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2007-09-27 Wine, beer and spirits all equal when it comes to breast cancer 0 None
2007-09-27 Pregnancy does not harm chances of survival from cancer 0 None
2007-09-27 Exercise might actually increase the risk of developing ovarian cancer 0 None
2007-09-27 New breast cancer screening guidelines 0 None
2007-09-27 $2.19 million grant to study therapy for women with depression 0 None
2007-09-27 Relationship between stress and breast cancer 1 None
2007-09-27 High impact exercise in the first phase of pregnancy appears to triple risk of miscarriage 0 None
2007-09-27 All alcohol consumption linked to breast cancer risk 0 None
2007-09-26 NHS in Britain aims to improve women's experience of childbirth 0 None
2007-09-25 Breast cancer survivors optimistic, yet lack critical information on reducing recurrence 0 None
2007-09-25 Breast cancer death rate continues to drop 0 None
2007-09-24 World's first study into air travel and breast cancer condition 1 None
2007-09-24 Discovery of 350 genes related to female fertility 0 None
2007-09-24 Is there really a 'mommy' gene in women? 0 None
2007-09-21 Older women more knowledgeable about cholesterol than younger women 0 None
2007-09-21 Women with low levels of vitamin D have an increased risk of hip fracture 0 None
2007-09-20 10% of women infected with human papillomavirus by age 16 0 None
2007-09-20 Cervical cancer screening: Too many are left unprotected 0 None
2007-09-18 Maternal depression and controlling behavior associated with increased stress response in infants 0 None
2007-09-18 Women generally unaware of landmark hormone therapy study 0 None
2007-09-18 Early childbearing, marital status, and women's health and mortality after age 50 0 None
2007-09-18 Women prescribed drugs linked to birth defects not often advised to use birth control 0 None
2007-09-17 Fatigue after treatment for early stage breast cancer 0 None
2007-09-13 Smaller breast reduction surgeries provide health benefits and should be reimbursed 0 None
2007-09-13 Pregnancy appears to cut risks for HIV-infected women 0 None
2007-09-12 The benefits of the contraceptive pill far outweigh the risks 0 None
2007-09-12 The contraceptive pill may reduce risk of developing cancer 0 None
2007-09-12 National effort to preserve, restore fertility in women with cancer 0 None
2007-09-12 New insight into breast cancer development in high-risk women 0 None
2007-09-11 One in two women at high risk of bone fractures don't receive preventative treatment 0 5
2007-09-11 Sleep deprived women at risk of heart disease 0 None
2007-09-11 Better bras would mean less breast pain for women who exercise 0 5
2007-09-11 Eight things you need to know about ovarian cancer 0 None
2007-09-11 Everything that itches isn't a yeast infection! 1 None
2007-09-10 Mothers-to-be in Britain will get £200 to spend on healthy food 0 None
2007-09-10 Pregnancy may open a window of vulnerability for developing binge eating disorder 0 None
2007-09-10 Significant association between alcohol and endometrial cancer in postmenopausal women 0 None
2007-09-09 Link found between a lack of vitamin D and pre-eclampsia 0 None
2007-09-05 Vaginal bleeding a sign of endometrial cancer 2 1
2007-09-05 Exercise and yoga improves quality of life in women with early-stage breast cancer 0 None
2007-09-04 Deodorants and breast there a link? 0 5
2007-09-04 Childhood abuse predisposes women to health problems later in life 0 None
2007-09-03 Pregnancy-induced hypertension 1 None
2007-09-03 Pregnant women exposed to passive smoking are more likely to have sleep disturbances 0 None
2007-09-03 Women soon able to choose when to have children 0 None
2007-09-03 Women warned about cosmetic vaginal surgery 1 None
2007-09-03 Diets double the odds a teenage girl will begin smoking 0 None
2007-09-03 Intrauterine contraceptive devices are underused in developed countries 0 None
2007-09-03 Baby's conception and birth influences mother's dreams 0 None


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