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2007-08-30 Early surgical removal of the ovaries increases a woman's risk of neurological disorders 0 None
2007-08-30 Estrogen protects women's brains prior to menopause 0 None
2007-08-29 Breastfeeding-friendly practices in hospitals improve long-term breastfeeding success 0 None
2007-08-29 How new mothers cradle baby a clue to their mental state 0 None
2007-08-29 Hypnosis session before breast cancer surgery aids recovery 0 None
2007-08-28 Is it safe to use Lybrel to eliminate periods? 0 None
2007-08-27 Infertility and obesity go together for some women 0 None
2007-08-22 Women ignorant on cholesterol numbers 0 None
2007-08-21 Shutting up in domestic row not good for women's health 0 None
2007-08-21 Study finds women more likely to know high school weight than cholesterol numbers 0 None
2007-08-21 Weight loss in women may be a precursor for Alzheimer's 0 None
2007-08-17 Women with a history of gestational diabetes may have higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer 0 None
2007-08-17 Large study to look at injuries that afflict millions of women as a result of childbirth 0 None
2007-08-16 Abortion pill does not spoil later pregnancies 0 None
2007-08-16 Drop in breast cancer incidence linked to hormone use, not mammograms 1 None
2007-08-16 Breast cancer prevention practices vary across Canada 0 None
2007-08-14 Vitamin supplements no benefit to women's heart health 0 2
2007-08-13 Risk of bacterial vaginosis linked to preterm birth appears higher for African-Americans 0 None
2007-08-11 Women with migraines and aura have higher stroke risk 0 None
2007-08-09 Estrogen deficiency may trigger the development of high blood pressure and obesity in aged females 0 None
2007-08-08 Breast implant surgery triples suicide risk 0 None
2007-08-08 When it comes to life partners women don't want macho men 0 None
2007-08-08 Even older women at high risk have little interest in being tested for HIV 0 None
2007-08-08 Breast implants and risk of suicide 0 None
2007-08-07 Breastfeeding is the normal, natural way to feed babies 0 None
2007-08-07 Perk up the memory girls with three cups of coffee a day! 0 None
2007-08-07 Mother and daughter tackle obesity and diabetes together 0 None
2007-08-07 Caffeine may help older women protect their thinking skills 0 None
2007-08-07 How much water should you drink a day? 0 5
2007-08-07 Social dynamics of obesity 0 None
2007-08-06 18 to 25 percent of women suffer from migraines 0 None
2007-08-06 Determinants of inadequate prenatal care utilization by African American women 0 None
2007-08-03 Age is important in HRT use 0 None
2007-08-03 Study looks at progesterone therapy 0 None
2007-08-02 New pregnancy labeling rules should be approved without delay 0 None
2007-08-02 Erroneous messages on diet and breast cancer with potentially life threatening consequences 0 None
2007-08-01 Report reveals pregnancies exposed to accutane despite iPledge 0 None
2007-08-01 Active management of risk in pregnancy lowers Cesarean rates 0 None


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