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2012-06-30 New study lessens concerns about dengue vaccine production costs 0 None
2012-06-30 Smokers with COPD may find relief with cystic fibrosis drug 0 None
2012-06-30 Noven Pharmaceuticals provides update on status of generic Lidoderm ANDA 0 None
2012-06-29 Injections of corticoid preparations can have severe side effects 0 None
2012-06-29 Study sheds light on increased risk of fractures and falls among epilepsy patients using AEDs 0 None
2012-06-29 Inhibiting immune response during initial multi-drug therapy could speed TB treatment time 0 None
2012-06-29 Cost of dengue vaccine production could be as low as $0.20 per dose 0 None
2012-06-29 Study explains why memory improves on a high-DHA diet 0 None
2012-06-29 RapidChek- SELECT Salmonella highly sensitive to the presence of S. Typhi vaccine in stool 0 None
2012-06-29 Boston College chemists use nanowires to power photosynthesis 0 None
2012-06-29 AASLD, EASL to hold special conference on therapy of HCV 0 None
2012-06-29 Astellas Pharma receives FDA approval for Myrbetriq to treat overactive bladder 0 None
2012-06-29 Millennium introduces novel pharmacogenetic testing 0 None
2012-06-29 Bayer receives priority review designation from FDA for regorafenib NDA 0 None
2012-06-29 Gilead submits cobicistat NDA with FDA for treatment of HIV 0 None
2012-06-28 AHF urges Gilead to set initial price on latest HIV/AIDS drug combination 0 None
2012-06-28 UTMB researchers improve existing experimental vaccine for Rift Valley fever virus 0 None
2012-06-28 Efforts to fight illegal drugs contributing to spread of HIV, report says 1 None
2012-06-28 Intensive early treatment slows down progression of type 2 diabetes 0 None
2012-06-28 Arena receives FDA approval for Belviq to treat obesity 0 None
2012-06-28 Touch important for side-effects of medicines for premature babies with respiratory problems 0 None
2012-06-28 Phototron launches new SG Sensors-brand sensors and controllers, growers 0 None
2012-06-28 Data from Infinity’s IPI-145 pre-clinical study on inflammatory diseases 0 None
2012-06-28 OCC members praise FDA approval of new obesity drug – Belviq 0 None
2012-06-28 Powerful new technique can manipulate the building-block molecules of organic chemistry 0 None
2012-06-28 New compound could treat certain types of genetic disorders in muscles 0 None
2012-06-28 Gilead submits elvitegravir NDA with FDA for treatment of HIV-1 infection 0 None
2012-06-28 Humanetics receives U.S. patent for NIC5-15 to treat Alzheimer's 1 1
2012-06-27 Diet enriched with curcumin and DHA can promote neuroprotection in chronic SCI 0 None
2012-06-27 Patient registry yields new data that is crucial for early diagnosis and treatment of FMD 0 None
2012-06-27 USA Today features Q&A on Truvada's potential as prevention tool 0 None
2012-06-27 DHA and curcumin preserve walking ability in rats with spinal-cord injury 0 None
2012-06-27 Astellas submits enzalutamide MAA with EMA for treatment of CRPC 0 None
2012-06-27 Talyst launches new AutoPack for oral solid medications 0 None
2012-06-26 Study: Fertility drug-conceived children are shorter on average 0 None
2012-06-26 Metformin reduces overall cancer risk in patients with Type 2 diabetes 0 None
2012-06-26 SmartTots announces recipients of inaugural round of research grants 0 None
2012-06-26 Vitamin D therapy may improve symptoms of depression in women 0 5
2012-06-26 Some caregivers unsure about when to give epinephrine for children with food allergies 0 None
2012-06-26 Sunflower peptides can treat itchy skin problems 0 None
2012-06-26 Long-term intensive combination lipid therapy may be effective against atherosclerotic disease 0 None
2012-06-26 Pfizer, Wyeth and PF Prism file suit against Watson over generic Pristiq 0 None
2012-06-26 Merck Serono, Compugen announce establishment of Neviah Genomics 0 None
2012-06-26 CHRI signs new sales LOI with Pengxi Huitong Pharmaceutical 0 None
2012-06-25 Three widely used diabetes medications associated with greater risk of death 0 None
2012-06-25 China SFDA approves China Biologic's Human Coagulation Factor VIII 0 None
2012-06-25 Standard aspirin dose may not protect diabetics against blood clots 0 None
2012-06-25 FDA approves Baxter's GAMMAGARD LIQUID for multifocal motor neuropathy 0 None
2012-06-25 FDA approves Actavis Mixed Amphetamine Salts ER Capsules 0 2
2012-06-25 MAP Pharmaceuticals completes End-of-Review meeting with FDA for LEVADEX NDA 0 None
2012-06-25 Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb receive FDA CRL for ELIQUIS NDA 0 None
2012-06-23 U.S. District Court rules in favor of Teva in COPAXONE patent infringement case 1 None
2012-06-23 GMCSF linked with rapid cognitive recovery in patients with cancer 0 None
2012-06-23 No definitive link between hormonal contraceptives and increased risk of HIV infection among women, CDC says 0 None
2012-06-23 Growing number of countries adopting flexible IP regulations after India issues country's first compulsory license 0 None
2012-06-23 WCMC researchers devise innovative boxer-like strategy to fight multiple myeloma 0 None
2012-06-23 EMA CHMP adopts positive opinion for Seebri Breezhaler to treat COPD 0 None
2012-06-23 FDA issues CRL to Repligen's RG1068 NDA for treatment of pancreatitis 0 None
2012-06-23 WM Holdings, Full Motion Beverage sign LOI for GX Supplements 0 None
2012-06-23 EC grants marketing authorization for AMAG's ferumoxytol to treat IDA 0 None
2012-06-23 Researchers uncover why ointment and photodynamic therapy cause pain in skin cancer patients 0 None
2012-06-22 European CHMP adopts positive opinion for teduglutide to treat short bowel syndrome 0 None
2012-06-22 Abbott challenges copies of its biologic drugs 0 None
2012-06-22 No legal recourse because generic drug caused injury 0 None
2012-06-22 Patients taking common blood pressure drug show symptoms of celiac disease 0 None
2012-06-22 Janssen receives FDA complete response letter for XARELTO sNDA 0 None
2012-06-22 Fructose may not be as bad for us as previously thought 0 None
2012-06-22 Depomed acquires all rights to Zipsor from Xanodyne 0 None
2012-06-22 Link between Olmesartan drug and severe GI issues 0 None
2012-06-22 Teva launches Olanzapine and Fluoxetine Capsules for treatment of depression 0 None
2012-06-22 Lead 8A analog can treat osteosarcoma in children 0 5
2012-06-22 Pfizer receives FDA approval for Lyrica to manage neuropathic pain associated with SCI 0 None
2012-06-21 CRN releases 'The Benefits of Nutritional Supplements' 0 None
2012-06-21 Genetics play a significant role in determining side effects of opiates 0 None
2012-06-21 Foods fortified with folic acid can prevent neural tube defects 0 None
2012-06-21 Simple new procedure can remove impurities from pharmaceuticals 0 None
2012-06-21 Study tests link between anesthesia type, complications and mortality after hip fracture surgery 0 None
2012-06-21 FDA grants Orphan Drug Designation to Medgenics’ INFRADURE Biopump 0 None
2012-06-21 Researchers can silence mutated gene responsible for Huntington's with single drug treatment 0 None
2012-06-21 Review describes new classes of drugs that target androgens in novel ways 0 5
2012-06-21 FDA ODAC votes in favor of Onyx’s Kyprolis 0 None
2012-06-21 Nouveau Life launches Azul Instant supplement for erectile dysfunction 0 3
2012-06-21 FimH antagonists can effectively treat UTIs 0 5
2012-06-20 Sun exposure, vitamin D and pancreatic cancer risk 0 None
2012-06-20 Lobbying sinks efforts to impose restrictions on painkillers 0 None
2012-06-20 Supreme Court rules drug firms don't have to pay overtime to sales reps 0 None
2012-06-20 WHO releases programmatic update on antiretroviral treatment as prevention of HIV, TB 0 None
2012-06-20 Combination therapy may help defeat pancreatic cancer 0 None
2012-06-20 Emergence of drug resistance to ARVs has potential to 'curb, and even reverse' gains against HIV 0 None
2012-06-20 FDA provides Orphan Drug Designation to Alnylam’s ALN-TTR02 0 None
2012-06-20 KPT-SINEs might offer new treatment for people with acute leukemia 0 None
2012-06-19 Grunenthal to commercialize Horizon Pharma's DUEXIS in Latin America 0 None
2012-06-19 FDA, EMA grant orphan drug designation to bluebird bio's gene therapy product for adrenoleukodystrophy 0 None
2012-06-19 AstraZeneca, Rigel enter global license agreement for R256 inhaled JAK inhibitor to treat chronic asthma 0 None
2012-06-19 New clinical data for ZEVALIN Injection for intravenous use presented at 17th EHA Congress 0 None
2012-06-19 US Court of Appeals confirms District Court decision in Watson's Sanctura XR patent suit 0 None
2012-06-19 Pfizer receives FDA Complete Response Letter for tafamidis meglumine NDA 0 None
2012-06-18 Mylan's new online resource seeks to dispel common misconceptions about generic drugs 0 None
2012-06-18 Vicks announces OTC aid for occasional sleeplessness, ZzzQuil 2 4
2012-06-18 Edluar for insomnia treatment receives regulatory approval in Europe 0 None
2012-06-18 Mallinckrodt, Horizon enter co-promotion agreement for DUEXIS 0 3
2012-06-18 Ascepion, Debiopharm partner to develop and commercialize ASP-08126 for solid tumors 0 None
2012-06-18 FDA completes review of compounded hydroxyprogesterone caproate products and APIs 0 None
2012-06-18 ASH, EHA and ECPC issue common call to action to mitigate hematologic drug shortages 0 None
2012-06-16 Ginger gum can cure migraine headaches 0 1
2012-06-16 Glutathione peroxidase can dramatically reduce risk of cardiovascular disease 0 None
2012-06-16 Researchers engineer nanoparticles that show great promise for MM 0 None
2012-06-16 Health Canada approves Sunovion’s LATUDA NDA to treat schizophrenia 0 None
2012-06-16 OSU unveils new online course for pharmacists 0 None
2012-06-16 Patients with NK/T-cell lymphomas might benefit from treatment with JAK inhibitors 0 1
2012-06-16 New approach to drug design may yield more effective and less toxic cancer medicines 0 None
2012-06-15 Nouveau Life explores line of specialty supplements for seniors 0 None
2012-06-15 Take home MMT may reduce hospital admissions 0 None
2012-06-15 Drug safety warnings by FDA do not always lead to targeted changes 0 None
2012-06-15 Osiris receives consent from NZ to market Prochymal for GvHD 0 None
2012-06-15 Impel NeuroPharma announces important POD technology milestones 0 None
2012-06-15 Digoxin can protect against high blood pressure and heart failure 0 None
2012-06-15 Third Rock Ventures announces formation of Global Blood Therapeutics 0 None
2012-06-15 FDA approves GSK’s MenHibrix to treat meningococcal and Hib diseases 0 None
2012-06-15 FDA approves Menhibrix for vaccination against meningococcal and Hib diseases 0 None
2012-06-14 IBMT linked with positive structural changes in brain connectivity 0 3
2012-06-14 Advaxis announces publication of preclinical research with ADXS-PSA 0 None
2012-06-14 Study shows how cisplatin prevents clumping of hSOD1 linked to ALS 0 None
2012-06-14 Brazilian researchers say schistosomiasis vaccine could be available in 3 years 0 None
2012-06-14 Innovimmune receives $600,000 NIH grant to develop MIF inhibitors for RA 0 None
2012-06-14 New analogues effective in inhibiting NOS activity in Parkinson models 0 None
2012-06-14 EvaluatePharma releases World Preview 2018 report 0 None
2012-06-14 Interactive website improves parental compliance with asthma controller medication use 0 None
2012-06-13 Compounds related to curcumin receive U.S. patent 0 None
2012-06-13 Telephone intervention improves medication adherence in patients with glaucoma 0 None
2012-06-13 Liquid glucagon formulation may be useable in standard diabetes pumps 0 4
2012-06-13 State roundup: N.Y.'s drug Rx bill passes unanimously, Mass. poll finds Dr. communication essential 0 None
2012-06-13 FDA grants Fast Track designation to Edimer’s EDI200 for treatment of XLHED 0 None
2012-06-12 Experimental drug and genetic differences indicate how people deal with fear and stress 0 None
2012-06-12 New approach can design antibiotics that kill even 'superbugs' 0 None
2012-06-12 Normal p53 gene makes breast cancer chemotherapy with doxorubicin less effective 0 None
2012-06-12 Thiazolidinedione drugs linked with increased risk of DME in patients with Type 2 diabetes 0 None
2012-06-12 China amends intellectual property laws to allow for issuance of compulsory licenses 0 None
2012-06-12 New set of computer models predicts negative side effects in current drugs 0 None
2012-06-12 Researchers demonstrate effectiveness of a potential new therapy for stroke patients 0 5
2012-06-12 Genzyme files LEMTRADA sBLA and MAA with FDA, EMA for treatment of RMS 0 None
2012-06-12 Study shows how ruthenium-based drugs may be more effective at fighting cancer cells 0 None
2012-06-12 Sucrose and menthol act independently to reduce coughing 0 None
2012-06-12 MVP receives European patent for PEG conjugates of interferon-beta-1b to treat MS 0 None
2012-06-11 Rapid test to identify patients not responding to painkiller tramadol 0 None
2012-06-11 Simple blood test can quickly identify 'poor metabolisers' 0 None
2012-06-11 Republicans renew attack on 2009 Obama/drug industry deal for health law 0 None
2012-06-10 Vitamin D deficiency may account for unexplained disparities in cancer survival rates 0 None
2012-06-10 Genentech receives FDA approval for Perjeta to treat HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer 0 None
2012-06-10 New synthetic vaccine effective in killing HPV-derived cancer 0 None
2012-06-08 Mylan, Teva resolve generic Provigil litigation 0 None
2012-06-08 Decision Resources forecasts the launch of four new agents to treat DMD by 2021 0 None
2012-06-08 Fluorinov Pharma receives OICR grant to develop new drug against blood cancers 0 None
2012-06-08 Modulation Therapeutics receives MMRF grant for new multiple myeloma treatment 0 None
2012-06-08 Anti-TNFs increase risk of shingles in patients with inflammatory rheumatic diseases 0 None
2012-06-07 FDA approves XenoPort, GSK’s Horizant ER tablets for management of PHN 0 None
2012-06-07 WHO warns of drug-resistant strains of gonorrhea 0 None
2012-06-07 Young adults, adolescents with mental health disorders more likely to become long-term opioid users 0 None
2012-06-07 WHO calls for greater vigilance on correct use of antibiotics against gonorrhoea 0 None
2012-06-07 New nanomedicine cancer treatments promise to reduce severity of side effects 0 4.5
2012-06-07 Cellana launches ReNew line of products at GOED conference 0 None
2012-06-07 DODAC to discuss ThromboGenics’ new BLA for ocriplasmin intravitreal injection 0 None
2012-06-07 CCR5 antagonists may also help prevent aggressive breast cancers from metastasizing 0 None
2012-06-07 Vitamin D deficiency may be an important risk factor for erectile dysfunction 0 None
2012-06-07 Boehringer Ingelheim updates U.S. prescribing information for Pradaxa with FDA 1 None
2012-06-07 Arrowhead initiates final IND-enabling steps for ARC-520 to treat HBV 0 None
2012-06-06 Follow-up study finds seizure freedom in 68% of patients with JME 0 None
2012-06-06 Study determines transgenerational effects of cannabinoid exposure in adolescent female rats 0 None
2012-06-06 Arte, ProJect Pharmaceutics partner to develop Lyo-DCPS 0 None
2012-06-06 FDA issues complete response letter to Merck’s ridaforolimus NDA 0 None
2012-06-06 BioLineRx receives two U.S. patent allowances for BL-1021 to treat neuropathic pain 0 None
2012-06-06 BioInvent, ThromboGenics to regain global rights to TB-403 from Roche 0 None
2012-06-06 FDA approves Lupin’s SUPRAX capsules 0 None
2012-06-05 Family members of children with staph infections often harbor drug-resistant germs 0 None
2012-06-05 Investigational diabetes drug appears to improve insulin sensitivity without side effects 0 None
2012-06-05 ASS234 molecule inhibits aggregation of the Alzheimer's protein 0 None
2012-06-05 Androgen receptor an additional hormonal target in many breast cancers 0 1
2012-06-05 Nouveau Life launches new weight loss supplement 0 None
2012-06-04 ProStrakan, Orexo reconfigure commercial rights to Abstral 0 None
2012-06-04 Prisoners need education on the appropriate use of topical antibiotic products 0 None
2012-06-04 CTI acquires world-wide rights to S*BIO’s pacritinib 0 None
2012-06-04 New research: Foggers ineffective against bed bugs 1 None
2012-06-02 Reumofan Plus may have harmful pharmaceutical ingredients, warns FDA 0 None
2012-06-02 Global generic pharmaceuticals market to reach $231.00 billion in 2017 at 9.29% CAGR 0 None
2012-06-02 Cera announces new citrus ready-to-drink oral rehydration solution 0 None
2012-06-02 Cardinal Health to produce new AD diagnostic imaging agent, Amyvid 0 None
2012-06-02 Pisgah receives USPTO Notice of Allowance for drug abuse solution 0 None
2012-06-02 HIV markets in rich, poor countries are two distinct markets 0 None
2012-06-02 Study provides novel mechanism of action of anti-cancer compound: perifosine 0 None
2012-06-02 Inhibiting IRE1α-XBP1 pathway impacts survival of myeloma cells 0 None
2012-06-02 Scientists discover previously unrecognized signaling network disrupted in lung cancer 0 None
2012-06-01 Increased risk of bladder cancer linked to diabetes drug 0 None
2012-06-01 Feds announce effort to slash inappropriate use of antipsychotic drugs in nursing homes 0 None
2012-06-01 KYTHERA receives U.S. patent allowance for ATX-101 0 4
2012-06-01 JMC publishes results from Rexahn’s RX-3117 preclinical cancer study 0 None
2012-06-01 Seriously ill children administered zinc in addition to antibiotics respond better, more quickly to treatment, study shows 0 None
2012-06-01 Janssen submits canagliflozin NDA with FDA for treatment of type 2 diabetes 0 None
2012-06-01 Vitamin D3 supplements could provide more health benefits 0 5
2012-06-01 Aspirin controls two key processes to kill bowel cancer cells 0 None
2012-06-01 FDA approves RBI’s AppliGel-G for human testing 0 None
2012-06-01 State roundup: Federal judge rejects Calif. request to end oversight of prison health care; States push prescription drug databases; Medicare drug benefit at issue in Utah Senate race 0 None


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