidence of AIDS with potential preventive vaccine 0 None
2011-05-24 Provepharm obtains European marketing authorization for its Methylthioninium Chloride Proveblue 0 None
2011-05-24 New study finds drug's side effect labeling have ballooned in size 0 None
2011-05-24 Scientific evidence supports benefits of sunscreen usage to prevent skin cancer 0 None
2011-05-24 Fluorinated glucosamine blocks synthesis of key sugar linked to skin inflammation, cancer progression 0 None
2011-05-24 Exosome Diagnostics announces expansion of scientific advisory board 0 None
2011-05-24 IPS examines subsidized malaria drugs in Kenya 0 None
2011-05-24 Long-term, regular acetaminophen use may be associated with lower prostate cancer risk 0 None
2011-05-24 Vertex Incivek receives FDA approval for treatment of chronic hepatitis C 0 None
2011-05-24 FDA approves Taro's ANDA for Cetirizine Hydrochloride Oral Solution 0 None
2011-05-23 Key U.S. patents increase commercial rights and clinical indications 0 None
2011-05-23 FDA approves Amneal's generic Furadantin 0 None
2011-05-23 Vertex receives FDA approval for INCIVEK to treat hepatitis C 0 3
2011-05-23 Nano-complex pre-meal dietary supplement can reduce fat and sugar absorption in the body 0 3
2011-05-23 Mylan introduces Divalproex Sodium Capsules for treatment of seizures 0 None
2011-05-23 Novel compound could become an effective alternative to common narcotic analgesics 0 3
2011-05-23 Sosei to introduce NorLevo oral emergency contraceptive in Japan 0 None
2011-05-22 Verizon Wireless and Medco unveil mobile medication app with real-time patient-specific drug safety 0 None
2011-05-22 Avandia withdrawal from shelves by November: FDA 0 None
2011-05-21 FDA approves SUTENT for treatment of pancreatic NET 0 None
2011-05-21 Many 'legal high' drugs sold on the internet do not contain ingredients they claim 0 None
2011-05-21 Some cancer patients go without drugs because of high cost 0 None
2011-05-21 U.S. District Court grants Cephalon Temporary Restraining Order for generic AMRIX 0 None
2011-05-21 New study raises doubts about benefits of ezetimibe in patients suffering from high LDL cholesterol 0 5
2011-05-21 Edurant receives FDA approval for treatment of HIV-1 infection 0 None
2011-05-21 Local production of pharmaceuticals could improve access in developing countries, U.N. report says 0 None
2011-05-21 Feeding SimplyThick to premature infants may cause NEC, warns FDA 0 None
2011-05-21 FDA approves Sutent for patients with progressive neuroendocrine cancerous tumors in pancreas 0 None
2011-05-20 Most paediatric paracetamol prescriptions fails to comply with BNFc recommendations 0 None
2011-05-20 EMA CHMP recommends conditional marketing authorization of FAMPYRA 0 None
2011-05-20 EMA CHMP recommends positive opinion for marketing authorization of Amgen's XGEVA 0 None
2011-05-20 Merck's VICTRELIS receives European CHMP positive opinion for treatment of chronic HCV genotype 1 infection 0 4
2011-05-20 EMA CHMP issues positive opinion for marketing approval of BENLYSTA 0 None
2011-05-20 Cholesterol drug may help treat mitochondrial diseases 0 1
2011-05-20 'No magic pill' for HIV prevention 0 None
2011-05-20 Abbott appreciates FDA Advisory Committee recommendations to retain Trilipix indication for mixed dyslipidemia 0 None
2011-05-20 Naltrexone improves clinical, inflammatory activity in Crohn's disease patients 0 None
2011-05-20 Study: Costs get in way of cancer patients refilling their prescriptions 0 None
2011-05-19 Medical food resolves metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular risk factors 0 None
2011-05-19 AVAC calls on donors, policy makers to strengthen support for AIDS vaccine research 0 None
2011-05-19 USPTO grants four key patents for Alvine's proteases to detect celiac disease 0 None
2011-05-19 Study: 10% of cancer patients fail to fill initial oral oncolytic prescriptions 0 None
2011-05-19 Modified vitamin A drug may help prevent age-related macular degeneration 0 None
2011-05-19 Generic drugs to rule the market in the near future: Experts 0 None
2011-05-19 Panel votes 20-0 for reformed labeling of kids’ pain & fever relieving medication 0 None
2011-05-19 Aspirin, simvastatin not effective in combating pulmonary artery hypertension 0 4
2011-05-19 APP receives FDA approval to market Gemcitabine HCI for Injection, USP in 2 g dosage 0 None
2011-05-19 Alemtuzumab as effective as other more expensive immune suppressants for kidney transplants 0 2
2011-05-19 New breast cancer biomarker may help identify women's response to tamoxifen 0 None
2011-05-19 Global health partnership announces first-, second-line AIDS drugs price reductions in developing world 0 None
2011-05-18 Study reveals weakness of pharmacies' clinical decision support software in evaluating drug-drug interactions 0 5
2011-05-18 Haiti presents plan to immunize 90 percent of newborns 0 None
2011-05-18 Silodosin helps reduce chronic prostatitis in men 0 2.5
2011-05-18 Study: 80% of U.S. physicians use Herceptin for HER2-positive metastatic gastric cancer treatment 0 None
2011-05-18 UW C4C, Pharmigene execute licensing agreement for warfarin personalized medicine technology 0 None
2011-05-18 Bill Gates calls for greater immunization efforts in World Health Assembly address 0 None
2011-05-18 Two drug makers will disclose prices they charge UNICEF for vaccines 0 None
2011-05-18 Study finds three-month TB treatment regimen just as effective as standard longer course 0 None
2011-05-18 Teva, ERYtech Pharma sign long term distribution agreement for Graspa in Israel 0 None
2011-05-18 Opinion: Study will unite HIV advocates, add funding pressure to Obama administration 0 None
2011-05-17 Daiichi Sankyo, Regency Therapeutics launch SPRIX Nasal Spray for severe pain 0 None
2011-05-17 Gastroenterologists have limited knowledge of appropriate immunizations for IBD patients, study finds 0 None
2011-05-17 Pfizer seeks U.S. FDA, Japanese MHLW approval for crizotinib NDA to treat ALK-positive advanced NSCLC 0 None
2011-05-17 Nordic Naturals' dietary supplements earn NSF certification 0 1
2011-05-17 Antiretrovirals important to protect HIV-positive children from measles 0 None
2011-05-17 World Health Assembly begins in Geneva 0 None
2011-05-17 Novel topically-applied molecular microbicide protects women against HIV infection 0 None
2011-05-17 Eli Lilly responds to Amylin's exenatide lawsuit 0 None
2011-05-17 Anti-inflammatory drug celecoxib reacts with protein and induces liver cancer cells to commit suicide 0 None
2011-05-17 Epichem signs exclusive distributor agreement with AR Brown 0 None
2011-05-17 Benitec raises AU$8 million for gene silencing therapeutics 0 None
2011-05-17 Abcc10 might help counter resistance and extend effectiveness of anticancer drugs 0 None
2011-05-17 GPSA, Sanofi partner to develop and commercialize GBR 500 for inflammatory disease treatment 0 None
2011-05-17 Perrigo's ANDA for generic Zantac 150 receives FDA final approval to treat heartburn 0 None
2011-05-17 FDA nod for hepatitis C drug 0 None
2011-05-17 Opinion: New HIV infections more expensive than providing antiretroviral drugs to existing patients 0 None
2011-05-16 FDA warns consumers about look like antimicrobial dietary supplements 0 None
2011-05-16 Mylan introduces Bromfenac Ophthalmic Solution for cataract postoperative inflammation treatment 0 None
2011-05-16 Amylin files lawsuit against Eli Lilly for improper commercialization of exenatide 0 None
2011-05-16 Study finds no potential cardiovascular risks of ADHD medications in children, adolescents 0 None
2011-05-16 Study: HIV treatment drugs slash transmission risk 0 None
2011-05-16 Formoline L112 effectively aids weight loss 0 3.3
2011-05-16 Counterfeit medicines posing increasing risk to patients worldwide, U.N. agency says 0 None
2011-05-16 Karo Bio symposium to discuss research on ER-beta and therapeutic applications 0 None
2011-05-16 Australian TGA approves Biogen Idec's FAMPYRA to improve walking ability in patients with MS 0 None
2011-05-16 pSivida resubmits ILUVIEN NDA to FDA for diabetic macular edema treatment 0 None
2011-05-16 Vitamin D may improve exercise capacity, respiratory muscle strength in COPD patients 0 4
2011-05-16 Obese men may face high risk of prostate cancer progression 0 None
2011-05-16 Mylan introduces Cyclobenzaprine HCl ER Capsules, a muscle relaxant 0 None
2011-05-16 Merck receives FDA approval for Victrelis to treat chronic hepatitis C 0 None
2011-05-13 Scientists 'tinker' with HIV drug chemistry hoping to reduce costs 1 None
2011-05-13 China's SFDA approves TPI anti-diabetic drug Gliclazide 0 None
2011-05-13 Mylan introduces Risperidone Orally Disintegrating Tablets for schizophrenia treatment 0 None
2011-05-13 Patients with sickle cell disease may require higher, frequent doses of morphine 0 None
2011-05-13 Rethink praises Ontario's decision to provide breast cancer patients with access to Herceptin 0 None
2011-05-13 Majority of high-risk heart disease patients have poor adherence to statin treatment 0 None
2011-05-13 Hydroxyurea safe and effective for infants, toddlers with sickle-cell disease 0 None
2011-05-12 Researchers help explain why smart drugs are not effective in some cancer patients 0 None
2011-05-12 ETI finalizes proprietary progesterone formulations for Traumatic Brain Injury 0 None
2011-05-12 Linguamatics releases I2E. Version 3.2 software for pharmaceutical companies 0 None
2011-05-12 New organocatalyst now available for drug development industry 0 None
2011-05-12 Health Canada approves EMEND IV formulation to prevent chemotherapy-induced nausea, vomiting 0 None
2011-05-12 Antiretroviral therapy can reduce risk of HIV transmission in couples 0 None
2011-05-12 Losartan therapy improves muscle injury regeneration and prevents disuse atrophy 0 None
2011-05-12 Scientists develop promising vaccine formulations to treat methamphetamine addiction 0 None
2011-05-12 VGTI, OHSU's new vaccine candidate may fight against HIV 0 None
2011-05-12 Researchers look for surrogate endpoints to predict early benefit of cancer drugs 0 None
2011-05-12 FDA accepts EffRx NDA for EX101 to treat osteoporosis 0 None
2011-05-12 Neogenix Oncology to receive European Patent for NEO-301 antibody for treatment of pancreatic cancer 0 None
2011-05-12 FDA accepts Insys NDA for Fentanyl SL Spray to treat breakthrough cancer pain 0 None
2011-05-12 ViroPharma, Halozyme sign license deal to develop Cinryze against hereditary angioedema 0 None
2011-05-11 Injecting botox in 'trigger points' of pericraneal and neck muscles reduces migraine frequency 0 None
2011-05-11 SAFC, Oncolytics Biotech sign commercial supply agreement for REOLYSIN 0 None
2011-05-11 AspirinWorks Test now available in greater Boston and surrounding area 0 None
2011-05-11 Baylor has now patented new polarimeter that could prove useful in pharmaceuticals 0 None
2011-05-11 Amylin, JDRF collaborate to investigate combination therapy for type 1 diabetes treatment 0 None
2011-05-11 NAA calls for immediate Congressional hearings and scientific investigation into autism-vaccine link 3 5
2011-05-11 U.S. biopharmaceutical companies to benefit from Almac's European Product Launch workshop 0 None
2011-05-11 EMD Millipore inaugurates new Shanghai Biopharmaceutical Technical Center 0 None
2011-05-11 Adherence to disease-modifying drugs is low in patients with multiple sclerosis 0 None
2011-05-11 Genentech submits vemurafenib NDA for BRAF V600 mutation-positive metastatic melanoma 0 None
2011-05-11 BioAlliance Pharma enters license deal with Sosei to commercialize Loramyc in Japan 0 None
2011-05-11 Sosei acquires rights to Loramyc in Japan from BioAlliance Pharma 0 None
2011-05-11 Novel two-drug combination cures young patient with extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis 0 None
2011-05-11 Govt. audit finds antipsychotic drugs often overused in nursing homes 0 None
2011-05-11 Plexxikon seeks vemurafenib marketing approval from FDA and EMA for melanoma treatment 0 None
2011-05-11 NCL launches new public education campaign on medication adherence 0 None
2011-05-11 Major European conference on Nanomedicine to take place in Basel, Switzerland 0 None
2011-05-11 Allos, Mundipharma enter strategic collaboration to co-develop FOLOTYN 0 None
2011-05-10 AOBO's ZD Pill and CWJ Tablet receive Chinese approval for sales in Hong Kong 0 None
2011-05-10 HIV drugs can be used to target malaria and other parasitic diseases 0 None
2011-05-10 Study confirms LcS-fermented milk reduces fever linked with acute norovirus gastroenteritis 0 None
2011-05-10 Geron comments on recent European telomerase peptide cancer vaccine patents 0 None
2011-05-10 Study: Personality impacts medication adherence behaviour 0 None
2011-05-10 Pepscan, Phylogica collaborate for Phylomer peptide lead optimisation 0 None
2011-05-10 biocrea and Pfizer jointly presented details on novel PDE10 inhibitors 0 None
2011-05-10 ASA survey shows more than 90% of respondents experience anesthesia drug shortage 0 None
2011-05-10 Mathematical approach can make combination vaccines more affordable for developing countries 0 None
2011-05-10 Forest subpoenaed over hypertension medications 0 None
2011-05-10 Research finds 'no safe window' for painkiller use among heart attack survivors 0 None
2011-05-09 KAEL-GemVax wins European telomerase patent challenge 1 None
2011-05-09 OncoSec's tumor-destroying, tissue-sparing drug/device system profiled in Medical Device Daily 0 None
2011-05-09 Ideal psychotropic drug may cause physical dependence 1 2.8
2011-05-09 Merrimack, PharmaEngine collaborate to develop and commercialize PEP02 in Asia and Europe 0 None
2011-05-09 Heptares, Shire sign deal to develop novel A2A antagonist for CNS disease treatment 0 None
2011-05-09 Merrimack acquires development and commercialization rights to MM-398 in Europe, Asia 0 None
2011-05-09 Elan Drug Technologies, Alkermes merge to form new company in Ireland 0 None
2011-05-09 Best Practices' report provides marketing, branding strategies for expanding multi-drug portfolio 0 None
2011-05-09 Adalimumab remains in newborn's bloodstream for at least three months 0 None
2011-05-09 Mithridion's MCD-386CR receives Orphan Drug designation from FDA for PSP treatment 0 None
2011-05-07 Cegedim Relationship Management's co-pay savings card programs presented at PMSA conference 0 None
2011-05-07 Current Opinion in Immunology journal publishes Inovio's article on DNA vaccines 0 None
2011-05-07 Medical societies still 'welcome' drug company support 0 None
2011-05-07 Study finds 4.5 million outpatient visits yearly due to adverse drug effects 0 None
2011-05-07 Alza files patent infringement suit against Impax in connection with Concerta 0 None
2011-05-07 Caisse des Dépôts, sanofi-aventis sign memorandum of understanding for Caisse des Dépôts Investment in Biocitech life science technology park 0 None
2011-05-07 FDA approves Afinitor for treatment of progressive neuroendocrine tumors in the pancreas 0 None
2011-05-07 Novartis receives FDA approval for Afinitor to treat pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors 0 None
2011-05-06 Inhalation therapy might halt and reverse progression of pulmonary arterial hypertension 0 None
2011-05-06 reveals top reasons why U.S. customers select Canadian pharmacy 0 None
2011-05-06 Springer author earns ESCMID recognition for work in clinical microbiology and infectious diseases 0 None
2011-05-06 SAS Health Care & Life Sciences Executive Conference to discuss clinical research best practices 0 None
2011-05-06 TB medication variations in private markets could harm treatment efforts, study says 0 None
2011-05-06 Patent expiries, generic pricing policies may be factors in slow drug spending growth 0 None
2011-05-06 Savings projected from 'emerging' generic drugs 0 None
2011-05-06 FDA approves Novartis' Afinitor tablets for pancreatic NET treatment 0 None
2011-05-05 New drugs need to provide more data on how they compare with existing ones: Study 0 None
2011-05-05 Asthma ‘pill-a-day’ shows similar effectiveness as inhalers: Study 0 None
2011-05-05 Pfizer’s Revatio receives European Commission approval for pediatric treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension 0 None
2011-05-05 PhotoMedex introduces DNA Damage Control sunscreens 0 None
2011-05-05 Mylan launches Oxycodone and Aspirin Tablets for treatment of severe pain 0 None
2011-05-05 FDA releases final guidance to firms that market OTC drug products 0 None
2011-05-05 Devrom is effective for eliminating flatulence, stool odor issues 0 3.8
2011-05-05 S*BIO regains North American, European rights to novel JAK2 inhibitors from Onyx 0 None
2011-05-05 NBA Cares, SAHM and Tulsa Shock guard partner for teen vaccine awareness campaign 0 None
2011-05-05 UCF to develop safe, inexpensive and effective polio vaccine 0 None
2011-05-05 Study: Bisphosphonates can cause fatigue fractures 0 None
2011-05-05 Leukotriene antagonists can serve as effective alternative to conventional asthma treatment 0 None
2011-05-05 Rockland produces new Anti-NF-κB monoclonal antibody 0 None
2011-05-05 TGen licenses ONCO-101 cancer drug to Syracuse 0 None
2011-05-04 Durata receives positive EMA Scientific Advice on dalbavancin clinical development plan 0 None
2011-05-04 Affitech, Cancer Research Technology sign deal to advance therapeutic antibodies 0 None
2011-05-04 Cocaine and nicotine employ similar mechanisms to induce synaptic plasticity in brain 0 None
2011-05-04 Study measures cost-effectiveness of trauma drug published in PLoS One 0 None
2011-05-04 Yale, Debiopharm partner to develop and commercialize Debio 1036 for inflammatory diseases 0 None
2011-05-04 NCPA explains how PBM tools can reduce costs in Texas, other states 0 None
2011-05-04 FTC, FDA take action on unproven STD drug products 0 None
2011-05-04 Ecstasy may cause long-term brain damage 0 None
2011-05-04 AHF cautions against fast track FDA-approval for expanded use of Gilead’s Truvada 0 None
2011-05-03 Merial, GenVec extend deal to develop and commercialize foot-and-mouth disease vaccine 0 None
2011-05-03 Study: Dual medications do not hasten recovery from depression 0 None
2011-05-03 NanoViricides' FluCide drug candidate greatly reduces lung viral load in animals 0 None
2011-05-03 Lopinavir can combat HPV-related cervical cancer 1 2.6
2011-05-03 New study: Text-heavy labels can reduce acetaminophen overdose 0 None
2011-05-03 Calcium and vitamin D intake before bone density test can reduce risk of osteoporosis 0 None
2011-05-03 AHA recommends Omega-3 EPA/DHA intake for individuals with elevated triglyceride levels 0 5
2011-05-03 CTI to re-submit pixantrone NDA to FDA's Office of New Drugs for re-review 0 None
2011-05-03 Desirudin more effective for VTE prevention in patients with renal impairment 0 None
2011-05-03 Althea enters commercial drug supply agreement with Biotest 0 None
2011-05-03 Winner Medical's PurCotton products introduced at MICF 2011 0 None
2011-05-03 JPO issues patent to Silence Therapeutics' RNAi technology 0 None
2011-05-03 Boehringer Ingelheim, Eli Lilly receive FDA approval for linagliptin to treat type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-05-03 HIV drugs may also combat parasitic diseases: Study 0 None
2011-05-03 More HIV infections linked to injection drug use in East Africa, report finds 0 None
2011-05-03 Statins can help reduce lung damage in severe abdominal sepsis 0 5
2011-05-03 FDA approves Perrigo's Minoxidil Foam, a generic version of Men's Rogaine Foam 0 None
2011-05-03 Oragenics announces availability of oral care probiotics for children and adults 0 None
2011-05-03 AstraZeneca receives FDA approval for NEXIUM I.V. to treat GERD with erosive esophagitis 0 3.7
2011-05-03 Sanofi Pasteur, EnGen Bio and Dyadic Nederland sign research deal for vaccine development 0 None
2011-05-03 Hebei Aoxing Pharma receives Chinese patent for naloxone sublingual film 0 None
2011-05-03 Boehringer Ingelheim, Eli Lilly receive FDA approval for Tradjenta to treat type 2 diabetes 0 None
2011-05-02 Watson introduces generic version of Concerta 0 None
2011-05-02 Watson launches Generess Fe low-dose oral contraceptives in the U.S. 0 None
2011-05-02 FDA accepts SGEN's brentuximab vedotin BLAs for Hodgkin lymphoma, ALCL treatment 0 None
2011-05-02 Assessment tool may help identify newborn exposure to methamphetamine 0 None
2011-05-02 Talecris, Grifols enter 'Consent Agreement' with FTC Staff 0 None
2011-05-02 Temsirolimus with chemotherapy may serve as promising therapy for mesothelioma 0 None
2011-05-01 Many herbal medicines banned under EU directives 0 None


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