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2008-12-30 Obesity has minimal impact on ovarian cancer survival 0 None
2008-12-18 Overweight or obesity increases lymphedema risk for breast cancer survivors 0 None
2008-12-18 Repeated miscarriages and hormone treatment for infertility increase pre-eclampsia risk 0 None
2008-12-17 Women prefer prestige over dominance in mates 0 None
2008-12-17 Women double fruit and vegetable intakes with switch to Mediterranean diet 0 None
2008-12-17 Levels of two proteins impact survival in ovarian cancer 0 None
2008-12-17 Women mostly satisfied with egg donation; some claim problems 0 None
2008-12-17 Promiscuity fears pose barrier to cervical cancer vaccinations 0 None
2008-12-16 Antidepressants most common medicine for Australian women 0 None
2008-12-16 Pregnant women need to avoid caffeine at all cost 0 None
2008-12-15 Fruits, vegetables and fiber may cut risk of breast cancer recurrence in women without hot flashes 0 None
2008-12-15 New research moves us one step closer to personalised breast cancer treatment 0 None
2008-12-15 How tamoxifen prevents breast cancer in some women but not others 0 None
2008-12-14 Having dense breasts increases breast cancer risk 0 None
2008-12-14 Postmenopausal patients being considered for tamoxifen therapy should be tested for CYP2D6 gene deficiency 0 None
2008-12-14 Early-stage breast cancer patients with HER2 positive tumors at increased risk of recurrence 0 None
2008-12-14 Atypical hyperplasia increases risk of developing breast cancer 0 None
2008-12-14 Magnetic resonance imaging alternated with mammography may be best for high-risk women 0 None
2008-12-14 Women have more sexual partners than men in Britian 0 4
2008-12-12 Study examines how women's magazines portray cosmetic surgery 0 None
2008-12-12 Estrogen therapy can help control metastatic breast cancer 0 None
2008-12-12 Comparable data on maternal and infant in Europe available for the first time 0 None
2008-12-10 Postpartum depression can lead to poor sleep quality 0 None
2008-12-10 Nonhormonal treatment regimens improve survival in patients with metastatic breast cancer 0 None
2008-12-10 Insufficient vitamin D causes weight gain and stunts growth in girls 0 None
2008-12-10 Thiazolidinediones doubles risk of fractures in women 0 None
2008-12-10 Pregnant women warned not to use statins 0 None
2008-12-09 Women waiting longer to start a family 0 None
2008-12-09 Untimely death of Kerryn McCann a stark warning 0 None
2008-12-08 Mammography screening in women over 80 0 None
2008-12-08 Relationship woes hinder breast cancer recovery 0 None
2008-12-08 Exercise and no TV may reduce type 2 diabetes in African-American women 0 None
2008-12-08 Contraceptive methods and women's sexuality 0 None
2008-12-08 Confusing risk information may lead breast cancer patients to make poor treatment choices 0 None
2008-12-08 Breathtaking stats in second hand smoke exposure and women's fertility 0 None
2008-12-08 Calls for all pregnant women to be screened for Down syndrome 0 None
2008-12-07 Migraines linked to lower risk of breast cancer 0 None
2008-12-05 Passive smoking raises odds of fertility problems in women 0 None
2008-12-03 Stereotypical imperfections offer health benefits when it comes to bodies 0 None
2008-12-03 Pregnant women with asthma can be more confident about some medicines 0 None
2008-12-03 New standard of care for treating advanced ovarian cancer 0 None
2008-12-03 Study to look at nutrition, ageing and health in Bangladeshi women 0 None
2008-12-03 Two alcoholic drinks per day not linked with higher risk of atrial fibrillation for women 0 None
2008-12-03 Reactions to HPV vaccine Gardasil rare 0 None
2008-12-02 Living in deprived areas of England doubles cervical cancer risk 0 None
2008-12-02 Avoid stress and exercise lots during pregnancy 0 5
2008-12-01 Vitamin D enhances placental innate immunity 0 None
2008-12-01 Scientists discover how ovarian tumors evade immune system 0 None
2008-12-01 Exposure to folic acid antagonists during pregnancy has risks 0 None
2008-12-01 Latin women of European ancestry at greater risk for breast cancer 0 None
2008-12-01 Eating eggs when pregnant may help prevent breast cancer in offspring 0 None
2008-12-01 Breast cancer treatment offers better outcome to women with implants 0 None
2008-12-01 Breast cancer increases with radiation delays 0 None


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