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2004-11-29 Women with recurrent miscarriage and infertility are undergoing tests and treatments that have no scientific rationale 0 None
2004-11-29 Testosterone patches for women with low sex drive 0 None
2004-11-23 Having diabetes raises a woman's risk of having a heart attack to nearly 10 times 0 None
2004-11-23 Testosterone has both a physiological and a psychological impact on women’s sexuality 0 None
2004-11-23 Breast conserving therapy safe for hereditary breast cancer 0 None
2004-11-23 Highly obese women are 12 times more likely to have diabetes 0 None
2004-11-23 Risk of a blocked vessel stroke increases nearly twofold in young women with a history of stroke 0 None
2004-11-18 Urinary incontinence and abdominal pain are key symptoms of ovarian cancer 0 4
2004-11-18 Postpartum depression: Beyond the 'Baby Blues' 0 None
2004-11-18 70% of cases of spina bifida are preventable by folic-acid supplementation 0 4
2004-11-18 Not only are breast enhancement pills unproven, they could be dangerous 0 1
2004-11-17 High levels of stress double the risk of painful periods 0 None
2004-11-16 Oral contraception can prevent knee injuries as well as unwanted pregnancies 0 None
2004-11-14 Vaccine against human papillomavirus infection could reduce the global incidence of cervical cancer 0 None
2004-11-11 Treating period pain with Chinese medicine 0 None
2004-11-09 Researcher highlights hidden problem of smoking after pregnancy 0 None
2004-11-09 Women who have diets rich in oils containing alpha-linolenic appear to have a lower risk of dying from heart disease 0 None
2004-11-08 Obesity could more than double an older woman's risk of acute myelogenous leukemia 0 None
2004-11-05 Regular smear tests rather than colposcopy is the best way of monitoring low-grade cervical lesions 0 None
2004-11-04 Prolonged breastfeeding helps prevent rheumatoid arthritis 0 None
2004-11-04 Urinary incontinence is passed down from mother to daughter 0 None
2004-11-02 Labor lasts longer for overweight or obese women 0 None
2004-11-01 Study results suggest that metronidazole and clindamycin differ in their effects on microbes in women with bacterial vaginosis 0 None
2004-11-01 Work stressed women more vulnerable than men to post 9/11 trauma 0 None
2004-11-01 Sport program reduced eating disordered behavior and body-shaping drug use in female high school athletes 0 None
2004-11-01 Gel significantly increases sexual activity in surgically menopausal women 0 None


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