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2006-03-28 Depression and urinary incontinence go hand in hand 0 None
2006-03-27 Treatment of uterine (endometrial) cancer by laparoscopy gives better patient quality of life 0 None
2006-03-27 Patient oriented breast cancer dictionary of terms for doctors 0 None
2006-03-27 Intravaginal surface electromyography (SEMG) being used to treat vaginal pain 0 None
2006-03-27 African conference to look at preventing postpartum hemorrhage deaths 0 None
2006-03-21 Breast symmetry can be early indicator of breast cancer 0 None
2006-03-21 Combining old with new could resolve fertility problems 0 None
2006-03-21 Breasts that are uneven appearance could be a predictor of breast cancer 0 None
2006-03-21 Mastectomy does not necessarily affect quality of life 0 None
2006-03-17 African American women urged to confront colorectal cancer 0 None
2006-03-14 Pregnancy complications increase risk of heart disease 0 None
2006-03-13 Social isolation and low mood accelerate coronary disease in women 0 None
2006-03-13 Dental professionals can play a pivotal role in detecting and reporting violence against women 0 None
2006-03-09 Using makeup to cover a severe facial blemish may not improve the quality of a woman's life 0 None
2006-03-09 Maternal depressive symptoms at 2 to 4 months post partum and early parenting practices 0 None
2006-03-08 New findings on antidepressants during pregnancy are reason for caution, not alarm 0 None
2006-03-08 Deodorants - a risk factor for breast cancer? 0 None
2006-03-07 Pre-eclampsia kidney disease link 0 None
2006-03-07 Diet puts pregnant women at risk 0 None
2006-03-06 Women say a good marriage is not about money 0 None
2006-03-05 Breast screening means thousands get unnecessary and invasive treatment 0 None
2006-03-01 Hubbies commitment key to wives' happiness 0 None
2006-03-01 Surgically menopausal women are at increased risk for low sexual desire 0 None
2006-03-01 Possible link between breast cancer and aluminum salts in deodorants 0 None


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